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Letter from ‘Le Nouveau Couple 2000' 1978

Famous Enema Lovers

I have been a fervent klismophile ever since my youth. I expressly write ‘klismophile' and not ‘clystéromane' (French for a maniac lover of enemas) such as you did in a previous issue. I wish to point out that we are lovers of sensuous enemas and not of vigorous cleansing lavages. Before magazines such as yours began to write about this practice, I was experiencing very strong sexual stimulation by administering erotic clysters to myself.

I have frequented many public libraries in the past years, and it is possible to consult numerous medical books written by physicians in which they cite and discus various old texts that mention the use of enemas throughout the ages.

The authors of such books, have consulted various primary source documents in their quest for information : doctors diaries and note books, apothecaries and pharmacists notes, archives containing numerous letters written by members of the high and low nobility and other documents of all kinds.

For instance, numerous historians openly write that as a child, Louis XIII was regularly given clysters in the presence of numerous lookers-on. Louis XIV was equally enamored of this practice and certainly over indulged himself. Various authors state that his fistula was the result of receiving clysters too frequently. It is also known that he liked to have his pet dogs enemaed regularly.

The mother of Louis XIII, Marie de Médicis, had her apothecaries administer clysters quite regularly, and also received ‘many others' from favored members of the court. She was generally present when Louis XIII received his treatments and she also demanded that her ladies in waiting and chambermaids receive a ‘grande toillette de clystere' in her presence. She herself gave clysters to her second son so that he also ‘would benefit greatly from this wondrous medicine'. Louis XIII liked to give his mistresses clysters.

The duchess of Bourgogne, who had an immoderate appetite for enemas, liked to have hers given when she was in the presence of the king and queen, without other members of the court being aware of it.

Voltaire had a strong preference for soap enemas. He wrote eloquent passages about a small English enema device that he used. And Frederick the Great is supposed to have witnessed Voltaire taking his cleansing treatments when the French philosopher was staying at the king's palace in Germany.

Pauline Borghese took a very large number of special enemas, which is said to have given her an insatiable sexual hunger.

So as can be seen in history, klismophilia does exist, not as a perversion, but as a very refined preliminary to normal sexuality.

Yours    GD


The author continually uses the word ‘clystere', which refers to the practice of using a squeeze bulb or a clyster syringe as opposed to using an enema bag. Up to the 19th century, I believe that clyster syringes were made of tin; rubber and plastic not being available of course.

It would not really be so uncommon for the king and queen to receive enemas in the presence of others, since they had to do just about everything else in the presence of nobles and servants anyway. The ‘poor things' woke up, took a leak, had their bowel movements, ate, took (infrequent) baths and God knows what else, in the presence of numerous people. They had no privacy what so ever. They weren't sick or didn't even die alone. I do believe they were expected to make royal love alone, but there were always others around, servants, bodyguards and nobles courting favor or eavesdropping. Everyone wanted to get into the royal act.

Also concerning the duchess of Bourgogne : when at court, there were at times hundreds of nobles and servants all in the same room, so it should not have been all too difficult to have a servant administer a clyster unseen under a volumous skirt.

Louis XIII is generally known to have been a homosexual, his mother's efforts at instructing him personally in the delights of sex with young ladies of noble and lesser birth, notwithstanding. I think he finally managed to beget an heir, such being the royal duty.

Letter from ‘Le Nouveau Couple 2000'


When I was young, I don't remember the exact age, I had an odd experience that may have determined the way in which my sexual orientation developed.

I was with my class in the Alps, during the winter ‘ski classes'. It was quite fun, we were given normal school classes in the mornings and in the afternoon we learned how to ski.

One evening, I developed an ocular irritation and was told to report to the infirmary. The nurse checked my eye, and made me lay down on a bed while my eye was bathed with a cleansing solution. While I was laying down, another pupil came into the infirmary complaining of constipation. The nurse told him : 'All right, that's nothing very serious, we'll just give you a nice suppository.'

While she was preparing the medication, she told the pupil to get himself ready since she was in a hurry. He hesitated momentarily, being more than old enough to give the suppo to himself in my opinion, but he did what the nurse told him. She pulled down his pajama bottoms, without taking the slightest notice of my presence. She started to insert it into the boy's bottom, but it wasn't all that easy, the boy being visibly embarrassed. He must have been very tense, because she tried several times to insert the suppo, and each time it slid back out. She became very impatient with him, forced his buttocks far apart, but all to no avail. She finally put the suppository into the refrigerator while the boy had to wait, with his buttocks exposed for everyone to see. Finally the nurse managed to insert the cooled suppo with success.

Having witnessed that little ‘spectacle', I suppose that you will not be surprised when I say that ever since I have an avid interest in anal sex and the like. The sight of a bared backside always manages to stimulate me and I have found much pleasure, with my little ‘backdoor hole'.

