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A Lesson for Dani

When Danielle's father remarried, his young wife Elise insisted on a summer-long honeymoon in Europe. Dani wasn't invited, of course: instead, she was sent to live with her stepmother's relatives in Oklahoma, Aunt Connie, Uncle Ted, and her two new step-cousins, Rebecka and Timothy.

Dani knew her Aunt and Uncle were strict, some kind of reformed Christians, with very conservative views, but she was shocked when, after her first dinner at their house, Aunt Connie ordered Rebecka to strip to her shoes and ankle socks and bend over the back of the sofa for a spanking.

"This is the second time this week you've failed to memorize your Bible lesson," Aunt Connie said. "Perhaps a whipping will help you concentrate."

Rebecka was a pretty thirteen-year-old, barely two years younger than Dani, too old for a naked spanking, Dani thought, especially in front of the entire household. Lower lip quivering, Rebecka followed her mother's curt instructions: pulling her dress off over her head, then skimming her flowered panties all the way down to her ankles.

Dani felt a quick shiver of excitement when she realized that the plump mound above the eighth-grader's pussy was hairless, shaved perfectly clean. Rebecka had a sweet little body, narrow hips, slender legs, small, round breasts, the pink nipples achingly erect. Her tight gymnast's buttocks parted as she bent submissively over the sofa, fully exposing her pink cuntlips from behind, the tight pink star of her asshole.

There was an odd, almost ritual quality to the whole thing, Dani thought, is if they'd all been through it a thousand times. Aunt Connie positioned her daughter just so, head down, knees wide apart, hands on top of her head. Rebecka began to weep softly and beg for leniency, the pitch of her voice rising a half-octave as Uncle Ted greased his middle finger with Vaseline, then pushed it slowly into his daughter's anus.

"Please, Daddy," Rebecka squealed, Uncle Ted's big finger drilling into her rectum. "Please, not the ginger, not tonight! I promise I'll be good!"

"They're going to give her a ginger suppository," Timothy explained, snickering, his prick tenting the front of his slacks. He was fourteen, a shy, slender boy who played chess and owned a set of instructions for making pipe bombs. "It burns really bad. In five minutes she'll be begging for an enema."

"Here it comes, Becky," Uncle Ted said, removing a fat, gel-coated capsule from a foil packet. "Just a little something to help you remember those Bible verses." He spread her taut buttocks, then firmly pressed the capsule into her greased asshole. She squealed, slender thighs twitching as he drove it deep into her rectum with his finger.

The capsule's coating started to melt immediately. Rebecka moaned and pranced nervously from foot to foot, her father's long, thick finger inside her as far as it would go, holding the terrible pill in place.

"She's getting a little tight back here, Connie," Uncle Ted remarked, rotating his finger deep in Rebecka's asshole. "You know what Brother Joshua would say!"

" ‘A girl in training is an obedient girl,' " Aunt Connie recited. "I'll make sure she's back in harness when she goes to school tomorrow."

Dani shot Timothy a quizzical look. Who was brother Joshua? What kind of training did they mean? Timothy only licked his lips and smiled enigmatically.

When Uncle Ted was satisfied that the suppository had melted completely, he worked his middle finger in and out of Rebecka's asshole several times, spreading the caustic liquid inside her, instructing her to bear down as if she were having a bowel movement.

"Ohhh, Daddy," she moaned, buttocks flexing, sphincter winking spastically open and shut around his finger. "Ooohhh, it burns!"

The spanking itself was quick and brutal, twelve hard strokes delivered with a flexible leather- wrapped crop, which Aunt Connie selected from among several paddles, crops and flails hung in an antique cupboard. Weeping openly, wailing for mercy, Becky squealed as the crop kissed her buttocks and upper thighs, each stroke leaving a long, crimson welt. Then she was told to stand in the corner, bent forward slightly to better display her whipped backside, hands still on top of her head. After twenty minutes, Timothy explained, she'd be given an enema and put to bed.

