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Author: Anonymous

(M/F, F/F, large toys, anal)

This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any place or any person,living or dead, is purely coincidental.

This is an original story.

Angie's Extreme Anal Diary

Chapter 1

Let me start at the beginning. My name's Angie, and I'm an anal slut. I love the feeling of something slipping and sliding and slamming in and out of my ass, the bigger the better.

I had the most intense punishment last night; it was so amazing I had to put pen to paper while I let my rectum recover, it needs it!

First, for those who'll read at some future time, let me explain (just a little). I've been happily married for two years; and I love my man. His name's Greg. He's a hard-working guy who's been seriously overstressed, and it became harder for him to get it up. We spiced things up a little, dirty movies, playing around, etc., but it didn't seem to help. So, being the imaginative girl that I am, I came up with a plan that coupled my darkest desires with my outer skank that REALLY got Greg 'up' once he got into it. (Helps him relieve his stress without HURTING me, too!)

Now, before details, let me give you a picture of me. I'm a tiny little thing, only 5'5" in spiked heels. I'm REAL blond (my cuffs match, if you know what I mean!) with perky tits almost too big for my little frame. I got into anal EARLY, because my mum always emphasized "don't give up your virginity until you're married; but when you're just too horny, come up with an alternate." There's only one alternate to a nice big rod in my pussy, and you know what that is!

To get him going, Greg needs to get a little worked up. So, I let him catch me doing it with someone. My pussy is all his; but my ass is open territory (pun intended)! Then, he gets to punish me. He does that by making me sit in what he calls the 'rocking' chair because when I sit in it (or should that be ON it!?), he gets his rocks right off when he lets me up.

To know how intense the experience is, you've gotta know what the chair's like. While it's an ordinary armchair to all appearances, THIS chair has a ingenious and near evil restraining system. Greg puts leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles, and a leather belt with seat belt clips around my waist. He blindfolds me with a leather and fuzz blindfold, puts a ball gag on my mouth, and puts industrial soundproof earmuffs on my ears so that all I can do is feel what's happening to me. Then, he clips my ankles into restraining rings on the chair legs, and my wrists to clips on the top of the chair arms. It's hard to stand up for long like that. THEN, here's the good part. On the underside of the chair, there are old style seat belt mechanisms, where the belt inside is on a roller that takes up slack. You pull enough of the belt out and clip it in, and there's no slack. So, there's four clips: one in front, one in back and one on each side. Each one clips to my waist belt, and when they're fastened, they slowly pull me down into the chair, and onto whatever kind of dildo Greg wants to put there(usually a medium to slightly larger butt plug). Restrained like that, all I can do is...You get the picture. Don't want to spoil it!

So, Greg had a ROUGH day at work yesterday. Usual bullshit about incompetent co-workers, idiot bosses, all the stuff you'd expect. So, since it'd been a while since he'd needed relief, I thought it was time to play our game. I'd get my rear end stuffed a couple of times, and he'd be able to bang me and get off. Boy, did I get more than I bargained for this time!

So, I went to find myself some throbbing hard dickmeat at a downtown watering hole I frequent that's got lots of buff meat and is far enough from home that I won't encounter a friend from our 'normal' hangout, where friends won't see me trolling. I found a nice enough guy, but who cares what he's like so long as he looks nice? I'll only see him once anyway. I just call him 'Dick'. I give him a sad story about a 'lousy' marriage, and I need some hard meat. So, I take 'Dick' home, peel his jeans off his hard body. The clock's ticking, Greg'll be home shortly. I tell him 'my husband'll be home soon (but not as soon as he's going to be!), so let's get to it.I tease 'Dick' with a little show as I grab my Astro-Glide and apply a little to my tiny rosebud. I crookws a finger, and he climbed on and slipped his perfect sized rod up my bottom (by perfect, I mean just the right size for packing a girl's fudge. Not TOO big, but not too small. He's banging away. I timed it so it would be with 15 minutes of Greg's arrival, so he'd catch us, but that I'd get enough satisfaction to hold me over until....

Greg came walking in. CAUGHT!(again). I see a small smile on his face just before he lets his mad out. Here we go. "You bitch! Again! Every time I turn around you're fucking someone else! Caught you with this one up your ass, no less!" He rants on. 'Dick' is of course scared shitless. He dismounts and runs, dodging as far away from Greg as he can to get out the door, hoping Greg will focus on me and let him get away. The front door slams, he's gone, not knowing it was supposed to be that way. Greg yells some more "I work hard all day...yada yada yada. Get your mad out, Greg. He stops yelling and grins a more evil grin than I'd ever seen on him before. Little did I know. "So, you needed something up your ass, did you?" He's talking very coolly now, calm and collected. I can see the bulge in his pants getting bigger. He's ready. "Well, it's time to up the ante, baby. I've been waiting for this. Starting today, you're going to get some serious anal training." I need anal training? I know how to dirty a dick with the best of them. Shows what I knew. "???" "Oh, yeah. You're gonna learn to take it like you've never taken it before, honey." Okay, he's got me a little nervous. I've got a small idea what he means, but worry and anticipation are making my knees knock and my pussy WET. He grabs me and pushes me down on the bed HARD. He's never done that before! 'Hey, you're hurting me!' "Calm down. You know I'm not going to HURT you." He's holding me down, and he's still clothed. He opens the nightstand drawer and gets out the leather cuffs. In a few moments, he's got the cuffs on my wrists, but he's hooked them together this time! Already I can tell he's got a new game plan. I've lost control of the game, and I'm not altogether sure I like it. Still, I started this, it's too late to stop now. I'm bound and under his control. Acting like I want to get loose, I let him cuff my ankles. I'm thinking he's going to pick me up and take me to the chair, which sits in a corner of the bedroom (with nothing on the seat) when I'm not 'using' it. Instead, he links the ankle cuffs together, too. What's he going to do now?

Next, he puts my blindfold on me and gags me. Just before he puts my earmuffs over my ears,I hear him say "tonight, you get a lesson in the art of extreme anal sex. Your rear end is gonna get stretched!" NOW, my earmuffs are on, and I can't see,hear, or talk. I'm prone and helpless on the bed, reduced to a quivering nerve ending waiting to be stroked, alone with my thoughts and one available sense of feeling. 'Wetness around my back door. It's my old friend, "Ass-tro Glide". That's nice. Ooh. Something loosely rubbery and tapered sliding into my crack. What's this pushing into my butt? Widening..Oomph! It's in! Feels like a buttplug wrapped in a balloon. Hey, the balloon's getting bigger! Bigger! It's an expanding butt plug! Ooooh! Feels like a big bubble in my butt! I can feel a couple of cords between my legs. Oooh! My bottom's starting to vibrate! I've never had one of these before!'

For what seemed like several minutes, Greg varied the strength of the vibes rippling through my anus, speeding up and slowing down. Just when I thought I was ready to come, it stopped. 'Awww, damn! Oooh, it's being pulled out! Hey! It's still inflated! Not like that! Oooh, my hole's stretching! Aaaahh, owww!' I felt a slight emptiness in my behind just before my sphincter slammed shut. But that was just the beginning. Greg was going to have no mercy on my poor poopchute. I had what seemed like seconds with my empty bottom before I felt Greg's hand applying a generous amount of Vaseline to my hole. Then, he drew his hand away and I felt something shaped like a toothpaste tube inserted into my bottom just past the tube's wide point. Glop. Cool and wet, slowly Greg squeezed an entire tube of KY into my rear. Schlup. Tube's out. I lay there waiting for a few moments, waiting, while unbeknownst to me Greg was liberally applying a more generous amount of Vaseline to another toy. Thoughts ran through my head. 'What's he waiting for? What's next?' The waiting was as exciting and torturous at the same time. Just when I thought I couldn't wait another moment, that's when I felt it. (That man knows how to time things to toy with my senses. Right to the edge and back again, every time. Takes forever to come, but what an explosion when I do!) 'Big. Rubbery, just like before. Biig....oooo...it's in the hole now... uh,oh...feels like...a big dick shaped balloon....pumping full of air...getting bigger..it stopped where it is! Why? Can't hold it like this, it'll slip out. Try to shit it out. (Glop)...more KY...more vaseline on my hole.... gotta tighten up...arrrggh...ooooh! It's going farther now! Deeper! Deeper! Oh! Deeper! DEEPER! Pumping..Bigger! Bigger! Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!Oh my...oh my...oh my ass!!It's too big! Can't hold it! Won't go out! Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo........'

Greg managed to really fill my butt with one of those new-gen dildos that expand to fill your ass. They're quite an improvement over the 1st gen buttplugs. I remember now that I'd used the old ones a couple times before, but gave up after the second one when the outer material kept getting holes in the base after one or two uses, couldn't inflate them after. Both times, had them inflated a couple of pumps, felt a small rush of air down by my thigh, and the balloon shriveled. Hated that. The rubber on the new-gen plugs and dildos is a lot stronger. Must have been designed by somebody who actually liked using them, cause you can squeeze them with your ass channel all day and they won't deflate or pop. Boy, if one of those overinflated and popped while it was up your butt...

But, anyway, it seemed like forever that I laid there immobile, the biggest thing I'd felt yet lodged deep in my ass, nicely but firmly reminding me it was boss. I hated it. I LOVED it. If I only knew where Greg kept the toys he uses on me, I want it up my ass now while I'm writing this, but I don't know where it is. That's another form of anal 'torture' he uses on me, hiding the dildos so I can't use them when I really want them.

Finally, after an eternity of squeezing and grunting on that hard phallus shaped balloon, I felt a slight easing of the pressure of the balloon against the walls of my rectum. Aahhh. So good when it's in; but that first moment of looseness is nice. A little more room, a slight tug on the dildo's air hose, and SCHHHHHHHLLLLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPP! That phallus slid out of my behind like a nice soft shit. That was nice, but didn't take me any further along towards coming.

As I lay there for the next few seconds, it flitted across my mind that what I'd just experienced was Greg's definition of 'extreme anal' when I realized it was far from over. I didn't know if Greg was going to sit me in the chair or not; but the way this usually ends is with Greg letting me out of the chair after a time with the buttplug (usually) still up my butt, and lays me down on the bed and bangs my pussy raw, and only after do I get to "unplug" (hee hee)! Not to mention, it takes him time to come. Just as that realization hit me, Greg started lubing up my ass AGAIN. Pity my poor bottom, it was going to be unmercifully stuffed like never before (like that hadn't just happened!) Nothing more slamming in and out, I wasn't going to be 'riding the ramrod' tonight. Greg's plan, I was learning, was sit on it and hold it up there.

For what seemed like several minutes, Greg greased my ass up good. He alternated LOTS of vaseline with tubes of KY, there must have been at least three full family sized jars of vaseline smeared inside my anal entry, and I know he squeezed two tubes of KY in there. Grease, lube, grease, lube, grease. THEN, he slowly inserted when felt like a caulking tube into my behind until it was about halfway and began to squeeze. I could feel a soft glopping of what could only be a mixture of Vaseline and KY. I realized at that point I should have had a forewarning about what was coming, for a couple of days before, I'd noticed several jars of Vaseline and tubes of KY in a box under his workbench in the garage when I was snooping for his stash of my toys. I'd assumed (ass-umed, indeed, that assumption made an ass of me, literally!) that they were a stash for future use. They were, all right, for use all at once the next time!!! He did that with three caulk tubes. When he did the second, I began to wonder just what kind of stiffness I was going to encounter on that chair this time, on the third I got a little scared. This was a LOT of lube, inside AND out. I feared it was going to be BIG and DEEP. 'Oh, shit! I think I'm going to need a proctologist after this!' I'd already had something big and wide and deep, what next?

Finally, Greg was done with his 'lube job'. He unclipped my ankle cuffs from each other and rolled me to the side of the bed, swung me so my legs were hanging off the side, and put his hand on my arm, which I knew meant I should stand up. I did, and he walked me over to the chair. Now I was going to learn just what he'd spent time lubing while I was laying prone holding that huge inflatable dildo in my rump. He turned me around, and I felt the clips on my ankle cuffs attached to the locking rings on the chair legs. I wasn't going to be able to get away from the chair, if I tried to move my legs now I could only drag the chair along with me slowly. Clip, clip. Before I realized it, my wrist cuffs were also attached to the chair arms. There I was, barely able to stand up, and I wouldn't be able to do that for long. Fortunately, it went across my mind at this point that whatever Greg had placed on the seat to menace my turd tunnel might be wide, but it wouldn't be long and thus wouldn't go EXCESSIVELY deep. That allowed me to relax just a little, which let me back into a frame of mind that this would be enjoyable if I wanted it to be. At that point, my knees relaxed a little, and that's when Greg began clipping the seat belts on. I was in trouble now! Clip. Left side. Clip. Right side. I began to feel the pull that would eventually bring my bottom all the way down to the seat of the chair, not to mention how that pull, and gravity, would push what awaited me deep up my behind. Clip. Front clip in place, I could feel the strap of the seat belt rubbing against my pussy as it extended down to the roller under the seat. I became aware at this point of a need in my bowels to push. I wasn't cramping, for which I felt relieved. For a second there, I thought I was going to explosively shit all over the place! Unforunately, I could tell my ass channel wanted to evacuate, for the shit that had been packed in while I held the big expander up my ass was being brought to bear by the excessive lube. Well, what did I expect? Greg had basically given me a lubricant enema, after all. I was still a little scared of what awaited my bunghole, probably mere inches below me, barely standing as I was. Yet, now I really wanted whatever it was fully lodged in my ass before I had to shit all over it. If I did, I knew my sphincter would chafe from all the 'dirt' mixed with the lube. Clip. The buckle for the fourth belt, the one that mattered most, that would pull my backside down, was in place. I was about to find out what new toy Greg had gotten me.

Excuse me, diary, while I go shit (again)!

Chapter 2

So, diary, where was I? That shit felt good; but damn, I wish I could find where Greg hides 'my' dildos. I'm still recovering; but shit! I really want something up my ass right now while I write this, and I don't have anything.

Anyway. There I was, belted and bound to that insidious, evil chair, (I love how that sounds, for that's the only thing it's there for, is to restrain me and pull my butt (literally) onto the pole that's waiting there) knees knocking, body trembling slightly with the effort of staying erect. I wanted to, I didn't want to. I needed to shit, I didn't want to shit. I had to. I couldn't. The anticipation was killing me (so to speak). Greg had really put all this together, apparently (and especially) with this in mind, to rock my ass with a new dildo, and I had this feeling that it was going to be a humdinger. He'd amassed all that lube, readied it for deep injection into my poopchute, and set the dildo on the chair and lubed it while I laid on the bed concentrating on holding that huge expanding fuck toy deep up my rectum, with all the might I could muster, from inner sphincter to outer. I'll say this, he must have been boiling for days waiting for this opportunity. Thank heaven he's not physically abusive (not that he needs to be, the dildos do that to my ass channel quite well, thank you.)

