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Sound Soapy Discipline

By Jason Richards

His parents really didn't care what he thought about it... His father had been transferred to the new plant and he was scheduled to start today. The abrupt transfer from Virginia to Indiana had been shocking enough. Jason would start his senior year in August, he had just turned eighteen. He dreaded the thought of having to make all new friends in this far away place. While his parents shopped for a new home, Jason was going to have stay behind for a few weeks.

They had arranged for him to stay with his uncle, but Jason wasn't happy about it. He had only met the man on two occasions at family reunions. On the up side, his uncle had just re-married. His new wife had been at the reunion last year and she was hot - bright blue eyes, silky smooth blonde hair, lightly tanned, and what a body! She was considerably younger than his uncle, though, only twenty-two if he recalled.

"Well, Jason, we'll see you in a few weeks," his father said as he gave him a hug good-bye. "Be good for your Uncle Pete."

As his father headed for the airport, his uncle invited him to sit down and watch some television. He even made him a thick steak for lunch - wow, he could cook! His father couldn't cook an egg if his life depended on it. He was very different from his dad, about ten years older, maybe fifty-five. His hair had begun to gray a bit, but he was in pretty good shape yet. He looked like he might even work out still.

Having watched a bit of television with him, his uncle announced that he wasn't feeling too well and was going to lay down for awhile - and that Aunt Jamie would be home in a couple of hours. With that, Jason got himself  a soda and continued to watch television alone.

As he flipped through the channels looking for a new program to watch, he noticed that they had the Playboy channel. His uncle was surely asleep by now, he thought, it had been almost half an hour. But taking no chances, Jason tiptoed to his uncle's bedroom door and listened to make sure he was fast asleep.

Quietly walking back to the living room, he flipped to Playboy and sat back down to watch. As the beautiful girls frolicked topless on the beach one-by-one, Jason soon lost track of time. His hand slipped down the front of his pants and he began slowly stroking his smooth cock. As he watched intently, he began to buck his hips a bit as he continued to play with himself.

Suddenly, the door opened and his Aunt Jamie walked in with a bag of groceries. Jason couldn't move. His Aunt's eyes were wide, her mouth open slightly. As Jason regained his senses, he slipped his hand out of his pants as quickly as he could. "What are you doing?" she asked, as she to regained her composure.

"Nothing. Nothing. Just watching TV," Jason insisted.

"And what exactly is that your watching?" she asked, as she glanced at the television.

Jason quickly grabbed the remote and changed the channel, but it was of course too late.

"Jason, where's your uncle?" she demanded.

"Um, in the bedroom, taking a nap."

With that response, she quickly walked out of the room. Jason hoped she went to put the groceries away, but a few minutes later, he found out that he would have no such luck.

As his uncle came in, he didn't look happy. "Jason, what exactly were you doing in here while I was asleep?"

"Nothing, sir, nothing."

"According to your Aunt, that is far from the truth, young man. What's more, I understand you were watching Playboy or something, as well."

Jason sat silent, half in disbelief, half in fear.

"Well, Jason, your Aunt and I don't believe that masturbating is proper behavior from a man your age. Would you masturbate in front of your parents?"

"No, sir, but..."

"Do you feel that lying is acceptable, then?"

"No, but, sir, I..."


"Sir, I..."

"Jason... your going to have to be disciplined. Now, sit right here with Jamie and I will be back in a few minutes," his uncle directed as he went back off toward the bedroom.

As he sat there, he became very nervous, wondering what his uncle was going to do. Ground him? Surely, he was too old to be spanked. And Jamie was standing over by the television, he surely wouldn't do something like that in front of her, he was too old...

Suddenly, his uncle returned to the doorway holding a thick hardwood paddle in his hands, it was fairly large and had holes drilled in it. As Jason began to grow even more scared, his uncle started, "Jason, in this house, we believe that naughty boys need their naughty bottoms paddled. "

"Please, sir..." Jason began.

