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Evan's Aunt

By NyteMyst

Evan had not lived in his aunt's house for nearly four years. After the death of his mother and father at the age of six and a half he had been placed with his Aunt Phoebe and spent the next three years there. Phoebe was not actually his aunt; she was officially his third cousin but, because of the disparity in their years, he had always been expected to refer to her as 'Aunt Phoebe'.

When, at the age of 39, Phoebe decided to take a leave of absence from her position as a rural visiting nurse to pursue her master's degree, Evan was shipped off to his maternal grandparent's for the duration. There was some suggestion that the change might become permanent, especially if Phoebe decided to some other employment but, after the third month following her graduation, she decided she missed her old vocation and returned to the same village on the understand that Evan would soon join her. Evan himself was neither dismayed nor excited by the prospect.

In truth, Evan could remember very little of his sojourn at his aunt's and even had difficulty forming a mental picture of her. He had vaguely happy memories of those few years but, for the most part, that was all he could remember. His interest in moving back with her was largely a result of boredom - his grandparent's were getting a little old to entertain a nearly thirteen year-old boy - but also of a certain measure of curiosity at to what the change might bring.

The one thing that Evan was not prepared for when he finally made the move was the appearance of his aunt. His memory of her, fuzzy as it was, was of that of a much older person indeed and this was hardly surprising given that his memories were those of a child and the relative disparity of their ages that much greater. Now, with the different perspective of late adolescence, he was taken aback to discover she was actually quite a handsome woman.

Phoebe had been widowed in her late twenties - her husband had been lost to an industrial accident - and she had never remarried. She was still an attractive woman in a rather severe, disciplined sort of way, but she tended not to capitalize on it in any determined way as she rarely wore much in the way of makeup and wore her dark, nearly black hair trimmed short in an almost masculine cut. Her attire, on the other hand, although still somewhat conservative, was well chosen in a manner that even the young Evan could appreciate. The tight white blouses and long dark skirts she tended to favor were often stretched tightly over her ample, firm breasts and hour-glass hips in such a way as to catch the attention of an adolescent boy just experiencing a fast burgeoning interest in the secrets of the female form.

Evan's new interest in girls and the mysteries of sex had inevitably been followed by the delightful discovery of self-manipulation and he quickly became adept at the pleasure, usually favoring nocturnal sessions in his bed armed with a few sheets of toilet-paper from the bathroom. During his first week in residence, his thoughts as he pulled at his adolescent cock were of the usual variety and, despite the noticeable attractiveness of his aunt, his thoughts never turned to her in a sexual way. Shortly thereafter, however, his feelings about her underwent a rather disturbing change and, as he later recognized, it was the indirect result of a memory that had unexpectedly surfaced one afternoon as dozed lightly on the living room couch.

It happened, that he caught a particularly nasty intestinal virus and, after the infection had largely run its course, his aunt had prescribed and administered an enema to him. Being still quite young, and having been naked in her presence since an infant, he thought little about it and came to regard it as a natural event when she began repeating the procedure on a weekly basis. Four years later, however, as he lay on the sun-dappled couch, he had a sudden recollection of his early experiences in the upstairs bathroom, and discovered that the vague memory of the liquid rush, and the warm presence of his aunt, caused an unexpected, and rather unsettling shiver to course up his spine. Disturbed at the clearly sensual associations the brief memory occasioned, he pushed the thoughts from his mind.

Evan did think about the memory again in the next few days and he even half wondered if Aunt Phoebe might resume the practice. As the weeks passed however, it became evident that she had no such thoughts along these lines and, as summer gave way to autumn, he gradually forgot the memory almost entirely. It was not until his second month at the house that his thoughts about his aunt took a decidedly un-nephew like turn and he had a very sweaty and intensely erotic dream about her.

When he awoke that morning, his sheets clinging damply to him, Evan could remember nothing of the dream save that it had featured handsome aunt, while the hard little prong of his boyish erection, gave mute testimony to the salacious nature of the nocturnal fantasy. He was a little shocked at himself for his thoughts, of course, but, almost unconsciously, his mind's eye giving way to the exciting image of Aunt Phoebe undressing, he allowed his hand to slide inside his underpants. A moment later he came explosively, discharging his sticky emission into a cupped palm, and then, as his hard little protuberance wilted away and his breathing returned to normal, he experienced and awful and overwhelming spasm of guilt for his thoughts.

The next day, and for most of the day after, Evan could barely look at his aunt and he only managed a brief grunt of reassurance when she inquired if he was feeling quite himself. Gradually, however, his thoughts about her overcame the rather sinful feelings that accompanied them and soon she featured regularly in his menu of masturbatory fantasies. Mostly, the thoughts he had of her were limited to visions of her disrobing as he usually came before the fantasy developed further, but sometimes he came to the thought of actually touching her nakedness. Soon, once he began regularly imagining her in erotic situations, his interest in her went beyond mere thought in a way that was to become embarrassingly apparent.

*  *  *

One Saturday afternoon, Evan was reading a comic book in the kitchen when his aunt summoned from the upstairs landing where she had been busy since lunch. The house was a rather large rambling Victorian structure that had been left to Phoebe by her parents and both levels featured narrow, high-ceilinged corridors that seemed to have been laid out without any thought of form or symmetry at all. As Evan approached the doorway to his own bedroom he saw a pile of rumpled bed sheets lying just inside on the carpet and he heard his aunt's voice.

"Grab those and take them down to the laundry room, Evan" she said from within the room. Evan stepped inside to do as he was told. "Probably a good time to turn the mattress," continued Aunt Phoebe. "You need to do that every once in a while…" For a moment, her words did not register with her young nephew and then a sudden look of alarm spread across his features. He dropped the bundle of sheets.

"Oh… I can do that, Aunt Phoebe… Please…. Let me." There was a hasty urgency in the boy's voice but Aunt Phoebe appeared not to notice. As she flipped the upper mattress up on its side, Evan took a half step toward her and then froze as her eyes fell upon something lying on the box spring beneath.

"What's this?" she asked in mild surprise. She reached down to retrieve her discovery as Evan, knowing full well what she had found, gaped at her in mounting horror. "Why… these… these are panties…" she exclaimed in disbelief as she withdrew the flimsy white article. She turned them over in her hand and then looked up sharply at Evan. "These are my panties," she accused, holding them up to his view.

At that instant, Evan could have quite cheerfully sunk through the floor and into the very bowels of the earth. His face blushed a furious crimson and he hung his head as he awaited the angry tirade that shortly must follow. For a moment, there was complete silence in the room and then his aunt tucked the embarrassing discovery into the pocket of her long black skirt and returned to the task of turning the mattress. She spoke to him over her shoulder.

