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Eldi Wet Nurse

Author : Anal Al

Planet Chaldus, 22Mar2677

Reti woke up to the sound of her blaring alarm in her tube. She reached over and turned it off. Then flipping the light on she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She pulled on her pants, shirt and socks. Grabbing her boots she opened the hatch and crawled out of her sleeping tube. A mere 2x1x1 meters it was the smallest dorm space she found and also it happened the most affordable. At less than two thousands durcals a month she still had enough from her mining job to be able to save some money and afford a few luxuries here and there. Mostly she saved her money. Her hope was to one day go to a retirement world and buy a place to retire to.

Right now, however, she finished snapping the buckles on her shoes, closed her tube hatch and headed down to the mess hall. In the hall she got in line and swiped her id card to buy some breakfast. She had learned long ago that it didn’t pay to scrimp on food, she couldn’t work as hard or as long and consequently made less at the end of the day since her mining was based on metric tons of ore mined. Reti was a tube bore operator and spent close to 12 hours a day driving the large machines as they ate their way through the planet in the search for aluminum bearing ore.

As she grabbed her tray out of the dispensing slot she walked down the hallway to the seating area. Grabbing a set of utensils she found a table and sat down. At this hour most of the miners were not up yet so she normally ate alone. Punching the play button she watched the news feed for a few minutes before becoming bored with it and switching to the want-ads.

Nearly finished eating Reti’s interest was caught by an ad:
Workers wanted: Planet Ytt Cv in M466, sector 443-98276. Duties: Wet nurse for Eldi farm. 10 hour work day with 2 hour lunch break. Feed Eldi via direct contact method. 600 durcals per day minimum. 21 days on, 7 days off. Denobulian, Orion, Human/Simian, Xut, Caaacds and Iwx’s preferred. Female applicants only! 8864-22334-18837-234

Reti looked the ad a moment. That was 50 durcals a day more than she made now. Shorter day. She got 4 days a month off. Feeding some Eldi. What the hell were Eldi? She wondered. It seemed like a better deal than she had now. But where was that planet? She looked at the time and then pressed a few keys on the terminal to send it to her mailbox so she could look at it later and then headed off to work.

That night after supper Reti got into her tube and pulled out the terminal and did some research on what an Eldi was. She found out it was an animal species that was raised for its fur. From what she could tell the fur was used in the making of textiles not that much unlike wool from sheep. Finding a picture of an Eldi she saw that it was about twice the size of a sheep and had a long torso. Four legs. It had a long snout that reminded her of an elephant that she had seen in a book about earth animals once. The fur was harvested once every five years apparently and the animal only had a lifespan of about 6 years. The fur though made a material that was warm, didn’t burn easily but did conduct electricity. The animal was a herbivore. Their primary food source contained plants that seemed to be rich in minerals and hence the conductivity of the fur. The primary use was in making conductive fabrics for shield suits. Reti couldn’t find any mention of the raising of the animal other than its obvious use for its fur.

Saving the references she went on to find out where the planet was located. She found it would take her close to eighty thousand durcals passage on a freighter to get there and four years in hypersleep. Well she would definitely have to think about it but that was a long way. Just for fun she looked up the phone number and found that it was a provider paid call.

The following day after a full day at work and having to deal with a work stoppage due to a labor strike Reti was somewhat dejected when she went home. The strike meant that she couldn’t operate her tunneler and hence wasn’t going to get paid for the day. This seemed to happen at least once a month around here. Not like when she was working on the assembly lines on Hoosuet City. Since it was Saturday there was no work tomorrow anyway with the mines normally being closed. Arriving back to her tube early she lay there for a few hours thinking about how much this life sucked. Finally bored to tears she called the number she had saved for the job.

A pleasant woman answered and confirmed all the details of the job description being true but couldn’t tell her much more than that other than to look up Reti’s address and find the nearest recruiting station. It was some two weeks away by transport. Too close for hypersleep. The woman said that the round trip fees were paid for by the corporation if Reti wanted to go interview for the position at the recruiting station. Reti thanked her and then disconnected.

After wandering around the shopping district for a few hours Reti returned to her tube. She had bought a new pair of socks and some underwear. She stored them in the storage bin at the end of her tube and lay there wondering what kind of life she would have if she changed jobs. She called the number again for the Eldi farm and the same girl answered. She looked up some information for Reti and said that the employees were provided living quarters. Rooms were listed as 300 square meters. She read off the list of amenities with the quarters and then forwarded Reti some brochures to read. Reti thanked her again and disconnected. A few minutes later Reti’s message light went on and she read about the place. It seemed rather nice. The climate was listed as tropical, whatever that meant and looked lush and green. Green would be nice. She missed green.

After re-reading the original job ad Reti called and asked about the female applicants qualification and the girl looked perplexed. She then went off for a few minutes and then came back and told Reti that the young Eldi could smell the scent of the wet nurses and wouldn’t go near a male of any species that it would go near in the first place which were the ones listed. Reti made up her mind that she wanted to try it. So she told the girl to go ahead and make an appointment with the recruiting center for her.

An hour later a message came in with reservations on a passenger ship to the recruiting station. Reti turned in a leave of absence form which was accepted immediately due to the strike and then she tried to get some sleep. The passenger ship would arrive at Chaldus tomorrow and Reti would get aboard and travel for two weeks to be interviewed. The girl whom she had talked with indicated that the interview was more of a pre-employment type testing than interview in that if she met the qualifications that they were pretty desperate for employees and turned very few away.

Two weeks later…

Reti disembarked from the Scion17 passenger liner and stepped out into the wide concourse on space station 889 of the Hornek corporation. Her senses were assaulted by the smells coming from the restaurants and all of the advertisements both audio and visual lining the concourse. She found a map kiosk and then made her way to the designated room number where the interview was set up.

Walking into the room there was a waiting area with two comfortable looking couches. A door with a bell and a sign in pad. She signed the pad and per the instruction placard she rang the bell and sat down. Five minutes later the door opened and an Orion woman greeted Reti and told her to follow. They walked down a hallway and to another room.

“Take off your clothes please you.” The Orion attendant, Herry, by its name tag told Reti.

Reti, being human, was still somewhat shy about nudity but decided that since this was a job physical, which she had been through numerous times, that she was going to have to be poked and prodded. Most employers wanted to ensure that any training they gave you wasn’t going to be a waste of their time and money if you should suddenly die and nearly all required a physical exam. She took off her jumpsuit and put it on the chair. Then she reached back to undo her bra.

