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Rachelle - My Story

By Rachelle Goldsmith Walenberg
I was one of those very unlucky girls who started having her period early in life. I was just over ten years old and had been having a bout of cramps in my lower belly. About half way through my shower a cramp nearly doubled me over. It really hurt and I cried out for my mother. Just before she came rushing into the bathroom I saw some blood in the shower. It was coming from between my legs and I was terrified. Because of my age Mom hadn't told me much about menstrual cycles yet and she was surprised it started so soon. I sat on the potty with the door locked and cried until she returned with a Kotex pad. A long lecture followed about the birds and bees.

Starting the curse at that age is bad enough but every month I would become constipated a few days before my period started. Mom gave me several types of laxatives but they didn't help much. Finally she took me to a doctor. It was just before my eleventh birthday as we sat in Dr. Marsh's office. I was so humiliated listening to them talk about it. "Does she always get constipated before her period?" "Yes, always." "What is the flow like? Light or heavy?" "Moderate to heavy for a girl her age I think." At this point I was in tears and my tummy hurt. Yes, I was constipated and I'd never been so embarrassed in my life which made everything much worse.

Over my protests I soon found myself undressed and wearing a flimsy gown while I sat on an exam table. The room also had a wide padded bench and a toilet. A few minutes later the doctor was pressing and pushing all over my belly and lower back. Mom tried quelling my tears when my legs were put in the stirrups and the gown raised. I knew the doctor could see everything. I squirmed and balled when his fingers touched me and spread me open. Next he probed at my little tushie before putting something hard in my bottom. It hurt and I balled louder before he removed what was probably the smallest rectal speculum in existence.

"Rachelle is indeed badly constipated," he said. "Also, her hymen is very thick and has an exceptionally small opening to release the menstrual fluid. That contributes to the constipation. At the least she needs to be thoroughly cleaned out. The hymen matter will probably correct itself as she matures."

The bottom line was I'd started my period a couple years before the rest of my body developed. In the meantime I was going to be cleaned out - whatever that meant. A couple minutes later I was off the table and shaking like a leaf while sitting on the bench next to Mom.

Dr. Marsh mixed some greenish stuff, I later learned it was soap, in a bowl of warm water. Then he produced what looked like a turkey baster - but wasn't. It was a rectal bulb syringe. I lay over Mom's lap with one leg on the floor while Dr. Marsh sat on a stool. The gown was pulled up and while Mom held me still he spread my little cheeks and pushed a grease-covered finger on my bottom. I clenched up and groaned but his finger went in. "There," he said when his finger came out, "the pipe will go in a lot easier."

Now I knew what was going to happen when he picked up the syringe. A little push and in it went. I felt an odd shiver as it slipped into my rectum. "Take a deep breath," Dr. Marsh said. I did and a moment later I felt a rush of heat in my bottom. Out came the pipe for refilling. When it went in again I got the same shivering sensation and my whole body shuddered. Another surge of warmth when he squeezed the bulb and shot a second load of soapy water into me.

"Mommy!" I wailed. "I have to go!"

"Try to take one more," Dr. Marsh said. He did his best to make it as easy as possible and obviously understood my embarrassment. I appreciated it but it didn't help much at the time.

I felt the pipe going in again. This time the sensation was very strong but pressure was rapidly building and I needed to go. When the warm water shot up into me I gasp, then started wailing that I was about to have an terrible accident. Frantically I sat on the toilet just as it all came gushing out. Humiliated that the doctor and Mom were watching me, I sobbed while I expelled another burst of awful smelling stuff.

After a brief rest Dr. Marsh announced that my rectum was now empty enough to accept an enema. I was on the bench on my knees with my shoulders on a pillow. I felt his finger pushing inside me again to spread the grease then a tube was inserted a couple inches into my rectum. "Just relax," the doctor said. A moment later I felt something inside me getting bigger. It was the retention collar of a Foley catheter. I squirmed and twisted and cried. The delivery hose from a bag of warm saline solution was attached and the clamp opened.

The surge of warm water made my whole body jump. I could feel it going in, warm and somehow soothing. Very soon I felt the pressure building and waves of cramps swept through my belly. I started crying and begged him to stop but the enema continued until I had taken a quart of warm water. The doctor rubbed my tummy and that helped with the cramps but I was forced to hold the enema for several minutes.

I squatted over the toilet while the Foley was removed and an instant later I began expelling another foul smelling load. I moaned and whimpered, mostly from the humiliation at being so exposed, but deep down it felt good every time I let a spurt come out.

