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Ginney - Part 1

Chapter 1 - The Nurses Office

It was too warm a day to be Fall. The late Boston afternoon sun was hovering over the horizon as Ginney hurried home this balmy September Tuesday afternoon. Ginney wasn't thinking about the weather or the warm sun on her bare arms as she rushed along. No, she only could think of getting home on time.

Her long blond hair blew in the light breeze as she briskly walked the mile or so to her house. Her short pleated skirt flipped above her knee high socks revealing a touch of bare skin at the top of her long legs. The neck high white sweater clung lovingly to a voluptuous 18 year pair of magnificent and sensual breasts.

She had left school early at the demand of her stepmother who insisted that she be home by 4:30 or else. Any time she had been late in the past she had been spanked, sometimes whipped, so she hurried along as fast as she could recounting the day's events and more importantly wondering why her mother wanted her home so early.

The afternoon was punctuated by a call from Ms Alcott, the Prep School nurse, who had summoned Ginney into her office between the third and fourth period with a message from her stepmother, Martha Elliott.

She had left instructions that she was to be given her weekly examination today instead of the usual Wednesday. Ginney knew that any change in the procedure that she had endured for the last two years since her father had died of rectal cancer meant that Martha had some special recipe for her. Ginney's real mother had died at the time of her birth and her father had met Martha when Ginney was 8. For the past 10 years then, Martha had been her guardian and stepmother.

In addition to being a stern disciplinarian, Martha was obsessed with cleanliness, especially the internal body parts and even more particularly Ginney's rear end. So much so, that after a while Ginney began to accept the soap enemas, the probing, the stretching and examining of her internal organs. In fact, it seemed that Ginney's buttocks and the delights hidden within the manipulated anus were the focal point of attention in the relationship between her and her stepdaughter.

All these activities took place at home until about 6 months ago when the fancy girls prep school appointed Ms Susan Alcott the school nurse and things began to change. The school nurse's office then became an additional source of medical interrogation and experimentation that augmented the frequent sessions Ginney would have at home. Today for example, she had Ginney come into her private examining room, up on the table and position herself on her knees with her skirt well over her waist. She told Ginney to drop her panties to her knees and spread her legs for a preliminary examination.

Ginney knew better than to ask any questions or protest in any fashion as the consequences could only lead to a confrontation with her stepmother and a spanking with the hairbrush or belt or, if her stepmother was in a really bad mood, a whip or cane. Following her nurse's instructions, Ginney slowly lowered her panties to her knees and spread her legs.

Ginney's beautiful bare backside was now the most prominent feature in the room. She was blessed with broad hips accentuated by a very narrow waist giving her a perfect hourglass figure. Now, as she exposed those delectable cheeks it was not to receive a compliment from an admiring male or an occasional female, but instead, to attend to the medical business at hand.

The soft skin that characterized her sexy rear was enhanced by a deep cleft in the center of the enticing cheeks. In her current spread position, she revealed her very cute and crinkled brown asshole as well as a large labium cleanly shaven as required by her stepmother at least once a week.

She arched her back, making the anus more accessible for the nurse, causing her skirt to bunch up above her waist, exposing the hollowed spine just above her curvaceous rear.

The varied instruments nurse Alcott had used to examine and stretch her anus in the past six months seemed endless. The elastic properties of this bodily aperture were continuously being tested to allow the offending rectum the ability to retain larger and larger devices and expand the liquid capacity to above average quantities as enemas had become a daily routine for the young teenager.

"Ginney," Ms Alcott said, "your mother has dropped off a special suppository that she wants kept in until this evening. Your mother or I will remove it at home during your exam tonight."

"Oh please, nurse, do I have to? Mom gave me a soap stick this morning before I left for school and I'm already burning up in there now," Ginney complained. "Absolutely, you know the rules, this is all for your benefit and I think you should appreciate the effort your mother expends on your behalf. I want to take care of this without wasting a lot of time Now lets get started, I haven't got all day and you have to get back to class, it's already 2 o'clock."

Ginney knew the routine well. She reached back and placed her hands on each side of her ass-cheeks, spreading them slowly, revealing more of the brown hole and a lot of her sweet teenage pussy. "Come, come lets open up," nurse Alcott encouraged the beautiful young patient. Ginney complied by stretching the elastic cheeks of her buttocks well apart until the sexy opening was yawning wide and the rectum's contents clearly visible.

Taking her time, the nurse examined the open asshole closely, noting as well, Ginney's long fingers with their beautifully manicured nails as the cheeks separated willingly under their pressure. The picture of this attractive girl waiting for her examination was intoxicating.

The soap stick that had been inserted this morning was still partially visible. Now, however, it only remained a thin pencil like white rod about 1/4 inch in diameter floating in a sea of soft soap.