I could barely hold myself up with the anticipation and the action the restraints were having on me. With the restraints in place, well, seat belts like that, you know how they work. Pull them out of the holder, lock them into the buckle, and any excess you pull out gets pulled back in. You can't pull them back out until they've rolled all the way back in, which you know of course means that where the chair's concerned, I couldn't (can't) stand farther up. Once downward motion's in place, those belts are slowly going to pull me down.........wait for it....I know, I know, dear reader, you can almost taste the anticipation. I want you to enjoy this journal like I enjoy experiences in the 'rocking' chair. Don't gobble it up, savor it.

At this point, all my energy was going into trying to both stand up and keep from shitting at the same time. I don't know what flashed across my mind as I stood there against the edge of the chair, but whatever it was decided it was better to sit than strain and ...you get the picture. Already I didn't know how long I'd been holding myself off the edge of the chair, let alone how long it had been since Greg had first come home and caught me, starting this latest session of "timeless' fun. I also knew I didn't want to wait anymore. Before I could stop myself, I eased my knees a little and gripped the chair's arms in preparation of what was to come. I was starting to experience a slight sensory deprivation from feeling nothing but what my limbs and asshole had been telling me, and I knew my orgasm, when it finally came, would be...

A slight jerk on the belts as my body sagged downward brought me out of my reverie. Time to concentrate on my rear end. It was literaly wobbling in anticipation, searching for the dildo that stood gloriously erect below. It had to be, with all the grease in and on my ass and undoubtedly on that dildo, too, it wouldn't be staying in place unless there was a solid suction cup base holding it firmly in place for my rectal opening, down on the wood of the chair seat many inches below.

Another jerk. How far was I off the chair? I'd surely be touching the head momentarily unless it was a plug, Or was he playing with me again? As that thought crossed my mind, my asscrack was introduced to Greg's (my) new dildo. My first thought as it brushed my cheeks was it was obviously really firm, but not HARD. It was the material that makes what they call the 'mister softy' type; it was pliant, but not rough, assertive, not offensive, but definitely a rude intruder. If it had been one of those mighty three foot ramrods made of the harder kind of latex, my rectum would have been in real trouble. All that flashed across my mind in a split second, along with the certainty I was probably still 10-11 inches off the chair! AND IT WAS BIG! REALLY WIDE! My asshole was telling me just from the way my cheeks were spreading already that it had to be a good 4-5 inches in circumference, bigger than the width of a fist! I jerked up. 'I can't possibly take that much in my asshole! No!' But the jerk on the belts pulled me back down firmly and somewhat rudely. Before I realized it, the glorious head was lodged firmly in my crack and knocking on my backdoor. I wanted it, but I didn't want to let it in! I'd be split! "Yes! No! No! Yes! No!" ran through my head. Meanwhile, my bowels were still asserting their need to move, as that gloriously huge monster cock asserting it's contention to enter my rear entryway. It was either me or the dildo. Something had to give, and of course, the dildo had the advantage. I resisted with all my might; but that mighty monster wanted inside my body (or should I say, my booty!) A wail of need and desire ran through my head as my need to shit made itself known. I could help myself anymore! I had to have it! My bowels trembled in need, my hungry bottom trembled with desire. 'I'm gonna shit! Ohh, no!' I lost the battle of wills as I started to lose control of my bowels. My asshole opened to try and let the log of dirt out; but physics and that greasy monster cock outside my backdoor won out. As my hole dilated, that mega-dick peeked inside. The only thing that came out of my butt was air. I moaned through the ball gag; but you couldn't hear it over the fart I made. I could even hear that fart through my earmuffs, which were industrial sound blockers! Meanwhile, latex and shit met just inside the edge of my hole. Slippery and greasy, that mighty monster had won the right of entry and was meaningfully asserting itself. I could feel my shit being pushed into as my ass widened to accomodate that gloriously huge dildo. Feeling that took me into a zone of nothing but feeling as all my senses focused on what was happening to my bottom. 'Oh, my God! It's huge! It'll never fit! I'm gonna split wide open! Eeeeee-uhhh! Ahhh! Ooooo!Oh! Oh my hole! It's really widening! It's REALLY dilating! This things actually going.........OHHHHHHHH! oH MY....MY ASSHOLE! Oh my God! It's actually going in! No! Shit it out! Don't! I can't push it out! It's going in now! It's gonna go all the way in, I can't keep it out anymore! IT'S GOING IN! OH MY GOD! (At this point, while I knew I was slowly sitting down, I would have sworn on a stack of bibles I was lying on my side again. All I could feel was that mighty tool pushing itself slowly, so deliciously slowly, up my butt.) Aahh! Oh, my god. Oh my ass! I can't believe my ass is accomodating this thing! (Note:though it never consciously occurred to me, I was feeling no pain whatsoever. It didn't even feel like that monster had injured my sphincter in any way! Well, why should it have? There was probably a gallon of lube to ease the initial entry (nevermind the lube waiting to grease the ways inside!) Slowly that mighty monster made its way deeper into my bottom. 'Shit! ARrrrrh! OOOOOO! Oh my, oh my, ohmi, ohmigoooooooooddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow this things just slipping right up there! Hell, girl, it should, there's enough vaseline in your ass to lube a hundred dildos! Oh gaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwddddddd! When's this thing gonna stop? Feels like a foot in there already!!! (At that point, it was about halfway up(or was I halfway down?)) Slowly I kept sinking onto that dildo and it kept sinking into my rear! At that point, I couldn't even think clearly. My ass was happy, my shit was packing, my clit was popping, and I wanted to just hold that ass jamming pole right where it was and just wait for the orgasm to come. But I couldn't! I tensed and tightened the muscles in my asshole, but that dick was just too lubed to stop. I knew it was going to go all the way to the hilt. When it did, it'd bang right into my anal g-spot and throw me over the edge. I wanted it. I didn't. If I did, I might hurt something inside. 'What the hell, girl, you're probably going to need a butt doctor to take this mighty monster out, anyway! I can't hold myself up anymore! I gotta sit down! All the way down! Just relax........oooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' As I relaxed, that rude dude in my poopchute slid all the way in for a home run. I was finally able to clamp my ass cheeks firmly around the base, and the impact when I hit bottom (literally! :O) was so GOOD that I involuntarily had to pee. Water everywhere. Meanwhile,that pole slammed into my anal g-spot. It threw me into another dimension. All I could feel was that tree trunk lodged more deeply than anything that had ever been up my ass before. I had to move! I rocked back and forth, riding that mighty shit-fucking pole for all it was worth. Oh my GOD it was great! 'Oh YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!SO GOOD! SO GOOD! SO GOOD! UP MY ASS, BABY! ALL THE WAY! UP MY BUTT! UP MY BUTT!FUCK MY ASS! Fucking my ass soooooooooo goooooooooddddd! Deep in my ass! DEEP IN MY ASS! Can it get any deeper than this! Oh!Oh!Oh!Oh!Ohohohohohohohohohohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'mmmmmmm coooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I could feel was waves and waves of lightning ecstasy pouring from my pussy and that mighty bole all the way up my butthole. Another ooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!Ah!Ah!Ah!Ah!Ah!Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!Oh god my pussys pulsing so hard! NNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggghhhh! Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipuuuuuusssssssssssy!Oh my aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssss!UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP MMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!' I lost track of how many times I came, I've never had more than one at one time. Somewhere in the middle of the fourth, I was so blown out with pleasure I lost consciousness. Butt, it wasn't over yet, diary. Greg left me there for heaven knows how long. Somewhere much later, my body clock said probably three or four hours had passed altogether (wow! that much time with almost all but the first several minutes with one or another HUGE thing shoved up my ass!!) Greg woke me when he was freeing me from the belts. I felt his hand on my arm. I weakly pushed on the arms of the chair and tried to stand up. That mighty monster asserted itself, reminding my I still had a major bole up my hole. I clenched it in and stood. Greg marched me over to the bed and sat me down. Oooh! Felt good when that dildo made contact with the mattress. Slamma ramma jamma in my ass, baby! I lay back, and Greg wasted no time in slamming his dickmeat home in my pussy. From his persepctive, I'd put on one hell of a show. He was so turned on, he couldn't wait to get in there. When he entered me, the feeling of two dicks in my body rocked me over the edge again! Oh!oh!Oh!OH!OH!OH!OH!OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another two orgasms rocked my body one right after the other. I lost it again a third time as I felt his hot cream shooting deep into my pussy. "I DID IT!" was the last thing that passed through my mind as I passed out again, with that megadildo still up my butt.

Chapter 3

Okay, diary, let's continue.

Damn but I was feeling great. I'd just had the greatest sexual experience EVER. Now, on the other hand, I had a problem (with a capital P.) When I came to after my last orgasm, I wondered how long I'd been lying there, let alone just how long that monster dildo had been up my ass. I wanted it out now. But, I also worried about what I'd do if I couldn't just stand up and let gravity take care of the problem. My ass channel was feeling tight. But, all I could do was wait until Greg freed me, first. I tried to push on the that mighty rod to see if it'd slip out; but it didn't! It didn't want to leave my butt! I started making some noise to get Greg's attention. In a few moments, I felt movement to my left and then Greg was loosing my bonds. Free at last. The first words out of my mouth were "How long have I been like this?" I looked at the clock, it said 2:15. Looking beyond the drapes, I could see nothing but dark. Greg had come home almost eight hours before! Holy cow! "Honey, this was AMAZING! But, I think you went a little overboard. It's been eight hours almost since you came in, and how much of that time has this tree trunk been up my butt?" "Well, the first one was in for about an hour and a half, so this one's been in you about five hours." "Babe, I'm a little worried about that. My insides are feeling tight, I don't know what's going to happen when this thing comes out! I don't suppose you thought about that, did you?!? At this time of night, we'd have to go to an ER, and even at that hour, oh the embarrassment! Oh, I'm gonna be SO humiliated!" "Didn't you think I'd had a plan for that? You didn't think I'd start this knowing that there was the possibility of injury when that thing came out? Believe me, I planned this well in advance. I had a talk with your gyno, and she gave me the name of a proctologist who specializes in this kind of thing. She keeps night hours, too. What, ya think people go to get things removed from their butts during the daytime? Night's when people do this kind of thing. She knows that. Lemme make a call and we'll be over at her private clinic in a few."

A private clinic. Uh oh. Why did that sound like playtime was far from over? Something down in my butt told me that there was going to be a LOT more involved than just applying as much more lube as possible and sliding that monster out. Greg got my attention by emerging from the closet with a big bathrobe and threw it on the bed by me. "The doctor's ready for us. Put that on and let's go." I got up and felt gravity start pulling on that monster bole. This would be interesting, actually trying to walk around holding that pole up my hole. Corncob carriers had nothing on me. Gotta admit, as I tried to walk it felt looser, and damn it felt good! Then, I got to sit down in the car. Oooooo!!!! I was already getting wet AGAIN! At this point, my motor was running. I was hoping for more, and I sure didn't want the night to end. Luckily, the private clinic was just a couple of miles away. I'd never noticed it before, because it turned out to be the doctor's house, and she didn't advertise. We walked around the back of the house and found what looked like an open doctor's office. A butt doctor's office, run out of the back of her house, holding office hours in the middle of the night. (Something's not right here!) When we walked in the waiting room, I saw the nurse was a stunning redhead. She said "the doctor's waiting for you," came out from her station, went over and locked the door. She led us through the entryway from the waiting room to the clinic, and then turned off the waiting room lights before she led us in back. Uh oh! Looked like a normal doctor's office; but I hoped I was imagining things about what was next.

The nurse led us into an exam room where the doctor was waiting. She was an Amazon with raven hair cut in a pageboy. UH OH! Greg planned all this, huh? Wouldn't have been surprised if she made me look like a piker. What ideas had she given him, and how? Looks like I was about to be worked over by the competition. "Sorry to bother you at this hour, doctor," Greg said, 'but we've got a little problem." "Don't be embarrassed, sir. This happens all the time. You'd be surprised how many people I see in a week.' The way she said that told me that was bullshit. She obviously was a doctor of proctology, the surroundings made that clear. But I bet she was because she was one of those who was licensed for appearances. She was qualified all right, by personal experience. She was the kind of whore who swung both ways, and she got her rocks off on every experience. She was the kind who never got enough, so she got a medical degree so she'd have a license to wet her pants with all her patients, all of whom SHE selected. Hell, why was I surprised? Greg was referred to her by my gyno, and I knew SHE was bi. Those two probably had something going. The only person missing from the scene was her. Looks like I was the new member of the club. "Nurse, would you have Greg wait in room W until we're done?" Nurse. They knew my name; but I wouldn't know theirs. Until WE'RE done. Room W, for Watch! I knew it. I was about to get worked over lesbo-style for the camera, and they'd probably give Greg a copy of the tape. The redhead led Greg away. My knees were trembling. I KNEW it wasn't over! I was nervous as hell, I'd never done anything like THIS before! Yet, my pussy was wet as hell! This was exciting me like I couldn't believe. "What's your name, honey?" Like you don't know. We're going to play the anonymous whore game, huh? "Angie." Just watch, first she'll want every salacious detail (like she hadn't had a hand in it, I'll bet!) "So, Angie, I was told you've got a VER-RY big dildo up your bottom, and you can't get it out." Oh, the way she said that. A regular doctor would have said something much more discreet. "Well, we were playing, and let's just say we got carried away." "Carried away, huh? That's a bit of an understatement, isn't it? You were able to put a dildo of extreme size up your butt. Do you do this sort of thing all the time?" I hate those kind of questions, even from a doctor who doesn't major in skank. How humiliating. Yep, who's the new bitch in this triangle? I'm gonna be bitch-fucked ten ways from Sunday before I get out of here.

The red-headed bimbo nurse returned. "The X-Ray room's ready, doctor." Okay, that sounds normal. MAYBE I'm just still carried away. "Okay, Angie, we're going to check you over good and dislodge that glorious pole from your pretty little bum. Now, before we start, I want you to know that this is going to entail some THOROUGH exams to make sure you don't have any internal injuries. Then, we'll give you some pointers on how to do this right, so you don't wind up unable to take it out afterward the NEXT time. We're going to need some follow up visits, too, just to make sure everything's okay." THOROUGH exam? Pointers?!? FOLLOW UPS??!! THE NEXT TIME?!!!? OH, SHIT!! That tears it! These two are extreme buttfuck artists with licenses. "Now stand up and we'll go take some Xrays of your colon, make sure there are no injuries and check for blockage." Yup. They're not even going to wheel me in there, like they would in a hospital. They're going to enjoy the sight of me walking in there butt naked, with their eyes on what little of that monster cock is visible between my cheeks. Why don't they just take pictures while they're at it? So, I waddled down the hall to the x-ray room, with that dildo still deliciously asserting itself. Uumph. Ooh. Does feel good. In a way, I'll miss it when it's finally out. Usual x-ray routine. Waddle back to the exam room. Just when I'm ready to lie down, I felt something shift in my butt, and before I knew it, SCHHLOOOP! Gravity had finally let that bole slip out. My rectum was empty at last. I could hear the both of them giggling behind me. "Okay, that frees up some time. Get on the bench." I laid down while the doctor picked up the pole and examined it. "There's a few specks of blood on here, but it doesn't look like it seriously injured you, maybe a little irritation of your colon's lining. Let's have a look at your bum. Okay. No bleeding, seriously battered and dilated; but that's normal. Now, your x-rays show potential blockage right above where the dildo maxed in, so before when can look at your insides, you'll need an enema to clean you out." Oh, boy, just as I thought. They're gonna put MORE stuff up my ass! 'Scuse me, diary, while I hunt for a butt plug. Be right back!