“No need top. Just bottom.” Herry said.

Reti shrugged and took off her panties. She stood there as Herry took out a measuring device and began to roll it over Reti’s body. Reti stood still and when prompted raised her arms. Herry kept referring to the display on the device and would press a button on it as it beeped for each measurement. She measured all the standard measurements that Reti could remember being fitted for pressure suits, uniforms and other garments specific to the job. Herry even measure Reti’s feet. “Are uniforms provided?”

“Uniform, affirmative, provided.” Herry said in her somewhat syntactically awkward English.

Reti watched and eventually Herry measured her head and just about everything else. Then she put the instrument down and took out a device from a box and held it up and activated its power. Reti looked at it and though it looked a lot like a liquid drink dispenser. It was round and had various panels on it. It appeared to be about 3cm in diameter and a good 1/3 of a meter in length. Herry approached Reti. “Legs spread please you.”

Reti took a step and separated her legs. She watched as Herry brought the device up to her vagina and started twisting and wiggling it around to get it inside. Well this was certainly through Reti thought; no employer had ever measured inside of her vagina before. She wondered why as Herry operated the device and Reti could feel it expanding inside of her. The pressure started to increase as the diameter of device increased. Just before it began to hurt the pressure started to go down and the device beeped.

Then Herry pushed some buttons on it after removing it from Reti’s vagina. “Over bench bend you.” Reti thought about it and realized that there was only one place left to measure. Although physical technicians had occasionally probed her back orifice she had never been measured there before. She bent over and leaned on her forearms on the exam table. Turning her head she could see Herry squirt something onto the device and then took a wipe and spread the stuff around. She then pushed more buttons on it and approached Reti’s ass hole.

Reti let out a yelp as the thing was pushed in. “No hurt, no hurt.” Herry tried to assure her. Reti could feel the thing being twisted and pushed into her ass hole by the Orion woman and although she had had a few men put themselves into her this way she had never had a mechanical thing in there before. “You sex way this?” Herry asked as the stopped moving the device.

“Ah … yes.” Reti finally acknowledged. She wondered how Herry could tell. She could feel the device begin to expand in her. It began to hurt and she let out a moan. Herry pushed a button, the device beeped and began to shrink again.

“Done part 1. Where you are stay.” Herry told Reti.

Reti tried to relax as she watched the attendant wipe the device and put it into the case. Then she took out a small bottle with a nozzle on it. Reti recognized it. She had had one of these things in her before an exam the back way once for a job physical at that factory that made the food replicator units. She put her head down and waited. Sure enough Herry pulled one of Reti’s cheeks and Reti could feel the nozzle pushing against her ass hole. She relaxed and the nozzle slipped in. The she felt coolness inside and the nozzle was removed.

“There stay do you. Answer here. Beep you let out there.” Herry pointed to a toilet in the corner. At the same time she placed a questionnaire pad down on the exam table Reti was bent over in front of Reti.

“Ok.” Reti answered. Herry nodded, snapped the case shut and left the room closing the door behind her. Reti tried to relax but could feel the liquid inside of her butt already beginning to churn. It felt like a really bad case of the chom shits after eating chom chom cakes. She instinctively put a hand on her stomach to try and quell the knotting up feeling inside. She looked down at the questionnaire and started to answer it. It seemed pretty routine most of the time. What diseases had she had, where did she grow up, had she been exposed to this and that. Skills listings, age, sexual preferences, education. About half way through the eighth page the unit beeped three times.

Reti hurried over to the toilet, glad to be able to finally relieve herself. She looked at the clock on the wall as she was sitting down and she had been holding the awful stuff in her bottom for close to ten minutes now. She relaxed her sphincter and a gush of brown, smelly effluent was released. It burned too. Reti grimaced at the stinging of it. She sat on the toilet for close to fifteen minutes and finally pressed the wash lever and waited while the unit hummed and purred and washed her backside. It appeared a bit fancier than she was used to using but operated easy enough that she could operate it.

After the air had blown her backside dry Reti got up and it shut off. She then returned to the questionnaire and two more pages it was done. She pressed the complete square and it gave her a thank you and went off. Reti then got up and sat on the exam table with her legs hanging off the side. She had thought about getting dressed but Herry had cleaned out her backside for some reason. A complete exam she figured. Just a few moments later Herry returned carrying a device with her. She looked at Reti. “Before like up!”

Reti sighed and got off of the table and stood by the end and leaned on her elbows. She looked over at Herry who was taking a cap off of the device. It was round and a good 20 cm in diameter and nearly a meter long. It reminded Reti of the grease gun she used on a surface excavator once. It had a short round nozzle on the end and she had no doubt where it was going.

“Relax to you try. Comfortable not.” Herry tried to apologize in advance. Reti winced as she felt the nozzle enter her ass hole. At least it was lubricated with something. She soon felt the filling feeling again but it continued on and on and on. Herry was injecting liquid into her. As advertised it certain wasn’t comfortable and was beginning to be downright painful.

“Owe!” Reti finally tried to move forward off of the nozzle but Herry followed her pushing the thing between Reti’s cheeks.

“More you take. All.” Herry said.


“Get job you must. Take all. Liters three it is.” Herry said as she pushed on the plunger and continued to fill Reti’s ass with the full three liters of water. “Done.” She finally announced. She slowly pulled the thing from Reti’s ass hole.

“Hold fifteen you must. Job required.” Herry said.

“Fifteen minutes!” Reti exclaimed, her hands flying to cover her ass and she stood up prancing on one foot and the other. She had to wonder what sort of job requirement would be that she had to hold this much water inside of her. She looked down and her taught flat belly now pooched out with all the water that was inside. She was thankful for the purging earlier though. And the lubricant on the last nozzle had quelled the sting from earlier.

Herry put the device down and sat in the chair and watched as Reti did her little dance of pain holding in the three liters of warm water inside of her. She kept looking at the clock, pacing and rubbing her round belly. She would wince as a cramp would pass and clench her ass hole together to keep it all inside. Finally at fifteen minutes Herry nodded to her and got up and left the room as Reti rushed to the toilet to let out the full load of water.

