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Bottom Please Mrs. Thomas

I was getting nervous sitting in the waiting room. My regular OB/Gyn had referred me to this doctor. You see after my husband tried to have anal sex with me and couldn't because it hurt too much I went to the doctor to see what I could do to have anal sex. She did the usual exam and referred me to this clinic.

"Mrs. Thomas?" I stood up to the nurse that called my name. I took a deep breath as I followed the nurse to the back of the clinic. I had been told to allow at least three hours for the appointment which made me even more apprehensive.

"Please step in here...the doctor will be with you shortly."

The room was small with a desk and two chairs and on the walls were pictures of the anus, rectum and colon along with a view of the male and female anatomy.

From the other side of the desk a tall, older, balding man stepped into the room and sat down opposite me.

"Mrs. Thomas, I'm doctor Will. Short for Williams, please tell me what brings you here today."

I explained about my mishap with my husband and how I wanted to have anal sex with him but as soon as he entered me I screamed out in pain and he had to pull out. I explained that my regular doctor had told me to come here.

As I explained he was writing in a chart. He asked no questions but continued to write after I was finished. I sat there watching him for a few minutes. He then stood up.

"Well Mrs. Thomas I will need to do a full exam on you before I suggest a treatment plan....Please wait here and a nurse will be with you shortly." He placed the file in a slot on the door and left .

I sat there waiting in the small room. I wondered what a full exam would consist of as I looked at the pictures of the digestive system.

"Mrs. Thomas would you please come with me." A nurse was standing at the door behind me. I got up and followed her down a hall. She had a rubber apron on along with a face mask that was now pulled down around her neck and she had a blue cap on her head that was filled with her hair. She led me into a large tiled room with a metal table in the middle. She closed the door behind us and she told me to disrobe behind a screen.

I slowly went behind the screen and took off my clothes and placed the gown on that was hanging there. I could here the nurse working and water running. When I stepped out from the curtain I could see that the nurse had covered the metal table with a sheet along side it was a IV pole that hung a large bag with some flesh colored tubing.

"Mrs. Thomas if you would please get onto the table we will start your cleansing enemas." The nurse now had the mask up over her mouth and nose so all I could see was her eyes. She also had put on some rubber gloves.

"What?.....Why do I need a enema?"

"The bowel need to be cleaned out so that the doctor can view the colon...now please get on the table for me on your left side."

I slowly walked to the table with my hands trying to keep the gown closed around me. She helped me onto my left side and she positioned me so that my right leg was pushed up almost to my chest. I could feel the gown separate a bit in the back but I was still covered.

"You cold ?"

"Ya, a little."

She left me and came back with a warmed sheet. She placed it over me and it felt good.

"Have you ever had a enema before Mrs. Thomas?"

"Uh...no never."

"Well what I'm going to do is give you a series of enemas that will clean out your colon.....These will consist of different contents...The first one will be a very small enema but will have a very powerful solution to clean out your lower bowel....Please tell me if you feel any discomfort at any time. Now if you will please face the wall and just look at the poster I will get started."

I turned my upper body over so that I was facing away from her. The poster on the wall was a forest with a waterfall. I felt the sheet being pulled away from my backside then the gown. I then felt her gloved hand on my butt cheek and she raised it up to expose my anus, I quickly felt her finger enter into me and I groaned.

"Try and relax...I will be lubing your rectum well before inserting the nozzle....Any time you insert anything into your anus you must be lubed and stretched well.....So that you don't tear."

I closed my eyes as her finger invaded my anus and twisted and turned with in me. She would then push her finger in and out fast and then pull it out and relube it and insert it again. This was painful at first but soon my anus relaxed and I was feeling a bit aroused.

He finger left me and I felt something hard at my opening.

"Push out slightly please."

I made a small effort to bear down and the nozzle slid into me with little effort. I tried to move away from it's size but the nurse held me in place. She held the nozzle with one hand and with the other she covered me back up so that I was no longer exposed. I could feel her fingers at my back side holding the nozzle within me.

"This is a thick enema and it will take some time for it to flow even though it's not large....If you feel any discomfort I want you to take in some deep breaths through your nose and out your mouth.....OK here we go."

I tried to push the nozzle out of me, it was quite uncomfortable having it there. but her hand stopped it from dislodging. When she started the enema I didn't feel anything at first then a very warm feeling started to fill me down there. She would turn the nozzle from time to time and pull it in and out just a bit. The feeling made me aroused just a bit.

"Ohh." I said as a cramp hit my lower intestine.

"Deep breaths." The nurse said.

I laid there looking at the poster and taking deep breaths as my bottom filled with hot thick fluid.

"Oh how much longer?'' I was feeling very full now.

"You have only taken a quarter of the solution....just breath and try and relax."

