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Enema Experiences in High School

By Analplayer

In high school, football was the big thing and to be "in" one had to play the game. I never liked football that much (baseball and swimming were my sports) but I worked hard and made the team my first year out. I was never a star but did see a lot of time on the field. During the last game of the season, this asshole slammed into me after the whistle was blown and almost ripped my leg off. My left knee was seriously injured and the doctor said that without surgery I could expect major problems later in life. It was decided that summer vacation would be the best time to have this done.

I was 17 years old and had never been in a hospital before. My parents checked me in the night before the surgery and stayed until visiting hours were over. Around 8:30 PM a nurse came into my room and told me to get undressed so that she could shave my leg.

Most of the nurses I had encountered thus far had been middle-aged with the personality of prison guards, but this nurse was young - probably around twenty - and not bad looking. I don't think she was too experienced because she seemed unsure and ill-at-ease as I removed my clothes and hung them in the closet.

I was embarrassed lying on the bed with nothing on but my underwear and I remember thinking what I would do if I started getting a hard-on. Things were a little tense at first but by the time she finished with my leg, we were talking to one another and I felt a lot more relaxed. She then told me to get into a white hospital gown that she gave me and said she would be back in a few minutes.

I did as she said and was leafing through a magazine when she returned with a tray of equipment. As she set the tray down beside my bed, a hot flush came across my face as I noticed a package labeled "disposable enema kit." My shock must have been evident because the nurse ask if I had ever had an enema before. With great embarrassment I replied that I had, but that I hadn't liked it very much. Trying to sound reassuring, she said that an enema was just a routine hospital procedure and that there was nothing to it.

As she began assembling the equipment, she tried to put me at ease by explaining why an enema was required before surgery. I hardly heard a word she was saying because I think I was in a mild state of shock. The thought of being given an enema by this stranger was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life.

As I watched helplessly, I noticed that the equipment was different from what my parents had at home. It consisted of a clear plastic bucket about eight inches in diameter with marks on the side showing quantity. It was labeled in cc's but looked as if it might hold 2 or 3 quarts. There was a hanger at the top and a hose connection at the bottom of one side. The hose was clear plastic and much longer than the one at home. The end of the hose didn't actually have a nozzle but was rounded with a hole at the tip and another one on the side. There was also a red mark about ten inches from the end.

The nurse ran water in the sink until it was warm and then filled the bucket about 3/4 full. She then opened a package of soap and stirred it into the solution. She hung the container from a stand beside the bed, then opened a tube of K-Y jelly and laid it on the equipment tray. When everything was ready, she slid a pad underneath me, then had me turn over on my stomach.

Since the gown I was wearing was open in the back and I hadn't bothered to tie the strings, my whole backside was now exposed. Even though my body was covered with "goose bumps," I was sweating profusely. She had me shift toward my left side and bring my right knee up slightly which exposed me even more. I still couldn't believe this was happening.

When she touched me the first time, her hands were very cold and I thought I felt them trembling slightly. I was a fairly handsome teenager (I was told) and I think she may have been uncomfortable in this situation also. I soon felt the lubricated tube probing the entrance to my rectum. I was scared to death but decided nothing would be gained by resisting, so I just closed my eyes and relaxed.

I'm not sure how far she inserted the tube but it was a lot further than I had ever felt before. When she ask if I was ready, I managed to quietly say that I was. I soon felt the usual warmth of the water flowing in and the fullness that I remembered from the enemas I had received at home. And because I wasn't putting up my usual fuss, the feeling wasn't all that bad. I also felt the unmistakable beginning of an erection. I tried to shift so as to cover myself but I'm sure the nurse saw what was happening--although she didn't said anything. Maybe it was because the tube was so far inside me, but I didn't experience the discomfort and urgency to go to the bathroom that I usually did. It took quite a while for the contents of the bucket to completely empty and while we waited we both pretended to watch the television mounted on the wall across from the bed.