When she finished after nearly half an hour she felt drained and empty inside. When the toilet had finished cleaning her bottom she got up and sat on the exam table again. She watched the clock and nearly thirty minutes later Herry came back. “Done you are. You employee we will.”

“Done?” Reti asked in astonishment. She had just endured an agonizing fifteen minutes with a belly full of water and they weren’t even going to look up her backside? What kind of weird exam was this? “That’s all?”

“Yes. All it is. Job you want?” Herry asked her.

“Well yes. I just thought you were going to examine me more.” Reti stated.

Herry just smiled with both mouths the way that Orion’s do when they are pleased. She then motioned for Reti to get dressed and then left the room.

Reti put on her panties, jump suit and boots. Then she opened the door and Herry was out in the hallway waiting on her. “Belonging you have?”

“Just a bag in a locker at the port.” Reti said.

“Go get you will. Hotel pass. Boarding pass, three days transport you will.” Herry said.

“And the company will pay for it?”

“Confirm. Boorgenbind will pay you transport. Ytt Cv you go. Sleep-hyper you will.”

Reti took the passes from Herry. She wanted to ask a few more questions but decided that this was better than the mining job on Chaldus. Herry smiled with the upper mouth this time and spoke with the bottom one, “Your id tag.”

Reti took the id, it already had her picture on it. She could tell from the background that it was the exam room with its pale green walls. She was now an employee of the Boorgenbind corporation. She sighed and nodded at Herry. Orion’s weren’t known for small talk so best to just move on.

Four years later ..

Reti was awakened from the stasis chamber aboard the transport. She hated hypersleep. She always felt like a nasty hangover for a week afterwards. Her mouth tasted like badly cooked orc sauce and her head was pounding. Her entire body was stiff and hard to move and she had pressure sores on her back, buttocks, calves, elbows and the back of her head where she was laying on the pad of the stasis chamber. They generally ran the chambers at less than a tenth normal gravity but even that was a lot to not move in four years. The pressure sores she knew from experience would take a good month to heal up. They were sort of like blisters and bruises all at once. And her orifices all ached too from the tubes they put into her body.

After a rather bland meal she walked around the transport ship watching the other undead trying to wake up also. Finally she went to the viewport and watched the stars going by as the transport slowed down from hyperspace. They were outside of the star system still and she was supposed to transfer from this ship to a smaller system ship at a space station. It was owned by a transport company of some sort, not the place she worked for. She fingered the id card hanging around her neck. Four years of hypersleep, however unpleasant were certainly good for her savings accounts though. Lots of interest accumulated and if the cost of hypersleep wasn’t too steep a good way to make a living. She had met several people who did that.

The fact that the company had paid for her passage here meant that she didn’t have to expend even the money normally spent on stasis chambers. She didn’t ask but suspected that if she ever quit the job she would have to find her own way out of here. Most jobs were that way. They would pay for you to get to them but if you quit you’re on your own.

The next day Reti set foot on Ytt Cv. It was every bit as lush as the pictures in the brochure. Green everywhere. Numerous insect lifeforms too and some bit! She was greeted by a company employee. An Xut from what Reti could tell. The Xut species were six legged. The front two legs had opposable split hooves though which made them capable of operating machinery. Covered in a short fur the Xut often wore what might be considered as clothing by some species. Normally a stretch type fabric covering over the lower portion of their torso. They were every bit as shy about their genitalia as humans could be. At least they spoke good English so Reti didn’t need a translator.

“You’re Reti Joanlen?” the Xut asked.

“Yes.” Reti said and held up her id tag.

“Good. I’m Ween-Rey-Tan. Please to meet you. This way.” The Xut motioned with her left front leg. “So do you still have sleep wrench?”

“Yes. Only 2 days out so far.” Reti acknowledge the post-hypersleep sickness.

“You humans are so lucky. You only have it for a week. Xut have it for close to a month!”

“Oh. I didn’t know that. How long have you been here?”

“Almost five years now. I’m probably going to stay for a while though. They pay pretty good. Here we are, get in.” Ween-Rey-Tan motioned to Reti to get into the electric cart. She went around the other side and got into the drivers area and closed the door. She sat on her back two legs and kept her middle pair holding her torso up. Her front two legs she operated the driving levers and they proceeded on as soon as Reti had closed the door.

“How far?”

“Only about twenty mis. I do like the climate here. Aside for the cwitis biting my ass all the time it is otherwise a nice place to be. At least for a Xut. Most of the humans I know also think it is a good place.”


“Yes, they are small insects that sting and it hurts for a good hour after they bite. They seem to prefer Xut flesh to human though it isn’t totally unheard of for one to bit a human. On humans apparently is isn’t as bad as you only get a swelling area local to the bite and it goes away after an hour. I think it must hurt more though as I hear the humans scream when one bites them. It usually spooks the Eldi which is something you want to avoid.”

“Why?” Reti was curious about the Eldi. She still hadn’t been able to find all that much about them.

“Well when they’re feeding they’ll jerk and run off. Then you have a tough time coaxing them back into feeding. It is always my luck to be just about done right about the time that a cwitis decides to bite one of the human feeders and the spook the whole herd with all their screaming. All except for Lisa. She seems to enjoy the pain of the cwitis bites. She tenses up but never screams.”

“Do Xut scream?”

“Of course not. It is just a bite. An annoyance, nothing more. I just swish them off with my tail. Ok, here were are at the housing complex. Hop out.” Ween-Rey-Tan shut off the cart and got out.

Reti looked around there were several multi-story buildings here. Most appeared to be 3-4 stories. All had windows and were rather pleasant to look at. The lush greenery more than made up for the lack of civilization that she felt here. She saw several sentient creatures walking about between the buildings. They walked into the first building and Ween-Rey-Tan scanned her id card and looked at Reti. Reti held her card up to the reader and it flashed a green light at her.

“Good. At least we won’t have to get your id remade. It seems like half of the newcomers here have to get new ids. This way and I will show you to your sleeping compartment.” Ween-Rey-Tan said.

Reti followed Ween-Rey-Tan down a series of hallways and up an elevator to the third floor. “Humans, Simians, Orions and Iwx don’t seem to have a problem sleeping on non-ground floors so you won’t find any below. Xut can’t sleep unless it is a ground floor so my compartment is in the other dormitory on the first floor.” She said as she opened the door for Reti.

