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Author: LynDuke

Part 1

I had started my clinic as a way to keep busy while my husband was at work and make some money to supplement my "allowance". The kids were in school and although I had plenty of time, a regular job seemed too much for me. No, not ready for a full time job just yet. I had been a nurse when I had worked full time and I knew a lot about exams and enemas. So I posted my ad in the personals of some newspapers that read something like this:

Enema Clinic-pre Exam, Relaxation and Headache Remedy
Oil, soap suds, or custom solution
Call me at 555-6565
9-2 pm.
By appt only.

Well, I began receiving calls on my private cell phone almost as soon as the ad began to run. My first client/patient arrived at 9:30,  a man named Bobby, age 60. He said he was suffering from constipation and headaches and needed help. I asked him to come to the red house at 87 Alpine, the side door. And once there, I took him to the study just off the kitchen. It had its own bathroom and there was an enema bag hanging on the door and a bulb in plain sight. He looked excited and embarrassed at the same time. I handed him a drape asked him to drop his pants and bend over the exam table. Turning away from me, he was soon leaning over the table and you could hear the snap of my latex gloves as I put them on. Dipping my fingers into the Vaseline, I asked him to relax his bottom so I could examine his colon and rectum.

"Spread your legs wider" I ordered him. And a worried look crossed his face.

"Im only inserting one finger, don't worry."

Rubbing his back, I told him to relax. "relax and take a deep breath now for me." And in a second my right pointer finger was at the door of his behind, circling the anal spincter muscle to force it to relax and open up for penetration.


He nodded yes. I began to slowly push my finger inside him, twisting as I entered him.

"OH" he moaned.

"You ok ?" I asked him. He replied that I caught him off guard.

I felt a hard piece of stool and decided an oily retention enema would be good. I asked him to get up on the table on  his side. I covered  him with the drape and he watched as I prepared his enema. Bringing the bag over to him, I told him I was inserting the short nozzle up his rectum.

"OK, I'm ready" he mumbled. His knees trembled a little bit. I pushed in the nozzle and let the solution slowly enter  him at a comfortable rate. I had to rub his stomach a couple of times to help him take it all. I gave the solution 15-20 minutes to empty into his bottom. Then I told him to squeeze his bottom tight while I removed the tube. As I did so, I inserted a  butt plug. He lay there quietly.

He seemed to like it and he said, "Can I relax now?" I told him he certainly may.

"I need  you to retain this enema for 30 minutes, think  you can do it?"

 "Yes ma'am I'm sure I can. Is that long really necessary?"

I told  him it would be the best course of action to remove the impaction he had. After 5 minutes he squirmed on the table as if trying to get comfortable. When I saw his erection pushing against the drape and I knew why. I handed him a towel, told him to use it if he needed to and left the room.

"I'll be back in five minutes, go ahead and take care of yourself Bobby."

 "YES, thanks you Nurse", he said anxiously.

I sat in the kitchen finishing my morning coffee, and answering my phone. I booked 2 more patients. I noticed a slight stain on my white uniform and rubbed it out with a cloth.

Knocking on the door,  I entered the room and could see a look of satisfaction on Bobby's face.

"Nurse, I really need to go."

The wet towel on the floor told me he had cum. So I got him up and helped him to the toilet, pulled the butt plug out and sat  him down. I gave him another towel, opened the bathroom window a couple of inches, and left. Soon I heard a moaning and a yell, as water and feces splashed into the toilet bowel.

"Nurse, I'm ok now."

I put him over the exam table and did another digital rectal exam. Nothing there.

"I need to give you a soapy enema and then a clear water rinse to be sure you are done."

Up on the table he went, the drape was lost in the bathroom. He was wearing his thick socks. I brought the bag and inserted the nozzle up his behind.

"Relax again Bob!" I said, and all at once the water, all 3 quarts flowed into him. I pushed my finger up his ass to hold the contents in. After only a few minutes I got him down and walked him to the toilet again. It was a clear release of solution. Mission accomplished. Bobby gave me $50, made another appointment for exactly one week, and left my office. I made a note to give him an additional enema next time, purely herbal retention. Good for what ails you.

In a few minutes Heather Brown, age 41,  arrived. She was having a sigmoidoscopy exam this afternoon and needed cleaning out. I had her strip down and put a gown on, behind the curtain in the corner.

"Heather I need you to lie on that little cot there so I can examine you. Face away from me, yes on your side, legs drawn up to your chest please."

She looked a little flushed so I decided to take her temperature. I got a clean rectal thermometer and lubed it. As I pried her buttocks apart I heard a little gasp from  her.

