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Nancy in Need

by Park

This is the third story in the trilogy; "Nancy's First Enema," and "Three Generations." The recap of the first two stories is as follows.

"Nancy's First Enema" is the story about a pretty seventeen year old who has a problem with constipation, which her mother treats with laxatives and suppositories. Mom has the same condition, which Nancy doesn't know about. She uses suppositories and an occasional enema to take care of it.

Nancy goes to visit her grandmother, who is a nurse, on her school vacation. Mom, a divorcee, has gone on vacation herself. Gran finds out that Nancy is constipated, and tells her that she has to have an enema. Nancy, never having had one, thinks it will be awful, but she finds out otherwise! Then, to Nancy's surprise, Gran gives herself an enema right in front of her. Gran offers to give Nancy an enema whenever she comes to visit.

In "Three Generations," Mom comes back from her vacation, and Gran tells her how constipated Nancy was, and how she had to give her an enema so she could get relief. Mom and Gran have an extensive conversation about the use of enemas and suppositories. At Nancy's urging, Mom agrees that she is old enough to be given enemas and can have them in the future.

Nancy learns that Mom has her own problem with constipation, which is discussed, Nancy and Gran pressing her to tell them about the enemas she takes. Mom lets it slip out that she gets constipated when she is on vacation, which she has just returned from. They convince Mom that she should have an enema; too, which Gran gives her. They leave to return home, promising to visit her again soon.

Nancy in Need

It was late Friday morning when Nancy finished her last exam. "Thank goodness they're over with. I'm ready for the mid semester break," Nancy, by now an attractive nineteen year old, thought to herself. She was a college sophomore, at a top university about a two-hour drive from Gran's home. She did well at school, and was popular besides, being a sister at one of the best sororities. But, like most of the students, she found it to be a very stressful existence. It was a very different lifestyle than that which she had been used to at home.

"It will be so good to visit Gran again," she thought, as she got into her car and drove away from the campus. "It must be at least two months since I last saw her. Am I ever ready for a good enema," she sighed to herself. She was amused at the thought, but excited as well!

This was indeed true, for Nancy had backslid into her all too frequent condition, which was that she had gotten constipated again. It usually did happen to her at exam time, when she stayed up extra late studying, and existed primarily on coffee and junk food. It had been all she could do to concentrate on her exams.

It was a problem that she had had since she had been in her early teens. Knowing back then that she had to do something to get relief, she had gone to her mother, who had given her laxatives and suppositories. She hadn't had her first enema until she was seventeen, when she had been constipated at Gran's. It had been an experience she never forgot, and one that had been repeated whenever she could go to visit her.

She had experimented with various aids for irregularity when she had gone off to college, in yet another attempt to treat her chronic constipation. She had found out that some of the other girls had the same problem. It was good to talk about it, and compare notes on what worked best for them. At the suggestion of one of her sorority sisters she'd even tried Metamucil and prune juice again, remedies that her mother had tried, unsuccessfully, to have her take.

One thing Nancy had decided not to do, though, was to give herself an enema while she was at school. She suspected that there was more than one girl in her sorority who did, but for her it was too private and personal to do there, so she had to go without. So, unless she was doing some kind of laxative or using suppositories, she didn't have any choice but to go into the sorority ladies room, sit in there, and try to push it out. That was an experience to be avoided if she possibly could.

As she drove along, Nancy thought with amusement about Sunday morning in the sorority communal bathroom. She would be missing out on it this week, since it was now early Friday afternoon, and she wouldn't return to the campus until Sunday night.

The only time the girls who took them dared to take a laxative was Saturday night, when they would have their time free on Sunday. They would come scampering in, jumping up and down, getting into a stall, yanking their panties down, and getting on the toilet just in time for an explosive, laxative induced BM.

Several girls used suppositories, too, as Nancy did rather frequently herself. Putting them in, after lubing themselves with KY first, under their bedcovers or in the ladies room as soon as they woke up, they would stay in their rooms until they got the inevitable urge. Then it would be off to the loo, for the very satisfying evacuation they needed.

Although Nancy couldn't prove that there were any girls who took a regular enema, she did know that two or three of them used Fleets. They would either give it to themselves in the privacy of their bedrooms, or sneak them into the ladies room in the pocket of their bathrobes. One could always tell when a girl had taken a Fleet, for the expulsion was unmistakable.

Of course there were the "regulars," those girls who didn't get constipated, who would just come into the bathroom and take care of business, often making sarcastic comments to the others who were relying on their remedies.

And then there were some who should have taken a remedy but hadn't, their regret. The sounds of the sorority girls sitting in there, panting, grunting, and straining to have an overdue movement was a common occurrence. Nancy tried not to be in this category, but sometimes she didn't have any other choice.

Other than her lifestyle, which didn't help any, Nancy's problem with constipation was due to the way her digestive system worked, or more accurately, didn't work. She could go for days and days without having a movement, or feel any need to have one, since the waste material moved so slowly down the length of her colon.

It was the very slow transit time that got her into trouble. By the time the fecal mass had worked its way down to her rectum, it was too late. Her system would be all clogged up with the accumulation of too many days, and she would find out, oftentimes after a week or more, that she would be so constipated that she couldn't have a movement. Then, she knew, if the opportunity presented itself, it would be enema time!

She loved visiting her grandmother. Gran was very good company, for one thing, but the reason Nancy liked visiting her the best was because Gran was so understanding. If Nancy needed an enema, all she had to do was to ask Gran to give her one. Furthermore, Gran knew just how to do it, and she gave a very satisfying enema!

"God, I am so stuffed," Nancy sighed to herself, as she drove along. She had undone the clasp and the zipper of her jeans as soon as she had gotten into her car, but that didn't entirely relieve the tummy ache and the cramps she had, or the gas she was continually, audibly, emitting. "It's a good thing no one's riding with me, because if they were they'd get asphyxiated," she thought, with amusement.

"Well, here we are. That wasn't too bad a drive," Nancy thought, as she turned into the side street where Gran lived, and then into her driveway. "I hope she's as glad to see me as I am to see her," she said to herself.

She didn't bother to ring the doorbell, going right in, since she knew that Gran was expecting her at this time. "Hi Gran, are you in here?" she called, going into the kitchen where Gran often was. "Yes, I'm right here, Nancy. You're right on time. It's so good to see you," she said, warmly, getting up to give her granddaughter a welcoming hug, as she always did.

"Gran always looks so good," Nancy thought. Only her gray hair, which became her, gave away the fact that she was sixty now. She didn't look it, though, sitting in her kitchen, full figured but still quite trim for her age, dressed in a lightly starched white blouse and form fitting tan slacks, her usual nursing uniform. She had returned from her morning stint at the clinic only a short time before Nancy arrived.

