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Graduate School Games - Chapter 3

By Spacebum

Saturday morning, when Karen and I drove to the airport to meet Tricia's homecoming flight, was a bittersweet moment. I was fifteen pounds heavier, the increase being most noticeable in my belly and rear end, and I squirmed uncomfortably in the passenger seat, dressed in jeans that were three sizes too small with a loose flannel shirt hiding my embonpoint. Underneath my street clothes, I wore a pastel pink bra and panty set, also three sizes too small, a heavily boned waist cincher, a vibrating buttplug up my ass, and clamps on my nipples. For the ride to the airport, Karen had turned the vibrator to high, and reached over occasionally to squeeze my genitals through the denim, keeping me in a constant state of arousal. "My goal is to see you cream your jeans when you first hug Tricia on greeting her. She'll get off on it, I know I'll get off on it, and I'm sure you'll get off on it, too."

"What if I come from this treatment before we even get to the airport?" I ask, concern in my eyes.

"Then we'll just have to start over, and I'll devise a special punishment that I can help Tricia with when we get back to her house." She squeezed my crotch teasingly as she piloted the car east toward the Williamson County Regional Airport. After a few more strokes of her fingers, I moaned and felt my burning seed jet from my penis, coating my belly and panties with my sticky essence. "Looks like you're in for it now," Karen remarked. "You've never been given an old- fashioned green soap enema, have you?"

"No--I've read about the treatment, but I've always dreaded actually getting one." I looked lovingly into her eyes as I asked, "Will it hurt very much?"

"More than you can imagine, especially considering we'll make you hold it at least ten minutes before expelling. I've seen men pass out from such torture." She squeezed my crotch affectionately, then patted my belly in a loving manner, settling into a rhythm where she was kneading my abdomen with increasing firmness.

We pulled up into the parking area, exited the car, locked the doors, and entered the waiting area of the terminal. We sat comfortably, and she drew me into an ardent hug, caressing my back with soothing hands before we disengaged and settled in to wait for the arrival of Tricia's flight.

Since Karen had shut off the vibrator switch to the plug before we entered the small terminal, my dick was only half-hard when we rose to greet Tricia. As I stepped forward to hug my dark-haired lover, I felt Karen reach into my left hip pocket to bring the vibrator unit into life, sending an electric thrill to my prostate. Tricia, sensing what was happening, pressed her center lewdly into mine, whispering, "It appears you're happy to see me." She ground her pelvis against mine until we both groaned in consummation. Then she disengaged from our lewd embrace and stepped back, remarking, "Let me look at you." She ran a hand across my belly, exclaiming, "I like this, Paul. It looks like you've done a good job fattening him up, Karen." Then she slid the same hand over my buttocks, squeezing them obscenely. Smiling approvingly at Karen, she observed, "His ass is fuller. I can't wait to try him out with the new foundation garments and antrium syringe I brought back with me." She looked deeply into my eyes and inquired intently, "Did you come on the drive to the airport?" She felt the wetness at my crotch and continued staring.

"I can't lie to you--between Karen's fondling and the vibrating plug up my tush, I couldn't help it." I lowered my eyes, near tears because I dreaded the prospective punishment for my indiscretion. She caressed my face tenderly, her expression softening, then pulled her hand away.

"Let's go," Tricia replied. "Paul, your furtive pleasures on the ride over are a breach of discipline, and I am going to have to punish you, but just remember that it's all a ritual, a role-playing exercise to awaken your response to erotic stimuli. You have understood the terms of the exchange from the beginning, haven't you?"

"Absolutely, sweet Mistress Tricia, and I acquiesce willingly."

Following Tricia and Karen at the obligatory five-pace distance, I marvelled at the roundness of their big butts, my dick stirring into erection yet again over the thought of fondling, licking, and kissing those magnificent orbs. When we got to Karen's Versailles, she unlocked the doors; Tricia joined me in the back seat for the ride to her house. Once we were on Illinois 13 West, she began undressing me slowly, noting with approval how my cincher caused my belly to bulge out obscenely from the navel down. She squeezed my dick affectionately, then patted my stomach: "Such a round little tummy--I can't wait to make it bigger and watch you grimace in agony when that green soap solution begins to invade your bowels." She reached beneath my panties in back to fondle my asscheeks, adding, "I think a paddling with a sandpaper surface over wet panties is just the ticket for initiating your punishment. That way, it'll really sting when I sIt you down on the toilet to release the brutal purge I'm planning for you." She tapped Karen on the right shoulder, inquiring, "Does that seem like a good idea to you, too, dear friend?"

Karen nodded, replying, "It will be so good to keep him in tears and terror as we celebrate your homecoming. I think I've coddled him way too much while you were away." She fell silent, returning her attention to the highway.

Tricia opened her top to reveal a bra with nipple cutouts. "Kiss my breasts, and don't stop until my nipples are rock-hard." I fell to my task, licking and sucking her delectable aureolae, gently nipping at the points until they were erect like miniature penises. I continued to suckle her, noting by her ragged breathing that her climax was immanent. She writhed in pure joy, whipping her heavy mounds against my face.

As we pulled into Tricia's driveway, she ordered me to adjust my clothing and help her carry her baggage into the house. Then she and Karen converged on me, deftly undressing me to my lingerie and cincher as they pulled me into the master bathroom. Karen began running water and mixing solution into the 3.8 quart clear hospital bag while Tricia took a cup of water and soaked my overly tight panties; she then took an oversized paddle with sixty-grit sandpaper glued on both sides and began pelting my tush furiously. "You're a hopelessly depraved slut, Paula. You couldn't even refrain from coming on the drive over to the airport. I can tell you need a lot more training before you'll ever develop the discipline to obey orders without deviation." She pelted my ass some more, to the point that my cheeks were burning and stinging, then pulled my panties down to observe the color her treatment had brought to my glutei. "Such a pretty shade of crimson," she remarked. "I think I'd like to keep your ass that color for a few weeks running." Pulling my panties down, she delivered one hundred extra swats to each cheek, then bade me lie crosswise in the tub with my feet dangling over the edge.

By this time, Karen had finished mixing the solution, burped the air out of the lines, and approached my rear end with an exam glove lubed with K-Y. She began thrusting fingers up my bung in an exploratory fashion, not satisfied until she was fucking me with three of them. Tricia then began easing the double inflatable nozzle into my hole, inflating the balloon to maximum size. "Don't you think it would be a good idea to gag him for this treatment?" Karen asked. "Do we really want to hear his whimpering?"

"Of course we do--no gag. I want to experience the total pleasure of his suffering, especially when we make him hold it for ten minutes."

Karen opened the clamp to release the caustic solution into my smelliest depths. The warmth of the liquid felt good at first, and its subtle pressure on my prostate, combined with the more palpable contact from the inflatable nozzle, gave me a granite-hard erection. After a minute or so, however, I began to feel the cutting cramps begin to knife through my insides. "Oh, God, it hurts so bad!" I exclaimed, clutching my middle, which felt as if it would explode. "I'm really sorry I came without permission on the ride to the airport. Please stop it--I can't take it anymore. Uhhh-- oohhh--it hurts so bad. I'm really gonna die if you don't close the clamp and take the inflatable nozzle out of my butt." I groaned and writhed in my turned-turtle position in the tub, clutching my belly with increasing agony.

Tricia only snickered and turned to Karen, who was lying on her left side on the bathroom floor, legs slightly apart. "Do you think you're ready to give him a surprise?" she inquired wickedly.

"Yes--I'd say the suppository I inserted just before running the water is about to start working." She rose to a kneeling position, massaging her abdomen as a cutting fart erupted from her bowels. She approached the tub and straddled my face, planting her fanny squarely over me with her asshole positioned just over my nose. "Here's an additional treat for someone who still hasn't learned any self-control." Squatting closer to my nose so I could see every detail of her distended asshole, she farted again, then began passing a glistening turd onto my face. "Sniff deeply, slave--it's a love offering for my favorite ass-licking puppy." I began to cry, gagging at the stench as the turd dropped onto my forehead. She grunted, farting again, and ejected another firm log of her feces onto my head, kneading her tummy to produce another expulsion. Alas, her supply of shit had ended, and she directed, in an icy voice, "Now cleanse my asshole with your tongue."

I gagged at this command, but began to diligently lap at her dirty bung, retching at the earthy scent that emanated from her delectable backside. I belched, utterly nauseated from the soap in my treatment, my stomach in agony from the cramps which had become relentless and, to my mind, life-threatening. Finally, I noted that her nether region was clean and shiny with my saliva, and I planted a final kiss on her anal eye, inserting my tongue in fucking motions until she shook in orgasm. "Very good, slave," Karen remarked. "We have other entertainments for you while you retain your punishment lavage." She moved away and allowed Tricia to take a seat on my face.

I heard the clamp close just as Tricia's fanny covered my face; I began lapping at her asshole with an enthusiasm born of panic. I felt near death from the agonizing cramps which now cut my bowel in waves; the pain was relentless, and I belched nauseously as I smelled the dirty scent of Tricia's butthole. "I had two chili dogs with pepper jack cheese and extra hot sauce before my flight took off from Chicago. I think you'll find the effects interesting." Her ass erupted in a mighty fart, and the methane stench nearly made me pass out. I plunged gamely into my act of analingus, to the effect that Tricia bounced roughly up and down on my face as she exploded in a chain of orgasms, which in turn triggered another series of noxious emissions from her gasbound bowels. Just when I thought I'd pass out, she lifted herself off my face, rose, and took one arm as Karen took the other, the pair leading me to the toilet, where the inflatable nozzle was deflated and deftly removed, and they settled me heavily on the seat.

As I farted and thundered my way into blessed relief, Tricia took my manhood into her mouth, seeking to restore it to life after it had wilted from the effects of the soap and the ensuing cramps. I groaned as the solution exited my rear with continuous cramps and spattering force, my farts rising to rival even those bestowed upon me by my two voluptuous tormentors. While Tricia worshipped my penis with her mouth, Karen kneaded my deflating paunch roughly in an effort to hasten my evacuation. Finally, caught up in sensory overload, I exploded my seed into the brunette's voracious maw and groaned as I felt the last of the wicked purge exit my sore anus. I collapsed against the back of the toilet, breathing stertorous and my face bathed in sweat.

"Rinse cycle?" Karen inquired, and Tricia nodded, rising to rinse the bag under the shower. Adjusting the water temperature skillfully, she filled the bag with steaming water, hung it on the curtain bar, and shut off the shower tap. She and Karen positioned me on my left side in the tub, legs slightly apart to give them better access to my nether regions. I felt a lubed finger enter my behind, stirring my dick to life as it touched my prostate. Then, the insertion of another finger caused me to become hard as granite, and I moaned with pleasure as Tricia continued to fingerfuck my anus, hitting new areas of my prostate with each plunge inward.

"Can you tell how many fingers I have in you?" she inquired lubriciously.

"I'd say two--maybe three. I can't really tell." I was panting in arousal as I answered her.

"Actually, I have everything except my right thumb up your asshole. You're just such a totally depraved little anal slut--I love to stretch your sphincter with my treatments." She shoved her fingers more forcefully in and out of my behind, and I could feel drops of preejaculate emerge from the tip of my penis. Just when I thought I was going to come, she withdrew the fingers and replaced them with the double inflatable nozzle. I felt it expand to full size, and moaned in arousal from the fullness in my nether passage.

"Wait'll he discovers the effects of the Antrium syringe," Karen giggled. "The look of surprise on his face will be worth our efforts." She smiled impishly at me, licking her lips in a lascivious manner.

"I'm glad you took care of that detail, since we forgot to use it for the green soap treatment," Tricia replied. "Since you brought up the issue, I'll expect you to stand by for my signal when I want to use it." She opened the clamp, and I felt the soothing water begin its caressing invasion of my insides. After a moment, I also noticed how steaming hot it was, and I groaned at the spreading heat in my colon.

"Isn't this water a little too hot, Tricia? I feel as if it's going to scald my guts." I began to whimper at the rise in my internal temperature, beads of sweat covering my face and neck.

"To complete the treatment, we have to rinse you with a load of hot water, then a load of cold water. If you think this is a bit harsh, wait until you get a gutful of 60o water." She began to massage my belly gently, working the liquid into new areas of my bowels. I watched her turn toward Karen, and felt rather than saw a sudden rapid increase in the pressure in my insides. I felt bloated, pregnant even, as a large burst of water shot into me almost instantaneously.

I groaned at the intensity of the invasion, my dick still rock-hard, wondering how I was going to endure the whole load. My stomach felt as if it was about to burst, and a cramp began just above my crotch that spread to above my navel. I began to breathe deeper as the pressure of Tricia's hands helped the water in its travel to dissipate the rest of the gas and suds in my colon. Just as the cramps eased off and I began to relax, I felt another mighty burst of water being forced into my insides. I groaned with the fullness, whimpering, "My tummy feels so pregnant--I feel like I'm gonna explode. Can't we stop this? I don't think I can take anymore."

As Tricia was about to reply, I heard Karen remark icily, "Quit your bellyaching, Paula. You know you've taken bigger loads from me while Tricia was at the APA Convention. Just grit your teeth and take it--like Trish said, if you think this hot water treatment makes your belly strain and cramp, you have no idea how much it will hurt when you get nearly a gallon of icy cold water inside you." She squeezed the Antrium syringe bulb yet again to force the last of the water into my stretched insides, then closed the clamp to ensure that none of it would flow back into the bag.

I lay there moaning in agony, sure that I would die before my two tormentors deigned to allow me the sweet release I craved so desperately. I heard Tricia say, "We need to have him do something active to get this stirred up really good. Any ideas, Karen?"

"How about making him fuck one of us doggy-style?" She bent over in front of us, spreading the cheeks of her wide white ass as she wiggled it sensuously back and forth. "How about it, big boy? Do you wanna stick it in me? We won't let you release until after you and I have both come."

"Great idea," Tricia remarked, helping me to my feet, her right hand still pressed against my distended belly. She helped me position myself behind Karen as the latter reached behind to guide my penis into her dripping vulva. I began the rhythms so natural to all mammals, my manhood on fire from the moist heat of Karen's vaginal passage; what I wouldn't have expected was that Tricia would continue to knead my swollen abdomen the entire time I pounded in and out of Karen's pussy. The combination of sensory stimuli soon put me over the edge, and with an impassioned moan, I shot my semen deep into Karen's center just as she screamed in an abandoned climax. I collapsed weakly against her back, nearly unconscious from the agonizing pressure in my colon, until Tricia helped me up, positioned me over the toilet, deflated the inflatable nozzle balloons, and whisked the contraption from my rear.

"Bear down," Karen ordered, and I involuntarily clenched the muscles in my abdomen while she pressed vigorously into my middle. I was correct in assuming that the application of such warm water would hurt more on its exit than on its entry; as the scalding water shot from my rear, it stung my rectum and anus in an excruciating manner. The pressure of Karen's hand against my stomach didn't help matters, either; it only made my suffering more intense. Before I was done expelling, however, she took my dick into her mouth, sucking it into full erection, and I shot another load down her throat before I was done.

Words cannot describe the agony I felt when the pair of ministering angels or tormentors (?) put me through 3.8 quarts of icy cold water. I began to cramp before a pint of water had flowed into me, but there was no relief as the inflatable nozzle in my ass effectively prevented any backwards flow of the frigid water. Within seconds, Tricia began a brutal massage of my abdomen with a large, powerful vibrator, remarking, "We need to get this water worked into every little nook and cranny of your bowels so it will clean you out very thoroughly." She pressed harder and harder into my midsection while Karen began pelting my tush with the sandpaper paddle once again. At some point, the overload was unbearable, and I felt a violent lurch in my belly just before I ejaculated with incredible force and passed out.

When I came to, Karen and Tricia were kneeling on either side of me on the bed, Karen to the left, and both had their callypygous fannies pointed at my face. I groaned, the belly cramps from the icy solution I still retained in sudden competition with the erection stirring from the sight of these magnificent gluteal mounds. What I wanted more than anything else was to take my dick in hand and pump it to sweet release while whipsawing my head back and forth to observe these succulent rumps. What I did instead was to begin licking each tush, alternating between them in two- to three-minute intervals. I was in erotic heaven, and I could tell by Karen's and Tricia's moaning that they felt the same. As I moved from Tricia's buns to Karen's, Tricia changed her position on the bed, sprawling with her legs wrapped around my right leg, her face resting against the right side of my body as she lazily began rubbing my swollen tummy, alternating her stroking there to trace her fingers lightly down the insides of my thighs. Naturally, my crank was now hard as steel, and I moaned in sensual overload as her mouth positioned itself over my obdurate erection.

I began thrusting my tongue deeper and deeper into Karen's relaxing bunghole, causing her to shake in her kneeling position; I could see the lubrication dripping off her labia once when I moved away for a quick breath of air. Karen's sphincter was so relaxed by now that she began emitting harmless airy little farts every time I withdrew my tongue from its wrinkled depths. My dick felt ten feet long, and I knew that my crisis would soon arrive. Just when I thought I was about to come, Karen pulled her tush away from my face, stood up, and announced, "It's time to get Paul(a) into the bathroom. Don't you think so, Tricia?" She smiled at her raven-haired spiritual sister and started rubbing my distended abdomen as Tricia removed her mouth from my penis and began rubbing the right side of my middle. A minute or so later, they each took one of my shoulders to help me walk into the john, still rubbing my bloated gut as we made the trip.

They positioned me over the toilet seat, Tricia caressing my heinie while deflating the inflatable nozzle balloon and easing the contraption from my rear. They settled me on the seat, Karen hissing, "Hold your water, Paul(a). We have another surprise in store for you." She gently rubbed my exploding midsection as she said this. Tricia positioned herself on her knees, her face moving in to wrap her lips around my woodie, while Karen pressed harder into my tummy until I thought I'd puke and pass out again. At the next moment, Karen stood up, helping Tricia position herself so her fanny was pointed at me at eye level.

"Kiss my ass good, Paul(a)," Tricia commanded. She shoved her rear against my face as Karen took over the task of fellating me. My dick again felt on the verge of exploding, and I still hadn't been ordered to release the one hundred twenty-two or so ounces of water inside my swollen belly. Within minutes, Tricia was on my lap, spreading the cheeks of her wonderful big white ass to impale her poop-chute on my granite erection. She began bouncing up and down on my thighs as Karen squatted by my side, moving her mouth to mine to begin a dialogue of soul kisses that sent me to the stars. I was literally in erotic heaven, and my two tormentors groaned as much from arousal as I did from my combination of lust and agony. Finally, Tricia shouted, "Release, Paul(a)," and I relaxed my sphincter to let the huge load of water and fecal residue begin its exploding exit.

Tricia began increasing the pace of our obscene coupling; her tight sphincter felt so wonderful around my aching erection that I couldn't hold out long, especially with Karen's tongue in my mouth pushing me still closer to orgasm. My tummy resounded with cramps from the cold water which was still issuing from my bung when I felt that inner lurch (some call it "male anal orgasm") in my belly and felt my seed begin its fiery journey into Tricia's anal depths. It seems like I came forever, my semen rocketing out of me in at least a dozen powerful bursts that set off Tricia's orgasm as well. I could hear Karen moaning in consummation as well; looking down, I saw that she still had her left hand buried in her crotch. We hung there, suspended in bliss, while my colon emptied itself in a farting, gurgling expulsion.

After wiping me, Karen and Tricia escorted me into the shower and turned on the taps, the three of us suspended in the langour of afterglow; hands and tongues traveled over bodies as we huddled under the soothing spray. At some point we were all seated on the tub floor, the middle finger of my right hand buried up Tricia's butt while my left performed the same service for Karen. Tricia and I were soul kissing while she probed my sphincter with her left hand; Karen was licking and fisting my reawakened manhood. Tricia pulled her tongue from my right ear to remark offhandedly to Karen, "I think we all should take high colonics. Karen, are you game?"

"Yeah--but please don't shoot me." She gave my dick a final stroke, rose, and went to get the five-quart bags and oversized tubes for our next scenario. Tricia squatted over my lap, her fanny aimed at my groin, and instructed, "Play with my tits while you fuck my ass, okay? Paul(a), I see that androgyny suits you well. After the colonic, we'll dress you up and seduce you in true dyke fashion. You're one of the girls now, baby." She rubbed her succulent buttocks against my awakening member before spreading them with both hands, easing her sphincter over my dick, and plunging all the way down. "Ohhhh, yesss!" she yelled. "Fuck my ass hard." She began bouncing furiously up and down as I felt my erection swell even bigger and harder inside her moist heat. It was like fucking molten butter, and I knew I had to make it last for as long as I could, so I began thinking about pig farming and terrorist activities and baseball statistics and just about anything at all except the sweet female tush spearing itself on my penis.

Meanwhile, I was mauling Tricia's tits with both hands, pulling hard on her nipples and squeezing the soft flesh roughly. I could tell by her ragged breathing that she was as close to the edge as I was, and I took my courage in hand, whispering, "God you have a sweet asshole, Trish. I think I could do this all night and the next three days before I even stopped to eat or sleep." I began more vigorous thrusting movements with my pelvis as I continued to pay rough homage to her bouncing breasts.