Inside was a very nice apartment. Reti stepped in and was amazed at the view. Outside she could see a lake and forest beyond. The apartment seemed to have numerous rooms to it. “This is nice! So how hard am I going to have to work?”

“Hard?” Ween-Rey-Tan was confused.

“Well yes. For a place to live that is this nice I would expect that the work is very difficult.”

“Not really although you humans don’t make as much as Xut make. We’re bigger and stronger and can usually handle several Eldi one after another. I can feed three Eldi in the time it takes a human to feed one.”

“So you feed them?”

“Yes, most of the workers feed them. I don’t feed as often as I used to feed since I have been here for a while. I’m usually herding them recently. Being my hooves are not as nimble as a human, Orion or simian I don’t do any of the preparation work.” Ween-Rey-Tan said.

“Aside from feeding them what other work is there to do?”

“Well the stall cleaning is automated so we don’t have to do that. We have herders, some inspector/physicians, washers and of course feeders. Mostly feeders. I would say that three quarters of the workforce here feeds. You have to feed the young until they are nearly a year old before they can feed themselves. When they are five they are shipped out to a facility on the other side of the planet. There are eight feeding farms like this one.”

“How many people working here?”

“Each farm has about two hundred workers. Of that I would say maybe ten percent are human so you’ll have plenty of opportunity for a sexual partner. And you can transfer around from time to time to other farms if you want a change of scenery.”

“I thought they only took females for workers?” Reti asked.

“They do …. Ooops, I forgot that humans are, how do you say, sex only with the opposite sex. Although Xut come in three sexes all three sexes are multi-sexual. I have seen a few humans though having relationships here so I guess at least some humans don’t mind other females.” Ween-Rey-Tan said tilting her head at Reti.

“Well I prefer to have sex with the opposite sex and not women. But as you say there are some women who don’t mind other women. Why only females?”

“The Eldi young can smell hormones and won’t go near a male of any of the acceptable species to feed. And as I remember it you humans are fertile for a week a month or something like that and consequently the Eldi won’t go near you then either so you won’t be able to feed for that time. Most of the humans take their week off when they are leaking.”

Leaking? She must be talking about my monthly cycle Reti thought. “That sounds reasonable.”

“Xut are only fertile for two days out of every four hundred so we can work longer if we want. The company lets us accumulate days off and on your days off you can go into Posin if you want to. There are a lot of things to do there. Also some male humans too. They work in the processing plants and quite a few of the humans here have sex with them.”

Ween-Rey-Tan is certainly open about sex Reti thought. Seems to be somewhat obsessed with it too. Reti had to wonder what a Xut looked like naked though and wondered if maybe Ween-Rey-Tan didn’t secretly harbor some cross species sexual fantasies.

“Do you require sleep?” Ween-Rey-Tan asked.

“Not really, why do you ask?”

“Generally you don’t start working the day you get here. I can show you around if you want to, I’m off duty now that I’ve got you back from the space port.”

Reti got a tour of the facilities, at least some of them. She wasn’t shown all of the Eldi facilities but did get to seem some of the mature herds grazing in the pastures. They seemed to eat the grasses as much as anything. They would reach out with their long flexible snouts and grab some of the grass and then push it into their mouths. She saw some of them reaching up into a container of water and drinking through the snouts too.

After a while Ween-Rey-Tan showed her to the recreational area and Reti was very surprised. Many species were here and quite a few humans too. She was introduced to a few different ‘people’ here and there that Ween-Rey-Tan knew more affectionately than others. Ween-Rey-Tan led her back to her apartment around 20:00. She found out that the planet at a 27 hour day here. So her work day was only 10 hours long and she had 17 hours per day to her self. This seemed so far to be a good environment.

The next morning her door enunciator went off and Reti sauntered to answer it. “Good morning Reti Joanlen. I am here to take you to your first orientation and work session.” The simian with a name tag of Kikki had attached to her fur. She wasn’t wearing any clothing. Reti had seen simians before and they rarely, if ever, wore clothes. They would wear an environment suit when necessary or work coveralls where the job required it for safety reasons but given the choice most of them didn’t wear anything. Most were terrible furry too. This one however, Reti noticed, had shaved her fur off around her pelvic region. She could see Kikki’s vagina and noticed it look very much like a human vagina.

“I’m ready.” Reti said.

Kikki raised and eyebrow at her then turned and walked back towards the door. Reti closed the door and followed. She could see that Kikki also had her butt cheeks shaved too. This was the first time she had ever seen a simian shaved like that.

“So have you ever worked in an Eldi farm before?”

“No, never.”

“Well you’ll have to learn a few things about them. Their young are born about every six months although the mother can only feed one at a time. In nature the newborns die off after a week without food. They wean the one that is feeding at about a year and then if the timing is right the next one begins feeding from the mother. Sometimes though another is born too soon before the bigger one is weaned and it is the second to die. Here at the farm we artificially feed the seconds and thirds and keep them alive. They will adapt in a day or two to feeding from a surrogate host and happily feed until a year or a year and a few months before they can feed off of the grasses.” Kikki said as they walked.

“What do they eat beside grasses?”

“Well when they are very young the mother feeds them mother’s milk. It is not that much different than simian, or human, milk but is somewhat thicker and a lot more of it. About six months along though the mother starts putting partially digested grasses into her feeding hole and they start eating that. It mixes with her milk and is greenish and lumpy. We use artificial milk that is produced form a soy plant for the younglings. The olderlings get this mixed with finely chopped greenery.” Kikki stopped to open a door in an adjacent building.

“Ween-Rey-Tan said she gets paid more than humans, I don’t quite understand why.”

“Because an Xut can feed more young at a time. Humans, Orions, simians and Iwx get paid roughly the same although simians usually manage about 5% more. Xut are generally about triple what we make. Caaacds about double what we make. Here we are. You’ll start your work day in here. Any of the rooms coded yellow that are open you can go in. Our supervisor, Thiy, has tasked me with training you since I’m simian. Simian and human training are the same. First off I usually close the door.” Kikki said and walked over and shut the door. “I’m not all that thrilled to have people walking by and watching me prepare myself. Ok, off with your clothes.”

Reti didn’t question the request. She figured that she was going to have to put on some sort of uniform. The room had various hooks on the walls and cabinets with equipment. Some low sinks with large drains on one wall, various valves and pipe. Several canisters and lots of hoses hung on the wall.

