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The Apparatus

The doctor found the odd looking machine while she was searching for some misplaced records. How the files had ever ended up where they were, was something that went beyond her comprehension. Not only had she spent the better part of the afternoon looking in the upstairs filing cabinets, and finding nothing; she had then gone through all the obvious places (waste baskets included), before finally remembering that a consignment of old office furniture and fixings had been taken down to the storage basement the same day.

By the time she thought of looking in the underground level, it was already long after hours so she would have to go herself, if she wanted to complete her work for the day. Vowing that an explanation would be due her tomorrow, she retrieved the appropriate set of keys and took the elevator to the lowest level of the facility. Above her in the wards there were several nurses on duty, attending the clinics patients through the night, but in the cellar the doctor was all alone.

She searched through several storage rooms before finally chancing upon the moved effects. Much to her vexation, and ultimately to her relief, she found the missing files in the drawer of a desk. Next to the desk were several cardboard boxes and just to make sure that nothing else of importance had been moved down to the basement by accident, the doctor opened them and inspected the contents.

One contained various books, manuals and technical volumes, all obviously old and out of date. Glancing briefly through one, she guessed it to be from the early days of the century, though what the clinic would ever be doing with such antiquated textbooks was beyond her.

The other larger box contained an odd looking apparatus constructed of a cast iron base plate, a metal canister, two glass containers and rubber tubing and various valves, nozzles and gauges. She did not immediately recognize the device or it's intended function, but there was something about it's look and build that attracted her attention. The more she looked at it in the weak cellar light, the more intrigued she became, for her instincts told her that this contraption was not just a run of the mill, outdated medical appliance. There was something fascinating and slightly unsettling about the thing, something hinted at by its' shape and form that caused a delicious tingling shiver of fascination to run all along her body.

On impulse the doctor decided to take it with her, so closing the box she put it on a trolley and rolled it to the elevator. Once back in her office she put the box out of sight and finally got on with her work. Oddly though, her anger at the misplaced files had diminished unnoticed so that by the time she was finally finished all that the doctor could think of was the apparatus she had found. She could not help wondering what it had been used for. She was determined to find out.


Over the next few days the doctor had the apparatus uppermost in mind. When she had the time she studied it superficially, but found nothing to indicate it's purpose or date of manufacture. She thought of looking through the box of old books she had found in the basement alongside the instrument and the same evening went back to take a look. There were various medical books, manuals and such, all pre-war and of no obvious connection to the apparatus. Almost hidden amongst the books was a small set of pamphlet sized publications. She retrieved them, dusted them off and read the titles. All had something to do with the preparation of enema solutions, recommendations on ingredients, preferred techniques of insertion, tables of recommended nozzle diameters and types in relation to age and build of the recipients, length and size of tubing, tables giving acceptable insertion pressure for enema solutions in relation to intestinal capacity and many other arcane matters. In fact all of the pamphlets had something or other to do with the giving of enemas so it was not unnatural for the doctor to suspect that she had come upon an archaic but sophisticated enema device. This was in effect what she had hoped it to be.

She herself had never had the occasion to either use or examine one of those contraptions, but after studying the booklets and the apparatus, she was convinced that she had stumbled upon just such a device. She had no idea at all how it had gotten in the basement of the clinic, since the apparatus was clearly much older than the clinic. But if truth be told, she had guessed (hoped ?) that was its' function when she first set eyes on it, not really willing to admit its' fascination for her but not being able to ignore that fascination either.

Still, where it came from and how it ever got to where she found it were incidental to her interest. She herself did not consciously come to any clear cut decision at any given time, but after studying and yes, daydreaming about the apparatus, she realized that she was going to make it work again. Even more, she was determined to put it to use once again. It was in a neglected, but not deteriorated state; and to her untrained eye in matters mechanical, it seemed that what the machine needed most of all was a good cleaning up along with maybe a refitting of the rubber tubing and gaskets.

