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She struggled again, a quick indrawn breath and a desperate tensing of all her muscles in an attempt to free herself. It didn't work. The straps that held her were of a smooth plastic mesh, silky and unyielding against her skin. They had held others before her and would hold others after. Still, she tried, gritting her teeth around the gag and trying to kick backwards.

She froze as she heard the click of a door behind her and the slow tap of heeled shoes coming towards her. She strained her eyes upward, was able to see vague outlines in the stainless steel wall. There was a figure standing behind her, and next to him was a squat box from which snaked dozens of tubes. She bit into the gag again and began to struggle.

"Now, now," came the slow, indifferent voice of her captor. "You know that's not going to do you any good. This needs to be done."

He made an adjustment to the table that she knelt on, face down, and her legs were swung outward, exposing her.

"Of course," he said thoughtfully. "I can always make it more comfortable for you."

She heard rummaging, and then the unscrewing of a cap, the snap of rubber gloves. She cringed as a finger traced its way up her thigh, across her buttocks. There was a pause, as the finger was removed, but in a second it was back, heavily greased.

"Relax, Ariana." She heard the voice as if from miles away. She was paralyzed with horror as the slick finger began a leisurely exploration of her buttocks, sliding down between them to lightly trace the rim of her anus. It stroked, once, twice, and then began to make long, slow circles around the tightly clenched orifice.

The sensation was intimate, made more distressing by the small tingle of enjoyment that had begun to radiate between her legs. Ariana bit into the gag again and screwed her eyes shut.

"So tense, my dear."

More grease was applied, and after more of the agonizing stroking, the gloved finger began to center on her puckered opening, pointing inward and making small back and forth motions that were working it slowly into her rectum.

"No!" she gasped, although the word was unintelligible around the generously oversized gag.

It didn't make any difference, and she was lubricated so well that after a few moment's work, his finger was sliding in and out of her effortlessly, massaging the silky lining of her anus, at times penetrating her so deeply that his knuckles ground against her buttocks. She shuddered, partially in horror, partially from the arousal that was beginning to radiate in her pelvis, making her vulva ache.

"That's much better, mmm?" The finger withdrew slickly, but in a moment was replaced by the smooth head of an enema nozzle. It pressed against the quivering, receptive opening, and paused.

"Are you ready?" He was indifferent to her response, indifferent to the tears that streamed down her cheeks. He did notice however, the barely perceptible tremble to her limbs and the almost nonexistent grinding of her buttocks against the nozzle. He smiled to himself, lathed the nozzle with lubricant once more and then thrust it deep into her twitching bottom.

Ariana gasped at the momentary pain, the invasion. After a moment this faded away and she was left with a sensation of tantalizing fullness. She could feel the oversized nozzle inside her and the twinges of sensation that sang through her as her muscles gripped and ungripped it convulsively.

"This will feel warm." There was a click and a rush of warmth as fluid raced to fill her bowels. After a second, it stopped. "You still seem tense, Ariana," came his voice. "Let me help you."

Part of her thought to begin her struggle anew, attempt to fight off his ministrations, but that part was quickly buried as exquisite sensations began coursing through her. He had secured a small vibrator between her legs, with the tip resting snugly against her throbbing clitoris. The steady buzz send shivers up her legs and her sphincter gripped the nozzle hungrily. "God!" the hissed word came from around the gag.

"Most of my patients find this quite pleasant. Please, enjoy yourself."

It was a small volume enema, but Ariana still groaned at the sensation of cramping fullness and overwhelming desire to expel the fluid. With each spasm of pain, though, it seemed her clitoris became more sensitive to the steady thrumming of the little machine that abused it. She rocked back and forth in her bonds, gasping in pleasure and pain.

"And reverse…" there was a quiet click and the pressure eased as the fluid flowed out of her. She luxuriated in the sensation until everything was gone.

"There, that wasn't so bad, was it? But I see that your treatment isn't quite finished." He fiddled with the vibrator, turned it up so that her back arched involuntarily at the overwhelming sensation. Gripping the nozzle embedded between her shaking buttocks, he twisted it back and forth and began to move it in and out rapidly, the hard plastic stretching and stimulating her anus like mere intercourse would never do. She cried out behind the gag as the buzzing vibrations in her clitoris and relentless penetration of her rectum sent relentless waves of pleasure through her until she sagged bonelessly against her restraints.

"Feeling better?" there was a satisfied note to his voice, as there always was. He removed the gag from her mouth and turned her face up to meet his.

"Always, Andrew…" the words came out slow and lazy, satisfied.

"I don't really see why I have to tie you up like this," he said as he cleaned up. "You enjoy it, darling. Why do you insist on fighting?"

"Because fighting is half the fun!" she padded from the room, with her bare, slightly reddened buttocks winking seductively at him.

He smiled to himself as he cleaned the equipment expertly. "Tomorrow I won't be as kind!" he called, and began stroking himself slowly in anticipation of the next day's pleasures.

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