The nurse removed a pair of surgical gloves from a box on the shelf and quickly pulled them on. The gloves were thick enough not to tear but still thin enough to feel the soft flesh of the girl on the table. She slowly placed two fingers of each hand into Ginney's rectum and began massaging the remaining soap stick into Ginney's tender flesh.

"Oh, no, please no more, agh, it hurts so, please stop." she cried, knowing full well that the nurse would only stop when she was ready to do so. Not paying the slightest bit of attention to Ginney's complaints she continued the massage until there was nothing left of the long soap stick but a white foam filling her patient's rear.

Following the usual ritual, nurse Alcott then asked if Ginney was ready for her clean out. She gave the expected "Yes," very quickly as her insides were burning from the soap that had been dissolving all day.

The enemas were getting easier for Ginney to take. as they became a familiar routine in her daily toilet. Her stepmother had made the enema as familiar as toothpaste. As the years passed, Ginney's enemas just became more elaborate, more copious and certainly more thorough.

These purgatories were often given in conjunction with some other medically necessary and unpleasant procedure that had taken place earlier in the day. They meant relief from the stinging soap that was often used to cleanse her body. Warm and pleasant feelings accompanied the clean outs as they were generally lovingly administered and often brought her to a glowing climax. She was more likely to experience these orgasms during an especially large enema, and secretly hoped that her stepmother would continue the training that led to these delightful finales.

Nurse Alcott wheeled the familiar IV stand with the white enameled enema can over to Ginney's side quickly. She went to the sink and began running the water placing a thermometer under the faucet until the temperature read a constant 100. She then filled the can to its 3 quart capacity and hung it carefully on the stand about 2 feet over Ginney's raised buttocks. She attached a long red Foley catheter to the dangling tube and prepared her patient for the cleansing. Ginney had become used to the Foley catheter over the last several months as it was often used to prevent any premature leaking of the enema fluid when inflated in her rectum. It facilitated the nurse to inject almost unlimited quantities of liquid into her patient's rear with unusual ease and indefinite retention. This device was always used when either a large volume enema was contemplated or a strong cathartic was necessary.

Ginney waited patiently with her hands in the required place at her backside to maintain the opening which nurse Alcott demanded. She looked forward to the insertion that would begin today's enema.

Nurse Alcott however, decided to change the format slightly at this point and insisted that Ginney spread her cheeks further so that she could confirm the state of the suppository again. This really wasn't necessary because after 6 hours, even the thin soft soap stick that Ginney's stepmother had used this morning was just a mass of white stinging mush. Nevertheless, Ginney strained to open her cheeks wider, pushing her fingers into her own ass and pulling outward with all her might, opening the anus as far as she could.

"I see we're going to have to use the speculum today as you're not being cooperative enough my dear," the nurse scolded. While Ginney was struggling to comply with these new demands, the nurse went to a nearby cabinet and removed one of her favorite tools used for the forced spreading of young girl's rectal orifices.

"No, no, no," the nurse complained, "I want your legs open and your buttocks wider. I can't see in there." Suiting action to words she took Ginney's panties off and forced her legs into the lowered stirrups so Ginney's behind became more prominently displayed. With knees fastened securely on either side of the table and her anus yawning obscenely, the nurse then took the long shiny speculum and began to slowly press its full 8 inch length into Ginney's rear. The soapy residue in Ginney's ass was sufficient lubrication for the stainless steel spreader and Nurse Alcott had no trouble pushing the full 8 inches into the spread cheeks.

Quickly screwing the gear lever open to its full width, the nurse allowed the device to stretch the diameter of the helpless anus to its physical limit. She watched Ginney try to relax her buttocks in order to close her ass-cheeks to ease the painful stretching. The shiny instrument held fast and her asshole remained distended as desired.

"Oh ah," Moaned Ginney as the speculum forced her ass hole painfully open.

Nurse Alcott rubbed the tormented girl's ass cheeks feeling the silky skin twitch under her touch. The massage continued with larger circles as her fingers began touching the inquisitive clitoris. At first, the contact was almost accidental, but then each time the nurse's hand circled Ginney's sensitive ass, her fingers paused on the pulsating clit. Susan continued this teasing for a few minutes as she was well aware that it was causing a tingling sensation in Ginney's cunt that would soon turn into an orgasm.

The nurse continued rubbing Ginney's clit harder and harder until she felt the girl was just about to climax.

"Oh, yes, oh, don't stop," pleaded Ginney. "Please don't stop," she began to beg. "It feels so good. Yes you do it sooo. good."

The nurse, however, was not ready to allow her young charge the relief she craved as yet. She stopped the caresses abruptly and released the gear on the speculum, slowly removing the instrument from Ginney's ass.