Karen reentered the room; from the corner of my eye I could see her hanging the three bloated kidney bags of steaming water from the shower curtain rod. Soon, she was seated at my left, her right hand going to stroke my thighs as she thrust her tongue into my left ear. "We're gonna make you come so good, Paul(a)," she whispered breathily. Her left hand went to work in Trish's crotch as the three of us revolved on a carousel of dizzy lust. My heart felt like it was going to pound itself out of my chest, so furious was its beat and pulse. I by this time was busy with my left hand in Karen's crotch, my right continuing to maul Trish's breasts. The three of us hung there for star-splayed eternities before exploding in a quivering mass of satiated flesh, breath stertorous, our bodies bathed in sweat.

When we came to, Karen was inserting the tubes into our rears, grunting to insert her own as soon as she'd finished with me and Tricia. She instructed me to lie on my left side with my penis inserted into Tricia's vagina from the rear, then she straddled our heads so we could alternate lapping at her sex as she opened the clamps on all three bags, releasing the steamy water into our thirsty backsides. My dick felt hard enough to drive nails as I pounded in and out of Tricia's molten cunt walls; her ragged breathing told me she was incredibly aroused as well. Karen, to her credit, began writhing around over our heads, an occasional pussy-fart swelling from her glistening labia. We all shuddered and shook from orgasm numerous times as the water filled us, bloating our tummies outwards and making us all feel deliciously stuffed. I felt my dick give another lurch, then the piercing sweetness as I jetted my seed into Tricia's slick, hot vagina, experiencing the snapping sensation of her labia opening and closing rhythmically with yet another series of incredible climaxes.

Karen, above us, was panting in arousal and utterly depraved need, her breath growing increasingly ragged. As Tricia tongued her clitoris closer to the edge, I began stabbing mine in and out of her labia, reaming her cooze as deep as I could. With a cry, Karen sank back against the floor, her body spasming in what had to be the grand-daddy of all climaxes; when she recovered, she gently caressed our distended bellies and urged us on to yet another orgasm. We dissolved into a semicoma of sensual bliss. Ten minutes later, Tricia moaned, "God, I think my belly's gonna bust wide open." She rose, hobbled to the toilet and pulled the thick tube from her rear before settling her tush on the seat. Powerful gurglings and rumblings and farts emanated from her midsection as she sat clutching her abdomen from the cramps.

Karen and I were engaged in a hot sixty-nine as a means of distracting each other from the explosive urgency we were both experiencing. Just as I thought my belly was going to burst, I felt the burning sweetness of my sperm traveling from my testes to eject forcefully down Karen's throat; her pelvis bucked at my face as she rode my tongue to her own orgasm. We disengaged ourselves, Karen whisking the tube from her rear before settling herself on the toilet with a loud, wet fart. As she passed her waste products, Tricia came to my side, rubbing my belly gently as I awaited my turn. She took my flaccid cock into her mouth and fellated me to another explosive climax. I turned to my side, clutching my gut and weeping in agony, praying for Karen to finish at the toilet quickly. Then she was done, and she came over to take one of my arms as she and Tricia guided me to the john and eased the tube from my bung. I sank to the seat, clutching my belly as the load of water made its explosive exit. The cramps were intense, and I gave vent to unrestrained farting as Karen and Tricia stroked my abdomen gently, urging me to empty completely. At last, I slumped exhausted against the tank, supported by four hands that began caressing me ever more perversely before the two women assisted me in rising and helped me into the shower, where we stood huddled in a soapy grope.

------------------------------------------------------------------ After the shower, we dried each other with thick towels and moved en masse to the bedroom, where Tricia announced, "While I was in Chicago, I picked up some new garments that will emphasize your recently acquired embonpoint." She took three shopping bags from her pullman suitcase and handed them to me. The first contained lingerie, including sheer lace panties (in pink, blue, beige, white, red, and black), matching bras, a size 42DD breast form, waist cinching garterbelts in colors to match the bras and panties, a black lace heavily boned corset, several pairs of nylon and silk stockings, and lace bodysuits in the same colors. "They're all the same size," she continued. "I think black is the color for you today, since you've been so bad." I began to don the garments, noticing that the panties were almost too tight to pull up over my hips. Tricia nodded, smiling with approval. "I think Karen has done a good job fattening you up," she noted. "I can't wait to see how your tummy bulges when we give you that melted ice cream fillup Karen was telling me about when you were taking a whizz in the airport men's room."

"Yeah," Karen seconded. "Especially since we'll be having Rima and Andrea come over to watch, too. They haven't seen you since before we started you on the weight-gain diet." She patted my bulging belly, then kneaded my paunch gently, continuing, "You're such a submissive male--it's nice to see you with more feminine curves. Now bend over so us girls can check out your butt." As I bent over, Tricia pulled my panties down, directing me to spread my cheeks wide. I heard a camera flash go off, and I realized that they were taking pictures of me exposed in my humiliating pose. In a moment, I saw Karen facing me with a Polaroid in her hand. "Say cheese, Paul(a)." She snapped a picture of my face, my artificial cleavage thrust toward the camera in obscene offering, just as Tricia thrust a dry finger rudely up my bung, working it in and out to inflame my prostate. My dick erected involuntarily, and I felt the beginnings of pre-ejaculate emerging from the head.

"Oh, God, I'm gonna cum if you keep that up." I panted in arousal, my rear swaying sensuously and helplessly as Trish continued her lewd invasion of my moon, gasping as I felt my crisis approaching. Before I could come, however, she withdrew her finger and added a second, wiggling them around to stretch out my depraved and lustful asshole. I could feel the pre- ejaculate seeping out my urethra by the time she'd gotten three fingers inside me, and I groaned in utter need as she pulled out the fingers and replaced them with a thick thrusting vibrator, moving it from side to side as the head stroked in and out of my open behind. I began gasping in pleasure, my prostate on fire from the plastic appendage's invasion. Just before I could come, Trish squeezed hard on the head of my dick, forestalling any ejaculation, while Karen removed the vibrator from my rear and replaced it with the head of a two-inch thick dildo nozzle. She held it in position while Trish helped me to my feet, the two of them escorting me carefully to the bathroom, Trish exhorting, "We're gonna fuck you good with this here dick, then when he comes inside you, you'll look pregnant." She took over Karen's chore with the dildo, positioning me on all fours, while Karen mixed warm water and melted ice cream in an open-top five-quart bag.

I heard the snap of the connector between the dildo lead and the hose from the bag, then felt the dildo moving in and out of me slowly and sensuously. "You're fucking him good, Trish," Karen remarked. "My crotch is getting wet just watching you." She stood, pulled down her jeans and panties, kicked them aside, and squatted by my left side so I could suck on her breasts and watch her busy fingers working at her snatch. She grinned lustfully at me as her index finger strummed rapidly across her clitoris, observing, "Doesn't Paul(a) have the sweetest asshole, Trish? I really like to fuck him/her there when we're getting down one on one."

"Yeah, his pooper is nice and tight, and it stretches out so nice whenever somebody loves him up there. Are your cheeks burning, Paul(a)?" She pumped harder in and out of my tush as she said this. "Answer me: are you embarassed by me and Karen talking about your asshole like this?"

"No, mistress. I love every attention you pay to my bunghole. Fuck me harder, please, sweet mistress."

I felt her action with the dildo speed up, and I moaned in ecstasy as it opened my bung further and touched new areas inside me. "If you keep this up, I'll probably come in another minute."

"Not before my penis does," Trish remarked. "In fact, I think it's about to come right now." I heard a snap as she opened the clamp and felt the beginnings of the diluted ice cream starting to fill my empty behind and colon. The temperature was exquisite, just warm enough to be soothing without scalding me in any way. I began to feel lightheaded, too, and I was moved to ask:

"Does this strawberry ice cream have booze in it, or what?"

"In the first place, it's not strawberry; it's rum raisin. And it has quite a bit of booze in it, as a matter of fact." She continued pumping in and out of me as the solution kept flowing deeper and deeper into my bowels. I soon began to feel full, and I glanced up at the bag, noting that a bit more than a quart had drained out of it. I shuddered inwardly, thinking about how bombed I'd be when I had all five quarts of the load inside my straining middle. My erection was hard to the point of shattering, and I felt a caressing hand on my belly; I could see that Karen was still masturbating, and she had turned with her back to me so I could see that she had two fingers of her left hand up her own asshole while she masturbated her pussy and clit with her right. The hand on my stomach soothed me, and Trish began crooning softly as she massaged my midsection, forcing my bowels to accept even more of the warm, booze-laced water. After a few minutes of this treatment, she announced, "Now let's turn you onto your left side, so I can fuck you at a different angle." I obligingly turned to position myself thusly, relaxing on the bath rug with my legs apart. In this position, Tricia pumped the dildo in and out of my rear while stroking my penis with the other hand.

"How much liquid is left?" I asked, my speech beginning to get a little shaky and even verge toward slurriness.

"Three quarts--and you'll take it all nonstop." She began masturbating me at a faster pace, the pace of her dildo assault in my open rear speeding up to a similar rhythm and tempo. I felt wide open, my asshole greedily sucking the oversized nozzle in on every instroke.

"Fuck me harder," I begged wantonly. "I love you fucking my open asshole with that big rubber dick. Oh God, I think I'll come before I'm even filled up all the way. Fuck me . . . fuck me . . . fuck me." I groaned with the sheer kinky pleasure of being penetrated in my nasty rear end, panting with arousal as she continued to slam the appendage in and out of my behind. The solution kept coming, too, to the point at which I looked down to see my belly swollen at least four inches past its normal embonpoint. "Oh Jesus," I moaned, "you impregnify1 my lustful tummy so good." I continued to moan in arousal, bucking back with each thrust to take the dildo nozzle in deeper and deeper.

"Look at that slut," Karen remarked. "He's so turned on by your assfucking, he'll probably come long before either of us gets a chance to touch his dick. But I won't let that happen." She continued to play with her pussy and bunghole as Trish fucked me and played with my shatteringly hard erection. I felt my crisis approaching, and I moaned sluttishly as the dildo moved in and out of my lustful rear. My breathing became ragged, and Tricia, sensing the approach of my climax, removed her fingers from my dick and slowed down her fucking motion with the big nozzle. "Good move, Trish. We certainly don't want him to come yet."

I wept in frustration, feeling the beginning of cramps in my hugely swollen gut. My dick was still shatteringly hard, weeping pre-cum that persisted despite Trish's eschewal of any more manual stimulation for me. I felt as if I'd blow the dildo nozzle and huge load of boozy water out of my ass at any moment, so great was the pressure inside my bowels. Finally, I heard the snapping sound of the clamp closing, and I took several deep breaths, trying to adjust to the fullness and crampy pain in my colon.

"Just look at him," Karen announced. "The little slut is loving this, I think. When he's empty, we'll have to ravish his butt for serious." She began to pump my dick lustfully, speeding up her hand action to the point that, without warning, I expelled my seed all over her hand, all over the bath rug, and all over Trish's thighs, causing the latter to swat my tush sharply with an open palm.

"I think it's time to prolong his punishment, Karen. Paul(a), you weren't supposed to come just yet." She swatted my tush some more, turning it pink, then turned to Karen, "Will you go fetch the studded paddle and the inflatable vibrating plug? I think he's got about fifteen minutes of punishment to endure before we let him release." I saw Karen's voluptuous tush jiggling sensuously as she walked away to fetch the specified instruments. Meanwhile, Trish slowly eased the dildo nozzle from my open behind, warning me, "If you make a mess before we get the plug in you, you can expect to clean the bathroom floor and endure another five quarts of clear water before we let you release what's left of this load." She held my asscheeks tightly together as she waited for Karen to return with the plug and paddle.

The plug felt comforting going into my open hole, then I felt it swell big as a inflatable nozzle balloon as Karen inflated it and locked the valve to the closed position. Once it was secure, Trish began pelting my rear with the paddle, causing my buns to burn and smart. They had positioned me on all fours for this treatment, and once Trish began paddling my tush, she ordered, "Now lick every drop of that jizz off the rug, off my thighs, and off Karen's hands." Once I complied with this task, they positioned me on my back so I could take turns lapping at Karen's and Tricia's assholes. Hearing them moan in pleasure brought me back to full erection, and I moaned in happy arousal as my tormentors screamed in orgasm. They left me, knees bent, clutching my abdomen as they went to fetch other instruments of torment, tears running down my cheeks as I contemplated the gut-buster locked inside my straining colon.

The next sound I heard was Tricia's doorbell ringing, then the giggling voices of Rima and Andrea as Trish and Karen invited them inside. I moaned in bloated agony, the cheeks of my face bright red in anticipation of my embarassment when my two new tormentors observed the plump nakedness of my tortured body. I needn't have worried, however; Andrea peeked her head around the corner and called, "Hello, Paul(a). I see Trish and Karen have finally given you the ice cream treatment. How does your tummy feel?"

"Like I'm about to explode. I'm also about half-bombed from the rum in the solution." I hiccuped, partly from giddiness and partly from nausea. "Will Trish and Karen let me release this soon? My cramps are so intense I'm about to pass out." She approached my side and eased her petite yet full rear over my face, and I began lapping eagerly, first at her labia and clit, then, once she'd orgasmed hard against my nose twice, transferred my tongue to her winking bunghole. Just as I was about to slide my tongue inside her, she cut loose with a loud fart that set the air reeking. "What did you eat before you came over here?"

"Rima just got done making a fresh batch of kimchee, and it's superhot." She looked down mischieviously at me. "I must have eaten at least a pint of the stuff, so my gut's full of gas." She farted again, then I thrust my tongue into her nether hole, triggering an instantaneous orgasm. The more I tongue-fucked her bung, the more she farted. The sound and smell of her flatulence, plus my mental image of how distended with methane her colon must have been, made my dick rock-hard.

"I'd sure like to fuck your asshole about now, Andrea," I suggested with a lewd chuckle in my voice. "The gas in your bowels needs stirring up, I think."

"With pleasure." She moved toward my crotch, delicious fanny pointed toward my face, and spread her cheeks wide to spear herself on my dick. "Feels so good," she moaned. "Give it to me hard. I want to feel your rock-hard cock plunging deep into my bowels." She eased herself upward, then sank down with a throaty groan, repeating this action until she was bouncing up and down on my lap.

The sight of her sphincter star swallowing my shaft was a major turnon, and I grabbed her hips and forced her up and down on me harder and faster. "When the other ladies let me release this water, I think we should ask them to give both of us a high colonic. As full of gas as your tummy must be, you could use a thorough cleansing." I felt my dick approaching orgasm as I told her this.

"You sure know how to flatter a girl," she replied, forcing her ass up and down on my dick even faster. "Oooh, I'm coming," she screamed, just as I flooded her bowels with my copious semen. We kept pumping for several minutes, just to make sure my balls were completely drained. Suddenly, I felt a desperate urge to urinate, so I figured what the hell, and began pissing in her insides. "Are you pissing in my butt?" she asked. When I replied in the affirmative, she said, "Go ahead--give me a piss enema." I continued filling her colon with my brine, hearing her pant as she approached yet another climax. "So good," she crooned. "This will help relieve some of my gas until Tricia, Karen, and Rima can fill us both up." She groaned as I continued to fill her behind with my urine. When I was done, she said, "Let's get in the tub--I want to release this all over your body." My dick pulled out of her rear with a plopping sound as she rose and helped me into the tub.

Streams of urine and feces squirted down over me, accompanied by massive farts as Andrea's colon voided itself of much of the kimchee gas. I took my dick in hand, stroking it furiously as I stared up at her beautiful behind and her straining sphincter. She was masturbating, too, moaning at the release of the burning urine in her insides. Just as we shouted each other's names in simultaneous orgasm, I heard laughter and applause from Trish, Karen, and Rima. "Did he piss into your dirty heinie, Andrea?" Rima inquired. "Was the hot gas from the kimchee starting to give you a tummyache?"

"Oh God, yes," Andrea replied. "And I'm still full of it--I want a high colonic when Paul(a) gets hers." She rubbed her still-distended belly vigorously, voiding a little more urine as she faced the others.

"Since you left poor Paul(a) holding his rum raisin solution, giving him a much bigger bellyache than you have, we'll have to lube the colon tube with soap, just to make sure you suffer like he has," Trish decided. "I can't wait to watch you clutch your belly in agony, because your colonic will begin as soon as Paul(a) starts releasing what s/he's holding right now. Then you'll have to hold it until after he's taken and released his clear water colonic." She left the room to fetch the equipment for our treatments.

"God, Paul(a), you look a little `pregnant,'" Rima exclaimed. "Let me help you to the toilet so you don't have too much of a hangover later." She looked down at my crotch, where my erection had risen at the sight of Rima's naked body, clad in a black leather corset and bustier. "What's this? Does our little sissy boy have another hardon? We'll just have to do something about that." She licked her lips as she and Karen assisted me from the tub.

By this time, Trish had returned with the five-quart bags and oversized colon tubes. She placed Andrea on all fours in the tub, filled both bags with steaming warm water after attaching the tubes, and took a bottle of Castile soap from the medicine cabinet. Donning a rubber exam glove on her right hand, she squeezed a good portion of the liquid cleanser on the glove and began easing first one, then two, and finally three, fingers into Andrea's behind, pumping them in and out to ensure that the petite redhead was wide open for the impending invasion. Meanwhile, Rima had wrapped her lips around my granite erection, easing the dildo nozzle from my wide- open bunghole as she began fellating me exquisitely. Once Karen had the dildo in her hands, crossing to the sink to wash it and put it aside, Rima pressed forcefully into my belly as she seated me on the toilet, ordering, "Bear down--it'll help the expulsion."

The rum in the diluted ice cream burned like gasoline as it exited my rear; my cramps were so intense I thought I'd pass out. Rima's mouth action on my shatteringly hard penis, however, felt like a slice of heaven, and I moaned in absolute pleasure/pain as the purge thundered from my bowels in time to her worship of my manhood. I felt my gut deflating rapidly, just as my innards gave a lurch and I felt the piercing sweetness of my jism exploding against the back of Rima's throat. As if in a daze, I also heard Andrea's agonized whimpering as the soapy tube went further up her behind, following the quart or two of steamy water which had already flowed in to prepare the way for its full insertion. Rima assisted me in squatting so she could wipe my ass, then she positioned me on all fours in the tub beside Andrea, who was being given a break to make her torment last longer.

I felt Karen's hands part my asscheeks, then insert a finger--no, two fingers, then three--into my behind, lubing me with the K-Y jelly until my anal region was full of the slippery grease. Then-- heaven--the entrance of the thick tube caused me to erect almost instantly. I heard a click and felt the steamy water begin to flow into me. I looked over at Andrea, who was hiccuping noisily, her face bathed in sweat. "Does it hurt?" I asked. "You look kind of sick."

"I'm about ready to throw up," she groaned. "This hurts so bad, and I won't get to release it for quite a while." She clutched her distended middle and gave vent to uninhibited weeping. Tricia, meanwhile, had produced a large vibrator and was teasing the diminutive woman's labia and clitoris with its humming caress. I was beginning to feel really full, and I groaned as the relentless invasion continued, dissipating pockets of gas left inside my colon from the effects of the alcohol in the earlier purge. This time, Karen was distracting me from my bloating abdomen by fellating me gently, her mouth caressing every part of my penis as if it was made of rare porcelain. I was in heaven, caught between the cramps in my distended belly and the pure pleasure of Karen's mouth, and I moaned in ambivalent sensual overload as the rest of the water filled my innards. I looked over to see Andrea with a rictus of sheer agony etched on her face just before Karen and Rima helped me to my feet, walked me to the toilet, and began easing the thick tube from my bung.

As the water began to shoot from my behind, I noted that Andrea's bag was empty, too. She lay on her left side facing the toilet, clutching her swollen gut and moaning in agony. "Oh God, I think I'm gonna die," she rasped, her hands futilely trying to soothe her misery. She belched nauseously several times, at which action Trish took pity on her, began kissing her mouth passionately, and started fondling her vulva to distract her from the crampy pain that was threatening to rip the smaller woman apart.

Just watching Andrea's agony was enough to set me off; I screamed, "I'm coming," and jetted my seed down Karen's throat, ejaculating for what seemed like a half hour. My expulsion had slowed to a sporadic trickle, and two minutes later, Karen and Rima helped me into a squatting position so they could cleanse my rear, first with bath tissue, then with a warm, soapy, wet washcloth. The three of us sat on the floor near the tub, passing Trish's big bong around as we watched her help Andrea to the john.

Andrea hiccuped violently as Trish eased the tube out of her rear, then sank onto the toilet seat with the same rictus of agony etched on her face. "Bear down," my raven-haired lover ordered, pressing imperiously into Andrea's hugely swollen tummy with her left hand as she diddled the woman's clit with her right. The soapy treatment must have been excruciatingly painful for Andrea, because we heard agonized whimpers as the water began its farting, spattering release; soon, the elfin redhead gave vent to unrestrained sobbing, hiccuping nauseously as the suds continued to exit her fundament. Stoned as we were, Karen, Rima, and I giggled every time Andrea uttered a thunderous fart, conscious that the kimchee gas in her system was intensifying this effect.

