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"Mary's not there to answer, she went shopping with Alice Blackwood."

I slammed the phone down as much out of anger as surprise.  My back was to the patio and I hadn't seen Eric come in through the garden gate, past the pool, and through the open sliding glass door.  For the better part of the year I had been dating Mary, her little brother had been part of the package, but he was cool.  I had helped him get a computer and set it up with software for him.  Eric had warmed to me since he had only his mom and sister and seemed hungry for male companionship.

"Is that the whole message?" I asked walking back onto the patio and dropping onto a lounge next to the pool.  Mom and dad would both be at work until at least six o'clock, and that had left me free to enjoy the summer with the house to myself.  I had planned on spending as many summer days fucking Mary as I could manage, not sitting by the pool talking to her little brother.

"No, she says hates you and never wants to see you again because she thinks you tried to screw Sally Wilson," Eric continued flopping onto the lounge next to mine while pulling off his T-shirt and tennis shoes all at the same time. Truth was I had fucked Sally Wilson just two nights before, but if it ended up costing me continued free access to Mary's cunt, then it had not been worth it.  Sally was cute as a button with nice tits, but no fun at all between the sheets.

"Your sister's full of shit," I replied in anger.
Eric was at the edge of the pool looking into the still, calm water.  "That's not surprising," he quipped looking back, "it's been at least two years since she had an enema."  He fell into the pool.  I lay there wondering if I had heard him right.  I was still pondering his remark when he crashed soaking wet onto the lounge next to me again.

"How would you know how long it's been?" I asked.

"How long what has been?"

"Since she had an enema."

"I was there, dude!" Eric replied.

I must have had a look of disbelief on my face for he stressed the point.  "I'm serious.  Didn't Mary ever tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"Our mom lost her dad to colon cancer.  For as long as I can remember, she has been giving Mary and me enemas.  Mary says she gives them to herself now, but Mom still corners me every so often.  Mary told me mom divorced my dad because he wouldn't let my mom give him enemas day and night."

"Why would your sister tell me about being given enemas?"

Eric was on his back, arms over his eyes. "God knows she tells all her girl friends what you two do, I figured she'd have told you that too."

"How do you know what she tells her girl friends?"

"When big sister talks, little brother listens…without her knowing," he added as an after thought.

"Really?" I was trying to be cool, but I wanted to know more.

"I heard her tell Alice Blackwood that she has the most intense orgasms when you put your finger up her butt hole."

"Alice Blackwood is a butt hole," I replied, figuring it had been Alice that had ratted me out to Mary about Sally.

"Is that true?" Eric asked.

"Yes, Alice really is a giant butt hole," I affirmed, diving into the pool.  I climbed out and laid back down on the lounge again.

 "No, really!  Does my sister come harder when you fuck her with a finger in her ass at the same time?"

"Actually Eric, she goes bug-fucking crazy when I play with her asshole."

"I knew she liked it when mom gave her an enema.  That lying little bitch."

Glancing over, I saw Eric had the satisfied look of someone who had just settled one of life's great mysteries.  Then I noticed that his wet shorts were clinging to a very stiff erection.  To this day I don't know why I asked, but I did.  "Have you ever been given an enema by anyone other than your mom?"

"No."  Eric was trying to be casual in his reply, but I saw his cock leap when I asked the question.

I held my breath and asked the follow-up, "Would you like me to give you one?"

I was already wording a denial that I had ever even asked the question when Eric replied softly, "Yes."

I suddenly had second thoughts, but Eric was sitting up, his stiff little cock clearly visible under his wet shorts.  "You sure?" I asked one more time.

"You bet." He replied standing, his quivering stiffness betraying his excitement.

I led him to the bathroom off my bedroom and told him to wait while I retrieved my mom's douche bag from her bathroom along with the KY jelly from her nightstand.

When I returned with the collected items, I found Eric standing naked holding his adolescent chubby with anticipation.  I pulled a bath sheet off the towel rack and folded it for him to lie on.  Eric knew the drill for the moment he lay down he pulled one knee up to his chest exposing his almost hairless butt with its small, dark-pink rosebud.  I filled the bag with warm water and a little squirt of liquid soap, then hung the bag from the towel rack.  The only nozzle I could find was the large multi-holed douche nozzle, but it would have to do.  My apprehension about the large nozzle proved unnecessary, for when Eric saw it he was pleased I'd brought "the big one."

He watched with fascination as I lubed it well, then set to work lubing his rectum with my finger.  He took my finger with ease, but I hadn't worked it in very far before a blockage stopped me.  I pulled back and forth gently working my finger.  Eric was moaning with pleasure, his cock stiff against his stomach.