Along with the enema apparatus she had found several other devices in the cardboard box : a few nozzles, about thumb sized in diameter, a few bits and pieces of metal objects, a very old syringe and most notably a hand pump set on its' own metal base plate. What piqued her interest about the pump was that it was fastened to a similar type of metal plate as that which the apparatus was attached to. In her mind there was therefore no doubt that both were to be used together. The question was : in the absence of a manual how was she to find out ?

She checked the available literature but was not able to come up with anything conclusive. Still, she had gotten a general idea of how enemas were administered during the previous century, what kind of ailments or disorders they were prescribed for and the proper way of going about the business itself.

In her spare time and during weekends she devoted hours to refurbishing the apparatus : cleaning the metalwork, testing the valves, fitting new tubing, checking the containers and thoroughly cleaning the entire machine. After all, the liquids that it contained were meant to be introduced into a person's colon and must therefore be as sterile as possible. She did not want any residual waste products or just plain dirt left in any part of the apparatus.

This work she performed splendidly, the polished and gleaming contraption was a sight to behold. It radiated an aura of dignified and uncontroversial belief in the benefits of modern science, and of medicine in particular. This was a machine that had been built during an age when man's belief in betterment and advancement through applied science was axiomatic. Its' appearance did not belie that belief. This was a machine that said : I know what's good for you and I'm going to make sure you get it.

It took somewhat longer for the doctor to figure out the actual manner in which the machine worked. Her central hypothesis was that the hand pump would force the liquid from the main canister into one of the smaller glass receptacles and from there on via a large tube into the patient's rectum. The problem was that the device had two glass containers instead of just one. The smallest of the two was fit onto a holder that could be elevated or lowered according to whatever the operator intended. The question was : what could the operator intend ?

At first the doctor had no idea. She fiddled around with the device after having connected the refurbished hand pump to the larger receptacle. Acting on an impulse she put a rather strongly concentrated solution of two different enema additives into each separate glass holders. Into one she poured a warm soapy concentration and in the other a mixture of several mildly laxative mineral oils. She discovered that by adjusting the cutoff valve between these two glass containers, and by varying the height of the glass canisters, she could regulate the flow of either solution and have either one or a combination of both injected into the main tube intended for the rectum.

This, she was sure, was the main purpose of the apparatus : it was constructed to facilitate the insertion of a mixture of several enema solutions during the same session. According to the patient's condition it could be more beneficial to inject, say a spurt of oil into a recalcitrant rectum and then to follow it up with a dash of irritating soap concentrate ! There were a large number of washing, rinsing, irritating and even herbal rejuvenating solutions listed in the pamphlets that she could choose from.

Once the doctor had come to this conclusion all the rest seemed self-evident to her. She was certain she had hit upon the ingenious intention of its' designer and further testing seemed to bear out her hypothesis. But of course, the apparatus would have to prove itself in the end. And that in more ways than one.

The proof of the pudding comes in the eating. In the doctor's case this translated into finding a (willing) recipient for the machine's liquid ministrations. Now this was something more of a problem than she had counted on. She was more of an administrator at the clinic than a practicing physician and her area of expertise lay elsewhere anyway. She was at a loss of whom to choose for her first 'try-out'. It wouldn't do to treat an already ill patient and run the risk of interfering with an ongoing treatment. On the other hand what was the use of treating a healthy person for some non-existing malady ? Finally though, she concluded that even if it did no good, the giving of a good enema would do no harm either. She had read that many physicians approved of enemas on general principle anyway.

She decided that the only way she would ever find a 'patient' for her apparatus was to let one of the other doctors in on her little find and have him/her prescribe a session with the newly renovated Dual Infusion Enemator (as she had taken to calling the apparatus).

Now the problem was finding someone who might be interested in the machine and the treatment and who could also provide a suitable patient. The doctor mentally ran through a checklist of all the attending physicians and sadly, but predictably had to reject just about all of them. She finally decided that a newly resident therapist specializing in nervous disorders, Dr. Karen Anderson would be her best bet. Dr. Anderson had just completed her residency several years ago and had several patients under her care in what could best be described as the clinic's 'Psychiatric Wing'. None of her patients were in any way severely or acutely affected by any discernible mental disorder, but could rather be considered to be suffering from excessive listlessness, despondency and mildly depressive attitudes. Surely one could be found amongst them who would, if not benefit, at least suffer no undesirable effects from a dual infusion enema.