Finally, Andrea screamed, "Oh yes--faster, Trish," as she rode the other woman's fingers to a climax, her howls of pleasure interspersed with the ominous rumbling and farting noises from her tortured bowels. She collapsed against the toilet tank as the last of the purge left her behind. We all rose to assist in the cleanup, then Karen prepped her for a one-quart warm water rinse, which she took with little incident and emptied just as painlessly.

"Now that Andy's clean, Paul(a) will fuck her ass," Trish announced.

My dick was instantly erect--so hard it felt like it would shatter on contact with female flesh. I watched with utter bliss as Andrea sank to all fours and backed herself up to where I was seated on Tricia's big bed. I reached my hand out to touch her curvaceous little heinie, squeezing each cheek sensuously for several moments. "You know why I'm fucking your ass now, don't you, Andy?" I squeezed harder, then began inching the middle finger of my right hand between her delectable moons.

"It's `cause I could have let you release before we fucked, and I was careless and left you in near-deadly agony without thinking about anything but my own selfish needs. I need to be punished thoroughly, but I still don't think of your dick up my ass as punishment." She placed a palm on each cheek and spread them wide open; the little star of her sphincter winked at me, causing my erection to swell into life. "I probably won't need much lube, if any, after the irrigation my rear has just gotten. Go ahead, big boy/girl, take my ass now." She wiggled her rear, still open, and I could see her bunghole relaxing to a wide-open position.

Taking my dick in hand, I guided it to its dark target, pushing slightly when the head was against her star; it slid in easily, and I grunted in surprise as I was instantly buried to the base of my woodie. I slid out carefully, then back in, savoring the warmth and tightness in Andrea's back passage. I reached a hand around to fondle her clitoris while the other found her elfin breasts and began to toy with alternate nipples. "Is this the way you want me to fuck you?" I growled.

"I want it harder--faster--ohh, my ass is in love with your cock. Fuck me harder." She repeated this directive until she was screaming it, and I complied with sweat popping out of my face and trickling down my chest. Finally, I sank one drive especially hard into her bowels, certain I was going to spear right through her belly and out through her navel. "I'm cummminnggg!" she ululated, tossing her head frantically from side to side. Her lust-agonized shout sent me over the edge; it felt like I came forever as I shot a huge load in six or seven extended bursts. Spent, I collapsed against her petite body, resting until I could breathe normally again.

Applause: Trish, Karen, and Rima were smiling as they observed our performance, then Karen asked, "How do you like the way I've fattened up our perverted little boy/girl enema slut/pig/whore? Does the roundness of its body make you want to fuck it even more?" I blushed at these explicit terms of praise/abuse, dropping my head in shame. "Does our little genderbender ass slave wanna have his slutty pooper penetrated with our rigid love?" She raised my head by pulling my hair, and added, "Answer, pig. Do you want us to fuck your ass good, the way you just fucked Andy's ass?"

"I want my bottom hole packed, and packed hard, with whatever you goddesses can come up with to fuck me." I dropped my head to the floor, placed one hand on each cheek of my rear, and spread my cheeks as wide as I could get them. "Please fuck me good," I implored, moving my right hand to let the middle finger lightly brush against my asshole. "I'm so horny for your hard loving." I slowly eased the finger into my bung, pushing slowly until it was buried all the way, then sliding partway out. As they watched with lustful smiles on their faces, I began to fingerfuck my asshole, panting as my arousal grew. "Please do me now," I panted, "I need it so bad." I could feel my dick beginning to ooze preejaculate, and I began to speed up my assault on my own opening asshole. "Gotta get fucked," I chanted, building in intensity, pitch, and volume until my litany became a pitiful scream.

I felt four soft, feminine hands caressing my upturned nasty bottom, then the hands moved my hand away and began taking turns fingerfucking my fanny, until I thought I'd squirt a forbidden load of cum all over the bed. Slowly, I noticed that there were getting to be less hands on my lustful rear, and then I felt the withdrawal of the last finger, followed by the invasion of something bigger. I grunted when I felt the smooth, rounded head of the gigantic dildo beginning to dilate my sphincter to accomodate its girth. The head of my dick was oozing precum like crazy, and I felt as if my heart would explode from the excruciating pleasure/pain. As my fuckhole stretched, I relaxed so it could loosen further. I was full to the bend in my transverse colon; I'd never felt such belly rushes before, not even after a BBIIIGGGG enema that I'd been forced to hold for an interminable length of time. "I'm coming," I screamed, my seed jetting forcibly from my penis as I felt deep contractions within me, from my navel down to my crotch. I shuddered with my coming, collapsing into a puddle on the floor when fatigue overtook me.

I wakened to the feeling of mouths on my asscheeks, fingers on my penis, vaginas rubbing against my face--I was instantly erect, and I groaned in sheer sensual overload as I squirmed at the sensations echoing through my body. I moaned in arousal, feeling a tongue enter my behind as a pair of lips surrounded my dick and yet another tongue entered my mouth to tease me to lust-possessed overload. Soon I felt another mouth alternating between my nipples, which in an instant became painfully erect. It was then that I realized that the terms of the old gender wars had been utterly reversed; suddenly I was the only biological male participating in a gangbang, and then I knew my power situation had moved from subject to object. Yet I did not feel degraded or abused--instead, I felt transcendent, transported to another world and another plane of sensual experience. I howled in sheer pleasure and excitement, hoping against all hope that something more substantial than a tongue would soon be penetrating my backside--just as quickly I grunted as I felt a thick object stretching my slowly opening sphincter. A burning rush of some unidentifiable substance began to enter my rectum and colon, and I shivered at the sensation.

"Look at the little pig squirm," Rima said, with a bit of a Far East lilt to her voice. "S/he's soon going to have an asshole that's kissing sweet." I felt another squirt of the burning substance entering my rear, stirring my insides into a bowel turmoil that had me writhing in agony; my dick was leaking precum as I saw and felt Karen's soft lips surround it and begin fellating me with exquisite tenderness. "This one-quart douche bulb with the inch-thick tip is just the ticket for introducing really irritating substances into a slave's rear end, Trish," Rima continued. "I think the toothpaste treatment is going to refresh Paul(a)'s bung in a major way." I could feel her squeezing more of the stuff up into me, and Karen's mouth action in combination with the toothpaste invasion soon had me approaching the edge. The inside of my colon was on fire, and I began to hiccup from the long range effects of my bizarre purge, soon howling in abandonment as I felt the burning exit of my semen as it spurted deep down the reaches of Karen's accomodating throat. As I ejaculated, I felt a long intense squirt into my guts that signalled the remainder of the contents of the douche bulb, and I collapsed wearily against the arms of my tormentors, my dick still safe in Karen's mouth, the fat tip of the douche still buried in my lustful bottom. "What kind of treats do we have in store for the little enema slut's ass next?" Rima snarled sexily. "How long do we make him hold this, Trish?"

"Long enough for me to brew a pot of coffee, and to mix it with water at the right temperature," she replied, with a wicked grin on her face. "I can't wait to see what that will do to stimulate him." She swatted my tush playfully, got up, and directed, "Rima and Karen, will you put a big tampon up his ass while Andrea helps me prepare the coffee wash?" She looked down at me with a perverse tenderness in her eyes, adding, "What you're about to receive will feel so goooooddd!! that you'll probably need another nap after we bring you to a painful, wrenching orgasm." She blew me a kiss, then walked away, buttocks swaying seductively as she took Andrea's hand to lead her to the kitchen. Rima and Karen helped me to my feet, Rima still holding the douche bulb against my ass, and they walked me into the bathroom to find a feminine plug for my opened, protesting bung.

"Lie down next to the tub," Karen directed, her hands on me to place me in the proper position. She began to squeeze my buns sensually, adding, "I just love to give your ass hot loving, because you seem to take such joy in it." I felt her lips descend, bestowing tender kisses all over my quivering fanny globes. "You just have the makings of a perfect little ass slave, and I would no more think of having sex with you without giving your heinie proper attention than I would think of making pizza without oregano." By this time, Rima had returned to my side, her hand bearing a well-greased super-maxi tampon. "Bear down while I pull the nozzle," Karen directed. "We don't want you to lose any of this toothpaste out of your rear until Trish and Andy have your wakeup call prepared." I felt the fat douche tip leave my rear, followed by the swift insertion of the tampon; I could relax then, softly hiccupping as the strange purge continued to create havoc in my colon. I was nearly asleep from Karen and Rima's caresses of my backside when I heard footsteps.

Trish and Andy entered the bathroom carrying a huge bag with a double inflatable nozzle attached to its hose; the scent of French roast coffee was thick in the air. At Tricia's nod, Karen and Rima spread my legs apart so they could begin easing the tampon from my moon, then Andrea began sliding the deflated inner balloon of the inflatable nozzle into my lustful pooper. I felt increasing pressure as she pumped the bulb to full inflation, then a rush of too-warm fluid as Trish almost simultaneously opened the clamp on the hose. Soon, I began to feel a bit shaky, noting the effects of the caffeine hitting my bloodstream. The diluted coffee made my colon burn, and my dick was once more erect, a fact which Karen noted as she began to masturbate me lazily. I felt utterly consumed, a depraved enema pig slut who couldn't stop him/herself from craving eternal torment through a rear passage consecrated in hell. I began to gurgle, conscious of nothing other than the sensory bombardment assaulting my lower depths and my amoral, rutting genitals. I screamed as the solution began to stretch my plumbing near to the bursting point. Looking up, I noticed the biggest bag I'd seen yet, so I inquired timidly, "How much does that thing hold, sweet Mistress Trish? It looks bigger than all your other clyster bags."

"This holds ten quarts, and you'll take it all nonstop, too," Trish snarled, as she regarded me with an evil glare. "Between the toothpaste and the coffee, your system will be thoroughly cleaned out by the time we're through with you this morning." I groaned, conscious of nothing but my fullness and my randy need to climax in my gonads, penis, and bowels at the same time. I began to hump against Karen's caressing fingers, wanting desperately to get off as a distraction against the chills and cramps that had begun to shoot through my system. Karen, sensing the urgency of my need, began to stroke me more vigorously, until my dick felt as if it was a glowing ingot of iron in her hand.

I looked up at the bag again, noting that it was draining perceptibly, and it stood at below the halfway point. "How much is in me now?" I inquired in a trembling voice.

"Between six and seven quarts," Andrea reported. "I should tell you, Paul(a), that Trish added a little chicory to the coffee, just to give you a spicier buzz." She patted my rump before rising to give the bag a vigorous squeeze. I could feel the water jetting deeper into me than it had ever been before, and I moaned in my explosive agony as I began to experience knifelike cramps from the spice added to the mixture, which only abetted the abrasive action of the three or four ounces of toothpaste, two egg whites, and ounce of shampoo that had been injected into me earlier through the giant douche bulb. I hiccupped again, my gorge rising in mounting nausea; tears sprang to my eyes as I wondered apprehensively if I'd survive this latest diabolical treatment dreamed up by the minds of my four pulchritudinous tormentresses.

I must have passed out after that, because I came to looking up at the ceiling; Karen and Rima held my legs folded back against my chest as the remainder of the huge bag drained slowly, painfully, into my distended colon. I began to hiccup with real, urgent nausea, and Karen, noting my sweat and change in facial color, began a gentle message of my swollen tummy in an effort to stimulate my bile flow. I was so full my heart was thumping in my chest, threatening to burst at the excessive stimulation to my system. Moaning in agony, I pleaded, "Please let me release this--I think I'm going to die." I continued to moan, tears sliding down my cheeks at the jagged cramps that took over my whole consciousness. The diluted coffee continued to flow into my backside and into my obscenely stretched guts; I began to belch as the initial toothpaste douche began to push at my small intestine. The ensuing snap! that signalled closure of the shutoff clamp assured me that my torment's character was about to change.

As I lay there clutching my middle, Karen and Rima still holding my legs in place, but rocking me gently to circulate the solution in my bowels and ease my cramps, I looked up to see Tricia filling the tub with hot water and bath salts. Andrea detached the inflatable nozzle from the main hose to the bag and hung the apparatus aside, then crossed to the other side of the bathroom to take something out of a drawer. She returned bearing a pair of tight-looking rubber panties, remarking, "Once the tub is ready, we'll pull the inflatable nozzle, put these on you, and put you in the tub so your troubles can float away." The other women grimaced at the bad pun, but Andrea was not to be dissuaded. "In fact, Paul(a), if you are the perfect little enema pig that you claim to be, you'll enjoy bathing in a diluted mixture of your own shit."

She slapped my swollen belly briskly, then jammed a huge vibrator with a hum like an idling diesel against my paunch. "We gotta stir this stuff up even more, make all of your shit go away." She continued to massage my belly as the sound of running water tapered off. As Karen deflated and removed the inflatable nozzle, Andy began pulling the tight rubber panties up my legs. Karen and Rima stood me up while Andy pulled the panties snug to my waist; my belly bulged out obscenely as they led me to the tub. "Now get on your knees," Andrea directed. "You need to hold a semi-squat for a few minutes while I finish the vibrator massage." I assumed the position, clutching my hugely inflated middle, and winced as Andy began running the vibrator deep into my belly flesh. Ominous gurglings emanated from my innards, and I fought wave after wave of nausea. Only when Andy hit a sensitive spot, dead center an inch or so below my navel, did I come to understand the method to her madness.

I felt my belly give a frightening lurch then, a massive fart that rang through the reaches of my dirtiest inner depths. I clutched my belly in agony as the superheated water began to exit my rear, quickly drenching the skintight rubber panties that still constricted my bulging middle. My gut rumbled and cramped spasmodically as the steamy fluid continued to explode from my overworked sphincter, a cataract that forced the last of the poison from my system. As Andrea continued the rough vibrator massage of my distended tummy, I felt my dick stirring to an immanent climax; I panted, "Oh God, Andy, keep that up and my cum will start from deep inside my bloated tummy. It's so goooddddd!" I belched in protest at the crampy pain deep inside my colon; I was still utterly stuffed, crammed full of the hydraulic cleanser that always made my dick erect and my thighs and asscheeks quiver in anticipation. A rough ride was what I craved, and Andy, Rima, Karen, and Trish were all giving it to me. I had no time to speculate about the philosophical issues connected to my preferred form of sexplay; I could only take these experiences at face value, hoping that some insight into my soul might emerge from this skewed search for pleasure in ceding control.

Andy was pressing the tip of the vibrator about an inch and a half below my navel, dead center alignment, when I felt the major lurch, deep inside my colon, traveling to my prostate and up through the shaft of my dick until I howled, "I'm cummingg!" and squirted six long, joyful spurts into the rubber panties. Andy continued to massage my bulging middle as the irrigation began to ease to a trickle. Karen and Rima began to ease the panties down off my middle, onto my crotch, my gut still jiggling from the continued massage with the gigantic vibrator. Karen and Rima assisted me to a position on my left side in the tub, legs separated so clear access to my bunghole would be possible. I clutched my now-empty gut, its clean reaches still ringing from the volume that had distended it to resemble the belly of a woman at least six months pregnant. "I think the delivery was a success," I quipped as Andy began easing the tip of the vibrator into my still-slimy anus.

"Do you know what the plan for the rest of the day is?" Andrea asked, her voice a misbegotten purr.

"I hope it's that you guys are going to fuck me half to death." I wiggled my ass in lewd invitation, feeling the vibrator tip penetrate me an inch or two. "Ohh, that's so good!"

"We're gonna make you cum . . . and cum . . . and cum," Andy replied, a lustful shiver in her laugh. "If you think your asshole and belly have been packed so far, you haven't seen anything yet." She pressed the vibrator further into my opening manhole, switching it on as she continued to press this forceful invasion. I moaned when I felt Karen's right hand on my belly, lightly stroking its normal flatness, then reaching to engird my newly-erected dick. I shivered in expectation, impatient for the rigorous assault on my asshole to begin.

"Go ahead--shove it all the way inside me, Andy," I panted, rapt in delight over the bliss churning in my rectum, prostate, and the first few inches of my descending colon. I felt wide open, stuffed with the large vibrator that soon had my prostate humming like a banjo string. I moaned in arousal, begging, "Fuck me deeper, fuck me harder, ohh--fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme . . . " I wiggled my ass as Andy thrust in and out of me, stretching my butthole wider with each stroke. Karen's caress of my aching erection had me likewise stimulated to the maximum degree, and I knew it would only be a matter of seconds before I squirted a big load of come all over my belly and her busy hand. I continued begging Andy to fuck me, conscious only of the fullness in my nether passage and the stroking fingers on my penis. Soon came the piercing sensation of utter sweetness, followed by the convulsive squirts of my thinning semen all over my belly and Karen's hand. I screamed in ecstasy, wanting the pleasure to go on forever.

"I think," Rima remarked as she removed her fingers from her glistening clit, "That we should give him the ejaculating dildo, followed by another big tummy wash." She patted my belly affectionately, adding, "For the way Karen was fattening you up during the last week or so, your middle should bulge more than it does, even with an empty colon. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to keep this here tum filled to bursting with our kinky, gut-busting treatments." She left my side to fetch her instruments of preference. Karen and Andrea placed me on all fours on the bathroom floor, spreading my asscheeks wide apart with busy hands while Trish left to get her camcorder. She and Rima returned, remarking almost in unison, "Such a lovely ass--it looks like it wants to be fucked, and fucked hard." Rima giggled, "Look how wide open its sphincter is, like it's begging to be filled." Trish responded, "It's about time we capture this on tape--something to keep him docile in case s/he starts to get a little cocky." I felt the tip of the ejaculating dildo easing into my open rear, wincing a little at its thickness, then moaning as it set a fire in my prostate. Soon, Rima was sliding it in and out of my rear, causing me to pant with arousal.

"You fuck me so good," I moaned. "Don't ever stop fucking me." I wiggled my ass in lewd abandon, shaking with excitement as the big phallic substitute continued to move in and out of me with an irresistible rhythm. I bucked backward in an effort to get the dildo deeper inside me, whining in utter need as Rima continued her relentless assault. "I want you to fuck me and fuck me and fuck me, and then come inside me, drenching my inner depths with your hot love." I could feel my ass swaying involuntarily as she continued to fuck me.

"Gonna come soon," Rima began chanting in her sexy voice. "Gonna give it all to you, then finish Tricia's video with you clutching your pregnant tummy." She pumped at an increasing rate as I felt my erection leaking precum like crazy. My panting was driving me over the edge with no stimulation to my penis, until Karen wrapped the fingers of one hand around my penis and began to pump it lustfully. Just as I was about to fall over the edge, I felt the rush of liquid flooding my bowels, as Rima screamed, "Coming--it's so good to cum in your slutty little asshole." The liquid kept coming, overly warm in a way that had me lightheaded with pleasure and increasing fullness. Karen's hand began stroking me faster, and I felt the immanent approach of my crisis when a snap! signalled that they had closed the clamp to make my treatment last longer. While Karen relaxed her grip somewhat, I felt Andrea's hand beginning to massage my swollen belly gently, marvelling at the tenderness of her touch.

I belched, feeling sodden and stuffed with the steaming water, gurgling with contentment as Andrea continued to ease my cramps with her tender touch. Consumed by sensations, I noticed Karen's fingers returning to my dick as a snap! signalled the resumption of my infusion. Rima assisted me to a position on my left side so the water could flow into new pockets of my colon--I felt the gas dissipate as she began rubbing my lower back and buttocks in time to Karen's action on my bursting erection and Andrea's caress of my tortured middle. "Uh," I belched, "I think I'm gonna explode. Is this the eight-quart bag or the ten-quart model?" I looked imploringly into Andrea's eyes as she continued to knead my hugely swollen center.

"It's ten quarts, and we're going to make you hold it for a while so Trish can finish the video before we let you release it." She squeezed harder on my soft belly flesh, setting shockwaves of cramps and nausea throughout my system. "After you release, and after your asshole is squeaky clean and kissing sweet, we're going to take turns loving you orally and digitally--but only after you get some exercise to circulate the tummy wash through your system." She picked up a vibrator and ran it across my abdomen, pressing deeply into me with an intensity that sent shivers of sensation all the way to the back of my spine. Rima's sensuous kneading of my asscheeks and Karen's relentless stroking of my shatteringly hard dick made me sure I'd squirt out a hot, forbidden load of my cum before I was completely filled.

But that didn't happen--a few minutes later, a final snap! indicated that my treatment was complete, and I looked up to see the monstrous bag hanging flat, its entire near-boiling load forced inside my hugely distended paunch. "Bear down while I pull out this dildo nozzle," Rima instructed, and I looked up to see Tricia's fiendish grin as she continued to shoot footage of me in my obscenely submissive position. Just as quickly, I felt Karen sliding a buttplug into my open bottom, then felt it expand as she pumped the inflator bulb. She and Andrea assisted me to my feet, switching on the vibrator switch to force a slow leak of preejaculate to issue from my purple penis. They seated me on an exercise bicycle and made me do twenty minutes while Andrea continued to run the buzzing vibrator roughly against my belly. Finally, I could take no more of this stimulation, and I ejaculated copiously, shooting my semen six feet across the room after Karen had stroked me just a half dozen times. I collapsed in agony against the handlebars as Karen and Andrea swabbed my face, chest, belly, and backside with a damp washcloth.

