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Laurie's Enema

My girlfriend Laurie is a real sweetie and also really enjoys sex, as well as being a very attractive woman; her long dark hair & long legs attract more than a few second looks. I've always enjoyed being with her, even though up until recently, she was turned off by enemas.

I discovered this when we first moved in together, and I wasn't feeling well. I told her I thought I needed an enema & her response was that I could give myself one. So I went ahead & did that & didn't think much of it; after all, she kept me very satisfied sexually & if she didn't share one of my kinks, that was OK. As time went on however, I could tell she still was intrigued by them, even if she wasn't willing to admit it.

Not that I took them a lot, just occasionally & I think she did notice I tended to be more aroused after I had just taken one than normal. I was quite surprised one night when I decided to take one that she asked if she could watch while I took one. She said she just wanted to see what was involved. I asked "You mean, you've never been given an enema? Ever?"

"Well, I ..I'm not sure ..maybe when I was little," she said.

"Hmm.." I said. "Well, there's not much to them, just fill up the bag, lube up the nozzle, gently insert it and unfasten the clamp." Then you have to make sure to adjust to the water flowing into you." I could tell she was growing fascinated by what I was describing.

I then inserted the nozzle into myself & said "Now just watch while I take this." I could feel my cock rising as I started the enema & I looked up. Laurie was crouching right next to me and watching my cock get erect. I lay on my side & as the water filled me up. Laurie asked if there was anything she could do and I asked if she could massage my stomach as the water was filling it up fast. So she did, occasionally brushing against my now rock hard cock. "Wow!" she said, "It looks like you are really enjoying this!" I just smiled as the bag emptied. I noticed at this point Laurie's nipples appeared to be hardening or was it just my imagination?

"Say, it does look like it is enjoyable. I always thought it would be real uncomfortable," she said. "well, Laurie, I said, "if you do it right, it can be quite a sensual experience." "Umm hold on a second. I really need to go." She helped me to the toilet where I let all that water out. I was just about to finish cleaning up & putting my clothes back on when she suddenly turned to me.

"ummm...hon.do you think ummm….you could give me one??" she asked. This surprised me a little, but I was secretly overjoyed at her interest.

"Do you think you need one? I asked.

"Well, I don't know, but I'd like to try it." she said.

"OK Laurie, sure, and what I'll do is give you a small one & see how you like it. You can tell me to stop at any time." This seemed to please Laurie & I had to admit, I was quite pleased Laurie was even interested.

So I told Laurie to take off her clothes and to get on all fours on the floor. I had her lie on the same towel I was using so that she wouldn't get cold. Her ass looked very inviting to me, it was all I could do to keep from taking her right then and there. I pulled out the other enema bag I kept under the bathroom sink & began to fill it with water. Laurie watched and I saw her anticipation grow. I only put a quart of water in it. I wanted Laurie's first enema to be special. She watched as I put some rubber gloves on & smeared a little lube on my fingers. "Now Laurie, I'm going to get you ready for your enema. I'm going to put this finger in your rear. I promise to be very gentle, just relax."

She nodded and I moved my finger up to her ass & gently entered. I heard her flinch just a bit & softly moan. "That's a good girl...there!" I gently moved my finger around in her ass and then gently withdrew my finger & put a generous amount of lube on the nozzle. "Now Laurie, I'll be inserting the nozzle. Just relax."

With that, I inserted the nozzle into her. "OK Laurie, just about ready." Just let me know when you want to begin & I will release the clamp." She nodded & I unfastened the clamp. I heard her moan and I started rubbing her stomach and occasionally her clit. Her moans became a little louder as more of the bag emptied. Since it was a small one, it emptied quickly. "OK, Laurie try to hold it in for a minute."

I looked at her & noticed how turned on she was. She definitely was enjoying this! "Wow, hon, this is something else! I had no idea this was so fun….ohhh I need to go now!!

I helped Laurie to the toilet and let her expel. I started to leave to give her a little privacy and she grabbed me and we fell on the floor where she proceeded to get on top of me & fuck me silly. The sight of her so wanton & fucking me so hard caused both of us to come fairly quickly!! "Wow, hon, can we do this again?? This is great!! I had no idea this was such a turn-on!!

I was rather surprised, but of course was not going to disagree, so this time I gave her a regular two-quart enema. I filled the bag again while she lay on the floor & watched me fill the bag. She again turned on her stomach with her ass high in the air as I once again inserted a finger, then the nozzle & unfastened the clamp. She started moaning as the water filled her bowels and her stomach expanded. She had trouble with this one, but I kept rubbing her stomach, clit & pussy, so she didn't really notice too much. After she expelled that one, she took me into the bedroom, where we spent most of the rest of the night fucking each other's brains out.

Since that time, whenever I decide to take an enema Laurie always helps me out. Just the sight of her filling the bag for me, putting a rubber glove on her hand & spreading lube on her fingers is enough to give me a hard-on! On the other hand, she seems to "need" them now about once a week or so and I of course am always glad to give them to her. She always seems to cum so much harder when her rear has been cleaned out! One of the bags broke, so I got another one, now we have His & Her enema bags. I just told her about inflatable nozzles. She says she wants to give that a try too. I'm a very lucky man!

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