It took a good ten minutes before the nurse had told me that the solution was almost all in. My bowels were churning and felt full and heavy and I was groaning and moaning. She continued to hold the nozzle in my anus until I took all the thick solution.

"All in now Mrs. Thomas....Now we need to wait ten minutes for that to work."

"Oh but I need to go now real bad."

"Just keep breathing...You should be well cleaned out when ever you have anal sex...It would be prudent for you to give yourself a enema or have your partner give it to you."

I couldn't think of giving myself something that felt like this. I was in agony as the solution worked in my bowels. After the ten minutes was over she pulled up the covers and pulled the nozzle out of me. She helped me to the toilet that was sitting in the corner and there I grunted and groaned as I expelled the enema from my bowels. I rocked back and forth as the contents escaped me. I could see the nurse fill a bag and hang it up by the table. The bag seemed to hold a gallon of water and I could see the milky white fluid inside.

"Oh please not another one." I said as I sat on the toilet"

"A full cleaning....until you run clear."

When I was done she helped me onto the table, this time she made me get into a knee chest position with my bottom to her. She draped the sheet back over me but left my bottom exposed.

"This enema will be larger and go in a bit faster....If you fill any discomfort I will stop the flow. Keep breathing this will help."

I felt the gloved finger at my exposed anus and I groaned again as she pushed it into me to lube my bottom. She made sure that I was well relaxed before inserting the nozzle again. This time when she started the flow a rush of warmth flowed into me but was soon followed by a cramp. I moaned and started to shift my weight from one knee to the other as my belly filled.

"Ohhhee.....I got to go real bad.....I can't take anymore."

"I will stop the flow.....just breath deep....good."

I was starting to have second thoughts about all this as I was feeling more and more uncomfortable. My head was on the table and I had it turned so that I was looking at the water fall. I heard the click of the clamp and the fullness started again as my bottom filled.

I heard the gurgle of the bag emptying behind me and I sighed. She held the nozzle in me with her hand as we waited for the ten minutes to be up. I rocked and moaned as I felt like I was going to explode. My belly sloshed and cramped and churned. The nurse tried to give me encouraging words but all I wanted to do was let go of this enema.

As I was expelling I watched the nurse as she placed two poles at the end of the table. Each pole was on each side of the tables bottom and each had a leather loop on it. She then filled a bag that was twice as big as the last one. I turned my head not wanting to know.

She helped me back onto the table, this time placing me on my back she helped my legs into the hoops so that the leather was holding my legs behind my knees with my legs spread wide to each side she helped me down so that my bottom hung just off the tables end.

"I'm going to place a small retention nozzle into your rectum. This will help you hold the next enemas until you run clear."

I felt her finger lube me again and then felt the rubber nozzle slip into me. I then felt a fullness inside and watched as she connected the two tubes together so that now the big full bag was connected to me. She undid the clamp and the rush of warm water entered into me. I watched as the tubing ran from the bag to between my spread legs and the nurse started to massage my belly as the water filled me up. I would moan and grown as my belly cramped and she would stop the flow and massage the fluid deep in me.

She continued to massage my full belly until she disconnected the tubing and let the contents of my belly drain from me through the tube. I tried to push the contents out but the balloon in me held tight. She replaced the bag with another one and the process was repeated.

"All clean now." She said as she took the tube from my bottom.

"Can I pull my legs out now?"

"Not quite yet...I need to shave around your anus first."


"The doctor will be introducing instruments into your rectum."

I laid there with my legs still spread apart as she lathered around my anus and then took a razor and shaved it. When she was done she placed a warm wet towel between my legs and let me rest a bit while she cleaned up.

"OK lets get you to the procedure room." She helped me down and I felt drained but good. I held my gown closed as I made my way down the hall with the nurse in the lead with my file. She stopped at a desk and gave my file to another nurse that looked at it and came around the other side.

"Please fallow me Mrs. Thomas." She took me to the end of the hall that had three doors. I was led to the left one that said, "Procedure room #3" As soon as I entered the room I knew what type of procedure I was to have. There was large lights that showed at the bottom of a table. There was no question as to what position I would be placed on that padded table.

"Please come over here Mrs. Thomas and we will get you ready for the doctor."

The nurse was standing by the table that had leg supports hanging down from one end with a big half round padding right where my hips would be placed. There were a few straps hanging from the table. I walked over to the table awaiting instructions.

"Mrs. Thomas please kneel in the leg supports." I placed my knees in the leg supports and she adjusted the padding so that it was right at my pelvic bone.

"Is this going to hurt?" I asked.

"No dear this is just a uncomfortable position I will have to put you in."

She adjusted the padding between my legs so that they were slightly apart and my crotch was supported. She then took the Velcro straps and placed them around the back of my legs.

"OK lay forward dear." I lowered my upper body onto the tables top and the half round padding pushed my bottom out and away from my body so that my gown now fell to each side exposing my bottom.