"You can take those sheets away now and bring up the fresh ones," she said, her voice oddly tight but still carefully measured. "And after you have made your bed up," she continued. "I think you will have to stay in your room for the afternoon. We will have to wait to discuss this… this incident until a later time." She flipped the mattress over with a sudden finality that clearly signaled the boy was dismissed.

For the remainder of the afternoon, Evan was sequestered within the confines of his bedroom with nothing but a few books for entertainment. Although it was boring, he was glad to be out of the sight of his aunt and he dreaded having to face her whenever he was finally allowed back out. Normally, suppertime was at six in his Aunt's house and he was getting quite hungry when the appointed hour came and passed without incident. By seven, when he was finally called from downstairs, he was not only ravenous he was also genuinely worried.

A single place setting had been laid at the table and a steaming bowl of stew sat there along side a plate of bread and butter. Usually, Evan and his aunt ate together but tonight she was busy at the sink rinsing a dish and some cutlery. Without looking up, she announced that she had already eaten and that he, Evan, should get started quickly before his supper got cold.

The rather strained atmosphere in the room did not make for a pleasant ambience for dining but Evan dug into the stew with a will. His aunt, after she had finished at the sink, sauntered over to the window overlooking the garden and there, with the golden light of the setting sun bathing her face, she drew a pack of cigarettes from her skirt pocket and, to Evan's amazement, lit one with a sharp exhale of rolling smoke. He knew she was a smoker, of course, since the smell in the house was unmistakable, but this was the first time she had indulged the habit in front of him and the novelty of the situation made him a little uneasy. He placed his fork in the now empty bowl and waited expectantly.

"You know, Evan," his aunt said as she stared out into the garden. "I think I have been negligent as regards your inner cleansings these last few months…" She took another draw from her cigarette and let the smoke escape in a rush. "I think that this is a situation we must attend to," she added, still not looking in his direction. Evan felt his breath catch in his throat.

In the few moments before his aunt began to talk, Evan was sure that he was going to be told she was shipping him back to his grandparents. When she did speak, making that incredible announcement, he at once felt both a sense of relief and a curious thrill of excitement. "Internal cleansings' had been how Aunt Phoebe had referred to enemas in the past and the unexpected mention of the practice caused a sudden fluttering in the pit of his stomach that was not entirely unpleasant. He stared at the woman, completely unable to speak.

"You can go and prepare yourself for bed now," his aunt finally said as she crossed back to the sink and extinguished her cigarette. Her voice, Evan noticed, was rather high and strained and he continued to stare at her, unable to will himself to move. She looked over at him for the first time. "Off you go," she said. "I'll be up in due course…"

*  *  *

After he had disrobed and donned his pajama bottoms, Evan pulled on his dressing gown and sat nervously on his bed. It seemed that an eternity passed as darkness gathered in the garden outside and his nerves were a jangling symphony of tension when he finally heard his aunt's footsteps climbing the stairs. He waited in nervous anticipation for a few anxious moments and then he felt a sudden, curious feeling of almost disappointment as the footsteps continued past his bedroom door and off down the corridor. Mutely, he wondered what was going on and he suffered an agony of apprehension for nearly ten minutes before his aunt's voice summoned him.

"This way please, young man," came her voice from the bathroom down the hall.

Nearly shivering, Evan rose from his bed and walked slowly to the bathroom. The door was half closed as he approached it and he could see that his aunt had only turned on the infra-red heat lamp over the sink, leaving the rest of the room quite dimly lit in a soft reddish glow. He entered, swallowing hard, and saw his aunt standing near the cabinet across from the sink. She did not glance at him as he stepped into the room.

"Shut the door, please," she said briskly, her tone professionally neutral. She was wearing a rather short clinical coat that barely reached her knees and she appeared to be fumbling in the top-most drawer of the cabinet. Evan did as he was told and then, as he turned to survey the room, he saw that the bathtub had been covered with some sort of flat wooden lid fashioned from several transverse planks. For an instant he had a sudden memory flash of kneeling on these boards as a young boy and the associations of the thought caused an immediate and most disturbing fullness to blossom in his groin. He realized, to his dismay, that he was getting an erection as his aunt turned to face him.

"You'll need to disrobe, Evan," she informed him. "Surely you remember that from before…" Her voice, although flat and calm, was a little strained and it suddenly occurred to the boy that his aunt almost sounded nervous herself. This thought stunned him for a moment or so and he stared at her, immobile. "Quickly, please," she commanded, turning back to the cabinet once again.

The embarrassing fact of his erection made Evan's reluctance at disrobing even more acute and nearly a full minute passed before he realized the inevitability of what was to happen and pulled of his dressing gown with trembling hands. He placed the garment on a chair behind him and then slipped his pajama trousers down to the floor and stepped out of them. He was fully naked now and the hard, four-inch finger of his tumescent cock stood out stiffly from his hairless groin. He looked in dismay at the throbbing organ with the thick fold of foreskin covering the head and he summoned every ounce of effort, albeit fruitlessly, to will the erection to subside.

"I think you remember the position, Evan," his aunt said as she turned to face him for a moment. She was holding a bulbous plastic bottle with a long, thick nozzle attached and the sight of the object caused Evan's cock to suddenly twitch in excitement. Unconsciously, the boy moved his hand across to hide his erection but no sooner had he done this than he realized he was only drawing attention to his tumescence. He quickly let his hand drop to his side just as his aunt turned to walk toward the bathtub but he knew that in the brief moment she had looked at him that she had observed the embarrassing manifestation of his excitement. He was humiliated, but excited at the same time, and he also saw, with a little surge of interest, that a light flush seemed to have spread over the woman's high-boned features. He stood still for a moment until his aunt patted the wooden platform atop the bath. "Up here, please," she commanded.

Climbing atop the hard wooden surface caused a sudden feeling of déjà vu in Evan and he immediately adopted the hands and knees position that came naturally to him even after all these years. His arousal, however, was an entirely new development, something he had never experienced as a young boy, and he was very conscious of the hard, cylinder of his erection bobbing between his legs as his aunt made him shuffle forward on the platform. He tried to shield it by sliding his left thigh forward but, when he turned to look at his aunt, his head nearly touching the wall at the tap end of the bath, he saw that she was studiously avoiding looking in the direction of his groin. She set the red plastic bottle down on the planking behind him and returned to the cabinet.

