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Confessions of a Colon Therapist

Part 1

The Early Days

I am a colon therapist for all of the wrong reasons. I don’t particularly believe that they cure anything. I’m not into health food or herb cures. I don’t think that the root of all disease begins in the colon. I just like giving enemas and colonics. I like getting them too.

Colon therapy has been a way to meet women who are happy to share their bottoms with me. It used to be almost impossible to find someone to share my kinky interests. Now I have them coming to me daily. Here’s how it all started.

Life has been good to me. I was lucky enough to sell my dot.com company a few years ago making me a wealthy man. I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. While daydreaming one day, I came up with an ingenious plan. I would become a colon therapist catering especially to the needs of beautiful young women. I would have women coming to me to have their naked bottoms patted, viewed, inspected, lubed, probed, and purged.

I put the plan into action two years ago and the results have been beyond my wildest expectations. I first needed to get certified as a colon therapist. This was actually pretty easy. I live in Southern California and Los Angeles has a colon therapy school and it takes but 100 hours to get your certificate. Sixty of the hours are home study of anatomy, nutrition and the like and the other forty hours are classroom and hands-on instruction. Class size was limited to four students a week and I got my schedule and decided to stay at a nearby hotel that the school recommended rather than driving two hours each way.

The Sunday evening before our Monday class we were invited to a "mixer" to get to know each other and the instructor. I was really looking forward to the class but wasn't certain exactly what to expect. The first two days were scheduled to be classroom instruction and the remaining three days were described as clinical experience.

I checked into the hotel and after I got settled and took a shower I headed downstairs looking for the Promenade room. I entered the small meeting room and everyone was already there and had nametags on. I introduced myself to Judy who was our instructor. She was a pleasant middle- aged woman of average looks and short-cropped hair. She introduced me to Carol, a slender and gorgeous red head of about thirty. Next was Maria, quick to smile, a short and slightly overweight latina. Finally, I was introduced to Susie, a pert little "valley girl" blond, certainly in her very early twenties. The conversation consisted of chit chat about where each of us lived and so forth. It turned out that none of us except Judy was married. Judy broke the party up early reminding us that class started at seven A.M.

DAY 1 & 2

The first two days of class were a bit boring. We reviewed our anatomy, the major body systems, nutrition, some of the health laws, and an overview of the colonic machine and how each of controls, dials, knobs, and gizmos worked. We saw a video of someone receiving a colonic on the machine, buy they were all covered up and the video went on and on about the benefits of bowel irrigation. Tuesday was more of the same but we were told we would start hands-on experience tomorrow.


Wednesday morning we met in the classroom but Judy took us right away down to the lab. The lab was a good-sized room with the predominant feature being the two examination tables that backed up against wall mounted colonic machines like the ones we had studied yesterday. The padded exam tables were each covered with tissue paper that came from a roll and each had a pillow. The room was brightly lit and had cabinets, a counter, and drawers along one wall, and a big chart of the colon on the other. There were some rolling stools to sit on and a couple of chairs.

"Well," Judy said, "let's just jump right in and get started. Is there anyone who would like to be our first guinea pig?"

There was a pregnant pause as we all sort of shuffled around and looked at our feet.

"That's usually the case," Judy laughed. "Each of you come over here and draw a slip out of the can." Judy held out a little container and we all milled buy and took out a slip that had a colored dot in the middle. "There is a chart here on the wall that shows the lab schedule by color to make things easy. So, who has blue?"

"That would be me," Carol said.

"Have you all had a colonic before? No? Just Carol and John. Alright. Carol, why don't you just kick off your shoes, slip off your dress and panties and have a seat up here on the treatment table." Judy patted the exam table where she wanted to Carol sit.

Carol slipped off her dress revealing her stunning body and a black lace bra and matching thong.

"Carol, go ahead and leave your bra on, and you can put everything else on the other table here," Judy advised.

I could tell that Carol was blushing a bit and Susie started to snicker as Carol hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her thong and lowered it to the floor. I wasn't laughing. I was thoroughly enjoying the view and could feel a stirring beginning in my briefs. Carol's pubic hair was shocking red and neatly trimmed. Her tan line and freckles made it obvious that she always wore a very brief bikini.

"We can do without the laughter," Judy admonished. "I just want each of you to know that you are going to have your very own turn up on this table today. I realize we are in mixed company and that this is going to be embarrassing. But for the class we are going to dispense with the usual gowns and drapes so you all can see.”

"Okay, Carol. What I would like you to do is lay face down on the table and make yourself comfortable."

Carol did as she was told and her tight milky-white buttocks were staring up at me and I felt the stirrings becoming an erection. "What?" I said, as Judy said something to me that broke my stare.

"John, would you mind standing over here so I can demonstrate a few things?"

"Oh, of course," I said feeling a bit foolish for gawking at Carol’s bottom.

"Now, before we can perform a colonic we have to connect the machine to the colon. Now it would seem the Carol is in the obvious position to access her rectum right?"

We all sorted of nodded and said uh-huh. Judy put on a pair of exam gloves.

"Well, it's not really. We can’t even see Carol’s anus.”

"Carol, would you roll over onto your side facing away from us and pull your knees up close to your chest?"

From this position I could now see the dark purple-brown pucker of her anus and the edges of Carol’s vaginal lips. I was in heaven. I was having one of the best mornings I could remember. Here I was with four women, three of whom were going to take off their clothes in front of me.

"Okay, see how much better this is. We can see the anus without having to lift the buttocks. Carol stay just like this for a bit."

With that, Judy opened a drawer and pulled out a large tube of KY jelly and squeezed out a big glob onto a paper towel on the counter. She snapped on a glove and proceeded to roll her right index finger into the jelly, coating it thoroughly.

"Now the first order of business is to do a rectal exam. What I’m going to do is put my left hand here on Carol’s buttock. This lets the client know that you are about to do something to them. Otherwise, if you just start poking them out of the blue, they’ll probably jump right off of the table.”

As Judy kept talking she inserted her finger slowly into Carol’s anus. You could hear Carol suck in a breath between her teeth. Judy was now working her finger in and out slowly and finally just left it in, fully inserted while she continued talking.

“I’m doing several things here. First, I’m getting Carol lubricated on the inside. Be sure to use plenty of jelly. Next, I’m helping relax her anus to prepare it for the speculum. It also helps me feel the angle at which the speculum should be inserted. Finally, I’m checking for any lumps, bumps, hardened stool, or anything else that would prevent me from safely inserting the speculum. Okay, John, why don’t you glove up and give it a try.”

Judy pulled out her finger and I donned a pair of gloves and lubricated my index finger. My penis was now fully erect and I did my best to hide it as I made my way over to Carol.

I put my hand on Carol and said, “here we go” as I pushed my finger deeply into her behind. The heat of her rectum quickly transferred through to my finger and I felt the strong muscles of her anus squeezing my finger tightly. I moved my finger in and out as sensuously as I could until Judy said “next”.

