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At The Outdoor

Jim picked up Misty at about 7 p.m. to go to the outdoor. As usual, they stopped at a restaurant for a burger and fries. Jim always looked forward to the movies because of the necking and petting and all the liberties he was allowed to take. Misty just simply let him do anything he wanted, short of going all the way. That she would never allow.

She either wore short shorts or loose fitting slacks, usually no bra, that just got in the way.

Tonight she was wearing at full skirt, something very unusual.

While at the restaurant, Misty seemed unusually giddy, but Jim didn't think too much of it, until she started talking about what she wanted to do that night.

"I've want you to do something different tonight," she told Jim.

"Like what?"

"I want you to give me an enema at the movie," she said quietly, leaning across the table so no one would hear.

"With what," he asked.

"You know the bag of treats I usually bring. Well, this time there's a lot more in the bag besides chips and soft drinks. And besides, I'm not wearing any underwear."

This got Jim totally excited, thinking about her bare bottom in the restaurant, thinking everyone might know.

At the movie, the first of three features started to run just as the sun set. By a half-hour into the movie, it was completely dark so you could not see into any other cars, therefore, no one could see into theirs. Jim had already found out what she was saying about her underwear was true and he was completely turned on ... as was Misty.

Misty reached into the back seat, grabbed the bag and pulled out the 12 ounce enema syringe and a bottle of water.

Giving the two items to Jim, she slid over to the far side of the front seat, put her back to the door, and brought her legs onto the seat, bringing them up to her chin. Then she slid her skirt under her butt and brought the front of it up to her knees, exposing her bottom.

"Now just fill the syringe from the bottle and do it," she said.

Nervously, he opened the jar of water, slipped the tip of the syringe into the bottle and filled the bulb.

"Did you bring the Vaseline," Jim asked?

"Oh, I knew I forgot something. Well, just do the best you can," Misty answered. "We don't really need that, do we.

Jim thought a moment that moistened his finders, putting a lot of spit onto them and then felt for her anxiously waiting hole. When he touched it, she quivered just a bit. He attempted to spread her cheeks just a bit with his left hand and he slide his wet fingers down her crack, probing her anus with his finger and shoving it in slightly to make sure it was wet inside and out.

He forced his finger around, making sure he got all the pleasure that was permitted without turning her off. But he really didn't worry about that too much because this was her idea and he knew she just didn't want to quit.

Then grabbing the syringe, he positioned it where his finger had been. Misty groaned slightly at the touch, then shivered a bit as he pressed the nozzle into her waiting butt. He squeezed the bulb,  injecting the cool water into her rectum.

"Oh, that feels good," Misty said. "Do it again."

And he did a second, third and fourth time until the bottle of water jar was empty. Misty was turned on, quivering more with each injection.  He could feel the moisture from her front against his hand. And she twisted and moved, enjoying every insertion, every shot of water, every delight that went with the enema.

There wasn't enough water in her so she would cramp and be uncomfortable, but just enough so that she could enjoy the pleasure of the moment and not have to rush to expel it.

By the time he filled the syringe for the fifth time, and then touched her with it, she was ready to explode emotionally.

"I don't know how much more I can take," she said. "I'm so shook. Just touch me. I could come and come and come. Oh this feels so good."

"Okay," Jim said as he plunged the empty syringe into her one more time, then squeezing the bulb and injecting her with air to complement the water.

"Oh, that's so good," she said again and again. "This was better than I even dreamed about. I never expected it to be so good. I don't know what I didn't do this sooner."

As he pulled out the syringe, she flipped her skirt back down over her legs and was about to lean over to kiss Kim when they heard someone tapping the window of their car.

Misty and Jim both jumped as Misty rolled down the window. There was her friend Jill.

"Mike and I saw your car here and saw how you were talking to each other. We said how wonderful it was that people could come to the outdoor to talk and see a movie, without having to make out. I think he was in my panties before it was even day," Jill said. "I enjoy it, but all Mike wants to do is screw."

"Yah, we like to talk," Misty said, laughing a bit. "But I think I have to go to the bathroom. I think I had too much water with my lunch."

"I'll go with you," Jill said. "We can talk. Mike is still exhausted from making out. Jim seems like he's just ready to get started for the evening. Have you done anything interesting lately," she asked.

"No really," Jim answered quickly. "Misty, could you bring me back a very large cup of water. I think I'll need it for later. Okay, hon."

"You bet," Misty said, knowing that it might be her turn to give Jim an enema ... or maybe Jim would give her a second one. She was tingling all over again at just the thought of either situation.

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