"I'll be just a few seconds," she said as she reached into the cabinet drawer again. From his position on the platform, Evan experienced an increasing feeling of his excitement over the vulnerable exposure of his naked bottom and he was shivering with mounting anticipation as he waited for Aunt Phoebe to return. As it was, she took several minutes, prolonging Evan's agony of expectation, and, when she returned, he saw she was carrying a large tube of cream and a small cylindrical black object he could not identify. She set this last object down beside the plastic bottle and unscrewed the cap from the tube. "All set…" she announced.

Although Evan craned his neck around as far as possible, he could see very little. He was able to observe his Aunt squirt a generous dollop of cream onto the index and middle fingers of her right hand and then her forearm was lost from view as she reached behind him. He tensed slightly in anticipation while she spread the cheeks of his bottom with her left hand and then he gave a little gasp as he felt the greasy unguent being applied to the sensitive little knot of his asshole. He jumped slightly at the coldness of the thick cream and then relaxed as his aunt began to smear the ointment around in slow, gentle circles.

For several delicious moments, Aunt Phoebe continued the teasing massage and then she pressed the tip of her index finger quite firmly against the narrow opening of Evan's anus, maintaining a steady pressure but not quite penetrating him. For a second or two she held her finger in place and then she picked up the tube of cream and slipped the end down into the crevice of the young boy's bottom, removing her digit and allowing the tip to rest against his puckered hole. She squeezed the tube, expelling a thick finger of ointment and Evan tensed again as the greasy cream was expelled inside him. He shivered excitedly as he felt the tube being taken away and Aunt Phoebe's index finger being pushed against his tiny hole once again. "Just relax, Evan," he heard her say.

This time, Aunt Phoebe pushed deeper, wriggling the tip of her finger as she slipped inside him. There was a tightness as the sphincter muscles adapted to the sudden stretching and then her finger was sliding into the depths of his rectum. It was an incredible sensation, being penetrated like this, and Evan could feel a long arrow of pleasure course through his bowel and shoot along the very inside of the shaft of his cock. His foreskin suddenly seemed pleasurable tight as the head within swelled to an almost impossible degree.

"Relax," Aunt Phoebe repeated. She began to work her finger back and forth, twisting it slightly as she probed him and causing the most wonderful sensations to grip his insides. For the first few moments, the tightness of his anal sphincter created an uncomfortable friction on the inner surface of the knotted ring and then he did relax, allowing his aunt to probe more deeply still. Unconsciously, he pushed his bottom back toward her hand, moving it in slow little circles as she lubricated him, and then he felt the digit being withdrawn. He stiffened, his whole body taut in excited anticipation, and he heard a slight sloshing sound as Aunt Phoebe picked up the red, plastic bottle.

As soon as the tip of the long plastic nozzle was placed against his anus, Evan could tell that it was noticeably thicker than Aunt Phoebe's finger. He braced himself as she began to apply pressure then gasped through gritted teeth as the firm plastic tube entered him, stretching his tight anal muscles even wider than before. The digital massage had relaxed him to a fair degree but the width of this invasive nozzle, although tremendously exciting, was a little painful for the first inch or so. Afterwards, once the tip had slipped all the way passed his sphincter, the whole length of the tube slid into him with a delicious, wonderful ease.

The nozzle itself was nearly eight inches long and it pushed far deeper inside him than his aunt's finger had done. He could feel it high up his rectum, probing deeper, and then, just as the body of the bottle was coming up against his bottom, he grunted in sudden pleasure as the tip of the hard plastic tube encountered a firm, walnut shaped mass just beyond the wall of his rectum. He had never heard of the prostate gland before, but there was no mistaking the wonderful sensations it was producing and he moaned slightly as his aunt pressed and massaged the swollen little bump. His back arched a little as he pushed his hips back toward her and, although he did not know it, a glistening little drop of pre-cum formed at the opening of his foreskin.

After a moment or so, Aunt Phoebe gave a last push on the bottle, pressing it in so that the bulbous sides spread his cheeks apart, and then, after placing her left hand firmly across the small of his back, she gripped the sides of the bottle and began to squeeze. For a moment, there was only a brief sensation of pressure as the last of the air was expelled from the bottle and then the liquid contents began to flow into him. The water was quite cold, cold enough to make him gasp, but the sensation of the forceful stream flooding his depths was incredible. He arched his back again and moaned softly as his Aunt continued the pressure.

The bulbous bottle held a little over a quart of fluid and Phoebe was able to inject all but a half-cup or so into Evan's rectum. It took several separate squeezes on the bottle to eject all the water, with a brief pause between each, and it took nearly five minutes for her to complete the operation. When she was done, the volume of fluid inside the boy exerted quite a bit of pressure and there was an almost perceptible bulge in his abdomen. He grunted slightly at the minor discomfort and then relaxed as his aunt reached beneath him to massage the slightly distended curve of his belly. She rubbed softly for a minute or so and then, after withdrawing her hand, she began to pull the nozzle back out of him.

Just before the entire length of the tube was removed, Aunt Phoebe picked up the small black object she had placed on the platform earlier. It was cylindrical, about a half inch in diameter, and it had a bulbous ridge at the midpoint along its glossy, plastic surface. She held it between the cheeks of Evan's bottom as the remainder of the nozzle pulled free and then, with a little twist, she deftly inserted the plug-like object into his anus before any water could escape. She pressed it firmly in place and then stood back.

"There is mineral oil in the enema fluid," she announced. "And I want to leave it in for a little while…"

Evan, his cock still swollen to the point of throbbing between his legs, turned his head slightly and watched his aunt walk over to the sink carrying the enema bottle. She washed it before rinsing her hands and then she soaked a white facecloth in hot water and returned to the edge of the bath. She sat down on the platform, half-turning to face Evan and then, after folding the wet terrycloth into a neat square, she reached between the cheeks of his bottom and began to dab away the excess lubricant that surrounded the protruding ass-plug. The cloth was quite warm indeed and, as his aunt pressed it against the sensitive skin, Evan closed his eyes to savor the very pleasant sensation.

The operation took only a minute or two and then Aunt Phoebe unfolded the cloth and let it drape over her up-turned palm. Evan could not see what was happening at that moment but he suddenly felt his Aunt's hand slide between his thighs so that it just barely grazing the inner surfaces with the rough, still warm cloth. All of a sudden he became very conscious of the pouch of his scrotum, now pulled tightly against him in his arousal, and then he let out a brief gasp as the cloth slowly slid upward to cup the tight little pocket of flesh.