Maria and Susie then had their go at Carol. Judy went over to a cabinet and retrieved a large plastic bag full of tubing. She put it on the free exam table and took out a sheet and covered Carol.

“Carol, why don’t you turn over so you can see how the speculum works.”

Judy retrieved a smaller bag from within the larger one and tore it open. She produced a large white speculum. When I had a colonic many years ago, I had never gotten a look at the nozzle and I was impressed out just how large this thing was. It was about the diameter and length of a polish sausage. Maria was the first to speak up.

“Wow, that thing is huge,” she said sort of comically.

Judy said, “The speculum is really no bigger than a large bowel movement and can be inserted quite comfortably with a little skill”. This piece goes in the center and is called the obturator. It makes a nice bullet shaped point and fills the large hole in the center of the speculum. Everyone grab a pair of gloves and I’ll pass it around.”

“Okay, hand it back to me and I’ll show you how to connect the water tubing to the side of the speculum and to this spot here on the colonic machine. We connect the waste hose last after it is inserted.”

Judy opened a drawer and pulled out a waterproof underpad and had Carol lift her hips while she slid it underneath her. She took more KY jelly and lubricated the speculum.

“Carol, just get back into your side position and we’ll insert the speculum.”

Carol did as she was told and Judy removed the covering sheet and set it aside. Once we gathered around, Judy motioned for us to watch as she first placed the tip of the speculum against Carol’s anus.

“I’ve remembered the angle of Carol’s rectum and I’m just applying very gently pressure and allowing Carol’s anus to open at its own pace.”

Little by little we could see the nozzle disappear into Carol’s rear end until it was fully seated.

“Okay, now I’m going to remove the obturator. A word to the wise: don’t get your face too close to the opening as sometimes there is a surprise if the client has gas or diarrhea. You can also expect to find some fecal matter on the end here sometimes. Okay?”

“I’m going to put the obturator back in and let you each give it a try.”

We each got our turn impaling Carol with the speculum along with the attendant giggling, false starts, and groans by Carol. Finally, Maria handed the speculum back to Judy who inserted it once again, removed the obturator and showed us how to connect the waste tubing.

We were then shown how to tear two strips from the underpad so we could tie them around the speculum so there was no chance for it to slip out. Carol was then positioned on her back with her knees bent. Any chance for modesty was lost as Judy had Carol move her feet to the outside edges of the table to allow access to tie down the speculum. I felt like a gynecologist.

Judy then showed us the process of filling and draining and we got to watch Carol’s poop float by in the lighted tube on the machine. We all go a turn working the valves on the machine and studying the flow and pressure gauges.

After about 30 minutes, Carol was finished, and Judy pulled the tube out of her. Judy handed her a sheet and pointed her off to the restroom to clean up and get dressed.

It was now Maria’s turn on the table and she was very reluctant to shed her clothing. She finally got into the fetal position and Carol was chosen to do the first of Maria’s four rectal exams. Almost immediately, Maria began crying. You could see her back heaving with each sob. Carol quickly removed her finger.

“Maria, are you alright,” asked Judy.

“Yes, Ma’am. I’m just a little scared,” sobbed Maria.

“Well, we can stop and…”

“No. No. I’m okay. Just give me a moment. I can do this.”

After Maria quieted herself we all carefully did what we needed to do. I felt a little guilty as I spread her brown buns and took my turn lubing, probing, and inserting. Maria didn’t shave or trim and it was sort of unusual in this day and age to see such a full black bush.

We broke for lunch and then were back at it. Susie, was all smiles and laughs and she thoroughly enjoyed being the center of attention. She had a cute tan line from her thong bikini and her pubic hair was shaved to just a wisp. I filled her a little too full on my turn and she backed up on the table pulling the tube out of her butt and making a huge mess as the water sprayed out of her behind and the tube drained on the table. Fortunately, this was towards the end of her colonic and it was just water to mop up.

My turn was last and I was giddy with anticipation. Fortunately, I was not erect when I had to disrobe but I could see the girls checking me out as I got onto the table. The rectal exams and practice insertions by the three girls were titillating and for about the twentieth time that day I became hard as a rock. My penis was out of view because of my curled up side position, but my flagpole was soon on display as I turned over for the colonic. Susie was giggling again, but Judy stepped in.

“Well, we’re lucky to have a male student with us. It is fairly common for male clients to get an erection due to pressure on the prostate and the anal stimulation associated with inserting the speculum. Just consider this normal. It may happen or it may not and it won’t affect the outcome of the colonic. Maria, why don’t you do the honors and start John’s colonic. Wait before you start, did everyone get to feel John’s prostate? I forgot to have you feel it when you did the rectals. Do you remember where it is located from your charts?”

Judy held her hand palm up and crooked her finger in a “come here” motion to indicate how to find my prostate while I was lying on my back.

“Maria, take the speculum out and see if you can find John’s prostate. John pull your legs up to your chest to make it easy for the girls.”

She did as she was told and as everyone had their turn, and I nearly climaxed from the wonderful prostate massage.

The colonic was pleasant and uneventful and it was nice being tended to by the girls. I especially enjoyed them massaging my belly.

“See you all her bright and early tomorrow,” Judy said.

As we all filed out at the end of the long day, Carol turned to me and said, “I could sure use a drink. John, you interested in a Martini?”

“Yeah, you bet,” I said.

“Follow me,” she said.

We walked up to her room and she sent me down the hall for a bucket of ice. She had produced a bottle of Bombay Saphire and we enjoyed the gin in the hotel water glasses. We chit-chatted about our day in class and downed a couple more. I was feeling pretty loose when abruptly she stood up, unzipped her dress, and dropped it on the bed.

“Nothing here you haven’t seen before. Come take a shower with me.”

She walked into the bathroom and started the shower. I quickly undressed and followed her in. She held me by the shoulders and traded places with me so I could stand under the running water. She soaped up a washcloth with shampoo and handed it to me.

“Okay, big guy. Soap me up.”

I worked the sudsy washcloth over every square inch of her gorgeous body. I didn’t miss a nook or cranny.

“Let me rinse off and I’ll scrub you!” she said.

She treated me to the same scrubbing and we hugged under the shower and I pressed my erect penis into her belly and her breasts pushed into my chest. We started kissing. Gently at first, but soon we were tongue kissing like teen-agers.

We dried each other with towels and she walked out naked into the bedroom and pulled the top covers off of the king-sized bed completely. Carol then went to her makeup bag and removed a large white tube of cream.

“John, come sit down over here.”

I sat on the edge of the bed and she began coating my penis with the white cream. She handed me the tube and then bent over indicating that I was to lubricate her anus. I took my time carefully lubing her up.

“John, lay down like a good boy and I’ll show you the importance of a clean colon.”

I did as I was told and Carol playfully climbed on top of me and held my hands over my head. She nestled her rear end down on my penis and I could feel her maneuvering around working the tip of it between her crack. She reached back with one hand and held my stiff penis in position as she guided it into her anus. I felt her begin to squat down further and felt the intense heat of her rectum envelope the tip of my penis.