Her nine to twelve part time shift had been a busy and varied one, for she had had three one hour appointments, one right after another. One of them had been an enema appointment, one had been for a colonic, and her third and last appointment of the morning had been for a combination of the two.

Very skilled at what she did, the three women whom she had treated had left the clinic feeling much better than when they had arrived, which was very satisfying to Gran, who was a good caregiver. "It's so good to get them all cleaned out, and see them get relief from their constipation," Gran had thought, on her way home to await Nancy's arrival.

Gran was convinced that her own good health and appearance was very largely due to her taking of rather frequent enemas. Her routine was invariably to give herself a high enema, with a complete insertion of her colon tube, to obtain the best results.

A believer in internal cleanliness, she had tried to impress the importance of periodic colon washings on both her daughter and granddaughter, without much success. Although they were not strangers to the enema, they used them almost exclusively for the relief of their constipation, and not as part of a regular health program. "Oh well, maybe they'll see the light someday," she hoped.

"Would you like a bite to eat, Nancy? I'm having a salad for lunch," Gran said. "No, I don't think so, thanks. Maybe I'll have something a little later," Nancy replied. "Well, suit yourself," Gran said, smiling, as she sat down to eat. She wasn't surprised that Nancy didn't want anything, and she was sure she knew the reason why.

"How were the exams? Do you think you did well this time?" Gran asked. "Oh, I think so. There were a few questions I wasn't sure of, but I think I did all right. I sure studied hard enough," Nancy sighed. "It's good to have the weekend off, though, and come visit you. I know I'm ready to relax now," she told her grandmother.

"Well, I imagine you are, Nancy. I know you do study hard, and I'm sure you're ready to unwind. But there must be lots of other things you could do on a college weekend besides visiting your grandmother. Think of the dates you're passing up, or parties at the sorority," Gran laughed.

"I am, I guess, but I can do that most any weekend. It's only once in awhile that I can come to see you, the way I like to when exams are over," Nancy replied.

They did get along very well, and Gran knew that Nancy was very fond of her and genuinely enjoyed visiting her. But she also knew the real reason Nancy was here, without a word having to be said!

"If you'll excuse me for a minute, I need to use the bathroom," Nancy announced, getting up from the kitchen table where she had been keeping Gran company.

Using the guest bathroom that was hers when she came to visit, Nancy sat down on the toilet to have a pee. After she had taken care of that, she took a deep breath and pushed out, with a big grunt, trying one more time to have the BM that was days past due.

But it was only a halfhearted effort. After pushing a few times, unsuccessfully, she was all too aware that she wasn't going to get any results. "Well, that sure wasn't any use, not that I thought it would be. I'm so constipated I can't see straight. There's no way it's going to come out unless I have an enema," she sighed.

Unfortunately for Nancy, this was true. It had been too long since she'd last had a movement, and her rectum was packed solid with a huge, immovable mass of impacted waste. She knew she couldn't push it out, no matter how hard she tried!

Pulling her panties and her jeans back up, she returned to the kitchen. Gran had finished her salad, and she was waiting expectantly for Nancy to return. She looked shrewdly at her granddaughter as soon as she walked back in. "It wasn't any use, was it, Nancy," she said, quietly.

Nancy, with a downcast expression, did her best to avoid Gran's penetrating gaze, without success, but finally she did look at her. "No, oh it wasn't. And I did try. I'm very constipated, Gran. I've got to go today. I can't wait any longer. I really do need an enema. I feel like I'm full of cement," she almost whispered.

"Well, I thought you did, from the moment you first got here. I know the signs, Nancy," she laughed. "I must say, you don't look your usual self, but then you seldom do, after you've had exams. You're good to tell me right out that you need an enema. It saves me having to ask," Gran went on, with a smile.

"Yes, I know you want me to tell you, so I thought I might just as well. I haven't had an enema since my last visit, so I'm more than ready," Nancy told her. "I would think so. You must be. I thought that's why you were coming. When you called a few days ago, I said to myself, 'Nancy will be constipated after her exams, and she'll need a good enema to take care of it,'" she laughed.

"I wish you could have them at the sorority, but I understand your reluctance to do that. Anyway, I'm ready any time you are," Gran said, brightly. "Shall we?"

Nancy wasn't about to delay. It had been too long since she'd last had one. She remembered, as if it were yesterday, the first enema that Gran had given her two years ago, back when she was seventeen, the time when Gran had come into her bathroom and found her on the toilet with tears in her eyes, trying as hard as she could to have her BM. She hadn't had any luck at all, for she'd been too constipated to do anything. And how she'd dreaded it, when Gran had told her that she was going to give her an enema!

She remembered, too, how embarrassed, how mortified, and how inhibited she had been that very first time, as she had experienced the intimacy of being given an enema, and the effect it had had on her. Thank goodness Gran had been so understanding.

How different it would be this time! More mature, aware of and very satisfied and comfortable with her sexuality, and free from her embarrassment and her inhibitions, she looked forward now to being given an enema. Needing one to relieve her constipation, she also wanted one to satisfy all her other pent up desires!

"Now that exams are over, I can relax. I'm in the mood to get it on today. Relief and release. I guess that's the name of the game," she thought to herself. She had come to terms, long ago, with the sexual aspects of taking an enema. "If it happens, it happens. Enemas are the way to go, in more ways than one," she mused, pleased with the idea.

She had known for years that she had an erotically sensitive anus and rectum. Even having a big movement was pleasurable, and she had always enjoyed the sensations when she touched herself back there. It was her first enema that had revealed to her how intense an orgasm she could experience, and it had confirmed to her that she was a true anal erotic.

She had never had any problem with it. Normal as she was, with healthy desires, she liked other forms of sex as well. She'd had more than one man in her life, and lusty straight sex was good too. "So I love my enemas. Since nothing else excites me as much as they do, I'm not about to stop taking them. If I need an enema every now and then to have a good come, that's what I'm going to do."

" There's no reason why I should feel guilty about it at all," she had said to herself, many times. Luckily she didn't, for she really was very comfortable with her method of obtaining complete satisfaction. "Different people do different things. So mine happens to be enemas. No big deal," she'd assure herself. She was sure also, from a few things she'd heard at the sorority, that she wasn't the only girl who enjoyed them!

What had helped her most in having a healthy, positive attitude about taking enemas, back in those formative years, had been what she had overheard when Gran had given her mother an enema. That had also been back when she was seventeen, just a few days after Gran had given her that fateful first one, the enema that had changed her life forever. Mom had been constipated when she had returned from her vacation, and Gran and she had finally prevailed on her to get cleaned out with a good soapy enema before they left for home.

