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MS. Hannah's Story

The summer I was to turn eighteen, Tommy decided to return to college. My brother Philip was his inspiration. Philip was well on his way to law school and he often prodded Tommy to return to get his degree. Tommy finally gave in and reenrolled in state college. I followed him this time.

Our only problem would be finances. We had saved up some money, but not enough for four years of college. I decided to get a job. Tommy wasn't happy about it, but I thought it was for the best. I took a job as a clerk in a local grocery during the day and three or four nights a week I worked as a waitress. His mother also helped. She had saved a sizable sum for his education and hadn't gave up hope of him getting a college degree.

Tommy worked hard on his studies, took a job at nights and on weekends, but somehow we always found time for each other. He even took the time to help me work on getting a high school diploma. I had given thought to becoming a nurse someday.

The years passed quickly. Tommy was now a lawyer in town as well as my brother Philip. Philip was giving thought to running for county judge. He was a well liked man in these parts. The women swooned over him, but he never got married. His career seemed to be his whole life.

I had made my way through school as well becoming an RN. I worked for Doctor Jennings as well as at the hospital on weekends. Our careers were on the rise, but our home life still lacked the pitter-patter of little feet. My arms ached to hold a child in them. I was almost twenty-eight years old now and I should have been a mother a long time ago. I became obsessed with the notion at times. Tommy always did his best to understand my feelings, but he never truly did.

One obsession Tommy and I both shared was our love for kinky sex. We did it at every waking available moment. He devised all sorts of toys to add to our pleasure and enemas were a great part of everything we did.

I had learned to give them professionally but I also knew how to give them with the greatest of pleasure. I had to avoid the temptation at work to touch people sexually while I was giving them. Men and women alike. I knew how to insert the tip just right to make moans of pleasure arise from my patients.

I got wet many times while lubing up a person beforehand too. If I saw someone I desired I purposely prolonged the lubrication process. My fingers lingering inside turning and twisting slightly. Some of the patients actually made up illnesses I thought just so I could give them one.

One such patient was Jerrod Blake. He began coming to Doc Jennings in the spring that year complaining of a very bad belly ache. Doc's prescription was a series of enemas, herbal ones of course, and a special diet. Doc sent him into the back office to wait for me, I would be the one to administer his enemas.

I walked into the room and instructed Jerrod to remove his clothing and to put on a gown. While he did this I busied myself preparing his treatment. I removed suppositories from a jar and placed them on a tray next to the exam table. I placed Vaseline and gloves on the tray as well then began mixing the soap and water enema.

When Jerrod was changed into his gown I had him lie face down on the table. He was a very handsome man and as I noticed, a well built man. We made small talk while he lay there. I placed the gloves on my hand while he talked about local people we both knew.

He noticeably flinched as I spread his ass cheeks apart and placed a well lubed finger inside him. I moved my finger deliberately in and out and also crooked it slightly to massage his prostate. Tommy had always enjoyed this at home and I did this to men I was attracted to here. I tried never to make myself obvious with the patients though. My finger elicited moans and sighs from Jerrod. As he moved a bit to readjust his position, I knew he was getting hard.

I removed my finger and placed two suppositories inside him. I asked him to retain these as long as he possibly could. I explained that we needed to removed some matter so that the enema could work more effectively. Within ten minutes Jerrod could hold it no longer and I allowed him to get up. I helped him into the bathroom at the far end of the exam room.

He was back on the table within fifteen minutes, complaining of course of the burn from the glycerin in the suppository. I placed him on his side this time and began the process of lubing him again. He squirmed a bit more this time as I kept my finger in there longer and made it go deeper. His gown slid from his thigh and I was able to see in profile that he had a hard on.

I slid the enema tip in next and as I began the flow I instructed him about cramping. He didn't seem too bothered by the water flow and only once did a look of pain cross his face as a cramp hit him. After the water was all in I had him wait again as long as he could.

I told him I wanted him to move to lying on his back now so the water could move around inside of him. I saw the outlines of his rigidness through the gown. I reached a hand out and massaged his belly, deliberately letting my wrist brush against him. His moans grew deeper and more intense. I rubbed his belly for about fifteen minutes before the pressure got too great for him.

