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Becky's Sorority Initiation

Becky was excited as she slipped into her jeans. It was initiation night at the sorority she had decided to pledge. She was really happy in this small school that had chosen because they had campus sorority and not do the national ones. She was really happy in her small classes and dorms. She had made many friends and had a hard time selecting which sorority she was going to join, but decided on the same one as one of her old high school friends. Now that the actually pledging was over "Hell night" was going to happen.

"Becky are you coming, we are going to be late!" and gave a hard rap on the door as it opened and an excited Becky came out.

"I'm ready. Are you nervous too ?" asked Becky.

"Not very. It should be fun. There really is not much to this except fun from what I have heard," replied Kate as they walked toward the stairs.

"Well, I heard that, but I also heard a rumor that there was one chosen for a real test. I wonder what that was all about? Do you know?" Becky questioned.

"No, I never heard that. Someone must have been trying to scare you." Kate laughed as they exited the dorm and hit the cool evening air. They quickly walked over to the sorority house across the campus. They happily chatted by the news of what had been happening since the last time they had seen each other. Becky was taking teaching courses and Kate had decided on nursing so they did not see each other frequently.

They were still talking as they entered the hallway of the sorority house. They were directed to a large sitting room. Most of the new pledges were there. An excited twitter of conversation filled the room as the girls were waiting for the whole pledge class to be gathered.

When they were all there, the pledge committee walked in. The pledges were divided into groups of 5. They were blindfolded and lead away. They entered the basement of the house. It had been set up as a fun house and the girls were given eyeballs ( grapes) and worms (cold spaghetti) to eat and made to crawl through spiders webs (hanging wool) and so forth. It was great fun and all had a good time. After the walk through the "dungeon" they girls were gathered into the upstairs recreation room.

After being given some good drinks and snacks the girls were relaxed and enjoying time with the other sorority pledges. Soon the room was filled with all the sorority members. It had taken a while for some to come after the clean up of the "dungeon."

The president, Gail, got up and said to all, "It is now the final test. One name of a pledge will be drawn out of the hat. She will be chosen to meet the test on behalf of all of you. This girl must accept the experience for all the others." Placing her hand into the hat the selected name emerged and was held up. "The chosen one is Becky Hill. Please come up here."

A very surprised Becky got up off the couch she was sitting on and went to the center of the room. "Becky do you accept the challenge to endure the test for all the rest of the girls?"

Shakily Becky answered, "I guess so," and laughed nervously.

"Ok, good," said Gail. Our next selection is one of the senior members who will perform the test. Again Gail's hand slipped into the hat to take out another name. ‘"Oh, you are in luck, Becky our choice is one of our nursing seniors. You will be well cared for. Serena you have been selected to give Becky the bottoms up initiation enemas." We will select a second pledge to assist Serena. Into the hat went her hand for a third time and out came the name of Katie Downing. "Lucky you, you will be helped by your good friend Kate."

Beck stared. Her ears had heard enema. She must have misheard. She was shocked when she saw the red bag and hose being brought into the room. A rubber sheet, a bedpan, and towels entered in a following parade. Giggles of nervousness broke out all around the room. Beck looked around bewildered. She was thinking this is not possible.

"OK, Becky now this is for all of the pledge class and it is time to show your loyalty to all of us. Remove your jeans and shoes. You can give them to Kate who will take care of them for you."

Becky moved slowly with all those eyes on her she did not know what to say, or to do. She moved toward the table now resting in the middle of the room with everyone seated around it. She had a cold fear in her stomach, and she was shaking. "Are you serious? You mean I have to have an enema, now and in front of everyone?"

"Yes, You are the one who is chosen."

"But…but…I ….really…. this is a joke isn't it…"

"No joke, now come on and get off those jeans." Gail lead Becky closer to the chair that had been placed in the middle of the floor. It was facing the windows.

Serena approached and leaned over to Becky. "I do know how to do this, and you are lucky for that. I will be gentle and you can trust me to make is as easy as possible. Let's just get this over with so we can party again."

Becky's face was now a flaming red as she removed her jeans and her shoes and socks. She was grateful that her panties had not been mentioned, and so she gladly kept them on. She had undressed in locker rooms and never really was too self-conscious, because everyone else was doing the same thing. This was different she thought as she stood alone in the middle of the large room. She was attractive and had a nice shape so that was not the problem. She just was never the only one to be getting out of clothes as everyone else watched. She hung her jeans over the back of the chair.

"First we are going to take your temperature rectally. The temperature of the enema has to be 4 degrees warmer and we have to check to be certain it is right. Come on over here." Gail led Becky to the chair where a seated Serena was waiting.

"All right now over my lap, please Becky."