For a moment or so, Aunt Phoebe held him gently with her fingers, much as one might hold a baby bird, and then, with Evan's deep, measured breathing the only sound in the room, she gently began to slide her whole hand forward until the tips of her fingers just pushed against the swollen base of his cock. Again she paused, making Evan swallow hard in nervous excitement, and then she pushed forward, making the length of him rise from its vertical position so that the fleshy head, which had been pointing straight at the platform, now swung up until it almost met his stomach. She held him there, the shaft lying flat in the palm of her hand as though she were testing its weight, and, after a moment, she broke the thick silence in the air by speaking.

"Did you have an erection when you took my panties, Evan?" she asked, almost casually. "Did your little penis become erect and hard when you touched them?"

For an instant, Evan thought his heart had stopped and he froze, completely unable to reply. His Aunt now allowed her hand to cup slightly and she spread her fingers until the end of Evan's cock slipped down between the index and middle digits. She squeezed gently, making the boy gasp. "Well?" she asked softly.

Evan's response was only a rather strangled gurgle that might have been assent but it appeared to satisfy Aunt Phoebe. Suddenly, she reached beneath his stomach with her left hand and grasped the thick hood of his foreskin with her thumb and index finger, squeezing it lightly between them. Evan moaned.

"I'm curious…" his aunt began conversationally. "I imagine you had made pretty thorough inventory of my lingerie drawer, Evan. Am I correct?" She squeezed a little tighter with her thumb and forefinger and began to push back on the foreskin. "Did you touch and fondle the panties in there, young man?"

In that instant, Evan experienced a sudden vivid recollection of the experience. It had been on a Friday afternoon when his aunt was visiting patients that he had stolen into her bedroom, his heart pounding with mounting excitement. He recalled standing in a shaft of sunlight before her dresser and opening the top drawer with trembling hands, then reaching in to touch the tantalizing array of treasures within. He was still mentally savoring the silky sensation when he was brought sharply back into the moment as his aunt began to expose the glistening tip of his corona.

"What struck me, Evan," Aunt Phoebe continued softly. "Is that the panties I discovered in your bedroom did not come from my dresser at all… they were clearly purloined from my hamper. They were," she added, still pushing back on the fleshy sleeve, "used panties. Panties I had freshly worn…"

Again, Evan's mind's-eye was assaulted by another vivid image. He recalled opening the wicker receptacle to fish through the contents within, and he remembered clearly the trembling arousal that had gripped him as he withdrew the flimsy garment from amongst the tumble of clothing. He had held them in his hands in a shiver of excitement and his cock had been like a hard little rail spike in his trousers as he felt the soft material, knowing that it had encased those secret places he had tried so desperately to imagine during his furtive sessions of self-pleasure. He groaned softly as his aunt's voice intruded once again on his reverie.

"Is that why you chose that pair, Evan?" she whispered. "Did it excite you to imagine me wearing them… to smell my scent in them?" She had now slid the boy's foreskin all the way back, exposing the shining red head beneath. She pushed the fleshy collar as back as far as she could until the glistening corona seemed to strain from its sleeve. "Well?" she asked as Evan exhaled sharply at the sensation. "Did you smell me? Is that what excited you?"

Once again, Evan nodded, his face hot and crimson, but his voice failed him. His Aunt, however, seemed satisfied by the response. "I see, Evan…" she said a moment later.

Aunt Phoebe now released his cock briefly, allowing it to spring back into its natural position pointing toward the wooden platform. She transferred the terry cloth to her left hand and, still reaching between his legs with her right, she grasped the turgid base of his shaft in a ring formed by her thumb and forefinger. She gripped the hard root firmly and then, with the terry cloth flat in her left palm, she enclosed her hand about the tip, cupping the exposed head and making the boy start at the rough caress of the cloth against the glistening, sensitive glans.

"Did you have thoughts about me?" she asked. "Thoughts about my most private parts?" She had begun to slowly move her hand up and down his swollen shaft, making him moan with pleasure. For several delicious minutes she continued the rhythmic milking motion and then she spoke again. "I know you touched and smelled my panties Evan," she began. "But tell me… did you try them on?"

At these words, the incredible eroticism of the moment became too much for Evan and, with a whimper and a sharp jerk of his hips, he ejaculated into the folds of terry cloth enclosing his cock. His aunt continued to milk his pulsing shaft until he was completely drained and then she removed the cloth and rose to her feet.

"I think we ought to finish this conversation another time," she announced. She crossed to the sink and began to rinse the cloth before turning to him. "You can remove your plug and expel yourself," she said, nodding toward the commode. "Then," she added, "I think it is high time you went off to bed.

*  *  *

The next day it was as though the previous evening's events had never occurred at all. Aunt Phoebe attended to her affairs as always and, in her dealings with Evan, she maintained the same detached, but not unfriendly demeanor that was customary with her. There was no mention whatsoever of the enema (or Evan's panty theft for that matter) and, after a few days, Evan began to wonder if it had just been an isolated incident.

As it turned out, the internal cleansing did, in fact, become a weekly ritual, but another pattern developed that was a little harder to predict and much, much different in nature. The weekend cleansings, which occurred on Saturday night, were always the same and, though they inevitably terminated in Aunt Phoebe manually masturbating her young charge, the process, albeit pleasurable, was also somewhat perfunctory and impersonal. During these sessions, Aunt Phoebe seemed distant and rarely spoke, and the entire proceeding never lasted any more than twenty minutes or so.

It developed, however, that Aunt Phoebe, at seemingly random intervals, would announce that Evan needed a supplementary treatment. These announcements, which could occur on any day of the week, were always made in the early evening and, as Evan eventually came to recognize, always happened after his aunt enjoyed a glass or two of wine with supper. On these occasions, Aunt Phoebe's demeanor was far different than during the Saturday night procedures and she often resorted to the graphic, bluntly erotic talk with which she had teased him on the very first session. Her detachment toward Evan was far less during these encounters, diminishing even further over time, and, indeed, her own arousal became apparent in the increasingly intimate exchanges that occurred. Eventually, it came to pass that Evan, in later years, was unable to look at a bottle of the wine favored by his aunt without getting an immediate and massive erection.

The first of these special encounters occurred about two and a half weeks after the very first enema session. At supper that evening, Aunt Phoebe drank two glasses of wine with her meal, something she had never done before, and during the entire supper hour she seemed a little distracted as though she were wrestling with some sort of decision. She spoke to Evan once or twice in a friendly enough sort of way, but there was a fragile, almost nervous quality to her voice that puzzled Evan a little. Afterward, when Evan was washing the dishes, his Aunt seemed to hover nearby instead of going to her study as was usually the case, and finally, when the tension in the room seemed to have become almost palpable she announced, in a high, falsely casual tone that she thought an extra cleansing was in order. She turned to leave the room then, not looking at her nephew, and paused only long enough to add that she expected him upstairs as soon as she had finished the dishes.

