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A week in the life of the enema lady

Author: Rob

When I told Marsha about this idea she wanted to see a week in the life of the "enema lady", and this is what I sent her plus a little piece at the end that starts the next day.


Well, I took a stab at a week in the life of the fully trained enema lady, and found it growing...this is one day,the rest will follow in installments. The actual step-by-step story of her training will be a bigger project...

She wakes floating in the tank. She sees and hears nothing,she wears opaque contacts and her ears are plugged.Inside her airhose a phallus protrudes into her mouth,the better to mold her gums to their ordained function.Her surroundings are all at body temperature, her stimulators are turned off, she feels almost nothing unless she tests the restraints that hold her spread-eagled,which she has long learned not to do.She floats,patiently, expectantly,hoping her master is observing her through the glass walls of the tank.She grips the phallus in her gums and thinks of him.

Suddenly she is conscious of fluid entering the nozzle in her anus.She feels a filling sensation.Breakfast.As the pressure mounts to its full her pulse quickens.Once she has been filled she waits again,as she slowly absorbs the nutrients.Feeding time is as completely natural to her as it once was for her to take nutrition in her mouth,years ago.Now her mouth is only for the use of masters,and she may swallow nothing that does not come from their bodies.

After a while the unabsorbed portion of the enema is pumped out,and she re- laxes.She hopes her master will make use of her before her next meal,though she has spent days in the tank in the past,and would never complain.She lets her mind float as her body does,always at his disposal.

Again after a while she is conscious of her restraints being adjusted,and soon she is pulled up out of the tank.She thrills with anticipation.The enema line is detached from the nozzle,which remains in her,and the restraints on her wrists and ankles removed.The airhose and phallus are removed from her face;she is conscious of the emptiness in her mouth.Placed on the floor,she is handed a pair of shoes,which she puts on.

Once she would have considered these shoes to have higher heels and pointier toes than any woman could possibly wear.Now,after long and patient training, her feet are more comfortable in them than barefoot.Still blind and deaf,she stands erect and awaits commands.

She is led to a shower,where the gelatin that coats her body in the tank is washed off.She recognizes the hands as belonging to another of her master's slaves,but she hopes he is watching.

She is led out of the shower and blow-dried.Her hands are moved to her pubic ring,which she understands as a command to begin caressing her vulva.She does so,stimulating herself as best she can,hoping that her master is watching her but understanding that it is not for her to decide his presence.She runs her hands through her hair,the only hair she is permitted save her eyebrows and lashes;she is not sure what color it is dyed now.Again and again she traces the contours of her genitals,seeking to bring herself to climax--

The blow-drying has stopped,and an electric hair remover is placed in her hand.At once she stops pleasuring herself and applies it to her scalp and turns it on.Carefully she removes any slight beginnings of stubble from her smooth head,ending only when she is tapped on the shoulder and a wig placed on her scalp.She goes over the rest of her body,removing any trace of forbid- den non-pubic hair.An elastic retainer is laced around her waist,confirming in its embrace the tiny waistline she gained through long,steady corset- training.She feels a measuring tape being wound around it,checking that a harsher restraint is not needed.

Her buttocks are caressed in certain ways,which she interprets from her com- mand code.She marches a certain number of steps in a certain direction,going through an open archway to a bed whose location she memorized when she was permitted to see.Searching the bed with her hand she finds a single fishnet stocking,which she puts on her right leg,first removing her shoe and then replacing it.She lies back on the bed,spreading her legs wide apart.

With her left hand she again caresses her vagina,with her right she now car- esses her breasts.When she first was permitted to see her breasts after sur- gery had augmented them to their present size,she could not believe her eyes; it seemed she had swallowed two whole watermelons.Now she accepts their im- mensity as part of her body,grateful to her master for having given them to her.Long training expanded her pierced nipples to their present long,stiff extent;she pays them special attention with her probing fingers.Again,she hopes that he is being watched,that her performance is being appreciated.