“I recommend that you take two at least before you get ready. You just want to empty yourself out mostly; it doesn’t have to be 100% complete.” Kikki said and took a can with a hose off of the wall. It was then that Reti noticed that the end of the hose had a long nozzle on it. Kikki walked over to a tap and turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. “I prefer it fairly warm but you’ll have to adjust yours to suit yourself.”

Reti watched as Kikki filled the can with water. She then hung up the can on a hook and let the air out of the hose. She took the nozzle and put it in her mouth and wet it down with saliva. Then she took the nozzle and stuck it into her ass and opened the valve. “Go ahead, get a can and fill it up.”

Reti gulped. She had had the water pushed into her when she interviewed but still was at a loss to explain why they seemed concerned with what was in her ass. She figured she would find out soon enough and just shrugged and took a can off the wall and filled it up. She hung it like she had watched Kikki do and then wet the nozzle and put it to her bum hole. She pushed and nothing happened.

“Just relax and push out like you’re going defecate. Sorry, I forgot, some humans need something to grease it with. Look in the top, right cabinet and there is a jar of stuff there.”

Reti looped the hose over the can and then went to the cabinet and got one jar of stuff down. She unscrewed the lid and pulled her head back. The stuff in it stank. She took another test sniff and wrinkled up her nose. Then she dipped her fingers into it and looked at it. It was brown and greasy and stank.

“You humans don’t seem to like the smell of it too much.” Kikki said, noticing Reti’s reaction to it.

“It stinks.”

“Put it on your .. ass hole.”

Reti reached back and smeared her ass hole with it. She pushed her finger in for good measure. Then she went to the faucet and washed her finger off. Walking back to the waiting enema can and nozzle she picked up the nozzle and guided it into her ass hole. She turned on the valve and waited. Soon enough she felt warm water flowing into her. “How much do I take?”

“All of it.”


“Yes, all. It is two liters. The bigger cans are three liters. For your next one you’ll want to use that. Didn’t they tell you anything when you were interviewed?”

“No, the lady was an Orion.”

“Figures. For having two mouths they sure don’t say much. Damned. Well fill up and wash yourself out. Your work day has started by the way. When you use your card to enter the buildings they know where you are at. Even if you don’t scan a scanner they know pretty much where you are when you get near a reader. Your time is logged and your pay is docked if you don’t come to work one day. Our supervisor only comes by about once a month to check up on us.” Kikki said and turned off the valve. She left the nozzle in though and continued to talk while she rubbed her belly which had a noticeable pooch to it. “Usually you’ll want to take two cans. You can sit and rest after you empty the second can. I’d advise at least half an hour of rest. Then it is off to the feeding bins. It is a lot easier if you get over your shyness that you humans have about clothes. You and the Xut seem to have some fear of someone seeing your reproductive organs. I’ll never figure that one out. Anyway most people rest outside and read or enjoy the warm sunshine. I’d advise against eating breakfast though.”

Kikki watched as Reti checked her can and saw that it was empty and shut off her valve. Then Kikki nodded approval and removed her own nozzle and went to one of the low sinks and stuck her butt over the edge and let fly. She turned on the water to about medium and let it run while she emptied her bowels.

Reti watched this as she stood there with two liters of water in her own insides. She still wondered why they were so concerned about her cleaning her insides out. Maybe it was something to do with the Eldi not liking the smell of poop or something and she had farted less after that massive three liters of water at the recruiting center. That had to be it. Although the smell of the lubricant she had put on herself was pretty potent she knew that smells of different species affected other species oddly. She had seen a Tripatian get violently ill at the smell of an Orion once.

Reti removed her nozzle and went to another sink and turned on the water. She then squatted over the edge like Kikki was doing and let fly. She wasn’t used to having an audience when she took a shit so was still shy and kept her legs tightly together.

“After you’re cleaned out we’ll have to go get your uniform for you to wear. Since I have fur I don’t need a uniform so the Eldi don’t have a problem approaching me. You humans though don’t have much fur and consequently you’ll need a disguise to wear.”

Reti mulled that over in her mind and it made sense. If the young Eldi were looking for a surrogate mother a furless creature like a human would look too odd. The brown fur of a simian though wasn’t that much different in coloration than that of the mature Eldi she had seen and consequently she could easily understand how they could be confused enough to not notice the difference.

Kikki reached back and splashed water on her backside and Reti realized why she kept herself shaved. It had to be easier than trying to wash poop water out of her fur every day. Kikki went and refilled her three liter can and reinserted the nozzle in herself.

After cleaning herself Reti got up and went back to her can. She looked over at Kikki who was shaking her head from side to side to indicate no. Then she remembered what Kikki had said about the three liter cans. With trepidation Reti took down a three liter can and looked at it. It looked huge. She had had this much in her before though she had to tell herself. And she had held it fifteen minutes as required. Now she understood why they had given her the test. She had to be able to clean herself out every day.

Reti filled the can and hung it up. She then went and got more of the stinky grease and put it on herself. Then in went the nozzle and she began to fill. Her stomach was hurting and she looked up in her can. The view glass showed still a good 2 cm left of water in it. Reti braced herself and she continued to fill. She tried not to moan but it was beginning to hurt. Kikki in the meantime had finished filling and turned off her valve. When Reti finally finished her fill and turned off her valve she looked at Kikki who smiled and pulled the hose and went to empty.

Reti stood there shifting her weight from one foot to the other to try to alleviate the pressure inside.

“You’ll get used to it. All newcomer humans seem to be uncomfortable with three liters at first. Most though after about a year can take the larger four liter cans without any trouble on the second fill of the morning. You don’t have to wait the full fifteen minutes like they tell you in recruiting.”

Reti jerked the hose out and rushed to the sink and gratefully let the large volume of water out. She hunched over and grunted as the cramp pushed more out.

“Oh yeah, the grease may stink to you but the Eldi love it. Just in case you’re wondering.”

“Great.” Reti said. She had a mental image of an Eldi sniffing her butt.

An hour later…

“You ready to go?” Kikki asked.

“Sure.” Reti got up from the chair. She had gone naked as Kikki suggested after first dropping her clothes off in her apartment. She felt very uncomfortable walking about the ground naked but then she noticed that most everyone else was too. Except the Xuts. Funny, she didn’t remember seeing anyone naked yesterday.

