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Enema for Julia

Julia was a masochist. She wasn't a sever masochist but when the mood struck her she would go farther than normal. She also had an enema fetish. When the two were put together she would go absolutely nuts. Don, her boyfriend loved to play with her and would try to think up things he could do that would turn her on. She had eluded to enemas but Don did not immediately connect the two deviations.

They had been going together for about six months when one evening Julia asked if he would do something different to her. Don had been thinking about a special type of enema but had not even discussed it with her. He had read about it in an erotic magazine and wonder if she would go for it. After thinking about what would be needed to do it he decided that now was the time.

Since it was early and a Friday night he decided that it was time to try it out.

"When did you eat last ?" Don asked.

"Last night. I really haven't been hungry," she answered.

"You aren't sick are you?"


"OK. I want to try something with you but I have to get a few things at the store," Don said.

He returned about a half an hour later with several bags and went immediately to the bathroom. He knew where she kept her enema equipment and proceeded to make some adjustments. She had two 4-liter bags that he connected with a Y connector about halfway down the tubing. He then added about six more feet of tubing to the bags giving almost ten feet in all.

Then he mixed her a solution of Fleets Phosphate of soda laxative in a large glass of water.

"Drink this," he said. She did immediately and then he gave her another large glass of water. She was curious about what he was going to do but loved being surprised, especially if it was to be an enema.

Don knew that although she had several large enema bags, Julia never ventured more than 2 ½ qts at any one time. She had told him this in one of their many conversations.

She was actually afraid to do this alone, and since Don had not offered to give her any, the topic was dropped.

"I want you to drink that glass full of water every 15 minutes, OK?" Don told her. She nodded her head and said she would. Don disappeared into the bathroom off the master bedroom again. In about 30 minutes she came in and sat on the pot.

"What are you mixing up ?" she asked.

"A cleansing solution for you. When the laxative is done working, I will give you a cleansing enema to make sure you are thoroughly cleaned out," Don explained.

Julia kept drinking the large glasses of water as she promised, but a few minutes after each glass she was back on the pot. This time she was expelling very liquid stool. In about an hour she was expelling a yellowish brown liquid that was slightly foamy.

"I'm pretty clean inside now," she told Don.

"A few more glasses and well call it good," was the reply.

Thirty minutes later as Julia got up to expel again Don followed her into the bathroom.

"Don't flush when you're done. I need to look at it," he said.

In a few minutes Julia wiped then got up. The toilet water was light yellow and a little foamy. "Good. You're ready for your cleansing enema. Get undressed and put on that camisole you have. Then come into the bedroom.

In the bedroom Don had laid out a large towel in the center of the bed and the IV pole was set up with a standard 2-liter clear enema bag. It was full to the brim with a dark brown liquid.

Don had mixed up a solution which was very similar to the prescription enema solution called Clysodrast. It had two cups of decaf tea and 1, .5 mg Dulcolax pill crushed and ground fine. The powder was then dissolved in very warm water along with the tea.

Julia came in wearing her short camisole. It was white and came just past her navel. The material was just thin enough to see her voluptuous breasts. Physically, Julia was in great shape. She was five feet two inches, very large breasts, blond, tiny waist, and curvy. She was not muscular, nor were her stomach muscles real tight. She was forty-three and very good looking.

"Lay on you left side and pull your legs up slightly. You know the position," Don said. "I'm going to give this to you fairly slow, and I'll have you roll over a few times."

He inserted the lubricated nozzle into her bottom and released the clamp. Don pinched the tube slightly to control the flow. When about a quarter of it was in he had her roll on her stomach.

"How are you doing ?" he asked.

"I'm OK. I can hardly feel it going in."

"It shouldn't make you feel like going yet. That will happen soon enough."

The solution flowed. When one liter was in Julia, Don had her roll onto her right side.

"Oh, I feel it filling my ceacum," she said.

"You're doing fine. Just relax." The last half-liter Don had Julia roll onto her back. Her soft bell was slightly bulged, especially on her right side.

"I want you to hold this for a few minutes. When you start to cramp you can go let it out.

Julia laid there for about five minutes, the she said she had to go. Don removed the nozzle and helped her to the bathroom. Julia sat down quickly and the brown liquid gushed out.

"Man! I can feel my insides contracting," she said.

"When you feel that you are all done, get up and walk around for a while. That will help you get rid of it all," said Don. "You have to be completely empty before I start."

Julia finished, walked around and finally let more out. In about a half an hour Don said," it's time we start. I'm not going to tell you what I'm going to do but you do everything I say.

"OK," Julia replied.

"Now go lay on the bed and relax for a few minutes. I have to prepare the solutions."

Don rolled the IV pole into the bathroom and closed the door. He opened the rest of the grocery bags he had brought in earlier. In a large pitcher he poured in 2 qts of whipping cream, then added a ½ pint more. He then took a 375 ml bottle of 80 proof vodka and poured it into another smaller picture. The vodka he added 4 teaspoons of table salt and stirred until it was dissolved. This he added to the cream stirring until it was well mixed.