Letter from ‘Le Nouveau Couple 2000'
issue no. 12 / May 1975
Letters From Our Readers

I think that it an excellent idea that this mailbox has been set aside for reader's letters.

In your previous issue, number 10, I could not help but notice reader X.P. ‘s letter in which he discusses the various erotic aspects of anal and enema activities. I would like to continue the discussion on this seemingly taboo subject.

Are such desires normal ? It is well known that the buttocks and anus are a source of sexual stimulation. I have noticed however, that the practice of the erotic enema is being discussed and written about in various sexually orientated magazines.

Should a normal person reject and try to banish such desires or should he try to fulfill these longings ? I will write about my own personal experiences which I hope will bring other readers to write about theirs.

Just as reader X.P., I vividly remember my mother administering enemas to me as a child. Those enemas were given with a bulb syringe and were always prescribed by the doctors of my youth for just about all and every illness.

Was it unpleasant for me at first ? I really can't remember but I do know that by the time I was 7, I was quite content to be given one and that by the time I was 10 years old I could think of no greater pleasure. I was especially happy when my mother used the large enamel pitcher that was normally reserved for grown-ups. I remember getting a very special kind of pleasure from feeling the warm water enter my intestine. I suppose the pleasure must have been sexual and in any case I always got a very hard erection.

I liked getting enemas so much, that it became a craving, and more than once I lied about feeling well, just so that I would get one. I would say that I had a stomach ache or was constipated just so that my need for an enema could be fulfilled.

When I was 13, my father took me out of school and put me to work in a grocery shop about 20 kms from our home.

The owner was an old widow who was frequently ill and lived with her niece. My mother, who knew the owner well, worried about my health and gave my future employer numerous recommendations on how to take care of me. The old widow reassured my mother that her young niece was very capable and resourceful.

It turned out that the owner was bedridden quite often or else was only interested in the accounts. So I was together with Olga to take care of the store most of the time. Not long after I started work, she thought that I was looking under the weather and decided that I needed an enema. To make a long story short, you can well imagine that I was quite happy to return to this much beloved treatment. It didn't take me long to realize that Olga, who was 26 and very used to administering enemas, was a veritable klismo. I also found out that she was still a virgin, but masturbated very frequently. Olga and I became accomplices, both of us discovering the joys of sex in all its various multitude of forms and types. We experimented with our bodies, both most of all we were stimulated by the pleasure derived from giving each other enemas. Olga preferred receiving very large enemas and would at times orgasm repeatedly while being administered to.

Those wondrous years of joy were interrupted by military service and the war (WW II). When I came back afterwards, I found nothing but destruction. Olga and her aunt had been killed during a bombardment. In any case I wasn't the same person any more. I had been thinking profoundly about my sexual preferences, decided that I was becoming a pervert and decided that I had to rid myself of those inadmissible desires.

When I was 30, I married a Parisian, a gentle, good humored and fun loving woman. She was desirable and sensual and I do believe that we were compatible sexually speaking, but no more than that. After about a year, our sexual relations - once a week - became routine and quite predictable. I felt that I was missing something.

Finally I admitted my obsession with enemas to my wife. I was quite surprised when she was more than willing to accept the idea of taking enemas for medical and health purposes. Erotically speaking however, she didn't understand my obsession and attraction. However, she was willing to help me and consented to administering an enema to me. I am grateful that she took that step, because afterwards our sex life became much more satisfying and fulfilling, even though it is only infrequently that she gives me an enema. We have found a new harmony together, and recently, my wife has also consented to receiving the same treatments. I am 55 years old now.

I would like to find out what other adepts of the enema think about my story, even those who have not yet come to terms with their desires.

Lastly, I do hope that some serious studies be made on this subject, since I am sure that many klismo's still need to helped in accepting and coming to terms with their longings.

Letter from ‘Le Nouveau Couple 2000'
No. 18 / 1976 Letter of The Month

In reply to Dr. Liliane S.

After having read the article on klismophilia in issue number 15 of this magazine, I decided to write you a letter describing some of my own experiences. Just as Doctor Liliane S. describes in her article, it is true that an enema can provoke a very different kind of pleasure. I noticed this myself when I was 22 years old, and my fiancée, who was a nurse, gave me an enema for medical reasons. I had never received an enemas since I had been a young child and didn't remember much about it, still the idea of introducing an entire canister of warm water into my colon frightened me somewhat. But she reassured me and told me that she administered dozens every day at the clinic and even if the thought of receiving an enema was disturbing, there was no harm in the procedure; it was not painful and I might even enjoy the special intimacy that was inherent in the treatment, especially since she and I had already exchanged sexual intimacies.

To prove her point, she fellated me while letting the warm water flow into my intestines, and it was indeed quite agreeable. Afterwards, we experimented a bit more, but we never went as far in our games as did doctor Liliane S.

