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Penny's Punishment

I was nervous, and I must have looked it, because the school nurse's secretary was especially solicitous when she asked me my business with the school nurse.  Wordlessly, I handed her the slip of paper, my face already flaming.  As she scanned the note - the source of my humiliation - my face felt even hotter as a knowing, yet not unsympathetic, smile flickered across her composed features.

“I see.  Have a seat right here, Penny, and the nurse’ll call for you shortly.”

I thanked her and took a seat furthest from the interior door.  As I waited, I reflected upon my situation.  I was in trouble, and I had no one to blame but myself.  I should never have allowed the school “bad influence,” Kelly Martinez, to convince me to hold her purse for her.  How was I to know about bathroom raids…or purse searches…or the consequences of having contraband, such as cigarettes, or condoms, or marijuana, in the purse one happened to be holding?  Protesting innocence had been useless; I was the one holding the purse, after all.  Not that Kelly was getting away with anything, either.  She had gone to see the nurse just an hour and a half ahead of me.

I had heard all sorts of scary rumors about what happens to girls who are caught with contraband.  I knew a paddling was at least part of the punishment, but that came later, after a mysterious visit with the school nurse.  None of the few unlucky girls who had made such a trip to the nurse ever talked about it, but there were rumors.

I had been waiting a very long time when Kelly Martinez emerged.  Her face was pale and tear-streaked.  She didn't even look at me as she passed where I sat.  I went from nervous to terrified, for it was a well-known “fact” at school that Kelly had withstood numerous paddlings (it was rumored, even bare-bottomed paddlings) and sessions with the strap or even the cane without so much as a tear.  What could the nurse have done to upset her so?  Then, I heard my own name called from the inner office.

“Penny?  Penny Vandenberg?”  The nurse's assistant, Julie Strothers, a too-full of herself college-age girl with a bright, pert face and impossibly blonde hair, was beckoning.  “Penny Vandenburg?” she called again and her bright smile darkened just a shade.  She was “Old Lady” Withers’ right arm, and some rumors around the school implied that they were an item!

I stood and nervously smoothed my skirt, trying to look non-chalant.  “I-I’m Penny.”

She looked me up and down, from head to toe, as if she were considering the purchase and eventual consumption of a particularly delectable confection.  Her eyes twinkled mischievously.  “Come on in, Penny.  We're just about ready for you.”  She directed me into the examining room.  “No books or purse?  Good.  The first thing we need you to do is undress.  Put your clothes in this basket, then put on this gown, opening in the back.”


She nodded.  “Everything off, in the basket.  The gown is here, opening in the back.  You can sit on the end of the table.  Miss Withers and I will be back in five minutes, and I advise you to be ready when we return.”

As soon as Julie left, I undressed with shaking fingers.  Well, Penny, this is it, I thought.  I just focused on getting undressed.  I was not even going to think about the paddling from the Dean of Girls, or the smacking I was going to get at home.  When the door opened to admit the nurse and her helper, I was seated on the end of the table as demurely as the open backed gown would allow.

Miss Withers was a middle-aged lady with a severe, pulled-back hairdo and a sharp-featured, well-made-up face.  “Vandenburg, Penny.  Senior.  Aged 17 and a half years.  Good marks and good record…until today.  What possessed you to assist a known trouble-maker like Kelly Martinez?”  Her clipped, very British accent accompanied a no-nonsense attitude and complete intolerance for any sort of disobedience or display of youthful high spirits.

“Miss Withers,” I protested, “I had no idea she had anything bad in her purse…I-“

She cut me off with a sharp gesture.  “Merely the fact of her reputation should have given you pause, child.  Kelly Martinez is a very bad girl.  Well, Miss Penny Vandenburg, today you will get a glimpse of what happens to bad girls here at this school.”  She was smiling at me, her lips compressed into a thin, hard line.  Two bright spots of colour burned on her thin cheeks, and I had the impression that she enjoyed dealing with “bad” girls.  “First, you will be examined.  I will be performing a full vaginal and rectal examination to determine that you are carrying no contraband inside your body cavities.  The rectal examination will include a series of enemas to cleanse your lower bowel.  If you give me any trouble whatsoever, I am authorized to give you up to twelve strokes of the cane.  All instructions from either myself or my assistant will be instantly obeyed.  Do you understand?”

“Y-yes, Ma'am,” I replied, trying to sound calm.  I was terrified!  Internal examinations?  Enemas?  I had expected a lot of things, but not this!

“Good girl,” she replied crisply.  “Now.  Lie back all the way, and slide down until your bottom is on the very edge of the table.”  When I had complied, she continued, “Place your feet in these stirrups and let your legs fall apart.”

Mortally embarrassed, I hesitated.  Julie remarked, “Oh come on already, Miss Penny!  Don't be such a little prude.  It's not like we haven't seen what's down there before.”  With firm fingers, Julie moved my legs into position, until I lay on my back, legs spread and completely exposed.

Miss Withers took a long time to spread my lower lips and carefully inspect every little fold.  “Hmm…  Clean enough.  Good.  No lesions or other signs of unusual activity.  Do you masturbate, Penny?”