She placed the girl in a more relaxed position on her knees astride the bench with her legs just slightly parted. Her backside was still high in the air expectantly waiting for the sexy insertion of the long red tube.

"Does this hurt now, darling?," she cooed, as the tube began to enter the eager rectum. "You know you really look very appealing with this going in your cute little bottom, my love," she whispered as Ginney moaned softly taking the first 6 or 7 inches of the large tube easily into her rectum.

"God," she thought, "if this were the only method they used to cleanse her body, she wouldn't mind at all. Did she hear the nurse correctly? She thinks I have a cute little bottom? Mmmmm. I wonder if she really means that?"

The nurse pressed another 2 then 3 inches of the red tube into her ass. Ginney loved the friction as the invasive tube snaked its way up her rectum and into her long colon. She pulled her cheeks apart exposing her pussy to nurse Alcott, hoping that the nurse would accept the implied invitation to pay attention to her love bud as well.

The slippery tube now passed the 12 inch mark with very little resistance.

Ginney wanted the tube deeper inside her hungry bowels and pushed back against the red invader. More of the snake found its way around the insides of the giddy young student. All her senses were concentrated in the canal high up between her delicious buttocks. Ginney waited impatiently for the internal bath to begin while focusing on sucking the enema tube deeper and deeper inside her.

"You're doing fine now, my little peach." As she continued to edge the red tube further up Ginney's spicy behind. 18, 19, 20, 21 inches.. The nurse pressed on, twisting the tube slightly as it turned a corner in Ginney's large intestines now with almost 23 inches buried in her bowels. Ginney pushed back against the tube, determined to make this the deepest and highest enema she had ever taken.

"How does this feel now, Ginney?" Susan asked making a mental note that Ginney seemed to pick up on her suggestive remark.

"Mmmm yes, I can feel it way up inside me, it's so good, don't stop now, please. I can take more, I can. You do it so good nurse. I feel it every time you push, It goes around inside of me so slowly. It seems so big now, more, yes, more, okay, now."

She began to feel uncomfortable high up in her intestines as the catheter became blocked at a turn in her bowels. The nurse twisted the long tube, edging the rubber around the inside of her gut. She wanted it deeper, as far as it could go. Susan continued twisting the rubber until the blockage was cleared and Ginney's ass swallowed another 5 inches of the thick catheter before the nurse stopped. She now had taken about 30 inches into her willing bowels. This was truly going to be a high enema.

The nurse felt that Ginney's limit had been reached and slowly inflated the retention collar. She released the white valve allowing the warm water to begin its intruding journey into the intestines of the waiting patient. Seconds later the liquid filled Ginney with the warm and melting sensation she loved so much.

The burning from the soap gradually wore off and a general feeling of well-being replaced her previous unpleasant and painful posture. About halfway through the 3 quart container the nurse stopped the flow and began rubbing Ginney's stomach to allow the water to fill her belly without cramping.

A few minutes of the rubbing and Ginney was ready for the balance of the canister. It only took a moment for the water to begin to flow again and test her ability to retain the uncomfortable quantity of liquid being forced into her bowels. She concentrated on relaxing her stomach muscles allowing more of the enema solution to fill her rapidly expanding gut. She wanted to keep taking the water until she burst.

She pressed her ass-cheeks tight around the tube to help prevent any leakage in addition to the positive action of the balloon inflated in her colon.

Nurse Alcott was entranced by the sight of Ginney with her ass in the air, holding her cheeks tightly against the thick tube whose sole job it was to carry the water from the canister high above her head deep into her bowels. The enema catheter was doing its job. "Breathe deeply now," the nurse advised, as the water went higher and higher. More water into her gut. The canister was now almost empty.

The nurse had monitored Ginney's liquid capacity progress very carefully as her training continued. Each enema that she was given was just slightly larger than the last. Susan reviewed the records of Ginney's previous exam that showed that she had been able to retain 2 3/4 quarts of hot liquid with only a minimum of fuss. She was certain that there were no immediate limitations on Ginney's capabilities or capacities in this area so she continued the flow.

The remaining water had cooled somewhat but still retained enough heat to afford Ginney the overwhelming feeling of body warmth she loved so much. Her belly was expanding nicely. Her stomach swelled as if she was two or three months pregnant. At last the water stopped with a gurgle from the empty can.

"Good girl," nurse Alcott said with a genuine pride in the ability of her patient to have taken this 3 quart enema so quietly and willingly. A few minutes to let the water do its job and Ginney was off to the bathroom and a new plateau had been reached. "Now lets get this suppository your mother left us in its rightful place and you can get back to your schoolwork."