She hadn't been supposed to overhear it, but the temptation had been too great not to. She was so glad that she had, for what she had overheard made all the difference. Mom didn't know, but she knew that the enema had made Mom have an orgasm. "If it happens to her, I guess it's ok if I do it, too. I must be just like her," she had told herself.

They stood up, ready to leave the kitchen. "I do have a surprise for you, Nancy, one that I think you'll like. You know the little bedroom I have. The third one, upstairs. I've turned it into an enema room. I thought I might as well. You may find it nicer than having them in the bathroom all the time," Gran suggested.

The idea of being given her enemas in a bedroom was enough to make Nancy's panties start getting wet. "You have? Oh, that will be nice. I mean, the bathroom is ok, but I would like to try it in a bedroom," Nancy replied, her face lighting up.

"Come along with me now, and I'll show you," Gran said, leading the way upstairs. Nancy had been in the room once or twice before, and she remembered it as being small, warm, and cozy, just the right setting for an enema, with the bathroom right nearby.

"Here we are," Gran announced, opening the door. The room was much as Nancy had remembered it. "I didn't have to do too much to it, actually, other than get an IV stand and putting the things we'll need in the bureau," Gran explained. "I should have thought of it before. I don't have any guests who need to use it," she added.

Nancy looked it over, seeing the comfortable queen size bed, which had a rubber sheet on it, covered with two fluffy towels and several pillows, the bureau, and the other furniture that Gran had used to decorate it. The stand was next to the bed, covered up with a sheet. "This will be good. Oh, I like it, Gran. Has Mom seen it?" she asked, suddenly.

"Yes, she has. I gave her an enema in here just last week. She liked the room too. I know she prefers it to the bathroom. It's good that she is back to taking enemas again. They're much better for her than the suppositories she always used to depend on."

It made Nancy remember again the time when Mom had returned from her vacation and Gran had given her an enema for the first time in years. That was the time when she had learned that the enema had the same effect on Mom as it had on her. Mom had been glad that she'd had one, after so long, and she had been coming over to Gran's for an occasional enema ever since, just as Nancy did herself.

Gran lifted the sheet off the stand, as if she were unveiling a work of art. "I have a new enema bag now, too," she announced, showing it to Nancy. It was a big red rubber one, with an amber hose. Nancy knew just enough about buying enema equipment to realize that Gran hadn't bought it in any drug store. "I thought we might use that, for a change, although I still have the can," she explained.

Nancy felt the thrills run through her the moment she saw the bag. "Oh, I would like to try it, Gran. At least looking at it, you can see how much is left to go in," she observed. "Well, that has its good and bad points," Gran laughed. "Anyway, it's nice to have a choice sometimes."

"Well, enough of all this talk," Gran laughed. "I know what you want, and need. You get yourself undressed, and I'll go and make the preparations." She went off to the bathroom, taking the bag with her, leaving Nancy to remove her clothing.

Nancy could hear the telltale noise of the water running, and all the other familiar sounds of an enema being made ready, as she took her clothes off, getting her sneakers and socks off first, followed by her blouse and then her too tight jeans. "Hooh, it's a relief to get out of them," she thought, dressed now only in her bra and panties. "I knew I should have worn the cotton ones, instead of the nylon," she said to herself, all too aware of how wet her panties were!

She sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing her tummy, her hand straying down onto her mound as well, over the slinky nylon, waiting for her grandmother to return, with delicious anticipation. She was so excited that she could hardly breathe. She loved waiting those last few minutes just before it was time for her enema!

Already pretty at seventeen, Nancy had further developed into a most attractive young lady. She was 5' 6" in height, and she weighed between 120 and 125, enough weight so that her figure stuck out in all the right places. Although she always wore one, she hardly needed a bra to support her pert, firm breasts. A brunette, her curly brown hair set her features off to perfection. She had nice legs, too, trim, smooth, and shapely.

Although she wouldn't have admitted it publicly, she was well aware that one of the other best features of her body was her well-rounded, luscious ass. She sure filled out a pair of shorts, jeans, bathing suit, or whatever else she wore! While she tried not to dress too provocatively, her behind was one that drew admiring stares wherever she went. Female that she was, she couldn't help but enjoy the attention she attracted, and play up to if the occasion suited her.

And for those whose thoughts were so inclined, or to fantasize about, her bottom would be a perfect one to caress or do other things to. It figured that since she had such a lovely rear end, she must have a cute little asshole nestled in between her buns as well, one that had to be just waiting to insert an enema tube into!

Thrills and chills coursed through her body when Gran came in, carrying the bulging enema bag. Nancy, used to the can, thought it looked so ominous, but so exciting! She saw, too, the frothing suds at the top of it. This was going to be quite an enema. Just looking at the bag made Nancy get wetter than ever!

"I thought you might like to try the douche nozzle today, Nancy. It's very good for taking enemas with. It's so perfect for inserting into the rectum, you'd think that's what it was made for. We can use the rectal tube or the colon tube for the second enema. I just bought it on Ebay. Doesn't it look good?" Gran asked.

Nancy was almost beside herself when Gran showed her the tube, which was a thick, shiny black curved one. "You no doubt have seen a douche tube, but I bet you've never seen one like this. You have to buy them special," Gran told her, as Nancy looked it over. "Well, what do you think?" Gran asked her, with a smile.

Nancy had made up her mind right away, almost having an orgasm as soon as she saw it. "Yes, oh yes, let's go for it," she replied, huskily. She couldn't wait to see what it would feel like when it went up her bottom!

"I thought you might like to try it," Gran said, smoothly, as she attached it to the hose. "It does separate the women from the girls," she laughed. "We're all ready, Nancy, so if you'll get your panties off and get on the bed, we can get started."

Nancy didn't have to be told twice. As Gran looked on approvingly, Nancy daintily peeled her soaking white nylon panties down and off, stepping out of them, after which she got herself up onto the bed, settling herself comfortably into a deep knee-chest position, exposing absolutely everything, waiting breathlessly for Gran to begin her tender ministrations. She had long since lost any inhibitions in this regard!

Gran couldn't help but admire her posterior charms, the creamy white globes of her ass, her furry mound, the dark crevice in between her buns, and the perfect circle of her very visible pulsating, crinkled anal opening. "She won't have any trouble getting all the dates she wants," Gran predicted.

"Now, I've got to get you all ready, don't I," Gran said, brightly, as she slipped her hand into a tight fitting latex glove, and plunging her finger into the jar of well softened Vaseline. "We'd better see how much you need an enema today, don't you think?" she almost whispered. Nancy, beside herself with anticipation, could hardly wait for the rectal invasion!