What interested me in her article, were her allusions to masochism. It is my opinion that the sexual pleasure that is experienced during a warm water enema has nothing to do with masochism, since there is no element of pain, danger or humiliation involved. A different case can be made for the ‘small' enema which consists of 50% glycerin and which can evoke quite violent cramping. After reading her article, my fiancee and I experimented with different types of enemas and scenarios, which gave us a better understanding of the phenomena of masochism.

The masochist is usually depicted as someone who has been indoctrinated in the notion of sin since early childhood, and who is looking for punishment which will afterwards leave him with a clear conscience. However, by using a ‘small' enema we can explore the idea and physical bounds of masochism without there being any concept of punishment involved. A warm water enema with glycerin, is experienced as a burning sensation, accompanied by a strong need for evacuation, but as Liliane S. so rightly remarks, this eminently unpleasant sensation, can be reversed into something quite agreeable if the enemee is masturbated or if one makes love during the process. I would even add that pain and pleasure become interchangeable. The burning sensation in the rectum becomes a voluptuous feeling in the penis. It seems as if the glans becomes hyper sensitive because of what is happening in the colon. Just rubbing it lightly will cause one such pleasure that it becomes very hard to stay in control and not ejaculate. If one is masturbated very delicately, it is possible to observe the different phases of pain turning into pleasure. With enough dexterity it is possible to achieve a sort of local anesthesia, a balancing point at which there is neither pain nor pleasure, but from which either can surface. If one stops the masturbation, an unpleasant feeling returns, if one continues the rubbing, pleasure and enjoyment are felt. It is possible to experience both extremes and to enter either at will. I find it very odd that without masturbation, one can hardly retain an enema for 3 minutes, while if one introduces an element of sexual stimulation, it is possible to hold it for more than 15 minutes.

I think that this type of experience sheds more light on the masochistic nature of this phenomenon that has generally been looked over by researchers and sexologists. It is not so easy to study this in a simple manner. While the burning pain caused by the glycerin is of a relatively inoffensive nature and manifests itself as a constant factor while it lasts, the lashes of a whip or the slap of a hand cannot be dosed and vary too much in intensity one of the other, to be analyzed with any precision or detachment. The inversion of pain into pleasure, which comes about during the period of anesthesia, can be likened to that of a little demon which causes the polarity of an electric current to be reversed during a power blackout. Is this neutral phase of insensibility to be approximated by the anesthesia produced by acupuncture ? This is in itself an interesting question, but I consider acupuncture to be a domain of science (?) that does not concern itself with things of a sexual nature, and even if it did, I have heard that anesthesia by acupuncture does not always produce the desired effects.

In any case since the pleasure experienced by masochism is realized by corporal actions, it is only possible to experiment with those who are prepared to submit. On the other hand, an enema experience with glycerin is within everyone's reach and does not necessitate a partner. I would like to know if there are many people who experience the effects as I have just described them or if they are susceptible to other forms of masochism.

To elucidate further on this point, I would say that I understand certain aspects of the phenomena of masochism and would like to debunk certain misunderstandings concerning the subject. In this particular case however, what is most interesting of all, is that the sensations are caused outside of the classic matrix of pain / humiliation.

Readers of this magazine who have any personal experience on this matter are invited to send in their thoughts and observations so that we can clarify this interesting matter of sexology. Till now, I do not believe that anyone has managed to explain the mechanism of the pain / pleasure reversal. I would be willing to classify this phenomena as a sexual aberration but I suspect that it could be more universal than has been thought.


Letter from
Le Nouveau Couple 2000
No. 9 April 1973

We do not agree at all that you classify the feelings experienced during an enema as masochistic, since there is no pain involved in the process, only a feeling of well being and of eroticism. It is possible that a procedure such as an enema can cause a certain repulsion in young children but not necessarily in an adult, nor in children older than 14-15 years old.

Like most young girls, my friend Gisele and I were routinely spanked until we were about 11 years old. We hated it then and we still hate it even now. However we have very positive memories of the enemas our mothers used to give us with rubber clyster bulbs. From the age of 13 and onwards, our mothers never had any trouble getting us to take our clysters. At first they used a squeeze bulb that was made entirely of red rubber, but after a few years they switched over to a larger sized bulb with a thicker nozzle in hard black plastic. In principal we were given our enemas regularly, once a week on Saturday afternoons or on Sunday mornings. Since Gisele and I spent practically each weekend together at either of our homes, our mothers would perform the ‘chore' on both of us at the same time and lay us out on the kitchen table to receive our dose of soapy water.

After we graduated, Gisele and I rented an apartment in the city of Gent, not far from the school where we both taught. One of the first things we bought was a large sized squeeze bulb in rubber, which we made good and frequent use of. Have we become klismo's ? Bit by bit, we started buying, I would even say collecting, different instruments, such as clysters, tubes and nozzles, canisters etc. and what is more, we made use of them all. We have been trying to find more information on this subject, which is by the way, one of the reasons why we bought this magazine.