The women helped me into the bathroom, deflating the plug and easing it from my stretched bottom hole, then positioned me on the toilet, Trish following to capture the last moments of my utterly depraved humiliation on video. I began to shake with chills, certain my colon was going to rupture from the enormous pressure inside. Just when I thought I would black out, Karen wrapped her lips around my awakening erection while Andrea snaked her right hand under my buttocks to thrust a soapy finger up my hole; her fucking motion soon stimulated my release, and I groaned as the steamy water began to shoot forcefully from my rear, punctuated by wet farts and gut-wracking cramps as my colon voided itself noisily. I leaned against the toilet tank, caught up in the sensory overload of the moment; before I was through, I'd ejaculated again, shooting my silver seed deep against the reaches of Karen's rapidly swallowing throat. Rima ran the big vibrator against my deflating middle as the treatment continued to leave my body, and I felt myself becoming erect again, just moments after I'd bathed Karen's tonsils with my load. They took turns wiping me before assisting me into the shower, where all four women (once Trish got some final footage of my newly deflated gut) scrubbed me all over, taking special care to scrub my ass and genitals especially clean. After drying me with a thick towel, they patted baby powder over my penis, testicles, and anus, then lovingly rubbed oil into my private parts. Dressing me in silky panties and a teddy, they helped me to the bedroom where they settled me gently on the bed, joining me there in a group hug.

I woke some hours later, belly hollow from hunger. I rolled over onto my left side, only to find that I was lying against Tricia's soft tush; she squirmed against my crotch as I felt my penis begin stirring into erection. "It feels like you're happy to wake up next to me," she remarked. "How do you feel this evening?"

"My butthole's a little sore, and my insides feel so hollow and empty; would it be possible to eat something, sweet Mistress Tricia?" I rubbed my manhood against her voluptuous asscheeks as I put this question, and she responded by rubbing her rear against me lubriciously. "I'm hoping I'll have the energy to make love to you later, but I need to chow down in order to do that." I reached around and grasped both her plump breasts, teasing and tweaking her nipples into full erection, then trailing my hands along her sides, down her thighs, teasingly approaching but never quite contacting her crotch.

"God, Paul(a), you make me so horny when you tease me like that. I want to ride your dick all night when you get me worked up with your roaming hands." Sharp moans and gasps escaped her lips as I ran my hands back up along her flank and across her pudgy belly, then sneaked my right hand to the silky hair of her pubic mound and began stroking her glistening clitoris while returning my left hand to my stimulation of her heaving breasts. After several minutes of this treatment, she shook in preorgasmic tremors, then rose to present her wide, round white ass for my inspection. "Play with my fanny for a while, then I want to sit on your cock." I began to knead the soft yet firm flesh of her gluteii, reaching to her vulva to immerse three fingers into her cunt and saturate them with the honey that was dripping out of her sexual center. I brought my right hand back to smear the natural secretions on the star of her anus, slowly working the middle finger inside her; I began to fingerfuck that dark hole, adding fingers every few minutes until I had her stretched open with not three, but four, of my fingers, plunging them briskly in and out of her backside until a shriek escaped her lips and she trembled in a huge, shuddering orgasm. "I need your dick up my ass now," she exclaimed, lifting herself up as I spread her cheeks with both hands so she could sink down until my penis was buried in the warm snugness of her smelliest hole.

We began to rock back and forth across the bed, her up and down motions speeding up and becoming more and more forceful. For my part, I had to bite my lip in order to forestall ejecting my spunk into her caressing, grasping rectum too quickly; it felt so good to have my dick back inside the twisty reaches of her bowels that I wanted the sensation to last forever. She kept bouncing up and down on my incredibly hard penis, gasping and moaning as the friction triggered several more orgasms, until, with a sob, she screamed, "Go ahead, baby, empty your balls into my ass now." I grasped the pneumatic softness of her buttocks brutally hard, squeezing and kneading them as I pulled her savagely up and down on my root, until with an agonized shout, I felt the burning sweetness of my seed exploding forcefully into her guts, continuing to rock her up and down on my crotch for several minutes after I'd finished ejaculating, her higher- pitched ululation of bliss resounding in my ears.

As my dick began to wilt inside her tightest hole, I announced in a husky voice, "I'm going to fill your colon with my piss, just so you won't feel a forlorn emptiness when my dick pops out of your poop chute." I hosed her innards with a powerful stream that set her gasping again, and I reached around to circle her bloating middle tenderly with my arms as I continued to bathe her center with my urine. "How do you like my golden enema?" I asked, rubbing her tummy soothingly as I spoke.

"It kind of burns, but I love the feeling." She belched against the moderate pressure in her guts, then called out, "Karen, can you bring a kingsize buttplug for me? I want to lock Paul(a)'s pee inside my guts until we sit down for supper." Karen rushed in with a plug nearly four inches wide at its widest point, already lubed with K-Y jelly. Placing her hand near my crotch, she observed Trish lifting herself up and then slowly pushed the plug up the brunette's stretched-open sphincter, not stopping until the gigantic instrument of discipline was seated with a pop. Within minutes, Andrea and Rima came in with warm soapy washcloths to wipe off my dick and the crack of Tricia's ass, then we all moved, still nude, into the kitchen where Karen and Trish began a substantial supper consisting of top sirloin steaks, baked potatoes, and steamed fresh asparagus that Andy and Rima had brought over earlier.

Once everything was started cooking, Tricia came back to the dining table where I was seated and planted her luscious fanny on my lap, squirming around in an attempt to reawaken my slumbering dick. "God was that a fabulous buttfuck, lover," she cooed. "I was so horny that I couldn't carry your discipline any further until you satisfied me the way you did after your nap. Things in Chicago got so hectic and scrambly that I basically collapsed in my motel room every night, too exhausted even to masturbate." She rubbed back and forth so I could feel the flange of the plug up her ass against my penis, which was beginning to stir back into life. She turned her head to one side, lowering her voice to whisper lasciviously, "How'd you like a hot blow job before supper?" I pressed forcefully on her belly and kissed the back of her neck in assent before she got up, dropped to her knees, and began to fellate me expertly.

"Damn," Karen exclaimed. "You really are hungry for sex, aren't you, Trish?" She donned oven mitts, pulled the broiler rack from the oven, turned the steaks and potatoes, and replaced everything before coming over to join us. While Trish worshipped my dick with her voracious mouth, Karen began to kiss up and down my sides and along my chest, occasionally teasing my nipples with her tongue and teeth until they hardened into points. I began to gasp with passion, uttering lust-crazed groans that began deep in my belly and somehow became strangled cries the closer Trish and Karen brought me to climax. Finally, I croaked, "Oh my God!!" and bucked wildly on my chair as I bathed my main lover's uvula and tonsils with thick globs of my spend. She licked every trace of my semen off my dick as Karen caressed my neck and shoulders, urging me to relax.

By this time, Rima and Andy had the table set, and they placed a serving dish with the asparagus on the table next to the platters of steaks and baked potatoes. "Let's all go watch Trish expel, then we can come back and stuff ourselves before the food gets cold," Rima suggested. After we trooped into the bathroom, Rima and Karen each took one of Tricia's arms and supported her in a semi-squat just inches above the toilet, while Rima queried, "Do you want to do the honors this time, Paul(a)?" I began to ease the huge plug out of her behind at the same moment that Andy began running a large, powerful vibrator against Trish's slightly distended middle, an action which caused the short brunette to hiccup from the way the urine was being stirred around in her bowels prior to her release. Once I had the plug free, I dabbed it with a paper towel and set it in the bathroom sink, running soapy water to soak it in. When I returned to observe Trish's evacuation, she was hiccupping noisily, tears in her eyes from the burning brine which was jetting from her rear in a chain of continuous farts and gurgles. Andy was far from gentle with the vibrator, as well, stabbing it brutally hard into the brunette's pudgy middle until Trish gasped with the sensation. When no more emptying noises were audible for several minutes, Karen and Rima helped her up and began to cleanse her rear, finally wiping her clean with a soapy washcloth and half-carrying her back to the kitchen/dining room area.

All five of us practically inhaled the heavy meal; I, of course, was completely ravenous, not having eaten for over twenty-four hours, and when I'd finished my steak, a large potato, and a cup and a half of asparagus, cut another potato in half and took more asparagus as my four delightful mistresses slowly finished their meal. "Look at him eat," Rima remarked. "One thing my Korean grandmother always said to me was that a thorough cleansing of the colon makes for a hearty appetite." She winked mischievously at me, then added, "I'll bet you'd like to help us get that brine residue out of Trish's tummy, wouldn't you?" Andy and Karen tittered as I looked at Tricia's crestfallen face.

"What about it, Trish?" Karen inquired. "Other than the hosing you got from Paul(a)'s dick before supper, have you gotten your tum really cleaned out recently?" She reached over and placed her right hand on my mistress's belly, rubbing it gently to aid her digestion.

"I'll have to admit," Trish began, "that I was so worn out and plugged up from the irregular meals and long hours that I didn't shit my first three days in Chicago. On the fourth day of the convention, I dashed into a Walgreen's near the meeting center and bought four Fleet disposable enemas. When the afternoon session let out, I drove back to my motel, threw off my clothes, and squirted all four of them into my guts so I could get cleaned out thoroughly. I had my cel phone in the bathroom with me, and I thought about calling Paul(a) and Karen while I was doing that, but it felt so good just to know that I was getting some relief that I rolled around on the floor for as long as I could before hopping to the toilet to avoid making a mess. I think I farted as loud as I ever have when all that impacted waste exploded from my belly, and by the time I finished and wiped myself, my asshole was so sore the tissue felt like sandpaper. I collapsed in my bed then, and didn't have the energy to flush or throw away the little plastic bottles until I stumbled into the shower after my wakeup call at six-thirty the next morning." She paused, took a deep breath, and her shining eyes and heaving breasts betrayed her anticipation at being subjected to rigorous colonic discipline. "I'll need to wait an hour or so until my supper's started to digest, but I would welcome--no, I would relish--the prospect of getting as much irrigation as you people want to give me." She squeezed my left thigh, inching her hand up near my crotch, and concluded, "And I think my sweet boy-girl Paul(a) should call the shots on this one." She looked at the other three women: "Agreed?", licking her lips in depraved lust as she awaited their response.

"All right," Karen, Rima, and Andrea shouted enthusiastically, chortling as they rose to begin clearing the dishes from the table. After rinsing and stacking everything in the dishwasher, and putting away the leftovers, they took me and Trish by the hand and led us into the master bedroom. Karen took the big bong and party bowl out of the closet, loaded it with kind bud, and we passed it around for the next half hour, giggling more the higher we got.

We were in the middle of Kinky Anal Orgies #13 when Trish bent over in front of me, spread her asscheeks wide to expose her winking sphincter, and announced, "I think I've digested my dinner enough to submit to your whims in the bathroom, Paul(a). For tonight, I exist only to do your will." Before I could respond, she inquired, "Would it be your will, master, that I fingerfuck my own asshole in preparation for what lies ahead." She trailed her right hand along her flank, squeezing her right buttock as she uttered her question.

"Considering what we're going to put your asshole through tonight, I suggest you get it as open as you possibly can." I nodded to Karen, who skipped out of the room, returning moments later with a large tube of K-Y jelly and a box of surgical gloves. "Use plenty of grease," I directed. "Rima, will you get the camcorder, please?" As she exited on this errand, I inquired of Andrea, "Can you fill the six-quart opentop bag with nice warm water and three ounces of Castile soap?" She left as I watched Trish don a glove, grease the index and middle fingers with a thick covering of K-Y, and begin easing the middle finger of her right hand into her lubed behind.

I stood behind her, watching as she slid the finger in and out of her bung, adding a second after a few minutes. I began to stroke my dick lazily as I watched her glide the two fingers faster and faster, all pretense of prepping for a colonic treatment gone as she gave herself over to the sexual thrill of fingerfucking her own asshole. "This here slutty ass of mine needs a thorough cleansing," she panted breathlessly. "It needs to be fucked, and fucked hard and thoroughly, with whatever nozzles you folks decide to use on me." Panting rapidly, she removed the fingers as I took her hand to inspect them. I noted a coating of brown on the two she'd been using, so I handed her the K-Y, nodding to her to lube the rest of her fingers and continue the show, which Rima was catching on videocassette. "I can tell by the look of disgust on your face, master, that my bowels are absolutely filthy inside." She grunted to insert three fingers, then abandoned all pretense at difficulty as she jammed them rapidly and forcefully in and out of her poop chute, moaning in increasing arousal as she continued this lewd act of self-gratification.

"I can't believe how shitty that latex glove looked when you pulled your fingers out of your dirty ass," I remarked. "We're going to enema your ass and belly until you nearly burst tonight, just to clean you out so completely that any one of us will be able to penetrate you with whatever tools, or fingers, or tongues we want to without fear of encountering your rotten shit." I began slapping her ass rhythmically as she continued to plunge three fingers in and out of her smelliest hole. "Now I want to see four fingers gliding in and out of your fat fanny; come on--you know what a slut you are for having your rear penetrated." I continued smacking her ass as she pulled the three fingers out, added the fourth, and continued her obscene show. My dick was achingly hard, and I felt so close to climax from watching her self-sodomy that I quit stroking it, saving my energy and semen for the next phase of her treatment. "After your treatment, and after we fuck your ass for several hours with anything we can get our hands on, I'm going to have Andrea fistfuck your rotten bunghole, which shouldn't be so rotten by that point." I continued slapping her buns to a reddened state as her four fingers jabbed in and out of her rear; with a cry, she exploded in a massive orgasm, her knees so weak she slid to a prone position, her asscheeks shaking like jelly from the intensity of her experience. "I think she's ready," I announced. "Andrea, put a rubber sheet on the bed and we'll begin her treatment."

Once the sheet was in place, Karen and I lifted Trish onto the bed, placing her on her left side with her legs parted. Andrea slid the deflated balloon tip of the inflatable nozzle into her wide-open bung and inflated the balloon; the apparatus was attached to a hose from the bag that bulged with soapy water from a medical rack beside the bed. "How warm is the water?" Trish asked, fear written in her eyes.

"It's 110o degrees, and we've mixed the soap in very thoroughly." As Andrea opened the clamp to release the sudsy purge, I added, "You're going to experience some excruciating cramps that won't go away for a while. All the suds also mean that you'll experience some rather sharp gas pains as the gas in your dirty bowels begins to dissipate." I patted her middle as I watched the bag slowly empty into her backside. Once two quarts had run in, I nodded to Andrea to stop the flow for a minute, and I began to massage her middle with increasing force, grabbing her belly flesh roughly to circulate the purge more thoroughly through her insides. I heard her belch and hiccup as the soapy invasion began to push further into her core, and I noted tears streaming from her eyes.

"Oh--oww--God it hurts so bad. My tummy feels like it's gonna explode any minute." Pushing my hands away, she grabbed her distending abdomen, trembling from the force of the invasion. I nodded to Andrea to open the clamp again, and we were soon rewarded by the sweet melody of her stertorous breathing and convulsive sobbing as the liquid torture we administered took over her entire consciousness. While Rima videotaped her torment from various angles, Andrea began pushing a powerful vibrator against Tricia's expanding paunch, forcing the water to circulate through every hidden nook and cranny of the hapless brunette's large intestine. I noted that only a quart and a half remained in the bag, and I determined that we would let the rest of the solution drain into her backside without further breaks, concerned that she take and hold this load for the prescribed time so we could let her misery end before we risked injuring her with the treatment.

"I guess this will teach you not to take off for a week without the proper equipment in your suitcase," Karen commented. "After all the colonic therapy that Paul(a) and I shared while you were in the Chi-town, I'd have thought you'd want to return to our sheltering arms with an asshole that's kissing sweet." She began running a vibrator against Trish's puffy labia and clit, bringing her to the threshold of orgasm as she continued her diatribe. "But instead, you come back with a dirty butthole and half a week's worth of impacted shit in your sluttish bowels, expecting us to do the dirty work of making you presentable." She motioned to Rima and Andrea. "Andrea will take over the videocassette chronicle of your discipline, but I think it's a good idea if you perform analingus on Rima now. Remember, she and Andy ate kimchee before they came over, so her gut must be as full of hot gas as Andy's was."

Rima positioned herself on the bed, lying on her left side with her rear pressed up against Trish's face. She parted her asscheeks widely, just as a huge fart erupted from her backside. "Suck the farts right out of my pooper," she ordered Tricia. "Lick my smelly Asian asshole clean with your dog's tongue, and make me come in the process or ten minutes will be added to the time you'll have to hold this soapy purge before we let you release it." She squirmed her buns against my lover's face as the plump brunette with the dangerously distended stomach began to penetrate her bung with her tongue. I was again stroking my dick, certain I'd come just in time to splatter it all over Trish's face and breasts. Without warning, however, Rima rose to a kneeling position on the bed, her ass still turned so Trish was forced to gaze right at it, and announced, "Now Paul(a)'s going to fuck my ass, and you get to suck the come out of my butthole when he's done." Spreading her cheeks wide, she directed, "Come on lover; no lubricant necessary, as your slut has moistened my hole with her slave's slimy tongue already." I began easing my erection into her sphincter, gasping as I felt it yield to my dick like a silky vise. "I want you to fuck me, and fuck me hard and deep, and shoot every ounce of come into my gasbound bowels so Trish will have a big dessert to lap up." She wiggled her ass lewdly in invitation.

I began to hump in and out of her backside, feeling the suction of her voracious hole that caused her to fart copiously with my motions. I noted that Karen had closed the clamp on the hose from the now-empty bag, and I directed, "Go fill the two-quart pitcher with icy cold water and pour it into the bag, then we can stir up her insides and make her expulsion a little easier." She left the room on this errand, her wide, soft white fanny jiggling sensuously as she hastened to her duty. "I can't take much more of your sweet, hot, tight asshole, Rima," I observed. "I think I'm gonna be filling your ass with come a lot sooner than I'd planned to."

"Go ahead--make my day," she replied with a Clint Eastwood vocal inflection. "I want to feel your hot load squirting deep into my guts, because I know my tight ass makes you come faster, and better, than that slut's sloppy sphincter." I glanced over at Tricia, whose face was contorted in agony at the fiery purge she held. Her sobbing, which had ceased through her fascination in watching me buttfuck Rima, began anew with her deep sense of humiliation at Rima's remarks; her face was red and swollen from her embarassment and agony and wounded pride.

Groaning from the sensual overload, I slammed roughly into Rima's bung, making the promised delivery of my seed into her thirsty guts. It seems like I came forever, revelling in the delicious tightness of the exotic beauty's darkest hole. "This is so good, Rima. It always takes me forever to come inside Tricia's ass. I guess it's just her typical Westerner's lack of discipline." As I continued spurting, I added, "And it will be a delight to watch her suck my come out of your asshole." Once my dick softened and plopped out of her rear, Rima exploded with a chain of farts that continued as she positioned herself on her left side with her butt against Tricia's face. I watched as Trish began to suck at Rima's nether opening, clutching her belly against the two quarts of cold water being forced into her colon to agitate the six quarts of warm and soapy she still retained. Noisy slurping sounds accompanied Tricia's cleaning of Rima's slimy asshole, and I could tell by the look of ecstasy on Rima's face that the service was jump-starting her into another climax. When it hit, she slammed her ass hard against Trish's face, nearly breaking her nose in the process, then settling her fanny against Tricia's nose to release another chain of kimchee farts.

By this time, the bag was again empty; Rima relented and moved away from the bed, where Tricia lay holding her swollen tummy and moaning in agony. "May I please release this, sweet master and mistresses? I feel like I'm gonna die if I have to hold it for another minute." Taking pity on her, Karen and I assisted her in sitting up, then in rising to her feet. We half-carried her into the john, Andrea trailing us with the medical rack, which was like a tail to Trish, since the inflatable nozzle in her sweet ass was still attached to the monstrous bag still mounted on the rack. We settled her in a squat over the toilet seat, deflated the inflatable nozzle, and eased it from her tortured behind.

I knelt in front of Trish and began licking at her labia and clitoris while I placed both palms flat against her grossly distended abdomen, pushing in to help her expulsion. A huge fart wracked her middle, resounding in the bathroom. "I think my guts are gonna fall out," she whimpered. "I'm so full I feel like exploding." She began to weep convulsively, grabbing my wrists to forestall any further kneading of her tormented tummy. I continued to perform cunnilingus on her, conscious by her accelerated breathing that she was nearing orgasm despite the excruciating cramps in her inflated belly. "Oh, that's so good!" she exclaimed, humping her crotch against my face in rhythm with my oral action. Grasping her thighs firmly with each hand, I hastened the speed and intensity of my tongue attack, until she screamed, "Coming!" at the top of her lungs, collapsing against the toilet tank as the diluted soap and feces continued to spatter into the bowl. Her hair was wringing wet, and her breasts and gut were shiny with her perspiration. I lifted my face to bestow tender kisses on both nipples, then met her lips for an exploratory osculation that soon became a deep soul kiss. Wrapping my arms around her, I gently stroked her shoulders and back, still connected at the mouth, as she completed her defecation and slumped exhaustedly in my embrace.