"Young man, stand up."

As Jason silently complied, he held his eyes downward so as not to have to look at Jamie standing there watching them.

"Lower your trousers to your ankles, Jason."

"Please, sir..." Jason began to protest, "...please, not in front of her..."

"Young man, do as I say right now, or you will get ten extra swats."

Reluctantly, Jason unfastened his pants and bent over to pull them down.

"Underpants to your knees, Jason."

"Please sir..." Jason began again...

"You've earned yourself ten more, now. Pull them down, now, or perhaps you'd like twenty more?" his uncle asked him.

As Jason placed his fingers into his underwear's waistband, his cheeks turned pink with embarrassment, having to do this in front of Jamie. As he reluctantly pulled his briefs down, his cock flopped out of the front, still a bit hard from his earlier adventure.

His uncle walked up to him, placed the paddle under his cock and lifted it up, rubbing it slightly with the smooth, cold board. "Are you enjoying this, young man?" he asked.

"No, sir," Jason quickly replied, now totally embarrassed in front of his Aunt Jamie.

As he removed the paddle from his cock, he ordered him to bend over, grab hold of his ankles and spread his legs. "Wider," he commanded, "Stick that butt out as far you can."

As Jason complied, his uncle started rubbing, then patting his soft, smooth plump buttocks with the implement. "Now young man, you are going to receive ten swats for each of your lies, and ten extra for not following my instructions. That's thirty. You are to count each swat aloud and not lose count. If you lose count, we will start over. You are to remain in position with your butt sticking out for the entire paddling. If you move your hands, if you don't keep your butt out, if you lose your position in any way, the swat won't count and I will re-administer it. Do you understand me, Jason?"

"Yes, sir."

"All right, then, Jason. Believe it or not, but I'm sorry I have to do this to you, but its for your own good. Perhaps next time you think of lying, you will think of how this paddle feels across your rear end... all right, Jason, brace yourself..."

Uncle Pete stepped back a bit, patting his soft, tender sit spots with the paddle. He drew his arm back for full swing, then brought the board down hard across Jason's creamy peach cheeks.


Again, his uncle patted for aim, and brought the board down hard.




By the tenth swat, Jason was sobbing quietly. He continued to take each swat without moving, but his bottom was burning red, a few small blisters appeared on his previously unblemished flesh, but no bruising... until the thirteenth swat. With that blow, his knees gave out some, and a bruise began to appear on his left cheek.

"Back in position, Jason, we'll have to redo that one."

"Please, sir..." Jason cried, tears beginning to well up in his eyes.

"Back over," his uncle insisted, pushing his shoulders back down.



With the twentieth swat, Jason fell to the ground crying, holding his bottom with his hands. His heretofore smooth cheeks were now covered with raised blisters, two large bruises were visible on his sit spots, and his skin was red as an apple.

"Back up, young man, you only have ten left - after you repeat the last one."

Jason got back up and reassumed position.


"Twenty One..."


Finally, the last swat fell. Tears ran from his cheeks, and his bottom was covered with large, raised blisters. His bottom was so red, the large purple bruises on each of his cheeks were barely visible.

"All right, Jason, now I need you to get up and go to the guest bedroom and remove all of your clothes."

"What? Why sir? I just took my spanking..." Jason stammered.

"That was for lying, Jason, you are now going to be punished for masturbating on my couch and watching those dirty movies here."

"Please, sir, I promise..." Jason begged.

"Go..." his uncle ordered, and Jason went off down the hall to the bedroom. He shut the door and removed all of his clothes, setting them on the dresser. The door opened and his aunt and uncle walked in. They now had full view of his body, including his now shriveled penis.

"I see that paddling has had at least some effect on you, Jason," Pete commented, as he and Jamie looked down at his genitals. Jason quickly moved his hands to cover them.