Out of a small plastic bag nurse Alcott took a roll of absorbent cotton tightly wound together to form a long and thick tube. The tube was approximately 1 1/2 inches wide and about 6 inches long. It was wrapped tightly with three rubber bands that held the roll in place. Nurse Alcott had soaked this cotton suppository in a solution of liquid Novocain in order to completely numb the surrounding tissue. The nurse understood very well what Ginney's stepmother had in mind as they had discussed tonight's episode many times in the past several weeks. Wasting no further time, she instructed Ginney to get on the table on her back this time with her legs in the raised stirrups and her rear pushed forward completely so that she would be as open as possible. The nurse applied a liberal amount of Vaseline to Ginney's rear and with her gloved hand slowly inserted the large medicated tampon. At first she encountered some resistance but the insistent pressure and the stern looks she gave Ginney were enough to complete the procedure without much trouble. "What a long way she's come," nurse Alcott mused to herself as she pressed the tampon further into the waiting buttocks. "Just a little more my dear," she said softly. "Push against my hand and we'll be finished in no time." Ginney took a deep breath and pushed as the nurse had asked and the tampon disappeared into her pretty rear.

"All right, Ginney, you can put your panties back on and get to class, I'll see you later at home. Remember not to touch the tampon and be sure to only drink liquids for the rest of the day. Oh, and don't pee till you get home."

Nurse Alcott ushered Ginney to the door and beckoned a pretty young redhead to come in for her appointment.

Chapter 2 - Bladder Cleansing

Ginney's thoughts came back to the present as she rounded the corner with her house in site at the end of the block. Yet another thought occurred to her, "Was nurse Alcott treating her less and less as a student patient and more like a friend?" She seemed more gentle these last few weeks. Perhaps this was more than just a job.

The real truth was actually close to Ginney's expectations. Nurse Alcott had in fact taken more than a casual interest in Ginney. Ms Alcott was however more interested in the extent that she and Mrs. Elliott could draw Ginney into the exotic sexual life that they had been developing. Nurse Alcott was waiting with Ginney's stepmother as Ginney walked into the living room. Ginney kissed her mother and said hello to the nurse.

She was instructed to accompany them to the large studio her mother had built several years ago as an exercise room. Four months ago all the unused exercise equipment had been removed. Only the black padded horse in the corner remained and the room was now filled with the normal items that would be found in a doctor's examination room. Two large strategically placed ceiling lamps illuminated the generous OB couch and its stirrups. Stainless steel trays held towels and surgical gloves. Other trays held numerous sizes of catheters for rectal and urinary insertions. Glass syringes of various types were available as were tubes of surgical lubricant patiently waiting for their application on some delicate female part.

Being at home allowed sessions without any inconvenient interruptions of classes. She wouldn't have to make excuses to her classmates for unusual trips to the nurses office, etc. etc. After a while Ginney was even convinced. She realized the simple logic of the arrangement and became used to coming home to spend an evening in this room to be given an enema or some other medical procedure that her stepmother had cooked up.

The nurse decided it was time to begin the proceedings and suggested to Ginney that she go into the adjoining dressing room bathroom combination and remove her school clothes and return in the examination gown that they had left for her. It only took a few moments to remove her skirt, sweater, bra and panties. Standing naked in the room, she took the white satin garment they had left for her and proceeded to pull it over her head . The simple one piece shift had buttons half way down and clung to her breasts like eager hands. Her nipples stood out prominently through the thin fabric which made the already alluring look of the shirt somewhat obscene. The garment was tight around her waist and flared over her generous hips falling just above her pussy. Looking at herself in the mirror she could see that the open v-top gave no protection to her voluptuous breasts from curious eyes as the buttons only came halfway up to her mid chest. It certainly left her ass and pussy free for a com plete examination. This garment was obviously designed to be seductive and sexy rather than clinical. In fact, her nipples were so sensitive to the silk that they stood erect as her large glands pressed the turgid buds against the clinging material.

Ginney turned once more to the mirror to survey her sexy costume, then quickly returned to the larger room and her impatient stepmother and school nurse.

She was greeted by compliments from nurse Alcott and her stepmother which made her blush as they ogled her partially naked figure.

"All right now Ginney, up on the table, on your back, legs in the stirrups, and we'll begin" said Susan Alcott.

Ginney settled herself on her back with her feet high up and apart, cushioned by the fur lined stirrups. This position provided unrestricted access to her pale pink teenage vagina as well as displaying all the charms offered by her delightful backside. The tight curve of her ass now exposed the deep crease in the center of the plentiful mounds which highlighted a brown and crinkled anus winking playfully in the open air.

Nurse Alcott moved Ginney slightly lower on the table so that her legs were now almost perpendicular to her torso. This served to widen the gap at the juncture of her legs and vividly placed on display the sensitive organs that would soon be manipulated to her tormentors satisfaction.