"Stand up so we can wipe you," I directed, giving her my right shoulder to lean on. As she got weakly to her feet, Andrea and Rima took turns wiping her backside, while Karen ran hot water and suds on a washcloth to finish the job. We then helped her into the shower, where we scrubbed her thoroughly with the washcloth and a loofah sponge, rinsing her to a squeaky clean state before wiping her genitals and anal region with a soft rag coated with moisturizing cream and oil. Toweling her dry, we assisted her to a kneeling position on the shower floor, with a thick towel underneath her.

"How does your stomach feel?" I asked, kneeling beside her to rub her flattened, yet still pudgy, middle. "Are you still nauseous from the soap left in your system?"

"God, yes," she moaned. "I'm never more than a hair away from barfing, even after releasing that huge load." A sudden cramp seized her, and she clutched her abdomen convulsively. "I assume you and the girls were planning to rinse me out with clear water, or are you going to leave this soap inside me until I really do get sick?" Again, she groaned in utter nausea and klismaphilic need.

"I'd say she's ready," I replied, nodding to Karen, who produced the ten-quart opentop bag with the largest size colon tube attached. "Now, Trish, I want you to hold your asscheeks open as wide as you can get them." When she was slow to comply, I slapped her tush repeatedly to motivate her to follow my bidding. "That's better," I observed, noticing the parting of her wide white fanny. "Now I've got to lube you up again." Andy handed me an exam glove and the tube of K-Y; I put it on my right hand, spread a big glob of the medical jelly on my right hand index and middle fingers, and shoved the middle finger unceremoniously into her bunghole. She flinched at the sudden invasion, then squirmed lasciviously as I began fingerfucking her lewdly, turning and twisting my finger to reach every hidden recess in her twisty anal passage. I pulled out for a moment and added the index finger, again shoving them both in with no preliminaries. "What's that dripping onto the towel?" I inquired sternly. "Does fat-ass Trish get excited when I plumb her pooper with my hand?" She only grunted, her breath coming in short gasps that signalled her arousal. I pulled my fingers out again, adding the ring finger, and shoved into her, causing her to squeal in a sudden, intense climax.

"I think she's ready," Karen remarked. "I think we can safely blow up the little pig's gut like a water balloon." She came forward and began easing the tube into Trish's behind, not stopping until she had nearly a foot inside the short brunette's fundament. Andrea caught her signal and turned on the shower taps, adjusted the temperature (checking it with her wrist), and held the bag under the tap until it was full. She then suspended it on the shower nozzle and watched it begin to flatten as it drained into Tricia's thirsty bowels. Once two quarts had run in, she slid the tube deeper up Trish's rear, managing to ease another ten inches inside her. We watched her belly puff visibly downwards as the water continued to fill her, her breathing becoming ragged as she struggled to accustom herself to the increasing fullness in her middle.

"It's filling me too fast," Trish whined, one hand going to clutch her expanding gut. "I feel like I'm gonna explode." She began to breathe raggedly, groaning with the force of the invasion of her smelliest depths. I took pity on her then, seating myself on the tub floor in front of her so I could manipulate her labia and clitoris. The rhythm of her breathing changed to an aroused gasp as I played with her glistening pussy, watching the huge bag continue to empty into her stretched-out bowels. When six quarts had drained into her, Andy got on her knees behind Trish's butt, reached her hands around her waist, and began to gently massage her expanding abdomen. I continued to massage Tricia's puffy genitals as she mewled and whimpered in a chain of orgasms that brought my penis to full erection. She stared hungrily at my woodie and asked meekly, "May I suck your cock, Paul? It'll help me take my mind off the pressure in my tummy."

I nodded, and she began to fellate me exquisitely, just as Andy eased another foot of the tube into her colon, leaving only a foot of it still outside her hungry anus. I continued to stroke her genitalia as she continued to blow me exquisitely, until, with a deep groan, I began to squirt my essence deep into her swallowing throat. I looked up to see that the bag was near-empty, and nodded to Karen, who had stationed herself in the tub, with her hand on the clamp to the hose.

She closed it with a loud click! as Andy continued to stroke and massage Trish's hugely distended belly and I kept up my efficient masturbation of her inflamed cunt and clit. After she'd licked my dick dry, Tricia commented, "God, I'm so full. I feel like I'll shit forever when I finally get this tube out of my butt." She shivered, then pushed Andy's hands away from her tummy and cradled it like a pregnant woman is prone to do in public places. Still shuddering and panting, Trish continued, "I don't think I've ever come so hard and so often; you folks really know what you're doing. You really know how to torment someone in all their erotic centers at once. But," and she looked at me with a pouting expression, mock sorrow in her eyes, "my tits feel neglected. I still haven't had a nipple-gasm since I've been back."

"We'll fix that when we get you on the potty," Karen promised. "Paul, help me lift her up so she can sit on the edge of the tub for a minute. Rima needs to get a little more video footage of Trish in her fully inflated condition." I took Trish's left arm while Karen took her right, and we eased her into position so the Eurasian beauty could continue her video chronicle of the "blessed event." Tricia looked, literally, about six months pregnant, her abdomen swelling roundly out above her crotch, and she clutched it convulsively, moaning and sobbing as the pressure overrode every other sensation she felt, including the afterglow from a chain of thunderous orgasms. I got on my knees between her legs and began lapping at her labia and clit, determined to bring her off at least once more before we allowed her the release she craved so desperately. Within moments, she thrashed against my face in a tumultuous burst of ecstasy, slamming her pelvis against my jaw as she shook in utter bliss. I continued until Karen squeezed my right shoulder to indicate that it was time for the next phase.

"I'm getting some great footage," Rima announced. "I'll have to duplicate all these videos in the hospital video lab when I get a chance; we all need copies to fantasize about when we're away from each other. I can't think of when I've had more kinky fun than I have since you came into our lives, Paul(a). And to think it all started because Trish needed an editor for her senior thesis," she concluded, snickering lasciviously.

As I helped Tricia to a squatting position above the toilet, she announced, "I forgot to tell you guys--I saw my thesis director at the APA convention. He told me to come in early next week so we could conference on my final revisions. And," she smiled despite her shiver of pleasure as Andy began easing the thick tube from her behind, "he told me he's recommending it for some kind of research award given only to undergraduates in the social sciences." She shook in another orgasm as Andy slowly tugged the colon tube further out of her exposed rear, Rima still recording video footage as the pink tube, lightly coated with brown in places, kept coming out of Tricia's plump ass. "Oh God, that feels so good. I guess I don't remember the high colonics we took when I first introduced you folks to Paul(a), but it sure feels sexy, in a really perverse, nasty way, as all that rubber caresses my bowels on the way out. Uhh, OhmyGod, it's sooo gggoooooodddd!" she shrieked at the top of her lungs, her butt settling heavily on the toilet seat as the last of the rubber snake left her rear.

Andy got on her knees between Trish's legs and began to massage her bloated center more forcefully in an effort to ease her explosive voiding, bringing her mouth to the brunette's breasts to begin teasing her nipples with her lips and tongue. Trish began to pant and moan with renewed arousal, and she exclaimed, "God that feels good, Andrea. I'll give you exactly twenty- four hours to stop doing that." With a thunderous fart, she began to pass the huge load of water and soap and diluted feces that distended her middle, licking her lips lustfully as Rima continued shooting her video of the torment and teasing she was enduring willingly, all in the service of lust and healthy living. "I think Rima needs to get rid of the gas from the kimchee, too," Trish remarked. "Take a look at her tummy; she's built as slender as Andrea, but there's a definite bulge, a definite sign that she needs her rear invaded with a nozzle of liquid therapy." We all stared at Rima's middle, noting that it was slightly distended, just as Andy's had been when she'd first come upon me when I was holding the rum raisin treatment Trish had given me. "Karen, take over on the camcorder while Paul(a) and Andy get her ready for her treatment."

I washed the big bag and hose thoroughly, running some antibacterial detergent through it, then rinsed it with several loads of alternating cold and hot water. I then ran water to the desired temperature, filled the bag, and hung it on the shower curtain bar. I stationed Rima on all fours in the tub, her rear sticking up so Andrea and I could begin prepping her for her treatment. "You're the vixen who's responsible for all those nasty farts you and Andy have been cutting all afternoon and evening," I lectured sternly, "so I hope you'll realize that this purge will be both therapy and punishment. Damn but your rotten ass needs a thorough cleansing," I observed, coating an exam glove with Vicks before shoving my right hand middle finger roughly up her bung. I heard a gasp and then sobbing as the fiery lubricant hit the delicate nerve endings in her anus, so I began to fingerfuck her butt vigorously, stopping in a moment to withdraw and add my index finger. I fucked her ass with two fingers for several minutes until Andy winked at me and I withdrew, removed the glove, and coated the first foot and a half of the colon tube with K-Y jelly, handing it to Andrea so she could begin easing it up Rima's now-loosened sphincter. Starting the flow, I continued to lecture her, "So you think your elegant Asian ass is too good to receive a thorough irrigation at my hands? Well, think again, because I'm going to bloat your middle up bigger than Tricia's was a few minutes ago. And I'm going to make you hold it until you gag and retch and cramp up like you're about to burst." By this time, two quarts had flowed into her, and I began to rub her belly as Andy eased another foot of the tube into her behind. "There's no way you can master the power of this enema, so I want you to give in to it and start crying." I reached for the big vibrator and began stabbing it brutally into her middle, commenting, "We've got to get this stirred up so the kimchee gas will leave your bowels." I continued massaging her inflated gut as quarts five and six flowed in.

"Look at that belly now," Karen commented, as she came over to take the vibrator from my hands. "Trish," she looked back to where the pudgy brunette was operating the camcorder, "do you think her tummy will be fatter than yours if we refill this bag before we let her release?"

"Could be--I don't really recommend that, but it will be fun for us to try."

"Exactly what I thought. The video footage of her agony should be fun to show around in the nurses' lounge, too." She left off with the vibrator and began kneading Rima's distended midsection brutally hard, squeezing the flesh with an iron grip as the Eurasian beauty began to gasp and hiccup in utter excruciating nausea from the enormous pressure inside her colon. Karen began to manipulate the raven-haired woman's genitals with her left hand while she squeezed and roughly massaged her abdomen with her right. By this time, four feet of the tube were coiled sinuously inside the length of Rima's bowel, and the bag was nearly empty; Andrea opened the shower taps, adjusted the temperature, and filled the bag again.

"Let's try for a record, shall we?" she inquired, bending down to look into Rima's tear-filled eyes. "What do you say, sport? Are you game, or are you gonna be a pussy and wimp out on us?"

"God, I feel like I'm gonna explode," Rima sobbed. "But I guess I have no choice, do I?"

"None at all," Karen replied, returning to her massage of the slender woman's grossly expanded belly and puffy genitals. I watched in fascination and growing arousal as quarts seven, eight, and nine drained into her middle in quick succession; Rima's tummy looked at least six months pregnant when she hiccupped, gagged sharply, and fought the urge to vomit. I could see her throat working convulsively to control her nausea, brought on by the crushing fullness of the humiliation she bore deep in her inner depths. Karen's rough kneading of her abdomen became a gentle caress then, and Rima's breathing slowed to nearly normal as the soothing touch eased her cramps somewhat. Andy reopened the clamp with a loud click! and sent the other three quarts into the hapless black-haired beauty's stuffed tummy, Karen remarking, "I'll bet she's gonna make a succession of huge farts when she starts releasing that, after a ten-minute wait. Then we should hear no more of the kimchee gas for the rest of the evening." She kneaded our victim's tum with greater force, causing alarming gurgles and rumbles to emanate from her dangerously over-stretched guts. "Isn't that right, Rima?"

"I probably won't be able to fart after I release this huge load," she sobbed. "I'm almost afraid my asshole is going to turn inside out by the time I'm through shitting." She clutched her huge belly as a series of cramps shot through her, and her hiccups returned with some force as Andy closed the clamp to leave her three gallons of liquid torment to percolate inside her invaded colon.

"You'll have to digest that for at least ten minutes," Karen directed. "I think it would be best if you lie on your back so Paul and I can go to work on you." Rima flopped weakly on her left side, slowly turning turtle so that her belly looked slightly less inflated. "Paul(a), which would you rather do? Eat her pussy or rub her tummy?"

"I want a crack at that big gut; it will be more of a turn-on for the video if you do the cunnilingus honors. Is that cool with you, Karen?"

"Absolutely." She knelt between the raven-haired woman's thighs and began to give her head exquisitely, while I alternated my hands, kneeling at Rima's left side, between kneading her swollen middle and tweaking at her hardened nipples.

"This set of tapes we've been making since I returned," Trish announced, "are going to be a terrific form of foreplay the next time we have an enema orgy." She set the camcorder on its tripod, still running, and drew Andrea into her arms. "But I need to come too," she moaned, drawing the petite redhead into a deep soul kiss, then diving between her legs as Andy reciprocated in a wicked sixty-nine. Conversation ceased at that moment.

By the time Trish and Andy had eaten each other to several screaming orgasms, Rima began to shake with chills and returning nausea from holding the huge load inside her pregnant-looking belly. Due in part to the agony of her internal pressure, and in part due also to the orgasms she'd experienced from Karen's talented tongue, her face, neck, breasts, belly, and crotch were damp with sweat and vaginal secretions. Taking pity on her, we helped her up, positioned her in a squat over the toilet, Karen and I supporting her with arms around her shoulders, and I directed, "Andy and Trish, can you come over here and pull the tube out of her butt? The poor dear's about to explode."

They hastened to assist us, and we seated her gently on the throne, Karen massaging her middle while I did service at her mons veneris. An explosive fart thundered from her bottom as the massive load of water and diluted excreta began to eject forcefully from her overworked center, and she leaned wearily against Karen's plump breasts as her evacuation continued for a seemingly infinite duration. Her pelvic thrusts against my rowdy tongue bruised my face, so I hung on for dear life, knowing that her orgasmic contractions would make her emptying more bearable. At last, she slumped weakly against us, the water continuing to spatter from her rear, until the stream became a trickle and faded. Letting her rest for a few moments, we then lifted her slightly so Andy and Trish could cleanse her rear, then moved en masse to the shower where we took turns scrubbing her, then each other, carefully, to get every nook and cranny, every hidden orifice, of our bodies squeaky clean.

As we stepped out of the shower, Trish announced, "Someone here has been neglected," pointing at Karen's pudgy tummy. "I think we can make that a lot bigger before the night's over." She engaged the blonde in a deep soul kiss, running her hands caressingly down Karen's back and kneading the blonde woman's ass sensuously. Coming up for air, Trish remarked, "I am deeply grateful to you for the way you took care of Paul(a) while I was away at APA; not only does he look overripe when we cross-dress him, but he seems really happier now when we torment him sexually. I can't help but thinking your care and tutelage had a lot to do with that." She worked her tongue back into Karen's mouth as she surrendered to her passion for her cherished friend. "I love you, sistah, and I love you even more for taking good care of my sweet slave-boy while I was gone." She fell silent, noting that tears were sliding down Karen's cheeks. "What's wrong, hon?" she inquired in a soft voice.

"You're gonna hate me for telling you this, Trish, but I think I've fallen in love with your slave- boy." She shook with her sobs, making little mewling noises deep in her throat. "So many times while you were away, after Paul(a) was deep in sleep, I lay beside him, looking at him, wanting to kiss him all over his body and tell him how precious he's become to me, but I didn't want to have you angry at me." She shook in the depths of her sorrow, her voice nearly a wail.

"It's okay," Trish comforted her, hugging her more tightly and running soothing hands over the back of Karen's head and down her back. "Don't you think I noticed the way you've been looking at Paul(a) ever since I got back?" She gently kissed away the zäftig blonde's tears, then added, "I'm happy that you have fallen in love with him, as long as you'll share him with us. Oh, Karen, sweet baby, I know how lonely and hurting you've been--during all the years I've known you, I've seen you fall for so many men who weren't what you thought they were, and I know how it's eaten away at your heart and self-esteem. But Paul is different, and although I can't say I don't wish I feel the passion for him that you feel, I love him in my own way just as much as you do." Hugging Karen fiercely, she added, "So it's okay that you're in love with him, and I assume he returns your feelings, because I've noticed him looking at you in a special way since my return from APA. Now dry those tears, and we're gonna purge all those feelings of sadness and fear of rejection right outa you." She grabbed Karen's buttocks then, squeezing them tight, then wormed the middle finger of her right hand up the buxom woman's fundament. "Do you remember that trick I taught you, lover?" she asked.

"The one you did that time when it was just the two of us in that porno movie house? The one where you wormed your finger into my butt when I was in my seat, and plumbed my nasty backhole until I came?" She began to pant in arousal.

"That's the one," Tricia replied. She began pumping her finger in and out of Karen's tush as she added, "Let's give Paul and the gang a great show so his dick will be hard as a rock when we begin filling your tum. That way you can give him some great head while we're bloating your stomach to impossible dimensions." Karen's gasping served as an indication of how much Trish's lewd foreplay and hot talk were arousing her; I could feel my dick stiffening into full erection even before Rima came up to me and began an exquisite handjob as Andy began fingerfucking my bung while simultaneously eating out Rima's glistening box. Thrusting her tongue hotly back into Karen's mouth, Trish observed, "You should see what a daisy chain our little show has set off. Are you having fun, hon?"

"God, yes," Karen rasped. "I think I've already come at least three or four times." She thrust her tongue into Tricia's mouth, and reciprocated her kinky foreplay by worming the middle finger of her right hand into the brunette's bunghole. "But one finger isn't enough anymore--please put more fingers into my asshole. I need to come inside my ass--deep in my bowels where the nerve endings to my heart lie." I looked at Trish, noticing that tears had begun to slide from her eyes, so moved was she from Karen's amazing statement, then noted the same tears on Rima's face and looked down to see that Andrea too had tears sliding down her cheeks.

"You're crying, too, Paul(a)," Karen observed. "What is it with you people? I didn't say anything that special, did I?" She began to kiss away Tricia's tears as the two voluptuous women continued pumping fingers lustfully in and out of each other's behinds.

"You're a poet, Karen," I observed. "Nobody else had the imagination--or the courage--to express what we've all begun to realize about our individual and collective erotic triggers, however unconsciously." Gently disengaging myself from Rima's and Andy's attentions, I approached Trish and Karen, drawing them into a three-way hug. "I feel like the luckiest guy on the planet, having such terrific ladies in my life." Kissing Karen gently on the lips, hesitant about following up with my tongue because I didn't want to spoil the moment, I added, "Now it's time for us to party-- Karen's ass and tum will be our playground tonight." I squeezed her ass lovingly before I rejoined Andy and Rima, motioning for them to follow me into the bathroom.

"Do you think Karen can take a bigger load than you just took?" I asked Rima, caressing her fanny in a friendly manner as Andy began running water for my blonde lover's ordeal. "She is considerably bigger and heavier than you are, after all."

"You make it sound like a criticism, Paul(a). This is the woman who just declared her love for you and you--presumably--are in love with her, too." She looked at me sternly, making me feel as if I'd stepped over some kind of uncrossable line.

"No--it was only an observation. One thing that I've discovered in recent years, and especially since I've been hanging with you four ladies, is that I'm especially drawn to big, plump, full- figured women. I don't know if it's a desire to return to maternal arms or what, exactly, but chubby women really turn me on. I was just thinking that Karen might have a bigger capacity than you do--and I want to give her all the bursting enema love that she can possibly handle, because I'm so in love with her. I feel like I'm going crazy--I haven't felt this deliriously excited about a woman for a very long time."

Rima took me into a tender hug and said soothingly, "Sorry I bit your head off, but Karen is really sensitive about her weight sometimes, even though she and I both know that you think she's hot stuff. Now bear in mind that we don't want to do any permanent damage to her--it wouldn't be very sexy if her colon burst and she had to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of her life--but I've seen you take ten quarts or more (sixteen if what Karen told me about the high colonic she gave you during spring break is accurate), and I took twelve not long ago. What say we shoot for fourteen to sixteen, after we've first cleaned her guts out good with hot soapy water?" She caressed my balls as she suggested this, regarding me with a mischievous smile. When I just stared stupidly, she added, "I've seen her take at least three gallons and hold it for as long as an hour--of course, she was a sweaty wreck when she finally got to release all that water, and we did have to help her into bed, where she slept for about ten hours--but the point is that she's much more physically robust than her emotional fragility might suggest."

"Let's get her in here and see what she can hold," I directed, my erection returning at the thought of blowing up my luscious blonde plumper like a balloon. As Andrea left to get Karen and Trish, Rima beckoned me with her right index finger crooked.

In a low whisper, she confided, "I have a special additive out in the car, so cover for me when they get back in here."

Before she could leave, I asked, "What kind of additive are you speaking of, Rima?"

"It's an old Korean formula--now recognized as one of the true, effective, foolproof aphrodisiacs in existence. It's more effective in producing erections than Viagra, and makes every woman multiorgasmic. Karen will be begging you to fuck her before the first cup of water flows into her butt." She scampered away just before Andy, Trish, and Karen returned to the bathroom.

"Where did Rima go?" Trish inquired. "We can't start without her." She assisted Karen into the tub, directing her to kneel on all fours with her head resting on her hands and her tush thrust high in the air.

