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My husband introduced me to enema pleasures very early in our relationship. We’ve always had an above average sex life, and while we’re not “swingers”, we’ve had some adventures. We have had a couple of f/f/m threesomes, and been involved in what started as small parties, and ended up orgies.

About four years ago, I worked in an office with a girl 10 years my junior named Dianne. She was a very pretty, petite girl, and we just seemed to gravitate to one another. I was in a management position and she answered phones and did clerical work. We saw each other after work regularly, and I often went to her close-by apartment for a drink after work. She was a bit wild, often told me of her sexual exploits, and had, of late, become flirtatious with both my husband and myself. We had discussed the possibility of all of us getting together for a romp, and my husband and I had agreed that while we found the proposition appealing, it would probably be best not to pursue it, due to our working relationship.

One day she was over at the house swimming with us, and she left to use the bathroom. As it happened, my husband was in the hall bath, so Dianne went back to use our master bathroom off our bedroom. We don't have children, so our enema equipment is often out in plain view, hanging in the shower and next to the toilet. There is no mistaking the purpose of our enema equipment, as all bags are at least 4 qts, and we have a variety of nozzles, none of which are available at the drugstore.

When Dianne came back to the pool, she got in and came over to me and said that she was looking at our enema equipment, and wanted to know where she could get some like it. She said that she and her friend James had learned about enemas from another friend, and had been giving each other enemas for the last couple of months. She had told me about her “boy toy” James, a young college student who, as she described it, had the most gigantic cock she had ever seen, and she was teaching him how to use it. I gave her information on some of the websites where we bought our equipment, and a couple of weeks later she told me that she had spent over $400.00 on a couple of them, and was having great fun learning how to use the equipment.

A couple of months later, cold weather had set in, and Dianne asked me if I wanted to come over after work and have a hot toddy and light a fire in the fireplace. My husband Mark was out of town on business, so the company and the toddy sounded pretty good. When we got to her apartment, the lights were on, and we heard something in the bedroom. Dianne called out “helloo?” and a male voice from the bedroom responded “hi, just me.” She looked at me and just said “James”. He then walked out of the bedroom, wrapped only in a bath towel, hair wet, obviously just out of the shower. Dianne introduced us, and asked James if he wanted a toddy with us, he said he did, and while she was mixing the drinks and chatting with James, I couldn’t help but look at this young man. He was probably 6’ tall, athletic build with light brown hair, and classically handsome. But what really struck me was that the front of the towel he was wearing was not concealing him well at all. It was obvious that Dianne had not exaggerated about his cock. It was very plainly visible through the towel, and it looked as if it hung only an inch or two above his knees! My husband is very well endowed, but it appeared that this thing was far beyond anything I had ever seen.

We all enjoyed the drinks, and had some casual conversation, and then I started to excuse myself to leave. Dianne begged me not to go, and asked to talk to me in the bedroom. I agreed, and we went in and closed the door. She told me that she and James had talked about me, the fact that she was attracted to me, and that I liked enemas. Although her attraction to me was obvious because of all of the flirtation, this was the first time she had verbalized it, and I was a little surprised by it. Despite the decision I had made to avoid having this type of contact with Dianne, the toddies had done their work, and in my relaxed state, I began to feel more receptive to the idea. I smiled, and asked her what she had in mind. She said she wanted to start by showing me all of the enema equipment they had bought. She also said that she liked to “dress up” for this kind of thing, and asked me if I wanted to borrow anything….

Dianne put on a really cute leather teddy that only supported her breasts, no cups to cover them. I got into a very simple black garter and black stockings. Dianne is small and petite, but has very nice C cup breasts. I was 40 at the time this all occurred, and I have no problem admitting that I battle with the same 20 pounds that I would like to be shed of. But my breasts are D cup with large areola and nipples, and in a situation like this, I never cover them. Dianne’s pussy was shaved, and her labia were very obviously already swollen and ready for play.

