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Mother And Daughter Enema

BY Daivid Russel - Phantom Rider of Internet

My 21 year old daughter Tammy was home on spring break.

We were sitting having a cup of coffee.

Mom , I have a problem.

What is it dear?

Im having trouble with constipation.  Do we have any laxatives

Honey, you ought to know that an enema would be very benefical

Mom , Im an adult now.  Its been three years since you gave me an enema. I wont do it

Now , Tammy, your not to old to be put over my lap and given a good old fashioned spanking.

Mom, You wouldnt at my age.

Try me

Come with me into the bedroom , young lady

Mommmmmmy, I answered horrorificaly

I thought you were an adult.

Sorry , Im not looking forward to this

I will be easy on you.  I know you dont like enemas

Get undressed completely and go into the bathroom and sit on the toilet while i get the Hot Water Bottle filled.

At this point I had such a stomach ache I did as i was told

I sat there expelling large amounts of gas but no stool.

Mom put me over her lap while she was sittiting on the toilet and did a digital rectal exam

She removed some of the stool with her finger and it realy hurt

I yelled and she gave my bare bottom a sound slap and said behave or i will give you something to cry about.

I hadnt heard that line since i was ten.

She escorted me in to the bedroom and sat down on the bed

She gently put me over her lap and greased my anus real well

I lie there quietly because i did not want a spanking

She hung a three quart bag on the clothes tree and inserted the colon tube a good twenty inches

I lie there perfectly sitill as the water cascaded into the deepepst part of my inner soul.

I had taken the first quart, and I started to cry,

Mom stopped the flow for five minutes and I panted heavily

She turned the water back on and It just kept coming and coming

I thought I was going to throw up.

Mom held me over her lap for ten minutes waiting for the enema to work

She kept patting my bottom the whole time i was holding it.  I was kind of embarrased all though there was nobody else in the room

I never had an enema this massive.

She left me up and i run into the toilet and sat down

Never have i released so much stool and wind and water

It was a massive explosion

Oh Mommy I yelled.

Tammy remeber your an adult now

I yelled out an expletive, and she stuck a bar of soap in my mouth

Not only was i mortified that my mother was watching me expelling the enema,

She had to make me hold the soap in my mouth

How humiliating for a twenty one year old

Tammy, you can spit out the soap and get cleaned up for lunch

Can you clean up the bathroom for me?

Sure mom and thanks for the enema

Could I give you one someday

Well could be I could use one now.

This will be another story

That is what I call a real mother daughter outing, LOL

dave russell the phantom rider of internet


Suvivor Island Enema

This is an aspect of the tv show you never saw on tv.

One night Susan and Rudy were walking along the beach by themselves away from the others.

Rudy, wait a minute.

Susan ducks behind the bushes while Rudy looks on

Suddenly he hears Ugggggh Oooooh Ohhhhhh

Susan , whats the matter?

Rudy Mind your own busines.

Well , if you must know Im constipated

Do we have any enema equipment on the island?

No, but i think I can make one

He Chopped a coconut in half and cut a hole in the bottom of the coconut

He attached a long rubber hose that was on the island

He called the other islanders to witness this event

He had his helper hold the coconut and filled a gourd that held two quarts

He inserted the tube in  her anus and the water started filling her allimentary canal

The water kept filling her bottom and she started moaning

The other survivors started clapping violently

This was an evening of entertainment for them

Susan recieved the full amount while in the Sims position to the beach lying on a blanket

They would not let them film the enema

At least they wouldnt let them show it

Their network hit bottom along time ago

Susan finished her enema and went behind a bush

Whoooosh   she opened up like the volcano on the island

I didnt know rats were constipating

She went to sit down to evacuate when a tarantula appeared

She moved fast to another spot

She huged Rudy and thanked him for the enema and told him it was the most  moving experience of her life

>From then on Rudy made a supply of enema equipment and that became the remedy of choice  on the island.

Every Friday night the islanders got an enema

If you ever bottom out on a desert island Give your bottom an enema

Hope you enjoy this story

I just thought of it and I thought it would be approiate after the survivor series

If i got the names wrong sorry,  I never wattched survivor

dave russell the phantom rider of internet


Enema Threesome

My three girlfriends and I decided to go camping Labor day weekend.

We decided to take a weekend trip to the state park

We drove for four hours and arrived at the camp site It was remote and there was noone was around

We had known each other since we were kids and were often given enemas together

Mary Carrie and Terri are my three female friends

They are travel with their own enema syringes

We spent the day hiking , we must have traveled five miles and returned to the camp site by the river

Girls what is your problem You all look kind of peekid

This must be a first , all three of us are constipated

Wow, I said, a dream come true, lol

I said being me your enema bags

All three of them dutifuly heated up some water and mixed in ivory soap in them

I put down a blanket on the ground and each one lied in the sims

Mary went first

I held the bag up high .

She looked beautiful lying naked in the moonlight

I greased her anus and inserted the nozzle

The water flowed in like Niagra falls.

She started moaning and rubbing her stomach

Mary was yelling I gotta go

You will all let go at the same time

Talk about a major splash down

Carrie was next She laied down next to mary and i was repeating the process

She took the whole two quarts

I put a but plug in her.

Mary was still holding a large amount and moaning louldly

Terri I dont want to do this, So i gave her a light spanking She lied down and i inserted the nozzle

The water raged in like the Colorado river

She held it in for five minutes

I released all the but plugs and I said I hope everything comes out all right

All three of them went behind the bushes and let go

It sounded like the eighteen twelve overture

Just the Mary let out a scream because a skunk came bye and left because he couldnt stand the stench

After the three girls were finished and they went for a moonlight swim in the river

When they all came back the chased me around the campfire and they corralled me and gave me the enema of my life

When i was behind the bushes a rattle snake showed up and I said What happens if i get bit?

Your on your own buddy, I aint sucking your but

That enema at the camping sight with three girls squirming while holding their enemas in the moonlight was one of the prettiest sight i have ever seene

One of the seven wonders of the world


dave russell the phantom rider of internet


Wildwest Enemas

This is the story of Calamaty Jane and Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp and Calamaty Jane were having a torrid affair

Wyatt how did you come by your last name?

He had just downed a bowl of chilli.


I see how you got your name

Calamaty you look like Doris Day

Doris Day?

Yeah Whatever will be will be

The skeleton gang rode into town

The rob banks by using skeleton keys.

I know its a lousy joke .

They also have a few skeletons in their closet

The lost a few men in their last holdup and now they have a skeleton crew

Grey Skelton, Reds great grandfather is the leader

Wyat approaches Grey

Drop your guns Grey



He falls to the ground.

Wyat:  Now he is the gray ghost, lol.


Wyatt , we have to take care of your problem

Come over to the hotel with me.

Its time for another enema

I dont want an enema

Come on now

We went up to Wyatts room and he undressd and pulled the chamber pot from under the bed

Calamaty filled the enema syringe and hung the can on the wall beside the bed

Wyatt turned over on the bed and Calamaty turned the water on.

It was a trhee quart can and Wyatt started complaining

Calamaty spanked his ass and raised the can higher

Wyatt looked two months pregnant after all the water ran in

Calmaty made him hold it for l5 ninutes and he hit the pot with an explosive amount of gas , stool and water

After he finished he insisted on giving Calamty an enema

This will be another story

Remember if you have the urpppppppps and you dont want a calamaty take a high hot soapsuds enema

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