As Evan climbed the stairs a short time later, he experienced a pronounced fluttering in the pit of his stomach and his cock, although not stiffly erect, seemed fuller and heavier inside his underpants. The enema session he knew was about to take place was completely unexpected and this fact, coupled with the rather odd quality of his aunt's demeanor, suggested that something very different and very exciting was in the offing. He was trembling slightly as he undressed himself in his room and pulled his dressing gown on over his nakedness.

A moment later, as he turned the corner in the passageway outside his room, Evan saw that there was a light on in his aunt's room as well as in the bathroom. A soft yellow glow fell through the open doorway and he fancied he saw movement within. He paused in his tracks for a moment and then his aunt's voice floated out to him.

"Into the bathroom, Evan," she said. "I'll be along directly…"

Evan entered the bathroom, his eyes taking a moment to adjust to the dim red light of the infra red lamp over the sink, and he stood a little nervously beside the bathtub with his hands clasped primly in front of himself. He saw that the wooden platform had not been placed over the bath yet and he was wondering what this portended when his aunt swept into the room carrying a plastic sponge bag in a pink floral print.

"Robe off, please," she said, glancing at him as she crossed the room.

As Aunt Phoebe turned to face the cabinet, Evan suddenly noticed that she was shoeless and that her legs were bare beneath the hem of her customary white clinical jacket. Normally, she wore dark nylons all the time and there was never an occasion that he could remember when there wasn't an inch or two of skirt showing beneath her coat. Now, it gave him pause to the see the pale smoothness of her naked legs and he experienced a sudden shiver of arousal through his loins when he tried to imagine just what, if anything, she had on beneath the jacket. He began to feel himself swell to erection as he removed his robe and laid it over a nearby chair.

"Alright, Evan," said his aunt a moment later. She had removed the contents of the sponge bag and, as she turned to face him, he saw that she held a large hot water bottle shaped device to which was attached a good length of rubber hosing in three large loops. At the far end of this hose was a long, curved black nozzle that was considerably thicker than the one he was used to and which, he saw with a curious thrill of interest, had a bulbous swelling at the tip. He swallowed hard as he stared anxiously at the device and his cock gave a little twitch as it throbbed into a full, straining erection.

"Now, there's no need to be apprehensive, my boy," said Aunt Phoebe firmly. As she spoke these words, her eyes dropped momentarily to the protuberance between her nephew's legs but then, affecting not to notice the obvious tumescence, she looked quickly away. "Over here, please," she said, motioning the boy toward the old-fashioned white-porcelain commode.

Evan was rather surprised by the direction. He had already wondered at the absence of the wooden platform for the bath and he was intrigued at whatever it was his aunt now had in mind. He crossed the bathroom, his cock bouncing a little as he walked, and he stood in nervous anticipation in front of the toilet. He watched as his aunt held the red rubber enema bag beneath the tap in the sink and began to fill it.

"The enema bottle we have used in the past is actually for younger children," his aunt informed him. Her voice was a little hoarse as she spoke and Evan could see that her face was a little flushed with a narrow band of perspiration just below her hairline. It made his heart beat a little faster to think that she too might be experiencing the same mounting excitement as he was and he felt himself trembling slightly as she completed filling the bag and approached him. "It's time," she continued, "that we move on to a more appropriate apparatus."

The enema bag was hung from a hook on the shower rail with the nozzle and tube being allowed to hang down into the tub itself. Aunt Phoebe turned a valve in the hose just below the bag attachment and, as soon as a gush of water burst from the tip, she quickly switched it off again before turning to Evan once again. She reached in front of him, startling the boy slightly, and then raised both the toilet seat and lid into the upright position against the tank. When this was done, she pushed against the small of his back and made him shuffle forward so that both legs straddled the wide bowl of the toilet beneath.

"This nozzle is a little wider than you are used to," Aunt Phoebe announced. As she spoke, she pushed against him again until he was leaning forward with his elbows and forearms resting on the top of the tank. Seated like this, his bottom was thrust out and exposed and he experienced another rush of excitement from the vulnerable nature of the position.

"However," his aunt continued, "It is a very effective nozzle, particularly with the curve and, in fact, it is the one I most favor myself…"

This unexpected confirmation that Aunt Phoebe administered enemas to herself struck Evan as deliciously exciting and he shivered with a little electric thrill of pleasure when he realized that she was going to insert into him the very same nozzle she used on herself. For a moment, he tried to envision the long black implement sliding into her bottom and the image made his cock throb maddeningly between his legs. He felt almost weak with arousal as his aunt stepped back over toward the cabinet.

"It will help that I'm going to use plenty of lubricant," said Aunt Phoebe as she pulled open the top drawer. She began to fumble around inside and, as she did so, Evan happened to glance down between his legs to see that the water in the toilet was a deep yellow rather than clear. For a moment, he experienced a pang of guilt at having forgotten to flush and then he suddenly remembered that his aunt had used the bathroom since he had. It surprised him to think that she would be guilty of such neglect and then, as he caught a faint whiff of the ammonia tang, he realized that the image of his aunt relieving herself was strangely exciting to him. He shivered as another wave of arousal swept through him and stood in excited anticipation for what was about to follow.

"Alright, let's begin," intoned Phoebe briskly as she stepped back to him carrying the large tube of lubricant. She held Evan's bottom cheeks apart with one hand and then slid the tube in between them to deliver a thick wad of unguent into and around his waiting asshole. She set the tube down on the edge of the bath and then picked up the long, black nozzle. She rested the hand holding the nozzle on Evan's right hip and, using the index finger of her free hand, began to work the thick cream into his anus. "Let's get you relaxed," she murmured.

As Aunt Phoebe slid her finger into Evan's rectum, probing in and out, the tip of the enema nozzle came up against the underside of his jutting cock and slid deliciously along the shaft. Whether this was calculated or an accident Evan could not tell and he moaned at the delightful sensations it produced. In behind, his aunt continued to massage the tight ring of his sphincter muscles and, in a very short time, the narrow opening relaxed around her finger. Finally she withdrew. "I think you are just about ready," she announced.

