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My most embarrassing enema

By Robin

One beautiful summer day when I was about 11 years old my mom's sister and her two sons came over to our house for a visit. My cousins where about my age and they brought their new super squirters with them. While my aunt and my mom sat out on the deck visiting we, kids, were playing. It wasn't long before the boys filled their super squirters with water and were chasing me with them trying to get me wet. I ran into the house for protection because I knew they wouldn't squirt me there. I wanted to get them back so I started looking everywhere for something to squirt then with and I ended up in our bathroom. Looking under the washbasin I found the small enema syringe mom used to use on my sister and me for enemas. That just might work, I thought so I filled it up with water and went back out to seek my retribution on the boys. Everything was going fine until my mom noticed what I had. She wasn't happy about that and called me over and asked me if I knew what that syringe was for. Of course I knew but for some reason I told her no. "OK, young lady I will show you" she said. She asked my aunt to excuse her for a few minutes while she reminded me what it was for.

She took me in to the bathroom, took a bar of Ivory soap and put it into the warm water in washbasin. She then filled up the syringe with the soapy water. She sat down and told me to come over and lay across her lap. At that moment I knew what she wanted to do and I didn't want that. I tried to run but she grabbed my arm and before I knew it, I was laying across her lap. As she lifted my skirt and started to pull down my panties I started to object, "mommie I don't want that, please don't." I cried as I tried to pull up my panties. "Lay still young lady, you are going to remind you what this is for, I am going to give you an enema with it. This is not a toy." she said. Instead of just laying there and cooperating I started to kick and cry. "Stop it or I'll give you something to cry about". mom said., but I kept fighting and crying that I didn't want an enema until I felt a loud hard smack on my bare bottom. Oh did it hurt but the next couple hurt even more. I quit fighting but didn't stop crying. Through my tears I begged her not to give me an enema. I didn't realize it but everyone in the back yard heard me. Before I knew it I felt the little black nozzle of the syringe slid into my butt hole. Next I felt the warm water enter into me as mom squeezed the red bulb and I screamed "I don't want an enema.". That didn't stop mom as she gave me another 4 bulbs full. Finally she left me up and told me to use the commode. She told me that after I was done I could take a bath and put on clean clothes and came back outside.

Later when I came outside I sat there with mom and my aunt. Aunt Helen had also made her sons sit there. As I sat there with them Aunt Helen asked me if my enema made me feel better. No sooner did she asked me that question she was sorry that she did because the boys started laughing and saying "Robin got an enema, Robin full of poop" My aunt realized that I was embarrassed by the boys teasing and she told them to stop it and apologize to me. They both said they were sorry but every time they looked at me they giggled. Finally my aunt said," OK boys, when we get home I am going to give both of you enemas. Maybe I should ask Robin if she wants to come over and watch you get enemas. What do you think?" That made both of them stop laughing and they both quickly said no.

Later that night as I laid in my bed I couldn't help thinking across town my cousins were laying across my aunts lap as she gave them their enema. I laid there a long time enjoying that thought. While I laid there another thought came to me. If it wasn't for the spanking the enema didn't feel bad, in fact the more I thought about it I decided it felt pretty nice.

A week later my aunt brought the boys over again for another visit and we were playing. While playing I remembered that they were to get enemas after they went home the previous week and I couldn't help but ask them how did they like their enemas. Neither one would answer me so I kept teasing them about the enemas. Tommy, my older cousin said "We didn't get enema only girls got enemas." Well you know how kids are and pretty soon we were calling each other names. Our moms overheard us and came out to see what was wrong. I looked at my aunt and asked "Aunt Helen , did you give Tommy and Jimmy enemas, Tommy said you didn't. He said only girls get enemas, that not true is it?" She said yes they both got enemas and if they aren't careful they will get another one tonight.

Soon we were all sitting around the kitchen table blaming each other for the fuss. Aunt Helen asked who started the argument and I blamed the boys for teasing me about my enema and they blamed me. Finally my aunt looked at my mom and asked her what she thought they should do to end the argument. Mom said "Maybe all three of them need enemas." Aunt Helen then said "OK boys, so you want another enema. Jane can I use you enema bulb and give these boys an enema right now?" To my surprise my mom said "Yes you can but only if you give Robin enema also."

