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Sorority Enema

by Julie

When I turned 18 just after graduating from high school, I was always tense and nervous because of the unknown I was facing with college just around the corner. As a result, I was constantly constipated. At first, my mother used laxatives, but they were inconvenient and unpredictable. She started giving me enemas instead. I was embarrassed about these because I had to admit to myself that they felt good. I'm not sure if it was because I was still a virgin and had the secret desire to be penetrated in any hole or if it was just the feeling.

Anyway, when Mom would apply some lubricant to my little pink butthole, I would feel a tingling all through my pussy. She used a bulb type syringe for the enemas, and when I felt her place the tube at my sphincter, my excitement grew even more. Then when she finally inserted the tube into my butt, I got a strong throbbing sensation in my cunt, which was the hardening of my clitoris. As soon as my bowels were loosened and I was passing the hard packed shit that had caused the problem, these feelings went away. The entire summer passed that way, with Mom giving me an enema about every three to four days. I didn't think too much about it when I got to college and the constipation stopped.

I attended a small college where most of the social life was centered around the fraternities and sororities. When a girl enters a sorority, she goes through what is called a "rush." This lets the sisters decide who they want to join them. There is a final initiation that all pledges must go through to become sorority sisters. The sorority that I pledged had girls who were a little more worldly than others on campus.

For the final initiation, there were five girls and our pledge master, Betty. We gathered in a small room, where Betty had a very old initiation in store for us. "Girls, when you come into our sorority, you have to leave part of your old self behind. So, to make sure of that, you're all going to get an enema!" Well, the other pledges all kind of freaked at this, but I immediately remembered the enemas my mom had been giving me, and the mention of the word enema caused a tingle in my pussy. Betty was trying to embarrass us, but since I had been through it before, I knew I could do it now. This sounded like a fun sorority.

Not only would we each get an enema, but all the girls had to be present and help give them. Betty asked for a volunteer to go first, thinking that she would have to paddle someone when no one volunteered and the girl she selected tried to back out of it. But, I stepped forward and said that I would go first. I could tell that Betty was shocked, but she didn't waste any time.

She told me to strip down and lie on the table in the room. As I did this, she opened a bag and took out an enema bag, hose, and nozzle. she sent one girl to go fill the bag with hot water, and when the girl returned, Betty squirted some liquid soap into it and shook it. she attached the hose and nozzle to the bag and hung the bag from a nail on the wall. To add to my embarrassment, Betty made me lie on my back with my legs drawn up so that my cunt, which was becoming extremely wet by now, was fully exposed.

I couldn't tell if she saw my wet cunt and hard clit or not because she didn't say anything about it. As she applied the Vaseline to the nozzle, which was a large black rubber fluted douche nozzle, she said, "You're going to like this honey." Then she put a gob of lubricant on her index finger and smeared some on my asshole, pausing to push her finger in all the way to the hilt and fuck it back and forth for about two minutes. I could hardly keep from hunching against her hand because of the feeling I was having.

Then she put the nozzle against my puckered little tingling hole and rammed its entire six inches into me. I let out a moan, which the other girls must have thought was pain. But that was not why I had moaned. I had never had this kind of an enema before. When Betty released the clamp the feeling was different from having a small amount of enema pumped into me. This enema continued to flow as it filled me.

Betty squeezed the bag a few times which caused the solution to rocket into me, causing me to moan even louder. She told me to breathe deeply as the two soapy quarts of enema flowed relentlessly into my bowels. The deep breathing added to my excitement. I felt like I was being fucked in the ass by a bag of water. It was like having a giant wet dick shoved all the way up into my deepest bowels. I wanted to rub my cunt. The biggest surprise was when Betty put the palm of her hand on my quivering pussy lips and pressed down, saying, "Here, this will help you take it all."

Betty continued to press with her hand until all of the enema was in me. I felt like I would come at any moment. As soon as Betty pulled the long shitty nozzle from my butt, I ran to the bathroom where I was allowed to release the solution in private. I immediately grabbed my snatch and finished what Betty had started as the shitty enema spewed noisily from my butt. I screamed out as I came, which must have really scared the other girls.

I refilled the bag and returned to the room, where I saw the horrified looks of the other girls. There was a very nervous girl lying on the table waiting. Betty greased up the nozzle as I added the soap to the bag and hung it on the wall. By the time we were done, all of the girls except Betty were naked and purged. I think I was the only who got off from the experience.

As we were leaving, Betty took me aside and asked me how I liked it. I confessed that it had turned me on, she promised that we might do it again alone. I couldn't wait.

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