The problem was : how to breach the subject to Dr. Anderson without coming over as an outlandish eccentric. The doctor finally decided to take a chance and called Dr. Anderson in to her office to discuss a trivial administrative item. She put the now gleaming apparatus, with its' polished copper valves, crystal clear glass canisters, bright red tubing and solid cast iron base on a credenza behind her swivel chair so that Dr. Anderson could not help but gaze at it throughout their conversation. When the inconsequential matter was resolved, Dr. Anderson could not help from commenting on the striking appliance she had been staring at all the while. The doctor, feigning surprise, glanced behind her and acted moderately surprised that 'that old thing' had attracted Dr. Anderson's attention.

Far from having to fan Dr. Anderson's interest in the apparatus, the doctor ultimately had to promise her a more elaborate and extensive look at the machine later on. Such was Dr. Anderson's enthusiasm, it even seemed to rival the doctor's own fascination, if that could be possible.

Over the next several days Dr. Anderson came by the Doctor's office several times not even disguising her reasons for coming. Each sounded the other out, as it were, skirting around the subject they so desperately wanted to broach. Young Dr. Anderson plied the doctor with questions about the apparatus and her intentions. She was apparently bubbling over with enthusiasm and finally remarked that it would be extremely interesting to see the machine in action. The doctor answered that she herself was also extremely curious about it's effects but could not in good faith recommend any patient who might benefit from a treatment with the apparatus. Maybe Dr. Anderson could ?

Not thinking very long about an answer, Dr. Anderson responded that she had several patients in her care who, in her opinion, would be suitable candidates. One was a young man called Alex G. He was 23 years old, suffering from no apparent malady or illness, other than a general listlessness, aggravated by bouts of mild depression and a total lack of self-esteem. He was the despair of his wealthy family and had been placed in the clinic temporarily in the hope that his mood would improve under specialized care.

Another patient whom she considered to be suitable was a 30 year old female called Debra L. Her mental state was superficially similar to that of Alex, but stemmed in Dr. Anderson's opinion more from an inability to derive sufficient satisfaction from sexual encounters than from any other reason. Sadly her upbringing had impressed upon her the undesirability of savoring bodily pleasures, either alone or with another, so that she was strongly inhibited from indulging herself in either manner. Strictly speaking she might have been better off in the care of a specialized sexual therapist, but here again family opinion interfered and she had been entrusted to the care of the clinic.

After discussing the merits of treating either of the two suggested patients, it was decided that Alex would be the most suitable. The two females agreed that he would be scheduled for a 'session' with the apparatus coming Friday afternoon. The doctor and Dr. Anderson would be in attendance in one of the examination rooms. They would hold a test run of the machine a few days beforehand and determine which enematic solutions would be administered.

The Treatment

It seemed that time passed more slowly than the advance of a glacier, but eventually Friday came to pass. The Doctor was somewhat nervous all morning long and ate sparingly during lunch. She managed to finish all her normal duties early in the afternoon and met with Doctor Anderson in the examination room that had been reserved for them.

The apparatus was already set up on a trolley and hooked to the hand pump. On a separate trolley were a multitude of auxiliary devices such as nozzles, extra tubing, clamps, Latex gloves, probes and dilators. Arrayed on the same table were numerous vials, flasks, bottles and tubes of various substances that would be used in the coming session.

Both doctors had donned short white lab coats and assumed a serious demeanor when an attending nurse rolled Alex into the examination room on a hospital bed. Instead of wearing his own pajamas as was the custom in the clinic, Alex had been outfitted in a standard thin examination gown, allowing for easier access to the regions the doctors would be treating that afternoon.