“Ooooh. Shhhh-ooooh,” Carol groaned as she allowed my rigid penis to slowly work its way deep inside her.

Her buttocks were now resting on my thighs and she had taken me completely. The clench of her anal and rectal muscles were as if my shaft was being gripped firmly by a hand. She bent forward and briefly kissed me on the lips and then sat back up and began riding me up and down very slowly. In all my years I had never performed anal sex and I was overcome by the incredible sensation of warmth, tightness, and friction.

“Don’t you come yet,” she chastised me.

She worked my shaft up and down just allowing the head of my penis start to emerging from her anus before swallowing it back up again. It wasn’t long before I could take no more and an enormous orgasm overtook me and I pushed in as deeply as I could, filling her with wave after wave of semen. She released my hands and had me massage her breasts while she pleasured herself with her hand. She came very quickly with a good deal of gasping and I could feel her rectum squeezing my penis rhythmically as she climaxed.

She carefully pulled herself off my now semi-erect penis, grabbed a towel and wiped us both clean. She grabbed the covers and snuggled up next to me and covered us up under the blankets. We dozed off into post orgasmic bliss.


Thursday was our one-on-one practice sessions. We met back in the lab and a schedule was posted on the wall. There were three morning sessions and three afternoon sessions. With the two machines this meant we would each be getting three colonics and giving three colonics. The schedule was arranged so that everyone got to do everyone else.

As we took turns lubing and purging each other, Judy walked around and coached and helped us when necessary. I enjoyed every single colonic whether giving or receiving and I particularly enjoyed my sessions with Carol.

It was another long day and as we were dismissed. Carol asked if I was up for another Martini. I smiled and we agreed to meet in my room this time.

Carol arrived at my door with the bottle of gin and a small overnight bag. Once again we showered and sat naked together as we had a few more cocktails. We talked about our jobs and I found out the Carol was an RN who got interested in colonics and was thinking about opening her own practice.

“John, we’re going to be doing things a little differently tonight,” Carol said as she removed a butt plug from her bag and smiled at me with a devilish grin. The dildo had a pointed end, a large bulge in the center, and a flange at the base to keep it from going in too far and getting lost.

She pulled back the covers and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Come over here and lie across mamas lap.”

She spread her legs a little to allow my erect penis to slip in between as I lay face down on her lap with my rear end up. She had closed her legs tightly and my penis was trapped making me her captive. I couldn’t move even an inch. She teased my anus with a lubricated finger before carefully sliding in the tip of the dildo. She not-so-gently worked the dildo in deeper and deeper until finally it seated itself in my rectum.

She released me and stood up and arranged one of the pillows in the center of the bed.

“Lie down and put your bottom on the pillow,” she commanded softly.

I did as I was told and she climbed on top of me on all fours with her bottom in my face and her head facing my feet. She wiggled her rear end into my nose until I responded with my tongue. That was what she was waiting for and rewarded me by placing her lips over my penis and pleasuring me with great skill.

Her bottom was wet and heavenly. As she worked up and down on my shaft, my nose was poking directly into her anus. Our bodies were a perfect fit and as she felt me tensing up, she eased off to keep me from climaxing.

As I felt her nearing her orgasm, she picked up the intensity on my penis and reached around under my bent leg and began working the rectal plug in and out in expert fashion. I felt the walls of her vagina begin contracting rhythmically just before I heard her groaning in ecstasy. I was about ten seconds behind as I climaxed deeply in a way I had never felt before. I could feel my anus stretching and relaxing as Carol milked the last of the climax out of me by working the bulge of the butt plug against my prostate. Carol collapsed spent, and flattened herself out on my belly, leaving her wet vagina in my face. I gave it a last enormous kiss and then rolled her over and cuddled up next to her.


Friday was our final day. We would be working in the school’s clinic where we would be giving colonics to clients who were willing to submit themselves to students in exchange for a hefty discount. We worked in pairs, one person doing the colonic, and the other performing the abdominal massage we learned. During the day we traded off partners so we all got to work together.

It seemed that the clinic catered to unattractive, overweight women, mostly over fifty. This made colon therapy seem like a real job. I was a little grossed out with a couple of them. Susie and I were working together on the last client of the day and, we got a skinny young kid named Jimmy. He was all of about nineteen with bleached-blond hair. Turns out it was his first time having a colonic and he had come into the clinic with an older gentleman. Susie whispered to me that she figured he was gay and his sugar daddy brought him in to get cleaned out before a night of debauchery. I smiled in agreement.

Susie wasn’t as innocent as she looked and she had a field day with him. It was her turn to do the colonic and she described everything she was going to do to him in extreme, agonizing, and shocking detail. Her actions were tempered by the fact that our teacher, Judy, would check in on us from time to time to make sure all was going well.

“Jimmy, I want you to turn over on your side so I can do a rectal examination. Good. Now just pull your legs up as high as you can. I’m going to put on a rubber glove and lubricate my index finger. Next you’re going to feel me insert my finger deeply into your rectum and do a thorough exam. Now, this should be your prostate gland.”

Jimmy was looking at me when Susie hit his prostate and I saw his eyes open widely in a surprised expression. She conducted the rest of the colonic in the same way, explaining each action in horrifying detail. Jimmy practically ran out of the room when we were finished.

And so the class was complete and we all had our certificates. I’ll tell you how I’ve used mine in another story.

Part 2

Starting Out

In my previous article I mentioned I was a colon therapist for all of the wrong reasons. I want to make sure I’m not misunderstood. I am very competent and extremely thorough. I would never put a client at a health risk and I take my clients’ privacy extremely seriously. Everyone in my office is a professional, fully trained and competent.

That being said, I also want to be clear that each of us that work here has an extreme interest in all things anal, including enemas, colonics, and medical play. We hide this under a cloak of professionalism and some of our clients are completely innocent of our special interest but many of them take full advantage of that little extra we are able to provide.

As soon as I got my colon therapy certification I started looking for office space. I already lived in a beach community in Southern California that was crawling with pampered young women, so I just needed a nice address for my clinic. Since money was no object, I found a very large multi- room suite in a high rise that had a commanding view of the Pacific Ocean. The building is filled with professionals including doctors, attorneys, and company headquarters.

I hired an interior decorator to create a lavish environment with thick carpets, leather furniture and soft, incandescent lighting. The offices are configured so that there is a private entrance and a separate exit so clients don’t ever see each other when they visit us. We purchased nice artwork and have fresh flower arrangements brought in for each room twice a week. I ordered the finest in equipment including electrically positioned exam tables, European colonic equipment, and a raft of medical devices and instruments.

Carol, who you were introduced to in my first article, has become my live-in companion and also my first employee, bringing a registered nurse to our staff. Carol and I performed exhaustive interviews to find the perfect receptionist and massage therapist to assist us. They not only had to be competent, young and beautiful, but share the same kinky sensibilities that brought Carol and me together. We hired the perky Kelly for reception and the beautiful Erin for massage.