Chapter 4

For several weeks, the nighttime airwaves were filled with the most delicious sex stories southern California could have ever hoped to hear. At first, the FCC howled like wolves at the Mexican government, who said, "So what? Loosen your tight asses up, already. Stuff like this is why Europe is laughing at you." Meanwhile, the little radio station's reputation grew, as did Jenna's.

However, as time went by, the stories started to repeat themselves. Jenna was making a lot of new friends; having sex with new men or women almost every day; and quietly getting herself off in the booth every night, especially when her program went completely talk. She loved it. Now, however, they had to stir up some more trouble, before they found themselves heading downhill once again. That's when Jenna had another great idea, once that would raise holy hell.

As the stories started making a second go-round; Cliff had let her know what the website was ready to take her live on the net, as well as on the air. But, they didn't want to advertise it, lest the boys up north get wise before they were completely ready to ride out not being on the airwaves. Jenna came up with a plan.

"So, we're live on the 'net; huh, guys? Let me ask you something. For almost three months, we've been talking DETAILED sex on the air, it's been all talk and no music for over a month. Now, tell me the truth, guys; have you been able to listen, and I mean REALLY LISTEN, without wondering what I've been doing at the same time?" Cliff and George looked at each other. "No." "No." "Okay, then; now ask yourselves this: do you think there's one fan out there who's not wondering the same thing?" "If there's someone who isn't, I'd be surprised" Cliff replied. "Between your talk and your pics on our website and yours, they've all but got their fantasies put together." "Why don't we give them what they want?" "Huh?" "We've got live webcasting ready to go, streaming video as well as audio; webcams for taking quality pics all over the booth. Why don't we, DISCREETLY, put on a show? Hold the same show on the air; but just emphasize the site, and just put up a link: "To see Jenna LIVE, click here." Then, they can watch me...doing... whatever..., and I'll make us a profit by putting vidcaps and more and more hardcore pics on my website, it's already a big moneymaker anyway, and you get a cut since it's your hardware and your space where the action's going on. If anybody north or south finds out and wants to pull our plug, let them. We go off the airwaves, and go all the way, all the web. Sound good?" "Sounds like a plan." "Great. Wanna start tomorrow night?" "Before we change our minds." "You know, you guys are the best. One of these nights, I wish either of you would..." "Jenna, Jenna, Jenna. We love you. Don't make promises you won't want to keep." "I wouldn't have said anything if I thought I ever wouldn't."

The next day, the finishing touches were programmed into the website. A subtle link was placed on the homepage. "To watch Jenna live click here." Then another page: "You are about to see Jenna live. What you see her doing must not be discussed on the airwaves, only in the chat room."

That night, Jenna's own motor was running as she drove to work, with her favorite sex toys in her bag and her buttplug lodged oh so comfortably up her rear end, having taken the night off from sex with a friend to spent time with her favorite big dildo. One day, she'd put on a show with THAT. But, as always, "slowly, slowly, heat things up slowly...after all, it's the only way to ensure they don't realize their in the soup until it's too late" was her mantra. Tonight, she'd just masturbate for them a little during some of the hotter calls.

"It's eleven o'clock, and it's time to heat things up. This is Talking Sex with Jenna with a J. Let's get some HEAT on tonight, ladies and studs. Our sponsor for tonight is the ever growing sex toy company you all know and love, with stores in six different areas of the city, north, south, east, west, uptown, and downtown, for all your playtime needs; and I'm sending a "Hi, stud' out to Jim, who's just going on-shift in the store downtown, right across from my favorite bagel joint. Drop on by and see him, he'll be happy to 'help' you out. Also, don't forget to drop by the station's website, at www.ourradiostation.com, there's all kinds of goodies there for you that I know you're gonna live, prizes, contests, and LOTS...LOTS..more. Give it a hit, you'll love it. I promise. You're live with Jenna with a J, what's filling you up tonight? Talk to me, the number's xxx-xxxx."

The calls, like always, started with the 'lonely hearts hour', as Jenna liked to call it. Then, they segued in with the first sexual encounter of the latest hookup, and things got rolling. By one in the morning, Jenna was getting hot and bothered.

"You're live with Jenna. What's your pleasure?" "Hi, Jenna, it's Ella." O..MG. Delicious Ella, from the early days. "And how HAVE YOU BEEN, Ella? Long time and no hear, sweetie. How's your sex life?" "Oh, GOD, Jenna, it's great. I haven't talked to you in a long time, I know; but I've got you on every night. I'm alone tonight, unfortunately, my old friend's out of town; so I'm home alone, just me, my earphones, and my favorite toy." "Mmmm. Ella, sweetness, tell us about it. There's nothing out there that everyone loves more than hearing girls like us talk about what we do with our toys; not that they don't love hearing about their real toys, if you know what I mean. That's when everyone gets hottest, talking about our dildos and just how deliciously we use them." "I know! It's like having sex on the air!" "Well, maybe one day, somewhere around a corner..." "Keep talking, Jenna, you're going right through me. In my ears and right on down." "Ella, what you do to me...one day, you and I are gonna have to meet. You're the original. I've met more than a few of you guys and gals out there; but Ella...you're still the stuff of my dreams. What have you got and where have you got it, babe?" "Oh... Jenna...if only you were here...pushing this..it's a nice...big... black...fat..ramrod, over a foot long, and a good 3 inches around. Right now, I'm lying here, with it spreading my pussy wide open. God, I love how it feels in there. But there's no one to help me with it." "Oh..oh, Ella, Baby...keep talking, you're getting me WET!" "I Wish I you were here." "Well, pull up my personal website, you'll always find me there. You can at least look at me, even if it's not in person." Well, there's a hidden clue if I've ever told one, Jenna thought. She'll be with me in a minute. "And while I'm plugging my website, it's time for a few other plugs. The show tonight is brought to you by...." After she ran the ads she got back on the phone with Ella privately. "Ella...do me a favor while we're on commercials. Go to our website, and whatever you do, just act like we're acting something out, K? Back in a mo."

Jenna was nervous; and her pussy was juicing like she couldn't believe. She was about to have a masturbation session with someone halfway across town, live. She was just a little scared things were about to go overboard. Oh, well, she wasn't about to back down. "And we're back, having sex...AHEM..excuse me, talk about a freudian slip! We're talking about having sex with Jenna with a J. Ooh, that came out wrong, don't stop laughing on my account. Ella...baby..where were we?" "I don't know about you, Jenna; but I'm still right here, wishing you were too. Talk to me, Jenna. Tell me you want to fuck me, right here, right now." Jenna squeezed her knees togther and squealed. "Do I, Ella, DO I! What do you want me to do?" "Take hold of my dildo, Jenna. Push it in me...push it..push it ...harder..harder..HARDER..HARDER! HARDER! Ohmipussyssoppingwet!Fuckme Jennafuckme!Morebabymore!That's it. Oh..Ohh....oH! OHHHHImcomingJenna.. coming..Ohh, Jenna you're good. Do you want me? To do you? Right here, right now?" "Oh, Ella, I'm so wet. Do me, lover. Do me right. What have you got for me?" Now, Ella could tell Jenna just what to do and see her do it. And everyone would think they were just talking! (For those who weren't online!) 'Oh, I hope no one who wants to make trouble is watching this!' Jenna thought. "For you, Jenna, I've got my favorite double header. A double-headed dildo and a nice..fat..buttplug. It's up my ass right now. I wanna take it out and put it up your ass." "Don't start quite..so big..Ella..takes my pooper a little work to take something nice and fat" Jenna whispered into the mic as she evacuated the buttplug from her shithole. "Do me with that double header, baby. Stick it in my pussy. Work me with it" she said lovingly as she did so with her dildo. She was going to do EVERYTHING Ella asked her to do, and do it for the cams. "You want it in your pussy, Jenna? Ohhh..your pussy's so wet Jenna..I love fucking you like this.. bend over, honey. I'm gonna put this in BOTH your holes. You want it up your ass, Jenna? Tell me you do. You want it up your ass, don't you?" "Oh...Ella...do my butt. Oh, fuck me Ella, fuck me! Fuck me Ella! Stuff that dildo up my ass! A little more, a little more, hey, what'd you stop for? Don't take it out." "Now, Jenna, for your buttplug. I'm gonna stop yur ass up with it." "Oh, Ella...Ella...mmmm...stuff it.. that's it...stuff that plug up my ass, baby. Oh, Ella, you fuck me so good. Plug me! Ooof! Ah! EllaImgonnacomeImsofull! ComewithmeElla!Comewithme! Come!Come!Cooommme..." "OMG, Ella you're the best! If only it were real." "You can say that again. We have to do this again...SOON. Ta-ta, lover." And the dial-tone sounded over the airwaves. "I don't know about all you studs and studettes out there; but that was the MOST intense call I've EVER heard. Phone sex on the air, that's GOTTA be a first. We can't do this often; but let's do that again, soon! We are heating things up at our radio station, boys and girls, tell me somebody else does it better than we do. And we're JUST...GETTING..STARTED. Now, don't forget to drop by our website and check out all the latest news, we're at www.ourradiostation.com. Hit us up, huh? We'll be right back after these messages."

The business line rang. It was Cliff, it was always Cliff. He was the one more interested in her. "Cliff, talk to me. Did we go to far?" "Jenna, if you had, I would have called to say 'cool it down' LONG before now. Honey, I know I'm your boss; but you've got me going insane. You light up my dreams. One of these nights, I want to do you. I want to do you, on the air, live. We'll let everyone think it's the next big gag. Unless they're logged on, that is." Finally! What the fuck has he been waiting for? I've wanted him filling me up for EVER! "Cliff, baby, you are so...ON. But not tonight. I've got an invitation from a friend I wouldn't miss for the world. But soon, stud...SOON. Gotta go, k?" "Absolutely. No dead-air time." "Sleep well, lover." "Yeah, that's the last thing I'm going to be doing with you floating around in my dreams. 'Night." As Jenna went back on the air, everyone raved about their performance. They loved it! "Howard ain't got nothin' on me" she thought. At the end of the evening, Jenna went back to see a message that had come in right after Ella had hung up. ""Meet me for breakfast downtown. E." Jenna almost peed her pants with excitement. Ella wanted to meet, and of course, for one reason only. Jenna wet her pants driving to the downtown of the city. She wasn't going to get ANY sleep today.

Chapter 5

As Jenna got out of her car, in front of her preferred breakfast haunt; she noticed a tall willowly brunette coming out of the adult store across the street. Looking carefully as she stepped out and closed the car door, she gave the brunette a dazzling smile as she quickly moved to the sidewalk and headed inside the bagelry. As the clerk got her her usual breakfast, the she felt a presence behind her. Looking over her shoulder, she found herself mirrored in the greenest eyes she'd ever seen, and they belonged to the brunette she'd seen moments before. She gave another smile and a slight tip of her head, and took her breakfast to a table outside. As she thought; it HAD to be Ella. The brunette came out with her own meal and walked right up to her table. "You've GOT to be Jenna." "Ella. I knew it had to be you the moment I saw you across the street. A pleasure to meet you at last." "For both of us, I'm sure."

As they ate and talked; Jenna took in the brunette from head to toe. Six feet even, with a few laugh lines around the eyes and mouth. Tan, but not overly so. Her skin suggested the sun was not quite as friendly to her as it was to Jenna. She looked to be in her late 20s to 3arly 30s. She hardly nibbled at her bagel while she downed her coffee like someone in need of caffeine. She was hungry for something else.

"So, do you live right around here?" Ella asked. "Not TOO far away. I've got a place close to the beach." "Not bad. Mine's uptown, on eastern side of the Hill." "That's a nice part of town; but not enough straight guys around there for my taste." "I know what you mean. Lots of girlfriends to go around, tho." "True." Deep breah, Jenna, she thought to herself. Time to get to it. "Ella...what are we waiting for?" "I think we're in the same place." "You've got that right. Okay, now for the one overused question: Your place? Or mine?" "How about yours? Dana's coming home later today; but I want you to myself the first time. We can share...later..." "Mmmmm...if she's gotten you where you are in just so long, I'm going to want to meet her. It'll give us something to look forward to." "That's for sure. But for today...I've got a gift for you...and you've got something I want to see..." 'Let's get out of here."

Ella followed Jenna home. Inside Jenna's apartment, Ella remarked "Nice place. Cozy, and convenient to just about everything." "Yup. Not too big, but just right for one or two. Here's the 25 cent tour. Kitchen just big enough for two, if one sits at the table; bedroom through that door, with a nice big walk in closet on the left; and bathroom to it's left. Wanna see it?" "What? the bathroom? or the bedroom?" "Which one do you think?" Jenna led Ella into the bedroom after making sure the blinds were drawn in the living room, and closed the bedroom door and drapes. Then, she wrapped herself around Ella, kissing her passionately. Ella returned her kiss with a tongue that made her head reel. She backed up and laid down on the bed, pulling Ella down on top of her. Ella was all over her. In moments, she had Jenna's top off, almost ripping the buttons off. She started kissing Jenna's tits, licking and sucking at her nipples. 'Oh...what a wicked tongue she's got...so nice...soooooo good...Ella..' Jenna's thoughts trailed off as Ella got her jeans unbuttoned and started working them down. In moments, she had Jenna completely nude. Ella shrugged the strings of a loose 'hausfrau' frock off her shoulders and let the dress fall to the floor. Jenna's eyes bugged out as she took in Ella's body. Oh, how misleading that dress was. It had concealed the smoothest, most firm abs she'd ever seen on a woman. She had to be a bodybuilder, albeit one who didn't go in for the musclebound look. Her breasts were small; but her nipples! The aureola took up almost half of what little jutted out from her chest. And her nipples! They were almost an inch long! And, BOY! How they stood up! Jenna was like a woman posessed. She leapt up and literally jumped on Ella's bones. She tackled Ella like a pro lineman and took her down to the floor, rubbing her lips and all her other parts all over those huge, wonderful nipples. "Oh...Jenna..you don't give a girl a chance..do..you..." Then, she locked Jenna in her embrace and rolled her over; following up by quickly turning herself around so they were sixty-nining. She dipped her head and sent her tongue after Jenna's clit, licking and teasing it while she rubbed her nipples all over Jenna's thatch of blonde pubic hair. "Oooo..Ohhh that's nice..." As Jenna got into the rhythm; she buried her face Ella's...'it's so SMOOOTH! How does she do that? Oh, what the fuck do I care right now?' she tenderly fingered Ella's lower lips as she began to tongue-thrash Ella's clit in return. She wrapped her arms around Ella and rolled her on her side, doing the same herself. They lost all track of time as they munched on each other well into the morning.

