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Aunt Margo

Author: MelloJ

Dear Carrie:

Well, they said the first semester of college is the toughest, but I just got my grades today online and I ended up with a 3.55!!! Can you believe it! I hope our plans are still intact to meet up with Beth at her place on New Year's Eve because I can't wait to tell you about the spa my Aunt Marge took me to in Florida right after I got home. Oh, what the hell, I might as well tell you now.

Anyhow, two days after I got home, and there wasn't much to do except all my laundry, my Mom's little sister, Margo, called and asked me if I wanted to go to Florida and stay at a spa with her for three days. Well, I said "why not," and we were off the next day.

Well, she had first class seats for us and a limo waiting at the airport. We went down the coast for about ten miles and turned into this neat, old estate which had been redone as a woman's health and beauty spa. I mean, this place was plush! It was right on the ocean with its own private beach. Like I didn't see a man anywhere! Maybe there were maintenance guys or cooks or whatever, but you just didn't see them. But anyway, we checked into our room, which was totally rooms for the rich and famous. Well, we had lunch, went for a swim, had a massage and a facial. . .and all that was between noon and four!

So, after the facial and massage, we went back to our room, took a shower, put on this gorgeous robe they gave us and immediately fell asleep on the sofa, while Aunt Margo snoozed on her bed. About 5:30, we heard a knock on the door and Margo answered it. It was the woman who did our massage a few hours back and she was wheeling a cart into the room. Margo greeted her by name since she comes here often. She was Marcy and had been a masseuse at the spa for the last three years, and she was Aunt Margo's "personal therapist" for her last seven visits.

Well , I was introduced and then my jaw just dropped to the floor when Aunt Margo announced that Marcy was here to give us our enemas!!! Sweet Jesus! I hadn't had an enema since I was nine, and as I remember it, it wasn't a very pleasant thing. . .Dad pulled my pajamas down and held me across his lap while Mom stuck a nozzle up my butt and filled me with one of those squirt things about three or four times until I really had to go so bad that it all squirted out of me before I got to the toilet and Mom was furious! I got spanked with a hairbrush and then she gave me another enema, but this time with the hot water bottle and the hose, and made me hold it with her finger stuck up my butt for ten minutes before I was allowed to poop. I didn't really have any idea that getting an enema was part of going to a health spa. I guess I was wrong!

Well, the first thing I know, Aunt Margo has taken off her robe and is stark naked while Marcy is running water in the bathroom sink and filling up this enamel can with a hose coming out of the bottom. The next thing I see is her getting on her hands and knees on the bathmat while Marcy sets this can, which is now bubbling over the top with soapsuds, on the counter and attaches this big, curved black nozzle to the hose, puts on a rubber glove, dips her finger in some Vaseline and smears it on the nozzle, and then, takes a big glob of Vaseline and sticks it right in my Aunt’s big butt! I don’t really mean it’s big, like she’s fat or anything. Aunt Margo keeps herself pretty well for a woman of 45, but in comparison to mine, she’s got a big butt.

Well anyway, the next thing I see is Marcy taking that big nozzle and sticking it right up her bum, turning the flow on, and then turning to me and saying that Margo wanted to go first to show me how easy it was and that I’d be next. Well, needless to say, I was at a loss for words. And, if that wasn’t enough, Aunt Margo began rocking back and forth on her knees while reaching under her tummy and pleasuring herself!

All while I was just standing there. Well, I was like speechless! What am I supposed to say to my Aunt, although just 13 years older than me, who is masturbating in front of me while being filled up with a big can full of hot, soapy water?

Well, it didn’t take her long to finish up that whole can of soapy water when Marcy pulled the thing out of her butt and Aunt Margo jumped up to the potty and let loose with the nastiest torrent of water, poop and farts that I’d ever heard or seen! And to make matters worse, she’s trying to tell me how good I’ll feel after I’ve had mine, and I’m thinking, like, no way! But then she mentions that it’s already paid for and unless I wanted a hairbrush spanking and an enema, I’d best keep my mouth shut. So, I sat there and watched as she cleaned herself off, stood up and bent over again so that Marcy could give her a clear water rinse. After she again took all the contents of the can and expelled it into the potty, it was my turn to have an enema.

Marcy filled the can with soapsuds and I assumed the position on my hands and knees on the floor of the bathroom. The next thing I knew, the masseuse stuck her finger up my butt with a large dollop of Vaseline and immediately followed with the same big nozzle and proceeded to fill me up. But it wasn’t as bad as I expected. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t all that bad until the first cramp hit me. Marcy clamped the tube and began to massage my tummy while I was there on the floor. She opened the stopper again and I managed to somehow take the complete contents of the can.

After holding it all in for what seemed to be an eternity, Marcy pulled the tube out and I was allowed to let it all go, which was a great relief. I watched as Marcy filled the can up with clear water as I was pooping out the last of the soapsuds and figured out that I was going to get a rinse also. So after wiping, I stood up and bent over, and again felt that tube being slipped into my rear and the sensation of the water flowing into me. It only took a minute or two for me to empty the can, and when I went to let it out, it pretty much came out clear, which got a nod of approval from Aunt Margo and Marcy. Can you believe it? I had just received two enemas, in front of another person, and it wasn’t all that bad.

The next afternoon, we both had the same treatment again, and I must admit, that I sort of looked forward to it. And while I was getting my enemas on the second day, I was able to bring myself to orgasm twice as the water flowed into me (and out). We had enema sessions with Marcy two more times after that before we left for home and I must admit that they were enjoyable. As a matter of fact, after we got home, Aunt Margo stopped into the drugstore and bought me my own enema set to take back to school. I’ll be sure to demonstrate how well it works when I see you next week.

Well, that’s all for now! See you soon!

Kisses, Nancy

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