Now we needed to bring in some good looking clients. I ran a simple add in a glossy fashion magazine that is delivered free to every resident in our town. The ad read:

Cleansing, dieting, reduce toxins, flatten the stomach? We offer the same colon therapy and massage treatments used by top models, actresses, and sports celebrities. Let us pamper you in an ultra private, spa like atmosphere. We encourage those who have never experienced colon therapy to enjoy our gentle, supportive technique to feel better, look better and be refreshed. Call 949-555-1234 for an appointment or to get complete details.

The phone was soon ringing off the hook. We booked our first appointments and got ready for our grand opening. Our first couple of months were really fun and we pretty much did things by the book. Erin performed a lot of massages and helped me with quite a few straightforward colonics. I’m going to let one of our client’s tell you about their experience. I put some of my comments in brackets [ ] where I need to explain something.

Hi everyone. My name is Kimberly and John at Healthy Concepts asked me to tell you about my first visit in my own words. I am eighteen and a half and a student at City Junior College. I found out about Healthy Concepts from the girl who colors my hair. I told her about how the protein diet I was doing was giving me really bad stomach aches and I wasn’t going to bathroom every morning like I usually do. She told me about this new place she tried called Healthy Concepts where they clean out your insides with warm water. My friend said they put a tube in your bottom and all of the bad stuff comes out. It sounded kind of gross and scary but she said it was totally easy and she felt great afterward.

I decided to do it and I called on the phone. This was really hard for me because I hate going to the doctor and this seemed a lot like going to the doctor. The lady who answered was really nice and made me feel like I was doing something really good for myself. So I tried not to worry too much before my appointment.

When I got there, it was a super nice place. I felt like I was in the front room of some rich person’s house. The girl I talked to on the phone, Kelly, helped me fill out some papers and then she took me down a hall and into a nice room. The room was really bitchen like an old-fashioned bed and breakfast. The room was really dim with old lamps and a bed with a thick lace comforter. There were easy chairs and Kelly showed me the bathroom that was really nice and had a huge shower. The wall by the bed had a big cabinet made out of dark wood that was covered with dials and knobs. [This is an antique colonic system from the 1930’s that I found in England and had the inside working parts completely replaced with a modern colonic apparatus]. Kelly had me sit and wait in one of the chairs.

I was getting really nervous sitting and waiting because I wasn’t really sure what was going to happen and my armpits were getting kind of wet. After a few minutes a nice girl named Erin came in and sat down with me. She told me she would be with me for the whole time and try not to worry about anything. But she said, I had to take off ALL of my clothes.

Erin took me into the bathroom and helped me hang up some of my stuff in the closet. She told me she would wait for me in the room and to take off everything including my bra and panties and to pee before I came out.

Anyway, I came out of the bathroom naked and I felt sort of embarrassed but Erin was super cool and had me get under the covers right away. The bed was soft and had an electric blanket or something because it was all warm and toasty inside. Erin told me that I would be staying right here in the bed the whole time and that John the therapist would be right in. I told her I was getting kind of scared and she held my hand under the covers and told me that I would do fine.

The therapist, John came in and I was really relieved. He was really polite and a good-looking guy. I was worried that he was going to be some old, ugly man. He made me feel like he was going to take really good care of me. He went over to the equipment on the wall and flipped some of the levers and I could hear water running.

He sat down on a little stool and took some a tray out of the cabinet and sat in on a little table on wheels. This is when I really got scared. The tray had doctor kind of stuff on it. There were rubber gloves, a tube of KY jelly and a couple of big round shiny metal things.

“What is that?” I asked!

“Oh, that is the rectal applicator,” John said calmly.

“It looks huge. You’re not going to put that in me, are you?” I asked suddenly not so sure I wanted to be here anymore.

“Kimberly, I want you to relax. When we have a bowel movement, our body relaxes, and it comes out easily, right? If you think about it, this is really about the size of a large bowel movement. So I don’t want you to worry. Erin and I are going to take good care of you and I won’t put it in until you are completely relaxed. Your stomach aches are going to be a thing of the past.”

I was still nervous but Erin and John were SO reassuring. Erin had me turn over on my tummy and move down until my feet were hanging over the end of the bed. John said I would feel the bed moving so don’t be concerned. The bed started folding and moving until I was bent over with my bottom up in the air. [The bed is actually an electric proctoscopic examination table designed to position a patient into the ideal position for rectal examinations.]

Erin folded back the covers so that my bare bottom was exposed. I was pretty embarrassed but Erin whispered that John did this all the time and that he would be doing a quick exam before the colonic. As long as I live, I’ll never forget what happened next. John put his finger right in my --- hole. No one had ever done this to me before and it felt really awful at first. I felt like crying. But Erin was really nice and stroked my hair and held my hand while his finger was in there.

Finally he took it out and told me that he was going to put the metal thing in my bottom. Erin whispered to me to breathe deeply and that this might feel strange and big. I could feel the point of the metal thing pushing into my ---hole. It was really huge and kind of cold. John told me I had to push like I was going to the bathroom. I didn’t want to but he kept asking me to so I did. And, oh my god, I FARTED. I thought I was going to die.

John was SO nice. He just laughed and said that happened all the time and to just keep pushing and not to worry about it. I know my face was totally red, but I was kind of distracted by my embarrassment and I suddenly felt the huge thing slide deep into me. I felt totally stretched and stuffed and it did kind of hurt. I mostly felt really stupid being bent over with a thing sticking out of my butt. John said the worst was over so I could take a deep breath and try to relax. Yeah, sure.

John said he was connecting the hoses to me and I could feel the metal thing wiggling around in my rear and it felt really weird. Pretty soon the table flattened back out and Erin helped me roll over on my back. She had me lift up my bottom up while she put a pad under me and then helped me bend my knees and put my feet into some straps on each side of the table so they couldn’t slide off.

John said he was starting the colonic and I immediately felt the water inside of me and it felt totally weird. I kind of panicked because it felt like I had to go number two really bad. I thought I was going to poop right there in the bed. I kind of yelled “I can’t hold it” but right then the feeling went away. John told me this was normal and if I felt like that again just to tell him. He said he was going to fill my insides with warm water again and then let it out.

After a couple of minutes I got that “had to poop” feeling again and he told me to look at this lighted window on the machine. Oh my god! You could see MY poop in the little window. John was studying the tube and my face was turning bright red again.

“I can see you need to increase your fiber intake,” John said.

“I’m on an all protein diet,” I explained.

“Oh, that would explain it. We’ll get your insides all cleaned up,” he said. “This’ll take about an hour.”

“Oh my god, an hour!” I cried out. “I’m ready to go home now.”

Both Erin and John laughed at my comment because you don’t know about these things until you do them. The colonic got easier as the hour went on and I got more relaxed. Erin put baby powder on my belly and gave it a really strong massage as the water was being let out. At the end of the colonic, most of the poop was gone and just a few flecks were coming by in the lighted glass.