“Huh?  I don't-“

“Miss Withers asked if you play with yourself,” Julie interjected.  “You know - think about boys and rub yourself ‘til you feel real good?”  Her bright-eyed smile was lascivious, and I felt my face grow hot and pink.  “Aww, Miss Withers…just LOOK at those little pink cheeks!  Isn't that cute?”

The nurse chuckled nastily.  “Not half as pink as her little bottom cheeks will be after the Dean of Girls administers her well-deserved paddling.”

“Have you ever had a really good spanking before, Miss Penny,” crooned Julie.  “The Dean of Girls uses a special paddle, with holes cut in it, just to make it hurt more, and if you're really unlucky, you'll get to experience the special paddle on your bare bottom, so it'll hurt even more!”

“That's enough, Strothers.  Let's get back to work,” Nurse Withers interjected sharply.  Julie pouted, but subsided.  I wondered, briefly what she and the nurse did together, that is if the rumors were true.  I just could not picture them holding hands or kissing.

Miss Withers than began to carefully probe inside me, all the while making comments to her assistant.  “Hmph.  Still a virgin, I see.  No fun to had there, I suppose.”

Julie frowned for a moment, but then her eyes seemed to regain their manic brightness and she said, “Well, Miss Withers, if you can't get in through the front porch, there's always the back door.  Back door friends are the best!”  She giggled, and Miss Withers permitted herself a dry, thin chuckle.

“Julie is so very clever.  The perfect assistant.”  She stripped off her gloves and said, “You may remove your legs from the stirrups, Penny.  Follow Julie to the lavatory.  She will cleanse you and take a urine sample.”

I felt a desperate need to protest my innocence - to have the nurse believe me.  “Miss Withers?  Please,” I said earnestly, “I told you that I was just holding Kelly's purse.  I didn't know she had drugs.  Please-“

Miss Withers cut me off with a sharp gesture.  “One more protest from you, Miss, and it's the cane.  This is your final warning.  Julie?”

I followed Julie into the bathroom, where she had me hold aside my examination gown.  Then, she crouched in front of me and carefully wiped me clean with a cold moist towlette.  Then she helped me sit on the commode and handed me a white paper cup.

“Just pee into this.  Don't worry if it overflows.”  I obeyed; Julie took the brimming cup, placed a lid on it and set it on a small shelf in the bathroom.  She then wiped me clean with a second towlette.

When I came out, Miss Withers was waiting.  “Did we get a good sample, Julie?”  Julie nodded.  “Climb onto the table, Penny.  Good.  Now, get on your hands and knees on the table.”  I obeyed.  Julie once again performed the office of lifting my exam gown away, leaving me with a very bare and exposed bottom.  Miss Withers nodded.  “Good.  Now, lower yourself onto your elbows, head down.  Good.  We now have full access to your anal area.  Have you ever had a rectal exam before, Penny?”

“N-no, Ma’am.”

“Have you ever had an enema, Penny?” she continued.

“No-no, Ma'am.”

“Then I trust this experience will prove educational for you, in more ways than one.”

I felt a cold, probing finger enter my tight bottom hole, and squeaked aloud.  This small protest earned me a fast, hard spanking - no more than 10 smacks, but hard enough to bring tears to my eyes.

“This, Miss Vandenburg, is the first part of the rectal exam.  By the time we're finished, you will have a very clean rectum.  The purpose of this cleansing is to determine if contraband is being concealed in your bowel.”

“But I'm not carrying-

“We know you're clean, Penny. As I said before we began, you may consider this your glimpse of the other side.  By the way, for that little outburst, you will receive six strokes of the cane after your enemas.”  With that, Miss Withers inserted another finger into my bottom.  It stung a little at first, but I managed to keep quiet.  Then she started to work her gloved fingers in and out of my bottom with slow, gentle movements.”

“I think we're onto something here,” Julie remarked.  “She's all wet, and you should see her nipples.”  She tweaked my breasts then smiled at me.  “You like that, sweetie?”

“I…umm…it’s…”  It felt strange, and I was still terribly embarrassed, but it felt good.  I had touched myself before, of course, but I had never thought of sticking anything up there...until now.

“Give her another finger,” suggested the assistant, and soon, the nurse had worked a third finger into my bottom.  I moaned involuntarily and they both laughed.  Julie began to massage my little button.  “Baby gonna come for us?  Fingers on her clit and up her tight li’l butt?  Hmmm?” she cooed.  “C’mon, baby, come for us…”

I felt a mounting pressure between my legs.  My bottom felt full and slick, and the nurse's fingers just kept sliding in and out gently.  It felt so good!  I had never imagined anything could fell that way.  Suddenly, I climaxed.  Miss Withers kept thrusting her hard fingers in and out of my bottom, while Julie leaned in close and gave me a light kiss on the lips.

“Is it time to take her temperature yet,” piped Julie.

“I think it may be,” replied the nurse, with a wry smile.  “Quite a reaction to the rectal exam.  I wonder how she will receive her enemas?  Get her temperature while I prepare the first enema, Julie.”

“How many do you plan to give her?”

“At least two; no more than three.  As I said, we do not actually suspect she is concealing anything in her rectum.”