"Oh, I suppose so, if you have to" she sighed, looking at her grandmother's gloved, greased finger, pretending to object." I do have to. I think you can put up with it. You know I have to lube you all up, if your rectum is as plugged up as I think it is," Gran told her, flippantly for her. She was all set to begin the rectal exam!

Gran sat down on the bed right behind her, again taking in every detail of Nancy's up thrust backside. "She wants it today, sure enough. Well, I'm happy to oblige," Gran thought. She genuinely enjoyed giving Nancy her enemas, and she always found it very gratifying to have such a willing patient!

Nancy caught her breath, going "uh," the moment she felt Gran's well Vaselined finger probing the center of her quivering anal entrance, greasing up every crinkle. Gran was taking her good sweet time, too, rotating her finger just in the ring and not pushing it in yet, knowing very well how Nancy loved having her asshole titillated.

The sensations of that alone could have triggered an orgasm, but Nancy knew that the longer she could hold off, the more intense it would be. As it was, the pre orgasmic arousal was delightful, to be prolonged as long as possible. But she was aching for more now, panting, and rocking back to take more of Gran's finger inside her.

"We're ready for the next step, aren't we," Gran said, in a low voice, picking up the vibes right away, taking just a moment to relubricate her finger. "This time we'll do more than that butthole of yours. It's going to go right up your rectum, and I'm going to find out just what's in there," she announced.

Nancy was shivering with renewed anticipation as she felt Gran's insistent finger sliding through her anal ring, and on up into her overloaded rectal channel, right where she wanted it. "Oooh-hooh," she sighed, feeling Gran's experienced digit probing around, inside her most private, forbidden area.

Nancy was sure it had to be naughty, having Gran feeling around in all her shit, but she'd gotten over that hang-up long ago. It was her very own personal, hidden secret, waiting to be discovered, and it was an intimate part of the enema experience!

"Uh huh, that's a little more than I'd expected," Gran observed, expertly moving her finger around in there, keeping it between the wall of Nancy's rectum and the huge mass of waste that had stopped her granddaughter all up. It took her several tries to spread the Vaseline around the way she wanted it.

"I'm sure I don't have to tell you how stuffed up you are, Nancy. Your rectum is as full as I can ever remember it. You're in for quite a workout, I'm afraid," Gran told her. "Oh, I know, Gran. I've needed an enema for days. It won't come out until I have one," Nancy murmured.

"No, I don't think it will. I think we'd better get started, with the first one. I'm sure it will take at least two to get you all cleaned out. We'll see how you do, but I'm sure you'll need at least one high enema," Gran said, putting Nancy on notice.

"I think I'll have you lie down on your left side, with your right leg drawn up. We can use this position on the bed, and it's another good one to be in when you take an enema," Gran suggested.

Nancy got herself down into the desired position, scrunching around until she was comfortable, her head on the pillow. The position she was in accentuated the curve of her hip and her behind, as her grandmother could clearly see. Gran, meanwhile, was lubing the douche tube thoroughly with Vaseline, until it glistened all over.

"There, I think we're all ready," Gran announced. "Now, you can help me out by lifting your bottom cheek up so I can put the tube in," she suggested.

Nancy did so, completely exposing the area in between her buns, her pretty anal opening waiting for the insertion. "Here it comes. I'm going to put it in now," Gran told her, in a soft, low voice. "Push out for me if you can," she instructed. Nancy complied, and Gran could see, to her satisfaction, Nancy's anus opening up, and the pink inner circle of the ring as well, ready for the insertion.

"Haaa," Nancy sighed, the moment she felt the fluted end of the douche tube penetrating her rear portal, as Gran got it into position. "It's going up your rectum," she whispered, sliding the tube up in about half way, Nancy almost panting from the delicious sensations as the tube slid in.

"Ooh, that is nice," she breathed, loving the feeling of the thick nozzle in her butt. "I thought you'd like it. Most women do. It's only in part way, though. It won't go any further up your rectum until you've taken some of the enema," Gran advised.

Gran kept the nozzle in place with her left hand, the right holding the clamp. "Ok, here it comes," she announced, snapping the clamp into the open position. Nancy's enema was on its way!

Nancy, who had been beside herself with anticipation, sighed again, softly, as soon as she felt the lovely warm soapy liquid beginning to flow into her body. It felt soo good! "Ooh, there's nothing like taking an enema. It's been so long," she panted, as the enema solution began flowing up above her rectum and into her colon, up where she needed it.

She always liked taking the first enema, of the two she would probably be given. It wouldn't be easy. She would have to be a good girl and take it all. With her constipation she would be very full in there, and there would be aches and cramps that would have to be endured, but that was all part of the enema experience. The truth was, the more that she needed an enema, the more she enjoyed it!

Gran was moving the tube in and out, rotating it around, as she tried to get it up above the blockage. Nancy's rectum was so distended with impacted waste that there was very little room for the tube. "Maybe I should have used the adult rectal. She's almost too full for the douche tube today," Gran thought.

But then, giving it one last gentle push, it slid all the way in, all six inches of the black ebonite douche nozzle buried to the hilt in Nancy's back passage. "There, it's all the way in. That's good. It's much better when it's in the upper rectum," Gran observed. "With the holes in the sides it bathes it very nicely, and it will stimulate you as well, which will help you have your movement when the time comes."

That wasn't the only stimulation Nancy was feeling, though. Gran may have gotten the nozzle in place, but that didn't prevent her from sliding it in and out, in effect screwing Nancy's ass with it, which was driving Nancy wild!

Gran, sensing what might happen, had a suggestion. "Roll over onto your back, Nancy, and draw your legs up, with your heels on the towel. That will be a good position for you to be in, I think."

"Yes, that would be nice. I wanted to try that," Nancy breathed, getting herself situated the way Gran had advised her. She was learning very quickly the advantages of taking her enema on the bed. The warm soapy water was flowing high up in her body now, up where it would do the most good, and she caressed her slowly distending belly, all the while lying there with Gran holding the tube in. It was all so beautiful!

The orgasm that she'd been barely able to postpone wouldn't be denied any longer, the pent up desire sweeping through her like a sheet of flame. "Oh, my god, I'm going to come!" she gasped, her hand exploring every intimate part of her dripping mound.

Gran looked away, as she always did, but it was all she could do to keep the tube in Nancy's palpitating asshole as she thrashed around, bouncing up and down and writhing from side to side. "Ooh-aaah-aaah, oh god that's so good," the college girl panted, moaning and sighing with sheer delight, as the waves of orgasmic ecstasy completely overwhelmed her. The incredible intensity was out of this world! Nancy, completely unglued, got off again and again, overcome with the satisfaction of her hedonistic, lustful sexual desires.