After a certain routine has been completed,she switches the position of her hands,having been commanded to alternate them until given other commands. Sometimes she has spent hours and hours in this routine,rarely knowing if she is alone or in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

After a while her ankle is grabbed,by a masculine hand.She smiles in antici- pation.She is turned over on her stomach.Her hands go to her sides.One man rides her behind;the penis of another is presented to her lips,which take it in hungrily.The enema nozzle is deflated and removed from her anus,which she then prepares to receive the man behind.

With her tongue and lips she does her utmost to pleasure the man in front of her.He takes her hands and places them on small chains that now connect her collar--permanently welded,as are the rings in her nipples and pubis--to bands encircling his thighs,then returns them to her nipples in a mode she understands means that she is to keep them there.

The man behind her penetrates her anus,which she stretches wide to receive him.With one hand he caresses her vulva,with the other he clutches one of her hands to her breast.The man in front of her places his hands on her shoulder blades.Sucking and licking to her utmost,she revels in the penis between her gums,blissfully free of the impediment of having teeth.When he comes to cli- max,she flawlessly swallows every drop of his semen,her breathing and suck- ing synchronized through long training.After he is spent,she keeps her gums tightly wrapped around him as the man in her anus reaches orgasm,then with- draws.Conscious of the new emptiness behind her,she sucks ever harder on the man between whose legs her neck is securely chained,caressing her nipples imploringly.

Soon she is rewarded.Into her throat comes a hot stream of his urine,which she drinks down gratefully to the last drop.Tired by her exertions,when she can suck no more fluid from him she draws him as far into her mouth as she can and relaxes.Softly she licks,delighting simply in the use of her mouth for its ordained purpose,wishing the moment could last forever.

After a long idyll the man rises,tugging her neck with his thighs.Not having been permitted to remove her hands from her nipples,she uses her knees to propel herself as he moves around.When he has backed around and off the bed, he begins to move forward dragging her behind him between his legs,and she shakes madly to help move herself around.Her bare buttocks drag on the floor as they go down the hall,she clutching her nipples and sucking his penis as if her life depended on it--and such things have long become her life.

After a short walk they reach a room where he deposits her on a chair and unshackles her collar from his thighs.The moment that she has been dreading comes: he withdraws from her mouth and she is left with an aching emptiness.

Before he goes,however,he places his rectum over her face,and she licks it hungrily.It stretches and a piece of fecal matter comes forth,which she quickly takes in her lips before it can slip away.Taking it into her mouth, she slowly swallows,following her trained response to this special gift:she smiles,smacks her lips,and licks her lips.But her hopes for more are vain. He swivels her around so that her legs are above her head,spreads them wide, and is gone.

She lies there desolate,fingering her nipples and hoping that someone is at least watching her.Was that man her master,who trained her?She thinks so, from the evidence of her lips and tongue,but knows that she must give all men complete service,that she may be rented or given to any man and have no excuse for being less than their every desire.Again and again she stimulates her nipples along their whole stretched length,fiddling with the gold ring, hefting the huge masses of her breasts.It is seldom that she is permitted to see or hear,and she has become unaccustomed to the glare and the noise;feel- ing,particularly in the sexual centers,is the base of her existence,and with no one making use of her she can only obey her last command and hope that someone will make use of her soon.

After what seems forever she is overjoyed to feel something being inserted in her vagina.Her muscles clutch it and she begins to do her exercise routine there,all the while faithfully continuing to finger her nipples.The object, as she suspects,is a remote-controlled vibrator,and it soon begins to move within her,bringing her quickly to a rush of ecstasy.She smiles,almost trans- ported,her joy marred only by the lingering remembrance that her mouth and anus,so recently filled,are now empty.

When the orgasm has subsided,she returns to her vaginal exercises and the steady stimulation of her nipples.Again she hopes that someone has watched her through all this,that someone is watching her now.