Miss Withers disappeared from my sight.  I heard water running - a sound that made my throat and tummy tighten with anticipation, fear and arousal.  While I had never had an enema before, I knew what they were.  I knew they gave them to women having babies and really sick people.  I knew that the next-door neighbor's kids had had them.  I wondered if it would hurt.  Julie, meanwhile, came over with a rectal thermometer and some petroleum jelly.  She slicked the greasy stuff onto the thermometer where I could watch and chirped, “This cold li’l glass rod is going all the way up your butt - right now.”  The thermometer was colder than I expected, and I gasped, causing Julie to titter maliciously.  “Just wait ‘til you get your enemas!”

“Julie - have-have you ever had an enema?  What's it like?  Does it-”

“Shush!  You want Miss Withers to hear you?”  She continued to hold the thermometer inside me until Miss Withers returned.  The nurse had a large, red, rubber bag in her hand that seemed to be bulging at the sides.  Attached to the bag was a long, black hose that ended in a menacing-looking black plastic nozzle.  She hung the bag on an IV stand and gestured for Julie to hand her the petroleum jelly.

The thermometer slid out; Julie wiped it clean and read it.  “Temperature normal,” she announced.

“Good.  Penny, we are ready to begin your first enema.  This is what we call in the nursing parlance, a ‘triple H’ enema.  Julie, would you care to tell Penny what that stands for?”

Julie was practically squirming with delight.  “Three-H.  Stands for:  ‘High, Hot, and a Heck of a lot’!  Oh, are you in for a treat!”  She looked into the open top end of the bag and her grin grew even wider.  “Oh, look at all the soapy soapsuds!”

“Since you seem so excited, Julie, perhaps you would like to administer the first enema to our young penitent?”

“Oh, with pleasure.  Sims position or keep her as she is?”

“Let's keep her bottom accessible, in case she requires chastisement.  Now, Penny, I expect you to take every drop of this like a good girl.  Since this is your very first enema, you may experience some cramping and a strong urge to evacuate.  I suggest you try to hold it.  If you make a mess, I shall start your enemas all over again, in addition to additional cane strokes, and by the way, young lady, I prefer to cane on the bare.  Do you understand?”

“Y-yes, Ma'am.”  I wanted to shriek and run away.  I could do neither.  All I could do was submit myself and hope for the best.  I felt the greased nozzle nudging at my bottom hole.  It felt huge.

“Take a deep breath,” advised Julie.  “Blow it out slowly.  Here it comes.  I'm just going to slide this…there!  Good girl.”

I did as Julie instructed and blew out slowly as she slid the nozzle into my bottom.  The tip was bigger than the rest of it, and once the tip was in, it wasn't so bad, I supposed.  Then I heard a ‘click.’

“I'm starting the water now, Penny.  It'll feel very warm.”  Julie reached a hand underneath me and began to rub between my legs.  I gasped again as I felt the water flow inside me.  It was hot, but not unbearably so, and I felt a rush of warmth inside my tummy along with a slight burning sensation.  I moaned and began to move my hips in time to Julie's gentle rubbing.  Then I realized the nozzle was moving…in and out, back and forth.  Miss Withers was responsible for that.  I felt myself spiraling toward another climax.

After not too long, I began to feel rather full.  At first, it wasn't too bad, but as the water continued to flow, the fullness increased, until I felt like my bottom was going to explode.  Then the cramps started.  I groaned aloud and Julie laughed.

“Feeling those nice, thick Ivory soapsuds, eh, Miss Penny?” Julie said.

“Oooh,” I groaned.  “I-I have to go-“

“I'll bet you do,” Julie crooned.  “Your naughty little bottom is so full, and you know what?  You're just going to have to hold it.  Nurse likes naughty girls to hold an enema at least 10 minutes.  Poor baby!”

“That's right,” Nurse Withers chimed in.  “Ten minutes’ retention for the first enema and a while longer for subsequent treatments.  That will give you something to think about other than mischief, and in the future, I imagine you'll be a lot more care about whose handbag you agree to hold, hmmm?”

“And don't forget, sweetie, after we're through with you, you're going to get a caning, and then, a spanking…a nice, hard paddling from Dean Yount.  Just the thing for a naughty girl!”

“Oh ,gawwwd…”  Whack!  I felt a hard smack on my upturned bottom.

“Now, you’ll hold this first enema ten minutes by this timer, and then, it will be time for the second.”

I knelt silently on the table.  After a few moments, Julie came over and began to massage my tummy gently, her free hand occasionally straying to between my legs.  “We’re not mean, darling,” she purred.  “This is all for your own good.  I bet those cramps are getting pretty bad.”  They already were, and they came in waves.  What sweet relief it would be to unload all the soapy water they had injected.  “Are you going to stop and think before agreeing to hold that bad Kelly’s purse,” Julie asked.

“Y-yes, Ma’am.  I will.  I  p-promise.  Ohhhh….”

“And will you try and stay out of trouble like a good girl?”

“Oh, yes, Ma’am, I will!”

“You know, we wind up cleaning out Miss Kelly at least once a month.  She must have an iron bottom with all the spankings she has to have.  And Miss Withers had to cane her, too.  Twelve strokes!  Such a wicked girl!”