When we had some of our (female) friends over, one of them discovered our little collection while using the bathroom. Our four friends questioned us about it. One of them, Berthe, told us that she too had experienced pleasure when her mother administered enemas to her as a young child and that she would like to join us. Another, Marcelle, who had been married for two years, also wanted to try it out.

The discussion heated up and that very same evening I had to prepare a soap solution. I was first to receive an enema in front of our friends and then Gisele took her turn. Berthe presented herself directly afterwards. She hadn't been lying either, since all of us could see that she took great pleasure in it. The others had to pressure Marcelle into getting her enema. She was hesitant at first but finally succumbed. Gisele was very gentle with her. Marcelle found it to be so pleasant that she asked to borrow one of our clysters. She planned on buying one for herself as soon as possible but wanted to have her husband administer an enema to herself that very same evening. We made her a gift of it.

The next morning, before classes started, she told us that as soon as she came home she had explained everything to her husband, who had promptly given her an enema. It had been wonderful. Berthe now, regularly takes part in our sessions and she likes to try out different instruments. Marcelle also comes by from time to time but she prefers her rubber squeeze bulb. She says that her husband personally and regularly takes care of her needs.

We take minute care not to cause any pain whatsoever. We take care to choose the instrument and the dose that will give maximum satisfaction without any discomfort. After analyzing the results, we have found that there are two principle sources of pleasure : first, the introduction of warm water into the intestines and the euphoria produced by the feeling of total emptiness of the bowels. Secondly, the insertion of nozzles and objects into the anus, usually those that are long and thin, and the extraction of the same.

We consider our sexual behavior to be quite normal, we do not have a lesbian relationship and the physical contact limits itself to that necessary for the administration of the enema, and no more. According to Marcelle though, things progress to a different level when her husband administers an enema to her. Once we become engaged, we will surely want to experience this from that viewpoint as well.

Jenny, Gent (Belgium)

Letter from
Le Nouveau Couple 2000
no. 25 dec. 1976


I've noticed that you regularly devote space in your magazine to the subject of enemas. It seems that many people are becoming interested in the practice. I have also been a klismo for more than 40 years. I had my first enemas for medical reasons and afterwards discovered the other pleasures that are connected to the treatment.

When I was 18 years old, I had a severe case of jaunditis. Now it is called a viral hepatitis. The doctor who treated me at the time, prescribed a solution that I had to slowly absorb, drop by drop through the intestines. I had to have a tube with a special nozzle inserted inside of me which remained in place for hours at a time. Ever since I have become a fervent practitioner of enemas.

In my opinion there are two types :

          1. The ordinary 2 liter enema which is given with a rubber nozzle (the so called Savignac nozzle). This is what one would call the classic enema.
          2. The intestinal cleansing ( high colonic) is a much more intense treatment. It is given with a 60 to 70 cm long tube. Sometimes the tube can be as long as one meter, but they are much more difficult to insert.

      The ordinary enema which is meant to facilitate the evacuation of fecal matter, is done by inserting a nozzle into the intestine which allows water to flow in. With some training (as in my case) it is possible for an adult to absorb as much as 4 liters. The reservoir that is used is called a rubber ‘Canon' bag. Most nozzles are not made in France but are imported from either Germany or Switzerland. To buy these nozzles in France one needs a doctors prescription. *(see note) It is best to take this type of enema lying down on the right side, legs bent upwards. In my opinion, the feelings are quite agreeable. 4 liters of water is about the same weight a pregnant woman would be carrying in the womb at the end of term.

      It is also possible to use a dildo shaped nozzle (they can only be bought across the border), which of course approximates the feeling of being sodomized. It is also possible to take an enema in the bathtub. The feeling of being enveloped in warm water while being filled up at the same time is very agreeable.

      One can also insert a tube, say in the evening and to keep it place by wearing briefs or rubber underpants. Just before going to sleep, the bag is filled with warm water and one goes to bed. Once asleep, your partner can gently open the valve. You are then awakened by the feeling of the water entering your intestines. This is a very special type of experience.

      It is known that some people use a suppository before inserting the nozzle. This amplifies the effect of the enema itself, especially when done in conjunction with the dildo shaped nozzle.

      It is possible to take nutritional enemas. Sometimes I go without dinner and absorb an enema consisting of a liter milk, egg yolk and peptone (?) that I keep in me throughout the night. Most always when I awake, there is nothing left to expel, which is proof that the intestinal lining has absorbed the foodstuffs.

      That is the result of my experiences. Some may doubt me or be unable to duplicate my capacity, but that is only due to lack of training. If they persevere in their efforts, I am sure that they will become very attuned to the benefits and pleasures of the very special type of treatment that only enemas and nozzles can evoke. If they perceive some difficulties at first, I recommend that they add some glycerin to the warm water solution, that should help.