Two more enemas that afternoon and the water was nearly clear when it came out. I felt tired as we drove home and later, while I lay on my bed, I couldn't help thinking of what it felt like when I was given the enemas. Aside from the embarrassment, for some reason I didn't yet understand, it felt oddly good.

The next month I was back at the doctor's office for another series of enemas. This time I didn't complain as much. I couldn't say anything but I shivered with pleasure when I felt the bulb pipe and the Foley slipping in. The rush of warm water made my whole body shudder and for some strange reason I seemed to enjoy the feeling of fullness when I took the enemas. Expelling was also nice.

By the time I had seen Dr. Marsh for the fourth time I was actually looking forward to that time of the month knowing I would be given the gentle enemas. I had also discovered mild masturbation of a sort. When I got home and was tucked in bed my hand would drift between my legs. I'd rub my little pubic area that had only peach fuzz hair and send waves of pleasure through my whole body as I thought of the enemas I'd received. I don't remember exactly when I noticed it but I would be wet when I played between my legs.

"I can take the bus to Dr. Marsh so you don't have to come with me if you don't want to," I told Mom. Reluctantly, she agreed.

By now I knew the routine, had stripped and put the little gown on by the time Dr. Marsh came in the room. "We'll do it a little different this time," he said when I was ready for my enema.

Instead of getting a couple bulbs of soapy water I was on the table with my legs in the stirrups and fully exposed. I put my hand over my mouth to muffle the sigh of pleasure while he lubed me and gently inserted the Foley. A bag of soapy water hung from an IV stand by my hips. "Ready?" he asked when it was hooked up. I mumbled 'yes' and a moment later I felt the warmth as the enema flowed up into my bowels. Dr. Marsh began massaging my belly and told me to take deep breaths. I loved the feeling as the warmth spread through me while his hand moved around on my belly.

Slowly the enema filled me. I had taken nearly two quarts and felt like I was going to burst when he clamped the hose. My legs came out of the stirrups but I kept my knees up to ease the pressure. For several minutes I lay there with my eyes closed basking the wonderful feeling of being full. I wondered if he could see how wet I had gotten but I didn't care. That night as I lay in bed reliving my biggest enema my hand drifted between my legs and I rubbed with all my might. Waves of pleasure swept over me, building in intensity, as the enema played in my head. It was almost frightening when my first orgasm began to envelope me and I choked back a scream. When I calmed down the sheet was wet beneath my butt.

After a year of monthly visits to Dr. Marsh it was decided I was old enough to give myself an enema if I became constipated. Mom bought me a combo bag and gave me a long lecture on procedure. Of course, I declared the need to continue regular enemas even though I was growing out of the problem. At every opportunity when I was alone in the house I'd gather my bag and head to the bathroom. On good days I'd give myself five or six two quart enemas. I'd lay on my back with my knees up and stroke the nozzle in and out while the warm water flowed in. Before long I used the douche nozzle. The sensation of it slipping deep inside nearly made me cum. When I released the clamp and felt the surge going in I'd stroke the nozzle and rub my little clitoris until I brought on an orgasm. No matter how good it felt I knew it wasn't as good as when someone else administered it with the tender care that Dr. Marsh had shown. At some point I admitted to myself that I had an enema fetish.

After high school I went to college. I needed privacy so I rented a small apartment. My enema fetish continued but of course I told nobody. I dated but never got serious with anyone until I met Clay. As things progressed it became clear I was close to losing my virginity.

Clay and I had a party date one weekend at the lake and he rented a cabin. I prepared by giving myself a soap enema and a rinse before climbing in the tub. Laying there I looked at my bag and before I knew it I had filled it again and eased the douche nozzle all the way in. Nearly submerged in the hot water I took the enema without any feeling of being full. I struggled to my feet, holding the nozzle in, and refilled the bag. For a minute I lay back in the tub before opening the clamp. I could feel the enema rumbling in my bowels, pushing higher than ever before, and closed my eyes. Gradually I felt the pressure building mixed with periodic waves of nausea. Without warning I felt a terrible need to expel and opened my eyes. The bag was flat and I had a gallon of water inside me.

Desperately I pulled the nozzle out and staggered to the toilet. My belly looked terribly swollen and I felt sick. For several minutes I sat but nothing came out. I had to get up and vomit. Just as I tossed my lunch I lost control and spewed enema water all over the floor. Back on the toilet it came out in little spurts while I clutched at my pain wracked belly and cried. Gasping for breath, my sphincter dilated and a torrent of enema water splattered into the toilet. It seemed like I released the enema in quart bursts and when it was over I was so weak I barely made it to my bed. I had long since admitted to myself that for whatever reason I had an enema fetish. Never the less that experience frightened me and I never took more than two quarts again. Luckily, I had several hours to recover before getting dressed.

