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Big House Water Girls

by Anal Al

Sara looked out the window bars of the van. Miles and miles of trees had passed by for the past several hours. She had been sentenced 2 days ago by a jury for felony cocaine possession with intent to distribute. "It's easy money" her boyfriend had told her. She had to admit it was easier than trying to make a living as a waitress, hooker, cleaning lady or courier. That is until the bust. Now she was here with 14 other women and 2 guards being transported to women's prison. They were going to a place called Angola Women's Prison. It was deep in the backwoods of Louisiana.

Sara had heard stories for some of the repeat offenders that AWP was affectionately called Always Water Packed. She had asked around but no one would tell her why. ‘Virgin' was their most common response to her queries. This being Sara's third offense for drugs she was now being sent to prison for 9 years. Not that she was a junkie, she had only tried the product once and decided that she wanted no part of it. Although she enjoyed an occasional joint every now and then she pretty much didn't mess with drugs. Not to say that she hadn't enjoyed the lifestyle of a drug dealer.

At the end of the 3 hour ride from parish jail to the prison the van passed through a checkpoint. There were the usual double fences with dogs between and guard towers everywhere. An escape wasn't on her mind. She would just serve her time and then quietly find some man to take care of her. Currently 26 she figured she would keep herself in shape until 35 without too much trouble so she could snag Mr. Sugar Daddy when she got out.

Upon arrival at the prison the prisoners were led out, shackled two by two, into the processing area. Here they were unshackled and made to strip. The obligatory cavity search, lice spraying and shower followed. Issued a simple dress, bra but no panties the prisoners were also issued simple canvas shoes. Next the prisoners were led to the permanent shackling area. Here they were fitted with heavy iron wrist and ankle shackles and a matching iron collar. Each wrist piece weighed some 4 pounds and the ankle pieces weight 9 each. The collar was 12 pounds. So each woman left weighing 38 pounds heavier. The restraint equipment was mandatory and was bolted on with recessed hex set screws. No make-do tools would get them off.

To discourage the shackles being used as a weapon the women were informed that the consequences of fighting would be dealt with severely. Any resultant death of another prisoner would buy the perpetrator an automatic life sentence.

Sara was deposited into her cell. Another woman was on the bottom bunk. Sara introduced herself and found out that the woman's name was Josie and had been there for 6 months already on a 20 year sentence. She had killed her husband and his lover and then accidentally killed the entire neighbor family when she torched the house where her cheating mate had been which caught the neighbors on fire too. Sara took the top bunk and tried to get used to the shackles.

"No use in you fidgeting. Ain't gonna help girl. You will get used to them soon enough." Josie said hearing Sara trying to get comfortable with the iron.

"Josie, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure girl, don't go getting high on me with thems manners. Ask away, not many secrets here."

"Why do they call this place always water packed?"

With a chuckle her new friend replied, "Cause you's always got a load of water in you."

"What do you mean?'

"Haven't you ever had an enema?"

"Well, yes. I had one with both of my children. Had another one for a stomach exam too." Sara said trying to make the connection.

"Well those's different. Them was little and you got to let them out."

"I don't understand."

"It's like this girl: Around here you get a butt full for just about anything you do wrong and then any other time they feel like it. I've got a full load right now."

"You're holding an enema!?!"

"Sure am honey. Had it for about 2 hours now. It quit hurting so bad about an hour ago. Helps once you start peeing." Josie said.

"I don't understand."

"It hurts. It is punishment. Doesn't leave any marks either."

"The ones I have had hurt some but I wouldn't call them punishment. Then again I didn't have to hold them two hours either." Sara said, beginning to get worried.

"Try taking 3 quarts worth with some soap in it and you'll think different girl."

"Why did they do that to you?"

"Because I dawdled in the shower too long."

"Oh my God. They punish you for something like that? Did they just do it to you there or what?"

"Course not. They took me to the room and filled me up. They don't go around carrying bags or anything. They take you to a punishment room and then strap you to the wall. You'll find out soon enough that them shackles make for very quick work. Then they grease you with the tampax and jet you. Slam a plug in and you're on your way. Takes less than five minutes most times."

"Oh God. I've heard about butt plugs but never experienced one. One of my tricks did me in the ass once and I hurt like hell for a week." Sara said.

"'bout the same the first few times."

"Oh God. Why don't you just take the plug out and let some out? They don't measure what you let out do they?"