When the enema was finished, the nurse withdrew the tube and had me lie still with my cheeks together while she busied about for a while. After about five minutes, she allowed me to go to the bathroom where I had the most complete bowel movement of my life. Afterwards I took a long, hot shower and masturbated to a fantastic climax.

After getting back in bed, I lay for a long time thinking about what had happened. This was the first enema I had ever had where I relaxed and accepted it without putting up a fight. Despite the humiliation and the embarrassment, I had to admit the experience had not been totally unpleasant. In fact, it had felt pretty good. As I drifted off to sleep completely relaxed and with a clean, light feeling inside I decided that maybe I would like to try this again sometime.

From as early as I can remember, a red enema bag was kept on the top shelf of the bathroom closet and used occasionally on my brother and me for minor childhood illnesses. Whenever this treatment was called for, the procedure was nearly always the same. We would be taken into the bathroom where all the equipment would be ready and waiting. Mother would have us lie face- down on several large bath towels and would then proceed with as little fanfare as possible. My brother Keith, would hardly ever put up a fuss, but I disliked the enemas very much and would go to great lengths to avoid them.

Soon after I got home from the hospital, I told my brother about the enema I had been given and how it had turned me on. Keith knew how much I had disliked enemas and was interested to know why this one had been different.

My brother and I had always been close. Keith was only a year younger than I and we had many of the same interests and shared most of our experiences with one another. We were more than brothers, we were also best friends. Therefore Keith didn't hesitate when I asked him to give me an enema.

We waited until our parents were away for the evening and then got the enema bag down from the bathroom closet. It was made of red rubber, was open at the top and had a hose attached by a screw-on plastic fitting. When completely full, it held a little over two quarts. There were three different tips with the bag, including an awesome looking curved douche nozzle. We considered using that one, but decided to use the larger of the two enema tips instead.

I still had the cast on my leg and we had to experiment before finding a position that was comfortable. By lying face down and shifting slightly to my left side, I found that I could bring my right knee up and place my butt in a good position to receive an enema.

While Keith was in the bathroom filling the bag with water, I removed a picture from the wall beside my bed and fashioned a hook from a coat hangar. At the first sight of the bulging enema bag, I actually began to tremble with excitement. We carefully hung the bag on the wall and then Keith helped me remove my Levis and underwear from over my cast. By this time, my cock was hard as a rock. Keith was wearing only jockey shorts and I could see that he too was getting excited.

As I rolled onto my stomach, Keith sat on the bed beside me and lubricated the enema tip with Vaseline we had found in the medicine cabinet. Then with slightly trembling hands, Keith spread my butt and applied some Vaseline directly to my asshole. I was about to go crazy when I felt the cold tip of the enema nozzle began to probe the entrance to my rectum. I relaxed the muscles of my asshole and immediately felt the tube slide onto me. Without saying a word, Keith released the clamp and the same warm sensation that I had felt in the hospital began to spread through my body.

I soon realized however that the flow was much too fast. It was starting to hurt and I knew that I wouldn't be able to take much more if it continued like that. I ask Keith to stop and he lowered the bag about a foot. While I lay there waiting for the pressure to subside, Keith held the tube tightly inside me and began to gently rub my butt and the back my of my thighs. In a few minutes, the discomfort was gone and when Keith opened the clamp again, it felt much better.

As the enema moved higher in my body, I reached for the jar of Vaseline and dug out three fingers full. Since I was not embarrassed now to expose myself, I slid my right hand under my stomach and began to slowly stroke my cock. When Keith saw what I was doing, he reached between my legs from behind, where my testicles were clearly exposed, and began rubbing them gently--all the while, holding the enema tube deep inside me. I don't think it's possible to feel greater pleasure than what I was experiencing. I lasted for perhaps a minute and then exploded with a violent orgasm that I didn't think would never end.