"Up on the bed, Jason, let's get on with it," his uncle began, "Turn around, on your knees, butt up, face down." His uncle helped put him into knee chest position on the bed, then added, "Now get those legs spread - all the way." As Jason complied, Pete added, "That's a good boy, perfect, I want that bottom fully exposed."

Jason was completely humiliated at this point, he could feel the cool air from the window blowing over his most intimate opening. They must be able to see everything now, he thought. The thought of having such an attractive woman eyeing his nakedness was beginning to bring his cock back to life, when he noticed his uncle beginning to unfasten his thick leather belt from his waist.

"Jason, for watching that movie, your going to get twenty with the belt. Same rules, stay in position and keep that butt out. Understand?"

"Yes," Jason hesitated, as he prepared himself.

"One," he counted, as the thick, rough belt cut into his cheeks.



"Ow! Four!" he yelled, as the fourth landed right between his cheeks on his fully exposed anus.

"That's a good boy, Jason, stay in position, take it like a man."


Jason managed to stay in position until number eighteen. He winced slightly and the belt landed squarely across his balls. And, of course, he jumped high.

"Jason, if you wouldn't move, that wouldn't happen. Now get back in position and count - from eighteen..."



"Twenty!" he cried, as the last one again landed right on his puckered up little hole.

"All right, Jason, stay in position. Jamie will be right back," his uncle instructed. Jason noticed now that Jamie had slipped out of the room at some point.

A few moments later she returned carrying something in her hands that looked like a water pitcher. She sat it down on the dresser and Jason could now see that a bar of white soap was floating on the top. Jamie had a wooden spoon in her other hand and put it into the pitcher, stirring the bar in the steaming water. As she slowly stirred, the water turned milky white and Jason could smell the scent of fresh Ivory soap filling the room. Then, Jason heard his uncle's voice again, "Now, Jason, we have a special punishment for masturbation here. Not only will it sting your behind, but it will also help teach you a little self control. Your going to get a hot, soapy enema, and you are going to hold it in for ten minutes. If you fail to hold it as required, you will get another and another and another until you learn a little control over yourself. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, sir," Jason submitted, "But that's a lot of water, sir."

"Actually Jason, that's four quarts. You only have to take two. But if you don't behave properly, we already have the next two ready," his uncle informed as he held open the top of the red enema bag for Jamie to pour in half of the very soapy solution. Once full, he continued to hold the bag, as Jamie released some air from the line, and a small amount of bubbled water flowed back into the pitcher.

"All right, Jason, its time..." Jamie spoke, as she snapped on a pair of latex gloves. Walking back over to the pitcher of water, she reached in and pulled out the half dissolved bar of soap. She dug her index finger into the softened bar, and then with her middle finger and thumb, smeared the soft soap around the finger. As she walked behind him, Jason buried his face into the bed, and prayed for it just to be over.

"Now, Jason, just relax. I'm going to lubricate you so that the nozzle goes in smoothly. Just relax..." she gently instructed as she slowly rubbed her soapy finger in a circular motion between his cheeks. Then, slowly and firmly she inserted her finger into him and twisted it around slowly. As she removed it, Jason could feel the soap beginning to sting his most intimate parts.

Then, as Jamie took both hands and spread his butt cheeks wide apart, he saw the nozzle his uncle was holding. It looked like a pacifier, a plug of some sort, about two inches in diameter at the widest point. As Jason saw it, he thought of protesting, but instead decided to just bury his head back into the bed.

"Just relax, young man," he heard his uncle instruct, as he felt the invader slowly slide inside of him, stretching his virgin hole uncomfortably past the widest part. As his flesh closed around the monster, Jamie said softly again, "Just relax," as she unclamped the tube.

As the hot, soapy fluid rushed into him, Jason's bottom began to burn from the soap. His shriveled cock began to leak cum, and then began to grow again. He felt Jamie patting his bottom, as she reminded him, "Just relax." Suddenly, Jason began to feel very full. He looked back and saw the bag only half empty. "Oh, god, please..." he whispered.