"No, course not sweetie. ‘cept there is no taking these plugs out. They put one in you and it expands. You think you're gonna die the first time one pops out inside of you. Feels like it is tearing you apart. It expands inside and then locks. Only a guard with a key can take one out."

"Oh God!"

"You'll get used to it."

"How long do you have to hold it?"

"I got this one after 6 and before 10 so I'll be holding it all night."

"Oh God!"

"If you get one in the morning before lunch and you don't fuck up the rest of the day they'll usually let it out after supper. Makes for a great weight loser too. You'll see. Most girls here is skinny cause you don't feel like eating with a gut full of water." Josie said.

"What happens if you already have one and mess up again?" Sara asked, fearing the worst.

"Then you get more. The plugs contain a one way valve so they can add more. Of course the second one usually contains just as much water and usually has soap or something else in it. Usually the second one is it since you are chained to the wall getting it for a while and can't fuck up again other than cussing ‘em out."

"Why a while?"

"Because it takes much longer for the second bag to get in once you already got a butt full riding you."

"Surely you'll cuss the guards the first few times just out of desperation?"

"Of course then you'll get the gag too. You don't want that. Then they have you plugged both ends and usually pump something into your stomach from the top. Usually it is some stuff that gives you a bellyache. If you're there long enough and give them enough of a fight they'll pump your own piss down your throat."

"Oh God."

"And it goes up from there. I've had a full gallon before and a whipping including a bladder full of lemon juice. Hurts like hell and by the time they finish with you all you want to do is curl up and be left alone."

"That is torture!"

"Sure it is but doesn't leave very many marks. Whipping of prisoners is ok in this state. They usually stay to your butt and legs. Occasionally they'll stray to your twat. Oh yeah before I forget. When you shave your legs and underarms you better shave your twat too."

"Why?" Sara asked.

"Because if they strap you in for a session and you have pussy hair they yank it off with bikini wax. Hurts like hell. Leave you itching for days too. Better to be bushless. Most girls here are except for Leslie."

"Who is Leslie."

"Resident dyke. Had her bush yanked off a dozen times I hear. If she gets hold of you you had better eat her good. She likes fresh young things like you. Just lucky you ain't black like me. She likes black girls eating her even more than whities. And if she decides to water you, better drink up. She knows a few of the guards well enough to get you stretched." Josie said and gave out a soft painful moan.

"What is stretched?"

"That is where they rack you and stretch your hole for about a week."

"I've taken some pretty big guys."

"Wrong hole stupid. Your ass. Time they get finished with you Leslie can fist you without any blood. They shoot you up with something and keep you opened night and day for a week."

"Have you ever had that?"

"Lordie no child! I keep myself clear of Leslie. Had to lap her once and she gave me a drink. I was sick all day but beats hell out of getting stretched."

"Thanks for the information Josie. Just let me know what to do not to fuck up."

"That is easy. Do what you are told, when you are told and don't give anyone any shit about it."

"I've never done hard time before."

"I can tell child. Goodnight. Try to get some sleep, it may be the last non waterlogged night you have for a while."

"Goodnight Josie."


Sara awoke to the screaming of a woman across the hall. She surreptitiously watched pretending to be asleep. Two guards dragged the woman out of her cell. Sara had no idea of what time it was but could have guessed easily it was after 3pm and certainly before sunrise.

"Josie?" she whispered.

"Don't you be worrying about it girl. Your time will come soon enough. They is going to give her somethin' to think about tonight. She shanked a girl yesterdays and now has to pay tha price. Go back to sleep."

Sara tried but could not return to sleep. She thought about the screaming and had thoughts of the woman being strapped to a wall and enema'd and whipped mercilessly for hours. How right she was she did not know.

The thoughts were her undoing however. In the morning the guards opened the door and removed Josie's plug. Josie was emptying out the contents of the prior nights enema when the morning meal march started. Josie hurried up and then tried to roust Sara. The lack of sleep made the new girl very difficult to rouse. Josie shook her and dragged Sara outside the cell. Sara's lack of sleep didn't miss the guards notice however. Sara was still yawning when the guards walked by and one of them took note of her number and told her to report for training after breakfast.

"Shit girl, you done it now." Josie said.

"What did I do?"

"You done earned yourself a training session. Best go light on breakfast cause you going to lose it." Josie said just before the line turned and marched out, cutting off further conversation.

Sara marched in silence to the cafeteria. She sat at a table where Josie motioned for her to sit and ate quietly. No talking was allowed during meals. She was seated near three other women about her age. One asian, a black girl and a hispanic girl.