Just when it finally seemded they'd had their fill of eating each other, Ella took the lead. She rolled onto her back, sat up, snuggled on top of Jenna, and then lifted Jenna up with her as she stood. She backed Jenna up to the bed and pushed her down onto it. "Now...MY turn. Stay there a moment." She went back into the living room and got the bag she'd left there, the one Jenna had seen her emerging from the adult toy store with. She took out two tubes of KY and a leather strap-on harness from the bag. Then, she took a dildo from the bag. It was as long and as big around as Jenna's favorite ass toy; but made of a much harder latex, a little firmer than Jenna's two foot rod she'd been able to insert halfway. "OOOOOOHHHHHH!!! For little ol' me?" "Uh-huh. Anywhere and everywhere. You like it big, don't you?" "You bet I do. Come on. Lube that monster up and fill my pussy up, baby...oooohhhh...ohyeah....OOOOOO!!!!" Not bothering with the harness, Ella had emptied a tube of KY onto the mighty monster and touched it to Jenna's pussy. "Ohyeah...deeper..deeperEllaDeeper!" As the latex missile penetrated her pussy, she revelled in the feeling of herself being stretched open. When it was halfway in, Ella stopped.. got the rings of the hardness situated around the ball-less base; and wriggled herself into the harness, not an easy feat. Jenna loved the feeling she got as she was mounted while already filled up. Jenna started gushing harder...harder...making that hard phallus all the wetter... Ella pulled back...slid home...pulled back...slid....oooohhhh...ooh!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Ella's thoughts trailed off into the wordless madness of ecstasy. She became lost in a world of sensation as the massive ramrod filled her world as dominantly as it did her pussy. Just as she was about to explode; Ella withdrew.

"What'd you stop for? I haven't come on it once!" Ella was panting in the heat of lust. "Jenna...you're so good...Dana's never been able to do it like this! Now, I want to do to you...something else Dana hasn't been able to do for me, something I know YOU can do. Then, I'll be beyond ready for you to do the same to me....Jenna...roll over!!" "I wondered when you'd finally pay my hiney a little mind." She flounced over, showing her tanned cheeks. They wiggled as she settled in. "Grease me, baby. Gimme a lube job and pump...me...UP!"

Jenna relished every second as Ella sank further and further into the heat of long bottled-up anal lust. She went absolutely nuts. After Jenna directed her to her supply of Vaseline, she applied not one, not two, but three entire family sized jars of the butt-stuffing grease to Jenna's crease, most of it inside her anal entryway. Then, she squirted an entire tube of KY onto her nether regions. The bed was starting to get messy. Then, she got Jenna ready to have her experience level raised as she stopped, turned on Jenna's stereo, found her copy of "Physical" still in the cd player, and turned it on. "Jenna..focus on your fantasies..." "ohmigod! Yes! Ella! Play me!" Play it over and over!" "Lose yourself in the music...hear it deep down...feel it down to your ass and feel it mix with this fuckpole while it plows your pooper!" She selected "Make a Move on Me" and hit the 'repeat' button on the stereo, and then placed Jenna's earphones on her head. She then blindfolded Jenna with a long sock. Now, all was in readiness. Jenna opened her mind as she felt Ella straddle her, the huge dildo still wet with KY and her pussy's juices. "Oooooo.. Ella..OMG!OH...YEAH!" she cried out with delight as Ella touched the meaty head of her toy to Jenna's butthole and began to slowly... soo...sloowwwlllyyy....puuuusssshhhh...Jenna began to dilate...wider.. wider..'wider..that's it, Ella..I love it...push it..push it...oooo.. ohhhhhh...ooooOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ella had opened her anus far enough to begin slipping it up her. Slowly..deeper..higher..slowly, deliciously, almost tormentingly, it slid up her rear end. Jenna moaned as for the first time she didn't come at the song's chorus... she managed to get her hands to her phones and turn the volume controls down to zero, so she could enjoy their presence over her ears and concentrate on the fullness occupying her rectum. She pressed the now soundless phones to her ears as Ella began to withdraw...she pushed inward again...up..up Jenna's butt...and began to pump away. Harder and harder she plowed up Jenna's hershey highway...a little deeper..as the thrusts increased, Jenna began to feel the top of the base filling her asscrack...her moans became one as Ella relentlessly reamed her ass out, stroking her anal g-spot with every stroke, banging into her inner sphincter with every push up and in. She felt like she had to shit...she rotated the volume controls of her earphones back to full...her body began to shake as her clit began rumbling...felt like an earthquake inside her pussy... she wanted to fart, but couldn't around that gloriously massive bole... she pushed and felt her bowels move in an anal orgasm....as her shit met the firm head of the fuckpole, her clit began exploding again and again, like a missile warhead with multiple loads of conventional explosive...OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feeling like a rocket had shot up her ass and exploded,she cried out a high, howling note as her ass channel and clit detonated together with the strength of a nuclear bomb. Overcome, she passed out.

She didn't know how long she lay there before she felt Ella withdraw. "No! Don't! Don't take it out! Don't EVER pull it out!" "I've got to.. you've made me so hot, watching you...feeling you under me as you came.. now..my turn...fill..Me..UP!!" "If you insist!..No, wait a sec... take that out of the harness and give it back to my ass...I've got something for you!!!" She got off the greasy, soaking wet bed and got out her favorite, her big Mister Softy. "See THIS? Do you remember the night Teena called? The one who loved it big? God, she was a rump rider if I've ever met one, she adores it like this! I loved meeting her and putting her toy just like this up her rear end! The morning after she called, I went to the store downtown and got this. It's just like hers. You can slip and slide on it for hours! It's so comfortable I fell asleep with it still up my ass that day. And now, I want to fill YOU up with it, too." "OOOOOHHHHH....pleasejenna...greasemeupand slamitupme!" "Uh-uh. KYed and it's gonna bang you even better than you did me. Lie still now." She put her eaphones on Ella as Olivia sang her song over and over. Jenna inserted and squeezed out two tubes of KY into Ella's anus, then strapped on her "mister big and softy' and squirted another tube of KY on it. Then, she sat Ella's rocket-like ramrod on the bed and straddled it, slipping it up her shithole. She groaned a low 'uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh' as it slid upward. "Nothing like fucking an ass and being fucked in yours at the same time" she said aloud, though Ella couldn't hear her. She leaned down, snuggled close, and pushed her fat, wiggly dildo at Ella's tight bum. "Oooohh! Easy please...go nice at first...ohyeah...ohyeah...oo..oo..ooo..OOOOOOO!!! !!!!!OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" Ella moaned as Jenna pushed to her center. SHOOP! It slipped all the way in in moments. "AAAHHHH!!" she cried out as the slippery tree banged into her inner opening with it's meaty head. "Again!AAHHH!!!MORE!MORE!JUSTLIKETHAT!OHYEAH!OHYEA! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! she howled aloud as Jenna continued to stroke in and out of her rectal hole. Then, as Jenna plowed her more firmly, her oh's rose and fell in both pitch and tone as Jenna quickly found the rhythm to hit their sweet spots just right. "oH-Oh!" "oH-Oh!" "oH-Oh!" she cried out over and over as Jenna opened her inner sphincter with every push. Ella got lost in herself and became her inner muscle as she felt the beginnings of an analgasm. She wanted to shit badly. Her face reddened as she pushed on the dildo with all the muscles in her ass channel. She could feel the delicious sensation of her stool being pushed into and then pushed back as Jenna plowed her poopchute to the hilt. Then, on one upstroke, she stopped. Ella gripped the mighty meat with all the might her turd tunnel could muster. Jenna began wiggling her hips left and right and in circles as she teased her new friend's insides, letting her relish every second of movement as the fullness exquisitely tickled and tormented her depths. Turning the volume controls on Jenna's headphones down to zero, she could hear Jenna moaning a continual 'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm' as she moved her own rectum 'round on the firm dildo she'd bought her, fucking her own ass as ably as she was Ella's. Then, Jenna began to move slightly in...out..just a little..expertly fucking her inner hole as the outermost inch slipped in and out..Ella wanted to explode... as her inner sphincter opened and never quite closed, opened and never quite closed, the sensations were arcing downward, her pussy beginning to spasm in time with her rectum...she felt lightning bolts of pleasure arcing and surging through her pussy and out to her clit.. she became aware of ''''ooooohhhhhhhimmmmguuussshhhhinnnnngggg!!!" she was so wet from her juices and the KY...just when she was about to blow, she felt a hardness at her pussy...'she's pushing my dildo inme... dirty from her shithole....so good...oh...OOOHHHH!!SOFULL!SOGOOD!ABIG FATDILDOINBOTHMYHOLES!OHJENNA!PUSHIT!PUSHIT!PUSSSHHHH......" and Ella lost consciousness as she evaporated into a cloud of pleasure, going beyond explosive orgasm into heights she'd never reached before.

When she finally awoke, she found both her holes empty. "????" As she brushed the sleep from her eyes, the first sight to greet her was Jenna on the other side of the bed, riding both dildos; her hardness in her pussy and 'mister softy' in residence up her butt." "You're having a good time, aren't you?" Yeah, but it's just not the same. Take over, willya?" She stopped humping and rolled on her side, both toys still in her. "Sure; but I need something, too. If you're hogging both; where's that buttplug I wanted to fuck you with last night?" "In the bathroom where I evacuated it." Ella went into the bathroom, got Jenna's plug, set it on the bed, and wriggled her fanny onto it. In moments, she felt a 'pooop' as it easily seated itself in her reamed-out rectum. Ella then had Jenna screaming out with joy in moments as she pulled one and pushed the other, alternating ins and outs between Jenna's pussy and butthole. In the pussy, out the butt to the tip...slide out the pussy to the edge, slip up the butt...Jenna, already high on pleasure, came again and again as her friend continued to fuck both her holes more intensely than Jenna had ever felt before. Soon, she too found herself in a state of evaporatory pleasure as she found herself escalating beyond an explosive state.

When Jenna came to, she woke to find Ella gone, her buttplug back up her ass; and a note: "Jenna: My ass will never be the same without you. Feel free to talk about this on the air tonight, and don't make any plans for the next few days. Soon...we two are going to teach Dana how to take it up the ass."

Chapter 6

The following evening, Jenna was feeling so damn sore and near bow- legged, she was severely tempted to call in sick. But, she had one hell of a story to tell; and her listeners would be disappointed if she wasn't on the air. So, she showered, dressed, and headed out.

At the station, everything seemed normal. Cliff and George were happy to see her, nothing was said about anything that the prudes might be howling about. Jenna began to wonder how used to everything the listeners were getting. She wondered only as long as it took to log on to her workstation before the show and get her e-mail. A LOT of people had seen EVERYTHING the night before. There was rave-mail and hate-mail alike. She trashed the hate mail (fortunately, there wasn't much, little more than the usual) and saved the raves. Feeling better, she went to get ready for the show.

Charlie was on the air tonight. When he saw her, he went to commercials and came out. "I...Love..You, babe. You are making us all famous. I'm getting offers from every station on the west coast from border to border. So is everyone else. Keep up the good work, everyone whose name is seen near yours is so 'in-demand' it's crazy!"

Jenna's plans were working like a charm. Jenna had gotten a multitude of offers herself; but right now, she was happy just where she was. She loved the raves; and she adored the action she was getting. She wanted to stretch the envelope as far as she could before she took something new and hied herself away from her favorite beachside city to stardom heaven only knew where.

"You're live with Jenna with a J, and what's going on tonight? Give me a call, ladies and gents, the night is young, and as things start gettting cold outside, we need as much HEAT as we can generate. The number's xxx-xxxx." As usual, none of the hissers called; everyone gave her the "LOVED the show last night" routine. The question on everyone's mind was "Have you and Ella met yet? When are you two gonna get down and dirty?" Jenna was feeling good, waiting for just the right moment to break the news. Then, the right person called.

"You're live with Jenna. What's doing you tonight?" "Jenna, this is.... Dana." "!!!!!" "Story--TIME, ladies and gents. Listen UP! Dana... before we start...are you calling to chew me out or chew the fat?" "Well... a little of both. My question is..do you want to tell the story, or should I?" "Let me. Dana, all you fans out there, is Ella's regular lover, her old friend who taught her everything she knew about girl-girl action. Until she met me, that is. We met for breakfast yesterday morning after the show, and wound up having each other for lunch. We fucked each other up the ass until we were dripping and bow-legged. Okay, Dana, ream me out. I know you're pissed." "Actually, Jenna, while I'm a little ticked you had a taste of Ella, I knew it had to happen sooner or later. I'm not much for up the butt, at least I haven't been. Ella adores it, as I'm sure you know. When she got home late this afternoon, I could tell someone had satisfied her like I haven't been able to. I've created something that's grown beyond me. Ella's a great gal; but her appetites are VORACIOUS. And I need help. When she told me what the two of you did, I started wondering what I've been missing. I want to know what it's like. I want to keep Ella happy. I want the two of you to teach me. Then, when you're out doing it with everyone else, we'll be able to take our sex lives as far as we dare. Not tonight; I want you two to rest up; but after tomorrow's show, when it's the end of the week and we're all free for a couple of days. I want to spend every minute learning how to take it up the ass, from the smallest to the biggest. I want to end this coming weekend with an asshole as large and satisfied as yours. Ta!"

For the rest of the night, that was all anyone could talk about. And, despite the fact she'd been feeling overwhelmingly sated that night, Jenna was starting to heat up again. As the clock ticked past three and things cooled down, Jenna put some music on. She turned on the webcams and looked for something to do herself with. Just then...

Cliff came into the booth. "Hiya, babe; just thought I'd drop by and see how you were doing." "I'm cool. I could use a little warming up, though." "Not to worry. I know just what to do. First, here." He handed her a cup of coffee. "Just the thing to start with. It's getting cold outside." "Jenna, you know, I'm gonna have to ask you to forgive me; because you talking like this with all these girls about what you've done and who you're going to do is making me just a little jealous. I'd hate to think I'd lost a chance because you got turned out." "Nah, I need variety in my life. Men AND women." "That's good to know." Jenna had a plan, now. The music was ending. The webcams were watching. She wiggled her eyebrows at Cliff and opened the mic. "Cliff, are we just making talk here, or are we getting serious?" "That's a loaded question, babe. I don't know if you've... he trailed off as Jenna had gotten up from her chair, walked over to his and started kissing him passionately. Her tongue went straight to his head. "Cliff..what you do to me when you talk like that. Now shhhh...we've got little more than an hour before the morning show. The early birds are getting up. I want to spend the day with you in my bedroom...let George run the shop today...but first..."