Becky hesitated, but she reluctantly put herself across the waiting knees. The chair was positioned so that her bottom was going to be viewed by all the people sitting. Serena took her hand and slowly pulled down the panties to about the knees. Now Becky was bare-assed and over Serena's knees in the middle of this room full of girls. Kate then handed Serena a larger than normal thermometer and a jar of petroleum jelly. Serena took the thermometer and scooped a large blob on to the end of the thermometer. Kate then stepped behind the chair and stood over Becky's backside and the nod from Serena, separated the cheeks and displayed the pink rosebud of an anus to all who were looking. The room was silent.

"I'm sure this is not the first time you have had this done. It does not hurt and it only takes a few minutes before the temperature is registered. In it goes." Becky tensed as the thermometer began to push its was into the rectum. "Don't tense up, it only makes things harder in the end."

Laughter burst out in the room. Becky blushed redder than her already red face. There she was with bottom up in the air and all watching. Thirty or more pair of eyes were watching the greatest humiliation. It was only because she wanted to join in with a lot of girls who shared the same interest. Did she really want it this badly. Her thoughts must have been read because Serena commented very softly, "You know in every sorority tonight one girl is going through this. So you are not alone, although you feel that way. I too got the bottoms up treatment." Then louder and to the audience.

"Let's see what temp. you are." Slowly the thermometer was withdrawn.

"Oh great normal temperature. Now Kate check the temp of the fleets we are going to use."

Becky started to get up and pull up her panties, but was quickly prevented from doing that by Serena's firm hands. "Serena the temperature is 103 degrees." Kate answered. "Here's the fleet and its chaser."

Becky looked up pleadingly into Serena's eyes. Serena smiled and said in a calming quiet voice. "It will not be so bad, just relax and it will be done pretty quickly."

With that Becky felt the tip of the enema on her anus again. She lifted her head and looked towards the couch full of girls. Everyone was quiet again and staring at her bottom. Serena lifted her leg under her and it raised her butt up even higher. An accomplice reached to her buns and separated the cheeks. The tip went in. and she felt the warmth of the enema going into her rectum and her bowels. She groaned and went limp over the knees. It was hard to endure the embarrassment and now the cramps that had started. The tip was removed and the bottle opened to let in some air to make its emptying easier.

Once again it went into the bottom and the enema began again. Once that was done, a bottle of the same size of just warm water was inserted. When that was removed, Serena said, "I have a butt plug for you so you can hold the enema. I wish I had had one when I was in your place. It is a small plug that will help you wait the 8 to 10 minutes required." With this Becky felt another well lubricated, but wider thing inserted into her anus." Now all we have to do is to wait for the enema to do its work. "

Becky wanted to get up and end this humiliation quickly, but she was being held in the over the lap position. Also a hand was holding gently on to her put and keeping the plug in place. She gazed at the now animatedly talking witnesses. They seemed to be relaxed and not interested in this prolonged period of waiting. A gentle hand caressed her backside as it waited for the time to pass. Cramps seemed to be getting stronger. "I really need to use the bathroom, can I go now, please Serena?"

"Not just yet. In about 4 more minutes and you can go. Try to relax and it will pass quickly." To Becky it seemed to be hours, but finally she was let go. She stood up and raced to the bathroom down the hall. It felt good to let that go. She was not left alone, however. Serena, Gail and Karen were in there too. After a while she was done. She pulled up the panties she had put on as she raced for the bathroom when leaving the room.

Well she was glad it was over. She smiled at the girls when she came out of the booth. "Well that's over and I am really glad."

"Yes, you have the first one done. And you really did it very well too. Let's go back and join the others," Gail said. She led the way back into the rec. room.

Upon their entrance the full room emptied of upper class sisters and another group entered. They had to take turns in order for the whole sorority to get a chance to see the enema. The table she had seen before was now directly in the middle of the room. It was arranged once again so that the bottom of the table was facing the crowd.

The table had now been covered with the rubber sheet and blankets and towels so that it was not too hard. "Great Becky , now up on the table. Lie on your left side, please." Serena's calm voice broke into the thoughts in Becky's head and her tone did reassure her somewhat She sat on the table looking around her at all the people. " I'll be glad to change places with anyone who would like to do this instead of me." Becky looked around her and smiled. No one else was going to step forward. Reluctantly she lay down on her side. A pillow was put under her head. This time her panties were pulled down but they did not stop at the knees, but were completely removed. Her hole and reddish blonde hairy pussy was on display.

"If you can't see, feel free to move to a place with a better view." Gail's voice sounded in the very quiet room. "Ok, now Becky I am going to get started. The next enema you are going to have will be with the inflatable nozzle inflatable nozzle. You are going to feel a bigger nozzle, so I am going to lubricate you with a finger to make it easier to insert."