“I-I’m scared, Julie,” I admitted.

“You should be,” she replied.  “You have quite a little bit to go through before we're all done with you, here at school, but just wait ‘til you get home, young lady!  I bet your daddy’s going to spank you real hard, isn’t he?  Does he spank you on the bare?”  I nodded miserably and Julie smiled brightly.  “I thought so.  And you know what?  You deserve it.  Every smack.  You’re a very lucky girl, Penny.”

She fell silent, but continued to rub my tummy.  I reflected that perhaps she was right.  I was lucky.  After all, the nurse and her assistant cared enough about me to correct me.  The same went for my parents.  And what if I did fall in with a bad crowd, like the people Kelly Martinez hung out with?  Poor Kelly!  If what I was undergoing was supposed to be “just a taste,” what did Kelly go through?

The timer buzzed, and Miss Withers returned.  “Julie, assist Penny into the lavatory.”

“Will do,” agreed Julie.  “Come on, honey - time to poop!”  Julie helped me off the table, holding the nozzle firmly in my bottom.  When I stood up, the pressure became unbearable, and I moaned.  “Easy, hon - pant for me - in and out!  Blow.  Good girl.”  The pressure subsided a little, and Julie helped me into the bathroom.  She wadded up some toilet paper and very carefully slid the nozzle out of my bottom as I sat.

The release was explosive and felt heavenly.  I continued to release the water and solid stuff for quite a few minutes.  At first, I didn't even notice that the nurse and her assistant were standing in the bathroom, observing me.  I hadn’t had anyone in the bathroom with me since I was a very small child.  My distress must have been evident; Julie laughed her silvery little laugh and said, “We’ve seen people expel enemas before, Miss Penny!  And you aren’t the shyest, by far.  You should see some of the boys!  So tough and hard in the waiting room…so pink and nervous up on the table!  Really quite sweet.”

I closed my eyes tightly and tried to pretend they weren’t there.  The water seemed to keep coming, and the cramps were awful!  Sometimes it would seem to stop, but Julie would come over and rub my tummy and more would come.  Finally, it felt like there wasn’t anything left to come out, and I felt tired and drained, but oddly relaxed and refreshed.  After I’d cleaned up, Julie guided me back to the table and helped me resume my bottom-in-the-air position.

“The patient responded very well to her first enema, Nurse Withers,” Julie intoned.  The nurse nodded.

“Prepare the second enema, Julie - an isotonic solution this time.”  Julie winked at me and exited to follow the nurse's instructions.  “Well, Penny, what do you think so far?  Are we getting through to you, Penny?”

I nodded vigorously.  “Yes, Ma’am, you are.  You really are.  I’ll never do anything that stupid again, honest I won’t!”  The water was running, and I could hear Julie humming happily to herself as she worked.  When she emerged with a larger, fuller bag, she hung it on the IV stand, and began to grease the nozzle.

“An isotonic enema, Penny, is a saline solution intended to match the saline content of the blood so as not to cause excess fluid retention in the colon, which can be a danger with plain water enemas.  Your first enema contained soap-suds, which can irritate the walls of the colon.  This solution should wash everything clean.  You will notice there is quite a lot more liquid than before.  This is because your bowels have been emptied by the first enema.  You should be able to hold a lot more liquid for us and for longer.  Julie, begin the enema, please.”

“With pleasure, Nurse Withers!”  I felt the nozzle at my back door as Julie firmly but gently pressed it home.  It slid in after very little pressure and slid deep inside me.  It felt a little larger than the first nozzle, but my bottom seemed to have gotten used to being penetrated.  It actually felt pretty good, and when the water started flowing into me, I could not suppress a delighted little moan.

“Are you enjoying this treatment, Penny?” Nurse Withers asked in a sharp tone of voice.

I stammered nervously, “I-I’m sorry, Ma’am…it’s just that…I-I feel…  It feels…”  My face was hot again, and I shut my eyes tightly.

“You are being punished, young lady, and don’t you forget it,” she reminded me.

“Punishment can feel good,” interjected Julie in a gentle tone, “especially if the girl being punished knows it's for her own good, isn’t that right, honey?”

“You are too soft by far, Strothers,” the nurse said, but then, her own voice softened, she said to me, “Well, Penny, what about it?  Do you think you are benefiting by this treatment?”

I nodded.  “Y-yes, Ma’am, I-I think I am.”  If nothing else, I would avoid Kelly Martinez like the plague.

“And will you make every effort to behave from now on, Penny?”

“Oh, yes!  Yes, Ma’am, I will.  I promise!”

“Then let’s hear you say so.  Penny, I want you to thank us for punishing you and request a third enema and a sound caning.”

“Come on, Miss Penny - let us hear you beg for it!” Julie chirped.

“Miss Strothers, unless you wish to find yourself in the same position as Penny, here, you will mind your tongue,” the nurse snapped.

“Yes, Miss Withers,” she said in a subdued tone.  The thought was intriguing…the nurse's pert, blonde assistant, perched up here on the table, thick, green nozzle protruding from her tight, crinkled little hole, her bottom slowly filling with warm water?  I smiled to myself as the mental image.  Then the nozzle started moving again, in and out, gently and teasingly.  I backed against it as much as I could and suppressed another moan.  I was so wet between my legs, I could feel myself dripping.