While he expelled the first enema I prepared another soap and water solution. This time added some salt to it as the Doc had instructed me to do as well as an extra teaspoon of soap. Doc always liked the second solution stronger. I waited patiently for Jerrod to come out of the bathroom.

I had him lie on his back this time and put his feet into the stirrups of the exam table. I wipes his ass a bit with a soapy washcloth and then began lubrication. I left my finger in there even longer and twisted and turned it until I saw him grow rigid again. I removed it and inserted the enema tip.

I slowed the flow of the solution because it was stronger and harder to retain if allowed it to flow in too fast. I used my left hand to hold the tip in and with my right I massaged his belly. When he had all of it inside of him I clamped it off and had him scoot back on the table.

I moved to his right side and massaged his belly some more, only this time I deliberately brushed myself against his right hand which was laying extended at his side. I almost wished he was brave enough to pull up my nurse's uniform and put his hand in my panties. I was sopping wet.

I was disappointed when Jerrod got up to expel again, but I regained my composure. The next enema I administered to him was clear water and then I would give him the herbal treatment the Doc wanted him to have. Acting professional was the toughest part of the whole thing. I wanted to take him into my mouth and I wanted him to bend me over the table and take me as well. After he left that afternoon I was a sexual mess.

I went home that night and told Tommy of my experience that day. I always told Tommy of these sessions and how much they turned me on. He relished in my excitement. He often told me he wished I could bring some of these men and women home and watch me giving them enemas and have sex with them too. Our perversions usually knew no bounds, but we never included others in our play.

A couple of days later Jerrod was back to repeat his enemas. I did pretty much as before, but Jerrod seemed quite a bit bolder and less embarrassed than before. He became a regular in the doctor's office before too long. Then one Thursday afternoon, he decided he wanted much more.

I had just given him his two soapy enemas and a clear water rinse. He came back to the exam table and instead of laying down he sat on the edge. I assumed maybe he had some more cramps, but paid him no mind as I went about preparing his herbal enema. I hung the bag and indicated he should lie back down on the table, but he shook his head in refusal.

"Mr. Blake, we aren't yet finished. Is something wrong, are you in pain?" I asked.

He shook his head no again, and said," No but I have a problem." He reached for my hand and placed it on his cock. " I can't stand it anymore. I have wanted you since the first time you touched me."

He pulled me into his arms to kiss me and at first I resisted, but that resistance gave way as his hand reached under my dress and his hand slid inside my panties. I pressed against it as he slid his finger inside my cunt. I was already wet and moans escaped both our lips. I didn't stop him as he placed me face down onto the table and began fucking me. I got hotter at the thought of Tommy watching us, how I wished he was.

We both had to stifle our moans as we came in unison. I hurried to clean myself up and told him to do the same. My professional manner kicked in again and I proceeded to dump the enema I previously prepared. It had grown cold and I didn't think Jerrod truly wanted another one anyway.

When he came out of the bathroom I told him I wanted him to come to my house tomorrow after dark. I lied to him telling him Tommy was to be out of town and I wanted to see him again. He agreed to come over.

I could hardly wait for Tommy to come home from work to tell him what had happened and what I had set up. Tommy was as excited as I was. He had always wanted to watch another man taking me and now we had set it all up. He was even more sexually aroused that night than I had ever seen him.

I had a hell of a time concentrating at work the next day. I rushed to get home and get dinner for Tommy and me. We had everything ready when Jerrod finally arrived. Tommy was in our bedroom closet waiting.

Jerrod didn't waste time with small talk. We were in the bedroom within minutes of his arrival. When we were both devoid of clothes and on the bed Jerrod reached to turn off the bedside lamp but I stopped him. I told him I preferred to see everything. He made no further protests.

We began kissing and touching each other all over. Jerrod's tongue traced a path from my lips, to my tits and then further down. His tongue began licking my clit and I was soon writhing on the bed. As he licked me his fingers slid in and out of my cunt. I leaned up on my elbows a bit so I could see the closet door better. I clicked on the bedside radio to cover any noise coming from there.

I could see Tommy stroking himself as he watched Jerrod tonguing me. I had Jerrod lay to the side of me so I could stroke him, then we moved into a sixty-nine position, with me on top. As I deep throated his cock my eyes watched as Tommy gave himself a hand-job. God this was so good.