Remembering some of the rules in the rule book the night before she cleaned her plate and waited until the bell. Then on the way out she raised her hand in line.

"What?" the guard snarled.

"I was told to report for training after breakfast."

"End of the hall, turn left, room 6." The guard pointed.

"Thank-you mam." Sara said.

She quietly walked down the hallway being watched by two guards, one either end of the hall. Upon reaching the end she could hear moaning from some of the rooms. Turning left not being under any further orders to not do so she proceeded down the hall looking at the numbers on the door. Arriving at the door to room 6 she knocked. No answer. She looked left at the guard who just motioned for her to enter.

Slowly opening the door she went into the room. The lights were on. A metal table was in the center of the room with obvious tie down points all around it. She closed the door and stood and waited. A clock was on the wall, it was now 8:30 in the morning. No equipment was on the counters but there were various hooks and some whips and paddles along one wall. One wall had various tie points. There were several drains on the floor. The room had a faint antiseptic odor to it which masked the danker foul odor or a dirty restroom. A water hose was coiled up on the wall rack.

At 8:45 a guard walked in. "This is your first training session." She said looking at a clipboard.

"Yes mam."

"Upon arrival to a training room you will strip and put you clothes on the bench and wait." The guard barked.

Sara quickly removed her clothes and folded them on the bench. She then waited, her hands at her sides.

The guard took a small footstool and placed it near the wall. "Step up." After Sara had stepped upon the stool the guard took another stool and attached Sara's wrist shackles to hooks high up on the wall. As Sara expected the guard kicked the stool out from under her, leaving Sara hanging by her wrists, her bare breasts dragging on the stone wall.

Sara felt a probe of her anus then suddenly everything started getting warm. She turned slightly to see a large black enema bag hanging to her side. It was obvious to her that it was emptying into her ass. After she thought that the pressure was going to keep building forever she heard the sucking sound of the bottom of the bag.

"Hold it." Was all the guard said and abruptly yanked the nozzle from Sara's ass eliciting a sharp gasp from the prisoner.

Suddenly Sara heard a sharp crack and her ass exploded into fire! That was followed by many more. Sara began screaming as each fall of the whip set her ass ablaze in a new spot. When the guard stopped she kept screaming from the pain. As she settled down into hiccuppy tears she realized that she had forgotten about the large enema she held.

"Release" was all she heard from the guard. Not wanting to disobey and also because now that the pain of the whipping was subsiding she realized just how badly she needed to go she let the enema fly. She could hear the splash-plops as the pressure inside subsided.

After a little while Sara felt herself being probed by an enema tip again. She glanced back to see what looked like a 3qt bag mounted to the hook. Thankfully the earlier cleansing had made more room as she now took the entire bag without stopping. Once finished the guard quickly changed the tip out with an anal plug. Sara was unclipped from the wall mounts and allowed to slump to the floor. The guard hosed her off with a garden hose and then threw Sara a towel.

"You're done for now, put your clothes on and report to work." The guard barked.

Sara quietly complied, stretching her panties which she had found in her cell, over her very full belly. As she waddled down the hallway she was watched by the guards carefully. Reporting to the prison farm yard she was given a hoe and pointed to the work gang now tilling the field. It was hot outside and the heat of the water inside made her break into a sweat immediately. She could feel her belly sloshing as she walked to the corn rows.

"Over there." A guard pointed to where she wanted Sara to work.

Sara tilled for half and hour until the urge to pee overcame her. She raised her hand and tried to get the attention of one of the guards. Finally after some frantic waving one of the guards came over to see what she wanted.

"Whaddy you want?"

"I need to urinate very badly."

"So go."

"Where?" Sara asked.

"Where you're standing‘ll do." The guard said and waited.

Sara carefully removed her panties and put them in her pocket and looked around.

"Won't do you no good to wait, it'll just get worse." The guard said.

Sara let loose standing up. The pee splashed on the ground and made mud. It trickled down her legs and ran between her toes. Satisfied that Sara was finished the guard left. Sara went back to work, not bothering to put her panties on. As she worked and surreptitiously watched she noticed other girls going as well.

It was nearing lunch time and Sara wondered just how much longer she would have to hold the full load she had. Near the end of a corn row one of the guards approached her.

"Bend over and pull up."

Sara bent over and pulled up her dress. The guard reached around behind her and unlocked the buttplug. It was unceremoniously yanked from her sore ass. "Release" the guard said as she walked away. Sara let it fly right there in front of everyone who cared to watch, which was thankfully not too many people. As the last of the water drained out of her she noticed 3 other women releasing water in the field. At least it was good for the crops.