When it was finished they had to turn me over again to take out the tube. I felt a huge relief as John pulled it out slowly. It felt like doing a big number two. I suddenly realized that he was probably looking at my other private parts and started blushing again. He took a warm wet cloth and washed my ---hole a few times. Then he rubbed it with some kind of cream for a while and it was cool and actually felt pretty good. John took off his gloves and he and Erin helped me sit up. He gave me a little hug and told me I had done great and told me to come back in a week.

Anyway, that was my first time and it was pretty intense. But I go back all the time now and I really like it. If you are thinking about going, I think you should just do it. After you’ve done it a few times it’s not scary anymore and I look forward to it. I kind of addicted to it now. I didn’t want to scare you with my story but I wanted you to know what it was really like.

I’d like to thank Kimberly for the courage to share her story with us and for taking the time to write it all down. Everyone has a first time and it’s always the hardest. I will be highlighting some of our other treatments in future articles.

Part 3

Prostate Massage

As it turns out, not all of you responding to my ad are beautiful, young women. I get a surprising number of men of all ages calling for appointments. While some of the older men are actually looking for colon therapy, many of you are looking for a little “something extra”.

A particularly popular treatment is our “prostate drainage”. We precede the treatment with a one-hour massage and a 30-minute colonic. Unlike the colonics we perform in Room 1 (the bed and breakfast setting with the antique colonic equipment) we use a high tech digital machine from Europe. One of the interesting things about this machine is that it uses a unique disposable nozzle that has an inflatable end on it. After the nozzle is inserted deeply into the rectum, the end is inflated to about the size of a tennis ball, making it almost leak proof and impossible to slip out. It also places pressure on the prostate which is very pleasurable to most men.

The procedure is done in Room 3 which is our medical exam room that also contains our x-ray machine for barium enemas, and a motorized examination table in the center. The room looks much like a surgical suite in a modern hospital and is outfitted with bright lights, chrome cabinets, and black and white vinyl floors.

Unless someone particularly requests a male therapist, I have Erin our massage therapist and Carol our registered nurse (and my live-in companion) performs the procedure. The colonic is performed aggressively, e.g. the colon is very full and to maximum safe pressure each cycle, and Erin kneads the colon very deeply during both the fill and drain. Erin also performs lymph drainage whereby she squeezes and “strips” the arms and legs towards the colon.

Next with the client uncovered and on his back Erin secures the wrists above the head to restraints at the top of the table. Carol puts the client’s legs into obstetric type stirrup holder that are attached to each side of the table. The legs are secured here also. Experience has shown that this is for everyone’s safety as both Carol and Erin have been inadvertently kicked and one client fell of the table injuring his shoulder due to the thrashing about that sometime occurs from the intensity of the treatment. The client is instructed that the room is soundproof and that they are free to yell out during the procedure.

Once the client is restrained, a switch on the table automatically folds down the end of the table allowing good access to the groin area. Carol will now roll up on a stool and perform an anal massage. This is a simple procedure in which a heavy cream is apply around the opening of the anus and Carol will use her finger tip to “draw circles” around the opening. After a few minutes the finger is inserted a short ways and the anus “teased” gently. The purpose of the massage is to attempt to create a full erection without touching the penis. Once the penis is fully erect, the client is left alone until the erection begins to subside. We have found that if we perform this exercise several times, it “charges up” the prostate and seminal vesicles resulting in a copious and satisfying drainage.

At this point we have two choices: the manual or the electronic treatment. We always perform the manual drainage for the first treatment and if then give the client the option of trying the more intense electronic treatment in the future.

The manual drainage is simple to do. The client is still restrained and in a position that the genitals are fully exposed and the rectum is easily accessible from the end of the exam table. The table is raised to a comfortable height for the girls and Carol begins by placing her fingertip gently in the anus just like the massage. Now Erin will grasp the penis with a gloved and lubricated hand placing a towel over the groin to prevent a mess. Carol now fully and firmly inserts her finger into the rectum and with her fingertip upturned, finds and begins to stroke the prostate. Erin and Carol coordinate their movements in a rhythmic fashion. As the prostate becomes firm, Carol knows that orgasm is near and may add a second finger into the rectum if the anus seems loose enough to accommodate it. Within a matter of a few more seconds a very intense orgasm usually occurs and the stroking by both girls is continued until all rectal contractions stop completely. The client often pulls against the restraints during the orgasm and most men will yell out or “grunt heavily” as they are not accustomed to the intensity this treatment affords.

The electronic drainage is performed differently. Again the client is unclothed and restrained. An elastic band is fastened around the scrotum just under the penis to keep the testicles outside of the body. The anal massage and prostate “charge up” is performed as above by repeatedly causing a strong erection and allowing it to subside on its own. Next Erin attaches an elastic electrode band around the base of the penis, and Carol lubricates and inserts a large clear plastic probe into the rectum. This instrument has smooth metal bands on the sides and a large bulge like a “butt plug” that causes it to be “swallowed up” by the rectum and “swallow up” inside the body. The instrument is now deeply inserted, which usually causes a bit of discomfort due to its large size. A metal spring bracket is now connected to the end of the instruments and its “wings” are positioned on the buttocks. The spring creates a constant tug on the instrument which tends to pull it from the rectum. As the anal muscles are clinched, the instrument slides deeply into the rectum. When the muscles are relaxed, the instrument slides out. When the instrument slides in, the large bulge moves over the prostate gland massaging it strongly. A wire is connected both to the band around the penis and to the end of the rectal instrument.

The wires from the penis and rectum are in turn connected to a control panel of an electronic control that I had specially designed in Europe. The control sends electrical signals through the penile band and rectal instrument which, in turn, cause intense contractions of the anal and rectal sphincters. The client is absolutely powerless to stop the contractions, as they are simply a physiological response to the applied electrical stimulus. As the anus and rectum contract, the rectal instrument with its large bulge is pushed deeply into the rectum and against the prostate. As the muscles relax, the bulge moves out stretching the anus creating a very dilated feeling.

The control is programmed to ramp from a very slow gradual rhythm and increase in speed and intensity over time. The control also measures the resistance between the base of the penis and the inside of the rectum and can calculate the time until orgasm. At the exact moment that orgasm occurs, the control creates maximum contractions causing the instrument to pump the rectum at fairly high speed and intensity.

Near the end of the cycle one of the girls will stroke the penis hard with a lubricated silicone sleeve (to prevent them being shocked).

It is fascinating to watch a client go through this process as although they often look as if they are being electrocuted, most men report that the procedure was extremely pleasurable. I have personally had the treatment many times and I can attest that it is truly amazing. It is also quite common for the client to scream out expletives at the climax.

We take clients who have been electronically “milked” to Room 1 for a rest. Many prefer to nap for an hour or so. The procedure is very popular, and our male clients come back for it over and over again. We have a few female clients that have purchased the treatments for their husbands or boyfriends and come along to watch or assist.

Part 4

The Dutch Enema Chair

I am always on the lookout for unique enema and colonic equipment and how these practices are carried out in other parts of the world. Last winter, I was in Amsterdam for an unrelated business conference and someone told me there were enema services that offered a little more than just a colonic. Apparently, the very open-minded Dutch laws have created a variety of niche services that are unheard of in the United States.