“We are waiting, Penny,” the nurse said.

“I...umm…th-thank you for the enemas, M-miss Withers,” I began uncertainly.

“Very good, child - continue.”

“Th-thank you for the enemas, and thank you for-for punishing me.  I-I d-did a really, really stupid thing, and I deserve to be punished, and I’ll never do it again, I promise.  Ohhhh…”  Julie gave the nozzle a particularly firm and deep thrust as I finished.  Her other hand slid around to my front and rubbed my little button, and I could feel myself coming as she held the thing deep in my bottom and teased hard with her fingers.

When I had calmed down a little, the nurse cleared her throat and said, “And what about your sassy outbursts when you first came in, Penny?  What do you think needs to happen to a young lady with a sassy mouth?”

“She…she needs to be…to be cleaned out, and…and caned.  She-she should be caned, and I n-need to be…to be caned, oh please, please, give me some more.  Please, please, please…”

“Very well, then.  I shall be pleased to oblige you, Penny.  When your enemas are concluded, of course.”

I was surprised that I did feel grateful.  It was humiliating and embarrassing, and the cane would hurt terribly, but I did feel cleansed and purified.  The water was all inside me now, and while I felt full, I felt none of the urgency of that first enema.  The soapsuds, perhaps?  Julie helped me turn over on my back and massaged my lower belly again, her hand occasionally dipping lower to tease between my legs.  The nozzle remained inside me, held there by Julie, who thrust it in from time to time, sending delightful shivers through me.  I no longer cared that I was spread wide open or that I had a belly full of warm water and a tube up my bottom.  It felt good to be that way, and I felt a surge of affection for the nurse and her assistant.

The nurse set a timer for fifteen minutes, which seemed to fly by.  When the timer sounded, Julie helped me up and into the bathroom, just like before.  “Okay, now, Miss Penny, let it all go for us.  C’mon - push it out.”  I obediently pushed and started the torrent.  “Good girl,” she said.  Expelling this enema felt almost as good as taking it.  The warm water flowing from inside me felt wonderful and I could feel my clit tingling again.  When I was empty again, I cleaned myself and stood.  Julie surprised my by taking me into her arms and giving me a long, deep kiss on the lips, her tongue sliding into my mouth.  Miss Withers, for the nonce, was not to be seen.  “Enjoying yourself, sweetie?”

“Y-yes, but-“

“Hush - no questions right now.  We don’t have much time.  Spread your legs apart - there, that’s right.  I wan to give you a very special kiss.”  She knelt and buried her face between my legs, and I could feel her tongue on my clit and lower lips.  Her slender finger slid easily into my anus and began to gently thrust.  I bit my lip to keep from moaning aloud as Julie’s tongue licked and teased.  I climaxed once, then a second time, then a third.  We both heard footsteps, and she quickly withdrew and sprang to her feet just as the nurse rounded the corner with the next enema in hand.

“Are you ready for your final enema, Penny?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I responded.

“This will be another isotonic solution.”  She held up the nozzle.  It looked different than the other two, and there was a second tube coming from it, with a curious-looking bulb at the end.  “This is called a inflatable nozzle nozzle.  These are small balloons.  The first rests inside the rectum.  The second remains outside.  They ensure that the enema is retained and that no fluid escapes.  I intend to cane you while you retain your final enema so that you will have a very memorable experience.  Believe me, young lady, you will never, ever again do anything so stupid as to comply with a known trouble-maker or be an unwitting accomplice in her misdeeds.  Julie, assist the penitent into the position.”

Julie helped me onto the table again, bottom held high.  The weird-looking nozzle felt funny going in, and I felt the slight pressure as the balloons were inflated.  Then Julie started the water flowing again.  The pressure was greater, and I could see that the bag was held higher than before.  The water was very warm - much warmer than the very first enema, and I gasped as the water flowed into me.  There weren’t any cramps, like with the soapsuds enema, but I felt a strong urge to GO!  I bit my lower lip and tried not to make any noise.  It looked like play-time was over, and I was about to undergo some very real punishment.

When the bag had emptied, Miss Withers turned to Julie and said, “Bring the cane, Julie.”  Then she turned back to me and said, “You are about to enjoy six strokes of the cane on your bare bottom, Penny.  I trust your behavior will undergo a drastic improvement from this point forward, will it not?”

“Yes, Ma’am, I hope so.”

“You hope so,” she echoed, her voice mildly sarcastic.  “You HOPE so?  Young lady, you had better hope and pray so, because if I ever see you in here again like this, you are going to be a very sorry young lady, indeed, and you will think that what went on today was nothing at all.  Do you understand me, Penny Vandenburg?”  She had come to the head of the table and was now holding my chin between her thumb and forefinger, forcing me to look directly at her.

