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Slave’s Punishment

Author : Kittendarling

Curling up against the radiator she was handcuffed to, Slave whimpered as she heard him moving around in the bathroom. The handcuffs were digging into her wrists as she huddled against the heat register she was cuffed to. She knew this was going to be a hard session. When she had walked into the house, Master had grabbed her and cuffed her. Not a word was said. He then left her to begin his task of punishing her. Left her to hear his preparations and to wonder what he was intending to do to her. Sweat broke out over her body. She was truly scared. Scared and excited at the same time. Games with her Master always made her feel like that.

A noise made her look toward the bathroom. Master was headed toward her carrying the large 4 qt enema bag, filled to the brim. He hung it on the bar set into the wall next to her and wrapped the hose around it. As he walked back toward the bathroom, Slave looked at the bag. Steam was rising from the opening on the top of the bag. She shivered with both trepidation and excitement. Hearing Master return, she looked in his direction. With a big grin on his face, he was carrying a turkey baster in his one gloved hand and a bottle of Ivory Liquid in the other. Several towels were draped over his arm.

He carefully placed the items on the floor next to her and spread out the towels. Pointing to the towels he commanded, "On you knees, Slave!" She got on all fours on the towels, her legs quivering, her belly going into knots. He pushed her shoulders down roughly. "Keep your ass high, Slave! I don’t want any flack from you! If I hear one sound coming from your mouth, your punishment will be all the more worse!"

Slave remained motionless as Master began his preparations for his game. Her heart pounded in her chest and her body shook. She didn’t know what he was doing but she knew he was beginning her punishment. Master had opened the bottle of Ivory and dipped the turkey baster inside. He watched her as the thick, creamy Ivory filled the baster. Her discomfort was exciting him. He could feel the stirrings in his groin.

When the liquid had reached the 1 ounce mark, Master pulled the baster from the bottle. He carefully set the bottle on the floor and stood on his knees at Slave’s ass. Using no lubrication, he pushed the tip of the turkey baster inside of her hole. She gasped as she felt the rough tip push past her tight ass muscle. Master slapped her ass hard with his bare hand. "Quiet, Slave!" he commanded. Slave bit her lips as she began to feel the burning of the soap as Master slowly squeezed the bulb and started to release the liquid into her ass. The liquid burned the sides of her as it slowly slid deep into her bowels. Master pushed the baster deeper into her as he slowly released the liquid. He could tell she was feeling the burning as he watched her legs shake and heard her labored breathing. He smiled and slapped her ass again, hard. She jumped beneath him and let out a whimper.

He roughly pushed the baster deep into her and squeezed the bulb with all his force. "Take that for making noise, Slave!" He roughly pulled the baster from her and inserted a large non- lubricated dildo nozzle roughly to the hilt into her ass. She cried out with his rough treatment, sweat began to break out over her body. Master held the nozzle in her ass without turning on the water flow. He wanted her to feel the burning of the last of the liquid as it wound its way through her colon, coating the sides.

Slave could feel the liquid soap creeping deep into her bowels. She could feel the burning from her hole all along the path of the liquid’s travels. With the insertion of the nozzle, Slave felt the sharp pain then the fullness of the dildo’s travels. She held her breath and gritted her teeth. The pain traveled through her body quickly. Her breathing deepened but she held her mouth closed, biting on her lips. Tears welled in her eyes. Master was being very wicked tonight for sure.

Master changed the rung the enema bag was hanging on. He hung it high for a faster flow. He was going to punish Slave for making noise when he told her not to. She was going to be taught a lesson tonight. Chuckling to himself, he closed his hand over the clamp and opened the flow.

She braced herself as she heard the click of the clamp. The hot water rushed into her causing her to stop breathing for a few seconds. Mixing with the soap along the sides of her colon, the water rushed into her inner depths, creating a thick mixture of hot water and thick soap. Slave could feel herself filling fast. Cramps began to form in her belly. Tears fell from her eyes and began to collect on the floor beneath her face. The bag emptied quickly into her. She heard the click of the clamp as Master closed it. Her insides churned and bubbled in her. The cramps increased in intensity. Slave’s mind kept saying. Please, please, please. She didn’t make a sound.

Master sat on his knees behind her. He knew she was having problems and he liked that. He pulled the nozzle from her quickly, smacking her ass hard. She flinched but held her cheeks shut. "And don’t lose a drop, Slave or you’ll have to deal with a worse punishment!" He slapped her ass again, making her flinch and almost losing the enemas churning inside of her.