"Just relax.  It's ok, and you're all right."  I pulled a blanket over her to keep her from shivering. Pulled it out and read 101 degrees.

"You have a fever. So lets get on with the enema." I brought over a pole and hung a warm soapy enema from it. Then said "Heather, relax and take a deep breath, here comes the nozzle."

As the water flowed into her she began to tense.

"OHHHHH, oh dear." I slowed the flow down and rubbed her tummy. Her pussy looked red, swollen, and wet. Eventually it all went in. In a few minutes she was having the urge to expel so I took her to the toilet. Her tummy was still rumbling. I felt her stomach all over  and decided a Fleets would clean her out for sure. They can be so explosive with all those bubbles! I made her go on her on her hands and knees on the cot.

"Now Heather dear, put your chest down on the little bed. You'll feel some wonderful bubbles enter you and then in a minute you'll need to expel again."

She giggled as the bubbly Fleets enema went into her rectum and grabbed her crotch. Her gown fell off and she was very open to view. I wondered if she would have an orgasm as well. Soon she was getting herself up and trotting to the toilet. I watched her expel, and found she was completely clear. Just to be sure, I put on my latex gloves, and forced her to take a 2nd rectal exam before I let her go. I sat on the cot and lay her over my lap to get a good tight grip on her. To make the upcoming exam easier, I inserted more and more fingers till she was full of my hand. I rocked my hand about carefully, massaging her internally. She wiggled a bit, and I said , "Don't worry, Im stretching your anus and rectum to make insertion of the exam instruments more comfortable. That's a rather large tube they stick up your behind. But you'll be ready for it."

I felt a quivering and clutching of my hand, then I knew she had climaxed deeply. Satisfied that she was cleaned out and ready to go, I allowed Heather to get dressed. She paid  my fee of $50, and headed for her trying exam at the hospital. I rounded up all the gowns and linen and tossed them into the washing machine and had lunch. My next patient for the day would be here at 1:00 pm.

It wasn't long before I heard a knock on my kitchen door. A young man of about 19 or 20 entered, stated his reason for coming.

"My mother gives me an enema 3 times a week for health, but she is unable to do this for me today,  she's on vacation. I couldn't ask my girl, she wouldn't understand."

I told Bruce "I understand, that's a very hygienic family you come from. Step into my clinic."

I opened the door and unbuttoned his pants and unbuckled his belt.

"Go behind the curtain and put on a gown please. Then lie on my exam table."

In a few minutes he said he was ready. I pulled a drape over him, then put on my gloves. Snap, snap. Squeak, Snap!!

He looked at me suddenly with fear on his face. I pulled his knees up and raised the drape so I could access the area between his legs as he lay on his back, specifically, I was aiming for his rectum. I let him watch me lube my gloved fingers, his eyes large as saucers. I smiled, and he turned his head and just looked up at the ceiling to break eye contact. Putting my left hand on his abdomen, my right hand was touching his anus, circling it to make that muscle relax. In as soothing a voice as possible I told him, "Relax Honey, you're ok. It will be just a few minutes. And you'll find its really very pleasant."

He just smiled and said, "Im sure, it's just that I'm not used to a stranger giving me my treatment."

My pointer finger entered his anus and went as far in as quickly possible. My, he was loose. A look of pure heaven washed over him. And he closed his eyes to enjoy the feeling even more. I probed around a lot more than I needed to. I felt juices flowing from me into my panties. I couldn't wait for him to go so I could relieve myself.  I palpated his stomach, it did seem rather full and lumpy. I reached over and picked up the blue bulb lying in the hot enema water.

"Now Honey, here goes the first bulb full."  I slowly eased the tip of the bulb into the boys rectum. Bruce pushed down as if to fuck it. I was hoping he was going to behave himself. After all I was a married woman and all. I kept them coming, bulbfull after bulbfull, till at last he asked me if I would allow him to expel. I inserted a butt plug up his ass and told  him to wait five more minutes. I rubbed him tummy gently as I held the plug in place. This caress comforted him. I let him alone to endure his enema as best he could.  I told him I would leave the room while he expelled in the bathroom. A flush of the toilet told me he was done. He said he didn't feel right, so I repeated the enema, only this time I used the red bag.