"Did you follow my instructions from this afternoon?" the nurse asked. "Liquids only and not to relieve yourself until you arrived here at home."

"Yes, Nurse " Ginney replied, "but I really have to go badly and that tampon inside me is huge."

"You know that Nurse Alcott is helping us to maintain our cleanliness program here at home." offered Mrs. Elliott. "She agrees with me that the school facilities could be the cause of some of the contagious diseases that students contract unknowingly. According to your most recent urine test you may have acquired a minor infection in your bladder which may have been caused by the dirty toilet seats at school. Nurse Alcott is going to help me treat that infection now so that we can resolve the problem. Susan thinks she can arrest the infection from spreading if we complete tonight's catheterization properly."

Nurse Alcott pulled a tray containing three thick red catheter tubes closer to the table. Each of the tubes had clips on the slightly fluted ends and each tube was of a different diameter. The tubes ranged in sizes from #22 to #26 which, when translated into a standard measurement meant 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch in diameter.

With rubber gloves donned, she bent over and opened Ginney's vagina by pulling back the folds until she exposed the entrance to her urethra. Ginney was accustomed to this type of examination by now as each week the nurse would scrutinize her clit and urethra while making various comments about her cleanliness and bodily health.

Ginney would often close her eyes during these ministrations and let the tingling sensations growing from her clit build as the probing became more intense.

The purpose of her prior weekly manipulations was to open the urethra to its maximum dilation for catheterization. Ginney had no idea that nurse Alcott had planned this penetration many months ago even though she knew that her peehole had been stretched far beyond the normal size for girls her age.

And now, with the Novocain working nicely in Ginney's rear, the nurse knew that Ginney would only feel a mild discomfort when the largest catheter slipped up the short canal and penetrated her bladder.

The nurse began by rubbing a small quantity KY jelly on the open cunt, working the gel around the inner areas of her slit. She continued the massage until she could easily tell that the young girl's waiting pussy had relaxed sufficiently to allow the catheter's insertion.

Nurse Alcott selected the largest diameter tube and, after lubricating it she prepared to begin the urethra's penetration. The nurse parted the sensitive opening with the two fingers of her left hand and pressed the tube into the small opening. She pushed harder as the tunnel refused to open to its uninvited visitor. The skin compressed under the increased pressure but the canal remained closed to the large invader. More pressure and the hole completely disappeared until, at last, the orifice opened its tiny mouth and let the giant snake slide in. Slowly the tube stretched the small canal to make its way further towards the girl's full bladder.

At first, Ginney experienced a slight painful sensation but with the effect of the Novocain tampon still in her rectum, the pain melted quickly away as the large catheter continued into her body. About 3 inches had been inserted when nurse Alcott placed two fingers inside Ginney's vagina pressing upward to feel the tube inside the short urethra. She massaged the upper wall of the vagina noting that the tube sat comfortably in the small passage. The insertion slowly continued as the nurse pressed the catheter towards the young patient's bladder accompanied by a few throaty cries and some "ohhhhsss, and ahhh's." The urge to pee was overwhelming.

Ginney felt multiple sensations as the tube broke into her bladder. At first, a sweet stinging sensation then a series of hot flashes combined with the increased pressure of having to relieve oneself. Her bladder began releasing its contents. The liquid rushed down the tube unrestricted seeking an exit.

Fortunately, the clamp on the end of the tube was effective in blocking the flow of hot urine and the urge to expel continued unresolved.

Nurse Alcott shuttled the tube in and out in short slow movements. At first, she would partially withdraw the tube for a brief moment, then press it back into the vessel. Then withdraw slowly then press forward even slower. The seesawing motion felt just like a long thin dildo fucking her cunt.

The tube would timidly leave, then cleverly force its way back into the sensitive organ. Each time the catheter moved in either direction a shiver would travel around her body.

The urge to expel the pent up liquid was becoming overwhelming however as nurse Alcott watched Ginney struggle with her impossible assignment.

"Oh, please, I have to go now. Please let me go !!"

Susan watched as Ginney tried to relax her peristalsis instinct but the pressure in her bladder was too much.

"Ah, please, now, now, I have to go !!"

Susan could see that Ginney was having great difficulty holding off from an inevitable accident so she finally allowed the flow to exit the tube into a waiting glass pitcher. It seemed as though the liquid would never stop as Ginney grunted with the relief granted from the immediate deflation of her bladder.

The two conspirators watched as the urine rapidly filled the empty beaker to the 16 ounce mark. At last the flow completely stopped and nurse Susan clamped the tube to let her patient rest for a few moments before continuing the more serious part of the cleansing.