Jerrod moved me into a missionary style position and got so lost in what he was doing that he didn't notice me using my finger to call Tommy to come join us, nor did he realize Tommy was standing there for some time. He was so startled when he saw Tommy that he rolled completely off the bed away from both of us.

I was the first to speak. "Don't worry Jerrod, come back here. Tommy knows about us. I don't keep these things from him. If you don't mind he would like to watch some more and maybe join us."

Jerrod looked from me to Tommy and back to me again. Then he just smiled. He climbed back onto the bed and placed me so that I was sitting on his cock. Gone was his shyness or embarrassment. He played our game and played it quite well. He fucked me while I sucked Tommy. It was great the way Tommy and Jerrod both responded. I was in heaven.

That night lead to many more nights. Soon Jerrod was also a part of our enema play as well. This went on for months before Jerrod got transferred to another state by his company. Tommy and I were both sad to see him go. We had a lot of good times together.

Then my blue skies got very cloudy. The following summer Tommy had joined a bunch of men from town on a fishing trip. He and my brother Philip as well as several friends traveled about two-hundred miles from home to be in a big fishing tournament. I decided while Tommy was gone I was going to repaint the kitchen and give the house a thorough cleaning.

The Saturday after they left I was interrupted by a knock at the front door. I opened the door to see a state trooper standing there. I dropped my paint brush as a feeling of dread passed through me. Before he even opened his mouth I knew. I felt it deep down.

Tommy was dead. The man whom I have had loved for fifteen years, who had been my best friend as well as lover, was gone. I barely heard what the trooper was saying anymore. Apparently a speed boat had struck the boat that Tommy and Philip were on. Tommy had been D.O.A and Philip was in critical condition in a hospital nearby. The trooper asked if there was anyone he could call for me. I asked him to call Doc Jennings.

When Doc got there I was a babbling crying mess. He gave me a sedative and put me in bed while he called my parents as well as Tommy's. Although the sedative helped to calm me I was in no way tired or willing to give into sleep. I heard the doorbell ring and rose to go to the living room. Mr. and Mrs. Murphy had arrived. Mrs. Murphy immediately grabbed me and gave me a hug. I took her hand and took her to the couch.

My parents were the next to arrive along with my brother Michael and his wife. Momma took over and went into the kitchen with Michael to clean up the paint mess and begin making coffee. She was soon on the phone calling my other relatives and then she asked Mrs. Murphy to come into the kitchen to do the same. I went in there as well, sitting at the kitchen table sipping coffee, while they made the calls. I stayed there as people began to arrive. My father and Mr. Murphy greeted them.

Momma was the first to call the hospital where Philip was and learned he had stabilized. She talked with the doctors about flying him here so that he could be in a nearby hospital. The doctors felt that was a possibility by tomorrow if he stayed stable but thought transporting by ambulance would be easier.

Over the next few days Tommy was laid to rest and Philip was brought home. I went to visit Philip several times, and not once did I ask him what happened nor did he offer to bring it all up. I just wanted to concentrate on my brother getting better.

I hadn't returned to work as of yet but Doc said I could take as much time as I wanted. Mentally I was not prepared for dealing with the public just yet. All of that could wait.

Philip finally got the green light to leave the hospital and I insisted he come home with me until he was fully recovered. Momma and Daddy agreed that it was for the best as well. In fact before all was said and done Philip ended up moving in and giving up his own apartment.

Although I eventually returned to nursing, my life never was the same again. I never remarried, instead I became a bitter vengeful person. As my parents and Tommy's passed on, I became totally focused on Philip and his career.

A few years after Philip was voted in as judge, he changed his method of punishment, which is where I came in. I became his punishment administrator. I gave enemas to people who had done wrong and flogged many. Our ideas for punishment were borne out of the way we were raised and what we had seen at the hands of the Enforcers of Justice.

No, this town would never be the same again.

This is an original manuscript by CopNAPlea@aol.com. I hereby grant permission to anyone who really wants it to reproduce this in any manner and copy it to any damn site they damn well please--hell if you want to print and stuff it you know where go ahead! Just keep this little label with it wherever it goes.

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