A short while later she is raised to an upright position,and her hands are moved.Her left thumb is inserted in her mouth,and her right hand is placed with the fingertips just shy of her clitoris.She is then given the touch command meaning to freeze in the exact pose,a practice in which she has al- so had long training.

She stands patiently and obediently,her gums evaluating the thumb in her mouth,but making no motion with her cheeks to suck upon it.To keep her right hand right where it is--so close!--is a strain,but she is determined to prove her complete obedience.After a while the vibrator is again activated, sending rushes of pleasure through her body,but she carefully continues to breathe imperceptibly,straining terrifically to show no sign.Finally the vibrator ceases,and the crisis is past.She continues to hold her commanded pose.

A few minutes later a man comes behind her and grabs her breasts,kneading their flesh in beefy fingers.He has made no command to release her from her pose,and she carefully shows no sign of reaction,while fervently hoping that he finds the touch of her pleasing.

When the man has had his fill of feeling her breasts he inserts two fingers in her vagina and lifts her off the floor,carrying her as she carefully keeps her limbs frozen in position.He takes her to a room she knows her master has,where he entertains guests,and places her down on the floor.Now at last her back is stroked in a manner permitting her to release her pose and bend forward.

She leans into a hole in the wall she has been placed in before.Her nipple rings are padlocked to rings inside the hole.Her hands are cuffed to rings above her head.Her feet are lifted one by one as two pairs of panties are placed on her;she feels a twinge of nervousness as two of her most valuable assets are concealed from view.Then she feels the hypnotically implanted touch command that impels her to immediately wet the panties.When they are soaked they are removed,and she breathes easier.The dripping panties are bunched together and placed in her mouth,and then secured by a roll of tape passing around her head and beneath her wig.Then her legs are separated,and she feels electromagnets in the floor being turned on and attracting the metal in her heels.She has been in this place before,for the use of parties of her master's guests.She hopes that she will be well used.

She patiently stands in her pose,and soon she feels herself being grabbed from behind and anally penetrated.She thrills to the man's fondling and his thrusts.Inside her mouth she tongues the soaked panties,knowing again the taste that she has long learned to associate with pleasure.The man expertly caresses her to climax as he steadily approaches it himself with his rhyth- mic penetration of her behind.

Suddenly,and too soon,it seems,he is done with her and he goes.But she has little time to feel his loss,as another man comes and uses her similarly, followed by another and another.Each penis and set of fingers feels differ- ent,and she does the best she can in her chained position to pleasure each.

She has often entertained parties in this way,and with feeding breaks she would gladly stay in this pose,being so used,forever.Once or twice the vi- brator is turned on,sometimes briefly and sometimes for a longer time,and her pleasure is compounded;but one of the men removes it,and she feels emp- tiness again.She flexes her vaginal muscles,wishing they gripped something, anything.Though the next man caresses her there,he once again penetrates her in the anus.

Two more men come and go,each using her in his own style,to which she adapts as best she can.She welcomes each penetration,is desolated by each withdraw- al.She hopes that more and more will come,but suddenly she feels her nipple rings being unpadlocked,and the electromagnets are turned off.Her hands are freed from the cuffs above.

She is led to a table over which she is placed,spreadeagled with her anus in the air.Her enema nozzle is inserted and inflated,and soon she feels the suds of a cleansing enema flood into her.When it is done she is stoppered, and retains it for a long while.She supposes the men are talking;she hopes they are looking at her.

One man brings her head over to him,removes her wig,and untapes her mouth. He removes the panties and puts them on her head,then replaces her wig.He puts his penis into her mouth long enough to give her a squirt of urine,then withdraws.She licks her lips thirstily,hoping another man there will have mercy on her.Instead,she feels the hot stream of another man urinating on her back.