"Ooh, it's amazing, what an enema does to me, every time. I don't know why, but it's always better when I'm constipated," she panted, at last, beginning to calm down slowly, but delightfully, from the peak of her climaxes. "I could die right now, and go to heaven! Gran, oh I know I probably shouldn't, but ooh, I needed that too. It had to happen," Nancy sighed.

"I know it did, my dear. You're a perfectly normal, healthy young woman. You told me you're not in a relationship now. Of course you need to climax. Enemas do have a way of making it happen, don't they, especially when you really need one," she said, understandingly. That was one reason that Nancy was so fond of her. "Your secret will be very safe with me," Gran assured her.

Gran knew very well how enemas could be a substitute for straight sex, or a very pleasant additive to it, for that matter. She had clients who had told her, very confidentially, that the orgasms they had with their enemas were the best they ever experienced.

Nancy could always hold her enema in very well when she was constipated. It was so seldom that she had a regular bowel movement that over time she had lost her normal peristaltic urge, so it always took awhile before a soapy enema would reestablish it. She was beginning to feel it now, though. The rich soapy solution that Gran normally used would eventually overcome even the most stubborn case of constipation.

Rubbing her distended belly, she looked over at the enema bag for the first time since she had experienced her orgasms, and she saw, with satisfaction, that it was hanging flat and empty. "Yes, you did take it all, Nancy. The way you need your enemas, it's so good that you can take them as well as you do. That's a three-quart bag, in case you didn't know," Gran informed her.

"I don't know how there was room in there for me to take that much," Nancy said, pleased that she had taken all three quarts. She was always surprised at how big an enema she could take when she was so constipated. "Well, luckily there is. The waste absorbs some of the solution, which is good. Besides, you had your mind on other things while you were taking the last of it," Gran laughed.

"Oh, I guess I did. I don't deny it. But ooh, am I ever full of enema. I'll have to go pretty soon," she sighed. "Well, I'm sure you will. You should, any time now. Just think what a good movement you're going to have, with the enema to wash it all out," Gran said, with a smile.

Nancy wasn't so sure. "I hope I will, Gran. But I'm so constipated, that even with the enema to help it won't be easy getting it out. I just hope it softens it up enough so I can," she sighed, knowing full well the ordeal that was just ahead of her, which she was trying to put off as long as she could.

"Well, that's true, I'm sure," Gran conceded. "It may be a little difficult for you at the beginning, I know, but I'm sure it will work. Luckily, an enema always seems to. And it should soften it up. The longer you can hold it in, the softer it should get, to make the passage easier, " Gran said, reassuringly.

They both knew, though, without saying any more about it, that Nancy's forthcoming movement wouldn't be any walk in the park. She had been constipated for too long, and even holding the enema in a long time could only accomplish so much.

The huge, dense, hard fecal log that had impacted her rectum wouldn't have gotten softened up much at all, and Nancy knew very well, from past experience, that it was so large it would hurt when it came out. The big enema she had taken would make her go, which she wouldn't be able to otherwise, but she knew that she was in for it!

Nancy's peristaltic waves were getting more insistent, and she knew she wouldn't be able to hold it in much longer. It had taken awhile, but the stimulation of the soapy water she'd held in her colon was finally having the desired effect. Her urge was increasing by the second, and very soon her system was begging for expulsion. She would have to go, whether she wanted to or not!

"Ooh, that's it, Gran. It's working. Is it ever! You'll have to take the tube out. I've got to get on the toilet or else I'll have an accident," Nancy panted. "All right. That's good. You've done so well, holding it. But it has to be time for you expel it," Gran said, as she took the tube out.

She did wipe it off with a tissue, but there weren't many stains on it, mostly Vaseline. If the material in Nancy's rectum had been soft, it would have been a different story. So this was yet another indication of how constipated she was!

Nancy got off the bed as quickly as she could, hurrying into the bathroom and onto the toilet, leaning forward and reaching under herself, spreading her bottom cheeks as far apart as she could. By now her entire body was craving elimination!

"Unh. Unh. Unngh," she went, with visceral grunts, trying as hard as she could to get things moving. But so far, only soapy water was coming out. "Oh god, oh I've got to go, oh please, oh it's got to come out. It's got to work. Unh. Unngh. Mmmm-ugh. Mmmm- unngh," she grunted, panting and straining. "Ooh-hoo, oh I think it's coming. Thank goodness. Uh. Uh. Uh," she panted, with renewed hope and energy.

Stimulated by the enema, her all-powerful need for evacuation was having its effect. The giant turd that had completely plugged her up was starting to come down, and out. She felt her anus start to open up, and, as she grunted and strained, she felt the tender orifice stretching wider and wider, as the enormous fecal log began to slide slowly down out of her rectum and out through her incredibly open asshole.

"Oh that hurts, god it's so big, don't get stuck, oh please come out, aaaow, aah, uuh, oooh," she panted. It seemed to take forever, an agony of aches and pains, but the huge blob of waste finally dropped out of her into the toilet bowl with a notable splash, her rear portal closing gratefully behind it. "Hooh, it's out. Thank heavens. I thought it was taking my asshole out with it. Thank god for all the Vaseline," she sighed with relief. "Ooh, here comes the rest of it!"

Now that the worst was over, Nancy had herself an unbelievably good movement, with the assist of her enema. She couldn't have stopped going if her life had depended on it. Propelled by the three-quart soapy enema she had taken, the accumulation of over ten day's worth of constipated shit exploded out of her asshole, the soapy water washing chunk after chunk out, in a seemingly unending series of loud plops and splats, the pretty sophomore panting, moaning, and sighing with her urge to expel it.

And then it happened again. "Ooh, it's making me come!" she cried, as yet another flaming orgasm swept through her, intensified sensationally by the escaping shit which titillated, delightfully, her erotically sensitive anal opening, the spasms of her orgasms heightening the power of her expulsion. "Hooh-ooo," she sighed, at last. "That was what I needed. "Ooh, that was out of this world. Oh, did I ever need an enema!"

She knew very well, without having to be told, that having been constipated for so long, only a big enema could have given her the urge enough, and dilated her asshole enough, so that she could get it out. It hadn't been easy, it had hurt, but she had done it. Once again, she had found that the more constipated she was, the better the enema, with all the extra benefits she couldn't obtain any other way.

"That was some workout, but it was worth it. What an enema," she sighed, slowly getting back to normal. It took several wipes to get all the skid marks off her bottom, but she finally got that taken care of, after which she gazed ruefully into the toilet while dropping the stained bathroom tissue in.

"This had better be a good toilet," she thought, with an inward smile. " I was so full of shit," she said to herself, as she watched everything that had so recently been inside her go slowly down the drain. "If there'd been one more turd in the bowl I'd have needed the plunger!"

