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Truth or Dare

Author : HBJ

 Laura was my best friend all through high school.  She was beautiful and kept herself thin and lean so that one day she could become a model, boy did she have the body for it.  She had a friend named Sarah who was a pre madonna type in the way most high school theater actresses are.  She didn't care much for modeling, so let her self go a little more.  She was determined to be the next Marilyn Monroe. I didn't really have a goal set for myself.  Not one that required a certain physical appearance anyway.  I don't even quite remember how I met Laura, but I'm sure glad I did.

* * *

 It was just a normal sleep over.  Not really a slumber party because there were just the three of us, but we played all those silly slumber party games anyway.  The one that's relevant to this story is Truth or Dare.  I am an Aries and (I've been told) as such I will never choose dare.  It just isn't in the stars.  That night was no different.  By choosing "dare" Laura had already been made to strip to her underwear, run outside (it was a very warm summer night) and yell "I'm naked!" at the top of her lungs.  The reason we could get away with this was because her parents and younger brother were out of town (these things always seem to happen when the parents aren't around and she lived on about three acres of land.  She was a lawyers daughter so, of course, was rather stuck up, and, of course, had to have at least one horse (at this time she had two).  Which was the reason for the acreage.

 She completed her dare with as much grace as she could muster under the circumstances and then proceeded to wait for one of us to slip up and chose "dare" so she could have her revenge.  Well, after three more go-arounds of "truth" and questions like: "How many guys have you kissed ?  What celebrity would you most like to sleep with?" and " What's the most perverted thing you would  do for a million bucks" (which I NEVER answered truthfully in front of these girls!)  Laura got her chance.  I had chosen "truth" and her question was one sure to pin me.

"Which would you rather get if you were in trouble, a severe spanking, or a punishment enema?"

 Now, my parents did not believe in corporal punishment as a form of discipline, so I had never experienced either, and I didn't even have a very good notion of what an enema was.  Well, I thought the easiest way to get out of this one was to actually tell the truth.  The two girls looked at me expectantly and I answered "I've never had an enema, so I guess I wouldn't know."
 I'm not quite sure what happened then.  Either my smug expression, or the fact that I'd never been subjected to a punishment it was obvious they had both experienced was to much for them.  Sarah said, "It's truth or dare, you HAVE to answer."  She looked at Laura to back her up and I saw an evil grin cross her face.  "That's right, you have to answer, and by the end of the evening you will."  She then gave Sarah a meaningful look and before I could even make my way off the bed she shouted,
"grab her!"

 I hit the floor running.  I made it through the small playroom that divided Laura's room from her brothers and connected to the hallway.  I raced down the wood floored hall and made it into the large rug covered living room before they caught me.  At this point I still thought they had been joking.  I giggled as they stood me up and dragged me through the living room towards the master bedroom, which had adjoining to it the largest bathroom in the house.

"OK, guys, you caught me, now let go, com'on lets go make ice cream sundays or something."  As they continued to pull me down the long hall I began to realize they weren't joking.  "This isn't funny!" I shouted beginning to sound hysterical, "you guys need to let me go right now!"  I began fighting and twisting as hard as I could, but to no avail.  They weren't going to let me get away.

 As we entered the bedroom I saw for the first time lavish luxury like I had never before experienced.  The carpet was off white and thick, it was soft under my feet and made me feel as though I were walking on a cloud.  The large oak four poster bed was adorned with green pillows and a dark green comforter that had gold threads sewn through it.  The room was huge, with a walk in closet and two full length mirrors facing each other from opposite walls.  The canopy over the bed billowed and I felt for a moment like I was in a sultry romance novel.

 I was thrown back into reality as the girls threw me onto the bed and secured me there with belts they had found hanging on the inside of the closet door.  I struggled and pulled at the braided leather but I couldn't escape.  Then I felt something soft and silky moving in front of my face and covering my eyes.  I was spread eagle and blindfolded.  I couldn't see what was happening and all I could hear was hushed voices and giggles.  I figured they were just going to play with me for a while.  Tease me from in front of my blindfold and then let let me up and we would all go watch Letterman.  Not remotely.

 After what seemed like forever I felt hands untying my ankles and wrist then I was pulled off the bed as Sarah threw my blindfold to the floor.  The two of them had changed and were wearing nothing but panties with matching bra's, stockings with a garter belt, and hair ties that completed the outfit.  I knew Laura was a bit of an exhibitionist and could tell by the blush on Sarah's face that the outfits had been her idea.  Laura forcefully turned me to face her and said, "We've decided to punish you for being so smug about never having been given an enema.  Part of your punishment will be that you have to be completely naked while Sarah and I wear outfits that enhance our beauty and sensuality."  With that Sarah grabbed the hem of my baby doll pajamas and lifted them over my head.  I had been nude underneath and now stood before these two beautiful girls with nothing to cover me.  I didn't make any futile attempt to cover myself, I knew it would do no good.  Laura pinned my wrists behind my back as Sarah opened another door and led the way into the bathroom.