After we got dressed, Dianne called James into the room, and he just stood there for a moment looking at the two of us and just smiling. Dianne reached over to him and yanked his towel off, and there it was.. “My God!” was all I could say at the sight of his enormous cock. My husband and I watch adult video’s regularly, and 2 or 3 of John Holmes videos are in the regular rotation. So, I have seen a monster cock in action, but I can say without reservation that James’ cock is significantly bigger than John Holmes’ was. I was to find out later that unlike John’s cock, James’ got and stayed hard as a rock.

James was actually a very quiet, and rather shy young man. Dianne grabbed onto his cock and lifted it up, then let it swing back down. She insisted that I “feel the weight of this thing”, and James just smiled as I put it in my hand and raised it. It did feel like it weighed 20 pounds, and was starting to stiffen. I have no children, and my husband has always said I am very tight. We do have some huge dildo’s that he has used on me, and with lots of lube I have been able to enjoy them. But looking at this huge cock, I was starting to wonder what I could do with it. On the other hand, it was such a magnificent specimen that I was already dripping wet..

Dianne led us into the bathroom, and pulled out a big box from under the sink. She began pulling out one big bag after another, and an array of nozzles. For someone inexperienced with enema equipment, she had done a great job of choosing the good stuff. All of the bags were high quality rubber, and all were either 3 or 4 qts in size. Dianne told James that I had been taking enemas for many years, and I could probably show them a thing or two.

Between our naked bodies, James’ now totally hard cock, and all this enema equipment, my thought patterns had changed from caution to pure lust. I suggested that we start filling the bags, so we used both the sink and shower faucets to fill all six bags.

I suggested that we all start with a quick clean-out enema. Mark and I have always found that a quick clean out can help to insure a good fill when the enema sex starts. I suggested that James have a seat on the toilet, and I hung a bag next to him on a towel rod. I had him scoot out on the seat, and knelt in front of him. His cock was standing almost straight up, and I told Dianne that I was surprised that it didn’t fall over from it’s own weight. She just smiled and said “14 inches!” and I knew that it had to be true.

The bag I was using had a big black douche nozzle on it, larger than normal. I assume it was some kind of custom nozzle. I asked Dianne for some lube, and she produced a big bottle of sex lube. It crossed my mind that the lube would sure come in handy when I tried to take that huge cock…

I lubed the nozzle, then reached under him and lubed his asshole. He twitched and his cock bobbed, and I decided I was going to give this young man an enema he would never forget. While reaching under him with my left hand and slowly fucking his ass with the nozzle, I held his cock with my right and lowered my lips onto it. This cock was as thick as it was long, and I could barely fit the head into my mouth. Nonetheless, I began to suck it as best I could while I massaged his prostate with the nozzle. He reacted immediately, groaning and shifting his body around. In the meantime, Dianne had joined us, and was playing with my nipples and fingering my clit. When she first touched my pussy, I just about went through the roof! There was already a lot going on here, and my idea of a quick clean out before sex was going out the window. We were already having sex…

Dianne had hung several of the enema bags on the shower rod next to us, and had lubed one of the nozzles. She began to slide it up into me, and I let out such a loud moan that I startled myself. I looked back at her and she just smiled at me, and began the same fucking motion with my nozzle as I was giving James. I could stand it no more. I grabbed that big bottle of lube and slathered it all over James’ cock. I stood up, enema hose dangling from my ass, and began to mount James on the toilet. Dianne grabbed his cock and held it for me as I began to lower myself on it. It was so thick! But I got at least half of it in me, and began to fuck it. With each stroke I took it a little deeper. I have been multi-orgasmic all of my adult life, and this evening was going to be a banner one for my orgasms and me. I started to cum, and I think I startled both of them with my loud shrieks, but I was so aroused at that point that my legs were shaking. I fucked that cock until I was finally able to rest my full weight on his lap. I couldn’t believe I had a 14- inch cock in me! Dianne was doing everything she could to please me as well, pulling my tits around so she could suck them, fucking my ass with the nozzle. Oh, GOD this felt good!

I reached over and grabbed both of the enema hoses for James and I, clicked the clamps wide open, and started fucking him like there was no tomorrow. We both began to moan loudly, and I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Dianne had grabbed one of the other nozzles and was sliding it into herself. She got into the tub and came up to the end to stand beside us, facing me. She released her clamp, squatted just a bit, and began to masturbate furiously.