I discussed this discreetly with the concierge in the hotel and he asked me about my preferences. He was having trouble with the translation but eventually the question was if I was looking for a medical or a recreational enema. So I told him I was looking for a “recreational” colonic and he consulted his black book and wrote the information on a piece of hotel stationery and then picked up the phone and made a call. I tipped him handsomely.

It was a short cab ride on this stormy day, and we stopped in front of a quaint narrow building on one of the canals. This was a better part of town, and nearby was a bakery, an apothecary, and an antique shop. I entered the address through a leaded glass door that announced my arrival with the twinkling of little bells.

The room was a very small office with two sitting chairs, an antique writing desk and old hardwood floors protected by a Persian carpet. The light was muted coming through the lace curtains of the street windows and smelled slightly medicinal, like a doctor’s office.

An older but attractive woman with red rosy cheeks appeared from the hallway and greeted me. She was dressed in a European style nurses uniform. It was a long gray dress over which she wore a starched white apron and her gray hair was pulled back and topped with a small round white cap that looked like an overturned custard cup.

The nurse did not speak English and she sat down at the desk and opened the appointment book. I recognized my name on the bottom line and pointed to it. She nodded her head in understanding and stood up motioning for me to follow her.

We started up a narrow and dark stairway with heavily worn wood treads until we reached a hallway. The hallway was dimly lit by the gray sky peeking through a small glass skylight. The building must have been well over a hundred years old but it was quite charming and well kept.

The nurse opened one of the doors along the way and took me into a small, closet-like room with a wooden chair in the center and an antique armoire. She opened the door of the armoire and hung my coat inside. She began unbuttoning my shirt and it was obvious that I was to disrobe. As I took off each article of clothing, she either hung it in the armoire or folded it neatly and put it on a shelf. I was down to my white boxers and she reached over and began to slide these off too. I was now standing there completely naked. She opened a drawer and handed me a pair of soft white socks, and also a starched linen hospital gown that she helped me put on.

Our next stop was a small room with an old leather examination table against one wall and a counter with glass cabinets against the other. Perhaps this place had once been a doctor’s office. There was a curious piece of plumbing in the corner that looked to be a cross between a bidet and a toilet. I had never seen anything quite like it. While it looked somewhat like a toilet, it did not have a toilet seat and was elongated like a bidet.

The nurse had me wait while she placed a fresh white sheet on the leather table and motioned for me to get on it. I sat down on the edge not knowing what to expect. She brought over an old lamp with a flexible pole and a round metal reflector.

She took a tray from the counter holding a brown bottle of liquid and a stack of gauze squares and set it next to me. She had me lay flat on my back and positioned the lamp over my midsection and turned it on. She took a pair of reading glasses from her pocket then donned a pair of surgical gloves and folded back my gown.

She took a square of gauze and used it to grasp my penis and began a careful visual inspection of my genitals. When she was satisfied, she opened the brown bottle, wetted some gauze and swabbed my genitals with what I guessed was an antiseptic. She then turned me over and repeated the inspection, this time swabbing my anal area.

The nurse went back to the cabinets and took out what looked like a huge hypodermic syringe. It was made of glass and was over a foot long. She opened a disposable package and attached a red rectal tube about twelve inches long to the syringe.

Next she filled a large beaker with steaming water and poured in a liquid from a small bottle and stirred it with a glass rod. The result was a solution that looked thick and yellow. She dipped the end of the rectal tube into the solution and sucked it up into the syringe. She spent some time working the air out of the system and then brought it over to me along with a tube of lubricant.

The nurse said something to me in Dutch as she lubricated the rectal tube and inserted the tip into my anus. I felt her introduce a little of the hot fluid and push the tube in farther. Eventually, I felt the end of the syringe against my buttocks so I knew the tube was all the way in. I could feel the pressure against my buttocks as she pushed the plunger down. The liquid was hot and I could feel it crawling up my colon. Just as quick, I felt the tube being pulled out of me and the nurse placed the syringe apparatus in the sink. Within only a few moments I felt an extremely intense urge to move my bowels and I was eyeing the porcelain unit in the corner.

The nurse was fussing in the sink and I told her I urgently needed to go hoping she understood my English. She came over and helped me off the table and led me to the porcelain device and after some awkward moments had me straddling the thing like a horse. I could no longer hold it and had to let it go. What came out of me was deposited on a shallow shelf under me while the liquid part flowed over into the deep end of the unit. The nurse inspected what came out and then turned a valve on the wall, which caused a flush of water to whisk the waste off of the shelf and flush it out the deep end. When the nurse felt that I had sat on the thing for the necessary amount of time, she turned another valve that caused a blast of warm water to hit my anus. I moved my rear end around over the jet to get it clean until she turned off the water. As I stood she was ready with a small towel and dried my behind.

The enema was repeated three more times and the return was now coming out of me relatively clear. The enema been extremely irritating but was incredibly effective. My anus was burning, however, and I was left with the feeling that I had to keep pooping even though I know I was cleaned out.

I was now escorted down to a larger room that faced the street. The ceiling was raised and made mostly of glass, the kind with embedded chicken wire. The rain was beating softly down on it. The outside had windows covered two-thirds the way up with thin lace curtains so that no one could see in from the street below. The floors were bare hardwood but I could not take my eyes off of the most prominent feature in the room. On a raised platform was a large, dark wooden chair that for the entire world looked like an electric chair you see in old movies and photos. It was straight backed with black leather pads for the head and arms. There were leather restraint straps in several places, and a variety of plumbing valves with porcelain levers were positioned near the side of the chair. The center of the chair was open with a large round hole like a toilet seat. The chair looked part commode and part torture device. Beneath the hole in the chair was a white porcelain bowel that looked like an oversized spit basin in an old dentist’s office.

The nurse stopped me and removed my gown leaving me completely naked except my socks. The room was warm and comfortable but I felt a bit embarrassed by my total nakedness. The nurse motioned for me to sit on the chair. As I did this she spread my legs fastened them at the ankles and below the knees using the leather straps attached to the chair legs. Next my arms were attached at the wrists and elbows to arm rests. A long leather strap was threaded under my armpits and secured over my chest. I became a bit anxious about losing control of the situation.

The nurse called out to someone and an assistant appeared. She was very young and drop-dead gorgeous. She was wearing an extremely short white dress with shear white stockings. Her dark brown was very shiny and cut shoulder length and pulled back from her face with hair clips. She smiled at me sweetly and I smiled back. She said something to me softly in Dutch and I replied with “nice to meet you, too”. I thought I might have heard her say Andrea, but it sounded like “on-dray-yah”.

The old nurse rolled a small table next to the chair. Andrea went to a cabinet and returned with a tray of items including a large ointment tube, several pairs of exam gloves, some packaged items, and some short lengths of large amber tubing with chrome connectors on the ends. She went back to the cabinet and brought back a large black tube.