She strapped both my thighs and my lower back to the table. I was starting to get very scared at what was to be done to me. My upper body was left free and I took my hands and folded them under my head.

"I'm going to adjust the table a bit to allow full exposure."

My body jumped a bit as the table top started to slant forward. now I was in a "S" Shape with me knelling on my spread knees and my bottom in the air.

The nurse left and then came back she placed a warm sheet over me.

"Oh that feels good." I said. The sheet covered me from my neck down and I could tell that there was a opening that exposed my bottom only. I laid there for a long time as the nurse went around getting equipment and rolling carts around. I could feel the heat from the lamps that were shining right on my exposed bottom.

"The doctor will be with you shortly."

I heard a door open then close and I was left there waiting with my bottom exposed. I tried to move but I couldn't. I turned my head to the door and the room was fairly dark except for the lights that was shinning on me. Soon the door opened and the doctor walked in along with the nurse that had placed me here. The doctor went right behind me out of my sight.

"Mrs. Thomas I will be conducting a few procedures on you today. Some may be uncomfortable but I want to make sure your healthy down here to have anal sex."

I heard things clanking around and then a gloved finger at my anus. I could tell it was the doctors hand. His finger entered me and I hissed air in between my teeth. His finger was quite big and it hurt to have him lube my opened anus. He twisted and turned his finger in me just like the former nurse had to lube and relax my anus muscles. He then took his finger and pushed it in and out of me fast a few times. I got aroused right away by this.

"Ummmm," I said and I wanted to push my bottom out more to receive more of what he was doing but the restraints held me. His finger left me and I felt very empty. I then felt something metal and ridged at my opening and it was slowly pushed into me..

"Oheeee....owwwe...that hurts."

"This may be a little uncomfortable for a little bit as I look into your colon "

He twisted and turned the rod in me and I yelped and cried out as I felt it make its way up inside me. I then felt a small tube going into me as the metal rod was still firmly in place. The tubing was pushed up and up and up some more. I panted from the feeling of having my anus full of instruments. I heard a machine click on and felt cramping way up inside me.

"Just some air so that I can see your colon better...may feel some cramping and discomfort."

I whimpered as my tummy filled with air and I could tell the tube was being pushed way up into me. The metal rod vibrated with the flow of the air.

"Oh god...oh god....It hurts."

My tummy cramped as the air filled my colon way up inside of me and I felt the tubing being twisted and turned inside me and slowly being pulled out. The air continued to fill me and I started to burp.

The machine was turned off and the air stopped flowing into me. I moaned and groaned as the doctor twisted and turned the tube in me. Soon it was out and he pulled the long rod out also. Air escaped my bottom in loud farts and my face turned red as my body made hideous noises.

I would push and grunt and more air would escape and the cramping would subside each time.

"Were now going to do a little anal stretching everything looks good in your colon."

I felt his finger at my anus again and he inserted it lubing me and relaxing the muscle. I then felt something enter me. I heard some hissing and my anus start to widen.

"Take deep breaths now Mrs. Thomas your going to feel your anus widen then relax then widen." The thing in my anus increased in size and soon it felt as if I had to go to the bathroom real bad. Then it stretched so that it started to hurt.

"Owee......" I cried and the hissing stopped. I panted as it felt like I had a apple in me.

"Shhhhhhhhhhh." came next and the thing in my anus deflated. The hissing started again and soon my anus was stretched until I cried out once again. The thing was left inflated in my anus for a few minutes then the air was let go and pumped up again. The doctor did this twenty times or more as he slowly stretched me so that I could have sex with my husband.

"OK Mrs. Thomas I will fit you for a butt plug....you will need to wear it at least six hours a day....I want to see you the day after tomorrow so that we can continue to stretch your anal muscle."

"You mean I have to have this done again?"

"Just the stretching...I won't have to do another exam."

I felt something being inserted into my anus and it widened and I yelped a bit until my anus clasped around the base. I heard the door open then close. The sheet was taken from me and the table moved up so that I was now in the original position. The nurse unstrapped me and helped me up. I reached back to feel what was in me and I felt a small round thing in my bottom.

"I have a belt here to help you hold your plug." She placed the belt around my waist and then a strap went down my crack over the round thing in me she brought the straps that went between my legs and attached to the waist belt in front.

"Now remember to lube the plug and your anus well before insertion.... You can step behind the screen and get dressed."

I looked down at the belt that was on me and I dropped the gown and walked slowly to the screen. The plug in me made me walk funny and was quite uncomfortable.

"Do I have to wear this all the time?" I said as I pulled my clothes from the bag that was left there for me.

"You need to wear it for at least six hours a day...most people wear it at night."

I slowly made my way to the front desk and made my appointment for the day after next. I was extremely tired and uncomfortable driving home. When I got there I laid down on the couch and fell to sleep. My husband awoke me when he came home.