By the end of the bag, his rectum was burning terribly. Jason had to go to the bathroom bad. He felt the plug being removed from his rear end, and heard his uncle, "Ten Minutes. Jamie set the timer."

As he stayed in position, Jason felt his insides begin to twist and turn. It felt like someone had their hand in his insides twisting them. Beginning to perspire profusely, he began to feel somewhat sick at his stomach as he tried to hold it in. Suddenly, he felt as if he was going to be sick and coughed. Though he tried to hold his hole tight, some water squirted out and, of course, Jamie saw it.

"He didn't hold it," she reported.

"That was only six minutes, Jason," his uncle informed, "Jamie go ahead and get the bedpan, we're going to have to administer another."

Jason was crying again. Not only was he going to have to get yet another enema, but they were going to make him expel in front of them in a bedpan.

Jamie brought the large plastic dish in and set it under Jason's bottom. As she did so, Pete lifted Jason's chest up and positioned him over the pan. "Go ahead, Jason, hurry up."

As wave after wave of cramps gripped his insides, Jason powerfully squirted the soapy solution back out of him into the pan. Jamie was standing behind him and could see, and smell, the whole thing. Jason was mortified.

Finally, as the last sludgy remains escaped him, he felt a damp cloth wipe him clean. "Back in position, Jason," his uncle ordered.

Jamie had already poured the bag full again and was ready. His uncle put the gloves on and picked up the soap bar. He rubbed the bar up and down his butt crack, then slid a couple fingers in and groped around a bit. "All right, Jamie, he's ready," he announced, as he spread his cheeks wide.

Jamie shoved the cold, stainless steel plug up in him again. "Slow down there, honey," Pete told her, "That can really hurt if you don't give his muscles a few seconds to stretch."

"Sorry," Jason heard her apologize, as she let the soapy solution flow again.

As his bottom filled yet again with the stinging solution, Jason began to sob. It burnt twice as bad this time. As the bag drained into him, he could feel his uncle's hands squeezing his buttocks, keeping them spread the whole time so he could see if even a drop dripped out.

Finally, as the last of the solution gurgled into him, his uncle announced that he would be allowed to keep the plug in to help him hold it this time. "Ten Minutes," he re-announced, setting the timer. "Go stand in the corner this time, Jason. Hands on your head."

Jamie followed him to the corner, holding the bag in back of him, with the monster still planted in his backside. As he stood there, he felt very sick. He twisted and turned, holding it in was difficult. On at least one occasion he barely managed to keep from getting sick, as he coughed hard from the soapy sting inside of him.

Finally, Jason heard the buzzer go off, and Pete brought the bed pan back over to him. "Squat down," Jamie instructed, and then removed the nozzle slowly from his burning bottom. As she did, Jason uncontrollably expelled into the pan, coughing, and trying to keep from getting sick the entire time. At this point, he no longer even cared about the embarrassment, he felt so sick.

Once finished, he finally began to feel better. "Bend over the bed, Jason," he heard his uncle's commands once again. Jason complied, and as he did, he felt his uncle grab one of his cheeks and spread him again. "Jason, now I am going to insert this soap stick into your rectum. You are going to stand in the corner and hold it for fifteen minutes. This will help to make sure all of the enema fluid has drained properly. It will also continue to teach you self control." He felt the cold stick enter him, then went to the corner as instructed.

As he stood there, he felt the stick melting inside of him, stinging his already sore hole, terribly. After ten minutes, he thought he couldn't hold it anymore, but as it escaped, he realized it was only air - bubbly air, though, which caused the outside of his orifice to sting now, as well.

Finally, he heard Jamie come back with the bed pan, and he was allowed to relieve himself. After the short, but powerful evacuation, he asked her, "Am I through?"

She shook her head, as Pete walked back in, "Follow me, Jason, your almost through."