The tube was something I had never seen before and it was awe-inspiring. It was obviously a colon tube, but it was over four feet long, shiny black, and had a large bulge near one end about the size of a golf ball. She opened the ointment, put on a pair of gloves, and began lubricating the entire length of the tube.

The older nurse walked behind me but I couldn’t see behind the chair. I heard some clanking noises and then the chair begin to tilt back and rise up via some sort of tilting mechanism. The unit lifted up and leaned me back until my butt showing through the hole was now virtually in Andrea’s face.

Andrea reached up and it was like a jolt when she unexpectedly placed a lubricated finger in my anus. The older nurse connected the long, black colon tube to a valve next to the chair using a section of the amber tubing from the tray. She opened the valve until water flushed out the end and handed the tip to Andrea.

The young nurse now inserted the end of the colon tube into me a few inches and said something. The valve was turned and I felt warm water begin to enter me. The water continued to fill me and it was also leaking out of my bottom around the tube. Apparently the basin underneath caught the dripping.

I could feel the tube being expertly pushed in, withdrawn slightly, and pushed in again and knew that it was going in deeply as I could feel it inching across the top of my belly. Unbelievably, tube must have been inserted fully because I could now feel the large ball pushing up tight against my anus. I could see Andrea reach for the tube of ointment and I could feel her applying more lubricant around the tube and to my anus. Suddenly, I felt her push very hard and the ball stretched my rectum unmercifully. There was a burning pain but it began to subside after a minute or so. Despite the momentary pain, I had become quite aroused by the anal attention being bestowed by the lovely nurse.

The young nurse picked up a metal clamp like device from the tray and I could feel it being attached to the tube. I figured it must be used to keep the tube in place and prevent from being dislodged from my rectum. The chair started moving back to the original position and I was somewhat flustered that my erect penis was now in full view.

The older nurse turned one of the porcelain levers at the side of the chair and I could feel water swirling in the basin below my bottom and a bit of it splashing up on me. She then moved another lever and once again I felt my colon filling in a most unusual way. I have had many enemas and colonics, but none that felt like this. Since the tip of the colon tube must now be near the top of my colon I was being filled from inside out. I could feel the water begin to rush across my belly and then down toward my rectum. The ball was plugging me up and the pressure began to build and become painful. I started to panic a little and decided I had to let some of the water out. I began bearing down and found that I could dilate my rectum and push the water around the ball with effort.

I was a bit preoccupied with what was going on in my bowels but couldn’t help but notice with delight that Andrea was disrobing slowly. She unzipped her white uniform from behind and them stepped out of it revealing her beautiful white lingerie. She first removed her shoes followed by unhooking each stocking from the garter belt and slipping it down her leg. Next the bra came off revealing ample breasts and erect nipples. Finally, the garter belt and panties came off. She faced away from me and bent over to pick up her shoes, giving me a nice view of her lovely ass. She was now completely nude and spectacular to look at. Her skin was almost translucent but smooth and flawless. She smiled at me again and unselfconsciously walked up to the chair facing me.

I could feel my colon filling and I watched Andrea open a package and produce a condom. She placed a dab of lubricating jelly on the inside of the condom and then came over to me and unrolled it onto my erect penis. She then rubbed the jelly over the outside of the condom and stroked me until I was rock hard.

Andrea then took hold of the chair back on either side of my head. One foot at a time, she straddled me and put her feet into support built onto the sides of the chair. Her legs were now spread and she was sort of squatting over me. This gave me a nice view of her neatly shaved bush. She lifted herself up then lowered herself down wiggling from side to side working my penis into her vagina.

She pressed herself against me in a tight hug and her perfume was driving me wild. I could feel the tips of her nipples pressing hard into my chest and as she put her head beside mine and I could feel her breathing in my ear and whispering something I couldn’t understand. Still holding onto the chair top, she began moving her pelvis up and down on my stiff penis.

My colon was now reaching critical pressure and the slow fucking I was getting from Andrea was causing a funny feeling I hadn’t felt since junior high school. It was kind of an itch, kind of a pain, but whatever it was, I liked it very much. I didn’t have too much time to think about it before I was overtaken by an explosive orgasm. As I came, water began spurting uncontrollably out my rectum in unstoppable wave after wave. I was moaning uncontrollably and straining to get my arms around this gorgeous creature who was fucking the life out of me.

Eventually the orgasm subsided and I felt utterly spent. The pretty nurse climbed off slowly and reached between her legs to hold the condom so as not to slip off my now floppy penis. She disappeared out the door and I longed after her. I never saw her again.

The old nurse, operated the mechanism that tilted me on my back again and disconnected the hose that was connected to my colon tube. She put on a pair of rubber gloves and began tugging at the colon tube. The large bulge had to make it through my rectum and once again I belt the burning pain as it passed through my sphincter muscles. I could feel the tube sliding out of me for what seemed like an eternity. Finally it was out and I marveled again at the size of the thing and the skill Andrea used to thread that thing into me.

I was put back upright and the condom was removed and I was cleaned up with soap and water. A hand sprayer was used to rinse off my crotch. The restraints were removed and I started to stand up, but the nurse pushed me back down and motioned for me to stay put. She left the room.

I understand why she had me stay on the chair as waves of water flooded out of me into for quite a while. I had to pee so I pushed down my penis and went into the basin.

The nurse came back and turned off the basin rinse and handed me the gown I was wearing. She led me back to the exam room and washed off my bottom with a hot washcloth and applied some ointment to my anus. She also unwrapped a very large foil-covered suppository and inserted it. This turned out to be some sort of soothing medication that made my anus numb for the next couple of hours.

I was taken to the dressing room and then back to the lobby where I paid the bill, which was about $250 U.S. Certainly expensive for a colonic, but this was a colonic I’d never forget.

I tried to go back the next day to see if I could meet Andrea again and if they would let me take some pictures of the chair. Unfortunately, it was the weekend and no one was there. I had to return to the states on Sunday. I very much wanted to see if I could duplicate this thing for my office in California. I have more than a few clients who would go wild for this sort of thing. I couldn’t find out if this was a one-of-a-kind thing, or if these enema chairs were once popular in Europe. I have found nothing in literature or on the Internet that comes close. I can’t even seem to find out if other colonic parlors exist that offer this kind of combination service.

I was delighted by the open-mindedness the Dutch have about integrating pleasure and sex. In the U.S., I have to be extremely careful about what is legal and appropriate and what may be considered prostitution, pornographic or otherwise inappropriate. For example, it is legal for Erin, my massage therapist, to disrobe you completely and massage your legs and buttocks. But it is illegal for her to massage your prostate or genitals (although she does this frequently for clients).

There is a very delicate line between personal services and medical procedures. That is why I am (or one of my staff) licensed to perform a number of medical test procedures or other controlled practices such as X-ray, physical examination, massage, and certain diagnostic tests. We want to be able to offer our clients the kind of service they want, from the ordinary to the extreme.

