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Mother-in-Law Takes Over

By Jay

Helen and I had been married just over a year when she had our first baby and Carol, her Mother, came to stay with us for a time as it had been a rather tough delivery. We went in to the hospital each day to visit with Helen and Billy and at last Mom and baby came home to our house. That Helen's Mom used to be a nurse was a god send as she took fabulous care of the baby and his Mother as well as being an excellent cook. It was about a week after we were all together and I'm not sure if it was the pressures of the new baby or having two women in the house but I was completely out of sorts and my system had completely shut down. Carol must have noticed this cause after she'd gotten the baby to sleep and had Helen in bed she questioned my behavior.

"What's the matter with you Jay, you pushed your food all around the plate tonight and that's not like you with your appetite."

I didn't answer right away and she hit the nail right on the head with

"When's the last time you had a decent BM?"

I stammered a bit and finally realized that it had been three or four days. At that point she went right for the jugular.

"Well we have to fix that right now. Do you have any enema equipment?"

When I didn't answer right away she continued with, "You should have this as normal sick room equipment … so if you've got it, go get it and if you don't, go down to the pharmacy and I'll tell you what to get."

I told her we had what she needed and went to the linen closet. I returned with a 2 liter Jones Irrigating/enema can that had a hose and rectal tube coiled inside together with the lubricant. She put these items on the side of the sink and said that we'd take care of this business in the den. I was told to get into my pajamas and robe but not to put on the bottoms and that she'd be waiting for me in the den.

When I entered the Den she had a folded towel in the center of the day bed/couch and a pillow up at the far end. What really caught my eye though was the enema can sitting on the end table. When I brought it to her in the kitchen it was just a white can with blue trim and now, with the hoses coiled around its base and a large head of soapy foam spilling over the top and down the sides it took on a menacing appearance.

"Lie down facing the wall and slide your right leg up."

I'd no sooner gotten into position when she set my foot up over my left knee and flipped the robe back over my hips. As the cool air hit my bottom I knew I was in for it and looked back over my shoulder. She was putting globs of lube on the first few inches of the tube and told me to reach back and lift my cheek and to start breathing deeply. As I did this I felt her spread the skin on either side of my anus and whoosh … she'd slid the tube up in to me. I must have gasped as her remark was:

"You knew that was coming so it couldn't have been too much of a surprise. I'll give you a moment to get used to it and then tell me when you're ready."

I guess I nodded or something for the next thing was a warm sensation surging up into my belly and the tube being wriggled further up into my insides. After a bit I started to cramp and saw that Carol was holding the can high up by her shoulder. I asked her if she's stop for a bit as it was going in awfully fast. She stopped and told me to roll over on to my back and give my tummy a good rub and then she'd start the enema again. I told her I preferred to stay the way I was and she started to laugh.

"You've forgotten that I used to be a nurse Jay. Don't you think I know what an enema does to men and what you're trying to hide. But suit yourself."

With that she opened the stopcock and hoisted the can back to shoulder height. I could feel my tummy swelling and I told her that it hurt.

"I'm not surprised, you should never let yourself go this long. Pant like a puppy and it'll take your mind off it."

I did as she instructed till I heard the sucking sound that told me that it was all in me and the ordeal was over.

"I'm going to leave the tube in you as it will help you to hold it while the enema does its work. I want you to stay like that for at least five minutes. Did you put a book or magazine by the toilet? If not, tell me what you'd like and I'll put it there for you."

I told her that there were some magazines there so she said she'd be back in about five minutes and that I was to keep rubbing my tummy. It felt like an hour before she returned and I told her how uncomfortable I felt.

"Well that should teach you a lesson Jay. You should never let yourself get this stopped up." While getting this lecture she removed the tube and told me to come back to the den when I'd finished in the bathroom.

About a half hour later and feeling much better I returned to the den to find Carol watching TV. She'd rearranged the day bed in that a pillow was now under the towel raising it like a platform in the center of the bed.

"Hop up there with your hips up on the towel and we'll finish up."

I told her that I thought we were finished and that I felt a heck of a lot better.

"You'll feel even better when we finish here. Now get up there and get yourself ready and I'll be right back."

With that she turned the TV off and left the room. I got myself as comfortable as I could as my bottom felt up so high on those pillows. When Carol returned she had me place my right leg over to the side as opposed to resting on the left leg and this was a more comfortable position. Then, without any wasted effort she had the tube lubricated and it was snaked up into my bottom. She didn't hold the enema can as high this time but it felt that the fluid was rushing in much faster. I mentioned this to her and she told me it was because the first enema had cleaned a lot out of me. I heard her snap the clip and the enema stopped without my hearing the sucking sound that indicated the can was empty.

"Hold that now and I'll be right back." She wasn't gone more than three minutes and when she returned instead of removing the tube she started refilling the enema can.

" No no, no more Carol I've had enough."

" Not yet you haven't. A good enema fills the entire colon and having removed a good part of the waste that you've been holding we'll fill it now."

With that she picked up the enema can, restarted the flow and twisted the tube further up inside me.

"Take deep breaths through your mouth and rub your tummy from left to right. With this tube all the way in you you'll fill a lot easier. If you had another of these tubes I'd give you a two way enema like we used to do in the hospital. Then we'd be sure when you were cleaned out. There was one person who was so bad that I had to give him five enemas before he was cleaned."

"Carol, that's it I can't take any more and it hurts."

"It's got to hurt to be good and you haven't taken that much. But I'll give you a rest. Roll over towards your stomach a little and I'll pull this pillow out. Now pull your knee up so that your bottom is in the air and we'll finish."

"Please Carol, that's enough"

"I'm going to open the clamp now and I'll stop when you count to 30."

With my face towards the wall and in the position I was in I couldn't see her but it felt as if she'd raised the can on high the way the fluid was pouring into my gut. Once or twice the count was broken as I let out a moan but she helped by keeping up the cadence. Finally the magic number 30 was reached and I heard the clamp snap shut and my belly felt like it was ready to burst. She removed the tube and I hustled as fast as I could to the toilet and relief.

At supper the following evening I was eating like my usual self and Carol mentioned that it looked as though we wouldn't need a trip to the den that evening. Apparently she hadn't mentioned her taking charge last night as Helen, with a puzzled look on her face asked what we were talking about. I felt myself turning red while Carol just smiled.

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