Even after there was nothing left, my cock continued to throb while I squeezed the enema tube tightly between the cheeks of my ass. When my orgasm finally subsided, I lay there with my eyes closed, waiting for my heartbeat and breathing to return to normal. I must have drifted off to sleep, because when I awoke--with a strong urge to go to the bathroom, the tube was no longer in me and my brother and the enema equipment were gone.

When I was finished at the toilet, I took a shower and went back into our bedroom. Keith was on the floor doing situps as he did every night before going to bed. He came over and flopped down on the foot of my bed with his back against the wall. I thanked him for getting into this with me and for being such a willing participant. He said that he never thought I could get so turned on by an enema. Then with an little smile, he ask when it would be his turn.

It was about a week before my brother and I had the opportunity for another enema session. Our parents had decided to spend the weekend at our beach house about an hours drive from where we lived. Since I had a date Friday night, it was agreed that Keith and I could stay behind and join our parents at the beach on Saturday.

My date that night was totally uneventful and by the time I got home, I was in bad need of relief. I was glad Keith was already home from the movie he and some friends had gone to. He had just taken a frozen pizza out of the oven and we finished it off along with a couple of the beers that I kept hidden in a refrigerator in the garage. We had already decided that tonight would be Keith's turn, so we wasted no time in cleaning up the kitchen and then went upstairs to our bedroom.

For the past several nights, we had talked about enemas and Keith was ready. He had already said that he wanted to do the same thing we had done the week before when he had given me an enema. We got the large red enema bag from our parent's bathroom closet and found a place to hang it close to Keith's bed. We readjusted the coat hanger that we had used before and checked the hose for enough length. I tried to talk Keith into letting me use the curved douche nozzle that was in the box with the enema bag, but he didn't want to. I decided that I would use it for my next enema but for now, we attached the larger of the regular enema tips.

While Keith spread some towels on his bed, I went into the bathroom and filled the enema bag to the brim with warm water. As I returned to the bedroom, Keith had gotten the jar of Vaseline that we now kept in the bottom drawer of our desk. As I hung the bulging enema bag beside his bed, Keith quickly stripped off his clothes. As he kicked off his underwear, I couldn't help but admire the good looking body my younger brother was developing. For the past year, both of us had been working out with weights. While I was stronger than my brother, probably because I was 20 pounds heavier, Keith was developing the smooth, well defined muscles that only working out with weights can produce. I had been looking forward all day to giving him an enema.

My brother was also fairly well hung for a 16 year old and already had a full erection as he fell face down on his bed and immediately began stroking his cock. I told him to stop while I slid a pillow underneath the towels he was lying on. When he lay back down, his upturned butt and slightly parted cheeks were in a perfect position for an enema. I sat down on the bed beside him and very lightly ran my hand between the cheeks of his ass and down the back of his legs. His body was covered with goose bumps and I could feel him trembling slightly to my touch.

With his right hand, Keith positioned his penis so that it lay directly against his stomach, then closed his eyes and lay very still. With both hands, I spread the his cheeks to expose his small, tight and completely hairless asshole. With my index finger, I applied some Vaseline and was surprised at how soft and warm Keith's asshole felt. As I rubbed slowly back and forth, Keith started to masturbate again and I knew that he would not last long in his present state. So without further delay, I lubricated the full length of the enema tube and eased it gently into his rectum. When I released the clamp, I could feel the warm water start flowing through the hose and into my brother's body.

After about a minute, Keith began slowly rocking back and forth on the pillow with both hands wrapped tightly around his penis. I held the tube firmly in place to prevent it from slipping out and with my right hand, I continued to massage his butt. I ran my finger lightly around Keith's asshole which was clamped tightly around the enema nozzle, then continued downward to the base of his testicles. The enema bag was only about half empty, but I could tell that Keith was about to shoot his load. While pressing the tube deep into his ass, I reached between his legs, lifted his balls and squeezed them gently. With this, Keith went crazy. My brother and I had masturbated together before, but I had never seen him so turned on. His orgasm was every bit as intense and long lasting as the one I had experienced the week before.