Jenna unzipped her pants. Tonight, she'd worn a warmly lined pair of leather working pants, with a zipper from stem to stern, all the way from just below the waist at the front to the same point at the back. Getting up and going back to her chair, she wiggled and sashayed her beautiful butt; giving him a good look, especially at the protruding base of the black buttplug she almost always went about with. She sat down, wiggling her bottom and enjoying the thrill the plug gave her. "Come on over here, Cliff, you stud-muffin of a boss, you. Open up that fly and let me see what's threatening to bust it wide open." Cliff was as stiff as a stick behind the buttons of his jeans. With an expert motion, he ran his hand down and loosed the fly buttons from their holes. His glorious stiffness, all nine inches of him, came poking out. "Ohh...Cliff...it's...beautiful...give me a taste..." Cliff walked over and let his hardness stand right in front of her face. She took hold of him and began to lick the head..."mmmm...verr-ry nice.." Jenna began to suck him, harder, almost ravenously. She hadn't had a good taste of real dick in several days, having been so into girl-girl butt lately. Sensing his closeness to coming...'put it in me, Cliff...rock my world..." Cliff braced the chair back against the wall, braced himself with his feet firmly on the floor and his hands on the arms of her chair, squatted down a little, and.... "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....Cliff...so nice inside me...ahHhhHH!!!! Ohyeah... ohyea..oyea....Oh! OH! oHHH! aAAHH! aHHH! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Cliff slipped it to her like a master. From his difficult position over the chair, he sawed himself in and out of her pussy, letting her revel in the feel of him as he made sure not to miss tickling her clit with the head of his hardness when he withdrew completely and teased back in. Then, just when she was ready to explode, he pulled out to the rim and came just as he exited, leaving her with the feeling of his just barely coming inside while his hot cream spewed forth onto her clit and then onto her blond thatch, barely missing her pants. She rubbed a finger around her clit, and lifted it to her mouth. "Mmmm...sweet.." she teased as she licked her lips. "Now, we've still got a little more time...."

Jenna got up and wiggled to the control boards. Reaching them in two steps, she bent over them and shook her rear end invitingly. "Pull out the plug and replace it with something, hmmm? I'm sure you know just what." Cliff gave an evil chuckle loud enough to be picked up by the still open mic as he spread her pants a little wider, exposing almost all of her cheeks. Stroking them, making them quiver in anticipation, he dipped his finger to her thatch and rubbed it in his cum, then drew it back and ran it round the inside of the plug's base. Taking hold of the edges with his fingers, he pulled gently. "Hmmm. Doesn't want to come out, babe. You're really tight there." "You'd better believe it, stud. I've got...GREAT..muscle control..." Jenna spread her legs just a little farther, loosening herself up. She pushed on the plug just a little, and he was able to extricate it easily. Cliff smiled as her hole wrinkled up into a tiny tightness in a matter of a few moments. "I'll say you do." "Reach in my bag, there's lube in there." Cliff extracted the partially used jar of Vaseline, and with a smile, lifted the lid, and rather than smear it on his dick with his fingers, he brought the open end of the jar to himself and pushed the gel onto his rod, getting it good and glopped all over every inch. Removing it, he stepped up to bat, and slid his pole between her cheeks. Her bottom's orifice snapped at it hungrily, opening and closing as it sought to pull him inside her body. He easily penetrated her, leaving her feeling full and greasy in moments. "OOooooohhh.. that's so nice...oh yeah..oh yeah..fuck me, Cliff, fuck my ass. Fuck me up the ass. That's it. Plow me. Plow my poopchute...oh yeah..ohyea..Ooo... Ooo..Oooo!Oooo!OOOOOO!OhYeah!OhYeah!Harder!Harder!Deeper!Deeper!Deepinmyass! Fuckmyshitcliff...Ohh!oHHH!OH!OH!OH-Oh!OH-Oh!" Her ohs pitched like a ship on a stormy sea, rising and falling stridently as cliff powerfully rammed her full to the hilt and stroked back to the very edge, bringing her closer and closer to exploding; but denying her release.

Suddenly, with all the phone lights flashing as they had been for the entire time, Jenna noticed movement outside the booth. The morning crew had arrived! The usual type of team to be found at any station, two horny guys and one jaded gal who ribbed and teased them unmercifully; Mike, Jim, and Teri stood watching Jenna and Cliff as they screwed. With the biggest shit-eating grins on their faces, they watched as Cliff jammed himself repeatedly up Jenna's rear end. She grinned right back, closed her eyes, and held her headphones tightly to her ears as she felt her clit begin to thunder and pop. She started yelling:"That's it Cliff! Almost there! Fuck me! I'm gonna come! Come in my ass, Cliff! Shoot your load up my butt! Ah!ah-aH!AH! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jenna felt a gush into her anus not unlike when a pipe in her apartment's toilet had busted some months back while she was on it; but hotter and stickier. She slumped over the control board. Cliff withdrew, and, without a word, slipped her buttplug back up her butt, with his cum still inside her. He buttoned his pants, lifted her so she was standing erect, and kissed her hotly for several moments before leaving the booth.

"Well, campers, I think that's just about gonna wrap things up for the night. It's 5:15, and Teri, Jim, and Mike are standing outside waiting and watching. The morning show starts right after these messages; and I'll see you all back here, same time tonight!" She zipped her pants up, took her earphones off, grabbed her things and headed out. Cliff was writing a note for the receptionist: "Tell George to mind the store until I get back, it'll be LATE this afternoon. He can say whatever he feels like." Jenna grabbed his hand and took him to her place, where she let him occupy her butt well into the day. Cliff finally left her asleep around two, with a note: "You're the BEST. I hope we're all ready for the fallout."

Chapter 7

That same morning, while Cliff was north of the border, screwing Jenna's butt through the day; George was south of the border, feeling like someone wasn't to far from doing the same to him. The US FCC and their counterparts in Mexico were making the phone ring off the hook. So was every prude and every religious organization in the book. George didn't like being left high and dry while Cliff was off in something hot and wet. He was the money man, the partner who took care of business while Cliff was the people person and idea man. George hated sitting in the hot seat usually occupied by Cliff. When Cliff finally returned, several hours before Jenna was due to arrive; George was pissed. He threatened to resign. "Go ahead! Run this place without me! See how long we last! WE run this place, not her! She's gotten us so far over our heads we're about to fucking drown!" While George was no prude, neither was he happy with what he saw. Jenna was all but running the place, and George wasn't happy that Jenna was dragging Cliff around by the dick, especially when they provided the evidence in the booth the night before. "This station is my life! I'm not going to stand by and let it get run into the ground! This office is not going to degenerate into one more building running a 'pay-for-hardcore porn' website, which will be all that's left if we get shut down! The boys in Mexico City are THAT CLOSE! 'Bite' ISN'T going to help this time! We pissed off one too many orthodox catholics down there!" "You wanna talk a walk? Fine. There's more than one person to take care of the books around here, you know. You're in this as deep as the rest of us. If I were you, I'd just go home and cool off. I'll handle things from here. Take the weekend off, we'll talk on Monday." George left in a huff. He was going to get Jenna for this. He had friends in Washington. They'd know just what to do.

Night fell, and Jenna arrived for work, bringing her toys for a two-day all anal three-way with Ella and Dana. Settling into the booth with her coffee, from the first call she took, she got rave after rave after RAVE! Everyone loved what she and Cliff had done. The e-mails all begged for .mpegs of her and Cliff to be posted on her website. Nothing new came up that night, just raves and raves, until....

"You're live with Jenna with a J. What's on your mind tonight?" "Jenna...baby...I thought I'd seen and heard it all. You...take.. the cake." HIM! The biggest star in radio. The master of them all. "Jenna...you've gone beyond anything I've ever done. I want you. I want you...to be my partner! I want to sign you to a long-term partnership, all the money and perks you can handle. You're other businesses are your own; but I want you to share the mic with me. Not as a producer, I've got one and she's not going anywhere. You... You've got to be my new co-host. My Czarina, my queen of the airwaves. Don't say yes now, think long and hard. Call me Tuesday. There's an e-mail waiting for you with the particulars, along with my # and my business manager's #. I want to hear from you soon, and I hope the answer's yes. Keep...it...UP!" CLICK And the dial tone rang out into the airwaves. "Did you hear that, fans? Did...yOU..HEAR...THAT!!!!!" The feedback was overwhelming. 'No, Jenna, we'll miss you!" "Jenna, you GOTTA do it! We're all behind you! We'll follow you right to the top!" Jenna knew she'd have to take some time during the respites of the upcoming weekend-long buttfest to think long and hard about 'THE OFFER' she'd gotten. As she readied herself to leave for the weekend, the business line rang. "Jenna, Cliff. Listen. George is being a little troublesome, I'm sure you're aware of that. Watch yourself this weekend. Also..like HE said, think long and hard about that offer. If you want to, we'll back you 100%. I'll see to it you get a good agent, the station'll negotiate a great deal for you." "Thanks. I WILL think hard about it. I gotta go...I'm sure you know where..." "Don't wear it out now, babe." "Nah, just gonna fill it up some. Have a good weekend, stud!"

Things were a little too quiet for Jenna as she drove into the city. Thinking on Cliff's warning, she decided to go to another store of her favorite bagelry, one close to the address on the Hill where Ella and Dana were waiting with sphincters clenched in anticipation. Finishing her breakfast, she drove to the luxury high-rise where the two lived. Ella quietly opened the door. After all, it was Saturday morning, not Saturday night. The neighbor kids were up watching cartoons. They'd start the festivities slowly. Leading Jenna into a comfortably furnished living room, Jenna was greeted by the sight of a very slight asian woman, with long raven hair done up in a bun, her eyes as dark as night, dressed in a purple kimono. Jenna noted the incongruity of the slight woman sitting on the couch, sipping black coffee from a silver service which was laden with breakfast pastries. She put down her cup and rose to meet "Jenna. A great pleasure to finally meet you. You look just like your voice sounds. You're all Ella can talk about, and I'VE been thinking about you for quite some time, too. Seeing things the way Ella does is an interesting experience, to say the least. Would you like some coffee? A danish, perhaps? I know you've just eaten, as it's your habit to breakfast on your way home; but you really should eat something. We need to store up some energy for later. Believe me, breakfast is the most IMPORTANT meal of the day." Jenna couldn't get over the incongruity of this slip of a woman, the way she sounded on the phone and how she actually appeared, seeming somewhat more dominant than she had on the phone, drinking coffee and eating like there was no tomorrow. Yet she could tell that she was in 'fighting' shape. She obviously knew how to work off the calories, and not just in the gym.

"I'm glad you agreed to help us out, Jenna. My upbringing gave me quite a few hang-ups, and then, with my size, I've always been a little nervous about taking it in the rear, and taking BIG toys in either end. I worry that I'm not big enough for things like that. I want someone to teach me." 'Hang-ups indeed. With a name like Dana, while Jenna didn't want to pry, she knew there was a lot of cultural mixes to her. Her name didn't even match. But, she wasn't here for her life story. "Glad to help out. I just adore having something long, or big, or both, up my ass. I love passing on what I've learned. That's why I hook up so many of my callers." "I know. What makes the world go 'round is something spelled S-E-X, isn't that what you always say?" "Mm-hmm!"

Dana daintily finished her coffee, then stood. Raising her hands to the back of her head, she un-pinned her hair, letting it fall. It came down below her shoulders. Then, she undid the sash of her kimono and languidly shrugged it off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. What a body it concealed, Jenna thought. Dana was all of 5'2", taut and trim. She was completely hairless. "How do you manage to keep yourself so smooth?" Jenna asked. "Maybe I'll share the secret with you sometime" Ella whispered. "My secret is her secret." Dana turned, showing the tiniest pair of buttocks Jenna had ever seen on a woman. 'They must hide one VERY tight and tiny hole' Jenna thought. "To start the fun, let me show you what I can do..." Dana whispered as she moved to the far wall of the living room, where the stereo system sat, at far end of the wide open space that was the apartment's living and dining rooms, the carpet removed so the floor was bare parquet, the open area smooth and wide enough to dance without worry of banging into the furniture. She selected a cd, the soundtrack to Flashdance. She punched up the second song, "He's a dream", and then plugged in the jack to a pair of black cordless headphones. Donning them, it was almost hard to tell where the phones ended and Dana's hair began. Dana lost herself in the music and began to dance. She had the moves of the most professional exotic dancer. It was hard to anticipate her moves, being unable to hear the music beating in Dana's ears; but despite that, she could tell just how much a master of her body Dana was. She leapt, swirled, twirled as she sat on the bare floor, and took every opportunity to show the delights hidden in her nether regions, bending to show her virgin anus more than a few times.

Finally she was done. She removed her headphones and sat down. "How did you like that?" 'Absolutely inscrutable' Jenna thought, but chose instead to say "Very masterful. I'm impressed." "I thought you would be. Hopefully, it got you a little aroused, too. It does for me, I love to start off a long fuck session with a good hard dance routine to loosen me up. Shall we adjourn to the bedroom?" As they moved into unseen (to Jenna) areas of the apartment, Jenna thought to herself 'This should be interesting. All three of us are dominant personalities, and she's wanting to be submissive and yet still demonstrates she's clearly leading this whole thing.'

The bedroom was even bigger than the living room, dominated by a king size bed that had been situated in the far corner of the room. The room itself was done in greens and yellows in asian style, with deep green carpeting covering the rest of the space, more than enough for three to roll around on, with a walk in closet and bathroom set off on the far right of the room, each itself a quarter as large as the rest of the bedroom. An entertainment center sat on the near wall, across from the foot of the bed. "Both of you undress, now!" Dana commanded. Quickly, the other two shed their clothes. Dana examined every inch of Jenna. Taking in Jenna's ass, she didn't fail to miss the black buttplug filling her. "Mmmm. Very nice. I'll want to try that before the weekend's over." SMACK! She spanked Jenna on the right flank once. "Mmmmm. I like that. Now..." "Shhh. I'm still talking. I am normally the dominant one here. For this entire weekend, I am your submissive. For both of you. Teach me...EVERYTHING. Starting.. now."