At lunch the women were given a box lunch and pointed to a tree to sit under. The lunch consisted of a BLT sandwich and a bag of chips. Prune juice was the beverage. Sara was amused that the prison should serve prune juice here, the least needed place in the universe – or so she thought.

After lunch was finished it was another hard afternoon hoeing. Sara's hands had blisters on them. On the way in all of the women were given a quick finger inspection of the vaginas. No exceptions.

Inside the dining hall Sara was motioned over to a table by Josie. "I see you got the treatment this morning. ‘told you ‘wouldn't be long!"

"It was bad. My ass hurts. Inside and out. My hands have blisters and I ache all over."

"Get used to it honey, there ain't nuthin' else"

On the way to the cell block Sara saw a tall blond girl. She thought the girl looked like a dyke. She carefully averted her gaze. The girls were taken two by two to a shower at the end of the cell block floor. Sara revered the feel of the warm water on her tired body. She washed her hair and was just letting the water flow over her when the guards came in. She felt the sting of a whip across her naked wet body.

"Get out of there." The larger of the guards barked, "time you learned to obey the rules."

"Please, don't. I'm sorry I took too long." Sara pleaded as they attached a chain to her wrist shackles.

They marched her though the cell block to the punishment area. "You'll learn to take a shower and be quick about it. We ain't here for your pleasure – you'll learn that soon enough."

Once inside the punishment room they attached her to a cross bar on an overhead pulley and hoisted her up until her feet just touched the floor. Next a cross bar was attached between her legs, effectively spreading them open.

"Please don't" she begged.

"Shut up!" the guard barked.

"Better learn the rules little girl." The guard said slapping some hot bikini wax on Sara's bush. "this has got to go."

Sara cried at the revelation. She knew what Josie had told her was true. She was about to experience the pain of having her pubic hair yanked off. Sara knew just as soon as it was dried it would happen. The guards pressed a piece of burlap into her wax saturated bush.

"Might as well fill her up while we're waiting." One of the guards said, by now there were only 3 in the room.

Sara felt her ass cheeks being spread apart. Then something large, slimy and bristly was pushed into her clenched anus. It was twirled around a second and then yanked out. She watched as one of the guards filled a gallon sized enema bag to the brim. Soap bubbles welled up in the opening. The guard let the air out of the tube and Sara got a glimpse of the tip. The tip was some inch and a half in diameter and at least 7 inches long. It was shaped something like a penis. The guard went behind her and she felt the large intruder inside of her in an instant. She didn't even have time to think about it before the warm soapy water began to flow. Sara continued to cry knowing that she was about to be in some pain from the enema and had yet to feel the yank of her pubic hair.

She filled quickly and her ass was stretched open wide. Any attempt to clench her cheeks was only met by pain. She had to endure the penetration and just allow herself to be filled up by the enema.

Finally she heard the sucking sound of the bag empty. Then a click of the hose and her sphincter stretched once again as the tip exited. A small dribble escaped before she could clamp down on her sore ass.

"I didn't tell you to let any out bitch."

Another guard shoved a large plug into Sara's poor abused asshole and released the mechanism. Sara could feel the monster swelling inside of her. The pain from the expanding plug was far worse than the cramps from the soapy water and she screamed out.

"That's right little bitch, get used to it. Your ass is ours."

After nearly twenty strokes of the paddle Sara could only babble, her throat too sore to talk. Then a searing pain in her pussy as the hair was yanked off of it.

"Next time you'll read the rules and obey. Shave that cunt. Be quicker in the shower. And quit your whining. We do NOT tolerate any whining."

"Yes mam." Sara mumbled, the tears running down her face.

She was taken back to her cell and tossed in. Josie had mercy on her and helped her into the bunk. Sara didn't know which was worse, lying on her back with her burning ass on the wool blanket or trying to lie on her water logged stomach and sore snatch. She cried most of the night. Sleep was a series of nightmares.


In the morning Josie woke Sara up early to make sure that Sara was awake when the guards came. Right on schedule the guard came and unlocked the plug in poor Sara's abused asshole. Sara sat and allowed the soapy stinging mess flow from her ass. It was quite painful. She felt lightheaded from the effects of the water.

"Now you know what a full gallon sleeps like. Better learn quick or your ass is in for more. They like to watch you like a hawk just after punishment. Any little fuck up and you are back in there." Josie said.

"Thanks Josie."