The party was great. Clay and I went to his cabin and started necking. I thought I was ready and didn't resist when my clothes started coming off. Aside from the doctor he was the first to see me naked even though it was in a dark room. Clay was in more of a rush than I was but I only put up mild resistance when he rolled between my legs. I wanted to do this but in the back of my mind I remembered Dr. Marsh telling Mom about my thick hymen. When Clay started pushing in it hurt like hell being stretched for the first time. When he pushed against my hymen it felt like my insides were being shoved up.

"Oh God, Clay! Stop! It hurts!" I started crying and begging him not to do it to me. I twisted and kicked and tried to push him off me. Clay muttered something and rammed me hard. It was like a fire ball being jammed between my legs. I felt it rip and the pain was just awful. I screamed again and again but the pain got worse as he pushed in deeper. I became frantic and couldn't breath when he pushed in hard again. It felt like his shaft was lodged in my belly and I was pinned to the bed. Every movement brought another burst of searing pain as he began pumping in and out. For a while I struggled, thrashing under him, begging him to stop, but in the end I just lay there crying until it was over.

When I turned on the light I was horrified. There was blood all over the sheet, blood on my legs and butt. I curled up in a ball and felt a trickle of warm blood run over my leg. Clay took me home and we never saw each other again.

In time I had sex again. Howard was patient with me after I told him how scared I was. It was okay the first time with him and quickly got better. Soon we were having sex regularly and I thought I was in love. What I really wanted was for him to give me an enema before we made love.

We were laying in bed at my apartment one evening. Candle light flickered around my room and it was getting really hot. "Howard, wait a minute," I murmured softly. "I want you to do something first."

He had his hand between my legs, driving my clit wild, and had been sucking my nipple. "Sure, Rach. What is it?"

"Give me an enema."

There was utter silence. "Do what?"

"I want you to give me an enema. Please, Howard."

Stunned, he looked down at me like I was a nut case. "An enema! Jeeze, Rach!"

"But will you? I love getting an enema. It feels so good and makes me horny. Then we can screw all night." I looked up at him hopefully. "Will you Howie...please?"

More silence. Howard was trying to recover from my shocking request. Finally, he shook his head. "Shit no! I'm not giving you an enema. For Christ sake, Rach. You must be off your rocker." For a moment he just looked at me, shaking his head. "Rach, that's just plain sick!"

Howard's erection wilted in a fraction of a second. Without speaking he got dressed and left. For a while I lay there alone dealing with his rejection and my frustration. A bit later I put on some soft music, filled my bag with warm water and hung it from a hook on my poster bed. For several minutes I fingered my clit and rolled my swollen nipples before slowly slipping the douche nozzle just a little way in. My nipples ached as I rolled them while teasing myself with the nozzle until it was finally buried deep in my rectum.

I closed my eyes and tried to imagine being cradled in my lover's arms while the warmth spread through me. I just knew the sex after would be perfect. When the bag emptied I lay quietly listening to the music until I had to get up.

The candle was nearly burned out when I drifted off to sleep, my juices forming a glaze on my thighs as they dried. It was a fantasy I longed for.

During my college years I developed into a very pretty girl. Not drop-dead beautiful but really pretty. My hair was shoulder length, my boobs were nice and firm and I had a trim slender waist. I exercised a lot and my flattering figure showed it. My butt was an eye catcher, or so some girl friends said. "God, but you've got a great ass," one of them said. "What do you do to make it look so sexy?" Little did she know even if my enema fetish had nothing to do with it.

I graduated from college but after that night with Howard I didn't get serious with anyone without first openly telling them I had an enema fetish. Usually that ended the relationship immediately. I had been working as an assistant marketing director for a few years and was twenty five when I met Ben Walenberg at a trade show. We seemed to hit it off and after a few casual dates it looked promising.

After a great dinner date we ended up in my apartment. A few glasses of wine later it seemed like we were headed for bed. As usual I stopped his further advamces.

"Ben, there's something I have to tell you." I took a deep breath before continuing. "I take great pleasure in being given an enema. If that's offensive to you then we can't go on."

Ben looked at me a moment and kissed me again. "Do you want me to give you an enema?"

A glow of exhilaration swept over me before I kissed him long and hard. "Will you? I'd love it if you did." Ben smiled and nodded his head. I felt giddy with delight when I took his hand and lead him to my bedroom.