Fastidious about some things, she finished the necessary by using a towelette, which Gran had thoughtfully provided for her. That felt good, too, as she daintily moistened her tender anal entrance, pushing out just enough so that she could do a thorough job of it, making sure she removed any remaining residue that the toilet paper might have missed. It was just as well, too, that she gave the toilet another flush!

Back in the bedroom, Gran was waiting patiently for Nancy to emerge from the bathroom, pleased to see that her granddaughter looked much better. Her firm breasts straining against the confines of her bra, which was all she had on, Nancy sat on the edge of the bed, gently rubbing her newly flattened tummy.

"I can tell just by looking at you that you got good results," she said, smiling at the pretty girl. "I did, Gran, but it wasn't easy for me. It was so big it almost wouldn't come out," Nancy sighed.

"I was afraid that might happen. I could tell, when I got you ready for the enema. I'm sure it had been too long since you last had a movement. Your usual week, probably. You had better tell me just how long you went without having one," Gran said, with an air of disapproval.

Nancy remembered all too well how Gran had asked her that very same question, back when she was seventeen. The answer wouldn't be any easier this time. Nancy didn't want to tell her, but she finally did. "It-it was longer than that, Gran," she finally admitted. "I see. More than a week?" Gran asked, arching her eyebrows. "Yes, it was-I've almost lost track-I think it was twelve days," Nancy finally told her.

"That's way too long, you know that. It's no wonder you didn't feel well today. It's a good thing you could come visit, so I could give you an enema. You didn't feel the need, after all that time?" Gran asked.

"No, not too much, not for the first few days. After that I knew I was getting full in there, but I didn't need to go. I'd get up every morning, hoping I could go, but nothing was happening. I was too busy to worry about it. But oh, I've felt so constipated the last few days. And then it was too late, and I couldn't go."

" Except for studying and taking my exams I haven't been able to think of much else, and it wasn't easy even doing that. This was my hardest semester, and I'm afraid I got all stressed out," Nancy sighed.

"I can understand it wouldn't be easy, not after twelve days. I'm sure, with your being away at school, you didn't have your last movement with an enema to help," Gran said. "No, I didn't. I've told you I don't take enemas at school. I probably should," Nancy replied, with a weak little laugh. "I had it after using suppositories," she almost whispered.

"So you went twelve days, and you weren't cleaned out enough to begin with. We'd better get you on bulk producers like psyllium. That might help you be more regular. As for now, you know I'm going to give you another enema, I imagine," Gran told her.

"Well, I thought you probably would. You usually do give me more than one," Nancy replied. "With your constipation you need more than one. Since you hadn't been for twelve days I think I'd better give you a high enema with the colon tube. If you have any impactions in your colon, the insertion of the tube will help break them up," Gran informed her.

"If you must, I suppose I can go through with it," Nancy sighed, one more time, knowing that she would have to submit to taking a high enema. "Yes, I think you do. And if I recall properly, I don't think you'll find it all that much of a hardship," Gran laughed, over her annoyance now after learning about Nancy's prolonged bout with constipation.

What she said was true. It wouldn't be a hardship at all! Quite the opposite, in fact, for Nancy always enjoyed taking a high colonic enema, as Gran did herself. Gran's rectal tube was good, but the long colon tube was even better!

The truth was that the very thought of having another enema with the colon tube was enough for Nancy to get aroused all over again. "You'd think I'd be satisfied by now, but I guess I'm not. Ooh yes, I'm ready to get it on again," Nancy thought to herself, getting wet one more time down there.

Although Gran wished that Nancy could be more regular, and that it wasn't good for her not to be, actually she wasn't overly concerned that her bowels hadn't moved for so long. While it didn't happen every day, she had some women come to her at the clinic who hadn't been to the bathroom for even longer than Nancy's twelve days. Some of them went two weeks or even longer.

In fact she'd had one that very morning. Her eleven o'clock appointment hadn't had a bowel movement for over two weeks, and she had been desperate for relief. "It's really something, the way they can hold it in for so long without having a movement. Even if they don't feel sick, they certainly can't be feeling very good, " she'd thought.

This patient, in her mid thirties, had a very good, well-paying job, which enabled her to enjoy the lifestyle she wanted. But it required frequent travel, sometimes for weeks at a time. She enjoyed what she did, but her bowels simply wouldn't move when she was on the road, staying at different motels and eating different foods all the time.

For her, everything just closed up back there whenever she was away from home. Sitting in the bathroom at her motel room to have a pee, she no longer even bothered to try and have a movement. Long since having resigned herself to her irregularity, it wouldn't have been any use even if she had. It was just a hazard of her occupation that had to be endured.

Working long hours when she traveled, usually entertaining customers for dinner, staying up late, and getting up first thing the following morning to go on to the next city, she didn't even have time to give herself the enema that would have given her relief. So when she got back home, the very first thing she did was to schedule an appointment at the clinic, where Gran was the very favorite enema and colonics nurse for many clients.

Gran had started her off with a one-quart "one-two-three" enema, a potent mixture of soapy water with glycerine and Epsom salts added. She had learned this from the same nurse who had taught her about how to soften the Vaseline up. This was successful in getting her patient's rectum and sigmoid emptied, after which Gran had her on the colonic table for a good half hour for several fills, followed by the reverse suction that removed the waste via the outflow tube.

The treatment had been concluded with a high enema, with her patient being made to take enough water to flush out her ascending colon and her cecum. While Gran's methods had been effective, the treatments had been so arduous that her patient had had to lie down and rest for fifteen minutes or so after it was all over.

Her patient had been very generous, and very grateful. When she had come in, she'd wondered if she'd ever have a movement again. It had taken all the considerable skills that Gran possessed, in order that her constipated client could accomplish it. She had gone well over her allotted time, but Gran didn't mind, since she had obtained good results, and since she was Gran's last appointment of the morning. But it meant that Gran had only been home a few minutes before Nancy had arrived.

While Nancy waited, Gran was in the bathroom getting the next enema ready, commencing her preparations by disconnecting the douche nozzle from the hose and substituting the colon tube for it. "This will be good for her today. A soapy high enema is just what she needs, after twelve days without a movement," Gran thought, as she poured another batch of the solution into the bag.

She completed the preparations with her usual routine of letting the air out of the hose and tube, lubricating the tube thoroughly with mineral oil, and topping the bag off, until it was so full that the suds frothed over the top, the white mixture running down the bag. "I've got to say, that's a very nice looking enema," she said to herself, satisfied with her preparations.

She found Nancy sitting as usual on the edge of the bed, waiting, when she came bustling back into the enema room, carrying the bag with the hose draped over her arm. Nancy stared at it as Gran hung it up, looping the hose and the tube over the arm on the stand. The pretty college girl shivered as she looked at it, seeing how very full the bag was, and how it glistened with moisture from the sudsy solution that had spilled over it.