Alex had come to trust doctor Anderson during his stay at the clinic, but this afternoon promised to be an event somewhat out the ordinary, he could sense it just by looking at the two ladies waiting for him. Nothing much interested him it seemed or even broke through his very solid wall of indifference. Karen Anderson had even at one time tried to interest Alex in discussions about erotic activity, dangling enticing possibilities as potential rewards for some show of enthusiasm on his part, but all to no avail. She even doubted that he masturbated in secret. Certainly during his time at the clinic there had been no evidence of it at all : no soiled garments, used tissues or other signs of solo sexual activity on his part.

The Doctor nodded to the nurse that she was free to leave and inwardly relaxed once they were left alone with Alex. She mentally ran through a checklist of the procedure as Karen led the young man to the examining table in the middle of the room.

Doctor Anderson explained that they were going to try out a new treatment on him and that she wanted him to be completely relaxed throughout the procedure. Alex listlessly nodded and shrugged as if to say 'whatever' and drank the mildly sedative solution the Doctor gave him without even inquiring what it was. He sat down on the edge of the examination table while the doctors busied themselves, waiting for a few minutes until the medicine took effect.

Judging that enough time had passed Karen untied the small gown and had Alex lay down on his back. During the previous days both Doctors had discussed this aspect of the procedure and both had agreed that it would be necessary to apply some form of restraint, if only to prevent any brusque and inadvertent movement on the part of their 'patient'. The Doctor attached stirrup holding rods to both sides of the table and while placing Alex in the appropriate position they each grabbed one of his legs and placed it in a rubber stirrup, securing it in place with a restraining strap. Next they adjusted the rods to their satisfaction, spreading his legs wide open and positioning his knees near his chest. In this posture, it is needless to say, Alex was completely exposed, genitals as well as anal region easily accessible and in plain view to both doctors. Doctor Anderson decided to dispense with any token attempt at false modesty and removed the loose gown, thereby exposing Alex fully.

The Doctor, not used to regularly examining patients distinctly felt her heart rate rise at this sight, one which she found even more pleasurable than she had anticipated, for Alex was, his mental condition notwithstanding, a fine and handsome young man. He had dark blond hair and as is sometimes the case a rather sparse growth around the pubic area. His penis and testicles were perfectly ordinary as far as both could ascertain visually, still Doctor Anderson thought it prudent to perform a manual examination first. This also brought no abnormalities to light, though the Doctor found it remarkable that Alex showed no signs of arousal throughout the prodding, squeezing and touching. His penis remained flaccid and unresponsive. Doubting this was because of the young man's remarkable ability at self-control she made an observation to that effect.

Yes, Doctor Anderson was troubled by this as well, since aside from his mental apathy and listlessness, this was the only discernible physical disorder observed in Alex up till now. In all other aspects he had a healthy functioning body.

Before proceeding with the actual administration of the dual enema, Karen thought it prudent to take the man's temperature, so that there would be no counter indication to the treatment. She took a pair of thin Latex gloves and snapping them on with apparent gusto, squeezed a large daub of lubricant gel onto her index finger and proceeded to generously anoint Alex's anus. She pushed her finger up into his little hole, encountering no blockages as such but he was very narrow and tight she noted. Karen then indicated that the Doctor take the large rectal thermometer and insert it into the anal opening.

The Doctor was already trembling with anticipation and excitement and barely managed to conceal her emotions as she somewhat nervously handled the glass tube. Doctor Anderson spread Alex's buttocks open for her by placing thumb and index finger on either side of the patient's anus and pulling outwards. She slid the thermometer into him and waited with beating heart.

After extraction no elevation of temperature or other counter indication was noted so the Doctors concluded that they were free to proceed with the session. Karen wanted a clearer 'work-area' as she put it, so while the Doctor was preparing the first enema solution and heating the water to a bearable and comfortable temperature, she took a safety razor and shaved his anal region clear of any hair. She did this so diligently and willingly that she could not refrain herself from continuing higher. Alex's testicles and perineum was nuded in short order and she was busily working on his pubic hair proper when the Doctor announced that the solutions were ready.