Jason followed him into the living room, and through the hall to what appeared to be an office. "Over here," his uncle instructed, and Jason walked over to the desk by which he was standing. "Bend over the desk," he ordered. As Jason did, he felt his uncle lift his hips up a bit and spread his legs wide. Then, he reached up and put Jason's hands onto the other side of the desk and told him to "keep hold." Finally, Jason felt him reach up under him and pull his genitals out behind him, so that they were hanging freely. "Stay in position," he instructed, as he left the room.

While he waited, Jason prayed to himself that it wasn't another paddling.

Then, he heard his Aunt and Uncle walk back in and turned to look to see what they were going to do. "Face forward, young man, " his uncle insisted, and Jason turned back reluctantly.

"Hold this," he heard his uncle say, and heard a slopping type of sound. Then, his uncle walked around in front of him.

He was holding a thick dildo. It had groves and veins in it, and was shaped like the real thing except that this thing was huge. A good two inches in diameter, and about a foot long. Jason noticed that it was lubricated with some white, sticky, wet lotion or something.

"You see this, Jason?"

"Yes, Sir."

"This is going up that naughty bottom of yours, boy. You see this?" he asked indicating the lubricant.

"Yes, Sir."

"That's the rest of that Ivory soap bar," he informed as Jamie walked into view holding a cup of steaming water with the softened soap bar floating inside.

"Now Jason, what I'm about to do is going teach you a good lesson. This is going to sting very badly, but you are to hold still. I'm going to ream your bottom out with this dildo. I'm going to insert it and withdraw it twenty times. You are to count them aloud."

"No, please Sir..."

"Then, I'm going to relube it with more soap, and you are going to count to twenty again."

"Please, Sir, I've learned my lesson..."

"I'm going to repeat this procedure until you've received a hundred."

"I promise I won't..."

"Now, scrubbing your rectum out will make sure you have been thoroughly cleaned out back there. It will also teach you some self control. Jason, you are not allowed to cum, during this punishment. If I see any cum, even a drop, leak out your penis - you will get twenty extra for each occurrence. And if you orgasm, you will wear this for three full days without removing it," his uncle indicated pointing to a large butt plug. It was even bigger than the enema nozzle. "Do you understand me, young man?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir," Jason submitted.

His uncle walked back around in back of him again, he felt hands spreading his cheeks, and another hand pushing on the small of his back, forcing his bottom out all the way.

"Just relax," he heard his uncle instruct, "Be a big boy and take it like a man."

Suddenly, Jason felt a severe cramp as the dildo was pushed deep inside of him. As the pain from the insertion began to fade, it was replace by a steadily increasing burning sensation from the soap being rubbed into his rectum.

He managed to take the first twenty pretty easily. The second set of twenty was a bit more difficult.

As his uncle relubed the dildo for the third set, he felt one of their hands soaping up his cock and balls. As the third set commenced, he felt his genitals being continuously soaped up gently - his cock was growing hard.

And by the end of the fourth set, his bottom was stinging so badly he was crying, but his cock had begun to leak cum, so he earned himself even more.

By the seventh set, Jason had tears flowing down his cheeks and was begging for them to stop. His butt hole burned fiercely as the dildo was rammed all the way in and out of him, over and over. And then, slowly, Jason began to buck his hips up into the stinging dildo, taking it deeper and deeper, and then suddenly his cock spurted forth its sacred nectar.

As Jason breathed deeply, his uncle removed the dildo from his well-punished bottom, and replaced it with the plug which Jason had been promised. "Three days," he reminded him, as Jason walked back to his room to finally put his clothes back on.

Sleeping with the plug, walking with it, the plug in general... it was uncomfortable. But when he awoke the next morning, Jason discovered an early morning erection. He stood up from bed, and went to the mirror. Pulling his underpants down, he admired his hard cock and then turned and looked at the plug firmly planted in his bottom. As he did, he began to stroke himself.

Suddenly, his uncle walked in the bedroom door, "Jason, you up?"

The End

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