Ginney was tired and hardly felt the nurse take the rectal forceps and remove the cotton suppository inserted earlier in the day . After squeezing a copious quantity of lubricating gel on her patients rectal area nurse Alcott let Ginney rest.

Chapter 3 - Cleansing The Bladder

Nurse Alcott outlined the next procedure in great detail to both Ginney and her stepmother but primarily for Ginney's benefit. A pint of hot saline solution would be injected into the empty bladder from an enema bag hung on the stand near Ginney's head. The liquid would fill Ginney's bladder and begin neutralizing the germs that were present in the last urine sample Ginney had provided. It would be necessary to repeat this process several times while increasing the dosage per injection, possibly up to 1 quart, in order to purge the infection completely. A muscle relaxer was added to the solution to enable Ginney to comfortably accept the repeated injections necessary to combat the invasive bacteria.

The nurse explained that the alternative was a painful operation in a local hospital with a very long recuperation period. Nurse Alcott added that the final decision was up to Ginney, but as far as she was concerned the better and least painful method would be the one she had just suggested. Of course, Ginney would rather the at-home sessions than to go through surgical procedures and agreed to the bladder enemas immediately. Ginney was unaware however, that this whole discussion was a hoax in order to have a compliant patient to allow the experimentation on Ginney's sexual organs continue unabated.

After allowing Ginney to rest for about ten minutes the pseudo nurses continued.

Nurse Alcott brought the warm 2 gallon solution to the stand and connected the tube to the canister. After releasing the air from the dangling tube she connected the enema tube to the catheter and began the liquid infusion.

Susan monitored the flow carefully as Ginney felt her bladder expand to accept the warm fluid. The graduated delivery bottle was hanging only about a foot and a half above her stomach and produced a pressure that was tolerable at that moment. Susan didn't want to create any undue pressure until Ginney had accustomed herself to this new procedure.

The reader will remember that Ginney was positioned on the OB examining table with her knees up high in the stirrups spread wide apart and her buttocks resting over the edge of the table so that her rectal area would be easily accessible should that be necessary.

Nurse Susan was monitoring the flow carefully as she noted that 6.5 ounces had entered the bladder, slightly less than the average urination.

The radiating heat from the warm solution brought tingling sensations to her bladder as if she was taking the enema in her rectum. Ginney's stepmother now assisted by massaging the patient's stomach gently, knowing full well that the warm liquid would so on fill Ginney to the bursting point. After about 8 ounces, Ginney's natural body contractions blocked further passage until the container was raised to counteract the back pressure Ginney's body had created.

At that instant, Ginney began to feel a bloated sensation as her ability to relax and allow her bladder to expand to accommodate the insistent liquid was fading rapidly.

In fact, at 10 ounces she was unable to resist the urge to bear down and push the liquid back up the tube.

This of course was not possible as nurse Alcott again raised the container to continue the pressure and flow as 11,12, then 13 ounces went down the clear tube and into Ginney's bladder.

The nurse stopped the flow as Ginney pleaded that she had reached her limit. She just couldn't hold any more water. She felt as though she was about to explode in a sea of urine even though the nurse was sure her capacity was close to a full quart. After all, the normal adult bladder could expand to hold well over 3 pints of fluid without any damaging side effects.

Susan looked over to Ginney's mother for confirmation before continuing above 13 ounces and was gratified that she nodded her head in silent affirmation. Ginney began to plead for relief as the nurse let 14, 15, and finally 16 ounces into the expanding bladder. Clamping off the flow, the nurse began to massage the young girl's stomach to relieve some of the intermittent cramping until the muscle relaxer took over.

The delivery tube was removed from the catheter and the clamp effectively blocked any early expulsion. Ginney pulled her legs back and forth in the stirrups trying to find a comfortable position that would ease the pressure in her expanded bladder.

"Now you see what happens when you insist on using the school toilets," Mrs. Elliott warned. " I've told you dozens of times to wait until you get home to pee, but you just can't wait. Now you've got an infection that if we can't stop it here you will have to have surgery" she lied.

Ginney began to cry that it wasn't her fault and that she would always wait till she got home in the future, but it really was hard to hold all that liquid in all day.

"We'll have to leave the solution in for a few minutes my dear. If you expel too early we won't get the proper cleansing affect." Nurse Alcott warned. "You know that your enemas usually stay in for as much as 15 minutes so I know you can hold this for at least 5, don't you think?"

Ginney remained unconvinced that all this was necessary and tried desperately to rid herself of the burning sensation.

Finally, Susan released the clamp so that the flow of foreign liquid exited into the waiting urine pan. Ginney emptied her bladder rapidly with a sigh of relief and finally relaxed the stretched organ to rest.