Next he hung the two 4 liter enema bags he had connected together, made sure that the clamps were closed, and then fill one of the bags with the cream mixture.

The solution he made was equal to 2500 ml, and about 10 proof of alcohol. Julia was going to get an enema equivalent to nearly 3 quarts of strong beer. That was not all. Don then poured another 2500 ml of cooking oil into the other enema bag. He picked up the end of the enema tube and securely attached a double inflatable nozzle catheter. He checked the compression bulbs and made sure everything was ready. Don then covered the IV pole with a large bath towel completely covering both bags, hiding their contents.

Don rolled the IV pole into the bedroom. Julia was resting quietly. She looked at what he had done and asked, "Can't I see what you have?"

"NO, I will tell you how well you're doing. You don't need to see." Julia was getting excited and a little apprehensive. She closed her eyes and relaxed. Don raised the IV pole to it's maximum height nearly six feet above the bed. He opened the valve on the tube to the cream and then opened the main tube valve allowing the cream to flow into a small bowel.. He clamped the main tube, dumped the cream back into the bag, and then told Julia to roll onto her stomach. Don gently spread her legs and then applied KY jelly to her anus and into her rectum. He then spread a generous amount on the inflatable nozzle. Slowly but firmly he wiggled the catheter into her bottom making sure it went in up to the second balloon. He then pumped five full compressions on the bulb. Julia wiggled her bottom but said nothing. Don then inflated the second balloon three full compressions. The inflatable nozzle cinched up firmly sealing Julia completely.

"Roll onto your back now," Don said. "This is going to burn for a few seconds but then it will go away. Relax as much as you can." He opened the clamp. In a few seconds Julia tensed up squeezing her legs together.

"It stings," she said. Then she seemed to relax. Julia closed her eyes and then groaned softly. Don moved around to the IV pole and looked under the towel. The cream was flowing slowly but steadily. The bag was nearly half empty. Julia began to move slightly, appearing to get a little uncomfortable. She brought her hands to her stomach laying them on top moving them slightly and pressing gently. Her right side began to bulge and she began to take deep breaths. Don looked under the towel again. The bag was nearly empty.

"I'm very full, Don. It hurts on my side. When I rub it, it's hard. Please stop." Don looked at the bag again. It was empty. He clamped the main tube.

"You're finished with that part. I'm going to massage you abdomen and let you rest for a while," he said. He sat down beside her and began to rub her abdomen, concentrating on her right side. Julia began to moan, partly in pain and partly in ecstasy.

"I'm getting light headed and a little dizzy. What did you have it that ?"

"A little vodka," Don answered. Julia began to relax. The definition in here stomach receded and she just looked a little bloated. He had her stay there for 10 minutes.

"I'm really feeling the alcohol now. Let me up to go," Julia asked.

"No you are not finished yet," he replied. Then he reached up and released the clamp that held back the oil. Then he opened the main clamp. The oil began to flow. Don raised the IV pole another foot. Julia started to squirm and groan. Her hands came up to her stomach and held them there like she was supporting her stomach.

"Oh please I'm really hurting now. I feel so full, and my stomach is pouching out so big," she said.

"You have to take it all, Sweety. There's no stopping now."

Don looked under the towel. The oil bag was half empty. Julia was twisting and turning. She groaned loudly holding herself. She panted, and gasped for breath.

"Oh God please stop. I'm going to pop. It hurts so much, please." Don sat beside her on the bed and put his hands on her shoulders. Julia was wreathing and flopping her head back and forth groaning and crying. The oil continued for several more minutes. Don got up and looked at the bag. It was empty. He clamped it off. Julia had rolled onto her side holding herself. Her stomach bulged, as though she were pregnant.

"Please let me up. I'm getting sick."

"Lay there for a few more minutes," he said.

"I'm getting very drunk," she said. "Please let me up."

Don helped her roll off the bed onto her knees. He helped her to her feet. He clamped the inflatable nozzle clamp then disconnected the main tube from the inflatable nozzle. A small amount of oil spilled onto the rug. Julia, bent over nearly double, began to waddle toward the bathroom. Don stopped her and pulled her upright the pressed her shoulders against the wall. She moaned and gagged. With her back against the wall her protruding stomach became even more pronounced. Don pressed up against her and kissed her deeply. He could feel how tight her stomach was, bulging out like she was seven or more month pregnant. She groaned the gagged loudly.

"Go sit on the toilet quickly."

She could hardly walk, but with his help she made it to the toilet. Don released the bulb in her rectum and the oil gushed out for several seconds then stopped. Julia's pain was suddenly relieved, but her bulging stomach remain very pronounced.

"That will take several hours to come out. The cream is beginning to solidify in your small intestine and the oil will slowly come out over the next hour. Don wiped her bottom and helped her back to the bed. Julia was standing upright but her stomach still pouched out extremely far. She was also very unsteady on her feet. She laid down and Don laid on top of her making her groan loudly. Julia was very wet between the legs. She and Don had very intense sex, with Julia groaning and screaming. Her legs would not go back as far as normal due to her stomach, but feeling was strange but good. Nearly exhausted and very drunk she went to sleep a few minutes later.

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