By the time Keith's body started to relax, the enema bag was empty and I removed the tube and carried the equipment into the bathroom. I washed the tip with hot water and hung the bag and hose in the shower to dry. Then I quietly went downstairs and opened another beer. It was dark in the living room and as I sat on the sofa with my feet on the coffee table, I remember feeling as strong a bond with my brother as I had ever felt before.

After about twenty minutes, I heard footsteps upstairs and water running in the bathroom. I grabbed another beer for myself and one for Keith, and joined my brother in the shower. I still had a fantastic hard-on, and without a word, Keith went to work on it. As I closed my eyes and leaned back against the wall, my brother brought me off with one of the best hand jobs I had ever had. After that, the only thing left to do was for Keith to give ME an enema!

After my brother and I first experienced the excitement of giving each other an enema, we continued to explore the pleasures that this activity held. Living at home, we found it increasingly difficult to find the privacy that we needed to engage in the type of full "lie-on-the-bed" enema sessions that we both enjoyed.

To fill in the gaps, I purchased a hand-held bulb syringe at the local drugstore. This in itself was an embarrassing experience for a 17 year old. Since Keith and I shared a bedroom with our own bath, we found that we could pursue our enema activities undisturbed as long as we were quiet and were very careful to keep the equipment out of sight.

While we used self administered enemas occasionally in conjunction with masturbation, we both enjoyed the experience much more when we gave them to each other. During our experimenting, we each settled on positions that we most enjoyed. For our full sessions using the big enema bag, Keith and I both preferred to lie face down on our bed--or the bathroom floor-- while the other inserted the tube from behind.

When we used the bulb syringe, I liked to fill the bath tub about half full of hot soapy water and then lean back and bring my knees up to my chest. This would raise my butt out of the water enough to expose my asshole. Keith would repeatedly insert and squeeze the bulb while I masturbated to a terrific organism. One of Keith's favorite positions was to kneel down on the bathroom floor, bending forward and resting his arms on the edge of the bathtub. I would fill the bulb with water from the tub and then squeeze it repeatedly into my brother from behind. From this position, Keith enjoyed having me reach between his legs and masturbate him while slowly moving the syringe in and out of his rectum. We found that it took 15 bulb squeezes to equal the quantity of our full enema bag.

In all of our enema sessions, I most enjoyed the warm sensation of water entering my rectum and the fullness after having taken a large enema. Keith on the other hand, got more enjoyment from the erotic stimulation of his asshole by the enema tube and the masturbation that nearly always accompanied this activity. During the year before I left home for college, Keith and I engaged in some form of enema activity at least once a week. While away at school, I had very little opportunity to engage in any form of enema activity. My interest continued at a high level however, and I often found myself thinking about giving or being given an enema by some person that I had met. While masturbating, many of my fantasies involved enemas and I thought about Keith a lot of these times. I went home every chance I got and almost every visit would include an enema with my brother.

Of all the enemas we shared, the one I remember most vividly was during Christmas vacation my first year in college. We had the house all to ourselves for the evening and decided to have a dual session with the big enema bag. Since I had not had one in over two months, I went first. Keith went out of his way to make this one of the best enemas I had ever had. When it was Keith's turn, I likewise tried to remember all of the things that I knew turned him on. That night, I performed fellatio on my brother for the first and only time. This was also the last time that we gave each other an enema. Two weeks after I returned to school, my brother was killed in a motorcycle accident on his way home from swimming practice. Keith was 18 years old.

I was very close to my brother and his loss represented the most traumatic experience of my life. It took a long time to recover from Keith's death. I lost a semester from college and finally spent three months in Europe before I could get my life back together. I still think about Keith and the many experiences we shared. I don't know how great an affect our early activities had on my present interests but I wouldn't trade them for anything.

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