Soon a bowl is placed under her crotch,she is unstoppered,and after a hard effort to retain,commanded to release her enema.It floods into the bowl.Then she is reconnected to the enema nozzle and hose,and her nutritional solution is pumped in,warm and welcome.Her feedings in the tank are more restful,but she is sure her public ones give masters more pleasure,and whatever pleases them most is her greatest purpose.The bowl into which she deposited her ene- ma is taken around to her face,and a solid piece of it is fed to her,laced with an emetic.She tries briefly to hold it but gags and deposits it back into the bowl.She knows that it gives masters pleasure to see her discharge feces from her mouth while taking in food through her anus,though the life in which she once did the reverse is as a dream to her,far removed from the realities of her existence.The bowl is taken away again.

After a while she is commanded to discharge the unabsorbed portion of her lunch.She is raised to a sitting position and given the touch-commands to caress herself,turn,and do so again,four times until she has completed a circle.She hopes she has pleased them,but it is not her place to ask.

She is again commanded to place and keep her hands on her nipples.The large bowl is brought back,and her face is placed in it;she at once understands that all the men have defecated in it.She is commanded to eat.She buries her face in the pile,swallowing all she can.She guiltily shoves aside memories of the time it took her to acquire her taste for this,the only solid food she is permitted.She knows that all watching her are eager to see how much she can eat,and she is determined to impress them all.She knows her master would not have a guest with an infectious disease,just as a contraceptive is mixed in her feedings.She swallows,and swallows,and swallows,caressing her nipples all the while.She knows that some of it is winding up on her face,and a few times she pulls up long enough to lick around her mouth as far as her tongue can reach.Hungrily she swallows all she can though the elastic retainer on her waist reminds her that her stomach is reaching its capacity.Finally,as she slows in shame,she realizes that she can swallow no more.She hopes that her master has lost no bets on her prowess.When they see that she has stopped eating,as much as her mouth can hold without burs- ting is crammed into it,and then it is taped shut.She is commanded to rub the uneaten feces all over her body.Steadily,sensuously,she does so,lubri- cating them with the urine splattered on her back,stretching it as far as it will go,feeling relief when two of the other men urinate on her and keep her wet.She heavily cakes her breasts,carefully coats her legs,inclu- ding the one with the stocking.She thickly covers her face.The retainer is removed from her waist,and she avidly smears her midriff.Her wig is removed, and she spreads the feces over her scalp.Finally there is nothing left to spread on her flesh,and no flesh left uncovered.She is made to lie down on her back,and once again commanded to keep her hands on her nipples.

One by one the men now mount her and penetrate her vaginally,plunging her into new throes of ecstasy.Again,she is in a position she could endure for- ever,if she were turned over and fed once in a while.In her gums she sucks on the unswallowed feces,forcing them down bit by bit,wishing she were suck- ing on a man.

Suddenly they are gone,and her mouth is empty,and she feels alone.One of her hands is moved to her vagina,and she pleasures herself as best she can for a long while.She hopes that the party has not broken up because of any flaw in her performance.

After a while she is again raised up,and led to another room.Here she is given the touch commands to enter her regular exercise routine,which she keeps at steadily,hoping that she is being watched.Her master desires her to keep in shape for constant use,as is also her desire,and she works out strenuously to achieve her goals.

After steady exercise with and without apparatus she is tired,perspiration mixing with the coating she so lately applied to her body.Still she contin- ues,until a man comes and takes her by the hand.Her master,she is sure;his guests have gone home.He removes the tape from her mouth and kisses her.

He leads her to the shower,turns on the hot water,and places a sponge in her hand.By touch command he indicates that she should commence washing herself, and she starts doing so,hoping that he is watching and concentrating on her erogenous zones.Soon she is delighted to find him joining her,and together they cleanse her body.She sinks to her knees and performs fellatio on him, as he bends over her and continues to wash.Once when she had hair on her head he shampooed her in this pose,and still she lives it.After she has drunk every drop she can coax from his throbbing organ,she regretfully re- leases it and commences to shampoo her hair,coursing her hands down into her crotch to catch every strand.Judging her master's position she seeks to provide him with the best possible view of her sex.