We kissed for a few minutes before Ben began undressing me. He was so gentle with me I felt safe and secure when I lay back on the bed while he got everything ready. What I got first was the best back rub I'd ever had. I purred like a kitten as the massage went lower until he was working on my nice tight buns. A shiver of delight swept over me when I felt him spreading my cheeks and rubbing my anus. By the time his finger slipped in I was limp as a rag and I knew my juices were running like a fountain. Ben leaned over my back and kissed my neck. The warmth of his body next to me made me sigh as ever so slowly he inserted the nozzle.

Ben kept me close to him while rolling me on my side and swinging my leg over his body. It was like being wrapped in a warm blanket as he cuddled me in his arms. I heard the click when the clamp opened and that glorious feeling began. I felt every ounce of warm water going into my rectum and up into my bowels. As if my life depended on it, I clung to him while the warmth spread through me. Ben rotated and stroked the nozzle while I filled.

"Ohhhh, Ben, it feels soooo good," was all I could say. This was like heaven to me.

"I'm giving you a little soap," he whispered. "After you rest I'll give you a rinse if you'd like." I could only mumble how good that would be.

I wanted it to last forever but all too soon I had taken two quarts of warm soapy water. Ben left the nozzle fully implanted and held me close. I could feel his erection pressing on my belly and desperately wanted to feel him inside me. After I expelled we lay snuggled together before he rinsed and refilled the bag.

He was so gentle and smooth and loving while I took the second enema laying on my back. Ben hugged me, suckled at my burning nipples and tormented my throbbing clit until I was nearly screaming.

"Oh God, Ben! I'm going to cum!" I cried as my orgasm came welling up.

"Let it happen," he whispered and held me tight.

"Ben!" I shrieked. "I'm...I'm coming!"

Boy did I cum! Tears of joy ran down my cheeks when I came down, still cradled in his arms. I could have held the enema longer but I wanted Ben deep inside me.

For the next few hours I did everything a woman can do for a man. Ben seemed to know every button I had and he pushed them over and over. I had never had so many orgasms in my life. Sometimes you can't feel it but when he shot me full of sperm and semen I felt it big time. My vagina fluttered and spasmed as it clutched at him pulling him ever deeper into my writhing body. I'd never been much at oral sex and had never let anyone cum in my mouth. But I wanted to give Ben every pleasure possible and put my heart into it. In spite of my effort I choked and gagged when he shot it down my throat. I was embarrassed and promised to do better. Totally satisfied, we fell asleep in each other's arms.

We were in love. Ben catered to my every need and want and I became a more proficient lover. There was nothing I wouldn't do for him. For the next eight months Ben administered all my enemas. He made up little variations that never failed to send me reeling into a climax that left me quivering. The sex after getting an enema from him was so intense I can't describe it. We alternated between apartments since both had enema equipment for me. And, of course I was on the pill.

It was the night of my birthday and we spent a wonderful evening together. Ben told me he had a surprise for me but I had to wait. When he finally called me to his bedroom I found it lit with candles and my favorite music softly playing. He even had fresh flowers in the room. It was the most romantic setting I could imagine. I was in such a hurry I nearly tore my clothes off and lay on the bed anxious to make love with him.

I got one of his special back rubs for openers and then found myself on my knees hugging a pillow. "Keep your eyes closed," he told me and I did. Something was pressing on my anus and then slowly slipping inside me. My whole body shuddered as it went deeper than any nozzle I'd ever used. Like a snake it kept worming its way into my hungry bowels until I thought it was in my stomach. I was gasping for breath and panting hard. Whatever he had put in me was a little uncomfortable but didn't really hurt. "Try to relax. You're almost ready," he whispered. Suddenly something was swelling up in my rectum and I groaned. Now I knew Ben had put a big colon catheter in me with a retention collar.

I was shaking like a leaf when he rolled me on my back and told me to open my eyes. Hanging above me was a new amber bag that held three quarts of hot water - not warm, hot. Ben kissed me and opened the clamp. The first thing I felt was the tube heating up followed by a burst of heat deep in my belly.

My whole body jerked and I gasp. "Oh God, Ben. Its so hot!"

It was almost frightening but at the same time utterly wonderful. I felt the enema going up and coming down at the same time. Ben kissed me, rubbed my tummy, sucked my nipples and devoured everything between my legs. I was crying when my first climax hit like a ton of bricks but the hot enema continued. My body writhed out of control, twisting and turning on the bed while everything inside me got hotter and hotter. I thought my insides were being cooked when Ben sucked hard on my clit driving me into another climax.

