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a true story

Version 1

When I was young I was often constipated and mom would give me either castor oil or milk of magnesia to relieve me. Finally when I was about 16 she decided to send me to a doctor in the hope of curing me of my problem, which had been going on too long.

On the appointed day I showed up at the doctor's office. My mom's doctor was a lady doctor, in her mid-30s, and quite pretty. The first thing she had me do was strip down to my underpants. "Now hop up on the examination table," she said, after I had removed all my clothes except for my briefs.

While I was sitting on the edge of the table she placed her stethoscope on my chest and back and listened for while. Then she had me lie on my back and she began to poke and probe my stomach with her fingers. Soon she lowered my briefs down to the base of my penis and felt my tummy some more.

"Have you had a bowel movement yet today? I can feel some hard lumps in your colon." I told her I hadn't gone to the bathroom since yesterday, and she said "You may be constipated. But I want to finish examining you to make sure. Now let's get you over on your tummy."

She helped me turn over onto my stomach, and right away she pulled my underpants down to my ankles and over my feet, leaving me stark naked and very embarrassed. But when she put her hand on one of my cheeks and started moving it slowly along my crack, it felt good, especially when one of her fingers was further inside my crack than the rest of her hand. She must have seen how nervous and edgy I was, though, because she asked me why I moving my hips around so much.

I said I wasn't used to having anyone touch me down there, especially a woman. Well, at that she smiled and said I shouldn't be nervous and that she had seen lots of naked boys; after all, she was a doctor, and that was part of her job.

Then she put on a pair of surgical gloves and applied some lubricant to the index finger on her right hand. Using her left hand, she opened my cheeks up and started rubbing my anus with her lubricated fingertip. She slowly pushed her finger into me and moved it around inside. It was in there about a minute, I guess, and felt kind of nice, especially when she was wiggling it around, and moving it in and out.

After she took it out she said "There's a lot of stool inside there, young man, so I'm going to give you an enema.. That will help empty you out. Have you ever had an enema? Has your mom ever put water in your little heinie when you were constipated ?"

I said the only thing my mom ever did was give me castor oil or else milk of magnesia. "Well, an enema will help you more than those other things can. Now you just lie here for while I fix your enema."

She went into the small lavatory in her office and I could hear the water running in there. Soon she came back holding a large red rubber bag that had a hose attached to it, with a black nozzle on the end of the hose.

She hooked the bag up on an IV stand next to the examination table and said, "What I'm going to do now is put some water in your rectum to clean you out. That's what an enema is. You just lay nice and quiet for me and don't wiggle too much." Then she used her left hand to spread my cheeks open again and she placed the tip of the nozzle against my little anus and, instead of pushing it in me, she dragged it across the delicate membranes around the rim of my anus. This caused me to jerk instinctively.

She chuckled a bit and said, "That doesn't hurt, does it ?"

When I assured her that it didnt hurt one bit, she did it again and then she slid the nozzle into my hole and started the water rushing into my rectum. I couldn't believe how strange and wonderful it felt.

"Does that hurt ?" she asked me. "Can you feel the water running inside you? You sure are a good boy to let me give you an enema without squirming and crying."

I guess when the bag was about half empty I started feeling uncomfortable pressure in my tummy. To ease this discomfort I started wiggling my hips and fidgeting. As I was moving my hips I was rubbing them against the table, and soon my penis started getting stiff. That felt real nice so I rubbed them some more, but my penis got so big and hard that it felt uncomfortable since I was laying on it. So I lifted my hips up in the air a bit to ease the weight of my body on my penis and the doctor must have seen what was going on and she used her free hand to lift my hips even further up in the air, so that now my little bottom with the hose in it was way off the table and then the doctor used her free hand to gently spread my knees apart.

Soon her hand was touching my penis and holding it and stroking it gently. This was such a wonderful feeling I had in my penis I didn't even protest while she was doing this. Also I didn't actually know what was going on, I was so young and innocent.

Well, very quickly I sort of moaned and screamed softly all at the same time and I ejaculated. The doctor kept on stroking me until nothing more was coming out of my penis, and then she lowered my hips down to the table again and removed the nozzle. "You were a very good boy, honey. I gave you a real good enema and you didn't even cry or wiggle around too much on me. Did you like your enema? Did it make you feel good ?"

Then she had me slowly get down from the table and go into the lavatory and sit on the toilet in there. After I had finished expelling everything she had me get up on the table again and lie on my back. "I just want to make sure everything came out," she said. And she poked her fingers into my tummy again and probed all the way down to my penis, making sure there were no lumps inside any more. Then she helped me turn over onto my tummy and she put her finger back inside my anus and wiggled it around a lot and pushed it in and out quite a lot of times.