After she has cleansed herself and cleansed him fully,he turns off the water.

She is again blow-dried,and a wig placed on her head.He attaches a leash to her pubic ring and leads her from the shower by it,indicating by touch com- mand that she is to stay far enough behind to feel the tension.She follows him to a table she knows well,with pockets built in to fit her enormous breasts.Her nipples protrude through holes in the tabletop,and the rings in them are padlocked to rings beneath.Her pubic ring is padlocked to a ring on the tabletop.He courses his hands over every inch of her body,and she hopes that it gives him pleasure.She wonders if she is to be painted or given a new tattoo,or if he just wishes to enjoy the feel of her.For a long time,she thrills only to the touch of his hands;then she is aware of something being spread on her.It is cool,not cold,but enough to make her tingle.Then she feels her rings being unpadlocked--disappointingly soon,she thinks--and she is turned over.Her arms are tied in a spread position,her legs made to dangle over the sides of the table.Again she is aware of things being spread on her,both by her master's hands and those of another slave.Then she under- stands;she has the honor of being her master's dinnertable tonight.She shivers at the compliment.Warm food is ladled on her stomach,and she lies still to minimize its flow off her.Her breasts are covered with cream and icing,or so she thinks;other dishes are spread along her.Once she has been completely garnished,her master and the other slave commence to eat,their mouths eagerly licking off every upturned body.Once all the food on this side is consumed,she is again turned over and the food on her back licked off.A vibrator is inserted in her vagina and activated.She is beside herself.

After too short a time,it is turned off,and she is helped up from the table. She is led to squat over a bowl,and receives the touch command impelling her to immediately empty her bowels.The feces she ate today flood into the bowl.

A large piece is placed in her mouth,but she is commanded not to swallow until otherwise ordered.The elastic retainer is again laced around her waist.

She is helped upright,and the vibrator is removed;she is leaned against a wall,placed in a pose with her legs wide apart and her hands on her nipples, and commanded to hold it.

After a wait in this pose,she is at last permitted to swallow,and her mouth is cleaned.She is laid flat on the floor and her master and the other slave both urinate on her,her master permitting her to drink his last drops.Then they remove her wig and the retainer,wipe her down,and begin to coat her body with the tank gelatin.

She is guiltily aware of her master removing her left earplug;she hopes she has not misinterpreted a command,that he feels he must speak to her.Sound is no longer one of the things familiar to her.

"You did well today",he tells her."I got a very good price for your next few days at the auction.Make sure you obey completely,and I'll be happy." She is thrilled at the compliment,but still thankful when the earplug again shuts out the world of sight and noise.

She is readied for reinsertion into the tank.Her enema nozzle is again hooked up,and her airhose is connected with the phallus down her throat.

She kicks off her shoes,slowly,seductively rolls down the stocking,and is lowered into the warm fluid.Her limbs are attached to restraints,and elect- trical stimulators hooked up to her pubic and nipple rings.Soon,she is in her storage position,and the others have left her alone.She is again a floating mind,free of all cares but the filling of her orifices.She senses the flow of her dinner into her,dinner,mixed with a sleeping aid.Once she has absorbed it,she drifts off to sleep,glad to have been of use another day.

More adventures should follow...

Once again she drifts into consciousness.She floats dreamily,wondering what is in store.Slowly at first,then steadily rising,she is aware of the activ- ation of her stimulators,bringing her to excitement heightened by her feel- ing no other sensation beyond the input to her breasts and pubis.She sucks hungrily on the phallus,delighted to have started her day so well.Then the stimulation ebbs,and she is left to wondering.

After a little while her breakfast starts to course into her.Pint by pint she is pumped up,until she is full and it is time for her to absorb.Patiently she feeds.

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