 I had to keep myself from gasping at the sight of it.  The walls seemed to be made from abalone shell and the entire room was almost half the size of the bedroom.  To my right there was a large, grey marble, bathtub set into a hill of green tiles;  with steps going up all the sides it seemed almost like an alter.  On the left was a U-shaped shower with a shower head at each end and a flat section of tile in the middle that was about three feet high, two feet across and six feet long.  It was towards this shower that the girls were taking me.  They led me to the nozzle on the left and Laura said "first your outsides, then your insides".  As they turned the water on me it was cold and I began to fight again.  Laura then took a pair of nylons that had been on the folding chair outside the shower and tied them to the faucet.  She then tied my wrists above my head with the legs of the nylons.  I was surprised and how well they held.  I could barely struggle anymore, and there was no chance of me getting away.  The two girls each took a wash cloth, soaped it up, and began washing me.  The purposely spent a long amount on time rubbing the rough cloth over my nipples to make them hard and then proceeded to wash my stomach and down my thighs.  I had been relieved that up until now they had stayed away from my private area, but that was about to change.

 Once they decided I was clean enough they let the water wash the soap off my body.  As it ran down my skin I actually started to relax.  The hot water and the smell of fragranced soap made me feel almost safe.  The girls had momentarily stopped touching me to allow the shower to clean off the soap, but now I felt fingers on my bottom, splitting apart my cheeks and I felt the slightest flicker at my anus.  I gasped and clenched my cheeks trying to close them but it did no good.  The girls just wrenched them apart even harder and I felt a finger sliding around my anus again.  I started moaning and twisting, trying to get away, but nothing worked.  Sarah came around in front of me and pressed her body against mine as she reached behind me and held my bottom open for Laura's fingers to probe even deeper.  Sarah's hair smelled like green apples and I was thankful for this physical contact with her, it helped me accept the circumstances.  Sarah's wispy hair tickled my cheek as Lauren's fingers slowly withdrew from my ass.  Then I felt something else touching me.  Laura's little fingers once again prodding at my anus and then I felt a cold hard object sliding quickly in as deep as it could go.  Sarah let go of me and stood back as Laura held my cheeks tightly closed.

 It took a moment before I realized what was inside me.  Soon the cold was replaced with a strong burning sensation.  "That's one thing you get for being such a bad girl" Laura's voice was barely audible over the strong feeling in my behind "a soap stick to help wash you out!"  I could barely stand the feeling and I twisted and pulled at my bonds until I thought I would rip the faucet out of the wall.  The burn was so intense, I couldn't believe this was happening to me.  Then I felt the strong urge to go to the bathroom.  I needed to go now!  I told Laura, but she just laughed.  "You have to keep this inside you for ten minutes,  It hasn't even been one yet."  I could tell she was smiling by the sound of her voice.  All I could do was wiggle and struggle as she held my bottom closed.  I knew by her laugh that I was entertaining her, but I didn't care, I wanted that thing out of me!  I tried pushing it out but she held my cheeks too tightly.  After a few moments the burn seemed to decrease.  I still had to go to the bathroom, but the pain wasn't so intense.  Once I stopped struggling Laura decided her fun was over with that item so untied my wrists and let me run to the toilet.  One thing wealth can't upgrade for people is the act of shitting.  The toilet was one you may find in any house, and I had no trouble figuring out how to use it.

 It wasn't until I'd finished emptying into the toilet that I realized there was no toilet paper.  Laura asked me if I was finished and when I nodded she told me to stand up and bend over.  As I did what she'd told me I saw her grab a small nozzle that had a connecting cord into the wall behind the toilet.

"This is the European style"  She said, as if I should feel honored.  She turned the nozzle on full force and it stung as she grazed my anus with the hard spray.  Laura then sat down on a bench that stood at the foot of the bathtub alter.  She pulled me over to her and laid me across her lap.

 With the soap stick in me I hadn't noticed Sarah leave the bathroom, but now she walked back in the door with a large silver platter in her hands.  The platter was the kind used for serving a main dish at dinner and had a tall silver lid that kept it's contense hidden from my view.