      If desired one can also use squeeze bulbs that are made of rubber, but I have find that the injection of water goes too fast for it to be pleasurable in this manner and that the nozzles on these type of device can often cause injury. The dildo may be somewhat large and more painful for insertion at first, but is less dangerous in the final analysis.


      • Note That sounds a bit far fetched to me. What I think the reader means is that if you wanted get a refund from the state medical insurance, you would have needed a doctors prescription. This was written during a time when all medical care was more or less free, provided you paid your social security.
      • A normal, frugal and stingy Frenchman would never dream of buying medicine for which one was not reimbursed. But to get your money back, you needed a doctor's prescription.
      Letter from
      Le Nouveau Couple 2000
      No. 6 / April 1973


      I have read numerous scientific works on the subject of sexology. Still I would like to congratulate you on the following articles which you have previously published :

-My Husband is a Fetishist (even though I do believe that the title is somewhat inappropriate since all men are fetishists in one manner or another while the article suggests that only certain are.)

-Letters to the Editor. This is certainly the most varied section of all. Personally I am most interested in articles concerning spanking, punishment (not about sadism of course !), enemas and about any other odd behavior (even if the behavior is primarily just a product of the imagination).

-Your replies to those letters

I would like to contribute my small part to your Letters to the Editor section.

I have noticed that many readers take pleasure in either receiving or administering an enema. I would like to note that the glycerin suppositories used by constipated women can also cause very pleasurable sensations. I discovered this during the war. I was 6 years old when I was sent to stay at my grandmother's home in the country when the war started.

Every year during the winter I would get the flu and of necessity become bed ridden for several days. This usually caused me to become constipated. My grandmother would always offer to give me a suppository. I would systematically refuse although I longed for relief. She would use the following trick on me.

When she would take my temperature and had me bent over her knees (much like when being spanked), she would, without my knowledge, quickly and deftly prepare a suppo that she had hidden on her. As soon as she had retracted the thermometer, before I could get up, she would tell me to wait a moment because she was going to take a new reading. However instead of inserting the thermometer again, she would use her left thumb and forefinger to spread my buttocks open and with her right hand she would stick the ‘pill' in me. It was not lubricated and so would not easily enter my rectum, but become stuck in my sphincter.

I had the feeling of being ‘cornholed' as they say out in the country, but later I learned that my grandmother always used adult-sized suppos. In any case the suppo caused a burning and tingling sensation that was very pleasurable and which I could feel all the way to my genitals. Once I was about 11, I tried to reproduce those pleasurable sensations by sticking suppos into myself. I would insert and then expel them repeatedly, but since the suppositories were mostly made of gelatin in those days, they would disintegrate rather fast.

I have always liked that kind of sensation, but have never dared to discus it with any of my partners. Later I refined my play and would insert the suppo into my anus, without letting it penetrate into my rectum completely. If I have become aroused and rectally lubricated however, the suppo will just slip inside of me without any trouble and disappear into my bowels. Right now, I can usually hold it for at least 15 to 30 minutes in my anal sphincter, and at times I have managed to keep it there for 45 minutes.

For those who like to be sodomized, I think lubrication of the anus by use of a suppo is preferable to lubrication by water or by enema. I usually proceed as follows : I insert a suppo as high as possible to provoke a bowel movement. Afterwards I insert several more and when I notice that my anus starts to pulse in and outwards I know that I am ready.

Are there any readers among you who have used similar or different methods ? I would like to hear from them.

J. P. Paris


Letter from
Le Nouveau Couple 2000
No 26 / January 1977


This letter is in response to ‘Jean' who wrote a letter to the editor in issue no. 22 concerning enemas.

Even though there have been numerous letters written about readers enema experiences, I am not at all surprised at Jean's request in issue no. 22. It actually gives me great pleasure to be in a position to be able to sincerely answer his questions in a manner as open-heartedly as possible. I do this as a fervent and long time practitioner of a practice that is only rarely admitted to.

Since he asks for descriptions of true life experiences, I think it would be best if I were to start out by telling mine first.

Even as a child, just hearing the word enema, gave me a certain odd kind of pleasure, evoking strange feelings, although all told I had not had much experience with the procedure. I was interested to know if my little playmates were submitted to the same treatment.

When I was 14 years old and staying at a boarding school, I knew absolutely nothing about ejaculation, orgasms or how to get them. Once I become unusually constipated and since it was bothering me considerably, I went to the infirmary. The nurse listened to my complaint and quickly gave me her diagnosis : ‘It's nothing special, just pull down your pants, and lay down on the bed, I'll give you an enema.' That word ! The very idea alone was enough to send me into a turmoil of anticipation.