Becky then felt hands on her bottom. Kate was quietly asked to help by spreading Becky's cheeks and a finger began to gently move in circles around her hole. In all actuality it felt pretty good to have that motion over her sensitive hole. She was being lured into calmness. Then Becky gasped as she felt the finger enter her and push through into the rectum. It moved around and then slowly was withdrawn. The hush of the room was deafening as this was being done. Luckily Becky could not see any faces because she was turned away from the crowd. Then she felt a nozzle even larger than the finger that had just been removed enter her with a pretty firm twist and pressure. She was embarrassed because her feeling of the entrance and movement of the finger felt rather interesting and a little bit stimulating. Much to her dismay, she could feel her pussy getting juicier.

"Now you are going to feel a little pressure as I inflate the balloon. Hold on." Serena moved her head close to see how every thing was fitting. There was some movement of the nozzle in and out to be sure the position was correct. That felt very nice to Becky and she was even becoming somewhat aroused by it. Then the inflation was begun. It was pressure all right. It really felt strange and a bit uncomfortable in her rear. She squirmed as the second balloon was inflated. Yikes. It felt very odd and at the same time good to feel her rectum filled by this new nozzle.

"I am going to wait for you to get just a little more comfortable with this inside you, then I am going to start the flow." She stood up to allow others in the room to have an unobstructed view of her backside with the inflated balloons. Becky looked at her audience and saw them smiling and talking quietly to each other. The room was small enough to give everyone a view of her ass as it was on display.

"Ok, now here goes the 3 quarts of water." With that the warmth of the water began to enter her body. The pressure began shortly after. Becky was unhappy with the cramps that followed. "You know that this is very uncomfortable. Please let me up and go to the bathroom!!"

"Just relax, Becky. Roll over on your back and I will massage your stomach and it will help you a bit." Becky reluctantly did what she was told. Now on her back her whole pussy and ass were on view, but the cramps were so intense she just did not care how many eyes were on her; she needed help. The massage did really help her feel better. The acute sense of urgency passed as water moved up higher into the colon. It soothed her. The bag was not hung too high over Becky's bottom, so the flow was not too strong. It was not too long after that when the bag was empty.

"Well the bag is now empty, Becky. We just need you to wait for 10 minutes to be certain that the water is rinsing out the first enema's residue."

Ten minutes that seemed impossible. She had cramping and urge to go to the bathroom immediately. She felt that her tonsils had to be afloat. She was rolled on to her stomach and urged to tense her cheek muscles to help keep the enema in. She felt the waves of dire need to expel the enema and then the quieting of the spasm. It was quite a long time before she started to relax a bit and time seemed to make the spasms less.

Finally she was allowed up to go to the bathroom. She expected the nozzle to be taken out, but instead Kate and Serena walked her to the bathroom holding the now empty bag. Once she was positioned over the toilet the outer balloon was deflated and then the inner one. The nozzle came out immediately along with the first of the enema. It took time to empty the enema, but Becky felt really good once it was all out. She wished the enema had been more private and less public, but it was not so bad.

When she came out of the stall, Kate was there with her panties and jeans. Quickly she put them on. At least she was not going to be naked anymore. Serena came up and hugged her and said, "Oddly enough I have learned to enjoy a good cleansing enema. If you want to give me one, I will let you and if you want to try this again in a more private setting, it can be arranged. I like to go out with my boyfriend, Phil, on special nights when I am all clean inside."

Becky nodded. In her own head she thought she might take Serena up on it, because it did feel good. She walked into the rec. room again. She was met with a round of applause and it embarrassed her. One of the other pledges thanked her on behalf of all the others for having endured the test for them. They were all glad it was her and not them and told her how brave she had been. Little did they know it started out that way, but felt really sexy towards the end of the ordeal. Her new sorority sisters came up and hugged her. All of the pledges one by one came up to her and thanked her for taking the test for them. Enemates of the past years came up and shared their own feelings and exposure. She was glad to hear them confess of their mixed feelings.

Others of course made comments about how happy they were it was not them and joked about not being full of shit and all that kind of pun. Becky got special cake brought in with a large enema bag on it. Other pledges waited on her, bringing her chips and dip along with more than one piece of delicious chocolate cake. She felt pretty good about it all. She was also told that she would be guaranteed a room at the sorority house next year. It was a nice compensation for the awful embarrassment. She knew that the rooms were at a premium and much sought after. That was an unexpected benefit. She would probably take advantage of it.

Long after she and Kate had returned to the dorm and she was quietly waiting for sleep to overtake her she thought about the whole evening. It was quite an initiation. It was a night neither Kate nor Becky would ever forget. She wondered who the other girls on campus pledging other sororities were? She wondered if she would ever learn who her fellow enemates were. New thoughts of the pleasure of the feelings of getting the enema entered her head as she was going off to sleep.

Mmm it really felt good and perhaps being exposed like that also had a bit of excitement to it as well. She would take Serena up on the giving and getting of an enema at another time and place.

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