"Please Ben...no more. I can't take it. It's too hot," I wailed even though I knew the collar would keep it inside.

My belly was swollen when then bag was finally empty. Ben disconnected the bag hose but kept the catheter clamped and the collar inflated. Kneeling between my legs he kissed up my thighs and over my belly, then took a nipple in his mouth. I screamed as he suckled me.

His rock hard shaft touched my vagina. I thought I'd die as he slowly penetrated me and another orgasm swept over me. With ever increasing force he pounded into me. Every thrust sent a pressure wave bouncing back and forth and I felt the hot water sloshing in my bowels. The repeated orgasms had sapped my strength and I was swimming in a mixture of agony and sexual tension unlike anything I had imagined.

Ben reached under my legs and pulled then up on his shoulders. With my legs locked on his shoulders he leaned forward forcing my knees level with my head. I was folded doubled and my vagina was straight up making a perfect target for him. I started screaming from the increased pressure. Filled with hot water and folded as I was, my cervix was being pushed down into my vagina. With a sudden thrust he drove into my cervix so hard it took my breath away. Several times he pounded the sensitive nubbin while I screamed then held me pinned under his weight. An instant later I felt the first burst of his semen shoot through my cervix and into my uterus. It was hot - burning hot. I shrieked as another scalding burst went in and then another and another. I felt a burning sensation in my uterus and it felt bloated like just before my period. I couldn't breath. It was as if I was being smothered in the blanket of his loving body when I climaxed harder than I knew possible. An instant later I passed out.

When the world came back I was cradled in his arms, gasping for breath. Ben picked me up and carried me to the toilet. My belly looked grossly swollen and the three quarts of hot water that churned inside me had become painful. He had to steady me as I bent over to let him release the collar. It was the strangest sensation when he pulled the two foot long catheter out. I sat on the toilet with my arms around his neck and my head on his shoulder. He held me as I gradually evacuated an enema to end all.

Ben carried me back to the bed. My thighs were caked with his semen and my juices. I was too weak to move and just lay there basking in an incredible glow while he cleaned me. I was sore from the pounding on my cervix, the bloated feeling in my uterus from so much semen that had been pumped in and retaining the hot enema so long. But it was a bitter sweet pain that I loved.

"I could feel it going in," I whispered as I snuggled close to him. "You shot it straight into my womb. It was so hot and it burned going in." Ben held me close and kissed me. "I can still feel it inside me...so full," I murmured and drifted off to sleep in his arms.

While I slept his semen drained out of my uterus and trickled out of my vagina to form a chalky film on my thigh. When I awoke I was still in his arms and felt more loved than anytime in my life.

That wonderful night Ben put more than a hot enema in me. The pill isn't one-hundred percent and I was pregnant. He'd pumped enough sperm straight into my uterus that night to keep me pregnant for years. To this day I can close my eyes and remember how it felt burning through my cervix and into my womb. Actually, I didn't mind at all. In fact I was delighted to have him knock me up and to carry our baby. We married right away and lived in bliss as my pregnancy progressed.

I had a frank discussion with my doctor about sex and my enema fetish while being pregnant.  Sex could be normal with whatever position was comfortable until early in my eighth month. He advised I should limit enemas at the same time to once a week, just use warm water and take not more than two quarts. I'd be given a routine enema at the hospital prior to delivery but if I wanted Ben to treat me when I started labor it would be okay. I was the happiest woman in the world - in love and totally loved in return and I was going to have our baby.

It was just into my seventh month and I was fixing a special dinner with a romantic setting. The anticipation of being in bed with Ben while he gave me an enema and the wonderful sex after was making my panties wet. My revere was shattered by the phone call from the police. Ben had suffered a massive heart attack and died enroute to the hospital. He would never see our child and I would never replace the love I felt with him.

Mary Beth, now six, is the light of my life and the living memory of the best night of my life.

"Mommy." "What is it Mary Beth?" "My tummy hurts." "Come here sweetheart and let me see. Hmmm, your tummy feels tight. Did you go number two today?" "No, I couldn't. Yesterday either." "Come with me darling. Mommy will fix it for you."

I lead my daughter upstairs to the bathroom. For the first time in her life she was constipated. Probably too many treats at Grandma's house. She's never had an enema before. I'll give her a couple bulb fulls with a child's syringe and she'll be as good as new again. I hope she isn't afraid and maybe comes to even enjoy it later...just a little maybe.

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