Please, please, please, her mind kept repeating over and over. Her stomach was cramping badly. Her legs were tense and shaking. She knew she had to hold the water, the consequences were not what she wanted to deal with, especially since Master was in one of his moods tonight. She gritted her teeth and bore down to help hold the enema inside. She started to rock her body but Master slapped her hard across her ass and she stopped. Please, please, please, she kept repeating. Sweat poured off her. The cramping was intense. He made her hold the water for a full ten minutes before he pushed the bedpan under her.

"Release now, Slave!" he commanded her. She looked around and saw the bedpan. She began to panic. Master noticed her panicking and laughed loudly. "I said expel in the bedpan, woman!!" Slave squatted over the bedpan, the cramps and desire to expel was too great for her to be embarrassed. Master stood in front of her while she expelled. He positioned his cock at her mouth and commanded, "Suck it, Slave!"

She took his cock in her mouth and he began to push it in and out, deeper and deeper down her throat. She almost gagged a few times. She had no control over his movements, she needed her hands to balance herself over the bedpan. The water was gushing from her in sudden bursts. She shook and sweat broke out over her body more as her cramps intensified with the pushing out of the water deep in her bowels. Master grabbed her hair and forced her mouth to take his cock even deeper. Tears welled in her eyes as he pulled her hair. Her arms waved as she kept her balance.

Suddenly, Master pulled her to him and thrusted deep in her throat. He cried out and grunting, released his thick hot cum down her throat. He pushed himself into her harder and harder. Slave couldn’t swallow his cum fast enough and it spilled over her lips and ran down her chin, dripping onto her breasts. She almost fell into the bedpan with his final thrust. The tears soaked her face. It was finally over. Master left her to finish expelling and went into the bathroom with the enema bag.

Master wasn’t in the bathroom for long. He emerged carrying the 4 qt enema bag, but it was empty. He hung it on the middle rung by Slave. She was finished expelling but couldn’t move. She needed his help, since she was still cuffed to the heat register. Master attached the double inflatable nozzle nozzle to the hose. Her eyes pleaded with him as he looked at her. "Finished, Slave?" he asked. She nodded and he went back to the bathroom.

A few minutes later, Master came over to her carrying toilet paper and a wash cloth. He helped her get on all fours and he cleaned her, roughly but good. Her legs were tight from being in a crouched position for so long. When Master had finished cleaning her, she relaxed against the radiator again. Wondering what was next, she watched him walk from the room and head down the hall. Her eyes looked toward the empty enema bag on the wall. A chill ran through her. Sounds were coming from the kitchen as Master prepared the next phase of her punishment.

Returning to the room, Master carried a towel. Slave watched him come over to her. He crouched down next to her. "Lay on your back, Slave." She laid on her back, still handcuffed. The cuffs bit into her wrists as he helped her get into the position he wanted her to be in. She laid there with her arms stretched above her head. Her arm muscles were stretched to their limit. Master released the shackles hung on the wall. They were attached to large hooks in the ceiling. He took her ankles and shackled them, then raised the chains so that she was resting mostly on her shoulders, her legs wide apart.

He opened the towel and withdrew a long cylindrical shaped piece of ice. Slave could see it from between her legs. It was thick and about 6 inches long. She stifled a moan. She knew what he was going to do with it. As he crouched at her ass, she watched him from between her legs. His grin was wicked as he placed the ice at her ass hole. The coldness made her hole go numb almost instantly. She felt the numbness spreading inside her as Master slowly inserted the ice into her ass. She could barely move, she was stretched out so far. He slid the ice into her so slowly, his grin getting bigger and bigger at her discomfort.

Then he slowly withdrew the log of ice. He held it up for her to see how much of it had melted inside of her. She could feel the melted coldness traveling deep into her rectum. It caused numbness as it went. And a pain that accompanied the numbness, a pain that brought tears to her eyes again. Almost gleefully, he inserted the ice into her ass again, slowly pushing it all the way in and bring it all the way back out again. He did this for six times before he pushed the full log inside her ass, reaching as far in as he could with his fingers. She felt herself being stretched to the limit as his four fingers pushed their way inside with the ice log. The log kept moving deeper as he pulled his fingers out of her. The numbing pain moved deeper into her. Master stood up and smacked her ass as he turned back toward the hallway. Her breath came in gasps and she whimpered as the ice melted inside her colon. She tried to push the ice out of her but it kept sliding inward. She was angled just right for it.