“Nurse Withers, I PROMISE I’ll be good from now on.  Really, truly, I do!  I feel so stupid and dumb, and I’ll never even speak to Kelly again…or-or ANY of her nasty friends.  Honest!”  I could feel a slow tear start down one cheek.  At this point, I was confused and humiliated and very turned on, but I did feel genuinely sorry.  When I first came here, I was all righteous innocence, and now, it seemed right that I had been punished in this way, because I knew that after they were finished, after my paddling from the Dean of Girls and the spanking that awaited me at home, I would feel pure again and cleansed.  Though it seemed odd to me, part of me hoped they would punish me a little more and that they would not be gentle about it.

Miss Withers continued to frown for a moment, sending shivers down my spine.  But then, she smiled, and her eyes twinkled for a moment, and she leaned over and kissed me on the forehead - no more than a peck, really, but I had the sense that for her, this was a maudlin show of affection.  “You are a good girl, Penny, though naïve, to be sure.  Even good girls need a little punishment from time to time, just to keep them on the right track.  Tell me, Penny, are you grateful to those who are entrusted with looking out for your welfare?”

I nodded fervently.  “Yes Ma’am, I am very grateful.  T-thank you.”  She favoured me with another little smile and a nod.  She gave my hair a light stroke, then turned as Julie returned with the cane.  It was a medium tan in colour with a crooked handle.  Julie swooshed it through the air with a wide smile as she noticed me looking over my shoulder.

“The cane, Nurse Withers,” Julie said, with the air of an acolyte to the High Priestess.

“Tell me, Penny,” the nurse said, “have you ever been caned?”

“N-no Ma’am, never.”

“Well let me tell you, girl, it hurts!  It is like nothing you have ever felt before.  Observe how supple it is,” and she easily bent the cane into a semi-circle.  “A whipping cane is a work of art, and very hard to come by in this country, in this day and age.  This particular cane was imported from England.  The cane stroke compresses the flesh beneath.  Because the cane is so narrow and supple, it can strike with great force - even enough to break the skin if the wielder is not skilled or careful.  You need not be concerned, however, as I am both skilled and meticulous as to the application of the rod.  The pain comes in two separate and distinct waves:  the first, when the flesh is compressed and the second, when the flesh is released.  The cane leaves a very distinct , two-tracked welt on the skin.”

“Tramlines,” interjected Julie.

“Julie, that is quite enough.  Kindly bend over and grasp your ankles so I may give Penny a demonstration.”  Julie’s bright, pretty face paled at once, and she looked as though she wanted to protest but did not dare.  I then understood that Julie was subject to the same discipline that I was now undergoing.  Did Julie have to bend over for the cane or paddle often?  Were her cheeks parted for inspection?  Was her bottom regularly filled with liquid?  The thought excited more than I expected.  And now, I was to receive a brief glimpse into her world.  I felt at once relieved and envious.

When Julie was in position, Nurse Withers carefully lifted Julie’s skirt.  She was wearing rather skimpy panties and no petticoat and no stockings.  The nurse frowned darkly.  “No stockings or petticoat, Strothers?  And what have I told you about improper undergarments?  Five additional strokes for a total of six.”  Miss Withers carefully lowered Julie’s panties, revealing a very shapely bottom and delightfully milky thighs.  “Observe carefully, Penny.”  Miss Withers took the cane in her hand and held her right arm against her side.  Then she raised the cane and SWOOSH-ker-ack!  The cane struck home on Julie’s stretched bottom cheeks, immediately raising a livid weal.  It must have hurt like anything, but Julie stayed quiet.  Miss Withers placed the next stroke on Julie’s upper thighs, and followed it with three, similar strokes on her bottom.  She placed the final cut on the crease where Julie’s thighs joined her buttocks, and Julie actually gave a thin, quiet whimper.  Six bright lines now criss-crossed Julie’s bottom and upper thighs.  They were red at first, but quickly darkened to purple, and just as described, there WERE two, distinct lines that looked sort of like railroad tracks.

The nurse allowed Julie to remain in position for moments then said, “Very good, Strothers, you may stand and readjust your clothing.”

“Thank you, Miss Withers,” Julie said, in a soft, almost reverent tone.  Her face was flushed and, to my surprise, tear-streaked.  But she managed a very pretty smile and actually dipped Miss Withers a curtsey.  Then she winked at me and resumed her place at her mistress’ side.

Then Miss Withers returned her attention to me.  “Oh, when I was a girl, we lived in fear of the cane, Penny, and you know what?  We behaved ourselves like little ladies!  None of this hooliganish behavior, running around half-clad and cavorting with boys and back-talking and smoking and goodness-knows-what else!  Our bottoms weren’t strangers to the clyster, either.  Once a week kept a girl regular and out of mischief.”  She swooshed the cane through the air like Julie had, and it made a menacing sound.  Inside me, the pressure was building.  I had to go very badly now, but I knew that was part of the chastisement - to have to wait, with a full bottom.  “I am going to cane you now, Penny.  ‘Six of the best,’ as we used to say.  Is there something you would like to say to me before I begin?”

“T-thank you, Miss Withers.  Thank you for-for punishing me.”

“And would you like to request your caning, Penny?”

“Yes, Ma’am.  I did a very stupid thing.  I held Kelly’s bag, and she had bad stuff in there, and I should have known better, and I'm very, very sorry.  I need to be punished so I won’t ever do anything like that again.”