I started him out on his left side. I pushed the nozzle into him, later rolling him onto his back. Then I put a pillow under  his hips to elevate his pelvis and encourage water flow. His penis was limp, I knew he must have jerked off in the bathroom while expelling. People have a difficult time getting an enema without getting the urge for a climax.   He looked very flush, and sedated.  I pulled out the  nozzle and sat him on the toilet. Expulsion return was clear. Checking his pulse, I found he was all right. His blood pressure was just a little lower than when he arrived. I had him lie down for 15 minutes after getting dressed. Then he paid me his fee and headed out to his pickup. His buddy was sitting there waiting for him. Apparently Bruce felt he needed a chauffeur today.

I was gratified when Bruce's buddy Brad walked over to me and booked an appointment for the following day. He asked me if I would spank him after the enema with a special  paddle he has. He also had a large cooking thermometer he wanted me to take his temperature with, over my knee. I blanched and said, "That'll be an extra 25 dollars."  Soon it was 2 pm. I cleaned up the clinic and made a list of things to get for dinner. I then waited for the kids to get home from school. I couldn't wait to see what the next day in my clinic treatments would be like!!!

Part 1

I had a very busy treatment day. I had a patient named Jay, about 30 at 10 pm on the dot. He was in a hurry to get started but I got control of the situation and got him to calm down. It seems that he used to get enemas from his mom as a child and now that he read some stories about enemas, he wanted to try again. He had no idea how to go about this on his own. I offered to give him a  break on my fees so that he could come twice a week, as he is such a dear person.

Jay came in and filled out the health questionnaire. I checked his pulse, blood pressure, and of course, rectal temperature with him lying face down on my exam table. I pulled his jeans down far enough to get at  his bottom with a lubricated gloved finger and asked him to put his butt in the air. He seemed a little concerned, but he was determined to go through with it. I felt no impaction in the colon. He really didn't need one for health purposes, and was having no headaches or stomach cramps. I went ahead, knowing he was just curious.

I put him on his back and pulled off his Reeboks, jeans, and shorts. Then covered him with a drape. I left his shirt on as the room seemed drafty on this cool Autumn day. I mixed a very simple enema solution and asked him if he rather have the bag or the bulb. He asked for both. I started with the bag. I pulled his knees up and found his rectum. I carefully inserted the enema nozzle, the long douche nozzle, wiggled it around to get him in the mood for the enema, and hung the bag on the IV stand. I watched carefully to make sure the flow was not too fast and uncomfortable. Before long he had a glazed look in his eyes and his penis was erect under the drape. He bucked his hips upward a couple of times, indicating he needed orgasmic relief. I gave him a towel and told him to relieve himself. I left the room.

On my return, he told me had a great orgasm, and wanted to expel. I pulled out the enema tube and guided him to the toilet. There was only a clear return. But he wanted another enema anyway. I guess he wanted to get his moneys worth. I repositioned him on his left side, facing away from me and got my bulb and a pan of hot water.  Bulb by bulb, I injected the water into the rectum. He bucked his hips again. My, this was a horny young man. I told him to settle down. I didn't get nearly as much solution in him as with the bag, but he looked happy. I told him I was going to lubricate a butt plug and push it into his bottom. He looked gleeful but kept quiet.

I left him there and just observed him. Slowly his penis became erect. Although I don't consider myself to be a clinic for sexual favors, I touched his tumescent member and heard a delightful groan. I told him he needed a prostate massage. He wasn't sure what this meant but soon my lubricated pointer finger was worming its way up his ass and when I massaged his prostate, he tried hard not to cum. I moved the drape aside enough to cover his penis with a towel and ordered  him to cum. I had to grasp the shaft and wiggle it a little. Soon he came, with less ejaculate than before, but a good orgasm never the less. Face to face, he ejaculated into the towel. His hand reached up and softly grasped my wrist, as if to say "no more!". Then I made an appointment for him in exactly one week. I did this without asking him if he wanted the appointment. He seemed to want me to make all the decisions. He gave me my fee of $50, thanking me profusely for helping him and left. I told him if he had any questions or concerns, he could call me on my private cell phone during the week.

Next, at 10:30, I had a woman of 45 named Laura who was going thru marital difficulties. I'm not sure why she disclosed this fact to me. She was thick of waist, large of breast, and a brainy sort of soul. I asked her why she came to my enema clinic. She said she just wanted an enema, and was tired of giving them to herself. I felt very drawn to her. The honesty she displayed was provocative. I unbuttoned her blouse and bra and listened to her heart with my stethoscope. The joy showed on her face. Her breasts were beautiful, with big brown nipples that were beginning to swell. I examined each and she smirked. I think I was giving her what she wanted and really needed. She told me she was nursing a baby at home and it was getting close to nursing time and her breasts hurt. I told her I could use my breast pump, but oddly enough, I couldn't get it to work. So she asked me if I would get her breasts started with my mouth and let them drain into a bath towel. I felt a sexual tingling in my groin. Sucking on her breast, the milk began shooting out and I clamped a towel over it. "AHHHHhhh", she sighed with obvious relief. Then I sucked on her other breast and soaked up the milk with another towel. She said she would be comfortable going thru her enemization with that out of the way.