Sara did pretty good, even managing to sit down to eat without too much wiggling and she cleaned her plate. Back in the fields her sore hands hurt so bad she cried. Every stroke of the hoe wearing a new spot on the raw skin of the burst blisters. She had forgotten about the calluses now forming beneath the shackles.

In the afternoon a thundershower formed and it began to rain. The guards pulled all of the inmates into the tool barn and made them sit on the floor. Leslie was sitting directly behind Sara and began to play with the young girls hair.

"You is sure a pretty thing. If you get lonely you just let Leslie know and I will take care of you real good."

Sara didn't say anything. One of the guards was looking directly at Sara when Leslie pulled her back and forced her to lay on the ground. The guard just winked at Sara. Leslie pushed Sara down flat and then hunched up over Sara's face. Leslie didn't have any panties on as Sara discovered. She smelt the dirty smell of an unwashed twat. Leslie just sat down on her face.

Sara nearly gagged as her nose was almost in Leslie's asshole. Leslie stroked Sara's breasts and then reached a hand under the new girls dress and began to finger her twat. "Eat up little girl, only the best for you."

Sara resisted and tried to get away. Leslie just punched her in the gut very hard and knocked the wind out of Sara. Then again and again Leslie punched Sara in the stomach. "Eat me little bitch." Leslie whispered.

Sara took a tentative lick and Leslie quit hitting her. Her stomach hurt and she could hardly breath. The stench of Leslie's ass made her want to throw up. She licked the blond dyke though and kept it up until Leslie had a little orgasm.

"You are a lousy lay." Leslie said and shoved Sara out from under her.

After the rain subsided the guards took the prisoners back to the cell block. They were given a chance to shower before supper. Sara made quick work of it this time and even managed to shave the remaining few hairs off of her pussy. She looked down and it was all red from the rough treatment by the dyke and from the razor. She looked like a little girl without her bush.

Sara watched in the mess hall as two girls got into a fight. The guards just stood there watching to make sure it didn't get deadly but otherwise let the girls go at it for a while. When both parties were exhausted they were hauled off to punishment.

Sara cleaned up her plate and returned to her cell. Josie had done something and was holding another half a gallon. Sara and Josie talked about their pasts for a few minutes and then tried to get some sleep.

In the morning Sara awoke to a stopped up nose. She blew it out in the wash basin and woke Josie up. "Better try not to let them know you are sick. How bad is it?"

"Not too bad yet. Probably the cold rain yesterday."

"Could be the water too. The stuff they use on you around here has stuff in it that gets you sick the first few months. If they find out you are sick you go to isolation or the infirmary."

"Why do I have the feeling that I don't want to go there?"

"'cause you don't. Isolation isn't too bad but you don't get to see anybody. Just a mat, toilet, sink and the cell. Nothing to do but be sick. The infirmary is where they get to strap you on the table and work on you. If they didn't give you a medical at county then you'll get one there. Full deal. Of course the usual cure for the common cold is lots of enemas. And if you have fever it's cold ones. If you don't it's hot ones. Either way lots of enemas. So how was Leslie?"

"I've had worse."

"Good, at least you aren't pissed about it. Was she mad at you?"

"I don't know. She said I was a lousy lay. She stunk so bad."

"Did she give you a drink?

"Nope." Sara said.

"Well that's good. But I guess I had better tell you before you find out that I heard that the warden wants to spin you."

"Spin me? What's that?"

"That is where they give you some alcohol and then put you on a rotating wheel and spin you until you throw up. Then they clean you up and the warden gets to play games with you."

"That just sounds real fun." Sara said sarcastically.

"Well, sorry but I thought you should know."


"They usually talk about it for a few days before they do it."

That day Sara didn't clean her plate good enough and got to carry two quarts with her into the fields to work. The pulled her butt plug out after lunch and she watered the fields.

At supper the server gave her four hot dogs instead of the usual two. Everyone else had two. Josie told her that they were stocking her up because tonight was the night. Sara was going to be spun.

After supper the guards took her to a punishment room. The room had a large rotating wheel in it and Sara was fastened to it securely. She was then given a three quart enema which really burned.

"Enjoy that one little pig. You got a full fifth of thunderbird in you now."

Sara began to feel lightheaded from the wine. The plug was in her firmly and none was going to get out. She got the full effect of the alcohol. A few minutes later they began to spin the wheel she was on. Over and over and over and over and over and over …. Finally Sara vomited violently and it went everywhere. Yet still the wheel continued to spin.