"Aren't you feeling well?"

"No I feel fine ...sit down I have something to tell you."

I told him of the days experiences and showed him the belt that held the plug within me. He hugged me and I cried on his chest.

"You didn't have to do this for me dear....but I'm pleased that you did...are you hurting now?"

I told him how uncomfortable the plug was and he offered to take it out for me. He led me to the bed room and told me to get on the bed on all fours. My anus was so sore He undid the belt and he slowly pulled the plug from my bottom. I yelped a little as my anus stretched around it. He whistled at it's long round size.

"I will insert it back in you tonight." He said and he massaged my butt cheeks until I fell back to sleep. He woke me for dinner and soon after told me to get back on the bed.

"Oh can't we leave it out for tonight?"

"We could I guess" He said with a pout.

"Oh all right...but the nurse said that it and me have to be well lubed before it's inserted...there's a bag over there with the stuff in it."

He got the bag and I got up in a knee chest position, I looked back to watch him snap on a glove and he lubed the plug and then with his ungloved hand pulled my panties down to my knees and made me spread my legs. I turned my head so that I couldn't see what he was doing and I started to whimper thinking of the intrusion.

"Now now....just relax the doctor knows best...so just try and enjoy it." I felt his finger at my anus and he slipped it all the way in. I hissed air through my clinched teeth, I was so sore. He held his finger still until my anus stopped pulsing and he slowly twisted and turned his finger lubing and stretching me.

"OK the plug now." I felt the metal at my opening and he smoothly pushed it up into me. My anus stretched around the widest part and sealed around the base.

"Oooowweee." I said and then took a few deep breaths as the pain subsided. He helped me up off the bed and helped with the belt that would hold the plug in me through the night. He then cuddled with me until I slept.

The next two weeks were filled with me going to the doctor every other day getting my enema series then placed on the table and my anus stretched and a bigger plug being placed. My husband would insert my plug each night and then cuddle with me. On my last appointment I was to bring my husband along with me. As I received my enemas he was talking with the doctor. He came into the room with the doctor while I was on the table awaiting to be stretched for the last time.

The doctor explained to us that I would need to be prepared each time for anal sex, wearing the plug at least six hours before and to have cleansing enemas. He explained that my anus might tear if I was not stretched properly before insertion of the penis. He also advised that I not have anal sex for a few days after this stretching.

A few days later my husband held the plug in his hand. I knew that tonight was the night that he would want to have me. I got on the bed and let him place the large plug in me and he helped me with the belt.

"I will stop by the store and get the enema equipment."

When he came home he had a bag with the enema equipment in it. After dinner he called me to the bathroom. I still didn't like the enemas that much but he helped my by massaging my anus and caressing my back as my bottom filled. When I was clean he took me to the bed where he had stacked a few pillows. I placed my hips over the pillows and laid there awaiting the invasion. I had mixed feelings at this point but I was the one that had wanted to do this.

He slowly lifted the large shirt that I had on to expose my bottom. He then got on his knees and with his legs spread my legs wide so that my anus was now in full view awaiting to be filled. His finger came to my hole and he lubed me allot, getting me aroused and I started to wine and whimper as I wanted him. One hand was at my bottom and the other was lubing his large member. He saw that I was well ready for him, he took his fingers from my anus and placed his other hand on my clit and located my little nub. This made me rise up even farther as I shifted my weight from one knee to the other withering and opening to him to take me.

His penis came to my hole and I grunted as I bore down to except him. He entered me and my anus and body tightened in pain as my hole stretched around his large head. He held it just inside me for a minute as I whimpered and waited for the pain to subside. His fingers massaged my clit and soon I started to back up trying to get more of him in me. I pulled back as he pushed and his swollen penis stretched me even wider making me wither in more pain but wanting to be filled. His hand left my clit as his body pressed up against me. He was fully in me now and he slowly pulled back out all the way and then with gentle pressure pushed all the way back in. I tried to go forward to get away from the massive stretching but he had hold of my hips and pulled me too him.

"Oh baby you feel so good."

Tears came to my eyes as the pain overwhelmed me but I wasn't going to say anything. He held me close to him before pulling out and slowly pushing all the way in again. The pain was subsiding each time he did this and my body soon started to relax. His movements started to go faster and after a while his body was slapping against my bottom. His balls would hit up onto my clit and I was soon moaning in pleasure as my bottom took him. His fingers dug into my hips as he tried to get even more of himself into me, and soon he let out a load grown and I could feel his penis pulse it's load into me. I never did have a orgasm and was quite disappointed by this.

We have had anal sex many times since then and each time he holds the plug out in the morning I wine and tell him I rather not. I explain that I never have orgasm with him in my bottom. But I always end up giving in and letting him insert the plug that will prepare me for the night.

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