I was very careful not to miss anything of the preparations : the water being put into the enamel canister, the tube being fitted and filled with water, the tube being lubricated with Vaseline etc. She came to me and put the canister on a nightstand next to the bed. The nurse lifted my shirt up higher, gently spread my buttocks open wide and stuck the tube into my virgin anus while opening the valve and lifting the canisters higher. Even now, 30 years later, I can remember everything as if it were yesterday. I became even more excited when I noticed that the flow of warm water caused an indescribably delicious pleasure which I could not really comprehend at the time. Probably to keep the tube from being expelled, the nurse kept hold of it and gently pushed it in and out. Suddenly I felt a spasm originate deep in my bowels, spreading a delicious warmth throughout my abdomen and lower body. Afterwards I felt a calming relaxation and I was able to take the rest of the liquid without any difficulty.

I didn't know what had happened because I hadn't noticed any other external effects. This treatment had such a great effect on me that a few days later I went to the infirmary once again, this time untruthfully complaining of the same malady.

I got the same treatment, but this time when I spasmed, I noticed a liquid coming out of my penis and wondered if this was what was called ‘cumming'. A few weeks later I complained of the same symptoms again, got the same treatment and spasmed again, just as pleasurable as the two times before. After the third time however, I didn't dare try again, out of fear of being discovered.

Some time afterwards a friend initiated me into the technique of manual masturbation, but ever since receiving those wonderful enemas I only orgasmed in the following manner : at night I would lie stomach down on my bed while gently rubbing the tip of my penis under the sheets. I would concentrate on the memories of the previously administered enemas while at he same time imagining the faces and bodies of certain of my young friends. I would be very interested to know if other readers started out by having similar sexual experiences.

Afterwards while in college and in the army I did not have many opportunities to indulge in receiving enemas for obvious reasons, lack of privacy being foremost among them.

When that was past, I got a nice job and moved far away from my family. I was still a bachelor and was finally able to buy the necessary equipment so I could indulge in my favorite pastime. I bought a rubber squeeze bulb, tubing and nozzles but no canister which I found to be too cumbersome to use alone. Alternatively I would use either the bulb or the tubing. When using the tube and nozzle I would proceed in the following fashion : I would first fill whatever recipient I was using (usually a sink or washstand) with warm water and place the end of a tube into it. I would make sure that the end was weighted down so that it could not slip out of the sink, and I also made sure that the tubing was strong enough so as not to become bent. Then laying down in my preferred position, I would insert the other end of the tube into my anus and open the valve allowing the water to enter me. In this manner did I proceed until climaxing.

The years passed and I married, but my wife did not share my passion for enemas and I only took several with her under pretense of being constipated. I had to travel a lot for my job and on the road it was easier for me to indulge in my passion while at the same time satisfying my bisexual nature. I have found it to be much simpler to have a male guest visit your hotel room than it is for a female guest. Whenever I met someone whom I particularly liked, I would not hesitate to suggest administering an enema, either passively or actively.

I hardly ever got a refusal. I remember one time, when I had to work hard to overcome a persons reluctance before he finally consented. After taking a full bulb of warm water, he was so pleasurably surprised at the sensations that he asked for several more>

In such cases I have found the pleasure to be double : there is as much fun in the giving as in the receiving. I remember another young man, barely 20 years old, who after a first try begged me to give him a full enema as soon as possible. He was really so delighted at the experience that he could hardly shut up the rest of the evening. In fact he orgasmed so violently during the administration of the enema that I could not even close the valve before he ejaculated. Afterwards he was so relaxed and unfettered that we spent the night passionately together. I must admit that at times I too have difficulty controlling myself, especially during the preliminaries to an enema such as the opening of the buttocks, the insertion of the tube into the anus and the game of in and out with the nozzle before finally opening the valve. When using the squeeze bulb I felt as if I were much more actively engaged in the process, especially when pressing the water out of the bulb. I regret not being able to use the old-fashioned clyster syringe like our ancestors used to and I wonder it would it have been like. I like to think that it would have been even more engrossing for both partners.

In any case, whichever accessory is used, the nozzle should not be inserted too deeply until the water starts flowing in . In that manner you will be able to provoke that deliciously sweet and satisfying sensation that comes when water enters the intestine. That sensation will be even more enjoyable when the squeeze bulb is pumped bit by bit, imitating the spasmic pumping of an ejaculation.

This is why I prefer to use an ordinary enema nozzle over the long thin type used for injection or over the long rubber tubing used to irrigate the higher regions of the colon. The latter produces only a feeling of warmth in the bowels and has no discernible effect on the prostate.

Quite often, I have returned to my hotel without finding a willing partner and compensated by giving myself a good enema. In that case I use a rubber bag equipped with a special valve. I could go on recounting numerous personal experiences but I fear that if I continue on in this vein I will take up too much space in this excellent magazine.

I will answer several other of Jean's questions in a more concise manner :

1/ I recommend that warm water be used, the temperature between 42 and 45 degrees centigrade. I have found that temperature to produce the most agreeable sensations while flowing into the intestine.

2/ One can also add some vegetable oil to the water if one is so inclined. I do not recommend the adding of salt to he solution and certainly not of any alcoholic beverage, since both are difficult to retain for any length of time. I consider the use of such substances to border on the masochistic, and I do not think that such is Jean's intention. However he is free to try it out if he so feels inclined.