The water was a pleasant 40 degrees centigrade, just above body temperature. A large quantity was pumped into the larger holding receptacle as the Doctor added a teaspoon of salt and baking powder to compensate for any possible disruption of electrolyte balance. Meanwhile a concentrate of ph neutral soap was poured into one of the smaller containers. The second glass canister was filled with an irritating mixture of glycerin and mineral oils, laced with extract of cola beans. This was one of the more intriguing solutions the Doctor had found in the pamphlets.

Karen Anderson it appeared, had all but taken charge of the treatment, her more dominant personality asserting itself naturally. The Doctor was un-perturbed by this re-addressment of hierarchy since left to her own devices she would have become almost mesmerized by the exhilaration caused by her feelings and desires. She was deliciously aroused by the proceedings, of that she was in no doubt, and being honest with herself she had to admit she had known that would happen. Only she was excited to such an extent that she had not thought possible.

Doctor Anderson choose a medium sized nozzle made of black Bakelite. It was slightly curved along its 20 cm length and sported multiple perforations at the tip and surrounding area. She attached it to the main tube and applied a generous amount of gel. Deferring to the elder woman, Karen once again indicated that the Doctor do the honors of the first insertion.

She first held the nozzle over a hospital pan and opened the main valve, allowing some water to drip out and purge the tube of any remaining air. Satisfied that it was clear of any gas the Doctor once again pushed a foreign object into Alex's no doubt virgin anus. She needed to apply more effort than with the thermometer, the nozzle being considerably larger around, but by twirling the nozzle around somewhat and allowing it to seek a natural entryway it slipped inside of its own accord. The Doctor could feel Alex tense somewhat and try to move his buttocks to the side but his legs were restrained by the stirrups and Karen Anderson also held hold of his hips. The Doctor pushed the nozzle further into the young man's rectum until the flange was pressed against his pulsing sphincter.

The Doctor now pumped several times to bring the water in the main container up to the appropriate pressure, paying close attention to the manometer attached to the cutoff valve. Having double checked, she then opened the valve and allowed a trickle of water to flow into Alex's rectum. Once the flow had started, Karen opened a connection to the first glass canister, and the soap concentrate was slowly and continually mixed with the warm water. Both women watched fascinated as the level of the glass canister fell slowly. The apparatus was working as intended !

About one liter had been pumped into Alex when the doctors decided to close off the soap concentrate valve and wait several minutes to see what effects it had on Alex. Remarkably, instead of becoming agitated or upset with the proceedings, the patient showed an increase of relaxation and sighed several times, almost as if in satisfaction. He closed his eyes and lay back sleepily, accepting the treatment.

The two lady physicians gave each other a look of mild puzzlement, mentally saying something akin to 'well, well, what have we here ?' Neither was regretful at this turn of events, for it made the rest of the treatment simpler to conclude.

The water receptacle was topped off and the flow continued. Now the second canister was opened up and the level of the glycerin/oil/cola extract fell as it was injected into Alex's rectum. The patient's abdomen was visibly extended by now and obviously the mixture of additives and stimulants had begun to irritate his intestinal tissue, causing cramping. But aside from those expected effects, there was another change in Alex that was quite apparent to the two doctors. Where before his sex organ had not reacted in any way to their handling and touching, it was now becoming glaringly and noticeably erect.

Both looked at each other and could not contain their grins. Yes, obviously Alex was responding quite well to the treatment.

The water injection was continued until some three liters were in his colon along with almost all of the two solutions. Doctor Anderson could not refrain from manually examining the altered state of her patients penis. She was stroking, squeezing and feeling it much as before during her first examination, only now the handling was more in the nature of a sexual act.

The Doctor watched avidly and could not help but remark on the handsome girth and smoothness of Alex's organ. Karen motioned her to take over and with a thrill the older doctor took over the manipulation of her patient.