The air in the bathroom suddenly seemed to become very still as Aunt Phoebe slid the enema nozzle in between Evan's bottom cheeks. She slipped it all the way in and then, as the boy tensed expectantly, she allowed it to come to rest against his anus. Slowly, she twisted the nozzle a little, increasing the pressure against his puckered opening. "Just relax, Evan," she whispered. "Don't bear down against the nozzle now…"

When Phoebe finally began to push the large bore nozzle inside Evan's asshole, the sudden stretching of the tight little ring caused him to cry out at the sharp discomfort. The bulbous tip of the nozzle was quite wide indeed and nothing of that size had ever been introduced into his bottom before. It was painful, to be sure, but it was also extremely erotic and he tensed his whole frame as the invasion continued.

"Try not to resist, Evan," commanded his Aunt. "It's almost done already…" The sharp pain of the insertion continued to mount for a few seconds more and then there was an incredible decrease in the tension as the tip pushed past Evan's sphincter, allowing the abnormally stretched muscles to suddenly relax. Evan gasped with relief at the sensation and his aunt paused for a moment. "It will be a little easier for the rest of the way," she breathed.

As Phoebe began to push on the nozzle once again, Evan suddenly became conscious of how close his aunt was behind him. Her body was not actually touching his but she was close enough for him to feel the heat radiating from her in a way that was very pleasant. He was also aware, as she slid the thick implement inside him, that her breathing had become slow and measured and several times he experienced a little shiver as her warm breath wafted over the back of his neck. It was almost as though she was bending closely over him as she slid the nozzle further inside and the thought of this was very exciting to him indeed.

"The curvature may feel a little odd after your old nozzle," Evan heard his aunt say softly, her mouth very close to his ear. "But… I find this particular shape much easier for self-insertion." She paused a moment, still slowly sliding the thick nozzle into him, and then continued. "I find," she whispered, "that I can slide it much deeper into my bottom than the other type… much deeper indeed."

Again, a sudden image of Aunt Phoebe administering an enema to herself loomed large in Evan's mind and this tremendously erotic picture, coupled with the sexy sibilance of her speech, sent a fresh shiver of horniness coursing through his loins. The nozzle was almost completely inserted now and the sheer width of it seemed to be pressing against the walls of his rectum in a way that was intense, but very arousing. He moaned softly as the sensation seemed to creep deeper into him and then he felt the inexorable penetration slow to a stop.

"That's deep enough," Aunt Phoebe murmured. She kept her hand on the base of the nozzle and then, as though testing its position, she gently pulled up on the protruding portion of the implement, causing the tip deep within to push down against the tender rectal walls. Almost immediately, an electric burst of delicious sensation exploded within the boy as the hard plastic tube pressed against his prostate and he cried out in surprise and pleasure as his Aunt slowly moved the nozzle up and down, gently massaging the hard little lump of sensitive flesh. Aunt Phoebe nodded in satisfaction. "Excellent…" she whispered.

Suddenly, and without any sort of warning, Aunt Phoebe swiftly reached around Evan's waist with her left hand and grasped the stiff little spike of his cock. Her hand slid up the swollen shaft an inch or so and then, still allowing the weight of the shaft to rest in her palm, she deftly gripped his foreskin between her thumb and forefinger. She applied pressure ever so gently for a moment and then, as Evan exhaled sharply at the delicious touch, she slid back the thick fleshy hood to expose the glistening pink ball of his corona. She released his cock and, still holding the exposed length of nozzle with her right hand, she placed her left hand on his shoulder. "Now, Evan," she said, suddenly all business-like again. "I want you to sit down… I want you to sit down very slowly and very carefully…understand?"

Perspiring a little, and as aroused as he had ever been in his life, Evan nodded in reply. As he did so, Aunt Phoebe pushed down on his shoulder and Evan began to flex his knees, slowly lowering himself down onto the hard rim of porcelain below. His thighs contacted the coldness of the surface, making him start a little, and then, as his bottom lowered into the gaping maw of the commode, his aunt released her grip on the nozzle. "Now, move forward a little," she commanded.

Pressing on Evan's back once again, Aunt Phoebe made him shuffle forward until his chest pressed up against the raised toilet seat and his forearms rested on the tank top. As he took this position, Evan felt his cock push against the rear of the porcelain and then slide down beneath the rim until the exposed head was pressed tightly against the back surface of the bowl. His thighs were splayed open now, gripping the raised lid and seat, and the position, with his sensitive exposed corona hard against the cold, wet porcelain, felt strangely exciting indeed. He trembled slightly as his aunt, apparently just noticing that the toilet had not been flushed, reached in front of him and pushed down the handle on the tank.

For a second or two, Aunt Phoebe's casual movement barely registered in Evan's mind and then the sudden torrent of flush water burst upon him making him gasp out loud in surprise. A swirl of nearly icy fluid gushed from beneath the rim of the bowl, circling clockwise as it flooded down, and it washed swiftly over the porcelain, enveloping the stiffly swollen cylinder of his cock where it was pressed against the hard surface. A whirlpool developed mere inches below the crevice of his exposed buttocks and a fine spray of ice-cold droplets rose to meet each cheek in a chilling, but stimulating tattoo. Aunt Phoebe clucked apologetically, but a tight little smile creased the corners of her mouth. "Didn't mean to startle you," she said.

As the flush ended and clear water filled the bowl again, Aunt Phoebe stepped back and reached for the valve beneath the enema bag. She turned it all the way clockwise and, almost immediately, Evan tensed rigidly upright as the cool enema fluid exploded inside him. In all his previous sessions, the flow of water had been a gentle, almost relaxing stream, but now the high pressure jet that had been released gushed deep inside him, drumming a pulsing tattoo against the walls of his rectum and colon as he was filled. A cry burst from his lips.

"Oh… oh my gosh," he managed to gasp. The pressure seemed to become more, rather than less intense as the flow continued and he could feel the fluid rising into his transverse colon. In moments, the sheer volume of the enema started to push outward against his abdominal muscles and the pressure of his rectum against his bladder made him suddenly want to urinate. He gave into the urge and let himself go against the porcelain in a forceful, steady stream that rushed up beneath the toilet rim before flowing down again to bathe the exposed head of his cock in its warmth.

"Steady, now," murmured his Aunt. "We're almost done now…"

There was very little fluid left in the bag when Phoebe, to Evan's relief, closed the valve and shut off the flow. The distention of his stomach had become quite uncomfortable and, even though he had voided his bladder, he still had the sensation of needing to pee. He shifted his weight slightly, trying to ease the internal pressure. "Stand up a little, Evan…" he heard his aunt say.

