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My First Adult Enema Experience


Dedication: To Lisa, the most fascinating woman ever to water my behind.

I was newly divorced and enjoying the freedom of not having to answer for my every action or my somewhat kinky desires.  My ex was not a bad woman, it was just that she had lived a very sheltered life and was not inclined to try new experiences.  In 7 years of marriage I had convinced her only one time to give me an enema.  I had made up a story about being constipated.  She agreed to give the enema, but afterward I wish she hadn't.  The entire time she complained about how gross it was and how I should have gone to a doctor if I was having trouble with my bowels.  She snickered at the fact that the enema had caused me to get a raging hard-on and told me that I could take care of it myself.  I never asked her for another enema again.

After the divorce I began to collect enema magazines and videos form the numerous sex shops in the city where I lived.  I ran up hundreds of dollars worth of phone calls to 900 numbers indulging my fantasies.  I also started collecting enema equipment, mostly from local drug stores and health related catalogs which allowed me to mail order.  I also made a few special nozzles from items I purchased from sex shops and fabricated a few containers and other delivery devices from materials I found at the local hardware store. It seemed that after 7 years of suppressing my desires, I was now becoming obsessed with this kink.

One evening while engaged in conversation with my favorite phone sex goddess, she asked me why I did not hire someone to give me an enema.  To be honest, I had never considered the idea.  She told me that the phone book was full of escort services and that many big cities had a  newspaper which usually contained an "alternative" section, and I could probably find what I wanted there.  She was right.  When I got off the phone with her I grabbed the yellow pages and found page after page of advertisements for personal escorts.  Now I just had to get up the nerve to call one of them.

I pondered this idea over the next couple of weeks and tried to script what I would say when I called.  I suppose all of my thinking about enemas had a cumulative effect on me and I had reached a point where I realized the worst thing that could happen is they would either laugh, tell me they did not do enemas or tell me they would be right over.  I had nothing to loose and everything to gain.

One evening I was once again reading all of the ads in the yellow pages, trying  desperately to decide which one would be the right one, based solely on how the ad was written.   I picked one out and called.  As the phone rang, I felt as though I was losing my voice. My face began to flush as a very sexy voice on the other end asked, "Hello, how can I help you?"  For I moment I thought I would not be able to answer.  A thousand thoughts began to flood my mind.  What if this is a scam?  What if this is a set up by the cops?  What if she gets over here and rips me off?  What would I do?  I certainly could not call the cops and say..."well, you see officer, I called this lady and she came over to give me and enema and while I was in the bathroom expelling, she took my money and left." But in the middle of all of these thoughts I was able to respond..."Hi, I am calling about your ad in the yellow pages."  What a idiotic thing to say, I thought to my self.  I sound like I am calling about a used car.  "Would you like to see one of our ladies tonight?" the sexy voice replied.  "Yes I would" I told her and knew that the hard part was still to come.

"What type of lady would you like to see?" she asked, "we have a lot of different ladies on call tonight." Oh boy, now I have to make a decision.  Thinking back on the experience I am sure she was referring to blondes, brunettes, redheads, tall, skinny and so forth.  I took a deep breath and thought to myself, "what the hell!"  "I would like to see a lady who will give me an enema."  There, I said it!  Now all I have to do is wait for the burst of laughter to hit me and I can crawl back into my hole.  "Just a minute" she said, "let me see who is on tonight" came the reply. I couldn't believe it!  A minute or so later she returned to me and said to expect a call back in a few minutes.  I thanked her and asked how much it would cost.  She told me I would have to discuss that with the lady when she called.

Well, by this time I could feel my heart pounding in my chest.  Twenty nine years of solo enemas was about to end.  I paced the floor, smoked a couple of cigarettes and waited for the phone to ring.  After what seemed like an eternity, the phone finally rung. I let it ring a couple of times, not wanting to appear too eager.  I answered and she asked if this was Mr. Simpleton.  Yes, I replied.  "Were you looking for some company?" came her response.  Yes, I replied once again.  "I hear you need an enema tonight" she said in the most sexy voice I had ever heard.  I thought I would faint.  It was like a dream to hear the word "enema" come out of her mouth.  I felt weak in the knees.  I reached down deep inside of me and found the courage to respond.  She told me it would be $150.00 for the hour, but that she did not have any equipment.  I told her that I had everything we needed here at my apartment and she said she would be here within the hour.  I gave her directions and we said good bye.

I spent the next 45 minutes making sure the apartment looked presentable.  I know, that was a silly thing to do, but it helped me pass the time.  I must have taken 3 or 4 showers before she arrived, taking special care to make sure I was very clean.  I did not want to present my backside to her, only to gross her out.  I had already taken 4 or 5 enemas that evening so I knew I was cleaned out on the inside so that  when it came time for her to remove the nozzle from my behind, there would be no little surprises for her.   Finally the moment arrived.  I heard the knock at the door and my heart sunk deep in my stomach.