Nurse Alcott mused to herself that it wouldn't be long before the she would be trying a finger or two as larger catheters were planned for future experiments. Now however, the task at hand was to expand the capacity of Ginney's bladder just as her rear had been filled with larger and larger quantities of liquid to allow her rectum an easy task of taking high volume enemas without a great deal of fuss or pain.

Checking to see that the tube was still properly seated the nurse began to fill her patients bladder with the warm solution again.

Ginney groaned as nurse Alcott opened the valve and the water began to enter her bladder. The stretching continued as the liquid poured into the waiting vessel. Ginney now knew what to expect as her body reluctantly opened for the demanding fluid. A mild glow surrounded her pelvic area as the water continued to fill her insides with a continuous pressure. Nurse Alcott continued the flow, telling Ginney to relax and breathe deeply that she was almost finished.

"You're doing fine, Ginney, only a little more to go." The nurse encouraged.

Ginney tried to relax to accommodate the large quantity of liquid that was inflating her bladder but the sensitive organ had it's limits. The container had been raised to its highest position to allow the entire quantity to enter the supposed infected bladder. The water was rapidly draining but relaxing was practically impossible as 16 ounces of liquid already distended her stomach. "Please, I can't take any more," Ginney cried as the flow continued unabated from the enema canister hanging high above her head. "Stop, please mother, stop," as 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 24, then 26 ounces entered causing a nausea to rise in the tortured girls stomach. Retching, she turned her head to the side and threw up the remains of her liquid lunch on the tile floor.

Crying, she pleaded with her tormentors to stop but the nurse only stopped the flow momentarily to quickly cleanup the mess Ginney had made and to add an additional ounce of liquid Percocet to the balance of the solution in the hanging can.

"Ginney," she said, "don't worry my dear, it's perfectly normal in cases like yours as the body tries to rid itself of the infection. You'll feel better with a few minutes rest so you can adjust to this special solution."

Ginney's bladder was grossly distended and the pain, though somewhat mitigated by the Percocet, continued to radiate around her belly as Mrs. Elliott now opened the valve again letting 27, 28, 29, 30 ounces of the liquid continue into the pretty victim. "Ohhhhh, myyyy, God" Ginney cried. Completely bloated as 31, and finally 32 ounces of hot liquid churned for release in her stretched bladder. Ginney stomach looked as if she was pregnant by the time the last drop of the final quart emptied into her body.

The slow acting sedative continued to do the job it was designed to do. The pain began to fade into an acceptable pressure which radiated throughout her entire body. She felt the same lightheadedness as she had when she was overflowing with hot water during one of her rectal enema sessions.

Although Ginney felt completely bloated, the sedative eased the urge to force the liquid from her body. Even had she tried, the plug in the end of the catheter would prevent the water from doing anything except churning in her bladder.

"Ohhhhhhhh, mmmm, Ohhhhhh, ahhhhhh, pleaseee, God I'm so fullllll."

Nurse Alcott thought it was about time to check Ginney's bladder with a manual examination. She lubricated her gloved hand and began spreading the KY lubricant on Ginney's anus. She gently massaged the brown hole before inserting one, then two, then three fingers, twisting them slowly until the sensitive hole accepted the fingers easily.

As the opening became more pliable she inserted four fingers in a shuttle like motion. Soon the ass opened to the fifth finger and the hand was almost inside.

The nurse continued the pressure, pushing her hand in to the knuckle then withdrawing. This was repeated a dozen times before Ginney relaxed enough to allow Susan's hand to be buried up to the wrist .

Ginney wriggled as Susan held her hand motionless, letting the warm water in her bladder and the hand in her ass delight her own senses.

After feeling the bloated organ through the thin walls of her rectum, nurse Alcott began to shuttle her hand in and out of Ginney's ass. The nurse began playing with herself with her free hand. She was squeezing her own enlarged nipples trying to satiate her horny state.

In and out went the nurse's hand, twisting from side to side in the yielding ass. At each entry and each exit the lubricated asshole clung to her hand like a soft glove. It was like a cunt grasping a prick during a deep fuck. At each insertion the hand went slightly deeper so that after five minutes nurse Alcott had her fingers prying apart the opening to the lower bowels of the wriggling schoolgirl.

Ginney's ass continued to adapt to this obscene and welcome penetration. She concentrated on relaxing her ass muscles wondering how much further the hand could go in her yielding body. She reveled in the pleasure the stretching the hand in her ass could give to her. She especially was getting hot knowing that the sexy hand inside her ass belonged to Nurse Alcott.

Feeling Ginney push down on her hand as she made the entry stroke spurred the nurse to push harder and deeper into her favorite patient's rectum. Deeper and deeper her hand slid as the girl pressed down and out at each thrust, opening the passage more and more at each try.