Part 5

These were perhaps the tiniest, tightest pair of buttocks I had ever seen. I could hold both of them in just one hand. Granted, this cute little thing lying on my treatment table couldn't have been taller than 4'-10" or more than 90 pounds. Her little buns reminded me of the two halves of a perfect little peach. I had her positioned on her left side with her knees pulled up and I spread her open with my thumb and forefinger to get a look at what I'd be working with. Her tiny little anus was perfectly shaped, but no larger than a nickel.

First time colonics are difficult in the best of circumstances because the client is usually quite apprehensive, embarrassed, and unfamiliar with the intense sensations involved in administering the treatment. This causes the anus and rectum to tense up making insertion of the rectal speculum somewhat difficult. But in this case, her anus was so tiny, and the one-size-fits-all speculum so huge, I knew I was going to have trouble making this be a comfortable experience for her.

"Julie, you're going to feel me dilating you gently over the next ten minutes or so. It may feel a little odd and you'll feel some pressure, but you let me know if anything feels uncomfortable."

"Uh....okay," she said sweetly.

I kept a set of graduated dilators on hand for just this kind of thing. These were a set of six, stainless steel devices that most people would describe as shaped like "butt plugs". They ranged in length from about four to six inches and from about the size of my index finger to 1-1/2" in diameter - the same size as my rectal speculums. While this may not sound very large on paper, I guarantee that if I were to put 1-1/2" in YOUR bottom, you would feel pretty stretched and full. I also brought out a large tube of KY jelly and some lavender massage oil and quickly coated all of the dilators with a generous coating of jelly.

I put a glove on my right hand and lubricated my index finger generously with KY and poured a bit of oil into my left hand. I folded back the cover sheet exposing most of Julie's naked body and began gently massaging her back with the oil. I then gently introduced my lubricated fingertip between her buns until I was just resting against her tiny opening. I heard her suck in a breath from the sensation, and I smiled as I watched the tuft of red pubic hair surrounding the lips of her vagina quiver as her internal muscles contracted.

This was the best part of my job - being able to touch and observe a beautiful woman, especially her most intimate parts. It is always fascinating to see how different women respond under these circumstances. As I stroked down her back with my left hand, I began applying a little more pressure to the anus. All at once my finger slid in a ways and stopped between my first a second knuckle.

"Ummm...ohhh," Julie whimpered.

"Okay?" I asked carefully.

"Yeah... yeah, I'm fine."

As I kept up the back rub, I began working my finger very gently and very slowly in and out, never going past the knot of either of my knuckles. As I felt Julie relax a bit, I pushed my finger in to the hilt and held it in place. The heat from Julie's rectum was intense and I felt the warmth soaking through the glove and into my finger. I withdrew my finger and quickly replaced it with the first dilator, inserting it all the way. I knew there wouldn't be too much change in sensation as the dilator was the same size as my finger. I began working the dilator in and out, allowing it to completely exit the anus before pushing it back in.

As this seemed to be going fairly effortlessly, I chose the next size dilator and pushed it deeply into Julie's bottom.

"Ohhh...," Julie cried softly.

"Sorry, I said. You may feel a little discomfort as I move up to the next size dilator," I apologized.

"No, it's okay. Just a little surprising," Julie said.

We continued on like this until I had worked up to the largest dilator. I noticed two things happening. First Julie had begun to move her hips a bit, pressing her bottom to meet my thrusts of the dilator. Second, I noticed the wetness beginning to ooze from her vaginal lips.

This was not unusual. A good percentage of my clients are aroused by the anal stimulation and that is one of the reasons they come to me for colonics. It is always a little risky, however, with a new client to cross the boundaries of professionalism. It was obvious that Julie was getting off on the back and anal massage. I quickly changed put on clean gloves on both hands.

"You let me know if you are uncomfortable with anything," I said.

I grasped the dilator with my left hand and while I continued to work it in and out, I used the finger of my right hand to part the vaginal lips and slide my finger into Julie's wet vagina. I withdrew it slightly and began sliding my finger up and over her clitoris.


It was obvious that Julie was working up to an orgasm so I kept the pace and coordination of my rectal hand and my vaginal hand working in concert and it wasn't long before I felt intense contractions in Julies anus and vagina. She was fairly quiet during her orgasm, but her bottom bucked fairly intensly for a few moments. I slowed down the pace as the orgasm subsided and withdrew the dilator.

I quickly lubricated the rectal speculum and slowly inserted it before the anus had a chance to close up. I just left it in place as I went back to rubbing Julie's back with warm oil. Nothing was said by either of us.

I gave Julie a few minutes to recover and then hooked the tubes up to the nozzle I had stuck into her backside. I helped her roll over onto her back with her knees bent. The sheet had fallen completely off, so Julie was completely nude, but she seemed oblivous to it.

I turned a knob a began to fill Julie with warm water.

"You're going to feel the water entering you," I said. "I have gauges to keep everything safe and comfortable, but if you feel too full, you let me know."

I was able to fill Julie with a surprising amount of water before she told me she was uncomfortable. I opened the drain valve, a good amount waste began appearing in the lighted tube on the colonic machine. Some new clients are horrified that their "poop" is on semi public display, but Julie seemed fascinated.

"Wow - that's amazing," Julie said as the crud worked its way out of her body on its way to the sewer.

"You'll feel a lot better after we get this all out of you," I suggested.

"How long does this take?" Julie asked.

"About an hour. You'll feel the water going up higher and higher inside of you as we continue. In a moment I will begin massaging your belly to help move the water around."

The room was fairly dark, and since she didn't ask, I made no effort to replace the sheet for modesty. I continued to fill and drain her for a while and then fitted an old-fashioned vibrator to the back of my left hand. This was the type that is held in place with small springs and transmits the vibration through your hand and fingers. I used this to lightly massage Julie's tummy.

As I worked on her belly, I used my other hand to work the colonic machine. I was filling her fairly full and many clients enjoy the very full fill and quick release. It feels very much like a high volume enema. I noticed that once again she was beginning to wiggle her hips.

I filled Julie full, and then shut off the water and drain so that she would stay full. I now used my right hand to reach under her legs and grab hold of the rectal speculum. I began working this in and out gently, never letting it come all the way out of her anus. Her hips began to rise off the table to meet my thrusts, so I let my left hand with the vibrator slide down over her vulva. I placed a finger on either side of her labia and squeezed very gently so that her clitoris was them.

Julie reacted very quickly and was literally in the throes of another orgasm within a matter of seconds. The vibrator is very effective in this way. I could see that her eyes were clamped shut and that she was making a bit more noise than the last time. Her nipples were contracted hard as rocks. She had lifted her buttocks right off the table and as I felt the muscles in her anus and rectum contracting wildly with the orgasm, some water shot out of her bottom onto the pad on the table. I quickly reached over and opened the drain.

As Julie settled down. I used both hands to gently push the remaining water out of her colon then finished up by gently extracting the speculum from her bottom. I retrieved the sheet and placed it over her.

"When you're ready, you can use the bathroom and get dressed. Take your time. Make sure that you make an appointment for your next treatment on the way out. You were a great first timer."

"Thanks...okay," she said as I walked out of the room.

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