As I opened the door, there stood a long, tall slender woman, about 35 years of age.  "Mr. Simpleton." she asked?  "Yes," I replied.  "Hi, I'm Lisa" she said as I invited her in and offered her a seat on the couch. She was a very nice looking woman, not a beauty queen or a model, but very clean, simple features.  Over the next two years of knowing Lisa I was to discover that real beauty was on the inside and in the mind.  I offered her a wine cooler and she accepted.  We made some small talk and I admitted how nervous I was.  I told her that this was my first experience with this sort of thing and she eased my nervousness with her words.  After a few more minutes she asked if I was ready to get more comfortable.  Yes, I certainly was.

We retired to the bedroom.  I had placed the $150.00 on the dresser in plain sight.  I was still nervous about being set up by the cops.  I left it up to her to decide to take the money and know it was for her. She must have been used to this set up because she picked up the money, counted it and placed it in her purse.  We both proceeded to get undressed.

I had a large towel spread out on the bed and the night stand set up with Vaseline, gloves, hand towels and such.  I had rearranged things in the walk-in closet so that I could use one of the clothes racks to display my collection of enema bags.  On the chest-of-drawers to the right of the closet door I had laid out my bulbs and other small items such as extra nozzles and vibrators.  I knew that we would not use everything I had, but wanted it all available in case the mood hit for a particular thing.

I invited her into the walk-in closet and asked her to choose which bag she wanted to use.  Lisa was very sexy in her manner.  She looked over the 15 or 20 enema bags hanging from the clothes rod as though she were shopping for a new dress.  She examined each nozzle and checked its flexibility.  She opened and closed a few of the hose clamps.  By the time she had selected her implement of pleasure, my cock was already dripping from its swollen head.  "I think this one will do" she said as she took the bag off of the clothes rod and coiled the hose in her hand.  "Now, I want you on the bed, on your knees with your shoulders and chest touching the bed" she cooed to me.  "I want your ass high in the air with your legs spread wide." I followed her directions as a child would follow his mothers orders.

As I positioned myself on the bed, I could hear the water running in the sink and knew she was preparing my enema.  The sink was located in open view of the bedroom in what was a dressing area of sorts.  The toilet and tub were in a separate area.  Lisa called over her shoulder and asked if I wanted the water cool, warm or hot.  What a lovely woman, I thought to myself.  I just love being pampered and tended to. "Warm" I replied as I tried to sneak a peek at myself in the mirror in this most revealing position.  When she returned, she climbed up on the bed and hung the bag from a small chain I had hanging from a hook in the ceiling over the bed.  The bag hung directly over my bottom and as she positioned the bag and uncoiled the hose, I could feel her soft tummy touching my ass and the skin of her thigh resting against my balls.  I felt a few drops of water fall on my back as she purged the air from the line and then placed the nozzle inside the bag to make it warm for me.

"I see you have some gloves on the night stand" Lisa said, "would you like for me to use them?"  I told her that before she arrived, I had given myself a few enemas so that I would be cleaned out.  But that if she felt more comfortable using the gloves I would not mind.  I saw her arm extend over me and she took the Vaseline from the night stand.  She left the latex gloves where they lay.  My anticipation grew as I heard the lid being removed from the jar.

Lisa was seated behind me, between my legs, facing my widespread bottom.  She asked if I was ready and I did my best to answer her.  I think she knew I was ready. I felt her fingers wrap tightly around my scrotum, just above my balls, preventing them from retracting into my groin.  I felt her soft, slender finger begin to spread the warm Vaseline around my anus and she began to slowly probe my insides.  She applied more lubricant to her finger and continued to work her finger past the tight muscle.  Once her finger slipped inside of me, I lost all track of time.  I felt her long finger slip into my bottom.  It must have been 12 inches long, or at least it seemed so.  Lisa spent several minutes moving her finger in and out of my anus, gently twisting and turning it from side to side making sure the Vaseline was well placed.  As she squeezed and massaged my balls with her hand, she talked to me, telling me how warm I was inside and how tight my bottom was.  I found this to be such a turn on.  Having her talk to me about her attendance to my backside made me feel very cared for.

