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My Birthday


It was the day after my birthday.  My sweetheart and I had had a wonderful meal at a local restaurant that specializes in "down home" cookin'.  We spent over three hours eating, talking, drinking wine, and basking in the wonderful glow of the moment.  Following dinner, we came back home with the plan of mutual backrubs and cuddling and sex if we were up to it (like we wouldn't be!).  We went up to the bedroom, where performed a little bit of a striptease for my darling.  I slipped out of the pumps, and danced my way through sliding off my blouse, making a major production of each button. Finally, I tossed the blouse towards him.  Then, I slipped my skirt down over my hips, and tossed that as well.

I walked over to him, as he sat grinning on the bed, and unbottoned his shirt, pulling it gently off. He was reaching for my breasts but I wriggled away.  I turned my back towards him as I slipped the slip over my head, and unfastened my bra.  Finally, I slipped off first the panty hose, taking a good long time with my posterior facing him.  Last to go, the panties, and again, I let him get a good long look at my ass. I turned to find him stripping the rest of his clothes so fast that he nearly tripped  while taking his slacks off.

I ran into the bathroon, turned on the water, and as soon as it was ready, I jumped in.  He was right beheind me.  We soaped and giggled, making foamy shapes to cover one another out of the bubbles of bath gel, creating some pretty erotic images on the bodies of one another.  Finally, we had enough of the water, and got out into some big fluffy towels, and again I ran back into the bedroom, jumping on the bed, playing a game of "catch me if you can!". Well, he did and we started passionately kissing and stroking, to far gone for the back rub, we had quick and powerful intercourse.  I fell asleep in his arms.

In the morning, when I woke, I was hoping for a slow, sleepy fuck, that was our normal beginning to Saturday morning, but I could tell by the heaviness of his breathing that he wasn't going to be up for anything for a while.  I took a quick shower and went to the kitchen.  After a cup of coffee and the paper, I set about making some bran muffins, feeling a bit bloated from that heavy food.  The first batch was out of the oven, and I was washing the tins to put in another batch when he came downstairs.  I didn't turn around, hoping for a hug from behind.  He obliged my unspoken request, and spoke softly into my ear, "I know you didn't think we were finished playing!"

I felt him slip his hands underneath my panties, and I was anticipating the gentle strokes he would often give my clit, with a probing finger in my vagina, to get me in the mood, but this time...

...his hand slides to the back of me.  I feel his middle finger stroke between my ass cheeks....O God!!!   Then, he slides something into my behind, or tries to....what?  Ahhhhh, my sphincter pushes it out, but he pushes harder.  In and out, and finally, one very deep, hard thrust and it is in. OOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!   A suppository! I am tingling all over!  I turn to kiss him.  He keeps his hand inside my panties.

"Come darling! I want to play with your ass!"  Not a subtle kinda guy is my love.  We walk upstairs, my arm around him, his hand cradling my behind.  We walk into the bedroom and I see that he has been busy!  The end table is covered with a rectal thermometer, vaseline, jar of suppositories, soapsticks, a bowl of warm water and my favorite little blue bulb.

My insides are tingling, but I don't need to release anything yet.  He knows this and seats himself on the bed near the end table.  He pulls me across his lap and teases me, pulling the waistband of my panties up and down, then making long and slow strokes on my bottom.  He gives me a few gentle pats, and then follows with stroking.  I am beginning to feel so euphoric.  He finaly slips the panties to just below the cheeks, and opens my cheeks with one hand. With the other, he manages to open the vaseline jar and get a large glob on his finger.  He strokes the finger into my asshole, slowly and gently, getting a lovely coating all around.  Finally, he inserts that finger, very very deeply. OOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!

Now, the thermometer.  He sends it in deep, and then draws it in and out, oh so slowly!!  MMMMM!  He cups my bottom with his hand as he finaly finds a resting place.  What heaven!

He pulls it out, and reads it.  "Not really very high, but I think you are probably needing to use the bathroom, am I right?"

All this excitement...I couldn't go if I wanted, and I don't want to leave his lap.  "I don't think I can!!"

"I'll help you, darling."  He opens the suppository jar.  My belly jumps!  He inserts one.....two......"do you need another?"..."I think so, honey"...three.....four....for good measure.  He strokes my back and buttocks. "How are you doing?"

"I still don't think I can go, yet honey.  They don't seem to be working"  I am getting a little frustrated, because my ass is still aching for more.

"Let's try this, then."  He takes one of the soapsticks....I smell the Ivory....covers it with vaseline.  "Ready, honey?"  "God, yesss!!" He inserts this very, very slowly and gently, so as to not break the fragile stick.  WOW!   It is a few seconds before my insides respond, and then it is electric!!  Oh, my God!!!!

I turn into one frenzied, horny little bunny.....I pull off his lap, and pull his dick out of his boxers....it is all ready for me, I can see that!  I pull my panties back on, and then pull one leg to the side as I slip his stiffness inside me, while we both had our underwear on....I feel the friction of my panties against his penis, and he moans.  I slide up and down, not too far or hard.

Now, I feel like my insides are going to expolde!  slide off quickly and run to the bathroom and expel all that fills me.  When I return, he has piled several pillows and covered themn with a towel.  He instructs me to lie across it.  "Gotta clean that stuff out, especially the soap!"

He greases my behind with his finger and adds more vaseline to the nozzle of the bulb. I hear him press the air out and then suck up a bulbful of water.  He presses the nozzle deep into me, so that I squish down on the pillows. Mmmmmmmm.  I feel his penis bobbing against my hips (he took his boxers off while I was in the bathroom) as he adds bulb after bulb. Yummmmm!

Finally full, I start to get up.  He turns me onto my back and gives me a slow, delicious fucking!  We stroke until I have to go to the bathroom, and then I return.  He washes me off, tenderly dries me, and puts me onto my hands and knees,  His penis invades my ass, gently, slowly, and deeply.  So joined, we fall onto the bed, spooning and occassionally thrusting until he comes.  His hand in my pussy and finger deep in my vagina is heaven with his penis still deep inside.  What a birthday!


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