“Time to get your uniform.” Kikki said leading Reti into a building. They went down a hallway and Kikki motioned for Reti to swipe her card at a machine. The machine hummed for a moment and then a door opened and a large ball of fur sat on the platform.

“My uniform?” Reti motioned.

“Yes. Pick it up. It won’t bite. Might itch a bit at first until you get used to it though. You can put it on in the dressing room here if you want.” Kikki pointed to a room. “I had better help you, first timers don’t always understand how to put it on.”

Reti had picked up the large ball of fur and found a string holding it all together. It had a nice bow tied in it which she undid once she sat it on the bench in the dressing room. It unfolded and she took all of the pieces out. There was a large piece of fur, two smaller pieces and two black boots. The boots were oddly shaped. And two more cup looking things. She looked at the assortment of pieces bewildered. The boots were the only things that looked vaguely familiar.

“These are your leg covers.” Kikki held up one of the smaller pieces. “No left or right.” She said holding up the furry tube.

Reti sat on the bench and stuck out a leg while Kikki pulled one on. Then the other leg. The things came up to just a few centimeters short of her crotch and all the way to her ankle. The tops had a pair of straps that flopped loose. “Now your boots. Notice they look like Eldi hooves on the outside. They should fit if your measurements were correct. At least Orions are usually pretty precise record keepers.”

Reti took one of the boots and pulled it onto her bare foot. The inside was very soft and felt like velvet. It was well cushioned too. It had a very low heel but Kikki was right, the outside did look like an Eldi hoof. Quite a convincing disguise so far what she could tell.

“This is the top. You humans have larger mammaries most the time so you’ll have to squash them in a bit sometimes. Yours don’t appear to be the largest though so you shouldn’t have that much trouble. You just pull it on like a shirt.” Kikki then put it over Reti’s head. Reti held her arms up and sure enough she found the sleeves. It went down over her. “Now there you go. You take these leg straps and attach them like this.” Kikki said pulling up one of the leg straps and attaching it to the bottom of the shirt. It reminded Reti of the garter belt setups she had seen at the sex shows in a few bars here and there. She busied herself attaching the rest of the straps. Her butt was still bare as were her vagina. The furry outfit was warm too.

“Where is the rest of it?”

“What do you mean?” Kikki asked.

“Well” Reti pointed to her bare vagina.

“Oh that. Well you’ll want to shave it off or just use the laser in your quarters and burn it off like I have mine. Otherwise you’ll get it all matted up with Eldi slobber.” Kikki answered.

“Eldi slobber?” Reti questioned trying to imagine why there would be Eldi slobber in her pubic hair. “What covers the rest of me up?”

“Oh. I see. They really didn’t tell you shit did they?” Kikki asked, amused at the new comers ignorance. “You don’t cover up your sex. They Eldi have to smell it to assure themselves that you’re female before they’ll feed off of you. The new ones usually sniff around a good five minutes before they begin to eat. We all have assigned animals and once they get to know your smell they only sniff for a few seconds before recognizing you. Less if you don’t shower every day and build up your scent. I only take a shower once a week. You humans though seem to want to wash your scent off every day.”

Now Reti understood why they only hired females. The animals were smart enough to know they couldn’t be fed by a male. Apparently it didn’t seem to make that much difference to it what species though. “Ah. I think I understand now. So does everyone have their genitals hanging out?”

“In the mornings sure. Most of us go naked all morning and early afternoon. Only around 16:00 or so do you see people start to wear clothes. And then mostly the shy species like humans and Xuts. Here are your hand covers. You can just carry them until you get to the feeding pens. Try them on first though since this is a new uniform.” Kikki urged.

Reti took the two ‘gloves’ and tried one on. It reminded her of a can but had a bar inside she could wrap her fingers around. It looked like an Eldi hoof on the outside. She flexed her hand inside and decided it would be ok to put on.

“Fit ok?”

“I guess.”

“Good. Now we’ll go to the feeding pens. You’ll just watch how I do it first. Then I’ll help you. You’ll get a two week old to begin with that had fed a few times from a surrogate. I’ve got one that seems to have no trouble with me. The first one I feed though is about three months old. You’ll generally only feed 3 or 4 per day at first since you’re new. After you’ve been here for a few weeks and get the hang of it you’ll move up to maybe six per day. Most humans don’t seem to do more than that. Except for Lisa. She seems to like feeding ten per day. Maybe she needs the money I guess. You get paid a bonus for every one over 4 per day that you do.” Kikki said.

“Bonus?” Reti asked. First she had heard about this. This deal was sounding better and better. Having to run around half naked all day wasn’t that bad she had concluded suddenly. Especially if it was all women here. No men to gawk at her. She had gone to a few nude bathing pools a time or too and hated feeling like a steak dinner on display.

“Shit heads didn’t even tell you about the bonus? They are totally lazy. Yes, humans and simians get the basic 600 durcals per day plus free food, healthcare, living quarters and use of the facilities here. Then if you feed more than 4 Eldi per day you get an extra 50 durcals per Eldi. Less than 4 Eldi and you get docked 100 durcal per. If you don’t feed any you don’t get paid for the day. You get 7 days a month off but you’ll want to use that while you’re bleeding. Eldi won’t go near you if you’re bleeding.”

Wow, that Lisa girl was making 900 durcals a day! She must be putting away a very large savings account. This place was sounding pretty good. Kikki had led her to a building and then to a room. Kikki called someone on the intercom and told them that she was doing training. The remote person acknowledged and Kikki pointed out the cameras. She then opened the door and to another room. Here several different people were standing around and two people behind a counter were handing them feeding buckets. Kikki walked up and told them she needed two buckets of youngerling mix. The girl nodded and pulled off two buckets that had a yellow stripe on them. Kikki handed one to Reti and picked up the other one.

Reti walked slowly, still unaccustomed to the hoof like surface on the bottom of the boots. Kikki led her down a hallway. She logged into a terminal and checked the location of her animals. She nodded and logged off. “My first one is in room 22, that is out in the other building. Come on. The animals all have sub dermal transponders so the computer system can keep track of them.”

In the next building Kikki let her into room 22 and it was a small room maybe 2 meters by 2 meters. “Set your bucket down for now.” Kikki told Reti. Reti watched as Kikki took a hose off of the wall and attached it to the bucket. It was long, maybe 2 meters long. Then Kikki hung the bucket on the wall.