“And how should you be punished, my girl?”

“I-I should be caned, Ma’am, very hard, and I should be-be cleaned out and paddled.”

“Very well, Penny. As you can tell, you have already been thoroughly purged.  And I am delighted to carry out your request for a sound caning.  Since you are retaining a rather large enema, and since this is your first caning, I will have you bend over the table rather than bending all the way over as Julie did.  Julie, assist Penny into the proper position.”

“Come on, honey, almost over.”  Julie helped me down.  As I stood, the urge to increased until it was almost unbearable.  She must have realized this, because she gave my distended belly a few firm rubs.  Then she placed a soft towel over the edge of the table.  Finally, she gently, but firmly guided me into position.  My caning was about to begin!  Julie came to the opposite side of the table and firmly held my arms in place.  Miss Withers took her place, behind me and slightly to my right.  I could not see her raise the cane, but I could imagine it.  Then I heard the implement cut through the air, and a second later, I felt the burning impact!

I tried hard not to cry out, but a small, animal sound escaped my throat.  It hurt!  It burned!  It was like nothing I had ever experienced before.  I used to think that getting the strap from Daddy was the worst thing in the world.  Now, I knew better.

“And would you like to count the strokes for us, Penny,” I could hear the nurse's voice, as though from very far away.

“Y-yes, Ma’am.  That was one stroke, Ma’am.”  After the pain receded somewhat, my attention returned to my lower bowels.  The pressure was intense and worse than ever.

“Excellent, Penny.  And will you ever do anything as foolish as assist a known trouble-maker like Kelly Martinez?”

“Oh, no!  No, Ma’am!”  I was fervent and entirely sincere!  Never again would I make that mistake.  I moaned as a sharp wave of pressure went through me.  Julie smiled, not unsympathetically.  After all, her bottom was no stranger to that green nozzle or that horrid, whippy cane.  We were now sisters in a very small and select sorority of pain, she and I.

“I am please to hear it, Penny,” Nurse Withers replied.

The second stroke was on my bottom, just below the first.  If anything, the pain was worse, and I bit my lower lip hard to avoid shrieking in pain.  Silently, the nurse waited, as if she knew, to perfection, when the pain crescendos within me and died away.  But it occurred to me that of course she knew!  Hadn’t she related that when she was a girl, punishments of this kind were common in her native England?  Then…then Miss Withers was part of our sorority, too!  I felt a surge of affection and deep gratitude.

In time, I remembered to say, “That was two strokes, Ma’am.”

“Very good, Penny,” Miss Withers intoned.  The cane swooshed down a third time, impacting my upper thighs.  I could not keep from squealing.  My eyes were wet, and I felt a sob rise in my throat.

“That was three strokes, Ma’am.”  My voice sounded quavery in my ears, and the pressure in my bottom was worse than ever.

“That was three strokes,” Miss Withers repeated, “and you have three strokes to follow.  We are exactly halfway through your caning, Penny.”

Swissh-KRAK!!!  The fourth stroke crossed the first two on my bottom, and I burst into tears.  If it had not been for Julie holding my arms, I would have jumped up and held my bottom with both hands.  It was long moments before I could say, “That was…that w-was f-four strokes, Ma’am.”

The fifth stroke was placed on my thighs again.  I was sobbing now, and my nose was running, and my cheeks were tear-wet.  I was determined to do almost anything to avoid another caning like this.  “It does hurt, doesn’t it, my girl,” said Miss Withers crisply, and I imagined that she was smiling.  “One final stroke, Penny, and this part of your punishment will be over.  Do you think you will try to behave more wisely in the future, Penny?”

I nodded.  “Oh, yes, Ma’am!  Yes, Ma’am, I promise!  I promise I will!”  Then remembering, “That was five strokes, Ma’am.”

The final stroke came with a melodic swoosh and crack, just above where the inflated balloon protruded from my bottomhole.  It was the hardest of all, and I began sobbing afresh.  My poor bottom felt as if it were on fire, not to mention full and churning.  It was with great difficulty that I remembered to say, “That -that was si-six strokes, Ma’am.  Th-thank you, Ma’am.”

“You are most welcome!  Not bad for your first caning, Penny,” Miss Withers said, “though in the future, I may impose extra strokes for making excessive noise.  A good caning is supposed to be borne in silence, Penny, with a stiff upper lip.”  Julie continued to hold me fast.  Miss Withers said to her, “Julie, please assist Penny to the lavatory so she can release her final enema.  When she is cleaned up, you may apply ointment to her bottom and thighs.  I have a bit of paper work to deal with before we send Penny on to the Dean of Girls.”

“Yes, Nurse Withers,” Julie chirped, and she favored me with her bight smile.  “Come on, sweetie - time to get rid of that enema!”  Julie helped me up and into the bathroom for the last time.  I heard the hiss of air as the first balloon was deflated.  Julie had me positioned and ready over the toilet.  Then, I felt the second balloon, the one inside me, deflate.  No sooner did Julie have it out of me than I sat on the commode, heedless of my freshly-caned bottom and thighs.  I moaned as the water gushed from my strained bowels in a torrent and the pain from the cane strokes sang through me.