The guards finally stopped it when they saw she wasn't going to throw up any more. The plug was released and she let the contents of her bowel shoot out into the floor drain. Then a four quart soapy enema was injected into her at a high rate and she threw up again. That enema was released and a final three quart one was inserted and plugged up. She was hosed down and then taken to the warden's private playroom – still naked.

Sara had gotten used to being naked since she seemed to be being punished so often. It was certainly true enough what Josie had said. The warden and an assistant strapped Sara down to a table. Sara began to cough and the warden frowned. "Dammit, she is sick!" She called one of the guards in and questioned the guard about why they weren't taking care of Sara better.

Sara watched from the table as the guard had her dress pulled up and her panties down for a quick thirty strokes of a whip. Crying she took the prisoner with her to the infirmary.

"Damned bitch is sick and didn't tell anyone. Give her the full treatment, the warden wanted to play with her and can't and my ass hurts."

"Ok Shelly, no problem." The sadistic looking nurse said as Sara was strapped to a table, face down.

The table was stainless steel in the middle of the room. The nurse first took blood from the back of Sara's leg. Next the plug was removed and Sara noticed that it didn't hurt as much as it used to. She was getting stretched and used to it. Two more 3 quart enemas later she was ready.

The nurse took a colonoscope and started feeding it into Sara. It was twisted about often and forcefully to produce maximum discomfort. Sara began to cry at the wiggling monster inside of her belly. "There now, does that feel bad!" the nurse would say and twist the controls, making the snake wiggle more. Sara could feel it already at the right side of her. The nurse tired of that and left the room, with five feet of scope still stuck inside of Sara's colon.

Every so often Sara would doze off and the nurse would return and wiggle the monster some more until Sara began to cry again. Sometime in the wee hours of the morning the scope was yanked from Sara's sore ass.

Sara awoke to her ass being stretched by the large nozzle the nurse, a different one than last night, was inserting into her. The nurse finished and opened the clamp on the bag. A gurgle as the remaining of the trapped air shot into Sara's sore colon and she began to fill. During the day she was given several more enemas and a few whippings. That evening she was pronounced fit and returned to the warden's office playroom.

The warden came in alone and examined Sara who was tied to the wall, face out. "Well, well I see you are all better now." The warden, a rather stocky dyke took Sara down and led her by a leash to a low table. Here she was seated and the warden attached the anklets to the legs of the bench. The warden pushed Sara back and attached her arms to the other two legs, rather awkward and uncomfortable. Sara realized just how exposed she was, even though her ass wasn't the obvious target this time.

"Time for a little drink, isn't it." The warden shucked the panties and squatted over Sara's mouth and let fly. Sara, having been warned recently drank all that the warden gave her, aware she would be punished most severely for not complying. The warden, seemingly satisfied played with Sara's nipples and then stroked the smooth mons of the prisoner.

The warden then took a 3 quart bag down from the hook and put half a bottle of what looked like blue mouthwash into the bag. She topped it off and then attached the hose. The nozzle was a large dildo type nozzle shaped like a penis. She greased it with something from a jar that didn't have a label on it. Unsnapping one of Sara's ankle shackles the prisoner obligingly raised her leg, knowing full well that the warden wanted access to her sore asshole.

The nozzle slipped in easier than Sara would have hoped for and began to burn. "Notice it already huh?" The warden asked and hung the bag on a hook. She then attached Sara's leg onto the bench again. "Nice and warm, ain't it?" The warden unclipped the stop on the bag. "Now you just lie back and fill up while you enjoy the ginger mint grease that the guards make up real special for the prisoners." The warden snickered and watched Sara's discomfort mounting as the burning mouthwash began to clean her inside.

Nine years of this, was all that Sara could think about as her asshole was on fire and her belly was following suit. Soon the 3 quart bag sucked dry and the warden snapped the clip shut and left. She soon returned with a large body massager and began to massage Sara's distended belly. Sara didn't know if that was worse than the burning in her asshole from the ginger.

Sara clenched her ass tight to hold in the burning liquid knowing worse would happen to her if she allowed it to escape. The warden stopped after half an hour. Sara was unclipped from the bench and led to the toilet, too weak to do anything else. The contents of her bowel spewed forth into the toilet. She was lightheaded from the alcohol in the mouthwash and didn't really care that her ass was on fire.

A guard came in and gave Sara a simple two quart enema and plugged her up with a red dildo plug with a black tail. This signified that Sara was the personal playtoy of the warden and all of her activities would be reported. Such was her life for the next nine years.

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