I couldn’t believe that I could now slam-fuck this huge cock, but I was taking every inch, and some of his balls, I think! Both of our bags were draining quickly, and Dianne was begging us to take the whole 4 quarts for her. She was saying things to me like “OOO yeah, RIDE that huge cock, honey. I want to lick his huge cum load out of your pussy”, and other wonderfully erotic things that just added to the fervor of the moment.

Both of us did take all 4 qts, and kept fucking like we could have held four more. My orgasms were spaced so closely that I could no longer tell one from another. Dianne’s bag was nearly empty, and her shrieks of pleasure had begun to rise to meet mine, and I hoped the neighbors wouldn’t be calling the police to complain about the noise. Dianne was rubbing her pussy violently, and I was nearly as aroused at that as by what was going on inside me, which surprised me a bit.

Suddenly James said he couldn’t hold his enema anymore. To his surprise, I just told him to scoot back on the seat, and stayed positioned on his cock. I told him to just let it go when he needed to. I just kept fucking him, and he didn’t protest. Suddenly, that big enema started to gush out of him into the toilet, and he seemed to have a look of surprise on his face when he began to cum. The gushing of both his enema and his cum had triggered a response from me, and I began to let mine go. In this position, my bottom is over the bowl enough to get at least most of my enema expelled into the bowl. That was all intensely erotic, I was slamming him again, and did make a little bit of a mess. But meanwhile, Dianne was making a huge mess in the tub, as our explosions had triggered hers as well.

When we were all cummed out and emptied out, I reached over and grabbed some toilet paper and gave myself a couple of wipes. I rose from that huge cock, which was still hard, and grabbed another wad of toilet paper. In one motion, I dropped to my knees, reached under James and wiped him, while at the same time licking a great deal of cum off of his throbbing cock. He seemed speechless, but Dianne was muttering something and repeating the word “awesome” several times. When I rose again, I could hardly stand up, but I wanted to get in the shower and wash off. Dianne stopped me and begged me to let her eat my pussy. She said that James “cums huge loads” (which I didn’t doubt), and she wanted to taste us both. I agreed, went into the bedroom and flopped down on the bed. James had gotten in the shower, so for a time, it was just Dianne and myself. I thought I was pretty cummed out for the moment, but Dianne has an expert tongue, and had me cumming again in no time. As she ate me, she would come up for breath periodically, and she told me how long she had wanted to do that, and she couldn’t believe how sexual I am. She said she didn’t think James would want to fuck her any more after that, but we both knew better. She later told me that both of them had learned so much from me that day, and were getting much more out of the enema experience.

There was much more to that evening. Many more enemas, many more orgasms. Space and time preclude my recounting the rest of that night in this installment, but I promise to add a chapter soon.

My husband and I have shared a more and more open relationship over the years. He had told me that if I ever had the opportunity for something like this, he wanted me to do it with the only stipulation being that I convey the story to him in great detail. In fact, once while watching a John Holmes movie, he had said specifically that should I ever have the chance to ride one that big, go for it! And so I had.

In retrospect, I’m not sure that the size of that cock provided any more or different stimulation than my husband’s 8.5 incher. But the idea of it, the sight of it, was very erotic, as was the whole scenario with Dianne being a part of it. A few days after the experience, while riding my husband’s cock slowly while we took enemas, I began to tell him the story. We both got extremely excited about it, and it intensified that session for both of us. His only regret was no pictures or video…

Not long after our experience together, Dianne told me that James had transferred to a school out of state, and that she had not heard from him in some time. Soon after, I too was to take my leave, moving up the corporate ladder and accepting a management position at another company. Dianne and I called each other often at first, but as has been my experience over the years, ex-co workers usually lose touch, and we have.

I regret nothing of the experience. To be honest, my enema sex experiences with my husband go much farther than what we experienced that night. I have quite enjoyed re- living this experience again by writing this for all of you, so I hope to have a chance to write here again about some great enemas and orgasms.


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