As Evan rose slightly, using his arms on the tank top to lever himself a few inches from the bowl, Aunt Phoebe reached down to grasp the nozzle protruding from his bottom. She placed her left hand against the small of his back and then, moving very slowly, she started to slide the long nozzle back out of him. It pulled out easily with a slippery sensation that made him shiver and then the tip was free in a sudden rush of water. Aunt Phoebe pushed her young charge back down onto the bowl as his enema was uncontrollably expelled in a torrent of splashing water.

"Let it all go," Aunt Phoebe said. She dropped the nozzle into the bathtub and then stepped behind Evan and over to the sink. She washed her hands quickly and then left the room without another word as Evan emptied himself noisily into the toilet. At first, Evan was rather relieved by her departure as the splashing expulsion from his bottom was embarrassing but, a second or two later it occurred to him that a very important step had been missed. Invariably, during these enema sessions, Aunt Phoebe masturbated him while he still held the fluid inside him but this time she had not done so and it caused him a sudden fear that she might omit this part of the process entirely. He was encouraged slightly when, a moment later, her voice floated out to him from her bedroom.

"When you've cleaned yourself, " she called, "I want to see you in here please, Evan…"

*   *   *

This unusual and unexpected command produced a new shiver of anticipation in Evan as he washed himself a few minutes later. When he was done, he paused briefly to wonder if he should slip on his robe and then he decided against it as his aunt had not instructed him to put it back on. He had the delicious certainty that something new and exciting was about to happen in his aunt's bedroom and his cock, with the sleeve of his foreskin still rolled in a ridge beneath the shiny head, bobbed slightly as he made his way out of the bathroom door.

The door to his aunt's room was only a few steps down the hallway and Evan's heart was pounding madly within his chest as he approached it. He stepped through, swallowing nervously, and then he saw Phoebe facing him from where she sat on the bed. There was only a single lamp on in the room and the soft bulb cast long shadows about the comfortably furnished chamber. Phoebe was still wearing the short clinician's coat she always wore for the sessions but the hem had rose up on her thigh and Evan was afforded an enticing and sexy view of her legs. She beckoned to him when he paused for a moment and then, as he started to walk toward her, he saw that there were several pairs of panties spread on the bed cover beside her. His cock twitched as another wave of arousal washed over him.

"Over here, Evan," she said.

Evan took the remaining few steps toward his aunt and stood before her, his arms hanging loosely at his sides. He was uncertain as to where he should be looking at that moment (although the enticing array of panties were a definite attraction) and he kept his gaze fixed in acute embarrassment at the floor between them. He sensed his aunt's eyes upon him as he looked steadily downward.

"I'm curious to understand this fascination with my panties, young man," she said after what seemed like an eternity. Evan blushed and shuffled his feet nervously. "So … which one of these pairs interests you the most?" she asked, pointing to the little collection. "Which pair excites you more than the others?"

Four pair of underwear were spread out on the bed. There was a red silky pair with lacy scalloping around the edges, a black pair in a thin, almost see-through material, and a pale yellow pair cut in a very sexy, thong-style design. The fourth pair were a soft, pale blue cotton with a simple pattern of flower buds and the simple, plainness of these seemed far more appealing to Evan than the rather frivolous, almost theatrical sexiness of the others. He also noticed that the last pair, in contrast to the laundry-fresh, pristine condition of the first three, had a slightly rumpled, used appearance and the crotch was clearly thinning and faintly discolored from wear. He felt his cock twitch again as he looked at them and he knew that his aunt had observed his reaction.

"You favor these, Evan?" she asked. She reached and picked up the little garment, letting the scanty, thin scrap of material depend from her index finger. "Do these excite you the most, young man?" Evan felt his blush deepen to a burning, hot red.

"Yes… Aunt Phoebe," he managed to croak. Phoebe nodded as though a theory had just been confirmed.

"I thought so," she replied.

Evan was now standing directly in front of his aunt. She sat on the very edge of the mattress with her feet just touching the carpet and her nephew's stiff little erection was mere inches from the smooth expanse of her upper thighs. She dangled the panties just over the tip of his corona.

"Is it the softness of the material that appeals to you, I wonder?" she mused huskily. The panties hung tantalizingly over the hard little finger of flesh for a moment or so and then Phoebe lowered them slowly until the soft material first grazed the sensitive head and then lay, light as a whisper, along the shaft. She drew her hand back and forth ever so slightly, sliding the thin cotton up and down the swollen length Evan's erection before allowing the soft folds to envelop him. "Or maybe it's the thought of touching something that has touched my intimate parts…" she continued in a juicy whisper. "Is that what excites you about my panties?"

Before Evan could even think about responding, his aunt took the panties in both hands and held them before him, stretching the waist open with her splayed fingers. She slipped the thin elastic waistband behind the hard little sac of Evan's scrotum and then pulled the front of the garment open beneath his cock so that he could see inside to the faintly discolored crotch. His heart made a sudden leap of excitement as he saw an almost imperceptible tan stain near the rear of the garment.

"This is where my privates have been, Evan," murmured his aunt. "My woman parts and my bottom…" She twisted the garment up until Evan's erection pointed straight inside and she allowed the crotch to tease very tip of his corona. She began to draw the crotch with maddening slowness over her nephew's glistening cock-head and he shivered with arousal as he realized that the exposed shiny skin was now actually rubbing up against the curiously exciting stain. "Does this help you to imagine actually touching me in dirty ways, Evan?" he heard Phoebe ask. "Would it excite you to slide your cock against my panties while I was wearing them?"

The erotic novelty of this sudden suggestion made Evan nearly fall over and his eyes locked with those of his aunt. She was staring at him intently and he knew, in that instant, that the encounter was about to be taken a to a new level. He swallowed hard as Phoebe took away the panties and, with an agonizing slowness, began to undo the buttons of her coat.

Aunt Phoebe's breasts, though still contained by a stalwart, reinforced bra, were impressive indeed and Evan's eyes bulged as they fell down between the deep crevice of her cleavage. As she continued to undo her buttons, his gaze slipped further and further down the sleek, flatness of her stomach until, as the last button was opened, he saw a the white expanse of her panties inside the flaps of her coat. His heart beat a sudden tattoo in his chest and, in that glorious, wonderful moment, he felt as though time had stopped.

For a moment or so, Aunt Phoebe paused, her eyes fixed on the expression on Evan's face, and then she pulled aside the flaps of her coat and, with a quick shrug of her shoulders, shook the garment off. Evan, his eyes as wide as pie-plates, could barely conceal a little gasp and his Aunt smiled at his reaction.

"Is this what you think about, Evan?" she asked softly.

