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The Four Quart Enema Experience

I shivered in anticipation, as I knelt on the bed, plastic sheet crinkling under my hands and knees. A slight draft whispered over my bare cunt, the skin smooth from my recent shaving, and glistening lightly from my excitement. I could tell that I was somewhat open, and my clit felt swollen. I knew from having seen photos of myself like this that my pussy lips would be a dark pink, puffy and pouting wetly as my arousal grew. The thought of what was to come only made me that much more excited – nervous, too.. but definitely excited.

When you had given me my instructions for this meeting, I knew that something special would take place. You had given me enemas before, but judging from what you told me, and what I saw in preparation in the hotel room, I knew this would be different, and my pulse had been jumping all day as I prepared. Clean and completely shaven, freshly showered, my makeup just so, the clothing exactly what you specified – stockings and a garter belt, a bra with holes having been cut in the cups for my nipples to poke out, no panties, and heels. All of that covered only by a dress for street wear, discreet enough to draw no attention to me from the public eye as I arrived at our meeting place. But more than that was the list of things you had me bring: a supply of glycerin, extra-strength suppositories; mineral oil; ivory soap; Dr. Bronner's peppermint castile liquid soap; lemon juice; baking soda; my enema syringe, and both 2 quart red enema bags.. and finally, rubber gloves.

I knew, in my mind, what all of this meant. I had in store for me a major day of enema activity. I had been tempted to do some quick "cleanout" before I left for our meeting, but you hadn't instructed me to do so.. and I knew you would KNOW if I had done that, based on my reactions during the day… So I resisted the desire to spare myself some humiliation, and didn't indulge in a quick flushing. I knew that my embarrassment level would be high, later on, but I also knew that my punishment for having disobeyed, or at least doing something that I had not been instructed to do, would be higher and more painful than whatever embarrassment I might experience. You were distant when I came to the room.. more distant than usual. Not cold, but .. formal, yes, that's how I would describe it. Almost clinical. You called me pet, as you usually do, but it was with a somewhat distracted manner, as if you had other things on your mind.

After instructing me to unpack the things I had brought, and inspecting them, and me, to see if I had complied, you sat in a chair near the bed and simply told me what to do. Somehow it is always harder to prepare things to be used on myself than it is to simply submit to having them done to me. As I unwrapped some of the bullet shaped suppositories, and laid them on a table near the bed, my hands shook. When you had me mount the bed and assume the position… On hands and knees… my knees almost buckled just in climbing on the bed. My tiny gasps of pleasure and a slight bit of shock as one two, then three suppositories were pushed into my ass went unnoticed by you, and I was too far gone already to be very conscious of any slight sounds I might make.

The difficult part began. I knew this would happen. I had expected it, but the feeling always comes upon me as a surprise. The twist of my insides, the urgent need to GO, as the suppositories melt and as my face grows redder under your scrutiny. You knew how long it would take me to get to the point of no return, and timed it well, having me stay precisely where I was, with no comment at all from you other than "stay still, pet. Quit squirming so much, it only makes it worse." Again – this remoteness was not like you.. or not like the you that I knew. But I accepted it, thinking that this whole day seemed a bit new and different…

Finally, after several long minutes, and some shuddering breaths on my part, and a desperate clenching of ass muscles, you told me to go to the bathroom and do what was necessary. I did, practically running, still red faced but very grateful for the chance to relieve myself in private. At least that embarrassment had been spared me.. THIS time.

The next instructions took me aback. "Fill a bag with hot water, pet.. You know how hot to make it. Make the water very soapy. I want to see a froth of soap bubbles coming from the top of the bag before you close it up." This was not welcome news. I'd never had an Ivory soap enema from you before.. I'd done one to myself, a few times, in the past, but had quit doing it since I knew how crampy it made me. And to have it soapy enough that it suds'd from the bag! Tears filled my eyes as I anticipated the pain to come, but I did as you instructed anyway.