 Once again Laura began probing my anus.  I was to exhausted to fight very hard, and when I did squirm I was only rewarded with sharp smacks to my wet bottom.  "If you fight me I'll just tie you up again and you'll get a very hard spanking.  Is that what you want?"  I shook my head, but deep inside wondered if that would really be such a bad thing.  Laura's slippery fingers moved in and out of my anus again and all I could do was lay there and submit to it.  After a few more moments of this she asked, "Did that soap stick make you burn?  Did it make you feel like there was a fire in your bottom?"  I nodded in response to her mocking voice feeling as embarrassed and violated as I ever had.

"Well," she continued, "I have just the thing to cool you down."  She then motioned to Sarah who lifted the large silver lid and reached for something I could not quite make out.  Laura took it from her and once again I felt her small, cool fingers spreading my cheeks apart.  Soon I felt something very cold touch the outside of my anus.  I gasped at the sensation as this cold cylindrical thing made it's way deeper into my ass causing cramps to rocket down the backs of my legs.

"There you go, "Laura said, holding me tightly on her lap, "a nice long popsicle to cool you down."  I moaned upon this apprehension of what it was Laura was fucking my bottom with.  She moved it in and out of me slowly, letting all the cold seep down into my ass.

"Be a good girl and suck on your pop sickle." This was Sarah's voice, so she'd finally decided to join the party.  I laid over Laura's lap receiving my deep popsicle fucking until I felt a sharp swat on my butt. "I said suck on it!" As I realized what Sarah was ordering me to do I would have blushed had I not been so cold.  I did as she told me, tensing my muscles to suck the popsicle into me even when Laura's hand was not moving it.  For a few moments they simply stared at my ass as I sucked my popsicle.  The cold had almost completely numbed my anus and all I could feel were my erect nipples scraping the bench beneath me and the slight cramps that still shot down my legs.  Laura's hand soon resumed control of the popsicle as she fucked me deeper and deeper with it.  It wasn't long after that she decided she was finished and threw what remained of the popsicle into the sink.

 She then forced me up off her lap and I could feel cold rivers of melted popsicle trickling down my legs.  When I had puddles of a muddy blue/green color around my feet the girls once again pulled me over to the shower.  I was quickly scrubbed down again and then made to lay on the table of tiles in the center of the steamy shower.

 By this time I was warmed up again and much to tired to fight anymore.  I laid on the tiles as the two girls played with my ass.  I felt them lubing it up with a cold gel.  I then felt a huge nozzle sliding into me.  I moaned a few times, but Sarah put her hand over my mouth and told me I had no choice about this.  Finally Laura had worked the large ( I later found out penis shaped) nozzle into me.  I felt completely full and jumped in surprise when the warm water begin to seep into me.  I would have protested but Sarah's hand was still covering my mouth and I didn't want her to take it away.  Laura's hand held my cheeks apart so she could view the obscene black nozzle stretching my anus almost completely.

 When I made no move to fight them Laura took her hands away from me and began filling the alter bathtub.  I looked up and saw that the large black bag that was attached by thick tubing to the nozzle in me was only half empty.  I looked up at Sarah with pleading eyes and when she moved her hand I told her I couldn't take anymore.

"Oh, you'll definitely take it." She said "That's what it's there for."  She told me then to turn onto my side so my stomach didn't press against the tiles.  That helped a little, but I was still afraid I wouldn't be able to take it all.  As Sarah pulled my hair back from my face and glided her hands softly down my body I felt myself getting fuller and fuller.  Finally the bag was empty and I couldn't believe it was all inside me.  I could feel Sarah slowly unscrew the tubing from the nozzle that was still lodged deep within me and in it's place screw in what I could only guess was some kind of stopper.  She then led me to the foot of the bathtub alter and fashioned a collar for me out of a belt putting it around my neck as you would around a waist and locking the loose end into place around one of the legs of the bench.  I had about a three foot distance in which I could crawl.  Sarah then joined Laura in the bathtub and they laughed and talked as I knelt at the base of what now appeared to be their alter.

 Several times they made me change positions so they could look at the nozzle still lodged inside me; but for the most part I knelt in front of them, my head to the ground and my ass high in the air as these goddesses bathed.  After what seemed like an eternity they descended their alter, removed my collar, and each took one of my arms.  They sat me down on the toilet and Laura reached between my legs to remove the large black plug.  As I felt it coming out of me, and felt her wrist graze the one place on my body that had been ignored.  I came in wild jolts as the enema rocketed out of me.  What a spectacle I must have put on for them.

*  *  *

 When I opened my eyes I was still lying on the blue couch in my living room.  I slowly moved my hand away from my dripping pussy.  I could feel the faint pulls of my muscle sounding out the last few chords off my orgasm.  Then I got up to take a shower.

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