Master returned carrying a pitcher in his one hand and an ice cube tray in the other. Slave watched him as he poured the water from the pitcher in the enema bag. Then he set down the empty pitcher and began to slide ice cubes into the bag. Slave could see the fog forming on the outside of the bag. Her stomach started to knot. She knew this one was going to be very cold and crampy. She could still feel the ice log melting inside of her, but it was getting better. The water from the log was warming up from her body temperature.

Master lubed the double inflatable nozzle nozzle. Slave could see the lubrication glistening in the light. He knelt down at her ass and inserted the nozzle, blowing up the balloons to their fullest capacity. She felt full already, but not as full as she feared she’d be by the end of this game. His eyes met hers. The wicked grin was back. He moved along side her, touching her body very lightly, tickling her. Her eyes never left his.

Master ran his hands lightly over her stomach. Then he proceeded to move his hands up to her breasts. Lightly passing over her nipples, Master leaned down a kissed her softly on the lips. He grabbed one nipple and squeezed hard during the kiss. Slave pulled away and cried out.

"Shouldn’t have done that, Slave. Now you will pay!" He reached behind her head and pulled out two clothespins. Slave was breathing in gulps, the exciting tremors flowing through her body from his pinch. His games never failed to excite her, and this one was no different. She could feel her juices beginning to flow from her pussy. She tried to will herself to not get excited. The last thing she wanted him to know was that his game was beginning to make her horny.

Master took a clothespin and clamped it on her nipple. Slave gasped at the pain and pleasure she was receiving. His hand reached out for the hose and released the clamp. The icy cold water began to flow into her. She cried out at the feel of it. This was the coldest she had ever felt it. It flowed through the nozzle and down deep into her colon. She closed her eyes as she felt the coldness spreading through her body. Master reached out for one of the clothespins and began to twist it around, pulling her nipple with it. Slave cried out more. Tears welled in her eyes and ran down the sides of her face. He alternated from one nipple to the next.

The coldness began to make her shiver as her body temperature lowered. She began to shake and moan. Her flesh started to get goosebumps. Cramps began to wrack her body. Her nipples were on fire, but still her excitement grew.

Master noticed her shivering. He twisted both clothespins and asked, "Are you cold, Slave?"

"Nnnnooooo," she answered, her teeth chattering. "No, Master."

Master noticed the enema was almost all inside her ass. He reached out and closed the clamp. He didn’t want anything to happen to his Slave. He still had some more punishment to give her. His hand slapped her ass hard. He twisted the clothespins while he roughly kissed her swollen belly. He pressed against it and heard her moans. She was cramping and his pressure made her want to push the coldness from her ass. But she dared not. Master wouldn’t want it that way. It was his choice what she did. All she could do was obey him.

Finally, he pulled the clean bedpan toward her again and she squatted over it. He deflated the balloons and pulled the nozzle from her ass. With it came the icy water her body couldn’t warm. She shivered and shook as the water flowed from her bowels. Master twisted the clothespins around and around while she expelled. Her shivering subsided as the cold water exited her body. The warmth of her excitement began to spread through her.

Slave did as she was told as Master cleaned her again. She wasn’t sure what his plan was next, but she did know she was looking forward to it this time. She sat on the floor as he walked back into the room and sat across from her.

"Cum for me, Slave. I want to watch you cum for me." The wicked grin was still on his face.

Master uncuffed her from the radiator but kept her hands cuffed together. Slave moved her hands between her legs. She spread her legs so Master could see her pussy.

"Wider, Slave!" he commanded. She pulled her legs apart more. "I said wider!" he yelled. She pulled them apart as far as she could. Master moved in front of her and pulled them apart more. Slave felt a shooting pain travel through her crotch. She winced and Master grabbed her legs. "I guess you need some help, Slave." He pulled down the shackles from the wall again and attached them to her feet. He pulled the chains apart so her legs would be very wide.

He sat back down in front of her and commanded, "Now cum for me, Slave!"

Her hands found her own moistness and her fingers began to slide in and out of her pussy. She moaned at the feel. She pushed more fingers in and out until she was putting four fingers inside herself. Master had a raging hard on as he watched her. His hands moved to his cock and lightly touched himself. Slave was moaning with her eyes closed, he always liked it when she did that. It told him that she was enjoying herself. But tonight he decided to punish her for her enjoyment. The wicked smile returned to his face.

Slave’s breath was coming in gasps and she moved her fingers to her clit. Her loud moan caught Master’s attention. Loudly, he commanded, "Stop!" Slave jumped at the sound of his voice. Her hands flew away from her body, which was aching for release. Master stood in front of her. She could see the pre-cum glistening on the head of his cock. Releasing the shackles from the wall, he commanded, "On all fours, Slave!"