Before Ella could move, Jenna tackled the Asian woman, bringing her down to the carpet and kissing her heatedly. Moving lower, toward Dana's tiny breasts, she whispered "Oh, yeah...you're gonna learn how to take it... take it up...your ass...starting now." She flicked her tongue once at Dana's smooth womanhood, thrashing her clit. Before Dana could utter a word, she flicked her tongue at Dana's sphincter like a snake. Flitting in and out she teased and slowly wetted Dana's crease. Then, she got up. "Get up. Get on the bed, Bitch. You want to learn to take it up the ass? You want to be submissive? We're going to love teaching you. Get on the bed. Face down. Now, I know you're a little nervous, this being your first time for this...pretty...little..fanny of yours" Jenna whispered as she caressed Dana's firm cheeks. She patted and then spanked each side once. "You like that...don't you? You like the attention your ass is getting." Ella came over with leather handcuffs and a blindfold. "Dana..just so you don't change your mind...I'm going to tie you down...just like you love to do to me when you eat my pussy. You're going to love being helpless." She strapped the cuffs to Dana's wrists and ankles, and tied long leather thongs, which were knotted at the far end to rings on the bedframe below, to the ringlets on Dana's cuffs, making them taut; but not so Dana could not move a little. Just barely enough to put up a futile effort. After Dana was bound and blindfolded, Ella turned on the bedroom stereo and put on her copy of "Physical". She then got her favorite pair of earphones, a pair of Koss Pro4AA(s), plugged them into a headset extension cord, and placed them over Dana's ears as the first song's driving sexuality began to issue from the speakers within. Jenna got up and got out a very small buttplug, barely five inches long and less than an inch wide, still factory fresh, from her bag. She removed it from it's packaging and lubed it with a small amount of KY from the supply of lubes she'd brought along. Ella was softly feeling Dana up, gently probing Dana's pussy and asshole with her now smoothed nails, cut down to the quick for this occasion, so as not to injure her partner. Slowly she pushed her fingers in and out of her lover's orifices, loosening her virgin sphincter for it's first penetration. Ella removed her finger from Dana's rear entry as Jenna crawled up the bed to where they were, and she continued to tease her partner's clit with her fingers as Jenna slowly brought the tiny plug to bear on the asian woman's anus. Dana tensed up, and Jenna caressed her tiny bum, opening her crease just a little. Then, with no warning, she gently pushed the tip...

"Ooooooohhhhhhh" issued from Dana's lips as the small plug slipped into place. Dana's tiny little sphincter, eager to be deflowered, grabbed at the tip and tried to pull it in. Not able to grab hold with the plug's slickness, it allowed the tiny toy to pop inside. However, it was too small, even for Dana's tiny tush. Wet with the slickness of the KY, it slipped out. Jenna took hold of the base and slipped it in and out, in and out, in and out. Then, she pushed it all the way back in, and pushed on the base as it took up residence between Dana's cheeks, teasing it to push in as far as it could, gently pumping Dana's insides. For several moments, she gently patted and spanked the base of the plug as Ella continued to tease her clit. Then, Dana pushed on the plug and it slipped out. "Oh, you need something bigger already!" Jenna unwrapped another slightly larger plug, one about 1/2 inch longer and twice as wide. Slick as her rectal hole was, Jenna was able to slip the plug into Dana's bottom unlubed. "OoooOHH!" Dana called out as the plug gave her butt muscles their first lesson on dilating for inward access. Schlup. Dana pulled it all the way in, seating the base firmly between her cheeks.

"Now, Dana, you just hold that while we treat your pussy to something nice."

Chapter 8

Just as things were starting to get interesting for the threesome, Jenna's cellphone rang. "Dammit! Lemme get this." It was Cliff. "Jenn..we've got a PROBLEM. We need to talk...NOW, and not on an open phone line. Where are you?" "I'm with friends, up on the Hill." "Don't say where, they could be monitoring your call. They probably are. Sorry to interrupt things." 'Hmmm...' Jenna had an idea. "Hang on a sec, huh?" She turned to the duo on the bed, and motioned to Ella to take Dana's headphones off. "Dana...are you dead set against men? Or are you bi?" "What've you got in mind?" "My boss wants to talk to me, and..." "Oh..migod. That hunky stud who fucked you on the air night before last? That beautiful specimen we saw?" "Yup." "Get...him...here! I want him up my ass before we break me in on your bigger toys." "Boss, have you got anything planned for..." "Not right now." "Listen. Get in your car and drive toward uptown. How long would it take you to get up here?" "About 10 minutes." "Good. Enough to move quickly and keep anyone shadowing you off balance. Take your time, be sure you're not followed. I'll find you and lead you here. Get moving." She hung up. "Ladies, we need to take a short intermission while I bring out the next act. Back in 30 or so."

Jenna got dressed fast and ran out to her car. She headed out onto the area's main drag, cruising up and down, circling the area. In a little more than ten minutes after she'd started driving, she spotted Cliff's car. She came up on his left at the next light, gave a low whistle, and when she got his attention, tossed her head in a 'follow me' motion. She led him on a 15 minute drive around the area and then zipped quickly back into the garage of Ella and Dana's building; hustling Cliff upstairs to their pad. Safely inside, they found Dana and Ella in the living room, sipping on a fresh pot of coffee. "Cliff..So ver-ry nice to meet you. I'm Dana. Mmm..a strong grip for a strong man..." "Thank you. A pleasure, I'm sure. And you must be Ella. Also a pleasure." "Likewise, I'm sure!" she replied. "Would you like some coffee?" "Please." When he was served, he thanked her and got to business. "Jenna..I'm a little nervous right now. I got a call from a friend in Washington, he works with friends of George, but George and his friends are no friends of my friends. He told me George wants you out of the way. He doesn't like being on the hot seat, and he's pissed because he thinks everything's about to go down the shitter. Somebody either in Washington or Mexico City must have scared him plenty; because he asked his friends to...I don't know what; but something that'll at least get you off the air. I wanted to pass that on to you. You need to be careful coming and going; and I'd think REALLY hard about the offer you know who made. You might want to get out of this burg and into the big time, quick. Once you're there, they won't dare touch you. Things have to appear normal; so be careful crossing the border each way from now on." "I've been thinking about that. One opinion...what do you two think about the offer I got from HIM?" "Baby..I'd do it in a heartbeat" Ella piped up. "What she said" chimed in Dana. "It's the opportunity of a lifetime. Don't even think about passing it up." "How great minds think alike" Jenna said. "Cliff, my mind was all but made up. That settles it. I will. I'll call HIM first thing Monday." "Okay. I'm gonna go make some calls to some friends of mine in the biz, get you an agent. You probably should have had one before now, anyway." "Sounds like a plan. But...before you go...that's not why I brought you here..." "I wouldn't want to interfere..." "Cliff...don't be nervous..." Dana whispered. "I'm bi... not hardcore gay. These two are just starting to teach me about...getting it.. up the butt. Before they take me bigger...you're here at just the right time. C'mere." Dana had taken off her kimono, and was now lying on her side on the far sofa, her body standing in sharp relief to the black leather covering it. Jenna snuggled up behind him and whispered in his ear..."Just like the other night...stud." He felt her press something into his hand. The jar of vaseline he'd used for her. "C'mere, you hunk of man, you... just like Thursday night...take out my plug, hmm? Grease me up and show me what it's like to feel man meat up my ass."

As he approached, she lifted her face, pulled his down to hers and began to french him hard. Cliff's head was spinning. He loved it when women kissed like that. He pulled her off the couch and down to the floor on top of himself. As they continued to lock lips and touch tongues, he reached down to her rump and began to fondle her cheeks. Finding the base of the plug, he slowly bent the flaps outward and began to gently twist....

"OooooOOO!" Dana involuntarily pulled back as the plug popped out of her bum. "You're good." As she sank back into his lips, Cliff had to work to uncap the jar of vaseline. Finally, he got it open, got his hand in, and began to smear it at the entrance to her anus as he continued to caress her bottom. "Mmmmmmm...mmmmm.." Dana was clearly enjoying what he was doing, unwiling to even break lips as he gave her rear entry the attention she was craving. Just when she was about to break off and tell him to mount, he rolled them both over, and once on top, rolled her over again. "Oh...you've got the right timing...now, go easy at first...ooooo...Ooo..OOOO!" Her eyes widened as she felt his member tease around her crack and find her backdoor. "Easy...OOOhhHH!" Now, Dana was truly getting her first sense of what it was to have her sphincter stretched open and let a nice, hard phallus inside. She began to wiggle her bottom under him to loosen herself up. She wanted it.. but he was sooo..firm...the pressure..."easy..." he pulled back and applied more vaseline to her bottom, and smeared the remains of the jar on his hardness. "That's it, Cliff" Ella remarked. "Make her nice and greasy." "Oohhh..feels so good...I love that greasy feeling...come on, Cliff, gimme that greasy pole!" Dana called out. "Ohh..Ooo..ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh......" She moaned in pleasure as he once again applied the tip of himself to her crease and gently pushed downward. Dana's sphincter opened right up and let him slip all the way inside within a few moments. "OhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Dana's moan climbed higher as she felt her ass channel fill completely for the first time. "Ohhhhhhh....Uummmmph...soooo good...I love how that feels... don't start..I'm not ready to ride yet...let me feel that fullness...she gripped his dick with all the might her inner muscles had. She clenched and released, clenched and released, glorying in the mighty pole that had taken up occupation in her butt. She began to move, wiggling around and around, and then up and down. As she continued, Cliff began to slowly withdraw..and then push in again...out..in..out..in.."Ohyeah..ohthatsit... fuckme...yes..Yes..Yes!Yes!Yes!!"

As Dana and Cliff matched their rhythms, Jenna caught Ella's eye. Time to heighten the experience. As Ella went toward the stereo, Jenna whispered "Hold her down." Cliff pushed inward once again, and nestled down on top of Dana. Jenna ran to the bedroom, grabbed the leather cuffs they'd used before, and also a pair of Ella's clean long socks. Ella was whispering in Dana's ear as she returned to the front room. "Time to raise your consciousness, Dana. You're gonna LOVE this!" She put the cordless headphones on Dana's head. Taking the clean socks from Jenna, she proceeded to gag and blindfold her with them. Jenna took a cd from her bag and went over to the computer along the wall next to the stereo system. When it was booted up, she placed the cd in. She then plugged the cordless headphone transmitter jack into the headphone jack built into the PCs speakers. Jenna copied one file to the active desktop of the computer, a ten second .wav file that she'd copied from a porn vidcap. Obsequious through various hardcore videos, it was a woman playing a synthesizer with a dusty rhythm and duotonic sound, saying 'Yeah, yeah' in a sexy mix. She started the system's multimedia application and set it on 'repeat'. Now, all Dana would hear was the erotic rhythm over and over and over....

When she extracted her cd from the computer and got up, Ella had managed to bind Dana's ankles and wrists together with the leather cuffs, while Cliff had remained on top of her, letting Dana relish his presence up her butt. "Now...work her over!" Jenna whispered in his ear. Cliff began to stroke her insides..out..in...tickling Dana's anal g-spot..gently prodding Dana's inner sphincter...Dana began to groan like a woman being satisfied and knew that she was...her insides began to twitch. She felt like she had to move her bowels...she wanted to fart...Dana began to feel an orgasm building as her clit began to pop...lighting arcs were flowing between her stuffed ass and her empty pussy....her rectum began to rumble...Dana's face reddened as she pushed back on Cliff's hardness...her body waste moved down and met the head of Cliff's dick...as Cliff splooged her shit, she farted as she experienced her first anal orgasm. Her clit followed moments later with the force of an exploding volcano...she squeezed her sphincter around Cliff HARD.....she moved forward and backward, milking him...and in moments, she felt a warm sticky rush in her bowels as his cream erupted into the depths of her bottom. Dana collapsed, spent with pleasure.

Cliff withdrew, and as he did, Jenna popped Dana's buttplug back up her poopchute. As Cliff's sperm swirled through her anus, Jenna and Ella carried Dana back to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. Returning to the living room, Cliff was dressed and ready to go. "I"m gonna miss that hardness of yours when I'm gone" Jenna told him, kissing him lightly on the lips. Cliff fondled her rump briefly. "I'm gonna miss you, too. Gotta get going." "Be CAREFUL, k?" "I always am, babe. See you Monday." And he was gone.

The two women went back to the bedroom. There, they removed the socks and headset from Dana's head. "How'd you like that?" "That...was...a-MA-zing! I..want..MORE!" "You'll get your fill." They took her cuffs off and made Dana lie on her side. Ella got out two jelly-type of double headed dildos from their stash. Handing one to Jenna, they proceeded to ply Dana's holes with both. For many minutes that seemed like hours to Dana, they worked the double headed fake snakes in and out of her pussy and ass...she couldn't tell how long they pumped her repeatedly...then, Jenna pulled hers out of Dana's ass and Ella bent hers toward where Jenna had just vacated...Ella firmly pushed the loose head up Dana's behind. Then, with a fair portion of the dildo's middle sector flopping about loose outside Dana's body, Ella said "sit down on it, bitch." Dana obeyed, settling her nether regions onto the mattress and pushing each end as far into her erogenous orifices as far as they could go. She began humping them quickly, and started twitching in moments as she started sparking with the feelings of her filled up holes, so different from when the other two were frigging her. Dana started gushing as she got further and further into the experience. She was really starting to enjoy the feeling of a nice-sized fullness deep up her ass, and she loved it even more when her pussy shared that feeling. She wanted more..MORE!MORE! MOORRRE!!! Dana humped that dildo so hard she had to pee. As she let go her water, she began gushing so that soon the bed was soaked with both piss and cum. When finally she'd had enough for the moment, she flopped forward on the bed. "Ohhhmigoddd...soooo goodd.."

However, she was far from done. Despite the feeling that it had been an eternity since Jenna had arrived, it was barely three in the afternoon. The weekend was far from over; and Ella and Jenna's hunger for Dana's butt was only growing. Dana was going to be unmercifully worked over for the next thirty six plus hours. Tossing the double-headed jelly filled snakes aside, Ella got out a pair of strap-on harnesses. Ella selected one with an eight inch long, very flexible latex dildo the girth of a man's penis, while Jenna took one of very hard veined plastic, covered in loose thin rubber like a first-gen expanding buttplug. Binding Dana back up hand and foot, not tied to the bed, with her cordless earphones back on and still playing the same sound file, gagged and blindfolded with socks once again, the twosome then lubed their dildos up, Ella with just KY while Jenna applied both KY and Vaseline. Getting on the bed, Jenna rolled Dana on her side, and both pushed themselves into her, Ella at Dana's front, Jenna at Dana's backside. Then, stopping later to free Dana's wrists and ankles, and on occasion to re-lube, they pumped away at her pussy and asshole for hours, fucking Dana on her side, then standing up, and then sandwiching her face up and face down, taking turns. Dana had to sit on Jenna's dildo while Ella got on top of her and fucked her pussy, and then switch so Ella was up her ass and Jenna in her pussy, and then Ella and Jenna switched positions and did her the same way again, with Jenna on top and Ella beneath, making Dana ride them facing up and then down again. Then, they both got off, re-lubed again, and got back on the bed, Jenna on the bottom, Ella on top. Jenna made Dana sit her shithole on her dick, and then Ella slowly pushed her greasy dildo up Dana's ass as well. Dana was moaning and near-screaming through her gag as she experienced the pleasure of two plastic penises up her butt at the same time. Finally, many hours after darkness fell, Jenna and Ella gave themselves a rest. Dana had been plowed well; but there was still much more to go. She'd learned to take it up the ass, and take it in both holes, as well as gained experience in getting her ass stretched. Now, soon, she'd be ready for some REAL largeness. They rebound her ankles and wrists, and tied her to the bed, face down on the pillows. Dana had lost all track of time, knowing nothing but darkness and the beat and ever-present "yeah, yeah" in her ears. They ungagged and unblindfolded her and removed her earphones. Exhausted, she asked, "what time is it?" It was almost midnight. "We're all going to sleep for a while. However, we're also going to take advantage of this opportunity to train your ass further for what lies ahead tomorrow."