"She'll be back in a minute with an extra-special something for Karen's treatment." I slapped lightly at Karen's big round butt, remarking, "I'm so excited about the way we're going to invade your ass that you'll probably feel my jizz all over your rear end even before you start to feel full." I slapped her ass some more, bringing it to a bright pink shade while she squirmed in arousal.

"Baby spanks my fanny so sensuously," she crooned. "Are you sore at me for fessing up to Trish about my feelings for you?"

"No, darling--I'm ecstatic that you had the courage to be up front with all of the gang. I'm just slapping your butt because I love you and want you to feel good." I knelt beside her and began to caress her soft, rounded middle. "Is your empty tummy aching to be filled?" I inquired, trailing my right hand down her belly to tease at the opening lips of her glistenig vagina.

"God, yes. I want you to fill me until I'm about to burst. I feel so hollow and empty and kind of left out of things." I began to rub her center sensuously as she gurgled contentedly.

By this time, Rima had returned from her car, carrying an opaque plastic container. "This stuff is the shit," she began. "Prepare for the wildest sexual ride of your lives, Karen and Paul." She handed the container to Andrea, directing, "Pour about a quarter cup of that stuff into the bag and mix it thoroughly with the water and soap," then flexed her right bicep and added, "good thing I've been working out, as Tricia and Andy and I will probably have to half-carry you two to bed when the evening's festivities are over."

"Is it that old family recipe you told me about?" Trish inquired.

"Yeah--it's called something untranslatable, something about `heaven in the loins' and it's guaranteed to make men's members hard like steel and women's secret places convulse like chains of firecrackers." She tittered as she delivered this witticism, and I looked down to see Karen looking lovingly into my eyes. "You folks are in for such a treat," Rima concluded. "I'd been waiting for an occasion special enough to introduce you to this stuff, and this is definitely it."

"Are you gonna leave me and Trish out of it?" Andy complained.

"Hell no--I just want to get Karen and Paul going on this stuff first, then the three of us can have our own private orgy once we've put them to bed." She gestured to the petite redhead, who began inserting the hospital style peartip nozzle into Karen's open behind, opened the clamp, and let the soapy water begin its gurgling journey into the plump blonde's rectum and colon. "Now, Trish, will you get a beer and a glass for Paul here?" The Rubenesque brunette skipped off to her errand, callypygous fanny swaying sensuously as she departed. Rima weighed my balls in her hands, remarking, "This is going to blow your mind, Paul--I've only given some of this stuff to one other man, and we fucked for fourteen hours straight (he probably came ten or twelve times in that period, each time as intensely as the first one) and finally had to quit because we were so sore that the thought of further coupling held very little appeal for us." By this time Trish had returned with a cold beer; she handed it and the glass to Rima, who measured a quarter cup of the powder, poured it into the glass after pouring the beer, and stirred it vigorously with her finger. "Enjoy, Paul," she remarked, handing me the glass.

I took a healthy swig, noting that the additive had no taste except to slightly sweeten the normal bitterness of the beer. I took another swig, noting that heat was beginning to spread in my groin region, and topped off the glass with a third huge gulp. Before I could even hand my glass to Rima, I felt my dick erecting harder than it ever had before, and I looked down to note that it appeared to be about two inches longer and a half-inch thicker than its normal erect state. By this time, Karen was bounding out of the tub, nozzle still buried up her ass, begging, "You gotta fuck me now, Paul. I'm burning up inside." I sat on the edge of the tub as she lowered her glistening cunt over my erection, humping up and down on me forcefully as if a demon had taken over her sexual parts.

"Aren't you feeling cramps from the soap?" Andy inquired. "If it was me in your position, I'd be wanting to shit before I could even think of sex."

"You're so deliciously naïve," Rima noted, adding, "just wait until it's your turn. This is an aphrodisiac so powerful it overrides every other bodily sensation." She threw her arm companionably around Andrea's shoulder, thrust her tongue lewdly into the smaller woman's left ear, and observed, "Just watch, grasshopper, and you'll see the method to my madness."

Meanwhile, Karen and I were ignoring the other women completely, so feverish with lust that we slammed furiously into each other in utter consuming need for release. Not until Tricia closed the clamp on Karen's hose and gently eased the nozzle from her rear did we even notice that she was holding nearly four quarts of soapy water in her distended belly. "Did you want to release that gut-buster before we go any further?" I inquired, trying to empathize with how she must be feeling.

"Hell, no, it just makes me hot as a twenty-dollar firecracker. Don't stop fucking me, whatever you do." I felt the feverish heat of her vaginal walls snapping around my hugely engorged penis, and I complied with her request, slamming up to meet her pelvic thrusts with all the strength I had. After a few dozen of such bone-jarring thrusts, she ululated, "Comming--and it's sssoooogggggooooooddddddddd!" as she smashed her pelvis into mine with even greater force; I felt a burning sensation that began in my belly, traveled through my loins, and manifested itself as the most intense, longest, hottest ejaculation I'd ever experienced. "God I love fucking you," I exclaimed, shooting my seed deep into her belly, which only triggered another chain of orgasms for her, causing her eyes to go wide, then roll back in her head. She hung limply in my arms for a moment, breathing stertorous as she struggled for consciousness.

"Are you okay, baby?" I inquired solicitously. Despite the sheen of sweat on her forehead and the sexual flush on her neck and breasts, her face was whiter than I'd ever seen it.

"Ask Trish and Rima and Andy to leave us alone for a few minutes, okay?" she whispered, her hand caressing my face in such a loving way that I was overwhelmed with emotion, and began to weep in a sympathetic response to the tears in her eyes.

"Trish, can you and Andy and Rima give us a few minutes alone?" Trish smiled, wrapped her arms around Andrea's and Rima's shoulders, and led them out of the bathroom, giggling as they departed.

"What is it, lover?" I inquired, concerned that something bad was about to happen. "Is anything wrong?"

"Actually, hon, things couldn't possibly be more right--unless, that is, you're the kind of guy who fears commitment and will run to the ends of the earth to avoid it." She looked deeply into my eyes, searching my soul for a clue to the intentions of my heart.

"No--I'm not afraid of commitment. I've been in and out a lot of relationships over the years-- some happy but doomed--some troubled but intense. Are you asking me for a commitment? If so, I'm very happy to declare to the world that I love you and want to be with you forever."

"I'm so relieved to hear you say that, darling." She paused, beginning to raise her pelvis to tantalize my returning hardon, stirring me into full arousal within a half-dozen strokes. "Do you remember how I went into that chain of orgasms, when my eyes rolled back in my head, and I had to struggle for several moments to catch my breath?"

"Sure do--I was scared that you were having some kind of seizure, and that I wouldn't know what to do to help you, and I almost broke down crying because I couldn't bear the thought of losing you." As I spoke this, I felt the moisture rise to my eyes again.

"Don't cry, baby," she cooed, stroking my face gently with her right hand. "I'm too healthy to die from a bellyful of soapy water and a chain of multiple orgasms. The reason my eyes rolled back in my head is that I felt something deep inside when I went into that multiorgasmic chain, something that I've looked at in the clinical literature and spoken to my mother, my older sisters, and a few other girlfriends from the nursing program about, but never believed until it happened to me tonight." Her face bore an enigmatic expression, a sort of Mona Lisa smile that made my heart a triphammer in my chest.

"I think I know what this is leading up to," I ventured, my voice husky with emotion.

"You're one of the few men who might understand that, yes--most guys don't have your intelligence and sensitivity, but I think you do know. But I'm not going to keep you in suspense any longer, in any case." She paused, cleared her throat, and continued. "I felt a sensation behind the walls of my vagina, a physical rush that sexual mystics like D. H. Lawrence have called the quickening. Paul, I hope you're being for real with me about not fearing commitment, because I think we made a baby tonight." Her eyes searched mine, praying that she wouldn't find rejection.

"Oh Karen," I moaned, holding her tight and beginning to move her up and down on my bursting erection. "I'm so happy--I can't think of any other woman I'd want to have a child with than you. And I can't wait to see the changes that pregnancy makes on your body--to lie beside you in bed at night and hear the fetal heartbeat, to have you swell my tummy up with bigger and bigger loads of water as your belly gets bigger, to gently rub soothing lotion on your breasts when they start to get sore and tender." I hugged her hard as I brought her body up and down on mine with increasing speed and force. "And through it all, I'll want to keep having sex with you, making sweet love or rutting like crazed weasels, depending on what suits our moods." I could feel her breathing quicken as she approached yet another chain of orgasms, and I asked, semi-flippantly, "Is that enough of a commitment for you?"

"Oh baby--yess--ooh, fuck me harder!" she shrieked, as her body began to shake and tremble in ecstasy, so I slammed into her faster and harder than I'd ever fucked anyone before in my life. "Commminnnngggggg! It's soooo ggggoooooddddd! Ohhhhhhh--I feel like I've died and gone to heaven. Baby, baby--ohhhh, don't ever stop fucking me!" By this time, her shrieks were so loud that Tricia, Andrea, and Rima came running into the bathroom, alarmed by the intensity of Karen's climax, just as I grunted and moaned in my own bliss, exclaiming, "Let's try for twins, hon." As soon as I said this, I looked into Karen's eyes, which bore only a mischievous twinkle. "Sorry I gave away our secret," I intoned meekly.

"It's okay," she whispered. Motioning to the three other women to come forward, she spoke in a more audible tone, "A little anouncement, girls. Just before I had Paul chase you guys out of the john, I felt an unmistakeable sensation in my uterus; I was just telling Paul I think we made a baby tonight." She looked beseechingly at the other women, seeking affirmation and approval from them.

"That's wonderful," Trish announced, coming forward to throw her arms around both of us. "This is real, and this is right, Karen. I'm thinking back to the fear you manifested about telling me how you really feel about Paul, and I'm realizing that my understanding and approval has sanctioned your coming together in a holy way--a way that no church or magistrate can put aside or supersede." Turning to Andrea and Rima, she inquired, "How do you two feel about the news?"

"It's terrific," Andrea declared. "I too had had a feeling that something special was happening between Paul and Karen, but I held my tongue because I didn't want to run the risk of jinxing it." She came forward and hugged us, wisecracking, "I wonder what our other friends in the nursing program will say when they realize that giving you a baby shower implies receiving a golden and a brown shower."

We all exploded with laughter at this comment, then Rima stepped over to give us a hug and her blessing. "Now you should understand why I decided to try the family formula on you two first. I'd noticed the chemistry between Paul and Karen the first time all of us got together--if what I did helped push things ahead a little, let me be the godmother, okay?"

"You got it," Karen and I almost shouted in unison. All of a sudden Karen winced, looked at me fiercely, and observed, "I think I gotta release this soapy water right away--my belly's starting to hurt now that I've slaked my initial lust for my new lover--my life partner--my devoted slave--my husband." She lifted herself off my lap, sat on the toilet, and began a farting, gurgling expulsion as I raced to her side to massage her bloated middle. "Thanks," she gasped. "I hope you folks intend to rinse me out so I'm not too sick to fuck Paul's brains out all night long."

Andrea tittered, then admonished in a stern tone, "Actually, before you and Trish came into the bathroom earlier, Paul and Rima and I were speculating about how big your capacity actually is-- we thought we'd try to push it a little further tonight."

"And I'll probably come so hard my heart will stop beating, right?" she grunted as the soapy purge continued to leave her plump bottom. Finally, she flashed us a bright smile, announcing, "I think I'm done," rising from the toilet seat so we could team-wipe her magnificent fanny.

"What about our enema parties?" Rima inquired. "Is your pregnancy going to put an end to those? I'd sure hate to see wedding bells break up that old gang of mine." She tittered as she delivered this remark, turning to present us with her ass, on which Andrea had drawn the words, "Just Married" with a water-soluble highlighter.

"Don't be silly, ya fuckin' WASP wannabe," Karen quipped. "In the first place, Paul and I haven't discussed marriage--just emotional and spiritual commitment. That's enough for now. In the second place, I'll need those enema parties more than ever now that I'm pregnant (dare I say I hope I'm pregnant, because I want to have Paul's baby so bad I can almost feel the contractions through the tunnel of time?). Come on--everyone except Trish and Paul is trained in medicine; you all know what happens to a woman's digestive tract during pregnancy. And I intend to keep Paul(a)'s belly inflated to a size similar to mine during each and every day of my pregnancy. Does that answer your question?" She smiled warmly at Rima.

"I think it's time her asshole met its doom," Andrea observed. "Were we talking about fourteen quarts, Paul, or eighteen?"

"I don't remember--let's see how much she can really take." I patted Karen's belly gently as I said this, adding, "I don't want you to think that I made a bet with these reprobates or anything like that, but if my estimate is right, we won't have to buy any Pampers for the first six months."

Karen swatted my tush sharply, then thrust a finger affectionately into my behind, remarking, "I think you have to try to match quarts with me, since you made a bet based on the elasticity of my colon." Turning to the others, she asked, "How about it girls--shall we make him try to keep up with me?"

I gulped as I saw three thumbs pointing up before hands grabbed me, put me in the oversized tub next to Karen, and began lubing my tush for the ordeal ahead.

Minutes later, Karen and I found ourselves bent over, butts touching, in Tricia's oversized bathtub; Rima and Andrea were lubing our heinies with slippery, bare fingers (Trish figured the intimate touch was best, since she wanted to create good karma for our fledgling family unit). My dick was erect, as it had been through most of the evening, and when I glanced over at Karen, I noted that she too was panting in arousal. I mouthed the words, "I love you," and she gazed at me with such tenderness that I felt the tears well up in my eyes again. Meanwhile, Tricia was filling two of the six-quart bags (with pint increments measured off on the sides) with warm, steamy water. "Here's the game plan," she announced. "We'll start off with Karen, and give her two quarts before we give Paul(a) any water; my plan is to stagger this so both of them aren't full to bursting and ready to expel at the same time." Squeezing our fannies lasciviously, she asked, "Are you ready?" We both nodded, so she nodded to Rima, who started Karen's bag. "Feel free to play with each other's genitals, breasts, etc., while this is going on," Trish added.

I reached over and ran my hand along the curve of Karen's belly, asking, "Are you sure you're game for this?"

"Oh yes--I wanna go for a new record. But play with my tits and pussy, will you?" I responded by rubbing both breasts with one hand while teasing her labia and clitoris with the other, causing her mouth to open to utter little gasps of passion and utter sexual need. A double clicking sound indicated that Karen's flow was closed off and my infusion was beginning. She weighed my balls in her hand, then began a slow, exquisite stroking of my engorged manhood. I felt the overly warm water flowing into my belly, pushing aside everything in its path; my erection throbbed harder than ever, were that even possible. Karen's warm fingers wrapped around its rigid length felt like a touch of heaven, and I moaned in desperate arousal. Just when I thought I'd tumble over the edge into orgasm, a snap signaled that my first two quarts had flowed in, and that Karen's next two were beginning. I began to rub her expanding tummy gently, occasionally sneaking a couple of fingers downwards to tease her labia and clit, hearing her gasp in arousal as the heat from the massive infusion began to permeate her body. "Touch my titties," she moaned. "My nipples are like little penises standing at attention." What I felt when I brushed my hands over her breasts confirmed this assertion, and I felt an electric thrill of erotic empathy shoot through my loins, especially when I began to work those rock-hard buds with the thumbs and forefingers of each hand. At one point, I twisted both points especially hard, and she jumped on all fours, rubbing her wide, soft ass against mine as she erupted in a chain of mini-orgasms. Just as quickly, a snap! indicated her break period.

The second that quart three began to flow into my bowels, I felt the pre-ejaculate dripping furiously from the end of my penis; Karen looked over to note this, and began to speed up the pace of her hand movements, intent on bringing me to a quick climax so the treatment could build me up to yet another bursting erection. I soon found it impossible to hold out any longer, and with a basso groan I felt the burning exit of my semen, which shot violently against the far end of the tub in five or six powerful bursts. I heard applause, then Trish remarked, "It appears that Karen and Paul are one on one in the orgasm department, although I have a sneaking suspicion that Karen has come more than once since the treatment began--she's just not letting us know that she has." She pelted Karen's tush lightly with a studded rubber paddle, and inquired, "Isn't that right, homegirl?"

"Oh, yeah," Karen panted. "I've probably come at least six or seven times." She cradled her abdomen against the four quarts of water now inside her before bending to cleanse the tip of my dick with her velvet mouth. Just as quickly, a snap! signalled that quarts five and six were on their way into her colon, and she resumed her position, head down and rump thrust lewdly up in the air. She turned her head to face me, and I noted her open mouth, etched into a silent moan of passion as the water caused her belly to distend further and puff downward.

"You're starting to look a little `pregnant'," I observed. "Damn but you have a sexy big belly, Karen, even when it's empty." I felt her hand slide up my thigh to caress my re-awakening erection. "Trish," I inquired, turning my head to face her, "may I please have the next two quarts, please? I want to enjoy the feelings of fullness Karen is hogging for herself." A snap! signalled that the water was on its way to join the load already pooling in the stretching reaches of my colon; another snap ten seconds later indicated that Karen had finished quart six. I looked lovingly into Karen's eyes and remarked, "You know that you can forget our bet if you want to--I don't want to see you do anything that might hurt you, now that I realize how deeply I'm in love with you."

"Quit being a pussy," the blonde plumper teased. "If you're trying to get out of the endurance race, you'll have to come up with a better excuse than that." Looking at Trish and Rima, she replied, "Tell him, girls. You know how I got my reputation as the Lavage Queen; maybe it'll take his mind off his expanding belly and put his attention back on his genitals where it belongs."

Rima knelt at my side, rubbing my paunch gently, then trailing her fingers to my granite erection. "It's true, Paul(a). When we first did a gastroenterology practicum in our first year of the nursing program, the professor, a notorious dyke, once held a contest after we'd gotten about three weeks of practice giving each other enemas. Karen walked in, took eight quarts, and held them for an hour without the use of any retention devices." She giggled, then concluded, "That dyke professor fell in love with her, and invited Karen back for about four semesters running just to demonstrate that such feats are possible if an individual is able to master control of their sphincters and abdominal muscles. Of course, the professor also promised Karen an A+ in the course if Karen would let the prof eat her pussy while she was holding the two gallons of water."

"And that was no real problem," Karen rejoined, grunting just after the click! signalled that the end of quart eight had run into her beach-ball middle. "I got my A+, but then I had to call security on the dyke professor because she started stalking me." She reached over to touch my pendulous abdomen, which was just receiving quarts seven and eight. "You want a real rush?" she inquired, with a wicked smile on her face.

"What's that, hon?"

"Let `em run you all the way up through quart ten while I give you head and Trish tells you another one of my Lavage Queen exploits." She brought her face to mine, thrusting her tongue lasciviously into my mouth, swirling it around to the point that I could again feel precum leaking from the head of my shatteringly hard penis. "How about it, baby? Do you trust me?"

"Let's do it," I sighed, my voice shaky with a combination of lust and apprehension. Karen's mouth on my dick felt exquisite as I felt the volume and pressure increasing inside me to excruciating dimensions. I looked at my belly, noting that it was swollen as in pregnancy, and I felt as if I might burst at any moment. The water kept coming, possessing my entire consciousness as Trish recited the story of the time they all visited a colonic clinic (it was at this point that I discovered that Tricia had once been a nursing student but had burned out in her junior year and switched her major to psychology) just to treat themselves to a new kind of klismaphiliac experience.

"It was the standard routine," Tricia observed. "Total treatment volume for each of us was five gallons, and we could stop the infusion at any point to release as much as we wanted." She giggled, then began frigging her own clit as she drifted back into the memory: "Rima took about a gallon and a half, maybe two gallons, before she needed a break, but she was even thinner then, still lean and bony like a preadolescent. She did finish the rest of the five gallons, but could only manage a gallon to a gallon and a half at a time, and she rested for twenty minutes at each break, after releasing most of the water she'd absorbed." At this point, Rima came over and began lapping at Trish's labia, before picking up with the story.

"Andrea surprised all of us--her first three gallons went in with no problems at all, then she went all rigid, started shaking, and clutched her belly as if she was going to explode. The colonic therapist, an old hand at this kind of reaction, shut off the flow, whisked the tube from her rear, and massaged her stomach as she passed about two gallons of the infusion. . . ."

"My stomach looked like a medicine ball," Andy interrupted. "But after that I kept a gallon inside and took the other two gallons without incident, although it did take me forever to shit the rest of it back out." She began frigging her clit at the recollection, shivering over the intensity of the experience. "And then," she concluded, "I came about eighteen times in quick succession that last time the therapist pulled the tube out of my ass--it was heavenly!" Her eyes rolled back in her head as she bounced on the bathroom floor to the throes of her climax. I felt Karen's hand move from my weeping erection to my own beachball middle, caressing me gently before she looked over to Tricia and Rima.

"His gut's rock-hard," she observed. "I hope he doesn't rupture before we're through." She looked at me and nodded to Andrea: "Can you get the salt and a measuring spoon from the kitchen, and dump about two tablespoons into each bag?" Andrea scampered away, still wobbly from the climax she'd just sustained, returning within moments to do the necessary doctoring to our purges.

