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Ladies of the lavage

Author : Winslow Leach

My pussy throbbed as I rolled over in bed and stuck my ass up in the air.

Reaching back I spread open my big bottom exposing my hairy hole to my lover.

She came close, brushing the tip of the nozzle against my anal mouth. In one quick plunge she jammed the enema bone into my rectum.

Unclipping the long hose she let the water shoot up my ass. As my inside flooded I felt my pussy clench in excitement. Soon it was gushing thick white come as my bowels churned.

My tummy began to swell and cramps began to signal I was getting full.

She stuck her finger in my honey pot and frigged me as my thirsty bottom drank up its quarts...

I woke from the dream sweating. It had been so real that my rectum was moist from the pussy juices that had flowed down my cunt crack while I slept.

Somewhere there must be an enemate for me, someone who would bend me over their lap and give me a hot soapy lavage. It had been years since my last enema as a child and the ones I gave myself were not as satisfying.

Still, I climbed out of bed in the middle of the night and, sleepy eyed, filled my red enema bag to relieve my pent up sexual urges.

* * * *

Taking in a roommate was a project I had long considered. As a single girl living on her own in the city the only apartments in good neighborhoods were far too expensive to keep up alone for long.

I placed an ad in the paper and began screening potential roomies one by one.

After several deadbeats I found myself talking to Paula, a bright twenty-three year old nurse's assistant. She came calling her in starched white uniform on her way to work. Her big boobs were poured into her regulation blouse and that bouncy ass refused to be confined by the conservative skirt she wore.

I knew she would make a good roommate for me but I was feeling irritated that morning. For some reason I hadn't moved my bowels in two days and though I knew I needed an enema I just didn't have the heart to give myself another lonely lavage.

After snapping at Paula a few times in a row I was ready to conclude the interview and send her on her way.  "If this is a bad time for you I can come back," Paula said with a smile. "I'd really like to work out the roommate thing but I can tell you're not feeling so well. Perhaps another time?"

"No," I sighed. "But you're right. I'm not myself. Haven't been for the last couple of days."  "Coming down with something?"

"Can't get rid of something."  Her expression said, "?"  "I'm constipated."

"Is that all? Have you tried taking an enema?"  The word "enema" coming from thisstrange woman hit me like a slap on the rump.  A wild idea began to form in my mind as I regarded the nurse's assistant sitting across from me.  "I'm not sure I could manage it alone," I lied.  "Do you have a bag in the house?"

"Yes. Somewhere..."

"I've given patients lots of enemas at the clinic where I work. Would you like me to help you out?"  "I wouldn't want to put you out."  "Not at all. Maybe if I give you a good cleaning out we can discuss the living arrangements afterwards..."

"It's a deal!" I said.  My ass cheeks clenched tightly together. I was going to get an enema from this luscious lady!

*   *   *

Paula told me to strip once I handed her the "lost" enema bag. I got out of my clothes quickly, almost tearing them in my excitement.

She expertly filled the bag and burped the hose for air bubbles. Then she located my Vaseline and told me to get on the bed.

"I want you to get up on all fours. Then spread your legs wide so I can examine you."  "Examine me!"  "Just a little probing with my finger to see how blocked you are and to lubricate you properly."

I got into a doggie position and spread open my moon. My entire ass crack and rectum were exposed to her view.

Sticking her finger up my ass Paula screwed it around. Then she withdrew and dipped it into the jar of Vaseline.  "You're stuffed but there's enough room for the nozzle. I'll just lube you up and we can get started."  "Okay, Nurse. I'm ready..."

Again the finger invaded my rectum, this time smeared with the grease. It felt hot and thick going in and it made my pussy come to life.

God! She's going to see me leaking come all over the place, I thought.

Paula kept her finger in place until my asshole relaxed completely. Then she held my cheeks open with one hand.  "I'm going to give you the nozzle now," she warned me.

The enema bone slipped into my asshole like a knife into its sheath.

Filling my backdoor opening it was like an old friend come home.  Paula got it in four inches and then held my cheeks together.  "Don't worry," I told her. "I won't spill."

"I trust you," Paula said, "but I like to hold the cheeks together in the beginning just in case. You don't mind my hand back there on your bottom, do you?"  "No, Paula, not at all!"

  *   *   *

She unclipped the hose and the first rush of water shot up my asshole. The soapy flood surged past my hard turds, softening them and shooting higher up my bowels.

My cunt gushed and I gave up trying to hide my pleasure.  "It feels so good, Paula! This is the best enema I've had in years!"  "I knew you were an 'E' girl!" Paula patted and massaged my big ass cheeks as they wiggled and quaked. Her soft hands petted my pussy and she slipped a finger into my cunt hole.

Pinching the flow of water off for a moment, Paula frigged me to the point of orgasm many times. Her skillful technique stopped short of letting me come, however. She kept teasing me, turning the water on and off and then frigging my cunt some more.

"I wanna come! Please give me my enema and let me come!

Paula grabbed the enema bag and gave it a massive squeeze. Water rocketed up my hairy brown eye as she frigged me to the best orgasm I had in years.

Bloated with water, I hobbled to the toilet and expelled. I couldn't resist masturbating while I relieved myself and experienced a second shattering climax.

Coming out of the bathroom I saw Paula taking a small bulb type enema out of her purse.

"You're going to need a clear water enema to wash out the last of that soap," she told me professionally. Then changing her mood she added, "You wanna come again, don't you, honey?"  I got across her lap like a little girl and felt her spread open my cheeks.  "What a pretty asshole you have. And you wiped it so clean!"

"Thank you, Paula! Give me a good lavage!"

She pushed the big nozzle into my behind. This nozzle was thicker and carved slightly and it filled my rectum like a cock.  A wave of little orgasms swept my body and then she gave the bulb a good squeeze.  A sudden rush of cool clear water raced up my rectum. It felt so refreshing that my entire body seemed cleansed.

Paula withdrew the nozzle and pressed my big ass cheeks together tightly.

"I want you to hold it awhile," she announced.  "But I gotta go potty!"


After a minute she relaxed her grip on my rump and began to massage it all over. Her hands swept all over my globes from the top of the ass crack to the part of the cheeks that met my thighs.  I humped my cunt against her thighs and felt an orgasm coming on. Paula rubbed faster, making my cheeks heat up.  Then I came, leaking a small amount of water from my anus.  Paula helped me up and I ran to the toilet.

 *   *   *

After wiping me lovingly she pulled up my panties and gave my rump a good natured smack. I finished dressing and turned to my new enemate.

"I want you to live with me, Paula."  "Yes, I'd like that very much."

"But not as my roommate. As my lover. My very special enema lover!"

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