Jenna produced another toy she'd brought for the occasion, a new-gen expanding dildo, black, 8" long, covered with sturdy rubber. Jenna greased it up liberally with vaseline, omitting the KY so it wouldn't be slippery and slide out of Dana during the night. Then, she applied it to Dana's cheeks. "OOoooohhh! No more for a while! I'm getting sore!" "The vaseline will soothe you and make it feel better. You're far from done, bitch. You wanted to be s bow-legged as us? You've got a long way to go." PFFT PFFT PFFT, Jenna pumped on the bulb that trailed out from the base of the dildo, expanding it like a balloon, filling and widening Dana's rectum. When Dana's ass was seriously dilated and filled up to the max, Jenna said "Now hold that there while you sleep. Tomorrow, we'll take it out and show you how to take it big. This is training for what lies ahead." Before Dana could protest further, Ella gagged her with a sock again. "Sleep tight!" The two went to the living room and slept on the couches.

Chapter 9

After a hearty breakfast and "Meet the Press", Jenna and Ella returned to the bedroom to continue Dana's anal training. There, they found Dana with one hand loose, rubbing her clit as she clenched and grunted on the expandable rubber phallus, clearly enjoying its presence. Just as she appeared to be close to coming, Jenna released the air valve. Psssst. It deflated, and before Dana knew what was happening, Jenna pulled the dildo from her ass with a SCHLOOP!

"HEY, what'd you do that for? I was really getting into it!" "You sure were!" That's a sign you're ready for more." 'You'd better believe it. I enjoyed holding that dick up my butt all night. My ass feels EMPTY! Gimme more, baby, gimme MORE! I want something FAT stuffed up my ass; and I want it now!" Ella and Jenna looked at each other. Dana had was rapidly becoming a big up the butt slut. "Take your time, baby." Jenna produced the round, bomb-shaped buttplug she'd had up her ass when she'd arrived the day before. Crawling up on the bed, she said "Now...hold still...breathe..." SCHUMP! "oooooOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!" Dana wailed. "OhMiGOD! It's so BIIGG!" "That's right. Just like you wanted it. You wanted to feel that lovely butt-stopper of mine before the weekend was over. Now, you're going to learn how to go around with one up your bum." They freed Dana from her bonds. "Now, come up front and have some breakfast. Ah,ah, no clothes" she said as Dana reached for her discarded kimono.

After the sunday morning 'comedy' shows were over, shortly before noon, they led her back to the bedroom. Dana really had to go. It took her a few moments to get the plug out of her butt. Ella and Jenna watched with amusement as she played with herself, frigging her ass as she toyed with it and lubed it, trying to get it to come out. Finally, she sat down on the toilet and was able to push it out. Everything came out right behind it. When Dana had cleaned herself off, Jenna said, "You'd better fish my plug out before you flush. Otherwise, you'll have a real stopped up shitter!" Dana reddened as she reached into the dirty mass and grasped the latex shit-stopper. She ran it under the bathtub tap before turning it back over to Jenna, who promtly stuffed it up her own butt. "You like that, don't you? You like watching other girls stuff something up their asses, don't you? Slut. Well, consider it a treat. Later, I MIGHT even let you take it out and stuff me with something else!"

They took Dana back to the bed and re-bound her completely, gagged, earphoned, no blindfold. Then, they set to Dana's tiny bottom with a will. Ella had gone out early that morning for some lube and toys like Jenna had that they didn't. Now, Ella took a turn working her partner over. She applied vaseline, ky, more vaseline, more ky, and yet more vaseline to her lover's rear entryway. Then, she greased the remainder of her right hand that wasn't already smeared with lube. Gently, she inserted one, two, and then three fingers int Dana's anus. She gently pushed them in...out..in..she added her fourth finger...in...out...in...out..in..Jenna glopped KY onto Ella's hand...Ella added her thumb to the mix, closing her hand...as her five fingers slipped in...POP! As Ella's hand closed into a fist, Dana's sphincter widened, opening as far as it had for Jenna's expanding dildo. Dana wailed through her gag as her lover's fist slid up her ass to the wrist. Ella gently pulled back, allowing Dana's rectal muscles to open...dilating her to the max width of her fist...Dana wailed through her gag again as she tried to move her muscles one way or the other...and Dana pulled Ella's fist back up her rectum as she clenched. "Aaaaammmmmmmmmm....." her wails became moans as she adapted to the presence of Ella's handball. Then, Ella removed her fist. "Something else I've wanted to do...hold these while I get some of my own filling!" She produced two pool balls, one a cueball, the other an eight-ball. She greased them both up, and then touched the cueball to her partner's pussy lips. Gently, she opened her partner..wider..and the cueball slipped inside. "Mmmm!" "You like that, don't you, you little slut? I've got another one for your other hole!" Ella nestled the greasy eight-ball between Dana's cheeks. She pushed...gently...and Dana's now increasingly reamed bottom gaped at the ball like a hungry baby...and the ball dropped inside Dana's rear-end, nestling comfortably in her anus. "Mmm!" "Now just hold it like that, so it doesn't go deeper. You need to watch what we do."

Jenna, meanwhile, had been greasing up Ella's butt quite liberally, with as much grease as Ella had on her partner. Now, she withdrew a familiar toy from the bag Ella had gotten in the wee hours of that morning. It was a soft, meaty, foot-long bole, 4 1/2 inches around, a replica of Jenna's favorite butt toy. "See this, Dana? I've got one just like it. This is the one Teena...you remember her from the show? You do. Good. This is one just like she was using that night..just like the one I got the next morning. It's soft..it stretches your bottom-hole WIIDE..and feels SOOOOOO good when it's all the way up my butt. Ella loved getting mine up her ass, didn't you, babe?" "MMM..HMM!" Dana felt a spasm run through her. 'Oh, wow!' she thought. 'I can't wait to feel that jamming my ass!" "Watch Ella take it, Dana. Revel in what you see going up your lover's butt; see how much she enjoys it. When it comes out of her butt, it's going up yours."

Jenna fitted the mighty bole into her strap-on harness and glopped KY all over it. Ella got into position, her legs open, her nether regions inches from Dana's face. Jenna then mounted Ella, moved the head of her mighty missile to Ella's outer ring, pulled the ball-less base to her lower lips, and gently pushed downward...."OoooOOOO!!!" Ella gasped and began panting in pleasure as Jenna slid the tree trunk all the way home, fitting it perfectly up Ella's ass in a few moments. Jenna began pulling out...she pushed back inward..."AhhAH!" Jenna had spread her inner sphincter.."AhAH!aHAH!AH!AH!OH! OH!OH-OH!OH-OH!" Jenna had found the rhythm. Ella's ohs became more strident, more insistent, as Jenna plowed her pooper right to the hilt. Then, as Ella loved so much, she stopped with the last inch from the base protruding from Ella's cheeks, and let Ella grip and ride it. Dana was entranced with what she saw, as her partner's bottom dilated, opened, gripped, closed, and moved in time with the glorious fuckpole. Ella's clit began to rumble..her bowels began to thunder...her face reddened as she pushed...Dana could hear Ella passing gas around that mighty meat, it was so loud...Ella analgasmed around the trunk of the dildo and began gushing as her clit popped like a hundred wounded balloons..she wiggled and wobbled her bum around the pole lodged deep within her body...and she slumped, sated at last.

As Jenna pulled her dirty dildo from Ella's behind, Dana pushed downward and expelled the pool balls from her body. Jenna heard them thump as they rolled off the bed and hit the carpet. "Oh, I guess that means you want some of this, huh?" Jenna waggled the big, soft, but oh so firm bole in Dana's face as Ella got off the bed, the dildo still dirty with the shit Ella had orgasmed onto it. "Mmmmm! Mmmmm mmmmm MMMMMM!!!mMMMMMMM!MMM!MM!" Dana wiggled her bottom with all her might. Jenna began to caress and fondle her wobbly buttocks. She patted and teased Dana, and then caressed another jar of Vaseline up her anal opening. Then, she took two tubes of KY and inserted first one and squeezed out the contents into Dana's rectum, and then the second. Then, she applied yet more Vaseline to the mighty tree trunk she was wearing. "Do her up, Ella." Ella blindfolded her partner. Now, all Dana knew was her ears and her rear told her. Jenna straddled Dana and touched the meaty head of her fake dick to Dana's asshole. "MMMM!!!"MM!MM!MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!" Dana moaned so loud through the gag she almost screamed as the gentle but oh so relentless pressure of Jenna's hips on that huge dildo pressed it into her rectal opening. Dana widened..widened...WIDENED..'OMG...IT'S NOT GONNA FIT!' she thought! And then..she felt like she had to shit again... she felt like farting...and as Dana broke wind, her sphincter let the head of that glorious butt toy peek inside. It knocked at Dana's backdoor, demanding entrance..Jenna pushed just a little harder....and Dana wailed a higher note than they'd ever heard as 'mister big and softy' pooped into Dana's bottom. The head slipped right through. Dana tried to grab hold.. it was just to slick and greasy...she loved the feeling of all that nasty grease filling her butt...it pushed deeper and deeper inside her as the dildo pushed it through ahead of it...Dana felt soo full...her butt felt like it wanted to explode...just then...SCHUMP! The base slid into her crack just as she felt like she couldn't take another inch. She felt her inner sphincter open as the meaty head knocked deeper within her bottom...and her body trembled as her body trembled in analgasm as her bowels tried to move and let her shit move downward to the head of the fake meat firmly seated up her ass. She clenched as hard as she could...she wanted more..Jenna pulled back..slammed home...stars rocketed through Dana's head as Jenna began to plow her..harder..harder..HARDER! 'HARDER! BANG MY ASS JENNA! SCREW MY BUTT WHILE I SHIT ALL OVER THIS GLORIOUS FUCKPOLE! I LOVE IT! SO GOOD UP MY ASS! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCKME!FUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKMYASSFUCKMYASSUPMYBUTTUPMYBUTT BUTTFUCKMEBUTTFUCKMEBUTTFUCKMEREAMMEREAMMESHITSHITSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dana's body rumbled within as her nerve endings arced and sparked and raced from asshole to clit and back again. Her clit was popping...popping... popping...rumbling....OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII GGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDIIIIIIIIIII MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAA LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLLLLLAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dana felt like her atoms separated into their individual components as she exploded in the most forceful orgasm she'd ever felt. She slumped, out cold. She slipped into a dream state that became wet dreams as Jenna dismounted and let Ella take her place, using HER favorite dildo of the same size; but which was oh so much harder. Ella plowed her partner's poopchute within an inch of it's life for what seemed like longer than the forever that Jenna had fucked her during. When she finally came to, she felt the satisfaction of the completely and thoroughly reamed.

"What time is it?" "It's nearly midnight" Jenna replied. "And it's time for you to get one more lesson in up the ass, and you get to learn it while you get to fuck my ass!" "Well, what's my last lesson? You two have already screwed up my ass with the biggest things around. What's left?" "This!!" Dana let out an "EEP!" as Ella wiggled a 27 inch ramroad of latex at her, firmer than Jenna's "mister softy", veined; but not as firm as their favorite fucktoy that Ella had spent the last few hours ramming up her ass. "Last lesson...how to take it DEEP! And when you've learned to accomodate it ALL, you get to strap on 'mister softy' and cram him up Jenna's ass. Here we go.. breathe..." SCHUMP, Ella stuffed the balloon of a double balloon enema nozzle up Dana's behind. "First, we've got to clean you out good, and then glop a LOT of lube up there." PfftpfftpfftPFFTPFFT! Ella pumped the balloons as far as they would go, blocking Dana's exit completely, inside and out. Then, Dana felt a wet gush in her rear as warm water began to flow. "Ooohhh.. Ohh..oh..Oh! Oh! Ella...cramp...gotta go...letmegotothebathroom!" "Nope, you've got two more quarts to take. But, we'll let you up, it'll be almost all up there by the time you get in there." Jenna began rubbing Dana's stomach as Ella freed her from her bonds. "Ohh..dontdothat...oooohh.. doTHAT....Jenna was tickling her clit....SPANK!"oOOOOOOOO!" "Up!" Dana somehow managed to make herself get off the bed and stand up. "In there, bitch." She waddled into the bathroom, pulling the bag along behind her as it trailed from her asshole upward to Ellas hand via the rubbery hose. She felt almost like it was pulling her upward, as the hose went straight up through her crease and along her spine before moving outward toward Ella. Finally, she managed to settle herself on the toilet seat. "All gone!" PFFFFFFFFFFBBBBBBBBBTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ella squeezed the air bulbs of the nozzle, releasing the air in the balloons. Dana felt like she was about to shoot through the ceiling as the ballons, water, and everything else exploded downward like exhaust from a rocket.