Before we knew it, mom went into the bathroom and got out the red bulb syringe and filled washbasin with warm soapy water. Aunt Helen marched all three of us into the bathroom and had us stand in line. All three of us kids tried to talk our way out of it but it was of no use, we were doomed. She asked who wanted to get their enema first and the boys both said that I should be first and I said the boys should be first.

Aunt Helen said "Jimmy, you are the oldest, you are almost 12 so maybe you should be first". He protested and said I should be first since it was my fault. Tommy quickly agreed. Aunt Helen looked at me and asked me who should be first. I said, "Tommy because he called me enema girl." "OK Tommy come here." Aunt Helen said. Tommy tried to get away but his fate was sealed. I watch wide eyed as my aunt pulled him across her lap, pulled down his shorts and his underwear. He was crying and kicking his feet trying avoid his enema. As he was fighting I saw his penis. I never saw one before and I was mesmerized by the sight of it. I wanted to ask what it was and why didn't I have one but I didn't. I snapped out of it when my aunt smacked his bare bottom to get him to cooperate. She gave him several smacks before he quit fighting. Next she spread his cheeks, applied some Vaseline and slid the little black nozzle into his bottom. Both Jimmy and I watched every move Aunt Helen did as Tommy got his enema. After seeing his spanking before his enema I told myself that I wouldn't fight it, I didn't want a spanking. After several bulbs she told Tommy that he could go to the commode let it out but if he let any drip out he would get another enema. He ran to the commode crying but he didn't lose a drop.

As Tommy was relieving himself Aunt Helen looked at my mom and asked her if she wanted to give Jimmy his enema. She said she would and Jimmy started to cry. Aunt Helen said, "Jimmy drop your pants and you underwear and go lay across Aunt Jane's lap. I want you to take your enema like a big boy. You don't want Aunt Jane to spank you, like I spanked Tommy do you?" He did as he was told to, trying to keep himself covered but again I couldn't get my eyes off of his penis as he laid across my mom's lap. He did not fight but he cried as she gave him his enema. When she was done and told him to go to the commode. As he ran to the commode, I was shocked to see his penis had gotten bigger. I wanted to know what happened but I decided that this wasn't the right time.

Then it hit me, I was going to receive an enema and my cousins were going to watch as I got it. Suddenly I had an idea, I wasn't going to fight it and I wasn't going to cry like the boys did. As I walked up for my turn, my mom asked my aunt if she wanted to give me my enema. She said, "Yes I would like to, you know I have never given a girl an enema and Robin is so sweet. I know she will show my boy how a big girl takes enema, won't you Robin?" All I could say was yes. I put on my bravest face, tried to smile and walked up to her. I lifted my skirt and lowered my panties and laid across her lap. I tried to do it without letting the boys see much of me. As I laid across her lap and waited, I wanted to cry because of the embarrassment but I didn't. It took all my effort but I kept the smile on my face as I looked at my cousins.. I was going to show the boys how a big girl took her enema. Aunt Helens hands felt so nice and cool as I felt her spread my cheeks, then she rubbed my rectum with Vaseline. I was surprised as she pushed her finger into my rectum to insure that I was well lubed. I still remember how good it felt as she slid the nozzle into me and slowly squeezed the warm water into my bowels. After she put four bulbs into me she asked me if I wanted to use the commode. I really didn't want anymore but I wanted to show up the boys and I told her "Will you give me some more?" She gave me two more bulbs and then told me that I better use the commode. Again I wanted to run but not wanting the boys to know how bad I had to go I took my time, I bent over and pulled up my panties and slowly walked to the commode. Unknown to the boy I was squeezing my cheeks as tight as I could trying not to leak.

Later as we sat a the table having ice cream my aunt couldn't stop complementing me on the way I took my enema, she said I took my enema better than a lot of grown ups do. I have often wondered how often my cousins got enema and did their penis always get bigger during an enema.

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