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Enema Nurse

By Lynduke

My wife dropped me off at the local hospital for some tests. I was a little leary. As I had had nothing but bad experiences with medical people.

I walked in and went into the admissions office. It was very dim. As if lightbulbs had not been replaced by the janitor in awhile. The cheery little nurse was a cute thing. About 49 or 50. Couldnt have been more than 4'10". Shoulder length dark hair that curled under in a page boy, and kinda wavy.

Bright red lips. A pretty mouth. Gosh I wish I could just come here to have her put that pretty mouth around my cock instead of getting an enema.

She had the most beautiful, expressive brown eyes. I wanted to hold her in my arms, have her shut her eyes, and kiss each lid over and over. Her lashes were super long, and real. Her eyes darted to and fro, watching patients. I could she she was a smart gal. I tried to imagine her as a child and wondered if she was the kind that was always into mischief.

Her uniform was neat, but not too clinical. She didnt have a nurses cap. In fact her uniform was pink, and the top had little flowers on the pockets. She took out a stethoscope and checked my blood pressure. Looking at her watch she checked my pulse. I started to get errect. Her every move and spoken word was interesting and exciting to me. I began to think she thought the same thing about me.

Her hands were tiny, with short stubby fingers. And short, short fingernails.I tried to imagine how she would be able to finger fuck my ass with such short fingers. She smiled as I thought this. It was a little unnerving, as I began to wonder if she had read my mind!

She sat back down across her desk from me and asked me all sorts of health questions, including why I was here.

"Oh, I forgot to check your temperature." I took a sip of the hot coffee I had purchased in the patients lounge on the way in here.

"But I cant check it with you drinking that hot coffee." She seemed to leer at me as if she had the upper hand.

She turned and locked her office door.She ordered me to remove my jeans and sit on the couch. In a moment she came back with thermometer and ordered me to stand up and lower my underpants. I froze with embarrasment, but my cock was standing straight up. I did as told, like I was on automatic pilot. It never occured to me to say no. She plopped down on the couch and patted her lap.

"Come on, lie down. Come on now. We have lots to do."

Then I knew what was happening. What a stroke of luck. Feeling like a 5 year old boy, I removed my shorts and lay down with my butt right under her chin. I looked around to see her shaking down the rectal thermometer and lubricating it with KY.

"On hands and knees please." She said as she reached under and fondled my penis and balls.

"My, youve got a nice healthy errection. I'll be sure to note that in your medical record today. Now lie down honey."

I lay down again. And soon felt her stubby little fingers digging in my ass trying to find my rectum. Then felt the icy cold tip of the glass tube sliding into my bottom. I felt I would shoot any minute, so I tried to think about something else. She lay her warm hand across my buttocks to hold the thermometer in place. Something I hadnt had done to me in years. She hummed a little tune, very low. God how I wanted to start humping her leg right where I lay, and get an orgasm.

She pulled out and read the thermometer, announcing me normal.

"Hmmmmm, it says here you are to have an enema before your stomach xray and rectal exam. Those are usually done in X-ray, but I think I can take care of you right here. Turn on your side and draw your knees up to your chest. I'll be right back."

And soon enough, she returned with a red enema bag, and gently inserted it up my ass, with a long douch attachment.I felt like I had been speared and was being prepared to be roasted over a fire like a suckling pig. She fucked me with it for a moment, going in and out, in and out. I couldnt stop a moan from escaping my throat.

"Does that feel good? Do you like that?"She said, almost in baby talk. Strange questions I thought for her to be asking, but I answered her honestly.


"Try to relax dear so the water will flow into you." She said, as she massaged my stomach. Occasionally, she would dip down to my penis and stroke it. I got so hard, a drop of fluid formed on the top. I grabbed the base to prevent spurting. But she saw me, and put a towel over my cock, telling me "go ahead and cum , then you'll relax so much better for your enema." Next she put KY on her hand and masturbated me. It only took 10 or 15 strokes to finish me off.

"Now hon, the bag is empty, go to the toilet that is off my office and get rid of the solution. And youre free to go to the lab for some other tests.

I sat on the toilet for 1/2 an hour getting rid of the enema. Then I put my pants back on. She gave me the rest of my admission papers and sent me on my way.

As I left she had the same pretty smile. "Be sure to stop here and see me personally when your testing is finished and I'll have your billing information for you."

I wondered if she had another treat in store for me?

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