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Bisexual Outdoor Enema

I've been out of the closet a couple of years now. I don't make a point to tell everyone I meet, as I still like to date men.

It was Sunday and my room mate Dina asked if my tummy ache and headache were resolved. I told her no, and I was supposed to go on a hike in the forest that afternoon. "No problem Heady, I can give you a Fleets enema and you will be fine in an hour or so."

"For real? I haven't had an enema since I was a little girl, it was from my mother, I got them 3 times a week for health."

"Strip from the waste down and lie on the bathroom floor, trust me." So I did as I was told, and it felt so erotic when she had me subdued with the enema nozzle that was penetrating my rectum. Oh gosh it made my pussy tingle and twitch.

I couldn't help moaning, "Oh this is making me so horny.", I told Dina. She said she would give me some relief. Literally. She sucked my nipple and told me to be sure to hold all the fluid she was squeezing up my ass. Then she diddled my clit and I cried, "finger! put fingers up me please!" She inserted 2 fingers up my pussy and continued to play with my tits. Anticipating that I was close to cumming, she put a finger up my bottom like a butt plug and told me to "go ahead and cum". I couldn't help but cum, being as my bottom was full of the Fleets enema and her finger was pumping my ass. I came violently, shaking and crying as I went. When I calmed down, she helped me up to the toilet. I expelled, and in a couple of minutes I felt like going to my hiking spot.

I'm feminine looking, but in blue jeans for hiking, my cute bottom is shown off nicely.

I sat at a picnic table looking at a hiking trail map and sipping water. A nice man about 20 years old came over with his beautiful Golden Retriever and we struck up a conversation. We must've sat there for over an hour. Finally I told him, "Nice chatting but I need to go. Its going to get dark in a couple of hours. Care to join me?"

He said he would love to go with me. I told him how much I liked his handsome cuddly dog.

After awhile on the trail, I felt very horny again, and we were making jokes, with sexual innuendo. He pulled 2 brewski's from his back pack, and watered his dog too. "Care to have a beer with me?" "Id love to", I replied to Harrold. Harrold had a construction company and was taking some much needed time off.

Soon we were just sitting behind a huge rock drinking our beer so no hikers could see it if they passed by (beer in the park was illegal.) We saw a young couple approach on the trail, they stopped for a minute to neck. With a smile Harold leaned over and kissed my cheek. I kissed him back, and next thing I knew he lay me on the grassy earth and kissed my face and neck and lips. I was wet. I felt good about this adventure I was having with the stranger I had met. He was old enough to be firm and dominant with me the way I like. He was gentle enough that he did not hurt or scare me. Soon he spread out a thin blanket from his back pack and pulled down his pants. His cock was at attention. I started to lower my jeans, he took control and pulled off my jeans, and Reeboks. "I love a girl who wears no panties." He nibbled his way down to my pussy and ate me good, sucking my clit till I came. I tried not to alert other hikers.

"Oh God Harold you're good, I would like you to fuck me." And he did, and I came, but he didn't.

"Honey, would you mind if I put my erection in your bottom? You have a lovely ass."

"Oh yes", I told him, "while I'm horny, do me there, I've always wanted to try it"....

"But first I need to give you an enema," he said calmly with a confident smile. I assumed the position, hands and knees. "No honey, over my lap." I nearly came just hearing him say that. The smells of the woods, the angle of the sun, the beauty of the canopy shade, the wonders all around us enriched me. But I couldn't see how he would give me an enema. All he had were some long neck Budweisers. Is that what he was going to do? I got squirmy. "All right Honey, now hold still, this is a disposable oil enema, it will lube you up, and I can just slip my penis right up your cute tushie, it should be very nice for your first time, are you scared?"

"No, I'm not, go right ahead, I mean, yes give me the oil enema."

He put some oil on my anal ring and massaged me there till my pussy was dripping cum on his lap, then pushed the nozzle in my ass and I filled with warm slippery oil. It was so erotic. I hadn't had an enema since I was 10, and now I had had two in one afternoon.

"I'm gonna lay you over this log my little Pretty, don't expel the enema." Sure enough he picked me up and lay me over a small log. He fingered my tits, pussy and ass. I saw him take his penis in hand and rub it and pull on it till he inserted himself in my anal sphincter.

"Oh", I moaned. He bobbed in and out till he got my rectum all relaxed and accepting his hard man meat. Then I asked him to shove it in hard. It hurt. He chuckled and said, "See why I'm taking my time?" Finally he must've decided it was time for me to be deflowered back there, as he began fucking the daylights out of my ass. His oily, gleaming prick fucked me mercilessly, as he pinched my nipples or diddled my clit, whatever he felt like doing. I was delirious. I felt high. I felt horny I was on the edge.

Finally I said, "Shoot your hot cum in me real deep, I have to have it NOW.!" And cum he did. He fucked me two more times at that location. Sometimes penetrating my pussy sometimes fucking my ass. I was all used up when he got done with me.

Then it got dusky and then he walked me to the car. We told each other what a wonderful time we had had and then vowed to meet here every other Sunday for a hike and some sex. He had lots of wonderful stories and advice for me. He brought lots of wonderful toys for me to make me horny. Once we used a double dildo, each end went into one of our asses, as he would lay atop me fucking my greased up bottom or pussy.

Every time we meet I get a soapy enema at home, and Harold gives me an oil Fleets disposable on location. Sometimes he uses a butt plug to keep it in me. Sometimes he does my enema next to the trail, with me just bending over. The thrill of getting caught makes us hard.

Once we couldn't wait to get into the woods so he laid the front seats back in his big Cadillac and I pulled up my dress and had me sit on him for a rocket ride. Harold was fun.

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