Several minutes later, completely purged, she emerged from the bathroom. "Don't do that again." "Get used to it, because I liked it" Ella shot back. "Look at it this way, you'll get to do it to me, too. I love feeling like I'm shooting to the moon out my ass." "Now..get over here...if you want in Jenna's ass..." Jenna tackled the now reluctant woman and pushed her on the bed. "Hey!" "Time for another enema!" "Not another one!" "Yes... a LUBE enema!" Ella began tying Dana down again. SCHUMP! Dana stuffed a harder nozzle, wider at the tip and tapering down, with a much larger outlet, up her butt. Then, Dana noticed not a bag but a can with a hose more the width of a garden-hose trailing down to the enema nozzle. She felt a thick substance glopping out of the nozzle, which was a good six inches up her ass already. Then, the other two stuffed three pillows under her stomach and legs, elevating her and allowing the goop, a large mixture of vaseline and KY to seep deeply enough to lubricate her insides for the absolute tree trunk she was about to have pushed up her can. Then, they blindfolded, gagged, and earmuffed her once again. POP! She felt the enema nozzle come out. She felt really wierd with all the goop swirling around in her colon. Then, another eternity began as she felt Ella touch the hard base of the two-foot ramrod to her rear-end. She tensed. She felt Jenna's hands prying gently at her cheeks..she dilated...'oooh, not so wide as the last one...' she thought...Oooh..Oooohhh..Oooooooooooooooooooo...... ooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" As Dana felt the almost too firm mega-fuckpole sink into the depths of her bottom, she became lost in her mind and became one with her ass channel as Ella fucked the living daylights out of her butt. As it went deeper, Ella began to fuck her with it..deeper..in and out..out and in again...penetrating deeper with each stroke...Dana felt it push past her inner ring and continue on...she was so full...'OMG!ELLA!YOU'RE GONNA HURT SOMETHING!' she thought; but she couldn't speak. After what seemed like hours, every moment of them gloriously, tormentingly delicious, she felt the balls at the base touch her buns. Her mind exploded into a million pieces and reassembled themselves in a second. 'OMG!SOOOOGOOOOD!!!! THIS...IS...GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' thundered through a corner of her mind as her body rumbled and shook around the mighty bole. Then, Ella slid back several inches. Jenna began to free her from her bonds. "How do you like it?" "This...is...utterly...amazing!!! I've never felt so full! I don't want it to ever come out! I wish I could keep this up my ass the rest of my life! Plow me Ella! PLOW ME!" "Not yet. Now for your reward." Jenna strapped a well-greased dildo to Dana's waist, the first huge one they'd used that day. She then backed up under Dana. "Get it up there!" Ella began to push what was outside Dana's ass back up it again. Dana had to move downward. Her meaty dildo found Jenna's back hole and opened it without a murmur. "Mmm..that's it. Cmon, Dana... deeper...deeper.." Dana let herself slump onto Jenna's back, pushing the meaty 'mister softy' all the way up Jenna's rear end. "OoooOOOOOHHHH!!! YEEEEAAHHHHH!!!" Jenna howled as mister softy thumped home into her inner ring. she began to wiggle and shake around that dildo, relishing every lovely second as her bottom finally got what it craved. Dana couldn't help but push as deep as she could as Ella pushed into HER ass. The three soon found the rhythm and were fucking ass to the satisfaction of all. Ella had Jenna's buttplug up her ass and was squeezing and pulling it inward as she piledrivered into Dana's dirty depths. Dana was maxing on her turd tunnel's extreme fullness as she bored into Jenna's butt. Jenna was gushing as she came and came and came with Dana up her ass and the weight of two people on her. She could swear she could almost feel Ella's dildo in her. It was so intense. Jenna loved nothing better than being fucked in the ass by someone who was also getting it up her butt. Deeper into the shank of the night they pumped their asses as far as they dared, finally crying out as one as they all came together and collapsed in a sweaty, sticky, greasy heap. How long they lay there motionless, with their dirty and satisfied rears still impaled on the other's dildos,none of them knew; but the sun came up Monday morning before any of the three wanted to move.

Finally, Jenna dismounted, pulled her buttplug from Ella's behind, sat it on the now filthy bedspread and sat herself down on it. When it was seated in it's proper place, she got up and dressed. "Ladies...this...has...been...a... BLAST! What a blowout. I always wanted to go out with a bang. But, I've got a show tonight, and arrangements to make. We'll see each other again before I leave town. Keep your phones ON tonight, huh? Bye." She headed for home and her bed, forgetting Cliff's warning to watch her back, blissfully unaware of what would be waiting for her when her last shift was done. She thought she'd just had the best butt-ramming of her life, she hadn't seen anything yet.

Chapter 10

After Jenna got home from her anal weekend, she spent an hour catching up on e-mail and updating her website. Then, she made a call to Cliff. "Babe, I've got you a great agent. I've got you scheduled fora breakfast meeting tomorrow. I'll give you all the particulars tonight."

Jenna's agent was a real go-getter, which is saying something in southern California, where go-getter agents were a dime a dozen. He closed the deal in no time, got Jenna a great contract with HIM. A starting date was set, with Jenna's last show two weeks prior, to allow for a week of vacation and a week to move north and settle in to her new home in Sodom on the Pacific.

Finally, the night of the last show arrived. All the callers gabbed all night long about how they'd miss her. Jenna wrapped it up thusly: "Well, guys and gals, it's been a blast, bringing this show to you on 'our radio station'; but I'm not going far. Everyone'll be in radio and TV range of my new gig, so don't be sad. Sure, I won't be right here, at this little spot on the dial, heating up the nights; but it's time to move up to bigger and better things, and you're all gonna be right there with me as we continue to make history. And I'm going to leave you with one great last memory before I leave this frequency....." and she began to give them one last great show. Jenna had finally brought her favorite toy with her, and she spent the hour between 2 and 3 giving everyone an eyeful and earful as she sat down and rode 'mister softy', or got on all fours and pounded it up her ass. They loved it. Everyone raved the last hours, and before they knew it, it was time to sign off. "Well, everyone, I'm afraid that's gonna wrap things up for the "Talking Sex with Jenna with a J" show on this frequency. It's been a great pleasure heating up the nights with all you great guys and gals; but remember, I'm not going far. Before you know it, we'll be back together, bigger than ever. This is Jenna with a J, signing off from 'our radio station'; I'll be back in two weeks on KXXX. I'LL want to see YOU...THERE!"

With a spring in her step, Jenna left her home on the airwaves for the last time and headed for her home in the city. She had a week until the movers came. However.....

As Jenna parked her car in the space outside her apartment, a stranger approached her; he looked like someone in severe need of a bath and a good meal. Coming up on the right side of the car, Jenna missed the personage that approached from the left and sunk a hypo of sedative into her arm. The last thing she remembered was feeellinnng...verrrryyy...sleeeepyyy...

Everything was a jumble.

"Jenna." Bright lights shone right in her eyes, blinding her. The voice was loud, amplified and sounding like a deep-voiced man speaking from within a barrel of molasses. "Jenna." "Who are you? What do you want? urn this fucking light off!" "You've been brought here because you've offended many people. Many POWERFUL people, who don't think what you've done should be something that's acceptable radio programming." She was barely aware she was tied with rope, ankles and wrists, to a wooden armchair. "What the fuck business is it of yours? Tell them to go sit and spin if they don't like it. They're obviously in need of a good assfucking, anyway." "Whether I agree with you or not; I'm paid to do as I'm told. My employers want you taught a lesson. Not a severe one; you're too valuable. It's too late to erase you; you'll be missed in a few days. But one that I'm sure you won't forget. Although, knowing you, you might actually enjoy it. Huh huh huh." The voice trailed off in a deep, evil chuckle. The lights went away as she felt another prick at her left arm...sleeepyyy...

Jenna struggled to come to her senses. She was bound to a woodwork frame by leather cuffs, her arms spread above her, her legs spread under her, held firmly in place. Was she dreaming? She dimly saw two men coming toward her. Was it men? They looked like women. Their bodies were firm and ripe, with perfect breasts and long dark hair. But...they were unclothed.. and she could see...were those real, or fake? She couldn't tell if the hardness standing out from the crotch of each wo/man was a dildo or a real penis. As they closed in, they looked REAL. The voices were like those of someone who'd been a man but was not now. They were transsexuals! "Time for your first lesson, honey!" said one. Not another word was said as the two produced jars of vaseline from seemingly nowhere, dipped their dicks into them, and then nade them vanish where they came from. They closed in...they felt her...their fingers prying none too gently...a voice inside her said 'relax, Jenna. You need a good fuck...' She felt the one behind her part her cheeks and push his hardness at her favorite fuckable hole...Oh yeah...oh yeah....oOOOOO! Comeon.. fuck my ass..ooooOOOO!!!!!OhoHOH!!!!!! The second one rubbed his hardness back against the one behind her...slick and greasy, they both slid themselves up her behind...like a matched pair, they fucked her up the ass for what seemed like hours...they took forever to come....when they did, finally, one produced a buttplug just like her favorite...he pushed it up into her bottom...so nice.. then, an unseen hand forced a bottle to her lips and forced her to drink... deeply....tasted like...her favorite scotch.....sleepy...

'Where am I? How long have I been here?' Jenna fought to come to her senses. "She's awake" came a voice from the darkness. Grasping on the sound of the voice, Jenna tried to take stock of her surroundings. Not in the same place...She was chained at the wrists...chains going upward...legs chained apart...couldn't move... She felt air whispering 'round her lower erogenous zones...everything open and waiting..."Turn the machine on...." 'Who said that?..Ooohh..Oooo..ooOOO!! OOO!OO!OO!OO!OO!OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' A large hardness at her backdoor...felt like Ella's favorite dildo...really greasy...OoooOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Felt like it was on a piston.. pushing in..out..coming out all the way and slamming back in...ohhhh...my ass has never been pounded quite like THIS before...OOOhHH...oOOOhhh...oooHHHHHH!!! POUNDING ME....SOOO GOOD! OHYEAH...OHYEAH...FEEL LIKE...GOTTA SHIT... her memory faded again...nothing to know but that so..firm..rod..like Ella's... with my shit alloverit...ohhhhhhhhhhhhh...........................

"Wake up." Hmblmmm??? "Wake..up!" SMACK! A hard spank on her rear. Ooohh!! 'Gotta straighten up...AaaAAhhHH! Can't!' "Okay..she's ready..." 'No, I'm not... so hazy....OOHH!!!!!OW!OW!ahHH!AHH!AHHHHHHH!!!Ooooooooooooooo.....My two footer.. careful...easy on my asshole...spinning...Oooohhh..really getting reamed out.... deeper..deeper..deeper...' The haze seemed to last forever...forever...always the two foot long hot-dog dildo pounding and spinning away in her ass....

She was awake at last. "Jenna.." that voice again. "I hope you're enjoying your punishment. There's still much...MORE....HuhhuhHuhhuhhuh....." Jenna became aware she was bound like the first time...hands and legs to the limit....something below her....touching her bottom...stretching.. 'STRETCHING...OOOOO!!! Feels like 'mister softy'! Going up...up..up...... up my ass! Oh yeah...ohyeah..oyea...oooOOOOO!!!!!Keep it up, whoever/whatever you are! Fuck me up the ass! Screw my butt 'til I shit! OOOOOhhh.....OOOoo.. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jenna's bowels were rumbling...her clit popping.....'imgonnacomme......goNNA.. COMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!................................... SCHLOOP! 'Hey, where'd it go? Put it back...hey...limbs slacking...I can move.. no..I'm still hanging...feels like...I'm in... a parachute harness...hook... holding me up...in a ring on the harness...near..shoulder blades...let me down! Hey!..I'm moving...backward....what the....lifting a little...ooo...OOO... Mister Softy at my ass again...OOOO...going up..uppp..uuuuUUUPPPPP! OOOOOOO! Being lifted by my dildo on a crane! Lifted up by my stern! Dangling from a dildo on a hook up my butt! Harness hook lifting...up...off my dildo..going up again...OOOoO!! Here he comes again...yeahhh...filling up my ass..Ooo!!! Going higher!!! How high am I, anyway? Is this still a dream? OOOO!!! Answers THAT question! Ooo!!! Any deeper and....Lifting by the harness...hey..what's this.. didn't notice that...legs stlil hooked to something...lifting up...going..... horizontal...Mister Softy still with me..going with it...SCHLOOP! HEY! Where'd it go! Ummmmppph...OOOO! There he is...Hey....where'dUUMMPH!....UUMMPH! Who's doing that...thissiwierd...hanginginaharness...wierd contraptions... pushing my dildos up my fannyUUMMPH!!Whatever...kindaarousing...not hurting mewhoevertheyUUMMPH!!Keepitupplease!Keepfuckingmyasslikethis...UUMMPH..ooh yeah.. UUMMPH..UUMMPPHH...UUMMPHH... ....... ....... Hey, where'd it go? Errggh.. what's this? Oooowwooooo!!!Thetwofooteragain...easy...EASY!! oOhh..ooo..ooOO! OOOOOO!!!fuckingmedeeper..deeper..easy..youregoingdeepbecareful!...fuckingme.. upthebutt....likeElla...didDana.....rockinmyworld,,,rocking forward...with.. thrusts...upmyrear....swinging...like..pendulums..Ooohhh...thisesgottabeadream.. soogooodd...oooyeah...ooohhyeah...oooo...........................

She felt like she went through episode after vague episode, time and again... 'always something big...fat...up my ass...what, are they trying to break me of my cravings for upmyass?'

'What's this? I'm at the station....tied to the board....tied up close...can't move...bound everything together...feels like...wrapped in headphone cords.... with a female plug end...upmybutt...headphones on...my sound file....like that.. ..what's going on...someone's here....hey..Hey!Stop that!...lotta...vaseline.. being stuffed...inmyhole...schloop...cord's out...hey...Hey! Not that! The big mike...soft..out of it's clamp...really Big..round...softness.. pushing..upmyass!Oooo!!Being...fucked...withit..kinda..good..really...FULL... are they ever..gonna stop...feels like..forever..it's been..up there...where'd it go?..just getting..used to it...try that..again..sometime..long as it's... not hooked up....HEY! HEY! NOT THAT! DEFINITELY NOT THAT! TOO BIG...taking station's phones...big..wide...Koss K/6 phones...unhooked from...yoke...pushing both earcups together...at my asshole!! Hey! They won't fit! I'm not THAT wide! Ooohhh...OOO...OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHMIGODTHEYFIT!THEYWENT! UPMYASS!ITDIDNTHURT!FEELS...GOOD!LIKETHAT!HEY...jerking on the cords...SCHLUP! One got pulled out....Hey...being pushed back in...other one...going deeper... Ooooohhhhh!!!!!Thisissocool!Hey...who's this? Dick...atmy...pussy...that'snice.. being fucked...need some attention there....ooohh...ohhhhh..gonna..come...likethis.. fuckedinthepussy...rockingbackandforth...with...earcups...upmybutt..oooo...OOOOO!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... ................................................................................

An enternity later....

The chair again..."Jenna"...that voice....'your resistance is strong.' "My...resistance? What's this all about? Feels like one ...long...fuckfest.... you should know...that I love it....up my ass...soo good...." "We know that. What we're doing has broken lesser women. Well, if you keep up what you did at your last job when you work for HIM....He'll be happy...but my employers won't be..."So what...you can't shut him...me...US! up...." "If that's so, we'll be doing this...again..." "Love...to...Oooohhh..." She felt an intrustion below her...'something...prodding....my ass...through the seat... BIG...PLUG...OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!HEY! Buzzing...buzzmeoff....sogood....' Jenna heard deep laughter endlessly ringing in her ears as she wiggled and rode the huge plug that had risen to plug her rear entry......'needle... at my arm....sleeepyyy......'

Light shone in her eyes. "Get that light out of my face!" Silence reigned. "Get that...huuhh??" She squinted an eye. Sunlight. She was in her car. "What...the...fuck...was it just a dream?" She felt soo...tired.... Jenna stumbled out of her car...closed the door...leaned on it...strength... coming back....That's...Better...Ahhhh!! She stood up, grabbed her bag, and headed inside. She turned on her computer and logged on... The computer's calendar showed four days had elapsed since her last show. Was it just a dream? Was it real? If it was real, was it a nightmare? or a wet dream? Didn't seem real...to be punished with her favorite pleasure.......... The phone rang. "Hello, this is the moving company...we're calling to confirm your moving date, three days from today." "Yes, everything's fine. I'm glad you called. Yes, that's the correct address...that's correct...that's the one we're going to....Good. Looking forward to it. Thank you very much." Jenna had LOTS to do......

The End?

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