Next I felt her pulse. Then I said I would help her undress and get her gown on. And she did not protest my ministrations. I removed her dress, her bra, and certainly, her plain white panties. I held the gown up for her to get into. I asked her if she needed to pee before she got started but said, "no".  I turned her over the exam table and put on my latex gloves. "Snap snap, SNAP". She looked around at me with a little gleam in her eye. I pushed her shoulders down on the table. And spread her chubby legs. I spread her butt cheeks and told her to take a deep breath and relax. I began to force my finger up inside her deep Hershey highway.

"Oh Ouch"... she exclaimed. I slowed down and told her to relax. I needed to keep my sadistic impulses in check. Putting more lube on my glove, I parted her buttocks again and inserted my pointer finger more slowly and sensuously. I was hoping to relax her and get all the way inside her ass. She rotated a bit.

"Does that feel good, do you like that?" I asked her.

She replied "Oh yes, please forgive me, but it does make me feel squirmy and, hehe, a bit horny."

I reached around with my other finger and went into her slit. I could feel moist pussy and a hard clit. As I massaged her clit provocatively.  I finger fucked her ass, with two fingers now, in and out. Round and round I twisted my fingers and again...in and out several times. Soon she stiffened and let out a loud moan. "Ohhhhhhh:"  With her healthy orgasm out of the way she went a bit limp. I helped her up on the exam table. I pushed her gown up around her waist, and draped her to protect her privacy. The black enema bag hung on the IV pole and I selected a special nozzle about the size of a large cigar, that would really ream her ass good. I had to make three attempts, against her protests, but finally worked the monster into her bottom.

"Ohhhh, that feels wonderful now", she beamed and I felt encouraged. I very slowly allowed the water to drain into her bottom, and rubbed her stomach to help her along. She lay there with a dazed look of relaxation on her face. But as the 2 quarts was finally in her ass, she got a bit antsy. I told her I would not allow her to the toilet until the butt plug was in her ass for at least 5 minutes. She grimaced and shifted about on the table. I knew she was getting exactly what she came for.

At the end of 5 minutes, I pulled out the butt plug and helped her to the toilet. The return came out quickly and very clear. But nonetheless, I made her submit to another rectal exam by my gloved finger. She was safe and sound. She dressed, paid my fee of $50, and asked to come back the next day. I was booked  heavily for tomorrow, but I found time to squeeze her in at 11. I asked her to please express her breasts at home before she arrived at my Enema clinic. She hugged me, said thanks and that she enjoyed my care and left out thru the kitchen.

I was feeling a bit tired and had a coffee break. Before long, my next patient was here.

"Hello, I'm Jean ", announced the hale and hearty older woman. I guessed she was about 65 or so and she seemed very dominant. She said she was on her way to play golf and needed to hurry and get this over with. Her husband had left her and she had no one to administer her therapy anymore. I checked her TPR, BP, and then  lifted her golf skirt, and found there were no panties. I removed her skirt and put her right up on the table on her side. SNAP! Putting my gloves on I lubed her old ass and my pointer finger went to work up her rectum. I could feel some feces there in the colon, and decided a bulb enema would be fine. I then draped her. She wasn't at all embarrassed. A tough one this old dame. First, I inserted a long stick soap suppository and made her wait till she complained of burning. I then brought the enema bulb to her side. Quickly I squirted bulbs of water into the old gals bottom.

"SLOW DOWN", she exclaimed. I had tested the limits of her patience. I rubbed her bottom gently as it seemed very sexy and just waiting to be touched.

"Mmmmm" she moaned sexually. I really didn't feel like getting her off but she was really turned on. Soon she begged me to allow her to expel. I got her off the exam table but she didn't need much help. Very stout and strong. I gave her a quick bag enema to be sure she was clear and sent her on her way. She had a wicked look in her eye as she rebooked with me for the next week. And I had a feeling she was going to be one of my good customers. As she hugged me, she lingered just a little too long....as she pressed her chest to mine. Then she was gone.

Next I had a real nervous looking man who didn't look like he really wanted to be here. I had to work fast to make him feel comfortable. It's going to be a long day.....

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