After another application of Vaseline to my bottom, I was relaxed enough to receive the nozzle.  Lisa removed the nozzle from the warm water and applied a thin coating of lubricant.  She had selected a standard douche nozzle for my treatment.  "Are you ready sweety?" she asked as she positioned herself on her knees behind me.  I felt the nozzle press against my anus and slip easily inside.  Lisa buried the nozzle to the hilt and made some sexy remark about how I seemed to swallow it up, and that I must really be ready to be filled.  With one hand holding the nozzle in place, she opened the clamp with the other.  I felt the warm water begin to drain in me and Lisa knelt back down behind me to make herself more comfortable. As the water filled me and my belly began to swell, I felt Lisa's hand wrap around my cock, slowly stroking it back and forth.  She had applied some lubricant to her hand which made my cock feel like it was inside a vagina.  As she stroked me, she made comments about the size of my cock and how hard it was.  She told me how she could feel the veins and how hot it was becoming.  With all the sensations rushing through my mind and body, I was in another world.

Over the next 20 minutes or so Lisa stroked my cock, moved the nozzle in and out of my bottom and drove me to the edge of orgasm more times than I can remember. I have no idea when the bag had emptied because she never said anything about it.  She just kept fucking me with the white plastic tube while she brought me to the brink of orgasm, only to stop long enough for me to recover again and again.  I remember looking back at one point and seeing the precum stringing from the head of my cock.  I remember wishing that this experience would never stop, but at the same time I knew that if I did not cum soon I was sure my cock would burst from all of the pressure.

I was brought back to reality when I heard Lisa tell me it was time to go potty.  She removed the nozzle from my behind and let it fall on the towel.  I fell to the bed on my stomach and she laughed and asked if I needed help getting up.  I was able to mutter "yes" and she helped me sit on the side of the bed.  She stood in front of me and helped pull me to my feet. Lisa steadied me as I walked to the bathroom and sat on the toilet.  She excused herself for a few minutes to gather the equipment.  When she returned to the bathroom, she washed the equipment while I finished draining.  My head was still reeling from the wonderful pleasures of Lisa's treatment and I was ready now to unload my pent up semen.

To my amazement, Lisa filled the bag one more time and hung it on the towel bar next to the sink.  She told me to stand up and lean against the sink.  This position allowed me to look at myself in the mirror with her positioned behind me.  I was bent over, resting my elbows on the vanity watching the both of us in the mirror.  As she lubricated the nozzle one more time, I spread my legs to give her access.  The nozzle slid into place with no problem.  Lisa un-clamped the hose and let the water flow in as fast as it could.  As the water filled me, Lisa knelt down and reached between my legs to stroke my cock.  She was positioned beside me with one hand holding the nozzle and the other hand pumping my cock to orgasm. I watched this incredible scene in the mirror, seeing the bag empty and Lisa stroking me, coaxing me to orgasm and telling me how she wanted to watch my cock spray for her.

I felt my orgasm hit me with a the force of a tidal wave.  I arched my back and was able to see my swollen cock in the mirror as it began to spray semen all over the sink, vanity and the floor.  I know women always laugh that men think they can ejaculate gallons of semen, and I know it is really just a spoonful or two.  But it sure felt like a gallon came out of me.  It felt as though my insides had been pulled out through my cock.  I cannot ever remember having an orgasm with such force.  When I came to my senses, Lisa had pulled the nozzle out of my bottom and was helping me sit on the toilet.  As I relaxed my anus and begin to let the water flow out of me, Lisa excused herself again.

About 10 minutes later, she returned to the bathroom and handed me a lit cigarette.  She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, telling me to call her anytime.  I thanked her for coming over and for tending to me so well.  Lisa somehow knew exactly how much humiliation I needed to satisfy my desires. Imagine sitting on a toilet, draining water from your backside while having a conversation with a fully dressed woman standing above you.  She had me wrapped around her little finger.  I've often wondered if she was aware of just how much power she had over me at that moment.  I am a big guy.  Not fat, just very stocky.  But at that moment, seated on the toilet with Lisa standing in front of me, I felt totally helpless.  If all women were like Lisa, they could take over the world.  She did not need physical strength to bring me to my knees.  All she needed to do was get inside of my head and I gave her control of my body.

Lisa smiled and left the bathroom.  As she walked down the hall I heard her say that she would lock the door on her way out.  I sat on the toilet for a few more minutes, finishing my cigarette and thinking about how wonderful I felt.  When I returned to the bedroom to put away my equipment, I found a note on the night stand which read "If you call me at my private number and bypass the service, I can save you a little money.  Love and kisses, Lisa" There was a number written on the bottom of the note.  Over the next two years I called Lisa on many occasions.  She came over to my apartment, we met at motel rooms, she brought a friend once, just to watch.  Then there was the time I called and her sister answered the phone.  Thinking it was Lisa, I asked her to meet me at a motel, only to discover that it was not Lisa.

If anyone is interested in my further adventures of paying women for enemas, just let me know.  As I said at the beginning of this post, I find it very exciting to re-live the experiences in my mind.  Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go take care of a raging hard-on.


Mr. Simpleton

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