As I got the soap filled with water and floated a bar of soap in it, making sure it melted enough to make the water a very milky color, you entered the bathroom as well - with a pocket knife in your hand! What was THAT for, I wondered! When you picked up another bar of Ivory soap and peeled the wrapped off it, and began to carve, all I could do was watch, goggle-eyed. What you shaved off dropped in the water in the sink, making it just that much soapier. What was left was a small, Ivory soap butt plug. I think I squeaked then, and asked "Master.. what.. .. what… ?" in an incoherent, breathless gasp. You just smiled and said, "Never mind, pet. You'll understand soon enough."

The bag was hung by the bed in place, and I assumed the position again. After the first suppositories and their job done, my ass was relaxed, and no lube was even needed for the large nozzle that you slid into my waiting hole. This was not a new feeling, and I relaxed, although my sphincter gripped the nozzle tightly, in anticipation of the water release to come. With the tell-tale, familiar click of the stop being released, I felt the first warmth of water beginning to fill me. There was a quick, immediate need to release it, but I fought it and clenched even tighter. Once the first peristaltic wave passed, and my breathing was easier, you stopped the water. I looked back at you at the "click", wondering why you had stopped the flow. I felt you pull the nozzle from my ass, and heard "Turn around, pet. Be good, now."

So I turned my head back away from being able to watch, and heard a bit of soft liquid rustling, as you fiddled with something briefly. Then something else, small, flexible, slid into my ass, the "click" once again, and another slow inrush of water. But deeper inside now… Deeper.. as you pushed the tubing, without nozzle, further into my rectum, then colon.. Deeper… as the water filled and opened me, it must have been easier to push it in and in and in…

It finally must have been as deep as there was length of tubing to push it, and I just gulped in amazement. There was at least 3 feet of tubing inside me! I had heard of such things being done, for a truly deep cleaning, but this was a new experience for me, and I swallowed nervous, expecting to feel like I was going to explode at any moment. But surprisingly, the water flowed inside me effortlessly, and I expanded to accept more and more. The cramps that I had expected didn't happen, and it was almost a relaxing feeling to feel that warmth deep inside my bowels. I found that I didn't have to clench the tubing as hard as I had had to clench the nozzle before, because the pressure to release simply wasn't there.

I was lost in the feeling, focusing on my breathing, on relaxing and taking the enema, and didn't even hear you walking to the bathroom again and coming back. But when I was starting to feel very full, and sweating slightly as the soapy enema began to take its toll on my intestines, I heard the click again and breathed a sigh of relief. A few minutes to hold this, surely I could do that, and then you'd let me go. Not too bad, really.

Wrong. The bag was empty, and I beamed at your praise. "Good girl, you took it all. Now for the next two quarts." I blinked and looked at you again, gasping.. "More, Master? Four quarts..? I .. I don't think I can take four quarts!" It was an instinctive response, not a desire to argue with you or question you, but I was totally astounded that you were going to go that far with me today.

"Yes you can, pet. I know you can, because you told me you'd taken four quarts before. And you'll do it again, now, for me, won't you." It wasn't a question, but I answered anyway.. stammering slightly.. "Yes, Master.. yes.. I will..". My words were soft, and my heart was pounding, and my insides were already twisting and cramping from the soapy water churning in my belly, but I did so very much want to please you, that I determined that I WOULD do this for you, if you wanted me to.

So the tube was connected to the second bag of soapy water, and I felt the slow infilling start again. Somehow you managed to slide even a few more inches of the tubing into my colon, so it filled me still deeper. But ohhhh I was so full already! My belly was expanded, and as the water swished through me, I felt your hand dropping to rub my stomach and breasts, caressing me, stroking me, and encouraging me. You leaned toward me and kissed the back of my neck, my ear, and whispered words of praise and encouragement, telling me what a good girl I was, and how proud you were of your pet, and how you knew I could do this for you. I reacted exactly as you knew I would, in excitement at your touch, and happiness in your words, and an even stronger desire to please you. So I focused even more intensely on relaxing, opening, letting the watery filling be your gift to me, riding through the waves of cramps that came more often now.

Finally the bag gurgled empty, and you clamped the tubing shut to keep the water from flowing backwards. Slowly, very slowly, I felt the tube being pulled out of me; it seemed like I could feel it pulling from miles deep inside, and the intense sensation sent me rolling through subspace. You told me to close my hole tight for a moment, and not to spill a drop! I clenched my anus as tightly as I could, squeezing my buttocks tight too to force that hole to stay tightly closed. Then I felt your hand on my ass, pulling the cheeks apart a bit, until my puckered hole winked at you as I clenched desperately to keep the water inside.