Both doctors continued the stroking of both shaft and glans simultaneously until predictably, and gratifyingly, Alex ejaculated a stream of semen several centimeters into the air, over the doctors hands and onto his chest. He moaned and sighed in contentment.

Allowing for a suitable interval for the young man to recompose himself, Karen then placed a bedpan under his buttocks and removed the nozzle from Alex's anus, allowing him to expel the liquid.

When he was done, his legs were released from the stirrups, he was dressed in his hospital gown and allowed to lay down on the bed. Almost immediately he fell into a deep sleep. The doctors buzzed for an attendant to take the patient back to his room and cleaned up the equipment.


. The doctors left the clinic in high spirits and went to a nearby restaurant to celebrate. The apparatus worked. That was clear, there was no doubt. Of course Doctor Anderson would monitor Alex's condition over the next few days, but she was in no doubt that the treatment had been beneficial for him, if for other reason than finally eliciting a sexual response from an otherwise indifferent patient. Maybe she would schedule additional sessions with the apparatus, but it all depended on his progress.

They both discussed various aspects of the treatment, suggesting slight variations and improvements, but overall they had been justified in their suppositions.

They left the restaurant, still buoyed up by their success and went their own ways. At home that evening the Doctor was so sexually charged that she could not refrain from manually orgasming several times before finally falling asleep, images of nozzles, exposed backsides and flowing water twirling in her mind. This was not her custom generally but she derived such pleasure in masturbating that evening that she could not deny whence the incitement came from. It seemed that the apparatus had affected her more than she had intended.

The Following Session

Sometime over the next days it occurred to the Doctor that there was another equally valid method of hooking up the different canisters to each other. She talked about it to doctor Anderson and after hours they tried it out. As expected it worked in theory.

Summed up, the Doctor wondered if instead of using just one nozzle on the apparatus, it would be possible to use two simultaneously, each connected to a glass canister by a separate tube. Illustrating her idea on a simple diagram for Karen, the last had to agreed that it did seem feasible. They then disconnected several sets of tubing, rearranged others, installed a new branched main tube and had to admit that the transformation was indeed devilishly simple. In the end, by tinkering around they found that by changing just three sets of tubes and adding one extra valve they could pump liquid through two completely separate nozzles at the same time. In this case it would not be possible to mix the solutions, but rather each tube would serve for one type of irrigation

Without saying so out loud, it was recognized that the latter setup could serve only one purpose : namely the servicing of two separate holes or cavities simultaneously. Somehow neither lady entertained the idea of tandem enemas for two patients at once, though the idea was intriguing if unhygienic in the final analysis. No, it was obvious that such a setup would only be useful in servicing a single female patient. One nozzle for the anus, the other for the vagina.

Both admitted that though not breathtakingly novel, the idea was not without merit entirely and of course they easily reached a decision to try out this array on a suitable female patient. Neither's memory was lagging and they quickly decided to schedule Debra L. for a session with the newly configured apparatus.

All went well during the session, though Debra was at first somewhat alarmed by the presence of the Doctor. She had to be gently coaxed into drinking the sedative and taking her place on the examination table. She cringed at being disrobed but finally relented and spread her legs wide open as she was strapped into the stirrups. Obviously, being female she must have had at least a passing acquaintance with the procedures during a pelvic exam and submitted to the treatment.

Once again Karen insisted on verifying the patient's temperature and shaving her pubic hair. In her opinion this was ostensibly intended to facilitate cleaning of the area after the enema, but secretly the Doctor believed that doctor Anderson had a predilection for nuded genitals. In any case Karen went to work on Debra's pubic/anal region and this time all trace of hair was removed, leaving behind a pleasantly smooth and youthful looking pubis.

As solutions the doctors had decided on the traditional fall-back for anal enemas : ph neutral soap with a dash of salt and a drop or two of virgin olive oil for zest. For the vaginal irrigation they choose a fragrant smelling mixture of various herbs such as chamomile, thyme, lavender and mint with essence of citron along with several rejuvenating additives and stimulants similar to caffeine and extract of tea. In the Doctor's opinion it was a wildly exotic mixture of ingredients, but one they took straight out of one of the old pamphlets.