She did as she was told. She could see the wicked smile on his face was back. She shuddered as she felt his hands on her hips and the head of his cock at her ass hole. Gritting her teeth, she felt his enlarged cock shove its way quickly into her ass and deep into her bowels. Master cried out at the tightness of her ass. He pushed with all his might deep into her. Her ass closed tightly around his big cock, the friction causing a tingling in his balls.

He pulled his cock all the way out from her ass hole. He heard the tiny "pop" it made. Slave gasped. Her ass hole felt stretched to its limit and then it was empty. She felt his cock push its was back into her, jabbing deep into her. She cried out from the twinges of pain she felt at the dryness of his invading cock. Then she was empty again.

Master was grunting as he pulled his cock quickly in and out of her ass hole. With each inward thrust, Master pulled her ass cheeks further apart. He could see her ass hole bulging as he thrust his cock back into her. Her tightness felt good, so good that he kept increasing his speed with his thrusting. Faster and faster he went. He could feel his balls tightening. He felt the wave of his orgasm cresting and he pulled her ass cheeks further apart and thrusted into her with all his might. He ground his cock into her as his hot cum poured from his cock and ran deep into her ass.

Slave felt his cum running deep into her. Her ass felt bruised and sore. When he pulled himself from her for the final time, Master slapped her ass cheek very hard. "Good, Slave! You deserve something special for being so good tonight."

He stood up and Slave watched him walk to the bathroom. He shut the door behind him and she sat curled up on the floor. She was tired and sore. He had never been so brutal with her before, but she liked it. She desired more but dared not ask. Master didn’t like her to ask for anything. She was just to take everything he gave her. Slave closed her eyes and remembered his touch and the feel of everything he had done to her. And he had told her she was a good Slave. That made her heart beat faster. She only lived to please her Master.

The opening of the bathroom door pulled her from her thoughts. She watched him walk over to her. Crouching in front of her, Master uncuffed her wrists. He lovingly rubbed them between his hands and kissed her palms. Her ankles were next, his hands rubbed them. Pulling her to her feet, Master hugged her and picked her up in his arms. Her arms circled his neck. He kissed her lips softly. "You are my beautiful Slave." His smile showed her how much he loved her. The wicked smile no longer existed.

He carried her to the bathroom and to the steaming tub full of bubbles. Slave smiled in delight. Setting her down beside the tub, Master tested the temperature of the water with his hand. Satisfied, he helped Slave enter the large tub and sink into it’s depths. She lay there, relaxing in the hot water, bubbles surrounding her. The water was soothing her aching body parts. Slave laid back on the air pillow Master put under her head and closed her eyes. After a ten minute soak, Master pulled a sponge out and began to wipe Slave down, pampering her, telling her what a good Slave she had been. The achiness was leaving her body. She was feeling very good and relaxed, loving every minute of the pampering.

She felt his lips touch hers and she responded to him. Their arms circled each other as their kiss intensified. Taking a risk, Slave pulled him closer to her and the water. To her surprise, Master responded and slid into the tub with her, causing waves of water and bubbles to spill onto the bathroom floor. Their kisses became passionate, long, and bruising. Master pulled at her hair as he climbed on top of her. Slave could feel his hardness pressing against her. She moaned beneath him and spread her legs for him. He slipped inside her slowly.

Master was very pleased and wanted to reward her for being good for him tonight. He knew she wanted him and her goodness had made him desire her immensely. This didn’t happen all the time and he was in the mood to please her for a change. The feel of her wet pussy surrounded by bubbles made his cock throb. He slowly moved in and out of her, touching her face and kissing her neck. Slave responded beneath him, wrapping her legs around him and moving her hips to meet his slow thrusts.

Passion filled them. They kissed and embraced and slowly moved against one another for a long time. The water cooled but neither took notice of that. They were one being, melting into each other with ease. Slave approached orgasm and Master began to move faster into her. Slave rode wave after wave of orgasm as Master increased his speed. He was holding back. He wanted his reward to be great for her. Finally, he couldn’t hold back any more and they rode the crest of an intense orgasm together. Their nails dug into each other, their kisses bruised their lips, and they held each other tight.

When the last of their orgasmic shudders had passed, they climbed out of the tub and Slave dried Master off before drying herself. Master picked up his Slave and carried her to the bed. She was almost asleep in his arms. He decided to let her sleep and clean up the mess in the morning. He tucked her into bed and climbed in next to her, taking her into his arms. After all, she had been the perfect Slave tonight.

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