The nurse acknowledged to herself that none of her other female school girl patients would even think of being able to do this.

Ginney reached around with her left hand and gripped the lower wrist of her nurse's arm pulling it inside her insatiable hot ass. As nurse Alcott's fingers touched the entrance to Ginney's lower colon she spread the sphincter muscles allowing her access to this virgin territory.

Ginney pressed back to open herself more to the invading arm but the passage was much tighter and progress was agonizingly slow as the nurse's hand could only move forward a fraction of an inch at a time. The pain that came with the deep penetration was minimal in comparison to the pleasure Ginney felt as her innards were stretched beyond anything she could have believed possible. Ginney was in heaven. The ass fucking she was getting from her nurse created the most erotic feelings she had ever had. As the hand pushed deeper into her body, all Ginney wanted was to sit on that arm and have it disappear inside of her. She felt the skin around her ass stretch to the fullest it had ever been. She felt the deep penetration in her bowels and the pain in her bladder. All these sensations were present as the big hand fucked her slowly. How could she get more of that hand inside of her?

As her nurse began the next stroke, Ginney took a deep breath and pushed her ass out. The hand went slightly deeper into her hot body. Now she had the rhythm. At each thrust Ginney would take a deep breath and bear down on Susan's hand. Soon the two were in sync. The nurse withdrew her hand temporarily at the same time as Ginney gasped for breath allowing the arm to engorge itself into the waiting asshole as the nurse pressed back into Ginney's hot rectum. Time after time this process was repeated. Slowly but very deliberately the friction in her rectum began to build into a blinding orgasm. The hand began to pick up speed.

In, then out, in, then out repeated until Ginney screamed with delight as nurse Alcott crushed her clit at the moment she came.

It finally was time to release the pressure in her bladder by allowing the flow of water to rush into the waiting pan. Ginney was exhausted. As her bladder deflated gradually, her eyes began to close with the relief granted by the exiting water. She wanted to rest for just a few moments.

Nurse Alcott gently removed the long tube from her patients urinary tract and released her legs from the stirrups. She then covered Ginney with a light blanket, dimmed the overhead lights and quietly left the room with Ginney's stepmother.

Chapter 4 - A Tub Enema

Ginney spent the next few hours sleeping peacefully on the improvised bed in the darkened room. At about 7:30 nurse Alcott awakened her and gently helped Ginney from the table into the hot scented bath she had prepared for her tired patient.

The warm water worked its magic as Ginney relaxed in the large tub. Soon she was soaping herself with her soft bath cloth and playfully rubbing her own body with suggestive touches as she remembered the glorious climax she had just experienced. Her nipples were especially sensitive to the touch as she thought about the recent session she had undergone that afternoon.

The pain in her asshole was receding slowly as nurse Alcott had taken a special ointment and rubbed it into the stretched opening after the proceedings had ended. Mrs. Elliott had extended the sensitive opening to a limit not heretofore believed possible during the latest session and both tormentors were excited at the prospect of future experiences with their patient.

Actually Ginney didn't feel as bad as one would think, given the work over she had gotten from the afternoons experiences. Ginney turned around and lifted the ever present red enema bag off the hook on the nearby bathroom wall and filled it to capacity as she lay in the warm water. She knew from experience that her stomach was completely relaxed at this point and that a cleansing enema now would keep her body in shape. Besides, she loved the feeling of taking a warm enema in the bathtub. She could expel all the water while she lay there any number of times without ever moving a single inch. She let the warm water fill her gut while she moved the tube in and out of her ass. "God this is good", she thought to herself.

Her stepmother always left the red two quart enema bag hanging in the bathroom on the wall nearest the tub. Often in the evening, Ginney would pass the bathroom and notice that her stepmother was bending over the tub with the tube hanging out of her ass as she took an enema. Ginney would stop to quietly watch these proceedings without ever letting her presence be known. Mrs. Elliott was not aware that Ginney had observed her rubbing her own pussy frantically as the water emptied slowly into her body although she deliberately left the door ajar in the hopes that Ginney would observe her ritual.

Now as Ginney lay in the tub with her stomach full, the warm glow spread over her lower body, she began her own self gratifying ritual . Her fingers worked firmly against her clit as the tension grew, feeling the water finally fill her and completely over powering her senses. The pressure was building as her insides began to boil, her nipples hardened and her pussy began spasmodic openings and closings. Faster and faster her hand continued, until the sweet and ultimate finality of the orgasm gave her the relief she craved. Resting in the tub, she dozed in and out of sleep before she released the water in her gut and left the bathroom.

A marvelous full nights sleep, uninterrupted by dreams awaited Ginney as she lay down in the large double bed in her room. With the lights lowered, she quickly drifted off to sleep dreaming of the next exciting day to come.

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