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My First Erotic Enema


My first erotic enema was given to me by an older man, a physician's assistant at the hospital where I was attending nursing school. Nick was forty two with thick wavy black hair, green eyes, tall and thin but muscular looking. We met on the med -surg floor and flirted from time to time. One Monday morning I arrived for my clinical in bad shape, hung over from a few too many drinks the afternoon before. We met in the hall midmorning and he asked if I was coming down with something. He told me he could fix me right up and asked me to meet him at his apartment across the street after clinic. Even hung over I knew this could be the opportunity I had been looking for. My pussy got wet just imagining what could happen. I really only expected straight sex. I was young then and inexperienced in all the ways to bring pleasure to a partner.

When I arrived at his apartment he had certainly set the mood for a seduction with dim lighting, soft music and wine. He sat me on the sofa and gave me a drink. As he rubbed my shoulders the wine began to relax me. I looked into his eyes as he murmured something about helping me get comfortable. He began kissing me deeply and undressing me. I felt my self responding but when I attempted to touch him he pushed my hands away saying "not yet - just relax." He finished undressing me and stood me up as he admired my body.  I felt completely safe and comfortable in his arms. He led me down a sort hallway to a small room and to my surprise I saw a completely outfitted exam room, An  exam table with stirrups and glass fronted cabinets full of equipment, some unrecognizable to me.

He laid me on the table and covered me with a thin sheet and told me to relax while he got everything ready. By this time I would have done anything. I heard water running and didn't give it a thought. He returned to my side and said that I needed an irrigation to remove the toxins from my system. I finally began to realize what he meant and sat straight up on the table. I was so embarrassed. He leaned over and took my face in his hands and said "trust me, I know just what you need" and kissed me, lightly running his tongue around my lips before thrusting it into mouth. I could feel the moisture well up in my pussy.

He laid me back on the table and slid me to the edge, placing my feet in the stirrups. I watched as he lubricated his fingers with K-Y. I gasped as I felt his finger circling my anus, lightly pushing in the tight center. His finger continued to push inward, parting my sphincter, pushing thru...all the way in. I held my breath as he rotated his finger in my anus applying the lubricant. He slowly inserted two fingers.  I moaned as he stretched my virgin asshole. I felt myself becoming more aroused, my nipples were hard. With his other hand I saw him take the tube from the large red enema bag hanging on the I.V. pole beside the table. I recognized the inflatable nozzle nozzle like the one in clinical. I felt the nozzle slowly enter my asshole. He unclamped the tube and began to let the warm solution enter my rectum.

He began to gently caress the inside of my thighs. I began to feel the solution filling me as his hand went closer to my pussy. I moaned when I felt his fingers on my pussy lips. He gently probed  between my outer labia, parting them. I knew he could see how wet I already was. My stomach cramped. I moaned "please, no more".  He clamped the tube and inflated the bulb of the inflatable nozzle. I felt both hands now as he inserted 2 fingers into my pussy while flicking my clit from side to side, rubbing up and down, then circling my hard button. I felt my approaching orgasm. Breathing hard, I had never felt anything that intense before.

I was gasping for air, sweating, moaning and shaking as he fucked me with his fingers while rubbing my clit. I heard him whispering "that's right baby, you come now....I want to see you come for me". I felt my ass tightening around the inflatable nozzle and my body writhed on the table.  My back arched as  a powerful orgasm tore through me...it seemed to go on and on. I collapsed back on to the table.  He put down the stirrups and helped me stand. Shakily I made my way to the toilet in the adjoining bathroom. He deflated the tube and watched as I began to expel the solution before I could sit down. I slumped back and closed my eyes. Minutes later I realized he was still standing in front of me. I opened my eyes again and saw a large bulge in his pants. I heard him say" Let's get a cold drink and you can catch your breath, then I will teach you how to properly administer an enema...on me".

Our relationship continued for several years, we explored enemas and anal sex ( he gave me my first strap-on) catheters, sounding and more until our careers intervened and we parted, him for the west coast and me here in Pa. It was a long time before I found another partner to share these pleasures with and she loves it as much as I....but that is for another time...

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