Since my anus was distended, that felt wonderful and she was able to do it easier than before the enema.

After a few minutes she said, "Well, you're not constipated any more. Did you like getting an enema? It did you a lot of good didn't it? You are all cleaned out now and you will feel better. But if you get constipated again and want me to give you another enema, have your mother call me and make an appointment for you."

Needless to say, I did go back to her again !

Version 2

I always had problems with constipation as a young boy, and my mom's constant remedy was a dose of castor oil.

When I was a teenager, about 16, she finally got concerned about my recurring problem and sent me to see her doctor, a woman in her mid-30's, who wasn't really too bad looking to a teenager like me.

When I entered her office, she told me she needed to give me a good overall physical exam and told me to take off all my clothes and get up on the examination table. So I stripped down to my shorts and started to get up on the table, but she said I needed to remove my briefs too. I gave her a terrified look and told her I wasn't liking the idea of getting naked in front of her. But she said that she was, after all, a doctor and was used to seeing boys naked. And with that she reached down and put her hand inside the waistband of my panties and slid them down over my hips.

"Now," she said, "Hop up on the table and I'll take your shorts off the rest of the way." And when I did as she said, she slid the panties down to my ankles and removed them completely. Here I was naked in front of a strange woman - something I wasn't used to, for sure. But she told me not to me nervous or tense and the exam would be over very quickly. Then she helped me lay back on the table and started probing by tummy with her fingers.

"You seem to have some hard lumps in your tummy," she said. "Have you had a BM today?"

I said that I hadn't and that was why my mom had me come to see her.

"Well, I think I can help you have a bowel movement. But I'm going to have to use something stronger than the castor oil your mom uses. Now I want you to roll over on your tummy so I can have a look at you back there."

And she helped me roll over onto my stomach and she put on a pair of skin-colored gloves and then dipped her index finger in a jar of lubricant and with her other hand she spread my little buttock's cheeks apart and rubbed the lubricant on my anus and slowly pushed her finger into my little hole and moved it in and out a couple of times.

And then she spoke the words I had dreaded hearing. "It looks like I'm going to have to give you an enema."

I started to protest that enemas hurt, and she asked me, "Have you ever had an enema?"

I said no, but my best friend Tommy had got one from his mom and he had told me about how it didn't feel good.

"Well", she said, "I won't hurt you when I give you an enema, because I'm a doctor and I know how to do this better than Tommy's mother. In fact I give boys like you enemas quite often."

And then she went into the office lavatory and I could hear the water running in there, and pretty soon she came back into the room with a large black rubber bag that had a long black hose attached to it. The bag was inflated quite a bit, so I knew it had been filled up with lots of water. She then hung it up on an IV stand next to the table.

"Now I'm going to give you a nice enema to make you go to the bathroom real good." But at this point I squeezed my butt muscles together so she couldn't get at my anus and put that nozzle in me. I really felt I was being violated by this woman. But she pinched my cheek hard and said if I didn't let her give me an enema, she would have to give me a nasty, painful one like Tommy's mother gave him. "Is that what you want ?" she asked.

When I whimpered "no" and relaxed my muscles, she used her free hand once again to spread my cheeks apart so she could see my anus and she pushed the lubricated end of the nozzle into me and started the water rushing into my rectum. And it actually didn't feel bad all, only a bit uncomfortable, but I was able to overcome that by wiggling my little bottom a bit and rubbing my hips against the table.

I guess the rubbing caused my penis to start getting hard and it felt real good, even though this feeling was new to me. She must have sensed what was going on, for she used her free hand to lift my hips up in the air a bit and reached between my legs and started massaging my testicles. I was moaning at this wonderful feeling I was feeling, when she took hold of my stiff penis and started squeezing it and gently moving her hand up and down on it.

I was almost screaming out at this point, and then I erupted and shot semen out all over the table and I really did let out a little scream of joyful emotion as I had never felt like this before in my young life.

When everything had come out of my penis, she lowered me back down again and turned off the water and started to pull the nozzle out of me. But just as she got it out, she brushed the end of it against my anus a couple times, and actually pushed the end of the nozzle against the delicate membranes of my rim around my anus.

That felt so good, I wanted her to continue, but she said, "You were a good boy to let me give you a nice enema, and you seemed to enjoy it, too. Now slowly get down from the table go into the lavatory and sit on the toilet so everything comes out."

I did as she directed, then she had me get back up on the table again and she made me lie on my tummy again and once again she pushed her finger into my hole. "Well, I don't think you're constipated any more. But if you do get that way again, I want you to come and see me again." I got down, dressed and left, feeling like a different person (which I really was, looking back).

And yes, I did get back to see her quite often for the next year or two, until she moved her practice to another city.

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