"Now let go a little, loosen up, and I'll put in something to help you hold the water." I gasped and as the last waves of a cramp subsided and I felt like I could safely relax my anus a little, I did so, and felt a smooth plug slide home. It was, of course, the small Ivory plug you had carved. I was in shock I think from the huge enema I was holding, the rolling cramps from the soapy water, and then this plug! Soap… burning my ass…

As I clenched tight on the plug, I felt its sting on my tender tissues. But I dared not relax lest the water make its way past the plug onto the bed and displease you. Caught – my dilemma plain – displease you and make a mess and relax to try to get some relief from this soapy plug, or clench tight to be good, to please you, and suffer the burning sting of the soap. The choice was mine, but I HAD no choice really – I clenched and moaned and fought the waves of cramps that pushed me further and further into some space in my head where time did not exist, where all that existed was the feeling, the filling, and you.

As I groaned and tried not to wiggle and slosh the water around inside me, I felt your hands again. One tugging at a nipple, pulling it hard, twisting it.. One probing my cunt, now sopping wet from excitement and from a slight bit of water that had trickled from the nozzle. Your fingers on my clit danced and stroked and circled, and the other movement on my nipples made me squeak and pant and shudder in ecstasy. Time passed, but I didn't know how much, unaware that you were timing me. Your strokes kept me on the edge of orgasm, and my need to cum soon began to outstrip my need to release the enema. I begged you to let me cum, but you spanked me sharply, over and over again as I panted, crying in need, although I couldn't tell at that point which need was greater, to cum or to go!! The minutes swept by, my nipples were becoming swollen and tender from the constant pulling, twisting, and as you bent your head and pulled one up toward you mouth, hard sucking… My clit was swollen as well, raw and inflamed as your hard fingers rubbed it over and over again in the same motion, the one you had seen me use so often as I masturbated for you to watch me.

When the time passed and you estimated that I had been holding this 4 quarts of soapy water for 10 minutes, the tempo of strokes on my clit increased, and you pushed me on toward orgasm. I had held off for so long that it was almost hard to release, but when you told me to, saying "Cum, pet.. Cum for me, cum for your Master now", I finally was able to let the waves of pleasure wash over me, and I screamed out in bliss, my head thrown back, my body arched, cunt and ass spasming over and over again in pure ecstasy.

As the peak passed, and I came down from my orgasm, the other urgent need made itself known, violently speaking to my body of the need to release the enema. You popped my ass and told me to go release, but .. You didn't stay behind this time. You came with me, and pulled the plug of soap from my ass, yourself, and as I sat on the toilet and let go of the massive amount of befouled water that I had been holding, I cried in relief. Then I moaned again, in pleasure, as you presented your cock to me, for me to please you. My mouth opened and as I sucked on you, I felt your hands in my hair, my forehead pressed against your belly, and the delicious taste of your flesh in my mouth. Ohhh how I loved it when you let me please you like this.. And I needed it now, so badly.. I was so embarrassed to be releasing this enema in front of you, and this distraction, this pleasure, the bliss of sucking on you, distracted me from my humiliation.

It took quite a while for four quarts of water to empty from me, and you let me suck on you the whole time, until you groaned your pleasure and spurted in my mouth, pulling out only at the last to let the final jets of cum fall onto my face and breasts. I licked you clean, and swallowed every drop, and you left me then to finish my own clean up as you relaxed in the bedroom.

I sighed as I rejoined you, tired and ready to rest. But there were other things to be done. That much of a soapy enema needs to be rinsed, and you laughed as I curled up next to you and started to nod off. "No pet, not yet. We have to rinse you first. Back to the bathroom you go!" I pouted a bit, and received another sharp spanking for that bit of impertinence, but submitted to what I knew was best for me. The cleaning took a while, but left me relaxed and open for you, for whatever might come next. But first.. we rested, and I slept in your arms, with your collar snug around my throat, and my body and soft next to yours, our breath mingling and hearts slowly beating in rhythm.

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