"Ooh, it's going to be another big enema, isn't it," she sighed, almost panting already, thinking about how it was going to feel when it was going in. And one look at the tube made her get wetter than ever!

"Yes it is. You know you need another big one if you're going to get really cleaned out," Gran replied, in no uncertain terms. Nancy might be treated with TLC sometimes, but there were other times when firmness was definitely called for!

"How do you want me to get, Gran? Can I take it on my hands and knees?" Nancy asked, filled with delicious apprehension about being made to take the big enema that was ready and waiting for her. "Yes, that would be good, I think. The colon tube goes in well when you're in the knee-chest position," Gran replied.

"I suppose you're going to insert it into me all the way," Nancy remarked, taking a deep breath. "Yes, that's just what I plan to do. A good high insertion will break up any remaining impactions, and besides, we want to get it up in there to give your colon a good washing," Gran replied, as Nancy got herself up into the desired position. "I know I have to do this," she murmured. The truth was, of course, that she could hardly wait to feel the tube going in!

Gran took her time slipping her finger into the cot, taking the opportunity to take a good look at Nancy's lovely up thrust rear end, as the very attractive nineteen year old knelt on the bed waiting for her enema. It was a position, of course, that exposed every single one of her posterior charms. Her hot young mound, her curvaceous buns, the inviting dark valley between them, and, nicely centered in the middle of her furry crevice, was her most secret place, her exposed pulsating, puckered anal entrance. She really did have a lovely little asshole!

"I'll get you lubricated now. This will be much different from the first time," she observed, as she plunged her cotted finger into the handy Vaseline jar. Getting right behind Nancy, she stuck her finger right up her back passage, plunging it in as far as she could reach. "Ooh-aah, oh that is nice," the sorority girl moaned, close to orgasm, as Gran greased, goosed, and massaged her rectum, with a sensual, rotating motion.

"I think that's enough for now. I don't want you to get too excited, when you haven't even had your next enema yet," Gran said to her, knowingly, as she took her finger out. Nancy, who could have gotten off and was temporarily disappointed not to, knew it would be better to wait. "You have a nice clean rectum, and it's well lubricated now, all ready for the colon tube," Gran announced, Nancy almost shaking in anticipation. She didn't have to tell Gran how very much she wanted it!

Gran lifted the hose and the colon tube, glistening with mineral oil, off the stand, approaching Nancy's lovely up thrust derriere. "I'm going to insert it now, right up your rectum, and then I'm going to start the enema. The warm soapy water is going to go way up in, and I'm going to insert the tube high up in your colon," Gran said, in a soft, seductive tone of voice. Nancy, dripping wet, was beside herself with excitement, so much so that Gran could see all the goose bumps on her bare bottom!

"Push out for me a little, Nancy," Gran instructed, peering intently at Nancy's pouting anal orifice. Nancy took a deep breath and pushed out, complying with Gran's instructions. Gran saw with satisfaction that her granddaughter's crinkled sphincter was opening up, beautifully, half an inch or so, the way it would if she were starting to have a BM.

"That's very good," Gran praised. "I'm going to put the tube in now," she whispered. So saying, she entered the tip of the tube into Nancy's eagerly awaiting butthole, and as her anal ring closed around it, she slid it all the way up her rectum.

"All ready? I'm going to start it now," Gran informed her, her hand poised on the clamp. The magic moment had arrived at last! "Snap," went the clamp, Nancy sighing softly the moment she felt the delicious warm soapy solution going in. "Oh god that feels so good," she panted.

Nancy had her head resting on her arms, and she knelt there with her eyes closed, her body replete with a myriad of pleasant, erotic sensations. Gran was working the tube into her now, deeper and deeper, and Nancy loved every inch of the insertion!

Gran's long number 32 French colon tube was broken in perfectly, just the right combination of stiffness and flexibility to permit the high, kink free insertion they both enjoyed. Nancy, panting with excitement, felt it slowly snaking and slithering its way up around the loop of her sigmoid, up through the descending section of her colon, and on up into the depths beyond. For her, being conquered by the tube and the steadily advancing enema solution was sheer nirvana!

The effect it had on her was inevitable. She had been in a pre orgasmic state, barely holding off, ever since Gran had started working her over, but the time had come. "Oh yes, ooh, oh I want to, god that's terrific," she moaned, reaching under herself to stroke her mound.

Her climaxes were as intense as any she had ever experienced, as scintillating waves of ecstasy overcame her. Oblivious to all else, panting and moaning with delight, she came again and again, as one pounding orgasm after another wracked her body in a series of delicious, incredible spasms, so brilliant that she saw stars!

"Ooh, that was the living end," she sighed at last, momentarily spent from her satisfying sexual release. "I think I could get off just looking at that tube, but ooh, what it does to me," she murmured. "It does, but that's so good for you too, Nancy. I'd be disappointed if it didn't have that effect on you," Gran said, understandingly.

As a nurse, she knew very well that giving an enema was a very intimate procedure, and what it could do to women to satisfy their sexual needs and desires. She was pleased that Nancy reacted the same way. "It's very good for her to have her release. She needs that as much as she needs her enemas for her constipation," she thought, with considerable satisfaction.

Once again the bag was hanging flat and empty. Nancy, with her distractions, had been able to take every drop. Glancing over her shoulder to look at it, she was relieved to see that there was nothing left to go in. "I'm so full, I thought I must have taken all of it," she thought.

"You did very well, as usual," Gran praised her. "That's good, since you needed the high enema. You'll see, when you expel it. It's been so long since you last had a movement, and as I've told you before, that waste deposits will have built up on the wall of your colon. And since you haven't had an enema for two months, your system needs a good cleaning out," Gran told her, trying not to think too much about the condition of her granddaughter's intestinal tract.

"Yes, you have told me that before. You don't have to remind me," Nancy grumbled. She did feel guilty sometimes about the poor condition her colon had to be in much of the time.

Believing in internal cleanliness the way she did, it was hard for her not to reveal her disapproval of Nancy's chronic constipation, her lifestyle that caused it, and her use of suppositories at school instead of the enemas she should be taking. "Her colon is a toxic waste site, that's the truth of it," Gran thought, knowing how crud caked it had to be, after going so long without enemas to flush it all out. "I guess all I can do is take care of her when she comes to visit, so she'll go back to school with a nice clean colon," she said to herself.

Nancy, still in the deep knee chest position with the colon tube still in, was becoming very aware that she had three quarts of soapy water up in there, that very soon would have to come out. "Ooh, I'm feeling it, Gran. You'll have to take the tube out so I can run for it," she sighed, feeling the insistent urge in her churning intestinal tract.