I removed my finger, gently replacing it with the nozzle.  Then I undid the clamp and the water began to flow.  Eric watched me as I stood and removed my swimming trunks.  He did not say anything, but stared at my own stiff member sticking out while I washed my hands.

When the bag was about half empty I stopped the flow and begin to rub his ass cheeks, then his adolescent balls eventually reaching his ridged penis.  He moaned as I stroked him gently.  I undid the clamp and let the water continue filling him.  He turned more onto his stomach, and drew his knees up elevating his ass.  "Enough," he said softly.  I closed the clamp and slowly withdrew the nozzle; the end of it was covered with specs of his melting feces.

"Do you ever see how long you can hold it?" I asked.

"Sometimes," he replied, his head on his arms, his ass watching me wash the nozzle and refill the bag, "but not this time" he added suddenly backing up to the toilet.

I heard the expulsion and looking over saw him sitting still holding his stiff little cock.  He finished and I washed him in the shower with warm water.  When I had finished, I positioned him back on the floor.  His erection was obviously being fueled by his anticipation of another bag of water; mine by the sheer magic of the moment.

I begin by lubing his anus again, my finger makin the journey into his rectum free from obstruction.

"Deeper," Eric moaned, "and use two fingers."

"You keep saying that and I'll put my throbbing cock in your little ass instead of this nozzle," I told him.

"Okay by me," he answered as his hand found my own stiff cock and rubbed it.

"How about some more water first?" I asked, still slowly finger fucking his asshole.

I finally removed my finger and Eric lifted his ass to take the nozzle.  Once the water was flowing, I laid down facing him and slipped my mouth around his swollen cock.  I did not suck hard, or move my mouth up and down the shaft, for he seemed ready to cum and I really wanted him full of water when that happened.  He was trying to supply the motion himself, but I held his hips and slid back off his penis.  I tongued his soft, small testicles taking them into my mouth one at a time, all while wiggling the nozzle in his ass, pushing in an out ever so gently.  The bag was not yet empty when Eric begin to squirm and whimper, his cock throbbing and bouncing.  I closed the clamp and removed the nozzle, a trickle of water leaking from his contacting sphincter.

I rolled him onto his back and had him pull his knees over his body.  I could feel his hands around my own cock, rubbing my balls and ass; I took his erection back into my mouth.  There was already a quantity of pre-cum seeping from the end, and I savored its tartness.  I pushed a finger into his ass and begin to suck his cock, working it with my other hand at the same time.  Eric's tummy was distended, and I could tell he was trying his best to hold the water.  I continued to suck his cock and pushed my finger deeper into his ass feeling the warm water.  Seconds later his cum filled my mouth while his body arched in a rapid series of orgasmic spasms below me.  I continued sucking and licking until he finally pulled his polished rod from my mouth.  I removed my finger from his ass, and he scurried quickly onto the toilet.

"That was incredible," Eric remarked between expulsions.  When he finished, we went swimming and horse-played in the pool, rubbing each other's cocks under the water.  He was beginning to grow stiff again, and my own erection had never gone away.  I asked him if he would like to play some more.  Eric was more than amenable to the idea, and we returned to the bathroom.

I refilled the bag looking forward to getting my own ass filled, but in typical fashion of a kid with a new toy, Eric wanted more too.  "Tell you what, you clean me out and let me get off, then I'll do you again."

Eric's pulsing erection nodded in agreement with him and I got onto my hands and knees.  I watched him fumble with the lube, finally getting a sizable glob on my butt which he begin to push into my ass.  Eric soon had two fingers working my hole and I was ready to blow my load right then and there.

"Put the nozzle in," I told him feeling my will weakening and now wanting to feel his stiff little cock replace his fingers in my ass.  Eric inserted the nozzle and opened the clamp.  Looking back, I watched him stoke himself as my colon filled.

I stood and turned around, moving the bag from the towel rack to the top of the shower door, the additional elevation accelerating the flow into me.  Eric, on the floor in front on me, now grabbed my swollen prick, closed his eyes and began to lick me like a lollypop, eventually sucking it as far into his mouth as he could take it.  He had obviously paid close attention when I had sucked him off for his movements were nearly identical, save that rather than wiggling the nozzle in my ass with his free hand he stroked his own swollen and throbbing little member.

The bag was still filling my colon when I grabbed the back of Eric's head and pulled him off, blowing a sizable wad onto his face and into his mouth, which he held open.  I let go and he was back on my cock milking it for the last few drops of cum, and taking it from his chest where it had splattered with his hand and smearing it on his cock.