"Tricia also took about three gallons at the start, passed one, took the last two and screamed for the toilet just after the therapist shut off the water. But Karen," and here Andrea licked her lips in a lascivious manner, leaning over us to caress our distended paunches before resuming her story, "took all five gallons nonstop, fingering herself the whole time and moaning in orgasm. She was lost in her own little world, and after the rest of us had expelled and were lying around absolutely exhausted, begged the attendant for another gallon because she felt so `empty'." She patted Karen's tummy as she opened the clamp to let quarts nine and ten flow into her expanding middle.

"Give me a whole gallon at once--then I'll still be two quarts ahead of that pussy Paula," Karen snarled lustfully. She rubbed her stomach luxuriantly as the water stuffed itself further and further into the farthest reaches of her colon, and then returned her attention to my dick, capturing it in her mouth to fellate me exquisitely until the twelfth quart had finished flowing into her. She removed her mouth from my manhood long enough to ask, "Can you handle just two more little quarts, dear, or are you needing to get rid of your load?" then returned to her exquisite act of fellatio.

"As long as you let me come in your mouth," I replied, grunting as a snap! indicated that I'd soon be holding three gallons of water inside my exploding tummy.

"The really amazing thing," Trish observed, "is that even after taking the extra gallon, Karen kneeled in front of the therapist with her fanny up in the air and masturbated for another ten minutes before she asked the uniformed woman to help her into the john." She came over and began slapping at our buttcheeks with a wire-bristled hairbrush to spur us on to climax, adding, "Of course, we didn't see Karen for about two days afterwards--she slept for about thirty hours after we dropped her off at her apartment."

"Between the cleaning out and sleeping through about four mealtimes, I lost about fifteen pounds on that excursion," Karen remarked. "All my jeans and panties were baggy and my tits shrank-- until Trish and Andrea took pity on me and forced me to eat two pizzas and a half-gallon of ice cream at one sitting." She shivered from holding her twelve quarts of water, just as Rima opened the clamp to let quarts eleven and twelve flow into my depraved behind. Karen resumed her mouth action on my dick, to the point that I shot a copious load into her mouth and down her gullet when I was halfway through quart twelve.

"God, it hurts so bad!" I complained after Rima closed the clamp. "I think I've reached the end of my road--can I please release all this water?" Rima and Tricia quickly helped me to stand, sat me in a squat over the toilet, and began to ease the oversized nozzle from my rear, holding me as I collapsed in their arms while the huge load of water thundered from my behind. I looked over to see Karen furiously frigging her clit as Andy released quarts thirteen and fourteen into her overstuffed bowels. As I grunted from my own cramping expulsion, I asked Karen, "Isn't your belly starting to hurt, even just a little?"

"I feel pretty full," she replied, "but no, the initial cramps from the first gallon or two passed long ago. What I do feel is a chain of orgasms ripping through my whole body." A loud click! indicated that she now held three and a half gallons of water inside her straining belly, and although she denied feeling pain, a sheen of sweat covered her entire body. "Once you're done on the john, honey dearest, I want you to come over and fuck me dogstyle; I want your hands all over my big belly while I take even more water inside me." I grunted and strained to release the last of my huge hydraulic humiliation, then nodded to Rima and Andrea, who came over to wipe me, cleanse my rear with washcloths, and pat baby powder into my overworked anal region. I approached Karen in her obscene position as Trish opened the clamp to release quarts fifteen and sixteen into her insatiable bottom, my erection stirring back into life at the sight of those soft white globes. "Come fuck me, darlin'--I need it sooo badddd!" Her voice was a ragged gasp as I eased my erection into the moist heat of her vagina. "By the way, from the pictures my mother--a spit and image of me when she was younger--showed me of her when she was carrying me, this is what I'll look like when I'm about seven months along. So you can imagine the kind of agony you'll face trying to keep up with me in the third trimester." I began running my hands soothingly across the grossly distended curvature of her fecund belly as I slid in and out of the moist heat of her hungry vagina, its walls compressed by the weight of the enormous load inside her colon. "Please rub my tummy a little harder," she begged, "so the water will reach every hidden gas pocket and clean me out really well. If you don't help me with that, there's a real chance that my colon could rupture when I release this load." I began squeezing her belly with increasing force, likewise accelerating the intensity and speed of the pistoning motion of my hips driving my lust- engorged cock in and out of her sweet pocket of feminine mystery. Her voice became a ragged gasp as she urged me onward, grunting with the gurglings and rumblings that emerged from her distended middle. "Trish, how much water is in me now?" she inquired with an obscene purr in her voice.

"Sixteen quarts, so there's two left in this bag; shall I have Andy and Rima fill some more pitchers to top you off when I run in the last two?" Her face bore a mysterious smile that didn't quite hide her fear for Karen's safety.

"Absolutely--I want to show Paul what I'll look like just before our baby is born." She moaned in orgasm several times as Trish let in the last two quarts in the bag, while the other women filled the pitchers with six more quarts in reserve. "Andy, will you get the camcorder from my purse?" Karen shook with an overload of lust. "Damn but I wish we'd been taping this from the start. Oh well--better to have some footage of my tummy getting really big so Paul will have something to masturbate over in case I don't survive." I stopped my stroking as tears leaped to my eyes; I couldn't face the possibility that this dear woman might push the envelope so far that she died in my arms. "Don't you dare stop fucking me, Paul," she said in mock sternness. "I don't think I'll die--I really do know what I'm doing."

"But you're trying to match a record you set how many years ago?"

"About four, to be precise. I took a year off from school to work as a medical advisor to the Hellfire Club in New York City." The thought of that famous venue for sadomasochistic excess revived my arousal to an incredible degree, and I began slamming my dick in and out of her even more forcefully. "I like that--in fact, I think I could use a lot more of that before the night is through." Her callypygous fanny slammed back at me, the weight of the internal swimming pool she held by sheer will adding to the force of the movement with which she met my thrusts. "God, I love fucking you, Paul. I don't think I'll ever stop coming tonight." She began making little mewling gasps deep in her throat, interspersed with gutteral grunts that made my dick throb all that much harder. "Thanks for sharing the family formula with us, Rima; I've never been so incredibly horny in my life. But when are you and Trish and Andy going to get down and dirty like we've been doing all evening?"

"As soon as you're done hogging all the hot water and have released it safely," Rima replied. "I'll need to rinse those six-quart bags so we can all hook up and fill up together. In fact, Andy, will you get the other six quart model out of the car, please?" The elfin redhead left to pursue her errand, returning moments later as Rima directed, "Now rinse out the bag Paul(a) was using, run water to the right temp, put two ounces of the powder in each bag when they're half full, and top them off." She poured one of the pitchers of reserve water into Karen's bag, then slowly began pouring in the contents of the second pitcher after opening the clamp. "This is the home stretch, hon. Are you ready to take the rest of it nonstop?"

"Oh yeah, baby. Fill my guts until it comes out my mouth." She humped back forcefully against me, commanding, "Paul, don't stop fucking me whatever you do. Even if you come, keep sliding that dick in and out of my cunt--it's the only thing that keeps me from cashing in my chips." Her voice became a wail, changing into a high-pitched ululation then a caterwauling that sent Tricia running to put a heavy metal CD on her stereo and crank the volume up loud. "Fuck me harder, baby--fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmeFUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKME . . . ooh baby baby baby FUUUCCCCKKKKKMMMEEEEEEE!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs; I looked up to see that the bag, filled for the fourth time, was nearly empty. Slamming my dick in and out of her cunt as fast and hard as I could, I pressed hard into the hugely swollen expanse of her belly at the same time, squeezing its distended contour roughly to work the last of the water into places inside her system that might have trapped undigested food for a decade or more.

Then, feeling her big soft round ass slamming against my groin, I began to come profusely, delivering my spunk in hot jets that made me tingle from every bodily locus at once--from the tips of my toes to the top of my head, in my nipples, in my ass, deep inside my belly, throughout my chest cavity, ringing in my ears, blurring my vision, and finally making my balls and the head of my dick feel as if they were being ripped out by the roots. I slumped against Karen's plump rear, still easing my dick in and out of her superheated womanhood as I heard her screaming and gasping and moaning as if from a great distance away. I continued to massage her belly roughly, wanting to ensure that she'd be able to complete her expulsion without rupturing her precious colon, which had to this point taken the most strenuous of discipline it had taken since she began her nursing program.

"Ease up, baby, or I'm gonna shit all over your crotch." She slumped forward, my dick popping out of her pussy with a wet plop, and lay on her belly barely moving. "I'm so full," she groaned. "Why oh why did I do that to myself again?" Rising to a vertical position where she sat on her feet, she said, in a softer tone, "Just rub my tummy gently, and keep with me while I try to make it to the toilet without having an accident." I cradled her waist with my arms, supporting her with my shoulders as she got shakily to her feet, then followed her, still tenderly massaging her huge gut, as she made a tipsy beeline to the waiting john, Rima trailing behind us with the bag in her hand. "Now ease that big nozzle out of my rear end, then get on your knees and love on me while I expel." I gently backed the hospital special out of her behind, closing the clamp and handing it to Rima, then sank to my knees as she sat heavily on the can. I kissed her tenderly, and her eager response guided me to begin a soul kiss that seemed to last forever, a tongue duel that distracted her from the crampy pain in her midsection, while reaching to stroke the orgasm-swollen lips of her vagina and fully erect clit with the fingers of my right hand. "Ooohh-- that's so gooddd! Keep it up, darlin'--don't stop until my gut has deflated all the way." I continued kissing and stroking her, somewhat alarmed by the ominous rumbles and gurgles and thunderous farts that echoed continuously from her slowly-deflating paunch.

Just as I was about to comment about these dangerous-sounding noises, Andrea observed, "I'm getting it all on video, from the time you started taking quart seventeen, all the way through twenty-four and the whole expulsion sequence." Bringing the camcorder in for a closeup of Karen's sweat-sodden hair, red face, and sex-flushed neck and breasts, she asked, "How does it feel to gain and lose nearly fifty pounds in less than a half hour?" She grinned cherubically at Karen as she waited for a response.

"It feels as if somebody stuck a garden hose at full pressure up my ass for about ten minutes. How do you think it feels, you little ninny?" She glared at Andy for the inappropriate nature of her question, then relented and replied in a softer tone, "Actually, hon, I think I've come about a hundred times just since Paul pulled the nozzle out of my ass. And I'm by no means done expelling," she grunted as another huge fart wracked her gut and we heard her passing more diluted waste. I met her lips with mine again, stroking her clitoris and massaging her abdomen with busy hands as she continued to empty of the huge invasion.

"I can see that your belly is still pretty distended," Andy noted. "I'll keep on snapping footage of this tender scene while Rima is getting our bags ready." She approached us to bestow a tender peck of her lips on each of our foreheads, then backed off for some profile shots of Karen's dwindling paunch. I heard my chubby blonde lover gasp in orgasm numerous times, in rhythm to the sound of her emptying, before she pushed my hands away from her belly and crotch, redirected them to her breasts, and wrapped her arms tenderly around me.

"That was wonderful, dear. If Andy and Trish and Rima can wipe me, I'll send you out to my Versailles for some more three-quart pitchers and camcorder cartridges so we can finish shooting this video when they surrender their backsides and tummies to our treatment." She kissed me with tenderness and passion before swatting my rump and directing me to her purse where the keys to the Lincoln resided. When I returned a few minutes later, Karen had just started Tricia's bag and was lubing Rima's butt for her heavy load; after filling the pitchers to the proper temperature, I began prepping Andrea, wiggling my thumb in and out of her tiny, puckered asshole to the point that she screamed in arousal; "It's not fair to make me come before you even start draining the water into me. Karen will be sooo jealous!" Still, her backside bucked against my left hand to draw the three fingers I'd inserted just a little deeper inside her fundament.

"I don't do jealousy with my sistahs," Karen replied. "However, if you divert Paul away from me when I want to play with him, I will take my revenge in some really perverted way." She came over after starting Rima's flow, grabbing my wrist so my fingers pulled out of Andy's tush with a pop, then lubed her nozzle with Vicks and thrust it roughly home.

"Owwww--you weren't kidding about that revenge buzz, were you? Now how am I supposed to even compete with Trish and Rima when my asshole's already on fire?" She squirmed her petite asscheeks, swaying them lasciviously as if the sight would break Karen's resolve. After a few more minutes of squirming, during which two quarts or so of the steaming water had drained into her innards, her asscheeks shook like jelly in what looked like the granddaddy of all anal orgasms, so Karen and I helped her to her feet and positioned her next to Rima and Trish in the tub. After a quick inventory of the pitchers (six in all, filled to their capacity of three quarts apiece), we left the bathroom to fetch three oversized vibrating buttplugs from Trish's master bedroom.

"We've got a little surprise for you, girls," Karen announced on our return. "Trish, how much water do you think you can hold for an extended period of time?"

"I don't know--probably about three gallons right now, since you folks cleaned me out so thoroughly earlier this evening."

"And you, Rima?" Karen tapped her right foot impatiently while she waited for an answer.

"I've been putting on some weight lately, so I'm sure my colon can stretch to hold three gallons, too."

"Andrea?" She had to repeat herself because the petite redhead was in a world of her own, writhing in orgasm after orgasm, since her lower body weight meant that she'd absorbed the aphrodisiac formula more quickly than Trish and Rima. "How much, Andy baby?"

"Oh, at least three gallons, if not more." Her ass churned with passion as she diddled her clit busily, so Karen nodded to me to start refilling her bag first. I got five of the six quarts in, waited for a few minutes, and poured in the rest. Meanwhile, Karen was topping off Trish's bag, and we met to pour the last two pitchers into Rima's bag.

By this time, all three women were writhing sensually to the internal rhythms of their individual arousal; I stood with my arm draped loosely around Karen's waist, squeezing her right buttock as we watched the show. "Here's the game plan," she announced, as we watched the bags flatten out high above the three women's heads. "We're going to seal these loads off with vibrating buttplugs so you can do a three-way sixty-nine while Paul fucks my ass. Is everybody ready?"

"How long do we keep the buttplugs in?" Rima asked suspiciously.

"Oh, at least for an hour," Karen answered. "I want you gals to be fresh as daisies in your back doors once you get rid of your loads." She led me on a circuit of the three bloated women, first pulling Rima's nozzle to replace it with a plug; seating it with a pop, she switched on the vibrator while I helped her into a pair of skintight, crotchless rubber panties.

Next came Trish, who was just starting to shift into orgasmic overdrive from the aphrodisiac in her system and the heavy load of water in her belly; she belched as Karen twirled the nozzle out of her bung and replaced it with the big plug. She too looked nearly pregnant once I'd snugged the skintight latex panties home on her body.

Andrea, still vibrating to her own internal drummer, gasped and shook in a chain of continuous orgasms when Karen pulled her nozzle and shoved the plug home deftly, hiccuping against the fullness in her gut as I pulled the tight panties up over her hips.

"Now grab a rubber sheet from the closet so you folks can lie down and take your pleasure with each other," Karen directed, before getting on her hands and knees in front of me and adding, "lube me up, baby." I responded by smearing a big blob of K-Y on my right thumb and pushing it slowly into her plump moon, twirling it around so her sphincter would loosen up enough to accept my rock-hard dick easily. "That's the way," she moaned. "Oh--give it to me--now." I dropped the tube of lubricant, seized her asscheeks in both hands, and shoved forcefully into her, not stopping until I was buried to the hilt. "SO GOOD!" she shrieked, humping back against me to encourage my movement in and out of her lustful ass. I began to hump faster and harder in and out of her plump rear, revelling in the delicious tightness of her nether eye.

"God, Karen, you've got the sweetest ass I've ever fucked. I can't remember when my dick has felt this hard--or this big. When I come, I'm going to shoot my jizz so hard and so far you'll be able to taste it in the back of your throat." I slammed forcefully in and out of her ass, grippng her cheeks savagely as if to rip them apart; she responded with obscene grunts, slamming her ass harder and harder back against my crotch, to the point that I was certain I'd show the bruises on my pelvic area for a week.

"This is the best fucking I've ever had," she exclaimed. "Your dick feels so big inside me that I'm sure I've died and gone to heaven. Don't stop fucking me, whatever you do. But play with my tits now, okay?" She humped back at me with even more force, as if to encourage me to savage her breasts in the same way I was savaging her ass. I responded by mauling the luscious plumpness of her boobs, squeezing them hard and twisting the nipples until they became rock-hard points. I could tell by the rising pitch of her gasping that she liked the way I was manhandling her boobies, so I squeezed them even harder, pulling on her nipples with a force that threatened to rip them from her breasts. "I like it when you get a little rough with me--it fires my blood and makes me feel alive. Now fuck me even harder so we can both come."

I sank my dick faster and faster into her lush behind, marvelling at the heat and tightness of that dark back passage, until I began to gasp out my passion, slamming in and out of her so forcefully I was sure I'd rupture her colon before I was through. She humped back at me so hard I was sure my schlong would be pulled out by the roots, until her voice became a high-pitched whine, then a desperate scream, "CUMMMMMMIIIINNNNNGGGGGGGG! OHGAWD OHGAWD OHGAWD UH UH UH" and lunged back at me as I felt my semen begin to rise, making its long, sweet, searing journey from the base of my belly through my swollen testes and out the head of my rock hard penis, shooting deep into the clenching reaches of her bowels while I kept slamming my dick in and out of her ass with all the force I could muster. Finally, spent, I collapsed against her plump tush as she slid forward onto the floor, sprawling there below me like some obscene fucked-out doll as I kept my slowly-detumescing penis inside her ravaged asshole. "Don't pull out, baby. I want you to pee inside my guts when you're ready to let fly."

Finally catching my breath, I felt the pressure begin in my bladder, and eventually the burning urine travelled through my urethra and out into the warmth of her back passage, filling her with my brine as I revelled again in her delicious tightness. I began rubbing her sides and what I could reach of her breasts as we lay there in our perverse afterglow, until finally, she grunted and inquired, "Can you help me get to the john? I don't want to let your piss out all over the floor?"

"Sure thing, darling." I moved back as my dick pulled out of her with a plopping sound, then brought my hands to her rear to squeeze her cheeks tightly together as she rose in front of me. I followed her as a rear guard as she limped to the toilet, not taking my hands off her ass until she was safely seated and began a farting, thundering release of the brine I'd scalded her guts with a few minutes earlier. Considerable farting accompanied this action, and I felt my dick rise in response; "God, the sound of the gas I pumped into your butt is making me horny again. Can we do this again when you're done shitting?"

"Oh yeah," she crooned enthusiastically. "But first I want you to flush me out with a hot enema, then give me a smaller one that I can hold while you're fucking me." She looked at me lustfully as a shiver ran through her body.

"Isn't that kind of dangerous, to retain an enema with a dick up your ass?" The thought did intrigue me, however, and I could feel my peter weeping precum at the thought of plunging into her rear filled with warm liquid.

"Only if you get carried away, or try to fill the colon too full." She grunted again, uttering more of those urgent farts that made my erection throb at the sound. "Look at Trish and Rima and Andy," she indicated. "It looks like Rima's family formula has done them in." I stared at the three of them lying asleep with their mouths still at each other's crotches, bellies still bulging with the enemas they retained.

"Should we wake `em up for our show? They'll be really sick and achey if we let them sleep too long with three gallons of water apiece locked inside their tums."

"Naw--let `em rest. Nature will wake them up when the retention cramps get too intense. Now come on and run a tummy wash for me--I can't wait to feel your dick inside my ass again." She rubbed her stomach, adding, "It feels so empty, and I don't want to feel empty again until after I give birth." She rose to wipe herself as I began running water to the proper temperature, directing, "FIll one of the six-quart bags, add some salt and the aphrodisiac compound, okay?" She disappeared for a few moments while I completed this chore.

When she returned, she was carrying a two-quart douche bulb with a fat tip shaped very much like a butt plug. "Once you get my water started on its invasion of my bowels," she declared, "I'm going to stuff this up your ass and squeeze it all into you at once, complete with more of Rima's aphrodisiac powder. Then you'll really be ready to fuck me in the ass again." Her voice was a shiver of lust as she informed me of her plans, and I reached to her midsection, trailing my hand down her gently curved belly to slide two fingers into her superheated cunt. "Oh, Gawd, I'm so hot just thinking about how we're going to get off." I plunged my fingers deeper inside her, hooking them toward the back of her vaginal walls in an attempt to find her Graffenberg spot, causing her to moan in an unexpected climax. "So good--I haven't had a G-spot orgasm for a while."

Her ragged breathing soon gave way to uninhibited panting as I brought her to three more orgasms before removing my fingers, only to thrust them up her hungry anus. Pumping them in and out, I watched her eyes glaze over as she came again. "Enough already," she protested, pulling my hand away from her ass and bringing my fingers up to her mouth to suck her slimy secretions off them. "Mmm--it tastes like my pussy and my butt all mingled together. Sexy." Bending over in the tub, she directed, "Stick the nozzle all the way inside me and let `er rip," so I took her at her word, hanging the bag as high as I could get it before opening the clamp to release the near-scalding water into her greedy asshole. I began a gentle massage of her expanding middle as the water forced its way in, increasing my pressure as I watched her tummy start to bulge downward.