When the time came and Rebecka was led to the upstairs bathroom by Aunt Connie, Timothy motioned for Dani to join him, and they followed at a safe distance.

"You've got to see this," he said. The bathroom door wasn't quite shut, evidently the house had settled, and none of the doors closed all the way. A thin shaft of light fell across the hallway. Timothy positioned himself beside the narrow crack and gestured for Dani to follow suit.

Dani knelt down, peering into the brightly lit bathroom. A thick white bath-towel was spread out on the tile floor; Rebecka crouched there on knees and elbows. Aunt Connie sat on a low stool at her hip, smearing a plastic nozzle with Vaseline. The nozzle was surprisingly large, Dani thought, about seven inches long and twice the circumference of a man's thumb, with a significant bulb at its tip. It was attached to a slim rubber hose, depending like a tail from a red rubber enema bag, which hung, in turn, from a tall chrome stand on wheels.

"Hurry, Mommy," Rebecka moaned, reaching back to spread her buttocks apart, small breasts flattening into the towel. "Hurry and put it in me. I feel like I'm on fire!"

Aunt Connie chuckled. "Hold your horses, young lady," she said, working the bulbed nozzle past her daughter's spasming anus. "We'll see how enthusiastic you are about taking that second quart." Rebecka groaned, toes curling as the big nozzle disappeared between her rounded buttocks. Dani couldn't imagine having an object that size pushed into her asshole, yet Rebecka seemed to accept it fairly easily.

"Two quarts," whispered Timothy. "Ever had two quarts of water squirted up inside you?"

Dani shook her head. The very thought made her sphincter tighten in sympathy.

"She'll be running to the toilet for the next three days."

Rebecka made little mewing sounds as the water began to flow, gurgling, into her bowels, the enema bag collapsing as it emptied. Aunt Connie smiled and worked the bulbed nozzle smoothly back and forth in Rebecka's asshole, thoroughly irrigating her daughter's burning rear canal.

Rebecka's expression changed gradually, from one of relief at the water's cooling effects, to heavy-lidded, open-mouthed arousal. Her hips began to roll slowly, meeting each long thrust of the nozzle; her inner pussy lips pouted open, pink and moist with nectar.

"Ooohhh, Mommeee," she moaned, Aunt Connie working the nozzle briskly back and forth in her flooding rectum. "It's making me, I think I'm going to…"

A fine blush saddled Becky's narrow backside, and then she cried out, hips bucking comically, a sheen of cunt juice glistening on her inner thighs.

"For heaven's sakes, Rebecca," Aunt Connie scowled, pistoning the nozzle's full length in and out of her daughter's twitching backside. "You're like a bitch in heat. You've just earned yourself a bedtime spanking, and another tomorrow morning."

"I'm sorry, Mommy, I couldn't help it!" Becky panted. Her youthful brow was furrowed, her lips pressed into a tight little "o." Now that her climax was fading, she seemed to grow suddenly aware of the pressure building inside her. Her belly looked slightly swollen, Dani thought, the enema filling her up like a water balloon.

"Ooohhhh, Mommeee, " Rebecka groaned at last, tossing her chestnut ponytail. "I don't think I can take anymore!"

"Nonsense, young lady," Aunt Connie declared. "You've still got most of a quart to go. Let's get that backside up a little higher, so the water can run right down inside you."

Becky did as she was told, drawing her knees almost to her chin, obediently raising her backside as far as she could. Anus pointed at the ceiling, face pressed into the fluffy towel, she produced a series of low groans as the warm water flooded her insides, encroaching deeper and deeper into her bowels.

"That's a girl," Aunt Connie crooned, still stroking the big nozzle in and out of Becky's asshole. "Almost there, just a little more…"

And then the world ended, the sky rained fire and the earth opened up and swallowed them all, or at least this is what Dani found herself wishing, because at that moment, just as Aunt Connie squeezed the last half cup of water out of the red enema bag and into her quivering daughter, Timothy sneezed.

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