"That's good, that's just what we want to have happen. The second soapsuds enema should give you the stimulation you need to get more results," Gran observed, as she pulled the long tube down and out of Nancy's back passage. "Oh, I don't think you have to worry about that," Nancy panted, as she scampered off to the bathroom.

She started going about one second after she got herself positioned on the toilet, expelling all the soapy solution she'd taken in burst after satisfying burst. And it wasn't only the water that was coming out! Her second enema had worked, beautifully. It had succeeded in loosening up all the impacted shit that her first enema hadn't gotten out. Panting and sighing with the power of her elimination, Nancy had herself a wonderful expulsion, filling the toilet once again with all the waste that had still been in there.

"Ooh, I needed the second enema, almost as much as I needed the first one. I can't believe there was so much left in me to come out," she sighed, staring ruefully into the toilet. "It feels so good to be all cleaned out. My system was in tough shape, that's for sure," she thought.

She felt better than she had in a long time, as she finished up by wiping her bottom and flushing the toilet. "What a relief," she thought, heaving a heartfelt sigh.

Gran greeted her with a smile when she emerged from the bathroom. "I couldn't help overhearing you expelling your enema, Nancy. You certainly needed the second one," she said. "Oh I did, Gran. One enema wouldn't have done it for me today. Oh, was I ever constipated," she sighed. "Yes, you sure were. You know you shouldn't go so long without having a movement," Gran lectured her.

"Oh I know I shouldn't, Gran. I don't mean it to, but it just happens, or rather, it doesn't happen," she admitted, with a weak little laugh. "I don't know what I'd do, though, if you weren't here to give me my enemas when I need them," Nancy revealed, as she began getting dressed. "Well, I'll always be here for you, Nancy, you can count on that. I only wish you could come and visit more often," Gran said.

"I wish I could. Two months is too long to go without having an enema. But I do feel so much better. See, my jeans fit me now," Nancy replied, wiggling into them and zipping up. She liked wearing tight jeans, because they set her ass off to perfection!

"Well, I'm glad to see that. It only goes to show how constipated you were," Gran replied. "Oh, I know I was," Nancy said, guiltily. "I don't know when I needed an enema as much as I did today."

Gran looked at her, with a smile. "Thinking of needing an enema, I could use one myself today. I haven't had one since Sunday, if you can believe it," she laughed. "So if you will excuse me for awhile, I think I'll give myself one. We can go out afterward. I do have some shopping to do." "Yes, sure. That's fine with me. What I'll do is go and have a nap. I'm ready for one, after my enemas," Nancy replied.

The guest bedroom that Nancy used was right down the hall, close enough so that she could hear everything that was going on. It wasn't long at all before she heard Gran making all her preparations. The familiar sounds prevented her from falling asleep, for she was too tempted to listen to what was going on in Gran's enema room!

She knew, from the sighs of pleasure she overheard, that Gran was giving herself her enema now. She could just picture her, kneeling on the bed, inserting the colon tube she liked high up inside her body, while she filled herself with the warm soapy solution she needed to get herself all cleaned out. "Gran sure enjoys her enemas, but why not. It is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself," she thought.

Nancy was still awake when she heard Gran going into the bathroom. Although the door was closed, the hall was far from being soundproof, so she could hear very clearly the unmistakable noise of jetting water and plopping turds, as Gran had herself a big enema movement. "She sure needed one today herself," Nancy couldn't help thinking.

She did have her nap, though, waking up feeling refreshed after an hour or so. She went downstairs to find Gran, who now looked as if she were on top of the world. "We both feel good now, don't we? There's nothing like having a good enema to feel so much better. Shall we go out now?" Gran asked.

The remainder of Friday, and Saturday, went by very quickly, Nancy and Gran enjoying each other's company, as they always did. They spent the time shopping, chatting, and eating out. Gran was a good cook, but she liked to go to good restaurants, as Nancy did herself. It was good to have her appetite back again!

They both slept in quite late on Sunday morning, meeting in the kitchen around nine for a light breakfast, both of them dressed in their robes and nighties. After they had finished eating, Gran looked directly at Nancy, as she was in the habit of doing when she was about to tell her something. Nancy, aware of this, waited with anticipation for whatever she was going to say.

"I think you should have another enema this morning, Nancy. You only had two enemas on Friday, and with your constipation, I'm sure your system could use another treatment. I do want you to go back to school all nice and clean in there. What do you say to that," Gran said, with her usual smile.

Nancy returned the smile. She was in her usual good mood, and had been ever since she'd been freed from the bonds of her chronic constipation. "What I say is that I'd like to do that, Gran. I hoped you might offer to give me another enema. It would be nice to have one today, and I know I could use it," she said, eagerly.

"Oh, good. I hoped you'd want to. Enemas are so good for you, you know. I'm ready any time you are, my dear," Gran answered, pleased that Nancy had agreed so readily.

Off they went upstairs, to Gran's enema room, where Gran gave her two high SSE's, giving her granddaughter the thorough bowel washing that the situation called for. Nancy loved being given an enema, and it was entirely ok with her if Gran knew it!

The remainder of Sunday went by all too fast, and it was time for Nancy to leave and drive back to college. "I can't thank you enough, Gran, for all that you did for me," she said, emotionally, giving Gran a farewell hug, with tears in her eyes.

Gran was affected by their leave taking herself, as she really was very fond of her granddaughter. The house always felt empty, and she was always lonesome after Nancy had left. "I'm so glad that you could come. Don't be a stranger. You don't have to need an enema to come visit, you know," she said, laughing pleasantly.

"I know, Gran. We always have such a good time together. But besides being my grandmother, you're my favorite enema nurse," Nancy laughed in return. "Well, that's good to know. But I'd like to see you be more regular, dear. Maybe on your next visit you won't need me to be your enema nurse."

'I know. I should work at it. But if it doesn't happen, at least I know where to find you. Bye, Gran. Thanks for everything. I'll give you a call as soon as I can," Nancy said, going off to her car.

Nancy was ready to get back to school and her normal life, now that she was all cleaned out, since she enjoyed college so much. But she knew very well, if her past experience was a guide, that her attempts to keep regular would be in vain. She would get by with her suppositories for a while, but the time would inevitably come when she would visit Gran again, for the enemas she needed and loved. It was a very comforting thought!

Nancy had no sooner driven her car out of the driveway before Gran was back in the enema room, almost ripping her clothes off in her acute desire to give herself an enema. She'd postponed having one today, until now! "It's fine if Nancy gets off in front of me, but I don't want her to know what they do to me. I know she's seen me take a few enemas, but so far I think I've concealed how hot I get when I take one. But now I'm all alone, and ooh, am I ready for the extra benefits!"

The End

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