There was delightful flare to Aunt Phoebe's womanly hips and the smooth, barely tan columns of her thighs were firm and well muscled. Her panties were a synthetic cotton blend and the front panel, just beneath the waist elastic, was patterned with a lacy, fern-like design woven into the thin material. It stretched excitingly over her crotch, pushing forward in a delicious curve from the beginning of her mound and, though the thin material was not see-through, Evan fancied he could discern the dark triangle of her pubis beneath. He swallowed hard as she took both of his hands and, parting her legs to accommodate him, drew him closer toward herself. "Closer, Evan," she whispered.

The first touch of the smooth fabric against his exposed corona made Evan nearly faint with excitement. As his swollen erection pressed up against his aunt's crotch he felt the springy give of her dense pubic bush and then the sensitive head was suddenly probing the firmer cushions of her outer lips. He felt another slight give as these plump folds parted and then his cock was pushing the taut fabric into the crevice in between them. He heard his aunt sigh deep in her throat.

"How close your cock is to my intimate parts, Evan," murmured his Aunt as he pressed harder against her. "Does it excite you to be so close?" There was a rich, lascivious playfulness in her voice that made Evan's cock throb as he slid it down the furrow of her crotch and he experienced a shudder of pure arousal as the tip encountered a sticky dampness in the fabric. "Can you smell my scent, Evan?" asked Phoebe huskily. "Can you smell by sex yet?"

Evan was too excited to be able to answer and his eyes were half-closed as the delightful sensations pleasured him. Phoebe reached down between them and took his cock in her hand. "I want to see how my scent excites you, Evan," she said. "I want you to show me how you used my panties that way…"

For a moment, Evan was unsure what his aunt wanted and then, as comprehension dawned, his eyes strayed to the worn panties his aunt had put back on the bed. He started to reach for them but his Aunt caught his wrist and shook her head. "Not those panties," she whispered. "These ones…" Releasing the boy, Aunt Phoebe leaned backward even further and spread her legs wider still. As she did so, her crotch, now visibly damp, was exposed to her nephew and she drew her legs up slightly, thrusting the outward curve of her mound toward him. She allowed a hand to tease the front of the thin white material. "Show me here, Evan," she whispered.

For a moment, Evan did not move and then, trembling as though the temperature in the room had suddenly dropped, he lowered himself to his knees and placed his hands on the creamy smooth columns of his aunt's thighs for support. He knelt there, his eyes fixed on the thin material covering her womanly mound and then bent slowly toward her. He was conscious, as he moved, of his aunt sighing deep in her throat.

"Show me…" she said again.

As Evan lowered his face into the juncture of Aunt Phoebe's thighs, the rich, heady scent of her pussy rose toward him like a perfumed mist. There was only the delicate floral aroma of her toiletries at first, but then, underlying that, came the musky, almost peppery smell of her sex that made his cock throb almost painfully between his legs. A soft moan escaped his lips and, feeling the sudden abandon of lust, he pressed his face into the soft material, feeling the dampness on his face and lips.

"Smell me, Evan," his aunt croaked hoarsely. "Show me how my scent excites you…"

As she spoke, Aunt Phoebe pulled Evan's head tightly into her crotch and he began to kiss her hotly through the thin softness of her panties. His lips pressed against the crevice between the puffy outer lips of her cunt and he could taste the saltiness of he secretions where they had made her panties wet. He moaned again and nuzzled her hungrily, using his tongue to push the thin material deep into the channel of her groin.

"Can you taste me, Evan?" she asked.

Aunt Phoebe's breathing had become rapid and shallow as Evan pressed his face tightly into her pussy and he was startled when, a moment later, she pushed him back and rose quickly to her feet in front of him. He watched with wide staring eyes as the handsome woman, her face flushed with obvious arousal, stripped off her panties with a haste that was almost urgency. At once, his eyes fell upon the dense tangle of her dark pubic bush and his cock twitched excitedly. Aunt Phoebe reached to him again.

"Taste me, Evan" she whispered huskily.

Again, Phoebe pulled her nephew's head toward her womanhood and he pressed his face greedily against the forest of tight black curls covering the swollen rise of her mound. Immediately, the full richness of her musk exploded in his mouth and he thrust his tongue through the tangled thatch and into the slick crevice of her cunt. The saltiness of her excited him and he slid his tongue up and down the narrow channel, feeling her buck her hips against him as the tip of his probing organ swept over the hard little button of flesh extending erectly from beneath her clitoral hood.

"Oh yes, Evan," she moaned. "Oh yes, my lovely boy…"

Evan, his cock heavy and full between his legs, slid his hands up the back of his aunt's legs to cup the firm globes of her bottom and he pulled himself toward her as he licked the hotness of her furry sex. Phoebe moaned again as though in pain and, as she did so, it seemed as though her legs gave way and she sank backward onto the bed, pulling Evan with her she lay back. She raised her legs again, spreading them as wide as was possible and, in this position of complete exposure, the slick vestibule of her vagina was open to the boy. With a little shudder of pure pleasure, he pressed his face against it, sliding his tongue deeply into the hot and slippery hole.

"Oh Jesus… Oh god," gasped his aunt, pulling him tighter into her.

After only a few thrusts of his tongue, Phoebe came in a shuddering jolt of pleasure and Evan could feel the walls of her cunt grip his tongue in successive tight contractions. He was dimly aware of her little cries of ecstasy that broke from her and he was suddenly overwhelmed by the near flood of sticky fluid that seemed to gush from her as she rocked in orgasm. His face was glistening with the salty lubricant as she pulled him to his feet and gripped the hard rod of his cock with sudden urgency.

"Put it into me," she panted breathlessly. "Put your lovely little cock inside me, Evan."

With his heart pounding like a jackhammer inside his ribcage, Evan sank forward, the stiff little spike of his erection sliding effortlessly into the slick hotness between his aunt's legs. It took mere seconds before he exploded inside her, shooting his creamy discharge high into her velvet depths and he gasped as though mortally wounded at the power of his climax. He had thrust forward into her once, almost fainting at the delicious way she gripped his cock, and then he withdrew almost entirely, shuddering with the wonderful friction the movement produced. It was on his second, almost joyous thrust that he climaxed, and his seed was already filling her as he pressed his groin hard against the bushy vestibule of her cunt.

"Oh yes," Phoebe moaned, squeezing his bottom hard with her cupped hands. "Oh yes, Evan…Yes"

*   *   *

Afterward, while Evan was still weak from his exertions, Phoebe pulled her white coat back on. She was her vaguely distant self again as she turned to face him.

"It's time for your bed, my boy," she said in toneless dismissal. "I shall see you in the morning."

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