Suddenly it dawned on Reti what was happening as she watched Kikki inserted the hose into her anus and opened the valve. Reti had a brain flash and she realized that the food for the animals was now going up Kikki’s ass. That implied that it had to come out of Kikki somehow for the animal to eat it. What had she got herself into!

“The youngerling stuff goes in pretty quick.” Kikki looked at the horrified Reti. “What? Oh shit! They didn’t tell you how the Eldi eat did they?”

Reti’s eyes were big as saucers as she watched Kikki filling with three liters of soy milk. Reti had seen the Eldi eating using their snouts to grab grass. She had watched them drinking through their snouts and had just not put together that the young ones drank their milk through the snouts.

“Just calm down. It isn’t as bad as you think. You just put the stuff in and then when the animal gets used to you it puts it snout inside and begins sucking the milk out. They don’t suck hard, relax. Really Reti, it doesn’t hurt. Oh maybe if you startle them and the yank out quick it might. I know you feel really full with a full can in you but just a little bit after they start to drink the pressure is down and it isn’t that bad. The Eldi feed from their mothers pouch which has the mammary gland inside of it. They stick their snout in and the mothers pouch senses the dilation of the opening and starts putting milk into the pouch from the milk glands. The Eldi don’t seem to know or care that they have their snout in the anus of another creature as long as they get milk. And anything you didn’t wash out of yourself doesn’t hurt them either.” Kikki said and turned off her valve. She then pulled the nozzle from her ass hole and reached into the container of grease and greased her back hole with it.

“You … you really let them … I mean they put their … oh no….” Reti was terrified at the thought of the animal putting its snout into her back hole.

“Don’t be so squeamish. It is just like getting a really large, soft nozzle stuck in you. Haven’t you ever had a man in you that way?”

“Well … yes … I supposed but that’s different!”

“Why? It is just an appendage from another creature inside of you rather than a male penis.”

“But .. but those things have really long snouts!”

“Yes they do but they rarely try to put more than a few centimeters inside of you. As soon as they are getting food they just let it flow in. When you’re about empty is when they try to push more into you and you have to just sit there and let them root about inside for a few minutes until they realize there is no more and pull it out.” Kikki said.

Reti was horrified at the thought of the animal snout ‘rooting’ about inside of her. She got pale and had to lean against the wall.

“Are you ok Reti?” Kikki was concerned and walked over to the girl. She held her now full belly with the other hand. “Just watch what I do. It isn’t that bad. Just stand in the corner and watch ok?”

Reti nodded, terrified at the thought of having to do what she was about to watch Kikki do with one of the animals. Kikki opened the door and led Reti by the hand into the animal stall.

The animal, a week old Eldi was only about a meter high. It made a squeal like noise when it saw Kikki. Kikki shut the door and went over to the wall where a series of bars were mounted on the wall. The bars were two meters wide and spaced about half a meter part and formed an angled ‘ladder’ from just above the dirt covered floor up to nearly two meters. Kikki spaced her legs a meter apart and bent over and grabbed one of the bars with her hands. She then looked back at Reti to see that the human girl was watching her.

The young Eldi walked over to Kikki and began sniffing about her, first up and down her right leg then her left leg. Its snout was about a meter long and was 2 cm at the tip enlarging up to about 10 cm near its head. It reminded Reti of an earth elephant only smaller. The Eldi was covered in light brown fur except for its face and snout. Finally the Eldi was satisfied of Kikki’s basic smell and centered in on the simian’s vagina. It pushed up against her vagina and Reti could see the animal flexing its nose and sniffing. It then flexed the snout and put the end in its mouth. It looked to Reti like it was tasting of the fluid from Kikki’s vagina. The snout came back out and returned to the vagina for another nudge. Then a second taste. Finally it returned to Kikki’s vagina and then started sniffing back towards the ape female’s ass hole. It sniffed a long sniff of the scented grease and then started pushing its snout into the simian’s hole. Kikki closed her eyes and relaxed and let the snout pass into her sphincter. She shivered a second as it pushed into her. Then she relaxed and Reti could see peristaltic waves of muscle action in the animal’s snout as it sucked the liquid in. It closed its mouth and was drinking seriously now. One eye kept watch on Reti who was petrified in the corner of the stall.

“It’s drinking well now. I can feel the pressure going down. If you talk softly like I’m doing they don’t seem to mind as long as they are drinking.” Kikki said.

“And that doesn’t hurt? You seemed like it did when it first went it.”

“The first of the day sometimes does. They push it in hard sometimes and if you don’t relax enough it can hurt. Usually the second one of the day you’re ready for it and relax the second you feel the snout back there.” Kikki explained.

Reti watched as the animal continued to drink its soy milk formula out of its feeder’s ass. “How long does it take?”

“Usually about 10 minutes or so. It depends on if you’re cramping inside or not. If you cramp up from the formula then it comes out in spurts and the animal tries to push further into you to get it. That can sometime hurt a bit, especially with an olderling. We won’t be having you on any olderlings for a while yet though. You’re new to this so you’ll start out with the youngerlings. The olderlings not only have larger snouts that stretch you open more but their food has the chopped up greens vegetation in it and that can produce various effects depending on what they put in that day.” Kikki pushed in her stomach to try to squeeze the formula down in her colon.

Reti had finally got over her initial revulsion of this process and although still terrified of having an animal snout up her most private of body holes was beginning to relax watching Kikki apparently ok with it.

“It’s almost empty now. The trick is to not let it root around too much. They will sometimes turn their snout this way and that and it can make you feel nauseous inside.”

Great. Having an animal snout making you feel nauseous. Just what she needed. This job had a lot of nice perks but now she saw why. It was probably necessary to have any employees. “So why don’t they just use an artificial feeder?”

“The Eldi won’t go for it. They want a warm blooded creature to feed from. They don’t much care what species or what hole either. Sometimes they’ll put their snout in your vagina. Although that can feel pretty good they don’t get any food and soon lose interest – usually just about the time you’re going to have an orgasm.”

An ape having an orgasm. Now that was a visual that Reti couldn’t quite conjure up.

“Empty now. See how it is trying to push further into me?”

Sure enough the young Eldi was pushing more of its snout up into Kikki’s ass hole. It now had a good twenty centimeters more in here. She tensed up for a second and then as Reti watched she could tell that Kikki was tensing her muscles up. “Squeeze on their snout hard enough and they will pull it out.” The simian said between clenched teeth.