It is possible to retain up to 2 liters of fluid without much difficulty with a bit of practice. I can accept up to 3 liters, but taking more than that would seem risky since certain parts of the intestinal wall are thinner than others and if a tear were to occur, it could have very serious consequences. There is however another method to prolong the pleasure one feels when the water is flowing in. One can insert a very thin rubber tube along with the nozzle into the anus. The water will drain out via the smaller tubing once a certain inner pressure has been reached. It is preferable to have an empty bowel when administering such an enema.

How often can one take an enema ? I have found it possible to take two on the same day, interspersed with several hours interval. This can be done 3 or 4 times a week without any fear of habituation or of constipation.

The best position to receive an enema is laying on your side. This way access to the penis is easy at all times. On all fours facing down allows for easier insertion of the solution and can be more fun when done with a partner.

Retention time can vary among individuals. In any case it is easier to retain warm water and practice can lengthen the retention time. Generally 10 to 15 minutes is quite normal. This time can be prolonged in the following manner : after retracting the nozzle it is possible to insert an anal plug. It is preferable to use a pliable, rubber plug with a flange. It can especially pleasing for the active partner to insert such a plug.

I think I have answered all of Jean's questions as completely as possible. I really do hope that he will benefit from my answers, just as I hope that all other enema lovers will also. I look forward to reading any of their remarks which I am sure will be published in this most interesting magazine.

J.M.F. 90

An Article From French Sexology Magazine ‘Union' A Special Kind Of Pleasure

Using a medical practice for pleasure, readers tell of their experiences looking for new and novel sensations.

‘I discovered the pleasures of getting an enema during my adolescence; I remember it very well : I must have been around 16 years old and constipated. The nurse approached me with a large canister containing two liters of liquid. She was slightly overweight, she had large breasts and a prominent behind. I was somewhat ashamed to show her my buttocks. She closed the drapes around my bed and had me lay down on my stomach with my head on the pillow. I could feel her lowering my underpants down to below my thighs. Her pudgy fingers smeared my anus with Vaseline, then I felt something harder force its' way in. Her hands spread my buttocks open wide. As soon as the warm liquid started to flow into my rectum I was overcome with an inexplicable and sudden arousal. To my shame I could feel my organ harden and stiffen between my abdomen and the bedsheets. The nurse sat on the side of the bed and calmly watched the canister empty.

‘Are you all right ? It's not too hot ?…It doesn't hurt too much ?,,,,,'

I clenched my buttocks together as she withdrew the nozzle. My excitement became so intense that I orgasmed suddenly. I tried to hide it from her, pushing deep into the pillow and moaning while my sperm flowed out over my belly. I hardly noticed as she wiped my anus with a cotton swab to remove the rest of the Vaseline.

Later on , after much hesitation, I got into the habit of masturbating while giving myself enemas. I started off using the vaginal squeeze bulb(syringe?) that my Mom kept hidden in the bottom of a drawer in our medicine cabinet. It was a long pear shaped black rubber bulb which had a 20 cm long pliable enlarge nozzle attached to it. Sometimes all I needed to do was to rub it against my penis to become aroused. Bringing my glans into contact with the rubber was usually enough to bring me to orgasm. But usually, I would lock myself in the bathroom and give myself an enema.

At first I didn't know how to go about it. I would fill the injector with luke-warm water, sit on the toilet seat and gently force the nozzle into my anus. The less it was lubricated, the more it hurt, but it was more exciting that way. Once the nozzle was inside of me, I would slide it all the way up into my rectum, until the bulb pressed between my buttocks. With one hand I would squeeze the injector so I could better feel the jets of water expand throughout my bowels. I would become so excited and aroused while masturbating, that I would come to orgasm several times.

Now I am married, but I must confess that my orgasms during an ‘enema session' are usually much more intense than those I have with my wife.' (Jean T. 34 years old, Massy)

Many lovers of enemas prefer to have them administered by women.

Rene G. 32 years old confesses :'I discovered the pleasures of getting an enema by accident. I was being cared for by a nurse at home (*my note : state medical insurance provides for quite a bit of home care in France and Belgium, mostly by RNs.) who had to give me an enema. I didn't really enjoy the idea of having that large nozzle head stuck up into my anus. But after the nurse had massaged my asshole with a lubricating cream she inserted it into me. I was so aroused that I could hardly hide my erection. After she left I made love with my girlfriend twice. It felt as if the warm liquid kept flowing in me, rekindling my desire. A few days later I could not help myself. I asked my partner to give me an enema. I explained to her that it was just a sex game that she too could enjoy before having sex. Ever since we've done it once or twice a week. I went to a specialized store and bought an old-fashioned 2 liter canister made of enameled metal.