Finally, I noted that the bag was empty, and I closed the clamp before sitting on the edge of the tub so that my own anus was exposed to her ministrations. "Come take my ass with that douche bulb," I begged. I heard her get up, hiccupping from the fullness in her colon, and then felt the huge tip of the nozzle entering my rear, followed by a quick burst as she squeezed the entire two quarts into me all at once. My dick was rock-hard within minutes, testament to the aphrodisiac powder mixed into the water. Kneeling in the tub facing her, I took her into my arms for a deep soul kiss, the nozzles of both instruments still dangling from our behinds. "I love you so much, Karen," I crooned. "You are so scrumptious."

"Do you really think so, hon? You're not just saying that because I'm carrying your baby? I always thought I was a big fat cow." She delivered this last remark with her eyes downcast, a tear sliding down her alabaster cheek.

"Oh no, babe. I find the soft, lush lines of your body a major turnon. You're not a cow--you're a love goddess." I hugged her hard, pressing my bursting erection against her inflated belly. "My sexual aesthetic is more like a Hispanic male's, I guess--I really dig the feel of a woman's soft, opulent flesh next to my body." I cupped the cheeks of her ass with my hands, remarking, "Such a marvelously soft, wide, squeezable ass, and it feels so good slamming against me when I fuck it." I brought my hands up to caress her swollen middle, observing, "And a warm, fecund, ultra- feminine belly, a sweet pudding that invites my delectation," then cupped her breasts with both hands, "and mammaries that cry out to be squeezed and fondled." I drew her into a bone- crushing hug, ending my testimonial, "Yours is a female body that won't break when I hug you hard, a solid, substantial refuge for my feral lusts and my fragile heart. I love every inch of you, so don't be developing an eating disorder or deciding you want to be thin as a model, because that would turn me right off." I returned my hands to the ivory pillows of her ass, squeezing and separating the globes as our mutual arousal grew.

"Let's release our purges so you can run a couple of quarts up me with the douche nozzle; I'm craving your dick up my ass way bad."

"You go first," I offered, taking her hand to lead her to the john. I squatted in front of her after pulling her nozzle and settling her on the seat. Pressing hard into her belly, I felt my erection throbbing even harder as rumblings and farts emanated from her bowels. I looked up to see that she had a beatific smile on her face. "Feels really good to let it go, doesn't it?" I asked.

"You can't imagine--I keep having these mini-orgasms as the water shoots from my rear." Wrapping me in a warm hug, she added, "You're about to get into something so deliciously kinky, so nasty, when you fuck my ass with a bellyful of water inside me. God, I shiver just thinking about how good it's going to be." She pushed my hands away momentarily, pressing hard into her swollen middle to hasten her evacuation.

"Have you ever had other guys fuck you up the ass while you were holding an enema deep inside you?" I revealed my voyeurism by that remark, and she stared at me with deep lust in her eyes.

"Only one, but that was a disaster because I hadn't cleansed myself adequately before I tried it. We got watery shit all over the bed, made a trail of it enroute to the bathroom, and I never saw that guy again. It's too bad, in a way, because he was really sweet. But he was a lot younger than you, much less worldly, and he just didn't understand." She fell silent, concentrating on voiding the rest of the solution from her bowels, still pressing hard into her midsection to hasten the process. Finally, she announced, "I'm done--it's your turn. Unless . . . " her voice trailed off.


"Unless you want me to lock that inside you with an inflatable plug, so we're both super-hot when I have you do this really nasty activity with me." Her eyes implored me--in answer I just kissed her. She directed me to bend over in the tub and skipped away to fetch said retention device, returned momentarily, slid the douche tip from my ass, and inserted the plug, pumping it to maximum inflation so I could relax with the pool of water sloshing in my guts. She filled the douche bulb at the sink (Trish's bathroom sink was set up like a medical deep sink, with a special gooseneck faucet to which bidet, douche, and enema lines could be attached), rinsed the tip and relubed it, and came over to the tub and turned so I could watch her squirt the liquid into her bowels. "It feels so good squirting into me this way--I know a lot of guys have gotten freaked out because they figure I'm defying gravity and asking for trouble by doing this in a standing position, but it only makes me hot." She eased the oversized tip out of her rear, smeared another glob of K-Y on the star of her sphincter, and bent over in front of me. "Now shove your dick up my randy asshole," she ordered. "I want to feel the fullness and pressure like I haven't felt it for several years."

"Like back in the days when you first earned your `Lavage Queen' soubriquet?" I quipped.

"Exactly. Come fill my nasty backhole with your steelhard love." She wiggled her wide ass in front of me, setting off a flame of desire in my loins. I eased my erection slowly into her behind, marvelling at the moist heat inside.

"God it feels good, Karen. That warm water just caresses my dick like a perfect bath." I began sliding in and out of her, building in momentum and force as she began gasping and crying out sharply, then screaming my name over and over. I was just about to come when Rima hobbled over to the toilet, eased the buttplug nozzle from her ass, and began to pass her twelve quarts with ominous farts and rumblings emanating from her midsection.

She looked amusedly over at us, and inquired, "Did you folks help yourselves to more of my special powder?" She pressed hard into her inflated belly as she looked at us intently.

"I hope it was all right," Karen grunted, then asked me, "are you ready to come yet, baby?"

"Oh yeah--I can't believe how good this feels."

"Let it go, sugar. Fill me with your cum, and stay inside me so you can piss in my colon, too."

"You Westerners think you invented kinky sex, don't you?" Rima observed, grunting as the water shooting from her behind slowed to a trickle. "Do you suppose I should wake Trish and Andy so they can release, too? Big orgy plans today; you two are invited, unless you want to spend some time by yourselves."

Turning her head to face me, Karen said, "Let's talk about it after we're done with this activity, okay, hon?"

I just grunted, humping harder and faster until I screamed, "I'm coming!" and jetted my seed into the clenching reaches of her bowels, hearing her own moans and yells within a half-second after my own exclamation of joy.

By this time, Rima was wiping herself, and she crossed the room to where Trish and Andy still lay entwined. Slapping each of them sharply on the ass, she shouted, "Wake up and empty, girls. We've got a lot of preparation to do for that orgy we're invited to."

I relaxed, still connected to Karen, felt a burning in my bladder, and emptied my urine into her stuffed belly as I stroked her flanks.

Karen and I were just about to take our turns on the toilet seat so recently vacated by Rima when Trish plopped herself down as she pulled her plug out, called a groggy "Morning, lovebirds," and farted loudly as she began passing the twelve quarts of water locked in her belly for several hours. I looked at Karen: "The tub?"

"Yeah--I can't hold this any longer, especially not with your pee agitating the water and cum inside my bowels." She plumped her ass on the inside of the tub, seated on the rim with her legs on the tile floor, and I followed suit, sitting beside her. She deflated the plug and eased it out of my ass, I goosed her butt, and we both let go, rubbing our bellies as the water shot out of us.

"I hope you perverts are planning to scrub my tub after that nasty show," Tricia intoned with mock severity, her hand straying to her pubic mound to fiddle with her clit as she continued to release the huge load that had increased her abdominal girth by a foot. We sat with our arms around each other as the last trickles of water left our rears, then got up and wiped each other before getting on hands and knees to scrub and rinse the tub. By the time it was spotless, Trish was finished, and she joined us while Andy sat on the pot grunting to get rid of her heavy load. "Ready for a shower?" she inquired.

"Yeah--I guess we all need to get clean, don't we?" I remarked. "I hope Karen and I didn't make too much noise while you fools were passed out from your wet daisy chain."

"Just enough to make me crave a dick up my ass again," Trish said in a shivery voice. "Do you mind if I borrow Paul's cock for some friendly sodomy while we're taking our group shower?"

"Not at all, sweet sistah, because I'm going to have him eat my asshole while he's fucking yours." She farted loudly, giggling because her anus craved loving so much.

"Hope Andy and Rima don't feel left out," Trish commented.

"Don't worry about us," Andy called from the can. "Rima's getting one of our favorite toys from the car--a double-headed dildo twenty-two inches long and three inches thick. Once we're both nice and clean, we're going to bump our butts together in the shower while you three are doing your wild kinky thang." She forced the last of the purge from her rear, rose, wiped carefully, closed the lid and flushed, then came over to join us with a bright smile on her face, just as Rima loped in with the awesome toy intended for their mutual anal delectation.

"What a rectum-wrecker," Karen commented. "Looks to me like you two will have to put tampons or buttplugs in after you get done with that; it'll probably churn loose more shit before you get dressed to go out and pick up party favors for the orgy." She shivered slightly as Trish turned on the shower taps to begin running steamy water. "How'd you like one end of that thing in your ass, Paul(a)? Think you could handle it?"

"Only if the other end was up your butt, sweet lady." I wormed a finger up her bung, causing her to gasp in arousal.

"The kitchen clock read eight-thirty when I came back in from the car. We've got a lot to do, so we'd better hurry up if we're going to make the orgy by two p.m.," Rima noted.

After we were all in the shower and had begun to lather each other and scrub one another's hair with shampoo, Karen kissed Rima on the lips, then said, "Tell us about this orgy we're all invited to. Like, who's gonna be there? And what kind of play are they into? Also, what about etiquette?" She rinsed off quickly, taking special care to make sure her cunt and asshole were squeaky clean, then ceding her place under the spray to Tricia, who was anxious to feel my blood- engorged woodie in her tight asshole.

"Nursing students and a few faculty, a number of psych people who know Trish, and a few really cool, gentle guys from this biker club composed almost entirely of local poets. A lot of the action will be similar to what the five of us do, although some of the people are also into golden showers and fisting. The usual etiquette: cleanliness, bring snacks and your choice of booze or other goodies, no jumping into a scene without permission, that sort of thing."

"Tell me," Karen inquired, "is that dyke professor who stalked me likely to be there?"

"She might be, but I was told recently that she'd spent several months in a psych ward because the faculty senate ordered her into therapy after a number of sexual harrassment complaints from other nursing students. So she might just have a different attitude now."

Karen looked at her dubiously, turned to me, and rolled her eyes: "It's pretty damned hard for a leopard to change her spots, I'd say." Turning back to Rima, she answered, "I'll tell you what--let me think on it while Paul and I help you three get ready, then we can decide just before you folks are about to go pick up supplies." She got on her knees to suck me into a firmer erection as Trish bent over in front of me, lubing her sphincter with liquid soap. Within minutes I was pumping lustfully in and out of the brunette's behind while snaking my tongue in and out of Karen's rear. "Baby, you eat my ass so good," Karen grunted lustfully. "I'm almost sort of jealous of Trish because she has your dick buried in her ass, and mine has to settle for your tongue--for right now, anyway."

"It makes me wish I had two dicks, mounted side-by-side, so I could buttfuck both of you at the same time," I commented wryly.

"Now there's a genetic engineering project that few horny women would question," Rima giggled. "Seems to me like my ancestors once had a line on something like that."

"The hell," Andrea grunted, feeling her end of the double dong pushing deep into her bowels. "To hear you talk, Rima, your ancestors invented every sexual nuance around."

"Oh yeah?" the Eurasian beauty retorted. "Take that!" and shoved especially hard so the dildo penetrated the redheaded pixie even deeper.

"Cumming!" Andy gasped. "I'll probably bleed from my ass later, but it's worth it for the intensity of the sensation." She bucked back at Rima, bumping hard into her ass.

"Baby eats my ass so good," Karen moaned; I could see that she had a hand between her legs, her fingers busily working to get herself off. Trish, meanwhile, was grunting with pleasure as my engorged dick plumbed her tight asshole.

"I'm gonna cumm!" she shouted, humping harder against my belly. I couldn't take much more of her tight back passage, and I buried my woodie to the hilt at her shriek of ecstasy, delivering several hot squirts deep into her bowels. As Tricia began to recover her breath, she ran her hands up Karen's thighs to stimulate her to orgasm, touching the blond woman's hands that were busy in her box. "Karen, hon, is it all right if Paul(a) pisses into my colon?"

"Oh, yeah. Paul, do it--give this slut a good strong piss enema, whenever you're ready." I grunted, feeling the postorgasmic pressure in my bladder, and began to deliver the yellow load into Trish's greedy fundament, not stopping until I was drained, simultaneously hearing her gasp from another climax brought on by the burning fullness. My urine spent, my dick began to wither, sliding out of her asshole with a plop.

"My turn," Karen said, getting on all fours as Trish clutched her belly against the burning load she was determined to hold as long as she could. "Come here, hon," she directed, and took my slimy rod in her mouth, cleansing it of Tricia's rectal mucous and my spend and urine, bringing it back to full erection by simultaneously inserting a soapy finger up my bung. "Fuck my pussy so I can make sure I've got enough of your cum inside me to make our baby grow strong and healthy." She spread her cheeks as I inserted my dick into her glistening vagina, humping back forcefully as she began a lust-crazed pattern of grunting and moaning.

Meanwhile, Trish had given up on holding her load of semen and urine any longer, and she squatted over the shower drain, farting loudly as her organic purge spattered from her rear. "Sorry, folks; I'd hoped to get in on the double dong with Andy and Rima, as it would have been fun to be penetrated by that monster while I had a bellyful of hot piss, but I just couldn't hold it anymore." After directing the spray to rinse the nasty ejecta from her rear down the drain, she rose, scrubbed her backside, and said, "I'm going to dry off, get dressed, and start making breakfast. Andy and Rima, you might want to finish what you're doing so you can help me with breakfast and check over the list I made for the orgy."

Giggles and whimpers accompanied this announcement, but the redhead and the dark beauty obediently rinsed off and exited the shower, leaving us alone. As I continued to slam my dick in and out of Karen's molten cunt, she asked, "Do you want to attend that orgy, or should we just go over to my place and feast on each other?" Her gasping reassured me she was again on the verge of an orgasm, so I reached between her legs to begin toying with her engorged clitoris. A sharp cry escaped her lips, reassuring me I'd found the right button.

"I am kind of intrigued about fisting; I've never seen it done except for the time I saw Caligula on video and watched Malcolm McDowell do a guy that way with sheep grease. I seem to recall, too, that earlier Trish was threatening to have Andy fist someone."

"I am a little apprehensive about running into that dyke professor again," she said with a tremor in her voice. "And besides, I really just want to enjoy you all to myself this afternoon and evening. It's a beautiful Saturday in November, we're both caught up on schoolwork, classes resume on Monday, and we've just declared our love for each other. I thought it might be fun to take a drive somewhere, maybe even go hiking, then come back to my place and make hot monkey love all night." She screamed in a sudden climax, with such intensity that I found myself jetting my seed deep against the walls of her cervix, continuing to hump into her until my dick shriveled and popped out.

"Actually, after the homemade orgy here the last day or so, I don't know if I want to go hang out with strangers, even strangers that you and Trish and Andy and Rima all seem to know. I think I'd just as soon hang with you, get outdoors, and have a double or triple or quadruple serving of that hot monkey love." I drew her into my arms as we stood under the shower, kissing her with a tenderness and passion I didn't remember having felt for anyone ever before. "I'm kind of amazed at how things worked out, Karen. When I decided to call you at the beginning of the break, I had no idea things might move in this direction. I expected good sex, lots of kinky, gut-busting enemas, and a relaxing time of getting high and eating whatever I wanted, but I didn't expect to fall in love." I kissed her again, tracing the planes of her alabaster face with my fingertips.

"Any regrets?" She took the initiative on the next kiss, sliding her hands down my sides with a tenderness that made me ache with love and longing.

"None whatsoever. I remember thinking, when I first moved down here to start grad school, that if I was really patient with people, and kept my karma balanced, and treated women as friends first, that I might meet someone I could really hit it off with." I paused, a lump in my throat, then went on, "I just never expected it to be with someone as beautiful and tender and caring as you are, Karen. It's kind of freaking me out."

"I'm kinda freaking out, too, Paul. Maybe sometime soon I'll be able to open up to you about why Trish and the rest of the gang are so protective of me. The point is this: I never expected to meet someone as bright and sensitive as you are, or as perfectly matched to my sexual tastes. The first time I met you, when Trish brought you back to her house in feminine clothes, with that tampon up your butt, I was silently praying that Trish didn't have her hooks into you too deeply, because I was so instantly attracted to you." A slight sob escaped her throat, so I hugged her all that much harder, making comforting noises as she shook in my arms. "I know I sound really insecure, but what is it that so attracts you to me? I'm not as academically inclined as you are; in fact, I have to work really hard to keep up my grades. I've always been a little bit inhibited, too; in high school, they called me the Ice Queen. In fact, it's been my exposure to Trish and Rima and Andy that has drawn me out of my shell. I was a real wreck when I met them in our first semester of nursing school." She sighed as she recalled that first meeting.

"I don't want to interrupt, but I think the hot water is running out. Can we continue as we dry off and get dressed?"

"Of course," she smiled, taking my hand as she shut off the shower taps. We dried each other tenderly with some of the big fluffy towels Trish had left in the bathroom for us, then loped through the kitchen, where the inviting smells of frying bacon, sausage, and eggs greeted us. "We're heading to Trish's bedroom to get dressed--I hope that's all right."

"Of course," Trish answered. "I think Andy brought your bag in from the Lincoln."

"How come Andy's making all the trips to the car? It seems like everyone's treating her as their personal errand girl."

"It's all right," Andy chimed in. "I need the exercise to keep my girlish figure." She giggled and slapped Karen on the butt as we were about to leave the kitchen.

"Trust her," Rima joined in. "You haven't seen her eat lately, have you?"

Rima's rear end was the new recipient of a swat from the pixielike redhead. "I don't eat that much," Andy replied. "But all that enema action yesterday has stimulated my appetite."

"Yes, and how many pounds of bacon have you already snarfed while Paul and Karen were finishing up in the shower?" Trish inquired.

"Oops." She fell silent, then said brightly, "Fuck it--sex is hard work." This time it was her rump that received a swat, from Trish's greasy spatula. "OOH, that burns. Kinky!" She skipped away to load more bread in the toaster.

We departed the frivolous scene enroute to Tricia's bedroom. "You know, hon," I observed, "it's going to be really hard to get dressed in here with you; I'm afraid I'll attack you before you manage to get a stitch on." I squeezed her asscheeks lovingly as I said this.

"You'll notice that nobody in the kitchen is dressed yet either; they're all buck naked. Maybe we should just lay out the clothes we want to wear today, then go back and join them in our birthday suits."

"Good plan." I pulled a t-shirt, undershorts, jeans, and socks from my tote, watching as Karen selected a really sexy bra with nipple cutouts, crotchless panties, the tight white shorts and blue top she'd worn when she'd picked me up a week earlier. Placing our clothes in neat piles on the bed, we walked back to the kitchen.

"Great outfits," Andy quipped. "It must have taken the two of you hours to decide what to wear."

"Enough, squirt," Karen replied. "Where's that spatula, Trish?"

"I'm already getting a blister on my butt," Andy whined. "That was mean, Trish."

"I'll kiss it and make it better before we leave for the orgy."

"Promises, promises," Andy commented as she set the platter of toast on the table and came back for the sausage and bacon. "Have you guys decided about the orgy yet?"

"Yeah, we're gonna pass this time. I want to show Paul this really cool hiking trail and then lure him back to my house when we're all tired from exploring."

"Party pooper," Rima intoned. "I was so looking forward to watching Andrea fist fuck your butts at the orgy."

"Another time, I promise," Karen stated. "Can we help with anything?"

"Grab yourself a mug and some coffee," Tricia directed. "Everything else is ready." She set the last of the platters of food on the table, poured herself a cup of coffee, and sat down, waiting for Karen and me to join her and the others.

We were all ravenous (naturally, after the colon flushings we'd all endured previously), and as a result there wasn't a scrap of food left when we got done. Andrea did distinguish herself as a real trencher, too, putting away so much food that Tricia and Rima started giggling when she helped herself to her fourth egg and eighth piece of toast. "Where do you think she puts it all?" Rima asked, highly amused.

"I don't know," Trish replied, "but I think I can understand how such a petite woman can take a bigger enema than I can. Her innards must be all stretched out from packing it away like that."

Andy got up, hugged Karen hard, and said, "They're picking on me, sweetie. Will you make them stop?"

"You know where the spatula is, Andy. This is a battle you'll have to fight for yourself."

"Fuck--I guess I'll have to get rough with them all right." She pulled a squeeze container of whipped cream from the fridge and gave Trish and Rima each a healthy shot in the face.

"Delicious," they replied in unison, as we collapsed in laughter.

After helping them rinse the dishes and put them in the dishwasher, we left them with felicitations and wishes for good times at the orgy (by this time we had somehow magically gotten dressed), dragged our stuff out to Karen's Lincoln, and headed out for our own private explorations, with promises to call them the following day.

End of Chapter 3

Impregnify (v.t.) is a coinage I used in another title, 'Polymorphously Perverse, or, Spank You Very Much'. Its etymology is uncertain, but it means to distend the abdomen, especially in male klismaphiliacs, to a state resembling that of pregnancy. Because it is used by a specific male in this context (mainly your author, twisted readers), it has an added semantic dimension of gender dysphoria and erotic shapeshifting. It thus summons both visceral and concrete sensory experience, because the act of distending the abdomen in this manner can also create severe cramping effects.

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