This time when all was ready for the insertion, Karen suggested that they each take one nozzle and simultaneously slide them up the respective holes. So said so done and the Doctor eagerly attached an extra large size vaginal nozzle to her tube and sparingly lubricated it with gel. Karen also placed herself in position, and after pumping the warm water up to the appropriate pressure, each lady gently but firmly slipped their nozzle into the assigned hole.

This was an intrusion that could not pass by unnoticed by Debra. Her eyes shot open, surprised and uncertain of what was happening. The valves were opened and both of her delectable holes were slowly filled with warm water. Once she comprehended what was happening to her, she relaxed and ceased her struggling, indeed the Doctor was surprised to observe that Debra was actually overtly enjoying the whole procedure, slowly moving her hips in a slow circular motion and moaning gently with her eyes closed.

Karen gave the Doctor a knowing look and a smile as the valves were closed off. Debra had easily taken all of the intended liquid without complaint. To ease her cramping, imaginary or not, Karen began to massage Debra's abdomen and slowly worked her way lower until her fingers brushed over the patients' clitoris. Doctor Anderson used her best authoritarian physicians' voice to soothe Debra's few intermittent misgivings and urge her to mentally cooperate with her in this treatment. Karen continued her massage of the patient's now exposed and erect little love bud under the approving and very envious eye of the Doctor. It took longer than with Alex, either because of the inherent differences in male/female physiology or else because of Debra's relative inexperience in sexual matters. It did not matter in the end, because just as predictably, she climaxed loudly and visibly, and ultimately just as satisfyingly.

Debra expelled the liquids and relaxed afterwards. She was wheeled away back to her room after she had been cleaned up, no doubt for a long and fortifying sleep.

The doctors once again congratulated each other, feted their success with another evening meal and drinks, discussed plans and sundry and left for home. This time however the Doctor acting on an uncontrollable impulse not only wished Karen a good night, but could not refrain from embracing her and brushing their lips together. She was shocked by her own actions and made to turn away quickly, but Karen only smiled at her and placing her hand on the Doctor's neck, she kissed her back, softly but unashamedly sensually. Their tongues intertwined and from then on there was no pretense at anything but plain simple lust.

They both spent the night together, sharing passion and desire in a seemingly endless bout of lovemaking. Each reveled in the others body. The Doctor had been correct in surmising about the condition of Karen's pubic hair : her genitals were clean shaven and a delight to the tongue and lips. Karen Anderson assumed the dominant role throughout and much to her surprise the Doctor was content that it was so.

They remained lovers thereafter, although that tale is not relevant to this story. The two female doctors continued their weekly treatments of the two patients for several months, noting a marked progress in both. Finally both Alex and Debra were discharged and resumed their former lives in, if not a totally normal manner, then at least one that bore more resemblance to normalcy than they had experienced before.

In such a small world as the clinic, it was not possible for the doctors to keep their therapy sessions with the apparatus a secret from other members of the staff. While no one could directly fault them with unprofessional behavior or conduct unbecoming, it was still felt that their sessions with the apparatus verged on quackery. This, compiled with the fact that their relationship with each other was also quite obvious could only result in one outcome. They were politely, but adamantly requested to either resign from their posts or be dismissed.

Though neither were biblical scholars, they could plainly read the writing on the wall and decided to leave of their own accord, so as not to have a stain on their records. They took the apparatus with them, which strictly speaking may not have been 100 % legal, but no one complained or wanted to have anything to do with the machine.

The Doctor and Karen first shopped around for jobs here and there at various other clinics, but finding nothing to their immediate liking, they took a bold step and decided to start up their own modest but specialized treatment center. Naturally the apparatus formed the basis of all their therapy and after a shaky begin they were able to expand their staff and have additional copies of the apparatus manufactured. They later moved to a nice upscale location catering to the more wealthy class of patients and all in all were a rounding success in their undertaking.