My ability to retain the fluid in my bowels vanished in the wake of my orgasm and I sat on the toilet to expel.  Eric stood and followed me, standing in front of me while I sat on the toilet so I could lick my cum from his bouncing cock and fondle his balls as I passed my water.  I had taken a healthy dump that morning so I was not surprised when the water came back clean.

I repressed the urge to suck Eric off right then and there.  He wanted another round of water and I was now more than ready to oblige him.  I finished and stepped into the shower to wash, Eric next to me exploring me with soap covered hands.  I rinsed and reached for the bag which I refilled and then cleaned the nozzle.

When I turned around Eric had dropped to his knees with his elbows on the floor of the shower.

"You can put anything in there you want," he said not looking back.

"Other than water, my finger, and a nozzle, what else have you had in that little asshole of yours?"  I asked kneeling down to give him another enema.

"I can take my mom's vibrator the whole way up me," he replied.  He was looking back at me getting ready to lube him, "but I really want to feel a real cock in my ass," he added.

I felt my own cock slap against my stomach, stiff, and ready to fulfill his desire on the spot.

"I'm going to fill you with water one more time, then I'll put my cock in there, okay?"

Eric nodded his head, his erection slapping against his body with joy.

I quickly lubed his rectum and inserted the nozzle.  The water flowed into him with a stronger pressure thanks to the height of the bag on the shower door.  When he had taken all he could hold, I closed the clamp and pulled the nozzle.  I made him hold it while I washed the nozzle several times with soap and hot water.

Finished, I turned my attention back to Eric and squatting off to the side reached beneath his distended tummy and began to stroke his cock, telling him to let it go.  I had never seen another person expel before and I watched in fascination as he shot a clear stream across the shower.  Twice I inserted my finger into his spewing little hole, disrupting the flow and causing him to jump with ecstasy.  He finished and we washed each other before drying off and heading for my bed.

Arriving ahead of me, Eric laid face down on my bed and waited.  I put the tube of KY off to the side and went straight for his beautiful little ass cheeks rubbing and kissing them, moving my hand beneath him to stroke his engorged penis while my tongue explored his anus.  Eric lifted his hips and pushed back taking my tongue into his little hole with moans of ecstasy.  It took all I had to finally pull my tongue from his ass, but if I wanted that hole wrapped around my swollen cock, then I had to make the sacrifice.

I begin to lube him with the KY and I soon had two fingers working inside his ass, more than his sister had ever wanted.  My cock was so stiff I had to lie almost on top of Eric before I could center the head against his waiting hole.  I was all prepared to take the whole day to enter him, and would have too, except the moment he felt the head of my cock against his ass, he pushed his sphincter over the head where he stopped with a gasp.

"You okay?" I asked holding myself still while he adjusted to the presence of my cock just inside his rectum.

"Oh yea," he moaned, "you're just larger than my mom's vibrator, but I'll get you in there," and he pushed back slowly taking me deeper.  I had put a lot of KY into his ass, and it paid off as each undulation of his hips closed the distance between us.  When at last I was in as far a he could take me, I reached beneath him and begin to stroke his cock while I slowly and gently fucked him.  His tight little ass around my cock was the most incredible thing I had ever felt, and it wasn't long before I was filling him with cum and experiencing an orgasm unlike any before it.

I was still enjoying the last after shocks while slowly retreating from Eric's tight little hole when his cock exploded in my hand shooting a stream of cum that splattered on his chest and the bed spread.  His body jerked in spasms of orgasmic pleasure, the last one freeing my cock from the fantastic grip of his cum filled little ass.

Rolling him onto his back, I was licking the semen off his hairless tummy and chest when he pulled me to his face and we kissed, first with hesitation, then gentle abandon.  We returned to the pool, and lay naked in the sun for an hour or more before I noticed we were both growing stiff again.

"Ready to return the favor?" I asked.

"I was hoping you'd ask that."  Eric replied jumping up.

When we reached my bed, we spent a long time sucking and licking each other.  Eric wanted to be fingered, but I told him to wait and enjoy the feeling of my ass around his cock instead.  I lay on my back with my legs in air as Eric lubricated me.  His cock was so stiff and pulsing that I was afraid he might cum before he got inside.  Withdrawing his two fingers, I lubed his cock and guided him into my ass.  I took him a lot quicker than he had taken me for obvious reasons.  I will never forget the feeling of his balls touching me, telling me I had all of him in me and there was no more to take, save his cum, which upon arrival precipitated my own writhing orgasm.

We showered afterward amid much kissing, stroking, and sucking, after which I returned the douche bag and KY to where I'd found them.  I never fucked his sister again, but Eric spent a lot of time at my house that summer.

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