When the canister is full, my friend approaches me, instrument in hand, naked. I kneel down in front of the bed, my cheeks tightly clenched together, to better feel the insertion of the Vaseline covered tube into my anus. She sets the flow of the liquid to a slow rate. I like for her to masturbate me at the same time. Meanwhile she hangs the canister to the wall and stands with her backside to my penis. There is nothing like the agreeable sensation of penetrating her while the warm liquid flows in my bowels.'

Homosexuals also enjoy enemas…:

‘I met V. 23 years old in a café in the quartier Saint Germain des Prés in Paris (** the left bank). We went to his place where he soon told me of his preference for enemas. I agreed to give him one even though I had never done so before. I remember him getting an erection while filling the instrument in the bathroom. Meanwhile I waited in the bedroom, masturbating. When everything was ready, he placed a rubber sheet across the bed, and kneeled down on it, legs spread open wide. I placed the black colored nozzle against his anal opening. He as trembling with pleasure while I lubricated his anus with Vaseline. When I inserted the nozzle, a little bit of warm water leaked out and dripped between his buttocks. This seemed to please him. I couldn't wait for him to receive the water so that I could penetrate his swollen and puckered asshole. I slipped my hand up between his legs and felt his rock hard erection. I stroked him slowly so that he wouldn't come too quickly. Meanwhile he had taken all the water into him. I approached him from behind and pushed my prick up between his thighs, my glans pressing into his testicles. I quickly retracted the nozzle from between his buttocks and placed the empty container on the night table, then took place behind him once again, my prick stiff and eager. He moved into a more comfortable position as I separated his buttocks with my hands as far as I could to better expose his anus to view. I then thrust myself into him up to the hilt. He did not resist but started to quietly moan as I pumped his asshole. He turned his head in order to watch my member go into him. That which excited me the most I must confess, was the warmth that I felt from the still warm enema liquid present in his rectum. It tickled my glans with I every push I made into him and a little bit dripped out and rolled down my testicles when I pulled back before thrusting forward again. All of this heightened my pleasure to a high pitch. When I felt my orgasm approaching, I leaned forward over his back and gripped his penis, stroking him vigorously with both my hands. He clenched his thighs tightly together and almost at the same moment as I felt his hot sperm spurt out between my fingers, I climaxed inside the delicious warmth of his rectum…' (Jean G. 36 years old, Paris)

Many men are too ashamed to ask their wives or girlfriends to administer an enema. Therefore many chose to have this done by professionals.

Simone, 23 years old tells me that T., a 40 year old male comes to see her about twice a month. The day he comes, she usually waits with another (girl) friend with whom she ‘works' together.

‘By the time he arrives I have already prepared his enema : 2 and a half liters of warm water in a rubber bag fitted with a long tube ending in a nozzle of his own design : a dildo shaped attachment with several holes to allow the water to flow through easily. We then enter a room fitted out wit several large mirrors, which permit him to watch the enema being administered. He bends over a tipped chair, arms spread out in front of him. My friend kneels in front of him and plays around with his prick before fellating him. Meanwhile I slowly insert the over sized nozzle into his anus. Finished, I then kneel behind him and lick his pucker with the tip of my tongue. His sphincter is very sensitive by then. T. like for me to gently slap his buttocks at the same time. Sometimes this so arouses him that he ejaculates into my friends mouth even before I have finished giving him his enema. Usually, however, I retract the nozzle and we both go to the bathroom where he sits on the toilet while I lower myself on his penis. He finally expels his enema while we are joined together.'


Giving an enema to a woman excites many men…

‘I have known B. for about a month. He is 31 years old. One Sunday afternoon he came to see me, acting funny. He takes a vaginal syringe that he had just bought at a Pharmacy out of a bag and shows it to me, saying that he would like to administer an enema to me. He fills up the bulb with warm water and when approaching me I can distinctly make out his erection. He lubricates my anus and asks me to spread my legs open. I feel something hard being inserted into my anus, but it doesn't hurt as much as when I am sodomized. It even begins to arouse me as I feel the warm water being introduced into my bowels. When the bulb is empty, B. does not retract the nozzle, but leaves it in place. He has me lay on my side and takes place facing me on the bed. I can feel his erect prick between my thighs and I guide it into my vagina. As he enters me I can sense his mounting pleasure, and I am sure that he can feel the 20 cm long inserted nozzle with his prick. I stroke his testicles. I feel his fingers rubbing my anus and pulling the nozzle slowly in and out. I wish he would continue with his caresses, but he pulls the nozzle out at the same time he pulls out his penis. I go to the bathroom to expel the enema. Before I get there he is so excited and aroused that he suddenly presses me against the tiled bathroom wall and I feel his stiff prick enter my backside. I want to break away but he holds me tight and tries to insert his member into me. I can feel the first spurts of sperm as he forces himself into my anus. Once he is all the way in he climaxes …'

(Sandrine J. 32 years old, Meaux)

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