If this were a fairy tale instead of a real story one would not be very amiss in stating that they lived (reasonably) happily ever after. Of course such things never happen in real life, but they did make a bundle with the machine, lived free of financial worries and never really grew tired of one another. Now if that isn't an ending for a modern day fairy tale, then I don't know what is.


Several years after the two doctors left the clinic, the board of directors voted for an extensive refurbishment of the buildings and for several months the clinic was the site of hectic and confused construction, repairs, redecorating and what not. In order to prepare for this activity, the cleaning staff was ordered to get rid of all rubbish and old papers in the basement and storage rooms. An nurse orderly was assigned to check all records before consigning them to the recycling bin.

Going through the large pile of paper she noticed a very old looking manual. Leafing through the pages she noticed a steel engraving of a machine that somehow seemed familiar to her. Thinking back she remembered the old fashioned apparatus she had seen in use several times by the two doctors who had been dismissed (?) or in any case left the clinic several years ago. It was the same machine, of that she was sure. Idly she continued leafing through the pages, noting it's name and what use it was intended for. It was called the Apparatus of Kuss and according to the manual was intended for use in pneumological examinations. Essentially it was used to inject air into the pleural cavity to help highlight abnormalities during x-ray sessions. It consisted of a pump, several receptacles and manometers along with the appropriate tubing, valves, nozzles and syringes.

She cringed at the very idea of its' original use and could not help but chuckle over the application the two doctors had put it to. She was half of a mind to look up their new address and send them this manual, but later in the day she misplaced the manual and forgot all about it. In later years she wondered if she ought not have contacted the doctors somehow but finally figured that it was best to leave well enough alone. And that is just what she did.

Notes :

several references in the story notwithstanding, this is a total work of fiction. It was however inspired by a discovery I made several months ago. Hopefully the reader will have a suitable word processor that allows for the viewing of imbedded graphics. In that case please note that the engraving of 'the apparatus' on page 2 is that of an actual medical appliance.

I was spending one of my infrequent days-off browsing through second-hand book shops in Brussels. There are about a dozen or more around the Gare du Midi in a dingy but picturesque neighborhood reminiscent of certain areas of Paris. In any case, instead of concentrating on the adult section as was my custom, I took a tip from an e-mail correspondent and started looking in the technical books. And lo and behold, among all the incomplete encyclopedias, trade journals and what not, I found a medical handbook. It was in French and undoubtedly pre war. I opened it up, leafed through it rapidly noting several etchings of patients in various stages of undress and stopped at an illustration of an apparatus. My heart must skipped a beat or two because I actually thought it was an engraving depicting an old fashioned enema device. Was it possible ? Had I accidentally stumbled upon one of those apocryphal volumes describing the medical practice of enemas and rectal irrigation in detail and scientific detachment ?

In the end I was wrong of course, my first wistfully ecstatic impressions false. A quick scanning of the pages revealed that I was opened at a chapter concerning pneumology and finding the reference in the text I grudgingly had to concede that the apparatus was just some fearfully intimidating looking contraption used in pneumo-radiology. What a let down.

I did purchase the book though for less than $5.00 (Traite Elementaire d'Exploration Clinque Medicale 2-ieme Edition par Emile Sergent / Masson and Cie, a 1936 reprint and enlargement of a 1913 edition), as it contained about one hundred of those na and lsaquo;ve and charming pre Great War engravings so typical of the time. One was particularly disquieting : it was of a rectoscopy using an old fashioned rigid tube like device with mirror and light bulb. I don't think that in pre war days there was anyone writing erotica involving medical exams or such : it was all just too unpleasant and downright painful.

Still I thought it a good joke on gullible me. For a minute I actually believed I had stumbled across a treasure throve. And from one fantasy comes another. So what would have happened if I had actually stumbled upon the actual device and had no idea of what it really was used for ? What would I have thought of then ? Chances are I would have been taken in by my own hyperactive imagination. Could that have happened to a young female doctor also ? Maybe not, but the situation does have its possibilities, you have to admit...

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