The Eldi pulled the snout out in a rather quick motion and Kikki nearly fell over from the sudden exit from her ass hole. From her angle Reti could see the simian’s ass hole gaping open and the white milk dripping out onto the dirt. Kikki flexed her ass muscles and Reti watched in amazement as the gaping opening closed up to a wink not too much unlike a human’s ass hole.

Now it was her turn. And Reti knew it. Fear knotted up her stomach as she watched Kikki stand up and regain her composure. “You get used to it after a while.”

“Kikki, I’m scared.”

“Don’t be, I’ll be right with you and help you.” Kikki said as she shooed the young Eldi away from Reti, it had begun to sniff her legs looking for another meal. The two opened the door and the Eldi went back to the opposite corner of the stall.

“Get the food.” Kikki said and picked up her empty food bucket and hung the hose back on the wall.

Reti picked up the bucket of soy milk and looked at it with fear. All this would soon be inside of her and stretching her belly out and hurting. She looked at Kikki and the simian urged her out into the hallway.

They went to the next room, 23 and Kikki reached over and activated the door lock with Reti’s id badge. She took the food bucket from Reti and attached the hose and hung it on the wall. Then she took a finger gob of the lubricant and eased the human girl around and pushed her down until Reti was grabbing her ankles. The simian greased up the human girl’s ass hole with the lubricant and then took the nozzle and let the air out of the hose. She then inserted the nozzle into Reti’s ass and opened the valve.

Reti began to cry knowing the soy milk was now filling her and that she soon would have an animal snout in her ass. She kept crying all they way through the soy milk enema. Finally she was full and even though it hurt she hardly noticed from the fear she had racing thorough her mind about the procedure she was about to undergo. How had she ever talked herself into this? Was the money really worth it? She felt the nozzle being removed from her ass and stayed bent over until Kikki helped her up. The soy milk shifted inside and Reti suddenly clutched her belly and moaned.

“I don’t want to do this.. I don’t want to do this …” she began to say in a loud whisper.

Kikki helped her into the stall and an even smaller Eldi was there. Kikki helped Reti over to the rack and positioned the human’s feet apart. She then took some straps and strapped the girl’s legs to the rack. Reti continued to cry as Kikki bent her over and tied her wrists off to the rack as well. Reti just stayed there, bent over and attached to the rack. Her guts full of soy milk as she cried.

Kikki went over to the Eldi and petted it and rubbed it. It immediately sniffed up one leg and down the other. She grabbed its snout and led it over to where Reti was strapped to the feeding rack. Kikki guided the snout right up to the human girl’s vagina. The animal recognized the scent and began to sniff. Reti continued to cry softly. She felt the soft, warm and wet end of the animal snout rubbing over her vaginal lips. It pushed and went between her lips by a centimeter or so and bumped up against her clit. As embarrassed as she was and crying from the shame and fear of what was going to happen the brush against her clit was like an electric shock going up her spine. She flinched. The animal quickly drew back its snout until Kikki could once again guide it to Reti’s vagina.

It sniffed more then running its snout up and down the length of her vagina it finally put its snout to its mouth and tasted of the juice. Satisfied of the taste the Eldi returned its snout to her snatch and began searching further back for the feeding hole it knew had to be there. Reti tear flow increased as she knew the end was near. She was about to be penetrated by an Eldi in her back hole. It was so much different than an enema nozzle, measuring instrument or even a man’s penis. This was an animal. Not sentient. And she was tied to this rack and about to be penetrated by it. Her stomach retched and she threw up.

Kikki ignored Reti barfing. She had seen it in humans before. For some reason they seemed the most reviled by the Eldi feeding of any species. Even more so than the nudity shy Xut. An Xut with its much larger anatomy could easily take in ten or more liters and feed the largest Eldi or several smaller ones in quick succession which is why they made more in wages. They didn’t like anyone watching though and that was for sure. She had only seen one Xut feeding in all the time she had been here.

Reti continued to throw up out of her mouth while the animal, oblivious to its supper container’s despair and embarrassment continued its search for its dinner hole. Reti could feel the snout pushing up against the greased hole of her ass and could feel herself begin to part as the animal pushed harder and harder. Finally she just relaxed and let it happen and the snout slipped inside of her. It wasn’t very big, this being a small animal, and it slid in quite a ways before the animal sensed it was inside and quit pushing. A good twenty centimeters of the snout was up inside of her. She could feel it slowly moving side to side as it searched for the milk. Then it seemingly suddenly stopped moving. Just a slight pulsing sensation in her ass hole as the milk began to flow through the snout. She could feel it pulsing. The pulsing was rhythmic.

Reti felt the pressure in her gut began to drop as the animal milked her ass. She continued to cry though knowing she had now been penetrated by an Eldi. Her ass hole felt stretched open but wasn’t really hurting. It was open that was for sure though. Open as big as any penis had opened her before. She held onto the rack and continued to sniffle as the animal fed from her ass.

Kikki petted the animal slowly trying not to distract it. “See there, it isn’t’ so bad. The first time seems to be the worst for humans. They have this fear of the unknown.”

“I … I am so embarrassed.” Reti said.

“Does it hurt?”

“No, I guess not. The pressure is gone now.”

“Well once you learn to do it by yourself it will be just you and the Eldi so you won’t be so embarrassed. I was embarrassed earlier having you watch me. But I know you need to learn and someone needs to show you. You’re only the third person I’ve trained and I got embarrassed both times before. With you it’s different though since you’re my first human to train. For some reason it seems to be more embarrassing to me to have another species see me being fed from then another simian.”

Reti continued to sniffle and then jerked her head up. She felt the animal begin to search for more and it pushed further into her. She let out a long moan which startled the young animal and it pulled out of her quickly. The fast motion caused a lot of friction and although somewhat painful Reti’s body pulsed with the intense stimulation. She felt almost as if she were having an orgasm but it was somehow centered around her ass hole. She went limp against the rack, the straps on her ankles and wrists keeping her from falling.

Kikki grabbed her and helped her to stand and started undoing the straps holding the human girl to the feeding rack. “There now, you survived your first feeding. See it wasn’t so bad.”

Reti stood up then clutched her stomach as a cramp passed. She then went to the corner of the stall and vomited again.

-The End-

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