I sat there a long while, feeling the water emerge in little spurts.  It felt so good to empty…and yet, part of me looked forward to being filled again.  My introduction to enemas had been a difficult one, and yet, I now knew that I wanted enemas to be a part of my life from now on.  I reflected on the caning, as well.  Yes, it had hurt, and the weals from my caning were still fresh and sore, but I felt fresh and clean and renewed.

“All finished,” Julie said.  I had not even noticed her standing there, patiently waiting.  I remembered how terribly embarrassed I had been, not more than a hour before, when she and Nurse Withers has watched me expelling that very first enema.  Now, it seemed normal and natural that one of them should be there,

I nodded in reply and said, “I think so.”

“Well, let’s clean you up, then and get some ointment on those welts.  I can imagine how sore you are, sweetie.”

“Are-are YOU sore, Julie?”

She nodded.  “Oh, yes, indeedy, but then that’s what I get for mouthing off in front of the nurse.”

“Does she…does she cane you often?”

Julie laughed.  “Often enough.  And sometimes, not often enough.”  As she talked, she helped me stand up partially and wiped my bottom clean.  “Come on back in here, to the exam table.”  Once again, I was placed face down.  I heard Julie rummaging around behind me.  “Up on your knees, please.”  When I had obeyed, I felt her finger at my bottomhole.  It felt cold and wet.  She swiftly inserted it, rotated it a couple of times, and withdrew.  I felt something large nudging at my anus; whatever it was then slid easily inside me.  I felt a sweet fullness back there, quite different than the enemas, but just as pleasant.

“What’re you doing,” I asked.

“Playing with your bottom,” Julie replied.  “Just a small butt plug.  Now, I want you to lie flat and relax.  I'm about to apply the ointment.”

The salve felt cool and refreshing.  The pain seemed to vanish almost immediately.  As she applied the stuff to my seat, Julie manipulated the plug in my bottom.  It felt incredible- better even than the nurse's fingers or the enema nozzles.  I could feel Julie gently rotating it and sliding it in and out.  I could feel my genitals tingling, and I desperately wanted to slide my hand between my legs and rub.

“Pretty good, huh?” Julie said.  “This is my favorite way to play.”  I moaned a little.  “Baby want to come again?  Well, raise up a little - that’s it!”  She slid her hand between my legs and began to rub.  I bucked hard against her fingers and came almost immediately.  Julie laughed her bell-like laugh and continued to rub as she worked the plug in and out of my anus.  I came again…and again…and again.  Only when I lay limp and panting on the table did Julie cease her ministrations.  I felt relaxed and almost sleepy.

“Thank you, Julie,” I whispered.  “Th-that was…wonderful.”

“The pleasure was mine,” she said with a wink.  She dried my bottom carefully and handed me the basket that contained my clothing.  “Go ahead and dress; gown in the hamper, please.  The nurse will see you in her office.”  I stood slowly.  Before departing, Julie pulled me close and kissed me deeply.  “See you later, sweetie!”

Nurse Withers was seated at her desk when I arrived.  “I trust we have given you something to think about, Penny?”

“Yes, Ma’am.  Thank you, Ma’am.”  There was real respect and deference in my voice now.

Nurse Withers smiled at me, more warmly than before.  She leaned forward and said, “I have been thinking, Penny, and I feel you would benefit greatly from further…treatments.  These would be conducted after school hours, here in my office.  What would you say to that?”

“Yes, Ma’am…that would be…very kind of you.  And-and Julie, of course.”

She gave a short chuckle.  “Oh, yes, indeed, and Julie, of course.”  She scribbled something onto a notepad and handed me the sheet when she was finished.  “Give this to the Dean of Girls, Penny.  You will still receive a paddling, but this will lessen your sentence somewhat.”

“Yes, Ma’am.  Th-thank you, Ma’am.”  I smiled at the nurse, who gently patted my hand.  I took the note and slid it into the pocket of my skirt as I left.

*** *** ***


The paddling I received from the Dean of Girls was painful, though thanks to the nurse's note, I only received ten swats instead of the standard twenty.  My bottom was bared, and the Dean commented appreciatively at Nurse Wither’s handiwork.

My parents were furious, of course.  They refused to listen to my explanation.  Mom alternately cried and scolded.  They grounded me on the spot, for the next month and a half, then sent me to my room to await my father.  Daddy turned me over his knee, pulled down my panties and gave me a very sound spanking with his belt, which was exactly what I had expected.  I think I surprised him when I didn't plead with him not to spank me, which had been my usual response to the prospect of a strapping.

The spanking itself was painful, but not unbearable, and afterward, he held me on his lap (which he hadn’t done for a very ling time) and comforted me, saying that they were only looking out for my welfare.  I told him I understood, thanked him for the spanking and kissed him on the cheek.  He looked startled, but genuinely pleased.

When my parents heard that the nurse wanted to keep me after school once a week for “therapeutic purposes,” they immediately signed the permission slip and cautioned me to “listen to the nurse and do everything she tells you.”  I smiled and reassured them I had every intention of obeying.  I could hardly wait until our next session.  I had the feeling I would be seeing quite a lot of Nurse Withers and Julie before the school year ended.


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